“There’s an opportunity to make a big move against Matt & Jag on Thursday because I think it’s very transparent who they want out.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory is going to Jury.

7:04pm – 7pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds.
7:34pm Backyard – Cory and America playing pool.
America – I just feel like such an idiot Cory. Cory – Why? America – I just feel so stupid. We were in a good spot and I told Blue all this sh*t and.. Cory – well you should talk to her. America – and do what? She already told them and its like .. its not like she wasn’t going along with it and I didn’t have to do anything. Its just so stupid! Cory – just get everything out there.. like what’s the point? America – what am I getting out there? Like what do you mean? Get what out there though? Cory – You’re going to regret it if you don’t have these conversations.. even if they don’t go well you got to f**king talk to them. I don’t know what you’re going to say but f**k. Cory – Blue said that she wants to talk to you .. Jag said he wants to. America – I don’t want to talk to Jag.

Havenot Room – Jag and Matt.
Jag – its hard to get someones trust like Felicia’s unless we have an alliance. Matt – I know. We need a five to get America and Blue out. Jag – and that like is my five. Is it worth it to get, will they tell Blue or America the moment Blue or America win? Matt – I know. Because if one of them win and Felicia decides to put up Bowie though rather than us two. Jag – so then is it worth it instead of a five to have a four? Matt – we definitely have a four because Cirie is on board with that. Jag – Cirie and Bowie but what about Cirie and Mama Fe? Matt – I know that could be a four. Jag – The Mama’s and me and you. Matt – we’ll talk to Cirie about it tonight. Make her safe and then make sure she goes after those two the next two weeks until we get rid of them and then realize we’re taking them to the final 3 and then make sure Bowie knows we’re taking her to final three. Jag – Yeah. We’ll talk to Cirie and see how she feels. Ultimately we have to be good with Blue too. No matter who stays this week they’re going to be gunning after us. Matt – yeah we may have to win next week. Me, you or Bowie. Jag – we have to! Matt – hopefully the backyard is close tomorrow so that its a physical. Jag – they’ve had a lot of physical comps so it probably won’t be. I am praying that whatever it is we pull out the win. Matt – that is why we have to get rid of Cory for our best chances. Jag – when we talk to Cirie today.. and just lay it out.. Our ideal final three is with Bowie and Felicia .. or Felicia or Bowie. That’s the five. People are probably scared to work with us because they know we’re always going to choose each other. But Bowie is down, Cirie is down. I know we can’t with Mama Fe just because she is going to tell people. Matt – I know.

7:41pm Backyard – Cirie and America.
Cirie – you doing good and you’re looking good. America – I know, I just want to lay down but I can’t. I don’t want to hang out with them. Cirie – I know. America – I don’t want to be around them. Cirie – I’ve been like that so many times already here. I felt exactly that.. like I don’t want to f**king look at these people. America – everything is annoying. Its annoying that they’re so f**king good at competitions too. I said I was going to hide all the milk. Cirie – pour it all out.

7:50pm Hammock – Cory and Felicia.
Cory – this week the plan until I was scheming against him was you were the back up but like you knew that. Truly I wish I knew what his plans were for like you later in the game. But the one I keep coming back to and I don’t even know how helpful I am and I will try to be helpful as possible like how to overcome the Matt and Jag obstacle.. because its hard! They’re really good. And Matt is good but Jag is a different bread when it comes to That stuff. And like you’ve been pushing all week for a big move and like you got one. It happened. Matt and Jag made a big move against me and America. I think there is still a big opportunity to make a big move against Matt and Jag on Thursday because I think it is very transparent who they want out. And I don’t know exactly why, its not like I proved to be a much stronger competitor. Like I present myself as smart I suppose and if you talk to America as much as I do you know she is f**king brilliant. Its very clear who they want out .. and I think its very clear except for them two that everyone needs them out and I think there is no reason to believe anything other than I am gunning for them. And I guess the question is how is this different from the Cameron pitch? Well first of all I am not Cameron. Felicia – that you aren’t. Cory – Cameron made the same pitch to me and what I told him was that they will gun for you next week but what if you win the veto? I am toast! And the other part of it was Cameron how so I believe anything you’re saying? Its Cameron, you can’t. I know you were not a fan of how the Meme thing played out and I do understand that. The benefit of me being in the house is not so much you gain an amazing Ally. Its just you make it further in the game. And I think you would believe if America is gone, who do you think is my ideal final 3? Felicia – me you and Cirie. Cory – me, you and Cirie .. and maybe if I am bullsh*tting you, maybe toss in a Bowie. Right, like nothing else really makes sense. Felicia – me being totally honest, I can’t totally trust what you say so that is what scares me. I want to believe you but I know you’re good at what you do. Cory – I appreciate that. So tell me what you’re hesitant about? Is it the Bowie stuff? Felicia – the Bowie stuff.. because I do believe I’ve watched your guys behaviour… and interactions. And the one thing that I see with Bowie is she chases the power. Cory – the two times you were on the block. and I don’t mean this in a you owe me sense but I campaigned really hard ..maybe not for you to stay but for the other person to go.. and that indicates something. Felicia – yeah. Cory – I am not coming for you at least. The truth is I have been targeting her (Blue) forever because she’s been targeting me. The truth is I thought if you won HOH last week or this week your noms would be Matt / Jag.

