“This will be the most Awkward Safety ceremony ever “

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 14-46-23-293

2:45pm Danielle Cam 3-4
Danielle – people think I have it easy.. Because of the circumstances in my life I share a room with my 3 year old son.. I want 6to be the one that give him his own space
Danielle – I want to be the one that gives it to him… ME
Danielle wants him to know his dreams are never out of reach.
Danielle – anything can happen.. I won’t let people that don’t know anything about this show win … I refuse..
Danielle – the only America’s nom to have survive
Danielle – I’m not ready to go..
Danielle – I wish I could tell you everything I’ve been through America but I literally can’t .. not allowed to America

Danielle saying she’s going to use the money to take her son on trips so he can experience the world.
(Kryssie has been spreading that Danielle wants to buy rims with the money)
Danielle – I’m not prepared to send Jayson home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 15-33-08-650

3:32pm Backyard…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 17-16-47-457

5:15pm ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It’s been really slow today…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 18-57-48-907

6:13pm Morgan and Shelby HOH
Morgan – I’m so nervous about tomorrow
Shelby – no offense but it’s probably going to be you no matter who I put up
Morgan agrees
Shelby – No matter what.. if I had done Justin and Kryssie could have been a risk… If Danielle was America’s nom and Jason won (Veto)
MOrgan – Right..
Shelby – pulled down Kryssie forcing me to put you up and they vote you out
Shelby – everyone is playing in veto there’s no point to back door anyone now
Morgan – how is more likely.. Kryssie or Danielle.. I feel like Danielle got back into America’s good graces
Shelby – who knows… what reason would they have to put up Alex

they hope America nominates Kryssie over Justin. Morgan says there’s a 90% chance she’s America’s nom.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 19-05-41-955
Morgan – this will be the most Awkward Safety ceremony ever ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 19-05-50-891

7:05pm Shelby makes Morgan safe. Danielle and Jason nominated for eviction
Shelby – Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-13 19-08-48-061

Danielle mocks Shelby “She’s quite the gamer” Danielle goes on about how “Shocked” she is.
Kryssie – I wonder who America will nom..
Danielle – me and Jason will be the two most likely.. she can’t send us both home..

Kryssie – you look pissed
Danielle – I’m pissed for multiple reasons.. she better hop I don’t win the veto

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I’m confident Shelby and/or Morgan will make it to the final three, but its ironic because if one of them truly wants to win, they cant both be sitting there.


Come on America, let’s put up Kryssie tonight. West coast ppl can vote at 9pm BB time and again at 10pm. We need to take out a Misfit this week to keep the drama going. It won’t be fun to watch the Misfits take out the last two BS.

BS Fan

Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE nominate Kryssie for AN! She has escaped it twice and now we really need to make it happen!! I am so sick of Danielle’s attitude! She can dish it out but she can’t take it! She loves playing the victim! She acts like a spoiled brat


I hope Kryssie get nominated, just for the balance of power!


I see this playing out like this I think
krristy America nom
Jason wins pov comes down
Shelby puts up Justin
Justin krristy danille on the block
Jason vote out krrysty America do to
Jason an danille save
Jason wins hoh
nom Shelby an Justin
that’s how I think it go so far


Kryssie for America’s NOM!!


I’ll be nominating Kryssie, she has escaped twice, she is so delusional it’s time to put her in her place. Plus who wants to see the LNJ 4 against 1? This will ensure its fair, balanced and won’t get boring, after that every person for themselves… If Kryssie is up it almost ensures Morgan to be safe, unless Justin wins veto and takes either Jason or Danielle down, which I don’t think he will, but you never know…


I cannot believe the nerve of Danielle to try and use her son for votes when she sat outside a few weeks ago talking about her destination birthday party and using her child support to fly everyone there. She is one messed up chick. That money should be going towards her child only. Smh.


If she has appendicitis crisis, she will be pull out and leave. If she fake something to not play, she better find something else otherwise she’ll be removed from the game to go to hospital.


Dani is now saying she’s having a appendicitis attack. And they are suppose to compete for the veto tomorrow. Jason thinks she might be faking it because she was asking him questions about what happens if someone gets sick and can’t play. Hopefully production will make sure to clear that up!! Cause she’s very upset that she might be the one going home. Since they all get to play for the veto! Dani for AN!!!! Go home spoil brat, just want to win to take her son on trips!! Not really needing the money!!

Jake K.

Honestly…what is this vote…? I have been a BS fan through the game. In the beginning they may have had the upper edge and understand how some votes flipped just for drama, not having a one sided game, and some support for Jason. But it’s 4 v 2…HOW is BS fans and those wanting an even game not overtaking the LNJ fans by a lot? 47% only for Kryssie…I’ve watched this show for a long time and Morgan going up on the block would actually be mind-boggling to me (and I say this in a non-bias way even though I am a BS fan). Literally blown away by the closeness of this vote.


I honestly don’t want krissy or Justin in the game, so I hope Danielle wins veto, Justin is renom.
If krissy is America nom, Danielle and America can evict her.


Vote Kryssie AN all you want to she’s not going anywhere. Everyone wants to take her because they can beat her. Are you people even watching?


Um yeah we are watching.. It’s called strategy…… Kryssie for AN to keep Morgan safe but when it’s time to vote Danielle or Jason if only one is still up.


The BS are sleeping as usual. So you all don’t really watch the feeds or you just like watching people sleep. Creepy. At least the LNJ actually give us stuff to watch.


I would rather watch a sexy BS sleep then watch a nasty pig burp and fart, another pick and flick her snots, and another call everyone else bitches and hos! Those vile creatures with no manners or respect (or even self respect as they talk about getting railed on TV or how they give BJs)


It’s odd to me that most comments on here are pro BS (myself included) but the poll shows Morgan in the lead.. But the great thing is all the other sites have Kryssie way ahead for AN. Especially Twitter lol. I definitely gave my 40 votes to Kryssie…. AGAIN.


Boy did Dan turn it on tonite. I really feel sorry for her kid. I don’t get the Morgan hate. JMO


Simon/Dawg, someone hijacked your poll. 😉


Danielle is about to get more annoying with her pouting! She put boogers in Shelby’s HOH basket on a paper airplane! Jealous and hateful to the core. I hope the plan works for her to exit


Danielle is about to get more annoying with her pouting! She put boogers in Shelby’s HOH basket on a paper airplane! Jealous and hateful to the core. I hope the plan works for her to exit then Shelby or Morgan next to leave


With all do respect, I do have problems that the poll gives a majority to Morgan. I check in other site and krissie seems to be a lot higher than Morgan as AN.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t want to beleive it!! 😉

But thanks for the good work to Simon and dawg. My comment doesn’t intend to criticize this site.


Get the Kraken out Simon:(


Oups. Morgan is nominated. You poll was right. Kraten for you!!