Kryssie “I can’t believe those b***hes tried to take f**king group pictures without us!”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-13 23-32-19-986
7:40pm Backyard – Shelby, Justin and Morgan. Justin – this is crazy. Morgan – its close enough that people can see the light at the end of the tunnel. No point in going home now, we have 20 days left. If things go as I’m thinking .. which they normally don’t. Justin – no they normally don’t. Morgan – We worry about the veto tomorrow and then figure out a plan for Wednesday. Justin – I don’t like the way she tried to manipulate y’all to think I wouldn’t work with y’all. Morgan – that was the frustrating thing for us .. they were like we’re your only option. You are the two biggest liars in the house .. like you aren’t the only option. Justin – the only way to get Kryssie on board was to bring her up there. Shelby – I think if Danielle and Jason wanted to create this whole duos thing.. Morgan – then they’re getting it. They finish BBQ’n and head inside.

10pm Morgan and Shelby head to bed.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-13 23-40-29-740

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10pm Kryssie – I can’t believe those b***hes tried to take f**king group pictures without us this morning. Jason – they took like 900 photos. Kryssie – they held paper plates with paper towel on them up to their faces. I said it in front of all of those hoes! And they only said it when you said it. I hope they all get herpes. Jason – OOHHHhhh that’s a fun one. Kryssie – the gift that keeps on giving. See it won’t kill them so you can’t get mad at me everyone. Jason – lets hope Morgan is America’s nom tomorrow. Kryssie – I think its going to be me. I don’t think there would be any reason it would be me but.. Jason – Don’t do it America! Kryssie – Let these a$$wipes keep underestimating me. I thought about trying to talk to the girls but I feel like there is no point because I’m going to win that f**king veto. Let them keep underestimating me and let me take out the two of them the next couple weeks.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-13 23-26-48-288

11pm – 1:20am Kitchen – Jason, Danielle, Justin and Kryssie are talking about random things while eating smores. After they head to the bedroom.

1:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:21am Monday morning..

Morgan is America’s nominations..

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Yo, Kryssie, the girls were waiting for you guys to drag your sorry butts out of bed. You all were oversleeping, again. Maybe if you LNC guys would just follow the rules…….


Morgan will be saved guys I have a feeling( trust me ) and there is no way that BB would let someone as unattractive as Krissie win (unless she were a man( Steve) because a lot of their online fan base are a lot of Steves)


It was okay when the LNC went up to the HOH with the camera when Danielle was HOH taking pictures of just them. They even said we should not include them in the pictures. When they did go downstairs it killed Kyrssie seeing the girls take pictures. She just couldn’t wait to take the camera away from them. There should be a montage of how many times they were hypocrites.

America's Vote ...

… has ruined this season. 🙁


I voted 40 votes for Kryssie. She is so disgusting and such a terrible person. I hope this poll isn’t correct with Morgan leading, it should be Kryssie. If Morgan was to be voted out it would be such unfair advantage with it being 4 against 1. For me personally I wouldn’t care which one of the 4 go home, hope we can make that happen.


Now those vile scumbags are wishing Herpes on others…….nice way to keep it classy. Now I am reading about Danielle picking her nose and wiping it on Shelby’s stuff? Just when you think they can’t sink any lower they surprise us again. Hey where is Tim with his racist rants? Wasn’t it all rigged by whitey to get rid of all the players of color? We are down to 6 and still have Danielle and Justin in the house. I do hope Danielle gets the boot because she is a nasty vile person. I am pulling for Justin to make it to final 3. I think he needs a win to have a solid case to be the winner but he wouldn’t be the first “floater” to win. At least he didn’t jerk his way to victory like someone recently!!!


Really seriously LMAO right now. Where’s Tim? Hahahahaha, I love it!


Man that Kryssie is one super ugly and disgusting critter. Has she even showered? she always looks grimy and in the same outfit. What a skid row bum. Every post has “and Kryssie burps” in it. I am glad I do not have the feeds to listen to that. Just imagine the smell in that house around them. Jason always looks a little dirty as well. They are doing their part to conserve water I suppose. Meanwhile Morgan looking beautiful and sexy as always. Morgan or Justin for the win!!!