8:30pm Hammock – Cory and America
Cory – Basically what people should do is whatever Matt and Jag don’t want to do, you know what I mean? America – Mmmmhmmm. Cory – That’s what they should do .. I am sure they want me out.

8:34pm – 9:05pm Kitchen – Felicia, Cirie, Matt, Jag and Blue.
Felicia – he (Cory) did say that if we kept him we could get you guys (Matt/Jag) out and that he would go to a final 3 with me and you (Cirie) because that would be his best chance of winning. jag – the same disrespect! Cirie – he said that to you!? Felicia – I guess I was supposed to be flattered because he said I would go to a final 3 with you. Cirie – because that would be my (Cory) best chance of winning!? Jag – the same disrespect Bro! Felicia – he said that Bowie Jane has shown that she is good at both mental and physical comps and can win. Blue has shown herself in this last competition. Blue – what’s poppin’? Felicia – I just crack up at all this sh*t! Jag – he has been really disrespectful. All week he has been very mean spirited. To the point where he was self aware about that. Like this morning he said I think I’ve said some really mean things this week. And I was like yeah, you were an a$$hole. Felicia – I read people well. I know when people are being genuine or not and that is why I have never trusted him. Jag – yeah you’re on the block because this is what happened ..at this point whatever power I had this week .. this is all I can do to fix the mistake after I saw what happened. And here it is and now they’re on the block and of course they’re mad at me and that is what it is.. Matt – they were going to be mad at anyone that put them up. They were going to be shocked no matter what. Jag – but its also when I am up there like I am sure ya’ll felt this too ..I am up there .. Blue is up there.. we were up there for hours ..that was excruciating pain and there is no reason why this girl (Blue) deserves to go home. Felicia – right. Jag – I just see them being so comfortable. It get it, its a game but there’s a right thing and a wrong thing.

9:15pm Backyard Hammock – Cory and America.
Cory – Bowie asked if she should talk to you tonight. I said she could ask. America – no guarantees. F**K HER TOO! I’ll leave you my blue shorts. Cory – you keep acting like you’re leaving. If you try at all, you’ll stay. America – I don’t know yet. Cory – I know. America – I do want to go but I know that would be so lame. Cory – just make sure you make the decision you want to make and not the one that you feel pressured to make by society and or me. I know if you tell me Cory I want to go or stay and then you change your mind you’re going to feel like sh*t. America – I can tell you that I changed my mind. That’s fine. As a fan, you know what I mean. Its not even about the perception just me, myself I don’t want to just give up. Cory – If you stay you just need to win, that’s my conditions. America – yeah.

9:30pm Backyard Hammock – Cory and America.
Cory – I would rather go to the jury house than home right now. America – yeah me too. I want to see what its like. Cory – I more so want to disconnect from everything. I don’t want to go on social media right now, you know what I mean?! That seems like a not good idea. America – everyone is like “Yeah, lets go Jag!” Cory – I don’t think so… ah, maybe.. big move for sure. America – people don’t like rats! I wouldn’t be a fan of Blue. Cory – um yeah, Jags style of play is pretty f**king annoying to watch. America – nothing… just wins. Cory – yeah just the way he talks strategy is kind of annoying. The way I do it is too just in a whole different kind of way. America – no you do it like you.. you don’t change up.

9:55pm Backyard – Cory talking to the cameras and playing pool.
Cory – I do really care about her as a human being and as a potential girlfriend and more. And I am kind of throwing up in my mouth just thinking about it .. not about her she is amazing .. just the idea of you know you go in this house and then you meet someone you really like and then you forget about your main goal which is winning this game. That has always been my main priority. I guess I just got greedy thinking I could do both. So its a tough spot because I do really really care about her and I feel kind of uncomfortable campaigning against her fully. But you guys have seen what I have done thus far, I am campaigning pretty hard. I am not pulling that many punches. And lets be honest if I did an anti-America campaign that would not play well in the house either so that is fine. Here is why I am not that pissed. I was going to nominate Matt and Jag and I was going to do it in a very theatrical way.

