“They [Cirie/Felicia/Izzy] are working with everyone. They are whispering with everyone” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation:

7:40 am Red, Matt, Bowie (Nearly impossible to hear Matt)
It’s Red’s birthday on Tuesday.
Red says everyone in the house would like to see America up.
Bowie says they have “Heaps” of numbers.
Matt says Cameron would get evicted if the nominations were Red and Cameron. Mentions that cameron is starting to campaign against Red.
Matt- She needs to go next
Bowie – she’s dangerous
Red says whatever outcome happens in this game he’s just happy to play it.
Bowie – If Cameron goes we have the numbers
Matt says he walked in on America and Cory cuddling in the have not dog bed.
Feeds flip to Izzy and Cirie chit chatting

7:57 am Cirie and Felicia
They are planning out jared’s HOH. Saying they may have to do to Cameron what they did to Hisam.
Cerie says Cameron thinks he’s cool with JAred.
Felicia calls Cameron Stupid “he thinks he’s cool with Jared, Corey, America”
Cirie – he’s unaware
Felicia – we’re going to get your a$$ right out the door the same thing we did with Hisam.
Felicia points out that REd doesn’t talk to the other players with Cameron gone all Red has is Bowie
Cirie – if Camerongs our Red has nowhere to go.
Felicia planning next week “Cameron out, Red out, Jag honestly has to go back out I hate to say it”
Cirie – MMMmhhhmmm
Felicia – mmmmhmmmm
Felicia says she told Jag the reason she voted him out last night was to flush out the power. “If you had it ti would have forced you to use it We wanted to get that out of the house”
Felicia goes on about how he told Jag “Corey and America were never going to vote you to stay they were the first ones that said NOPE”
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmm
Felicia – he said america to? I said Absolutely
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmm
Felicia – we really did go back and forth all of us felt you were the better competitor good for our games I told him he would be better for our game. I told him we didn’t want to ruffle too many feathers on the other side (LOL Corey/America power side)
Felicia also told Jag that america and Corey weren’t involved in any conversations about keeping him because they said NO and were adamant about it.
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmm

8:10 am Nominations today.

BB25 cookies

9:00 am Cirie and Matt
Whispering about Cameron throwing Red under the bus already.

9:05 am Corey and Izzy
Corey tells her he’s talked to Jag he doesn’t trust Her, Cirie and America.
Corey – why the f** would he
Corey doesn’t seem Jag putting them up.
Corey – me and America went up to hims and America was like Jag I know I wanted to keep you you know I wanted to tell you so bad.. whatever
Corey says right now Jag is after Cam and Red

9:21 am Matt and Jag
Jag – of course there’s the three. Me and you we’re 100% right?
Matt – for sure Obviously I saved your a$$
Jag- we can’t trust Cirie 100% because the same way you have me 100% we are not her 100% she has other people. This stays between us. The whole thing about this power you have there’s somehow.. The only people that know you have a power are who? you, Me?
Matt – Cirie
Jag – yesterday Jared came to me and said something about there’s a power that can save me and BLue and he was like I’ve had some conversations BLah blah Blah.
Jag – When did you tell Cirie
Matt – two days ago
Jag – 2 days ago around night time there was a point in time I talked in on Cirie and Jared/MEME she was immediately like can you give me a section. I was like OK. they were talking about something and whispering. jared then comes to me and mentions something bizarre.. I know it came from Cirie Trust me I know
Jag – what she said 100% for a fact, She said there’s some power and both people might be safe. She’s keeping a lot of people in the loop. The same way that she’s working with us. She’s working with a lot of people. If you saw the game yesterday she did not get picked and Felicia did not get picked until the very end. Only because Blue picked them.
Jag – they are working with every single person in this house. They are working with everyone. They are whispering with everyone. I’m telling you right now. the same way she made REilly feel good as well Cirie has power on that side. Cirie could have had the votes to save Reilly.
Jag – Cirie is really smart she hasn’t Played Big brother before but she’s played survivor she knows how to talk to people.
Feeds cut When we’re back.
Jag goes back to what jared told him, “Me and Blue could walk out of here safe”
Jag says Izzy’s story is different than Felicia when it comes to the vote.
Jag – Corey and America didn’t tell me something different. If suddenly their story is the same that tells me they talked last night
Blue joins them.

