The Hottest Cast ever, lets get a M@sterb@tion station and I got Freddie smarts

3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?



9:28pm Kitchen
Talking about Amanda being “sue crazy” and how it pissed JUDD off.Andy adds that Amanda had said she sued 3 people.
Andy wonders how they would penalize the final 3 if they did something bad they can’t give them a penalty vote. Spencer – ‘They won’t do shit”
They wonder when production will wake them up in the morning. GM says she’s taking an early shower tonight.
Spencer – “Theres a good chance our families are not watching afterdark right now” He explains that their families are all in hotels right now.
Andy – “theres a good chance we won’t have another diary room session”


9:41pm Playing bullshit

Drill sergeant “You kiss your momma with that mouth”

9:58pm Kitchen Andy and GM

Andy – “Everything’s still fine right”
GM – “Yes”
Andy – “You have to understand there’s so much money.. I’m just like Ohh my God”
GM – “DR told me if I change my mind I have to tell them.. I’m like no no no no”
Andy – “I feel like they want it to be more indecisive.. I’m like no I know.. i’m done”
GM – “They said well if you change your mind you have to tell us.. I’m like ya ya ya ya”
Andy – “They they said.. what about Spencer.. I’m like (See image of Andy above)
GM – “Umm sorry”
They both laugh
Andy – “Oh my got tomorrow at this time one of us will have 50 grand the other will have 500 grand.. oh my god”

10:08pm Bathroom GM and Andy Bullshitting each other how solid they are for final 2.

Andy – “Oh my god even 50 thousands will change my life”
GM – “I get to see Uhaus to.. oh my god”
Gm adds that this season had the hottest cast ever.

GM brings up that Spencer came up to her and started telling her she won’t win against Andy. GM never gave Spencer a definite answer she just told him he is bringing up good points. Andy says he was approached by Spencer as well and he said much the same.

GM is worried that Nick would want to be with a girl that is smarter she suggest he might consider her dumb.
Andy – “I would never ever call you dumb” Andy tells her she has a intelligence that many people would love to have.
GM – ‘I got street smarts I got Freddie smarts”
Andy says he has some friends that went to an ivy league school and they didn’t have the people skills that GM has, “You have this warmth that radiates from you it’s something special”

Andy – “Who would have thought this public speaking teacher and beauty pageant girl would become such good friends”

Andy starts in on Spencer being on the block 8 times and how the Jury will give Spencer the money if any of them are silly enough to take Spencer to the final 2.
Andy – McCrae and Helen both told me if he makes it to the end they will be impressed”
GM – “Wow crazy.. if he wasn’t an alliance with us he wouldn’t have survived”

Spencer joins them “My F*** armpits stink like sh!t” Andy gets called to the diary room
Spencer wants production to open a room up so they can m@sterb@te in it. he calls it the “m@sterb@tion station”

10:28pm Living Room Andy and Spencer
Andy is downplaying his involvement with the alliances knockouts and 3AM . Spencer says those alliances were going to take him out he’s jokingly acting like he’s upset. Andy says those alliance didn’t mean much. Andy points out he never talked about the knockouts in the Diary room. He was pulled into 3AM, ‘I was like oh we’re working with Aaryn now”.
Andy says Amanda sacrificed parts of her game to keep him off the block and he back stabbed her a couple weeks later. Andy thinks Amanda will be very biter.
Spencer – “I’m full expecting for you to win this third round and take me to teh end”

Andy – “Oh my god I can’t believe it’s tomorrow.. if I get third”


10:39pm Andy gets called into the Diary room. Spencer fingers the camera , “Yeah, thank you”


GM says if Nick is with someone she is going to be really upset. GM – “I really don’t know what to expect”
Spencer – “It’s been a couple months.. I think as faithful as you have been he’s been equally as faithful”
Spencer – “Nick.. this is a good woman you should marry this one”
Gm says thanks say that Spencer is a great guy. GM adds that the cat she is painting looks like she stuck this cat up my a$$

The exterminators call the Brenchel army a bunch of morons for throwing their support behind the monster called Elissa.

11:17pm They get 4 beers
Spencer- “I bet thos f***ers shake these up”
Andy – “for sure”
Spencer- “We now have 11 beers for tomorrow”


Off camera GM is in the shower.
Spencer- “Is that your cl!t ring”
GM – “Ya”
Spencer – “Can I take a peak”
GM – “ya”
The camera is on Andy he makes a face.


11:58pm A fresh game of bullshit is starting up
Andy is drunk and Spencer is getting tipsy
Andy – “I’m not going to lie I’m trashed.. this is my 8th beer”
Spencer – “I’m trying to catch up i’ve had 4”

12:10am – 1:50am Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer continue their card game. Andy and Spencer are drunk. Andy bring up how Ian Terry was rooting for McCrae because he likes to root for the underdog. Andy says go f**k yourself Ian! Spencer says f**K him! Super Ian, more like Stupid Ian! F**K him! Andy says why McCrae what did he do all season? All he did was put his oversized pen!s into Amanda’s oversized vag!na! Spencer says I’ve said it before and I will say it again I bet her pu$$y looks like a hatchet wound. Andy heads to the bathroom. Spencer looks at the camera and says that dude doesn’t like bl*w j*bs what the f**k is wrong with him?! They start making food to eat. Andy bends over in the kitchen and Spencer slaps his a$$. Spencer says that’s the most action you’ve had in 3 months. They head to the living and Andy goes off about how he gave up drinking alcohol 9 times in the house and Amanda and Aaryn never did. You are a selfish a$$hole! Spencer says I never drank the alcohol until day 49. Spencer says they were entitled b***hes! Andy says it felt good to vote them out. I have never had money and my family has never had money. I kept my eye on the prize. Andy says everyone voted out of here were selfish a$$holes, that’s why I am so happy the 3 who are here are here you know what I mean. Andy says I am going to lose faith in mankind if it doesn’t pay off for me. Andy explains how he never misses work and if he does he gives his students a 3 page writing assignment. If I miss a class it’s for a good reason, I am that teacher that will f**k you over. Spencer tells Andy that Gina is scared because you won more competitions than her. She’s a real competition nut. Gina joins them. They lay around on the living room couches and talk about random stuff. Gina asks Andy how many beers he had? Andy says I had 8 beers. Andy asks if he is being annoying. Gina says no, I am just glad I don’t have to drive your drunk a$$ home. Andy and Gina talk about how they can’t wait for tomorrow. The final three then head to bed.