10:34pm Showmancing on the pool table..

10:30pm – 11:12pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – At some point if we want to get to the final two, they have to go. Cirie – that’s what me and Blue was talking about and she actually said sh*t it might now be such a bad idea to keep Cory. But then she said because he said that final three with me, you and him that he might f**k it up for her because she wasn’t included in on that. He didn’t say that to me. I said we got a couple more days, lets just think about it. Do you think they will continue to fight or do you think they will reconcile? Felicia – I don’t think they will reconcile. They’ll be so pissed we did, we’ll be their first f**king target. You and me. Cirie – not Blue? Felicia – not Blue. Cirie – she already was their target… but we can’t do it without her. Felicia – right. I thought about it but that is why I put everything out on the table because I wanted them to know everything he said. So we keep Cory.. this next HOH if its the slip n’ slide.. Jag probably going to win that sh*t. Cirie – I don’t think its going to be the slip n slide, they just broke their necks. They broke their backs the day before, the week before.. for OTEV. Now they’re going to break legs? Felicia – f**k yeah its the end of the game. Sh*t its the quick turn around sh*t.. that’s that sh*t that Cory could win. And if that sucker stays, he could win HOH and put them two on the f**king block. Now Jag gave me the veto twice.. Cirie – Jag only gave you a veto because it served his purpose. He put you up. Don’t get it twisted. He doing what works for him. Felicia – we just have to figure out what’s our best path. Cirie – I say America right off the batt .. if I had a minute to think about it I would rather be here with America than Cory. Felicia – I would too. Cirie – because I would feel like Cory is going to someway try to weasel his way back in with Matt and Jag. Felicia – she (America) is a woman scorn, she ain’t never going back. He will go back and think its a path to the end. Cirie – he is not emotional.

11:26pm Bathroom – Cory and America being salty.
Cory – I am going to be so inconsiderate the next couple days. Dirty dish, I am leaving it there. America – MmmmHmmmm.. Cory – F**k the system. The thing is its just Cirie and Felicia cleaning everything anyways. Cory – and Bowie.

11:47pm Bedroom – Jag, Blue, Bowie and Felicia.
Jag is telling all about when he was studying aboard.

12am Bedroom – Cory and America
America – whether I stay or go I am just going to miss you so much and that makes me so sad. Cory – I miss you… I miss you when you leave the room.

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As if Jag is one to talk about a right thing and wrong thing and people being disrespectful. He is nauseating.


It is much easier for someone to call others to account for their bad behavior while denying they exhibit the same behavior. Jag has done the same thing Cory is doing now when he has been on the block. Jag may have won comps, but he continually floats to align himself with/suck up to whoever is in power and subsequently turns around and badmouths them to the new person in power. Jag is not the only one doing this on this season. Part of what is making everyone’s games so difficult & erratic is that no one keeps their mouth shut (Felicia literally blabbed what Cory said less than an hour later. Learn to keep info to yourself and use it when necessary) and there is no solid alliance (until Matt & Jag just two weeks ago) and no loyalty within alliances. Right now Jag is firing shots but but soon enough I think he will find himself dodging bullets.

The Beef

The thing is Cory didn’t say Cirie and Felicia were the best F3 for him because they were the easiest for him to beat. It seems either Felicia just assumed that’s what he meant, or Jag did, and that’s all it took for Jag to start with the “disrespect” comments.

Once again, when you’re looking for a reason to justify what you’re doing, an assumption here or a lie there will always serve to help. Maybe Cory was blowing smoke up her a** in an attempt to get her to vote for him, but that’s also what people do when they’re campaigning to stay in the house. Still, for either of them to just assume that’s the reason he wants to go F3 with those two (Who else is left for him to work with? Certainly not Jag, Matt, Bowie or Blue!) when they know there are no other options, is just asinine.

Just The Truth

prediction. we will likely have the worst final 5 in bb history.


…and for the next 10 years !!

Matthew schneider

I love america to death but she has made big game mistakes by talking to much mostly to blue who keeps throwing her under the bus i think blue is horrible for america game most everyone on here would agree

BB Fangirl

Jag is an ACTUAL piece of dog shit. Where does he come off calling anyone disrespectful and saying “I know it’s a game but there’s right and there’s wrong.” Dude has played theeee dirtiest game in the house. And while I don’t love Cory…his campaign has a basis. Same as Cameron’s had. How does Felicia/Cirie/Blue not see that Jag intends to use all of them the same way Cory ultimately would, because they ALLL think/know they can beat them to final two. How does Jag take himself seriously? I cannot.

Gan ainm

Jag is a coward who doesn’t own his game.


