“I think Matt had the power and he used it to save you.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Likely Cameron will be the target and the nominations probably will be Cameron and Red.

1:05 am Blue and Jared
Jared – this is wild as f***
Blue tells him the backyard is already open.
Chit chat.. They head downstairs to grab a mug so Jared can have some champaign. When they return to the HOH the conversation moves to Red and Cameron.
Jared – for me there’s no need for Corey to go anytime soon.
Jared adds that Corey and America are not a danger to them two but they are a danger to the 5 people they are working with.
Jared – That is what Jag was hinting at. I could really use Corey he could be really useful but I think people will want gone sooner than later. It goes REd, Cameron, Bowie and then Corey and America. Then MEME. Then it’s just us 7 and we fight to the end. Right now everyone wants Cameron to go first.
Blue goes on about how Cameron needs to leave. They talk about Cameron and Red going on the block.
Blue – If REd Leaves Cameron will try to work with any combination of us. Look how quickly he dropped Red.
JAred – that was actually sick..
Blue – he has no loyalty
Jared – He didn’t say word for word Red has got to go. He said ‘Ohh I was really hoping for the week off’
Jared – now what we just wait for veto see what happens?
BLue – If Cameron saves himself at that point that man deserves to stay.
Jared says it would be sick if Cameron and Red had the same power as Matt.
Jared goes on about how everyone is playing so honestly. “I don’t know what I will say to Red..”
Jared – the one thing I want to do is tell Cam he’s going up as a pawn. He told me I wasn’t going up and he kept that promise
They try to figure out who used the power.
Jared – I want to press Matt if he saved Jag
Blue – I don’t think it’s anyone in our seven.
Jared – is he in our seven?
Blue – umm yeah yeah he is
Jared counts the alliance members.
Blue – I don’t think it was cirie, Felicia or Izzy. If anything Felicia got it but didn’t win. Matt is a possibility. I really trust Jag that he didn’t win it.
Jared – I do too
BLue – I really trust Jag..
Blue says during the eviction Jag was praying the power gets used.
Blue says she told Jag to never lie to her again.
Jared – i told him straight up Bro if you lied to me again I’m coming after you I swear to god I am going to make sure the last thing.. The first thing I do s get you out cause that sh1t pissed me off low key.
Jared told Jag “Don’t lie to me and don’t sell me on a lie to make me feel as if .. .Regardless I was never buying it anyways”
Jared – I am really banking on Corey having that sh1t
Blue – do you think Cory would use it?
Jared thinks the chances that America got voted was Slim he thinks Corey has it.
Blue says Corey using the power would have been a Bold move.
Jared asks if Jag has any idea who used the power.
Blue – he doesn’t know
Jared says if corey used it he would have told Jag “The only reason why he would use it is to buy trust”
Jared – I would have been baffled if Cam did it. BY the look on his face he was pissed he immediately put his shades on .

1:26 am Corey and America
Laying in the have nots. Corey says he’s not your average 21 year old dude.
Corey asks what would the average 21 year old guy from vanderbilt do if they had America in the dog bed at 2 am?
America – we’ve been cuddling for what 5 days now? that’s like 5 months in the Big Brother house
Corey – you better get ready for 60 more days of this.. You can’t win HOH it would be a disaster
Corey – I really haven’t had a long relationship in a while.. I dated someone for a few months.
Matt joins them tells them that the outside is open.