4:55am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9am – 9:33am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

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234 thoughts on “The Hottest Cast ever, lets get a M@sterb@tion station and I got Freddie smarts

    1. I truly hope this is the end of BB and the BB15 will be the last.

      The whole BB thing got very tired and with all the racism, sexism, and extremely stupid and gross people in the house… I believe it’s time for the fat lady to sing.

      1. No. BB 16 already confirmed. thank you Simon and Dawg. this site is without a doubt the best online! congratulations and wishing only the best for you this coming year

        1. Anything can be renewed. Its remains to be seen if the viewers will return next season and they will. Although you might read or seen this disgusting behavior on BBAD, the vast majority of viewers just watch the TV shows and have no idea of the degree of hate these house guests spew. BB cleans it up and makes these houseguests look something other then what they really are. BB made Gina as the funny one. Spencer that thoughtful one. Andy the manipulator. Nope, BB will be back next season with no significant drop in viewership.

          I really think BB is happy how this season turned out. They got a lot of free press and buzz for this season which translated into viewers. So if it worked the first time, then why not cast the same way next year.

      2. doe a deer, a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun, me a name I call myself ————— and there you have it. The fat lady has sung!!!!!!

      3. It just happened that this particular cast was a dud. It may have worked out very differently had the Moving Company actually stuck together through the Nick eviction, or had Helen not misjudged who she needed to play with and against so badly, or had the MVP not been such a disaster early in the season. Basically, things just worked out in about the worst possible way, and IMO it was almost impossible to predict. I don’t think production realized that Elissa would run away with the MVP, or that when they put it in America’s hands, the houseguests still wouldn’t take the bait and do something big. Once Nick and Jeremy were out, things became very predictable and dull for most of the season…up until the Exterminators joined up and actually started making moves. Week after week most of us were wondering why the houseguests refused to make a move and target the people that were actually influencing the game and/or winning competitions. It was just a very odd season strategically for most. GM laid low and won comps when she needed to, while Andy manipulated and lied his way to the end. Spencer just survived because he was so bad that he was never perceived as a threat, and was therefore never the actual target for eviction in spite of being nominated a record number of times.

        1. McCrae that lazy whad, was the one who broke up the moving company. Because they were going to go after his precious Amanda. McCrae had it wrong all along. Showmance is bad unless you are Dr. Will or Boogie. And they were showMEN, not lovers. Or wussies.

          And what is a superfan anyways. It just means you watch and read and watch some more. It doesn’t make you good at the game. It doesn’t mean you physically can play the comps. Or that you are smart enough to know when people are lying to you or setting you up. (Wasn’t Frank a superfan too? He just couldn’t get over his ability to blindly believe everything that anybody said. He was too gullible.)

          Ugh. No more “superfans”. And get rid of that tag. It means nothing except ones ability to watch livefeeds and comment 24/7. It doesn’t mean they have game smarts.

    2. Why should GM win? She has the nastiest mouth in the house, she IS stupid (contrary to what kiss-ass prevaricator Ratboy’s says), she’s mean, she’e a racist, and she’s just a despicable piece of crap. Plus she is a delusional psycho bitch. I hope Nick has ten women with him tonight and that he laughs in GM’s face and tells her once and for all to quit talking about him and to leave him the fuck alone. And that he thinks she is disgusting. Seriously, for all that skank did this season to everyone she deserves to be royally embarrassed tonight. And going out in third place would be a good start. And GM, when you say this was the hottest house this year I hope you weren’t including yourself. Because imo you are ass ugly (especially without make-up) and you have a big ass. I hope Ratboy and pervert are final two with the pervert winning. Ratboy doesn’t deserve it with all his betrayals. Spencer doesn’t either because he’s an ignorant asshole and floated the most this season; but it would be fitting that the lazy pervert who did the most gross things (pick his nose constantly, put his hand down his pants every couple minutes, talked sex all the time, etc.) wins. Maybe CBS will wake up and cast winners next year instead of a bunch of asshole losers. Since all the real players are out of contention the biggest douche bag left should win.

      1. Delusional loon! ‘GM is worried that Nick would want to be with a girl that is smarter she suggest he might consider her dumb.! GM: news flash: No man is looking for someone with Freddie Smarts. This bimbo needs to be institutionalized right after the show.
        I wonder if her parents with be wearing dark glasses during the show.

      2. I’m wondering how the jury is going to base their votes. If they are looking at sanitized clips of the show, they might vote one way, but if they saw scenes from BBAD or from the live feeds, they might vote differently. Personally, I think the jury should see/hear some of the depraved and repulsive comments these three say.

      3. GM is arguably deserving of the win because she won competitions and avoided being nominated for eviction. She may not be very smart, she may be delusional concerning her relationship with Nick, and she may be a vile mouthed racist….but none of that is relevant as it relates to this competition. Andy and GM really have performed the best at this game over the course of the season.