Which is why he will not win. $75k at best but I hope Juror # 3-6.


Cirie, blue and Felicia do know and they are playing it right. They need corey abd jag out. It doesn’t matter what order. Cory just happened to come up first. If your reading the updates you should know that they have all discussed this. Fe/ci know they are being kept by both sides because they believe they can them in the end. They are just playing along. Even blue now knows. She just told cirie, if we win we have to put jag and Matt up.


Yeah, the two senior citizens, overweight, can’t win anything, have realized they are goats?

Nether Region Euphemism

Geez with the ageism and fat-shaming. They are not that old. Cerie is only in her 50s.

Obviously by age 50s a person is no longer in their prime unless they’re gym rat types. Short term memory starts to fade too.

But no realize to be so nasty about it. Is that how you approach that generation in your own family?

Nether Region Euphemism

I’ll add, if you’re lucky you’ll be there one day. Easy to be young and cocky, whereas not all the younger generation is that way.

Spot ON

“the two senior citizens, overweight”

Why all the hate? Is it necessary?Show some kindness for a change.
Did you know that roughly two out of three U.S. adults are overweight or obese (69 percent) and one out of three are obese (36 percent), 7.7 percent are severely obese.

BB Fangirl

I wrote this before the later, private convo between Felicia and Cirie. She does acknowledge in the later convo that it might be smart to keep Cory over America but isn’t convinced. Why keep “playing along” at this point. They’re backing themselves into a corner.

BB Fangirl

I just see no way for anyone but Jag or Matt to win the whole thing with Cory out of the game. They’d need a combined HOH and veto controlled by them (no Matt or Bowie) in order to get Jag out, and I don’t see that happening without Cory.

Grodner’s Former Lover

I do think that they could lose to Felicia, as she has a survivor case to be made and possibly Cerie (barf), but I don’t see a future where they don’t win about every single competition, which they have to do at this point. If they are final 2, getting Cameron out will look brilliant! If jag and Matt are final two, it would be a travesty if jag didn’t win. Matt has done nothing but do what others have to say. I think that there are issues in that head beyond just being hard of hearing, or he is playing naive.

BB Fangirl

Yeah Matt has to start thinking too…Jag will not take him to final two if he knows what’s good for him. Matt has been a puppet but everyone likes him and he doesn’t have this blood on his hands. Of course Jag has won more comps but if it’s a choice between Jag and Matt, once Comerica gets to jury house and tells how Jag masterminded his back door…I wouldn’t be surprised is they all decide not to give Jag their vote for how dirty he played.

Spot ON

“Jag is an ACTUAL piece of dog shit”

Be kind to people. He is just another fellow human being trying to make it through life on this earth.


hey, derogatory is a fact of life

Mean Jean

America is afraid that after the show women will be coming after her man. Any thoughts ?


Cory is a Boy, a teenage boy regardless of his true age.


I doubt it

Felicia’s crusty feet

Maybe after puberty they will

Spot ON

CORY was ever “her man”. And after BB is over, it’s “C’YA!”
He was only a cheap tool that made himself available in AMERIKA’S plan to get her confetti.


Jag says Cory is too comfortable, I think Jag’s too full of himself. Cirie, Felicia, Blue and America need to work together, only thing Blue is not trustworthy, she just might throw them under the bus, and work with Jag & Matt.

I’m hoping the HOH is something Felicia or Cirie can win, if they want to win, they are going to have to put Jag & Matt up together. Forget hurting someone’s feelings, this is about doing what best to move you closer to winning the game.

Use Jag’s words, this is what is best for my game, nothing personal, this is all game, you and Matt are good at the physical comps, so for me to level the playing field, this is what I have to do to move me closer to the finish line.

Jag & Matt are just using Cirie, Felicia, Bowie & Blue for votes, once they have served their purpose, Jag & Matt have no problem kicking them to the curb. If one of them win Veto, you put Bowie or Blue up next to whoever is still on the block, hopefully Jag.

If Jag is still on the block, Felicia, America, can vote jag out, if Matt & Blue vote Bowie out, Cirie breaks the tie vote, and sends jag’s ass out the door. Bowie will think Matt will be on her side, Matt will feel relived that Jag was voted out, he will help them kick Bowie, Blue & America out.

With Bowie, Blue & America gone, I think Matt would take Cirie to final 2, he’d get rid of Felicia. I think Cirie would take Felicia to Final 2 instead of Matt, because Matt is not the innocent little deaf guy, that he tries to make everyone go easy on, Matt is just as sneaky as Jag, Cirie, and Felicia.