9:46 am Felicia and Jared
Felicia is telling him they need to get rid of Cameron, Red then Jag.
Jared – That leaves just you Corey and Matt.. there’s three guys and 7 females
Felicia – we use those 7 females to get rid of Matt and Corey. Then it’s Me, You, Cirie, MEME and Izzy we take out the other ones.
Felicia – then unfortunately Izzy has got to go (hmm.. does someone dare suggest this is happening?)
Felicia – we’ve mapped our path.
Jared – that works for me 100%
Felicia says MEME would be the first to go out of their four then it would be her, Jared and Cirie in the final 3.
Jared says he’s down with that. “Winning is cool but if I can make it to the end with my Mommas it’s goooooood”
Jared – I’m not even worried about Red at this point I’m, worried about Jag. Red is going to go after America
Felicia – we have to get Jag out these next couple weeks. But we have to get Cameron first he’s a snake.
Felicia – maybe we put Jag and Red on the block next week… whoever goes goes..
Jared – or do we use Jag to take out Red.. If we put jag up again he’ll be gunning for us.
Feeds flip to Jag and America chatting about his strategize in talking to everyone about the vote.

9:57 am America and Corey
America goes over talking to Cirie about keeping Jag she went to talk to everyone else the next morning when they met again Cirie said she talked to everyone else and it wasn’t going to happen.
Corey – I talked to Izzy she’s going to say we’re untrustworthy and we are going to say she is untrustworthy.
America says that Jag really wants to work with Corey but “they” are telling him that Cory is working with Cam.
They bring up how Felicia and Cirie were complaining this morning about the two of them staying up late.
America – there shouldn’t be a bedtime.. they’ve been waking up at 7 all season and never said anything.
America – I’ll stay up even later I’ll stay up all night

10:04 am Corey and Izzy
Corey says MEME and Felicia are saying “I’m basically a Rat for Cameron”
Izzy – I don’t even get that.
Corey – he’s getting information from somewhere.
Izzy – the only thing we’ve talked about is it’s America. They haven’t said anything to me yet..
Izyz – I am dreading having this conversation with Jag..
Feeds cut

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It would be nice if the other side could form a real alliance and battle Cirie’s minions, because if they don’t, we’ll spend the next month watching them get picked off one at a time.

Not Jason’s Holly

The problem is Jag, Corey, Red, & Cameron all trust Matt and Jared! Those two run straight to Cirie. I would tell them something then watch where they go after you’ve had a supposedly “secret” conversation. They both run to her!

Jared having his mom is not right. Matt jumped ship when he saw he was going to be picked off by the other side.

Team Taylor

As long as Cameron and Red get split up, it’ll be a good and easy week. But I especially want Cameron gone now. If he got to the Jury House, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was kicked out for inappropriate conduct.

Now What

What did he do? Not what did people like Cory, Izzy and Felicia said he did? I tried finding what horrible things he has done and it’s mostly rumors that’s floating around. I saw Red twist something Cameron said and then the hate comments started circulating through the house. They made personal shots at his family as well. So why do they hate him so much. I’m just wondering.


I’d like to know as well. As much as I like Cirie as a Survivor player, watching her and Felicia are starting to get boring. I love that there’s an older alliance but when one side of the house gets too big for their britches it’s time for a change.


I am starting to not like Matt very much, he went to the dark side (Cirie). America is the only one who sees the light or who admits to seeing the light. Maybe Matt will get his head out of his a** and team up with America, Corey and Jag to get the Cirie Izzy Felicia Jared quartet out. Maybe they can pull in Red and whats her name the Aussie girl after Cam goes.
It’s just a dream. Production would never allow it.

Just The Truth

Don’t HG’s realize production will do everything in their power to help Cirie win? We have seen it other seasons as well with anyone who is known or played BB Before. In this case Cirie has played Survivor 4 times. Sure it is a different show, but still CBS. If the HG’s have any common sense they would target her before it is too late.


The HG’s didn’t realize production was helping the cookout win until it was too late… when we could all see it. Very sad to see BB turn out to be so fixed.