    3. It is time to flush these turds out of the house. I’m sure the fix is in for Andy but I am holding my nose and hoping GinaMarie pulls it out somehow.

  1. I am sooooo tired of hearing Andy say, “Oh my God.” And it’s not because I’m above that, if he’s not f’ing something he’s whining OMG! For a public speaking teacher, I’m not impressed!

    1. Public speaking and conversing in social situations are 2 different things. Do you talk the same way at your job in the same manner you talk at a party? Why should Andy make it obvious that he has some education and then become a target. Because its obvious 4 or 5 of the house guests had very little education.

    2. Let’s hope the Dean of his junior college sees Andy’s remark: ‘I am that teacher that will f**k you over’.
      Students/parents will pay money to be in one of his classes?
      Andy is one despicable rat!

    3. I’m sick of this tasteless carrot top crying how he’s never had x, y, or z. He is disgusting. Telling the world he’s the type of teacher that would F u? Really? This POS and his family because the apple does not fall far from the tree doesn’t deserve anything. He’s suppose to help kids and make them grow. He’s classless, and whines about how he’s never had a dime. It sickens me that given the show was full of more idiots in one location that I’ve ever seen in a reality game that he’s probably going to wind up with some money. I’ve never heard someone spout so much hatred who I would have thought would have been ridiculed the majority of his life for being really a very unattractive human being (call me shallow people, I could care) physically, unattractive in personality, lives a minority lifestyle, etc. But all he can do is attack people. What a waste of carbon. I hope the college he teaches at sees just how shallow of a man this guy is.

  2. Watching live feeds, and these 3 are pathetic, vile, despicable, low life creatures, I guess it is too much to think that they would try to go out with some class!!!! I guess I have to give them kudos for being consistent!!!

        1. What do you mean..Finally? He’s shown how truly disgusting he he for ages. Starting with his pedophile tendancies. Did like him getting annoyed with
          Production for calling the rat into the Diary he was getting into his begging spiel :)

          1. Why calling Spencer a hillbilly is harsh? It seems pretty mild considering some of the things that he has said about others. So you are telling me that you are offended with someone calling Spencer a hillbilly? Are you also offended with anything Spencer has said?

              1. Ditto true hillbilly! I was thinking the same thing – it’s an insult to all of us true hillbillies to compare Spencer to us! As a child, I grew up hiking in the beautiful Ky. hills. I am a nature lover & have never considered being a “hillbilly” a bad thing. Unfortunately, it does have a negative stereotype – but in all my years, I have never heard any “hillbillies” say the terrible things that Spencer has. I am now an editor & freelance writer. Spencer is a pervert – not a hillbilly.

      1. A hillbilly in the closeted! What straight man is going to slap Andy’s pathetic ass?
        Am sure where Spencer is from, he’s probably a hero.
        His town is planning to erect a statue in his honor next to the water treatment plant.

      1. Thats why im so sick of people bashing this show and the cast. Like everyone wants some PC entertainment. The is a reality show. The whole point is for it to be similar to life. I think it is. This cast to me is a true rep of people in the everyday world.

    1. You’ll be here no matter how bad next season is. Miserable Brenchel “warriors” such as you have no social life so that’s why you keep tabs on what a cast member said and whether or not he/she lost his or her job You, like Brenchel/Elissa, will always be a psychological nutcake w/no respect and a loser who will always hide behind your crusty, old Dell monitor. Better believe it. Go ahead and vote for Elissa a couple dozen more times for Americas fav player- you need to find some significant meaning your sad, pathetic life.

  3. Every single day,… what the hell. The only monsters present are in the final 3. I almost cried during Elissa’s eviction when she was asking Mcrae to not put her up. She did not deserve to go out like that. Since one of the three has to win, I’d have to go with Gina. Yeah she has said a lot of mean things, but she wasn’t consistent in terms of her re-marks. Spencer and Andy on the other hand, have been complete douchebags the entire season.

        1. Nice ad-hominem. What exactly did the three of them do to Elissa that propelled her to act like such a jerk to them? The answer would be nothing.

    1. What show have you been watching GIna Marie has been a racist from night 1? She used the N word and was the only one that used it except for Kaitlin and was the first to make the rice comment and said she wanted to knock Helen’s eyes straight. Yes Andy is a pig but Gina Marie is a really horrible human being and probably the worst person ever to be on Big Brother next to the pedophile rapist talker Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. That’s exactly right about Gina.

        I don’t know how people can decide who to root for among these three assholes. They all suck and we’re all glad the season is ending.

    2. I agree. I am NOT rooting for any of them, because they are all disgusting, but Gina is the most inconstant disgusting person in the house. Andy and Spencer, I have nothing nice to say about. I hope CBS does a better job next year getting hg. I have stopped watching because of the vulgar mouths they and only come here once in a while. I was disappointed with the game this year and have watched since BB1 CBS may have got new viewer because of the negative press, but they loss us that have been a part of BB for 15 seasons. Shame on CBS

    3. Just watched The Talk from 9-17 based on comments posted here yesterday by Pilldocswife about Pauley Perrette being on and her comments about Big Brother.
      Based on the sanitized network edition of Big Brother, Pauley’s household are Spencer fans because he’s the only one left who is not a mean person. YIKES!!!!
      Pauley says she covers her ears and looks away during network BB shows when the hate starts, so I’m sure she has no stomach for the live feeds or blogs. It just makes me incredibly sad that such a wonderful person would associate herself with Spencer.
      Julie also covered ground on her eye surgery controversy and proved with a video of her makeup transformation that she has had no other plastic surgery.
      Kind of put it all in perspective for me, I’ve always been an Abby fan loving her as a character, and I admire and respect Pauley the actress.