Jag thinks right now he’s running the house, he thinks it’s easy sailing, in his mind, he has Matt and everybody else wanting to work with him. Have you noticed how he’s feeling more comfortable knowing that Cory will be evicted, then he plans on steam rolling all of the remaining people, I think he will hope someone else can get rid of Matt.

Jag better hope Felicia does not luck up and win HOH, Felicia put Jag up before, she will not have any problem putting both Jag & Matt up.

Funny how America said she’s ready to go to the Jury house, she wants to see what it looks like, yea right. America is ready for a man, not a little boy like Cory, America and Cam alone at the Jury House ? That’s not going to happen, America is stuck with Cory, she will not be alone with Cam in Jury, Cory’s on his way out.

I kind of think America would like to be with Cam, Cory’s just a little wimpy, he was ok to play with since Matt was not interested in her, Matt wants Reilly. So America had to hookup with Cory the kid.

America will be pissed if when she gets to the Jury house, and Blue is having her way with Cam as her play toy. Blue will not be with Jared outside of the house, Jared already has someone in his life according to Cirie.

Grodner’s Former Lover

Could not agree more which is why getting rid of her takes Cory out of the game due to the stress of knowing that they would be alone…


this season is fuqqed up and will end that way,badly.

Another Dixie

I dislike Jag & the way he is playing the game as much as anyone but, if, indeed, Cory & America were just sitting & cuddling and goofing off during the challenge after they fell, it would look bad & indicate that they weren’t worried about their safety. Maybe they weren’t but it would have been smarter to be involved in the rest of the challenge. Maybe this is just Jag’s interpretation of how they were acting but I intend to watch them closely during the game & see if they really were so calm & disinterested.

Nether Region Euphemism

Stop with the slut-shaming.


Cory knows that he’s going but he’s giving good points to the other side of the House

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Yea, but they are the exact same word for word that Cam pitched. Cory did not vote to keep Cam, Felicia, Cirie & Blue want Cory out.

They are not changing, remember, Cirie blames Cory for (her son) Jared’s eviction.


azmdw, nothing will happen between Cameron and America or Blue in the jury house, cameras or no cameras. He and his wife are separated but trying to work things out. Except for voting for Cameron for AFP, leave him alone. Thanks.


Being on BB you volunteer to open yourself up to viewers comments, observations, gossip & opinions.


—and I say that as a Cam fan.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Oh, ok. I didn’t know he is trying to work things out with his wife.

Spot ON

AZMDW: “when he’s not wearing his Head Wrap, I’ve noticed…things about Jag….He looks scary as Hell, with hair down. Kind of serial killer’ish…”


un autre nom

Cory goes campaigning.

Why I scratch my head:
week one felicia didn’t campaign
week two cameron didn’t campaign or pack
week three cameron didn’t campaign
week four blue talked to bowie for the very first time / said done.
week five jag didn’t really campaign
week six felicia barely campaigned and izzy told voters she didn’t need their votes.

what’s this telling people?


worst season ever


You guys say this shit every year. Dramatic


Who even likes Corny and Lamerica?!! They’re so annoying. Like if you’re a loser with 2 braincells maybe you’ll root for them cos you’re disabled, but yucks. GET THEM OUT. Jag for the win. First smart thing he did. LET’S GOOOOOOO!

no mo bro

It’s not a smart thing at all. The stupid f**k wasted a tremendous power. He could have put Comerica on the block and STILL got their jury vote. THAT would have been the smart move.

He shouldn’t have told anyone. Not even Matt. There was no reason to tell Matt. He was in no danger.

Putting up Comerica after you fucked up isn’t smart. Now he’s f**ked the jury. He put 4 people on the block this week.

What a brain fart. I think he’s wrapping his turban too tight.

Hate jag. Send him home soon.


Be nice, remember they are human.

no mo bro

The worst kind

Nether Region Euphemism

The distortion from Jatt and the house overall that Americory acting too comfortable was a sign of arrogance. Whereas Jag on his own or with Matt should be owning that he played Americory to the point where they fully trusted their alliance. That at least would be legitimate gameplay, vs this season’s ping-ponging outrage in the house over feeling used and betrayed.

BB Princess

Just keeping his name alive….CAM for America’s Favorite Player!!


CAM name is still alive, even though no longer in the house they keep talking about him. AFP for CAM!