Bronte's Zen

BB Gods, everything is fairly decent for now. Please don’t let Justin win veto and let him save one of Shelby’s noms, which would force her to put Morgan up by default. She will probably go home, which will result in another wasted HOH and Shelby having a nervious breakdown. KTHXBYE


Did you just read the above on how disgusting Kryssie is and dilusional! Vote Kryssie AN and Danielle AN everyone in house is so over her!


RENE………how many AN’s do you think there are each week? Why don’t we vote them all as AN?


Kryssie- was guaranteed the veto, so no such luck getting her out. America’s vote ruined the season. Stuck with icky to the bitter end.


I still find it mind boggling how Kryssie has been escaping America’s nomination for so long and even in all honesty beating out Scott and Alex just doesn’t seem right… I know she hasn’t done much of anything other than 1 HOH, just don’t get it in all honesty.


In Kryssie’s eye she is America’s favorite! I’m almost to the point where I want Kryssie to win this season jsut to prove what giving America all the power does.


I agree… She has been nasty and vile. Alex was playing a great game. I don’t understand America’s nomination taking out a good player and leaving someone who really doesn’t even play…


Well Simon, for the polls on websites, this site’s poll was the only one to have Morgan as the AN. Do you have inside info? 🙂


No idea what’s going on with these polls.. LOL… kinda fun to see how different sites have the results they do.


morgan is AN lets hope she wins the veto and then the hg send Danielle packing


Morgan or Shelby


Can someone stick an apple in Kryssie’s mouth so she can shut the eff up?


I 100% agree with you Lamplighter, America had way too much to do with the game this year. In their zealousness to keep favorites safe, they appeared to overplay their power with the AN.


OMG WTF!!???! America voted Morgan?!?!!!? So f**king ignorant! Blows my mind that fat gross bitch thinks America loves her! And what’s worse is apparently there are alot that do! If it is not rigged than I have lost alot of hope for the majority out there. If that’s who ppl back it is stomach turning. I hope Morgan wins the veto bc if she goes home I am out. And to anyone that voted Morgan.. F*CK you, you sick twisted MFer’s. Have fun in your miserable lives. Karma is gonna be a bitch. And yes. SALTY AF.


Oh you mad huh?! Kryssie final 3!!!!! Lmao!!! =)

Team Danielle

Seriously, get a life. You care way too much!! And you doing the very thing the LNC gets criticized for — being a jerk and calling people out of their name. Hypocrite!


Can someone tell me why they qould put morgan over kryssie or even or alex over krys she is the worse


I feel bad for these poor girls. They have tried so hard and fought so hard only to be screwed over time and time again because they are not aligned to Jason. How can Jason’s fan base and past houseguests continue to support him and his group after all the things they have said and done, Yeah, I know some of you are going to say the BS talks badly about the LNC. It one thing to talk badly but the things the LNC have said is much worse. Past houseguests have gotten so much hatred for things they have said that haven’t even been as bad. People wanted Paulie’s head for his treatment of Z, people went nuts because Paul called Michelle the C-word and they were so disturbed when Natalie and Michelle put their feet in the ice cube tray. The LNC can say or do anything but Amercia still keeps rewarding their bad behavior. Their antics makes Evil Dick look like an Angel. I can’t believe DaVonne can still support Jason after she went crazy on Paul and Frank for lesser things. If Jason was my friend I would totally be disgusted with him and stop supporting him. I mean come on Shelby found boogies in her HOH basket!!! That is so disgusting I would have thrown up first and then thrown everything anyway in that basket. I also would have flipped out on everyone in the house and told them to grow up. This could have been a great season had they not bring a vet back. How can Kyrssie escape the AN over and over again??? She is a real POS and of course she is going to continue to be delusional and think America sees her favorably and the other girls and bitches. IN the words of Paul – PISSED!!! This is so messed up.


Kryssie escapes AN cuz whom ever is saving thr best player/favorite has better odds winning against her at this stage of the game


I am really disappointed in how this game has turned out… Almost makes me want to stop watching. How can two smart game playing girls get nominated over a disgusting b!tch who complains and bitches about everything and doesn’t even try in comps… Shame on you BB for not stopping some of their disgusting antics and the games morals have gone way down with this group… WTF is wrong with America? I can’t believe there are that many people who would prefer a lazy slob over a hard working player!!!!