      Couldn’t figure out why all the hate for Elissa & Julie, and after watching this Talk episode it makes even less sense, but now I can totally relate to Elissa. I imagine if Pauley (or Abby) were stuck with these people, she would define her boundaries in the nicest way possible (I couldn’t), but even then I think she would have to get pretty rough with this crew to make it stick. I know exactly why Elissa acted so oddly with the gutter trash she was stuck with.

      On The Talk, Pauley also promoted the various charities she works with that I deem very worthy. Elissa was on Big Brother to make money for charity, and yes GOD FORBID, promote her Yoga practice. I think both were impressive! What charitable contributions have Andy, GM, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn promoted besides gimme the money, gimme luxury prizes? What healthy life practices have the same group promoted besides Bigotry, Hatred, Perversion, Bullying, Drug Abuse, Laziness, Rudeness, Greed, Treachery?
      I totally get why Elissa expressed wanting to leave the show! And now, along with being a Pauley fan, I am also a Julie and Elissa fan, and I never could stand Rachael, and I lump Brendan in with McCrae for horrible gameplay so don’t try to pin some Brenchal Army crap on me which I think is an all purpose catch phrase of collective hater imagination.
      Yeah, keep hating on charity, decency and respect, and a crew like Andy, GM, Spencer is what you get stuck with. You can have ’em, I don’t want ’em.

      1. Regarding your comments about Pauley P, I didn’t see the Talk (don’t like the show), but I did read the comments here about it, and couldn’t stand that Pauley didn’t know the truth about Spencer. So, I tweeted her (and probably a lot of other people did also) that Spencer is horrid, and saw a new post from her today saying that she doesn’t watch the live feeds but doesn’t like mean people, and that they love Howard. One less misconception!

      2. Julie CHen has had almost as much plastic surgery as Joan Rivers, and noticed she did not try and explain away having an affair with Les Moonvies while he was still married and that she broke up a marriage. Yea, have absolute ZERO respect for Julie Chen and do not see how anyone could respect the scum that only got to where she was by working on her back. She is just trying to deflect all the hate mail she has received and rightly so that she is getting exactly what she gave out to her chosen victim. NO RESPECT FOR JULIE CHEN!!

      3. This was so well said Abby! I said long ago that I couldn’t blame Elissa for not wanting to associate with these vile people. Heck, we can’t hardly stand to just read some of their awful comments – can you imagine actually having to live with them?

    1. watch here goes GMs last throw up session. show claim to the boys that she’s got an upset stomach. She’ll Go Into the bathroom in turn the sink water on. after she’s done you’re here the commode seat slam down. She Will blow her nose several times. then she’ll come out either brushing your teeth for 5 secondsOrWash Her Mouth Out with mouthwash. so sad

      1. sorry for the typos. the only way I can stop my Android from putting Cap on each word, , which I’ve been told many times that it’s irritating, is to use the voice Input method.

      2. While I’m not a GM fan. She does have issues. The stress of this show seems to have made them worse. You are correct it is sad. I do hope when she leaves she can find some help for all of her issues.

        A note to BB casting. Please be more careful with screening. This is about putting people in a high stress situation. No one who has an eating disorder or is on controlled substances should be in the house. I don’t care if they would increase ratings, its about having some humanity.

  4. What terrible thing did Elissa do to Andy? OH..I guess it’s because she told him one time to come back later !! Yes..and she refused to put up Ginamarie. That’s enough to Make Andy loathe her. How DARE Elissa thwart him. Sandy Andy was like sand. It gets into everything..every nook and cranny.

    Earlier tonight..Andy mentions..( $8,000.00 dollars to the Dentist..and says..A friend hit me in the head. Colour me UNSURPRISED.

    This hatred of Elissa goes so deep with Andy..that I find him mentally unbalanced.

    Spencer has serious sex problems. I will be shocked to find Marilyn at the Finale. As to her parents liking him……errrr…not if they’re halfway normal folks.

    Ginamarie. Words almost fail me. People who thought they knew her..must be truly shocked. That goes for Andy as well. Spencer’s Mom came out long ago defending her baby. I mean..I’m a Mom…and I would be heartbroken if I heard and saw one of my sons behaving like him. Not to mention..disgusted.

    I have news for Andy fans. My loathing for him has nothing to do with him being gay. It’s because of the mean, shallow..relishing being cruel that has turned me off him. I adore my gay friends…thoughtful, generous..kind.

    I can’t stand to think of these *people* getting rewarded for being so obscene. I know it’s a game…..but it’s a game where their true selves have been revealed.

    It’s a done deal…but it makes it beyond upsetting. I hope Elissa wins America’s favourite..even though I did find her rather boring. ( Got to give her props for an amazing bod, though :) Nevertheless…she was a lady..and had to put up with a lot.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for doing this. I can’t imagine you having to listen and watch the feeds. Such awful people. Not ONE redeeming feature between the 3 of them.

    1. I hope Elissa wins something too… I couldn’t stand her sister and she seems to be nothing like her. My siblings and I are also nothing like each-other and I’m sure everyone can identify with that.

      Beyond that I think GinaMarie is a product of her environment and a low I.Q. And we’re born with our I.Q. It’s not her fault that she literally was somehow born into a place and time that made her a candidate for the Jerry Springer show. CBS cast her, so here we are.