Felicia’s crusty feet

I’m voting for Cam just to see a Frankie Grande type reaction from the house haters…. plus, it’ll piss off Pig-zzy the most


Same! Cameron gave me Crazy James vibes where everyone was against him and he had to win every single comp to stay in the house. Whenever everyone gangs up on someone I automatically am on their side. Unless they are a horrible person, it cannot be easy to have everyone against you in the house. Cameron was a great player and had to win out constantly to survive. AFP for sure


I actually think this is one of the top 10 seasons. There is not one of you that know who is going to make it to the final three let alone win it all. Very unpredictable and that makes a good season. Not one alliance is running the whole thing and all these players suck which makes it even better television. We have two older women sitting in bathrobes doing hardly anything that may make it to the finals….. go figure

Nether Region Euphemism

I totally agree. And now we have America going old school BB, not wanting to pretend to like people who backstabbed her. It’s great drama and exactly what feeders have been missing all these seasons.


Well, I am pretty sure Cerie is going to win it all. It has been set up for her to win since the beginning. She is hardly even on anyone’s radar despite being in Survivor 4 times and winning The Traitor, and knowing how she plays the games she is in.

no mo bro

Cirie is up and in the shower. Kitty kitty purr purr as usual is no where to be seen. SHE HATES WATER.

I’ve never seen Blue shower and it’s all I think about when I remember Mecole’s comments about the funky smell in the house and see Blue’s oily face.

eww EWW E W W

Felicia’s crusty feet

And to think Jared was tappin that


Don’t be so harsh, probably it’s culture related.

no mo bro

Or lack thereof


Someone said in a previous post that it’s common among Asians to not bathe. Please don’t generalize. I am Asian and showers everyday and so does my family, sometimes 2x a day. I find this generalization offensive.


Yes, that’s why we should not judge because we don’t know her reason for not showering .


Cats usually don’t like water … there’s your explanation.

no mo bro

I have no hate for Asians or Asian culture.

I can disagree with some parts of it and still not hate them.

Don’t judge me for believing people should bathe, lest ye be the judge.


I googled to find out if it’s true. Asian culture and bathing.

Apparently it’s a racist stereotype.

I’m not upset that she is Asian and not bathing. I’m upset she is human and not bathing.

I get the people who shower when needed instead of daily.

but she has been in the house for SEVENTY SIX days.


Has anyone seen her wash anything but her face?


No one is judging you or think you have hate, especially me. We just need to be a little kinder, words can hurt.

Spot ON

Apparently JARED had no problem with that stinky…”SEVENTY SIX days”….WOW….

Nether Region Euphemism

Do you watch 24/7? I doubt she hasn’t showered at all. It’s not just that her hair would look greasy and scaly by now. It’s also quite uncomfortable to not shower when you have your period. Even if it’s light bc she’s maybe on the pill, a woman needs to clean up down there at some point. Things get musty even without the menstruation, plus she’s also had sex in the house.

no mo bro

No I don’t watch 24/7. I am in a different timezone and am awake long before the houseguests. I turn on the quad cam, mute it and wait for them to wake. In 76 days I have NEVER seen her shower. NEVER. Only wash her face.

I did get to see BJ naked though when she lost her towel. In case you were wondering, the carpet is wall to wall and it matches the drapes 🙂

With the timezone difference I miss their late nights because I’m in bed. That’s why I asked in another post if anyone watching the late night feeds ever saw her shower.

Spot ON

To some extent, your inquiry may be answered by the several polls below

Spot ON

“Things get musty even without the menstruation, plus she’s also had sex in the house”

Maybe whoever it was that she was with in the house liked it that way.

Felicia’s crusty feet


Spot ON

” Kitty kitty purr purr as usual is no where to be seen. SHE HATES WATER”

Kitty kitty purr purr’s notion of taking a shower may be getting a wash cloth, and dipping it several times in miso soup.


I bet Jag is wishing he would have stuck to the plan and voted out Felicia. He’s knocked over a hornet’s nest.

no mo bro

He’s definitely lost Comerica’s votes. I doubt he’ll get Cam’s, Blue’s or Felicia’s either.

This makes me happy.

Hate that snake.


I think Jag would still get Cory and Cam’s votes because they’re not emotional players. Blue and Felicia I’m not sure about. It depends who is sitting next to him in finals.


You bet your sweet ass the jury won’t be voting for Jag, no way no how.

no mo bro

Ooooooo. What’s happening with Cirie? She’s chatting with Matt and Jag and talking very nasty. Really hating on Cory.

Is it to early to bring her claws out?

***Edit. They cut feeds right in the middle of the conversation.***


This makes me wonder. How many other conversations has Cirie had that we never got to hear?


I hope she does not make the top 3 for afp. Matt either after the way he has been talking.