Welcome to the Obama pussified version of America. Stay up all night because they do not need to wake up early and go to a J-O-B. Blame everyone else for your failures while sitting back collecting free stuff and waiting for a handout. Have more babies so you can sign them up and collect more $$$ teaching them you can make more $$$ laying on your ass then working for a living. Need a little spending cash? Sell some dope, lay on your back or get on your knees. USA will pay for your trailer or section 8 housing. The most important thing is that you have cool kicks and gold chains. And no it doesn’t matter what color you are lazy freeloaders (also know as democrats) come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Welcome to America!!!!!

Zingbot's mistress

This season they are Angels compared to the cast of other seasons. Season 9 Josh made fun of Amanda’s dead Father. How do you expect people to act when they’re all locked up 24/7 like lab rats. Give them a break Ballsmashers and Late Night Jamboree. Because they are both just as bad.

Trailer Park Joe

Hey! I resemble that remark. And who are you talking about you illiterate MF. You need to go back to High School or get your GED so you can learn proper grammer.


Who’s michelle?


Michelle Meyer was bb18 and she really was funny sorry not like this group. Times you wanted to strangle her and then hug her she’s a sour patch kid lol


Michelle was hysterical in bb18 Media Mongrels look it up so funny


I bet Morgan goes home this week(my james gut) sadly. If my gut is right, I hope Shelbie beasts it out…


To those posting about America’s votes ruining the season, BBOTT is based on America’s votes. It was built around it. The only thing that really skewed America’s vote this season was having a Vet involved who already had a fan base going in. If there were no vets involved, it would be more objective. I can see where CBS wanted a vet to get viewers from the beginning. Hopefully, the next BBOTT season will be either all newbies or all Vets and no mingling to make it an even playing field for all house guests.


How does he have such a fan base? It is beyond me. He must be really, REALLY good at what he does. And people said don’t vote for Jason, he sucks. Even crusty Kryssie can’t make him gag! That is pure skill. Like a duck to water as they say.


It was a flawed concept from the beginning. See House, Glass.


Clearly wants jason to win the game. There is no way Scott, Alex and Morgan were America’s noms. If production isn’t skewing the game, then there is clearly a voting scam going on as the past few weeks the voting has been jacked up. Never seen the polls so wrong like the past 3 weeks.


Because Jason sucks! And with that little bitty beak face he looks like a bird. What kind of bird you ask? Well a swallow of course 🙂 That is why they keep him around.


Soros’ voting machines


Jason knows BB like life. It is not who you know but rather who you blow and this guy has taken production to a new level. He has been eating “slop” all summer in preparation. While Kryssie burps and farts, Jason just smiles and goes swoosh. Jason and his friend are sitting at the bar and a guy walks in. He orders a beer. Jason’s buddy toots “wooooooosh” and giggles “excuse me” Jason says “must be the beer” as he lets out one of his own….. “swooooooooooosh” The new guy guzzles his beer and lets one rip that can be heard throughout the bar. Jason turn to his friend and says “must be a virgin” and they both giggle


I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe Kryssie did not get the most amount of votes for AN. Production wanted Morgan up so they could cause some drama (given that her only ally is the HoH). That’s the only logical reason since it baffles me that someone so resoundingly disliked can escape the viewer’s vote.

sunny dee

probably the result of split voting, and obviously some of the votes are going to go to jason, and danielle, meaning if people knew they were already nominees, their votes would be on her, and done deal.

altho i don’t rule out the super fans who actually do not want those people some consider ‘good’ people over the real stinkers.

Oh Well

Hopefully this is the last season of BB:OTT in anything resembling this format. It’s not even Big Brother really, there’s no opportunity to play the game. Just wait for America’s votes and then run the numbers.


Again the polls said krissie but Morgan was nominated. Tired of this carp. Big brother keep your game. I am done


Hahahaha all you on this site that hate on Kryssie never get your way. I LOVE IT! I only read this site because it’s usually more updated but the people that vote and comment on here are ridiculous.


B1tch STFU.