      Spencer seems average in every way. Somehow he got a good union job, where he can smoke pot, Do very little, (he says his job is way easy) and bring home a paycheck. Doesn’t have any ambition, just plugging along, doing the minimum he has to. Pot does that.

      Andy, on the other hand, seems to have a few more I.Q. points going for him, but he chooses to use them to hurt other people and doesn’t see that he’s completely messed up emotionally, Which I can only assume stems from his unfortunate physical flaws and the difficulties of being gay. Which are very real and difficult challenges.

      So, I hope GM wins. Her flaws are not her fault.

      Spencer’s flaws ARE his fault. He’s average but he”s not stupid.
      Andy’s flaws are most absolutely his fault. He is smart enough to know better than to do and say things he has said and done.

      1. L.A. Lucy i agree and have mention few times that GM seems so many times a really nice person but she tries to hard to get a reaction and or laugh and since her education level is low i think she really tries to fit in with everyone. she was outspoken at the beginning and kept getting made fun off for words that she made up she started to stop really interacting due to this i agree not her fault in fact i am certain she has a learning disability. I 100% disagree with every foul word she has said but also think the way she was brought up is why she reacts the way she does. does not make it right it is what it is. from these 3 she has to win she has played the game and did well to get this far on her I.Q.

      2. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR GINA MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a vile and vulgar person who is a racist deep, deep down and yes she is responsible for her flaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is horrid and having a low IQ or as I believe just because she did not care to educate herself does not in anyway not make her responsible for being the Pig of a Human Being that she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I guess some people can overlook why Va Gina lost her job. She said racial slurs and I guess people can commend her for that with 5k. She didn’t even start playin till her partner Aryan left. I commend Andy even as a rat for fighting to be where he is at. It’s true what they say, a rat learns to adapt and has a high immunity to survive in certain situations. Give him that. Besides, I rather The Rat win then a racist female dog who took the game way too personal. Andy is just playing the game and throwing salt on all you Brenchal fans who supported Elissa. Elissa’s game spoke for itself. She did good on her own. Don’t take Andy’s comments personal. Afterall, he never did say it to her face. He knows he playing a game for 5k. Everyone remembers the hero or the heel. Elissa got voted out so Andy The Rat is the next memorable player. It’s the BB year of the rat. Pay him in cheese. Lol.

      3. Even if I could accept that it’s “not GM’s fault” that she’s a racist (and I don’t), there is no way I can give her a pass for what she said to Candice re: her being adopted. There is no way that that attack was just “ignorance” – she targeted those statements directly at her with malice, and there is no way she deserves to be rewarded for that crap.

        1. Candice said horrible things about GM too yet shes not being blasted for it. You people are unbelievable and seriously need to find something better to do. Whether you like it or not TWO, MAYBE THREE OF THEM ARE GOING TO WALK AWAY WITH MONEY!

      4. I totally agree with what you said. GM has been loyal this season, shes straight up. Can the other two say the same? NO! And as for all you people constantly complaining about Andy being such a whinner, well thats ALL you are doing! Whinning about the people in the house. GET OVER IT! Its not like you people are perfect, give me a break! Everyone says vulgar things. They just happen to be doing it on a tv show. GM says things that can be uncalled for and ridiculous but she speaks her mind and she doesnt hide behind anyone. She made it this far because she played the game by being loyal and winning when she needed to. If you pains you so god damn much to hear the things these people say QUIT WATCHING THE SHOW! UNBELIEVABLE!

      5. This is about gay play! NOT ABOUT WHAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS! Why is it so hard for people to understand that when they have been watching it for years? This is big brother, not church try outs.

    2. I’m gay and I can’t stand Andy the rat. He’s sold his soul. his attitude this whole time has been
      as long as you’re not talking about me I’m ok with everything you say about others. I’ll even join in and call people bi@ches
      Andy’s strategy was to make all the women his fag hags, sadly it worked. if I could revoke his queer card I would. maybe I’ll start a petition

    3. Spencer needs a sex therapist. I think we all agree that he has serious issues.

      I caught him talking about Candice’s “vagina” again yesterday and I would love to see Candice confront him in public and on camera and ask what right does he think he has to talk about her “vagina” and then punch him square in the face.

  5. CBS….Please, Please, Please………………..Pay these Sub-Humans in long drawn out installments,1st prize = $20,000. year for 25 years, 2nd prize = $2,000. year for 25 years.they don’t deserve anything

  6. Oh gosh Spencer just said, if you’re a fan of Elissa you’re no fan of big brother. wtf…?
    I know he’s just kind of the average american joe, tubby, crass pot-head guy, which is pretty icky, but for pete’s sake, i hope he loses everything for sure.

    1. There is NOTHING AVERAGE about Spencer. He is a very sick, disgusting pervert! You have just insulted all the true “average joe’s” out there. Congrats!

  7. Andy played everybody….Even Amanda and Helen who were in his alliance since very early in the game. He always knew what was going on in the house and strategically put himself in the best position week by week to get himself to the end. So for all the haters out there (which you’re probably a part of the brenchel army or a fan of Ellisa which did nothing strategically in the game for herself) he was the best game player of this season. Even if Ellisa was in the final, Andy would still deserve to win over her because of his game play.

    1. Yep, Andy was an actual game player while Elissa largely did nothing (except for win the occasional competition and listen to production’s instructions). It’s a truth that many can’t handle, though.