1:45 am Corey, Jag and America
They tell Jag “they” (Cirie’s Stunt side) “Were never going to keep you and they were never going to keep Reilly”
Corey – when you came to me in the game room and said I have the votes I went down to talk to Cirie and did not get the right vibes. We all got in a room together.
Jag – It was her f***ing idea.
America – exactly it’s stupid
Corey – I just think we need to stop believing them. The reality is it was 13-0 and 10-0 both times.
America – We couldn’t do anything I have no pull with them. I have no influence over anything.
Corey – here is my concern because the people I trust the most are probably you two, Jared and Matt. Matt is super close to a lot of people over there. Jared is obviously too. The reality is after REd and Cam go it’s going to turn right back on you (Jag)
America – that was the campaign too you are going to stay to take them out (Cam and Red)
Jag laughs “I’m really strong”
Corey – Cirie, Izzy and Felicia don’t know that America told you anything.
They tell Jag “we have to play along”
Corey – that cannot be the group.
Jag – you understand too they are saying the same sh1t to me. They’ve been saying the same sh1t to me which is making my head explode.
America – who do you believe? it hurts that you think they are telling the truth and I am lying.
Jag – I don’t know what is happening with this whole f***ing game. The fact of it is. Had their not been a super power I was blindsided today by everyone. there was not one person in this house that told me what happened. I was going to walk out that door and not ever know what the f** had happened. It was a unanimous vote.
Jag – we are talking about building trust and moving forward. Everyone is panicking, a lot of people made promises and that didn’t happen the way it did. You have to recognize the position I am in right now. they are going to want to talk to me. I’m going to hear them out.
Jag – I feel like I was just evicted and I came back it was 10 – 0 and I didn’t know It’s a clean slate for me. If I won HOH next week I would have ever right to nominated anyone next week.
Jag – I’ve played this game terribly I feel as though I should be ok this week. This is my week to reevaluate everything.
Jag – the whole Reilly vote that was bullshit I don’t know what had happened still.
Corey – I was part of the 10 -0 blindside of you but and that’s just the reality of it. But like if it means anything the entire time I think I pulled her into the scary room with like 6 times and be like I know we need to tell him but it’ll blow up our game we don’t have much to keep us in right now. That’s the truth to that.
America – I tried I couldn’t they didn’t want to so .. they didn’t want to say anything I would have been the one person rating them out
Jag – here’s the other thing I was curious. Were you all going to vote for me to stay at any point?
America – the whole time I was willing it was a yes but we couldn’t pull it off without the majority and they are the majority.. We are two votes.
Corey says his truth is he would have voted Jag to stay but he never thought the other side was serious about it. He wasn’t going to “Lay on the train tracks”
America – they will come up with their own lies and stuff.. It’s annoying at the end of the day I was forced to vote one of my closest friends out they had nothing to lose.
Jag – this house is a house of whispers I am tired of that. If feels like people are often put in positions where they are f*** I have to say this I can’t say that. If we’re going to build trust I want it to be conversations we’re having I want them to stay between us.

Corey asks him if “they” say some sh1t to jag about him and America please go to them and ask before coming to a conclusion.
America – it pisses me off that they are using us. I’m not in with them none of us are. we’re not going to be.
Jag – This is fully a clean slate. I don’t know where you all are at. I really enjoy hanging out with you all I have wanted to work with you and I also understand the position of the game we were in. We got f**ed on day 4 or whenever. The fact of it is our side imploded. Our side is the only side that imploded nothing else has happened. The whole theory of two sides not existing anymore is true there’s only one side. The other side that we use to belong to just ate each other up and no one knows what is happening.
Corey – who do you think is in the driver seat making decisions?
Jag – that side?
America – look at the choices tonight. the pairings they were doing. (HOH was the knockout)
Corey – Me and you were picked 3 f**ing times.
Jag – yeah .. the whole thing why we would have to figure out what was happening with votes. they don’t f**Ing trust y’all
America- there is no building trust we can play along
Jag – they really don’t trust you
Corey says they trust him more than America but his only connection is Jared and america’s connection to them is Corey.
Jag – they don’t trust Corey, you, I thought I had trust with them and it seemed to me.. that ..
Corey – I am going to go to bed. The number on thing is I am sorry.