You have been posting comments on here supporting LNC several times and all I can say is you must be some fat ass gross bitch sitting in your trailer park trying to burp and fart in unison with Krusty. And I’m definitely willing to bet you got beat hard with the ugly stick bc it is obvious how jealous you are of BS. Get up take a shower and get a f**king LIFE.


You talk about how disgusting the LNC talks but ur just as gross!! Cant believe you are getting so upset that someone else has a different opinion than you! Get over it lol

Paulie Calafiore

Stop whining about America ruining this season. They have made it one of the best seasons ever. Unlike the snoozefest which was my season.


Wonder how bad veiwership has dropped over the past couple of weeks. Know I’m not watching nearly as much because I just can’t stomach what’s happening–coming here for updates & voting (yes all votes went to Kryssie) Just sickening to see these vile people somehow be favored


Exactly- I stopped watching live feeds the week Alex went home. I went on once yesterday and all I saw was Danielle picking her nose/flicking boogers and Kryssie burping. Kryssie burps nonstop.


Yes, Shelby has fought hard to stay in the house. Morgan……….not so much. She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady who has been sheltered throughout the whole game. She has been sheltered by her sister, then Scott, and now Shelby. You can deny till you are blue in the face, but the sister twist was a success up till Alex left the house, and covered her ass completely. Noone on that side was going to vote her out, and the other side was completely fixated on getting out Scott and then Alex. Morgan’s name never came up. Plastics fans have used phoney email accounts, a phoney account for Julie Chen saying that Kryssie should be AN, and Rachelle Riley’s as well stating the same thing. Now you have the nerve to say that the season is rigged? My goodness, what a tangled web we weave. You all jumped the gun giving your beloved favorites CP’s before you should have, and now that Morgan finally hits the block, you stomp your feet like little brats. I think maybe some of you should get off the computer a little, and realize this is a game and maybe, just maybe your favorite isn’t going to win. Swallow it in small doses people, cause it just might happen.


How bout you realize it’s not BS fault that you don’t look like them and stop hating out of PURE jealousy. It’s ppl like you that make me a firm believer that America should never have any power in this game. DISGUSTING POS.

Kryssie gotta go

I’m at a loss for words, how is the beluga still in the house? She’s the most vile repugnant houseguest left and yet is escaping the block. I hate the fact that Kryssie may think that America likes her. I feel bad for the girls, they must be really confused, just a week ago they got America’s care packaged and now Morgan is on the block

I only hope that this will make Morgan to work super hard for this veto, I want Danielle evicted this week!


Five things that I wish would happen 1# Morgan winning veto 2# Danielle would go home this week 3# Kryssie would accidentally sit on her red heart shaped glasses 4# Shelby and Morgan would take all the boogers that Danielle and Jason has smeared on their belongings, put it in some cookie batter and tell them they made them some special cookies.

Next time they put boogers on their belongings they should put the boogers in cookie batter. Tell them they made cookies for them and watch them eat it!!!


Oops! Don’t know how that turned up twice!


I’m going to miss Morgan. Gorgeous chick. Pleasant to look at.

tech difficulties

i just dont get it…how America puts Morgan up over Kryssie is beyond me. They must be watching a different BB than me. I cannot name one redeeming quality for Kryssie or the rest of the LNJ for that matter. Justin is OK but is definitely a few fries short of a happy meal. Anyway America seems hell bent to put one of these disgusting people in the winners circle. Have fun with that America, Epic fail…too much power for America. Too bad for Shelby and Morgan. Kudos to them they fought hard, especially Shelby love her effort.


hey pual was not veto vault remember krristy won hoh
so it was hoh the correct answer
I think Jason got that anwer right


I have never commented here. I have read this site for many seasons of BB. There seems to be many hateful people posting here. I don’t think there is a need to attack those who have different opinions. If someone is rooting for Jason and his group, that doesn’t, mean they are ugly basement dwellers without jobs. Really people! Enjoy exchanging opinions and talking to others instead of horrible personal attacks. Great job on the site Simon and Dawg!


Thanks E! glad you’ve stuck around.

Texas watcher

I love how people people cry and whine , oh it’s got to be rigged simply because who you believe should have been AN , obviously America voted Morgan is up now most likely will go home ! Next week u can cry Shelby is going home ! These plastics were just as vile and rude when they were in power let’s not forget their actions multiple times!