    2. It’s not about Andy’s gameplay, the Brenchel army or Elissa why Andy’s so hated, it’s about Andy’s own utter contempt and hatred for people who have done nothing to him who he has used to further himself in the game, Amanda, Helen, Mccrae, Elissa,all who trusted and called him friend. I’m well aware that backstabbing and lying is part of the game so it’s not that, it’s Andy’s need to be the biggest coward, whining hypocrite, boastful, and downright loathesome character. I agree Andy deserve’s to win, because out of the 3 he’s had the best gameplay and has been playing the game since the beginning. GM does not deserve to win this game, most of her time in the house was spent in bed under Nick’s shrine, clipping in fake hair, polishing her nails and waiting to be told who to vote out on Thursday. A lot of people are willing to forgive GM all her racist vile rant’s and call them childlike and innocent, these people are as delusional as this 33 yr old crass, ignorant woman. She deserve’s 2nd place however for finally starting to play the game near the end. Spencer on the other hand is a floating subhuman being who deserve’s nothing, even the trip and $10,000 he’s already won he should have to donate to charity and should consider himself lucky he’s allowed to keep his stipend and bonus for making it to jury.

    3. Andy never played Amanda. He jumped ship when he was on the block with Aaryn in order to save himself. There were five votes at that time and GM was friendly with Aaryn—-Judd was making out with Aaryn—-Spencer was a wild card and MC was having serious doubts about Andy. So Andy went to the losers and formed an alliance in order to save his own butt.

      It wasn’t until GM won HOH and targeted Amanda and MC that Andy finally bailed from the 3AM alliance. If Amanda or MC had won that HOH, Andy would have been kissing up to Amanda as usual.

      Granted, Andy wasn’t stupid. However it doesn’t take too many smarts to know that his chances of winning were much better going forward with three losers than with Am, MC, and Elissa.

      You give Andy way too much credit.

      1. When Andy was up against Aryan, he realized his 3AM alliance was the target. The rat did the smartest thing and try and save himself when the ship started sinking and Aryan was gone and DeManda went nuts and McPussy stayed horizontal throughout most of this season. The rat saved himself. He went and formed his own alliance he was more able to control. The X-terminaturds. Again, Va Gina and the bearded lady again were at the right place at the right time. Yes, the rat does deserve credit. Hated yes, but he does deserve the credit.

        1. I give credit to Andy for recognizing the obvious and taking the only action available to him.

          Not only were GM and Judd a possible vote to save Aaryn, but Aaryn had done the heavy lifting for AM and MC during two of the previous three weeks by winning HOH and nominating the people that AM and MC wanted. And lets not forget that Aaryn and Andy were in the same alliance so it was a matter of who mattered most to the alliance. Andy was just the source of info but Aaryn was actually winning comps and getting people evicted.

          Andy was terrified of being evicted and rightly so. His doing the only thing available isn’t exactly brilliance in my book. More like desperate times called for desperate actions.

          1. Fair enough. Yet, Andy is still in the BB house and the 3AM alliance are in the jury. Lets just say Elissa scurred the living rat sh*t out of Andy. Why he is so bitter with her. I personally wish Elissa was still in the game, because she was the only person willing to go against the house. Andy the rat made the right alliances at the right time. Desperate maybe, but when push against a corner… I think everyone gets a little desperate. He may be hated for helping get rid of players we viewers rooted for, but he didn’t play a personal game like Va Gina did towards Candice. Spencer probably played the best pawn game ever in BB history. So maybe we will see pawn turn queen. Eh, we all know their can only be one queen. Sorry, it’s not you Va Gina, it’s Andy The Rat. Lol. Checkmate.

      2. @ VA VET,

        I just wanted to mention that over the last few years i have always read your posts. They are always interesting and well written. Thanks for adding your comments to this awesome site.

    4. Yes, of course Andy will be winner. My Captain, My Captain tonights the night everything is going to be alright. What partying in my suite. Everyone was yelling, Let’s Go Buffalo. I’m in the money, life is so Sunny! Love you all. Go my Rainbow Warrior Andy.

      1. Andy is so not a warrior of anything, especially the rainbow. If anything he has ensured the rainbow turns monochromatic by being a stereotype. Sad.

  8. Please nex year make them sign release no SHOWMance. Dont like all the making out and laying in bed with each other,,,this isnt an X rated show!!!! and please dont let them make racist remarks or they will be tossed THEN!!! We want to watch fun and enjoyable not trashy!!!

    1. I agree whole heatedly with you NAME! CBS let this cast be a lesson of who not to cast and set some rules and guidelines of behavior. This was a sleazy, foul-mouthed group of house guests I have ever watched. It was painful to hear and see what allowed to happen. I refuse to watch another BB if this is what they call a game!

    2. This season illustrates why the rest of the world hates Americans. What’s worse is Americans routinely pass themselves off as Canadian when they travel and still act like these houseguests giving Canadians an undeserved bad rep. I’ve heard American travellers are encouraged to sew Canada flag patches on their backpacks and luggage. Guess pride and patriotism is overrated.

      1. LOL! Name, let me guess….are you Canadian?! Ha, I’ve never heard of Americans pretending to be Canadian while traveling or being encouraged to sew Canadian flags to their stuff, and I travel all over the world. That is hilarious. I love Canadians pretending that they are relevant at all in the world. You sit next to us and are protected by us, yet do NOTHING in the world. You don’t get involved to help or anything; you just sit there benefitting from being the neighbor of the most powerful country in the world. Meanwhile having the most irritating accent in the world. Yeah, we pretend to be you. Yep.

        1. You really don’t know what you are talking about. Americans pretending to be Canadians while in Europe are a well-known phenomenon – I used to encounter them all the time when I lived in London.Try googling it. CNN even has tips on their website about how to pretend to be Canadian.