Corey leaves. America and Jag hug.
MEME joins them to clean up and conversations goes to CHIT CHAT. After MEME leaves.
America – I’m on an island.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
America is saying is she says anything it always goes back to Izzy and Cirie.
Jag – how did it get back to you who told you?
America – Izzy
Jag – that is key
Jag – I Felt like I could trust Izzy
America -you really think that dude? she’s got her hand in the honey pot EVERYWHERE
Jag says he used the past tense.
America says they both have told Izzy information that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere but it still did.
America – I feel like you, Blue and Corey are my unit.
America stresses she doesn’t trust “Them” (The stunts)
Jag – I am telling you right now I am not mentioning anything
America – the other side the other group I’m on eggshells when talking to them. I know they don’t trust me. I didn’t want it to be 10-0.
America – I think matt had the power and he used it to save you. He was being honest with me when we were talking about votes
America stresses she has no power with the other group. “I have no pull in what they decide to do”
America says she talked to every single person on the other side about telling Jag he’s getting evicted and they all said no.
America says the other side is a large group, it’s a loyal group and for now they have to play along and go on with whatever it is they say.
America – I am not working with them.

America breaks down the house alliance.
A group of 3 being Red, Bowie and Cam.
A group of 5 being Cirie, Izzy, MEME, Felicia, Jared
A loose middle being Blue, Corey, America, Jag, Matt
America – I hope this doesn’t leave the room
Jag says America is someone he wants to “rock with and trust” in this game. Jag agrees with her in how the house alliances is set up.
Jag – they have more numbers. Why could they have not kept me.

America – please don’t say anything if Izzy pulls me into a corner one more time and points her finger at me again I will lose it.
Jag – I know
America- please please I want to feel like me talking to you doesn’t f*** up my game.
America – Cam says you are the houses target. Who is the house? Who do you think the house is? What numbers do you think he has that he’s so confident with putting you up. It’s not me it’s not Corey we’re not the house. It’s not Matt.
jag – I hear what you are saying
America says Cam was in some capacity working with the main group.
America – they are going to tell you ohh we didn’t have the numbers. Do you really think if all four or five of them said we’re going to keep you me and Corey would have been like NO NO..
Jag – I don’t know all your relationships with Blue. Maybe you wanted Blue instead.
America points out that Blue is close to Jared. It wasn’t about keeping Blue it was more about evicting Jag.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back at 2:43 am.

America – I am not working with Cam at all
Jag – I don’t know who Corey is working with at this point I have to reevaluate everything and feel solid with them.
They jokes about Jag calling a house meeting to find out why they didn’t vote for him to stay
America says Cirie’s side will lie.
America says she was told they didn’t want to tell Jag he was being evicted because “it would hurt their game”
America – they were scared of you panicking and pulling out sh1t you already know
Jag – everything I know from their game is they don’t trust you
Jag asks her if she has any reservations about working with him.
America – I feel like you trust them more than me. they are so influential in everything that happens. Every move that has been made thus far has been them.
Jag – Honest I didn’t know who I could trust. I wanted to trust you and Corey. They are feeding me thing random sh1t abotu you and Corey
Jag says they told him “ohh why do you think the Reilly vote went the way it did?” blaming it on America and COrey
America – They were lying! you know I loved REilly. We needed one vote.
Jag – they said these things to me which made me feel like I don’t know what is happening in this house. Why can’t anyone ever be real I know that is part of the game.
Jag – I full recognise the game they are playing with what happened with the comp today and the votes
(They = Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Meme, Etc)
Jag – I want to work with you and I can’t burn any bridges with them as well. I have to play with them
America – I know
Jag – I still have to play along.
America jokes says for that reason he’s putting us both up next week. “Don’t Scottie me”
America – During Fessy’s HOH doesn’t he evict Scottie?
America – don’t say anything it’ll be Cam and Red this week and Cam’s going to go.
Jag – I will still have to play along and that is part of playing the game.
America says she likes Blue but feels like she can’t trust her. she feels if she tells Blue something that will go to Jared and Jared will tell the other side.
America agrees the only play forward is to play nice with the other side. “They are deciding the targets and then they’re backing up saying no they’re (america/Corey etc) not voting for you that has been their game every single week”
Jag – who is the most comfortable in the house?
America – Matt and Cirie
America points out that she played in the knockout today before Cirie or Matt played once.
America – we have to play nice. Smile listen and go along but at the end of the day I want you know I want to work with you and I got you.
Jag asks if there’s anyone out of “their” five that has a close relationship with.
America says just Corey and Blue
America assures him Corey is not working with Cam.
Jag – here’s a question I have since we’re talking about everything. Did you throw the pressure cooker?
America – he did make deals with me and MEME and we said no we’re going all the way.
America says After MEME dropped Cam told her “Your people are safe with me”.
Jag – and he lied
America – he said your people I assumed it was You, Matt and Corey.
America says Cam doesn’t trust her
Jag – I trust you.. thank you for me honest.
America brings up that COrey said Felicia was going around saying America and Cam made deals in the pressure cooker and now they are working together.
America says she thought Cam was going to go after Izzy “They don’t like each other”
Jag says Cam made a lame move “I laid it out to him they are pitting us against each other”
Jag – I said to him I don’t want to take a shot at you. If you take a shot at me brother you are walking out the door next.
Jag says allegedly Cam is already turning on Red.
America says for her game she would rather REd that goes “He’s been going around saying I hate that b1tch about me!”
America – in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter
Feeds flip to sleeping houseguests. When we’re back America gets called to the Diary room Jag heads to bed.