Another Dixie

I heard a small part of that conversation and I wonder if she was doing it for J&M’s sake, acting like them so they trust her more. I would really like it if she & Fe listened to Cory & decided to save him to help get rid of Jag & Matt. I know she doesn’t trust any of them, but I’d hope she’d realize she’d get further with Cory’s help than with America, who will probably glue herself to the J&M for safety, even though she will try to stab them in the back if she feels it’s safe to do so.

un autre nom

There’s been plenty of Cirie shit talking. Shit talking with Matt and Jag is new. I’m behind today, but it’s possible she’s keeping them aimed at Cory as target by bashing him. Didn’t hear it, yet, but that was the madness to her method in the past.


it’s so obvious to be that this season has been rigged for Cirie to win. I cannot understand why she is still in the house. I would target her immediately and get her out although I’m sure Grodner would rig a twist to bring her back. Personally I think its not cool that she gets to come in with a family member and have already had multiple chances at winning money on Survivor! It looks like she struck a deal to only come on the show if it was rigged in her favor. JMO

Mean Jean

What did she say about him that wasn’t true. To tell people you’re campaigning to if you keep him next week he’ll put you on the block is stupid. To the Mama’s he’ll take you to the finals because you know you can beat them is very insulting. To tell people you can protect them when you and your girl are on the block is delusional. Plus her and her man don’t cook or clean but her stay in the bed all day mad and crying ass was one of the first in line when dinner was ready. I’m tired of them and their lip smacking in their nasty ass room. Time for both to go.

The Beef

Cory didn’t tell the Mama’s he’d take them to the finals because he know’s he’ll beat them. Felicia either assumed that’s why he said he’d take them or Jag did.

Cory might take them because there’s nobody else he can work with. Assuming America goes this week, we know Matt, Jag, Bowie and Blue are all working together, who does that leave for Cory to try and work with?

That’s right – Cirie and Felicia. If he were to somehow get either Matt or Jag out next week, he might entice Blue to join with them to take out the other one.

Nether Region Euphemism

America’s low-key tone of fug u is making Blue ramble with self-detriment. I’m loving it.

They all thought America would be a pushover once Cory was evicted. In truth, she had shown her spiciness early on before Cory reigned it in.


America for the win


This is a GAME….there are no rules!

Spot ON

Games have rules. BB never was, nor could it ever be, a game without format rules.

BB is nothing but a social and behavior lab to observe, analyze, hypothesize, extrapolate, and predict true human relations, and to measure just HOW BAD humans really are. And to achieve these objectives, money is used as a stimuli.

The Beef

Nah, Big Brother is about who’s the best liar and manipulator.

It’s also about who gets luckiest at the right time, judging by the so-called “competition” that Blew “won” in Saturday’s second veto. If I was Blue, I’d be embarrassed to even claim that as a comp win considering it was nothing more than a wild guess, followed by an almost “Who is the lucky winner today folks?” type raffle more than a competition, and she has the gall to walk around that house talking about how she’s the ONLY female to have WON a veto comp this season.

All the previous Big Brother winners and contestants should also be embarrassed by that comp and by how far production has let the bar fall as to what is considered a legitimate competition/challenge versus what is clearly a random draw to just GIFT someone a free prize, in this case a second, very important nomination veto, that very clearly had a big impact on the game.

Yes, I wanted it to happen, but I didn’t want them to just gift wrap it and hand it to her in such an obvious fashion, or not necessarily to HER, but to anybody. Make them actually compete, whether it’s physical or mental I don’t care, but don’t just let them guess a time for something that hasn’t happened, with no basis for doing so, and then call it legitimate.


And really. Did America really go to Brown University….after all she is employed as a Medical Receptionist!

un autre nom

there’s photos of her a a cheerleader @ Brown. She studied bio/pre-med.
She said at one point covid derailed her career plans, and she got comfortable.

Nether Region Euphemism

Doesn’t prove anything. Her bio says she got a degree in Biology. Unless she goes for more schooling, Biology degree doesn’t qualify her for any particular domain position. She’d have to be more ambitious to find a good niche job, but even smart people don’t always want to go that way.

Perhaps she preferred to start her life in NYC, which is a big change from Texas that may have been a strong preference for her.

Some offices pay their staff very well; she could move up as office manager. Managing medical insurance plans and stuff is not for dummies; offices are happy to have college grads, and with her Bio degree she can quickly understand procedures and such.

Spot ON

Do you think CORY thinks that her biology degree is a MS (or perhaps even a PhD) instead of a BS?

Nether Region Euphemism

No. College students don’t assume that kind of thing.

She went to a higher tier school than he did, and he finds her to be on his intellectual level. Her BS is adequate for them as a couple.

un autre nom

Blue was all megabitch about how she’d shit on America since Saturday…their convo today was like somebody told her kitten mew mew boots up.
Yeah, America called Blue’s all talk no confrontation reality yesterday. eyeroll.
Now that Jag has been told to literally fuq off he doesn’t want drama. Don’t kick them when they’re down is a far cry from his sat-mon talk too.