Just The Truth

Oh those last 2 seasons were scripted films to satisfy modern society. Similar to 2/4 of the recent seasons of Survivor. Those were in no way competitions. Everything is so very carefully casted to ensure a very high percentage chance there will be a specific winner. Because even if who production winner of choice by chance is not sitting in the finals. The Jury will still give it the less deserving player in most cases to keep the left wingers happy. Gabler beat the odds though with his amazing final tribal performance.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

They should get rid of her in a double eviction.

Not Jason’s Holly

Cirie was also on and won Traitors earlier this year.


Why does Mecole annoy me so? She looks like she is in a constant state of irritation and really thinks she is above everybody in the house. If you don’t have empathy or sympathy for others you are just ugly. If you can’t handle people who show emotion and make fun of them behind their back then you are the condescending queen. Evict her PLEASE.

Game fan

You shouldn’t have pitched to save Jag, cirie!
Red is actually way more trust worthy than jag. And more than america.
Also , i don’t get how come she didn’t tell him he is going KNOWING he is coming back .. I’m shocked. She is such a good player but really failed here with this situation. If she pushes for red to go , that’s worse.


America woke Jag up hopefully they can win next hoh and finally change this game


Unpopular opinion…it is actually in the best interests of most hgs to get close to Cirie rather than challenge her this early. By working with Cirie, Matt may have actually boosted his chances of getting far and being the last porential comp beast standing. I actually don’t have any strong negative feelings about any of the houseguests as people. The most I’d say is some entertain me more than others


This is truly valid, because you will get on production good side if your matt by doing that. Matt didnt owe cam anything after cam threw the handful under the bus. Though I want cirie to leave and I would have kept the secret power to myself. By matt telling cirie about the power and exposing cams second alliance helped matt gain serious favor to where now cirie wants matt in the final 3 or 4. That insane to think about how much that helped matt! To your point the example of steve with vanessa and josh with paul is truly a great one. Those two players in previous seasons knew that everything was running through those two power players paul and vanessa. The lesser players steve and josh by gaining the trust and helping the biggest power players and threat to win the game allowed the lesser players to stay around and win it all in the end. Though I want cirie gone it is smart what matt is doing.

Izzy (he/him/it)

Nice to hear some positivity. You are a good man .

Lancaster Platt

It kind of seems like this season was casted specifically for Cieri to win. They casted mostly minorities. 5 AA, 1 Gay Iranian man, 1 gay Sikh, 1 lesbian, 1 Australian. Essentially only 5 white individuals, Cam, Cory, Matt, Red & Reilly. The cast make up is no where near representative of our actual population. Its just very odd and leaves me to believe the competition is being pushed in a certain direction rather than having a natural competition.


CBS has instituted casting quotas for reality TV shows. Plenty of white heterosexuals watch Survivor and idolize Cirie

Mad Max

the days of quotas are coming to an end…..take a close look at college admissions!


Yes. I think it’s a good thing CBS did that. Each cast has to be 50 percent minority. It makes the shows more interesting, in my opinion and is more representative of the world we live in. I also like that the members have more serious careers. I really like the fact that BB has thrown in older players this time. I think the only time they had an older gentleman playing was around when 9/11 happened. I think he was a retired/ex FBI agent. I remember his profound remarks when the house was notified about what had happened. People like to diss on Bowie Jane a lot but, she practiced as a lawyer before following her passion of being a DJ. I think that’s awesome!

Game fan

Jag is gay?
And how come gays should automatically work with her ?
I did tho though about the fact they seem to casted more older and weaker people this time.


It’s not Jag. It was Hisam. Jag is Sikh

Izzy (he/him/it)

So how many of each would you suggest they have Casper?

Team Hisam

Lol, Stop playing the reverse race card. The last three seasons had an even amount of black and white people. You just prefer it when it was 95% white people picking off the the 2 black people on the show. Grodner usually would rigged the show for the athletic white or nerdy guy to win. Times have changed.

Izzy (he/him/it)

& love that you are pro Hisam….I am too bud 😉


It wasn’t a problem when the cast was majority white and only 1 Black person and the Black person was always one of the first to go.


Every. Single. Time.