5:30 am Everyone is sleeping

7:30 am Red, Cirie, Bowie and Izzy
It’s Red’s birthday week coming up. Matt joins them still half asleep
Matt “The backyard is closed”

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I’m starting to like America, seems like she’s figuring things out, if she could only win a comp before it’s too late.


America in trouble for going after Ciri’s side…


America in trouble for going after Ciri’s side..


America is the unexpected star of this season. She’s trying so hard to wake these idiots up but unfortunately I’m sure Jag will throw her under the bus to cirie or he’ll tell Matt and Matt will do it.


Don’t know about the cure, but I’m pretty sure her voice is giving me ear cancer.

Mad Max

She was a loser then……just like now….maybe she and sonny-boy can get on the Amazing Race next! I’d pay to see that!


Hate to say it but they would totally be a riot if they got on that show. She’d be ordering him all around and he’d cop an attitude and it would lead to an epic fight! They’d probably get lost, come in last, over and done. Maybe they could make it through one episode. Doubtful. No big payout for Momma Pooh…just a very short and miserable vacay…

Queen B

Oh the dread of Jared and Blue on the feeds in the HOH room this week. It was already enough last week with her on the block. They will not last outside of the house. Get one of them out already! Preferably jarred.


He told Corey he’s pissed that she moved into his room. Corey said “to be fair you did tell her to” Jared said he was joking. Corey said “oh well, kitty kitty pur girl” ?


Hi Simon and Dawg. I just made a donation and it said donate to “A*** M*****n.” I hope my donation goes to you two. I really appreciate all you do for those of us who get tired of watching the feeds. I think your commentary is hilarious.


Thank you Ollieandstan!! We really appreciate it!! ? Glad you’re enjoying t
Our site.


I like Cirie but it’s hard to watch this year with her son secretly being there because it’s makes it very unfair to the other players. It’s one thing when someone is in another alliance and you don’t realize it but this is just not right.


“America breaks down the house alliance.”
She’s got it right….100%…but she left out
one thing: The Loose Middle needs to work
with the Three to knock out the hood.

Now go watch Matt’s lips flap in front of Cirie’s face.

Now What

Matt is a total disappointment. He’s Ceri’s little rat with cheese. He’s not even interesting at all. He’s playing the big moron game, to perfection. I think people are giving him so many stars because he’s hearing impaired and somewhat cute, but his game sucks. Cory, America, Cameron, MeMe and do not trust Matt. They just think he’s not a threat right now. What he’s doing, is not low-key. Plus, they notice his disappearing acts with core 4. Unfortunately, he’s getting a free pass because of his disability. I can see the f2 being lazy Ceri( because of fan crushes) and Matt ( because no one wants to target the hearing impaired guy) making it to a f2.