        2. Jealous, much?????? I am not going to get drawn into a debate on who has the bigger sandbox but as Former UK resident said, yes, many Americans do disguise their nationality by carrying Canadian insignias, etc. Former UK could also tell you the name given in the UK to Americans but it is very derogatory and I shall not repeat it. I too am a former UK resident and it is obvious Americans are disliked throughout much of the world. Personally, I find that unfair. To say I dislike Americans would be to say I know each and every US citizen. I judge each person on an individual basis and I am currently judging the F3. I do not believe for one moment these 3 misfits are representative of an entire nation. If they were then I believe the entire population of the US would throw themselves off a cliff. Americans are a proud, all for one and one for all group of people who stand should to shoulder when the chips are down. For that my dear friend, I give you and your fellow Americans my utmost respect.

        3. HEY, STOP RIPPING ON CANADA! The last time we picked a fight with them we got our asses handed to us!
          And, they still have some manners up there, which judging by BB15 and your comments we have lost completely!
          Besides which, if you’ve ever donated, you’d realize you’re putting us in danger of getting cut off from this website! STOP IT!

          Simon & Dawg, I sincerely apologize for this twits comments

          Sincerely, The United States.

          1. Well, the Canadian “win” in 1812 isn’t really a good argument (but I’ll take it :)…the USA was fighting mostly British and French transplants, who comprised the lion’s share of the first “new” Canadians. Some of the first Canadians were also American transplants to boot.

          1. Don’t rip Canadians. I am a proud southerner and I know how much Canada has done for the United States over the years Remember the fellow citizens they saved for us in Iran? Canadians have been a close ally in war and we have the longest un-enforced boundary in the world. And yes, Americans are a proud group of people. We may talk smack about each other but it is like one big family. You push one of us, you have pushed all of us. That is the greatest thing about this country.

            I didn’t know about using the Canadian identity and I have traveled extensively. I do think, however, it is not so much about people hating Americans (besides the French) as it is for safety precautions because of the Middle East. Just my opinion. But I will always love Canada and the Canadian people. I think most Americans do.

        4. I’m not going to get pulled into a debate either. You’re clearly, and woefully, ignorant about global issues and Canadian-American relations. Canada has always had the US’s back as you’ve always had ours.

  9. Andy haters are hilarious to me. The guy played an almost identical game to Dan last year, lying to everybody to get himself further while keeping the target off him. He even made the move that every fan had been wishing would happen for months…getting Amanda out. The only difference is that he got out everyone’s favorite production tool/airhead at the same time too in Elissa. And for that reason, he’s been painted as the villain despite the fact that lying/being a rat have been traits praised in many successful HGs before.

    If Andy wins tomorrow, he’ll be a deserving winner. Far more deserving than anybody else that played this game this year.

    1. Andy is a deserving winner? Part of the Big Brother game is surviving while earning respect for your game from evicted houseguests to earn jury votes.
      If in fact Andy’s game was identical to Dan’s last year, how many jury votes did Dan get last year? Exactly one from a nitwit that had no head for the game.
      Dan was revered as the winner his first season and hated last year for his ratbag game. Being hated kinda has something to do with finishing vs. winning on Big Brother.

    2. Dan’s reaction to Andy referring to himself as on par with Dan was non existent. Dan was speechless. It was obvious he doesn’t see the comparisons. Dan doesn’t even think that Andy should ever be referred to as a great player. Andy was not like Dan in that Dan didn’t let emotions enter his game and Andy is always crying and using his crying to influence jury votes etc.

      And Dan wasn’t a rat. He was closer to the one pulling the strings. Andy was just an opportunist for the most part.

      but don’t get me wrong. I think Andy played the game, from the start and he deserves the prize money. But as for being a memorable game player, ah not so much.

    3. So if you think Andy’s game is identical to Dan’s game last year, that would imply that you think Andy should get 1 jury vote? Hmmm…I could agree with that although I would be even happier if he is sent to jury!

      1. Turns out Andy may have been an even better liar and manipulator than Dan. He was able to do it without pissing everyone off and causing everybody to be bitter. And for that he’s 500K richer.

  10. What really sticks in my craw, is CBS and Julie for weeks on end would always make the ‘Expect the Un-Expected’ mantra and the only excitement I witnessed was the MVP….. then week five, Jules or Allison Grodner pulled that plug! Then as I’m on the edge of my couch going, “Come on BB…this is gonna get excited now, cuz Jules says…. ‘Expect the Un-Expected’!!!!

    Nope, it wasn’t meant to be….. as the weeks straggled on, the haters, racists, pill-popping crazies and yes the overblown sexist perverted pig took over BB! So as we say our good-byes to this train wreck of a season, CBS will now have to make good on their words and hand over one of these LOSERS $500 g’s…..while I will be laughing my ass off!!

    ‘Expect the Un-Expected’….LMFAO!! Fool me once, shame on you!, Fool me twice, shame on ME!!

    See you folks next year! AND…..Simon and Dawg, you two rock, OBB FTW!!!!

    Signing out! :))

    1. This year “Expect the Unexpected” was never more true. Who could have expected such a foul-mouthed group of degenerates that left us solely entertained in following the news to find out who the latest unemployed house guest would be? I sure never expected that! :)

  11. GinaMarie may get to meet her future mother in law tomorrow. I was just on Nick’s twitter and he said that he brought his Mom with him to the finale

  12. Well….its almost over. These final three have said so many outlandish things…and just when you think you’ve heard everything imaginable from them…BAM…Spencer says he ask production for a masturbation room!!! He just couldn’t wait another 24 hours of not opening his mouth and spitting out such filth and expects to get rewarded a lot of money for his sexually perverted self!!! In a perfect world…the 3 misfits would be sitting on living room couches this morning, the doorbell would ring, Andy (has to be Andy) answers the door and in walks Elissa and Candice…stating (as her sister did) “I’m back bitches!!”. A special comp would be held where Elissa and Candy face the final part 3 winner where Elissa wins of course and takes Candice to F2 and wins the game!! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! I used Elissa as the expression on Andy’s face and his reaction would be priceless!!!