Logic Error:
How can people that Ma/Ja say manipulated them into every game also be people that haven’t done anything / don’t deserve to be there?
We’ve literally gone from ‘they made us do it’ to ‘they didn’t do anything’.
Oh. Is this more comps only matter shit? With a dash of only HOH’s matter.
Because Cory won HOH and got his target out… you, Matt? Seriously, should HE be pushing that line? mmhmmmm.


Cory & America ought to know it’s a little too late to go after Jag & Matt — jeeze, get a grip.


Can they somehow only evict Cory’s moustache…


My thoughts on who might or might not win, IF they make it to the Final 2.

1) FELICIA will beat anyone. She is a phenomenal speaker who will have a killer Final 2 speech. She will play on her age, her size, coming back from so many times being on the block, and not looking like a normal BB winner.

2) MATT will beat anyone as long as it is not Felicia. Why? Because he is Matt.

3) JAG will not beat anyone because of his tactics. He will be another Paul who made it to the Final 2 twice and still did not win.

4) AMERICA, CIRIE, BLUE might win as long as they are not up against Felicia or Matt. IF Cirie is up against Blue, and Blue spills that she is Jared’s mother, Blue might win but I doubt it.

5) BOWIE won’t win unless she is up against Jag.

6) CORY might win as long as he is not up against Felicia or Matt.

no mo bro

Matt vs Felicia… I couldn’t guess who would win. They are like mirror universe versions of the same person.

Matt is a snake, but at least he’s a clean one. He helps out. Does dishes, floors, garbage and helps with the cooking sometimes. There is no doubt he has come from a good home.

Some people might be blinded with his helpfullness and his dumb blonde handsomeness as well as his ability to fake concern and blame his, “I’m missing a lot of conversations that I can’t hear.” excuse. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not judging him for his disability, but it does seem to be a pretty convenient excuse for why he has no clue what’s happening.

He knows exactly what’s happening. Jag is writing the script.

They won’t see the snake in the grass plotting behind the scene to get them out and end up voting for him over Felicia.

They need to remember. He’s been a “yes man” simping Jag ever since he saved him.

Matt has not come up with any original plans. He just agrees with the plans that Jag devises or suggests to jag, the plans others have suggest to him and agrees with everyone, all the time.

Jag wears the pants in that relationship.

And the houseguests fall for it. Are they blind? Matt and Jag are aiming for those 2 chairs. What good is 3rd place?

Felicia on the other hand keeps that house running. Cooks, cleans, does dishes and laundry, manages the expired food and keep the peace with her meals. Surviving an eviction without blowing up your game with an emotional outburst for being nominated is hard enough. But to survive four! Wow Felicia. Wow. You can certainly control yourself when you need to. Something that comes naturally with maturity.

The house needs to appreciate what Felicia has done for ALL of them. She has allowed them to evict whoever they like with no blood on the remaining house guests hands. No angry nominee for them! Then she cooks them dinner, cleans their mess, and washes their clothes. Jesus. What more do you want?

I believe she deserves to win over Matt.

un autre nom

Defining my Issue:
say it with me…
Matt and Jag, talking at them.
Yes, minimize your own dirty games to others.
No, don’t minimize your dirty games to each other.

Matt and Jag are owning their edit, not owning their game.
I’m annoyed by that.

Spot ON


“In a Euromonitor survey, Brazilians and Colombians took the lead with more than one shower per day on average, with Australians, Middle Easterners, Mexicans and Indonesians coming in not too far behind.”

“Americans, meanwhile, averaged a bit less than one shower a day, along with Spaniards, Indians and the French. Brits were on the low side of showering, with the Japanese and Chinese (ASIANS) coming in the LEAST frequent of all countries in the poll, with an average of about five showers a week.”

“Hair washing generally correlated with the frequency of showers, too – except for Mexicans, who wash their hair much more often than anyone else, with an average of over six shampoos a week. INDIANS in the poll wash their tresses THE LEAST, with an average of TWO shampoos per week”


“A separate study on daily showering habits run by SCA, a global hygiene products company, mirrored many of the findings of the Euromonitor poll. When counting people who shower every day, Mexicans and Australians led significantly, followed by Americans and the French. Brits, Russians, Swedes and Germans averaged less, with Chinese (ASIANS) coming in the LEAST frequent.”


“An informal poll of the scrubbing habits of 562 people that revealed gender breakdowns. While a majority of the MEN said they showered daily, WOMEN were more varied in their responses, with a pretty equal spread over bathing anywhere from three to seven days a week”

Spot ON

The data speaks for itself.