  13. Worst group of people ever on BB15. Got super tired of Spencer and his disgusting sexual remarks about the women in the house. Andy the floater-whinner that hates everyone including himself. And GM was probably the most tolerable of the 3 and that’s not saying much! I wish they would not get anything just because of their obnoxious and revolting behavior!

  14. You know I really wanted to give these people the benefit of the doubt. They are stuck in a house with no contact from family and friends, no TV, no outlet to decompress except for the DR (which doesn’t really count), and only each other to talk to – people they don’t really know, and, therefore, probably have little in common to discuss other than the other HG’s that they also don’t know really anything about except their perception of what they have seen inside the bubble. Some men (and some women) do curse more than they should, trash talk when they’re hanging with the guys, will let out some of the most disgusting burps and farts anyone can imagine, and have the weirdest and most repulsive senses of humor when they are hanging with their friends. i get all that, and like I said, would like to think that they simply got carried away and forgot they were being filmed 24/7. I kept telling myself “I would never behave that way”, but who knows how you would act in the same conditions.
    I could have given them the benefit of the doubt if these episodes were random and/or brief, and I’m still trying very hard to find something – anything! – that I can think of to try to give them that benefit, but I simply can’t. While I don’t wish any of these people or their families any physical harm or undue stress from over zealous fans, i do hope that each of them will have to fight a long uphill battle to salvage their reputations. And, I hope that none of them is able to capitalize financially from their BB stint. I do not want to see any of them on an All Stars season. Please let these vile excuses for human beings crawl back to where they came from and disappear!
    Don’t care who wins – they are all 3 equally repulsive at this point. Although I would really rather Andy didn’t win. He would feel justified that all he has said and done was okay because of a win. Spencer or GM would simply be grateful. BB should have sped up this ending.

  15. In a perfect World…..The Rat goes out 3rd..with $93.84c. The perv Spencer gets $50,000…promply spent by Marilyn..who then leaves him. Ginamarie gets the $550.000….Nick spends it……and leaves her.

    Yes..that’s cruel thinking….but that’s how much I loathe these 3. a Perfect World…….CBS cites some problem..and doubles the money to a million for the next BB.

  16. I want Andy to win so bad. And Hillary too. Just you nevermind those Benghazi victims who died even though I knew they were in peril. Those Muslim Brotherhood peaceniks even blew out the walls of our mission just a month earlier, but Hillary was doing her nails in Paris and I was just alone again, masturbating. Vote for me

  17. This season has to be the worst yet…. These people are just so evil. What happened to the good ol big brother days. How could a professor be talking so trashy and actually think hes a favorite.. these people have alot coming for them when they get out of the house they have no idea how people are percieving them which is very unfortunate but i guess thats just the show. And can we pleasee!!!!! Get more diversed people on BB. It seems there was all “hot” white southern people with a little bit of snips here and there can we have like californians mixed with new yorkers a little of southern and then randomly other places not just all from one place and more color to the cast not just one or two its RIDICULOUS!

    1. Yeah I know…I don’t watch anymore, but The bachelor & The Bachelorette were always like this as well & I am sure still are. They really liked to cast Texans! Seems BB does as well w/ I think 3 houseguests being from there this season and most of the rest from the South. I have wondered about this a lot, I have come to the conclusion that most of the people watching all of these reality shows are from the South & therefore the casting draws mostly southern people in & the shows want a mainly Southern cast-my theory anyway. But, apparently I am just a dumbass Brenchel fan w/ no life on a crusty dell!

  18. Hope it is GM with Andy at the end.. Spenser has already won some money and a trip.
    Really it was GM that did all the dirty work for the exterminator alliance.. Andy did a small part..Lets hope Andy’s drinking clouds his thinking in the final HOH comp later today.
    The way these three talk is unbelievable.. Especially Spenser. One would think he was brought up on a brothel. Plus he’s rude to the production staff..
    I don’t undestand why CBS allows the HG to talk they way they do. One would think they’d have told them to shut up by now. So makes me wonder if CBS agrees with such disturbing sexual abusive conversations.. Sad to imagine that perhaps CBS thinks this is entertainment.

  19. It sickens me that either of them will win. They are all disgusting!
    GINA MARIE is a racist, Spencer is a child molester and Andy is an idiot. So I guess I would vote for the lesser of the three evils….. Andy ugh

    1. Unfortunately, of all the hgs, SPERVERT has the benefit of 2 legal minds behind his wrong doing. His father the judge and his bro, a lawyer. Maybe Spencer feels he is untouchable because he will receive free legal aid.

  20. Less than 24 hours people!! It’s been nice chatting with everybody over the last few months.

    Though most people dont agree with my selection, it’s just a game and it’s been fun talking and reading all the comments.

    Next year will be different and I’ll probably be in the majority. With this season, the racism and sexism is just way to much for me. Maybe that’s why I give Andy so much of a free pass with alot of the things he said.

    Everybody take care!!


  21. They better have the handcuff’s ready inside the house just in case Andy win’s and take’s GM over Spencer. Spencer may try to choke Andy’s skinny little ratty neck.

  22. I read in the previous post that Spencer asked Andy if he had to choose a woman from this season to sleep with who would he pick. Andy’s response was Elissa. Now I am no psychiatrist but I am pretty sure that means something. His hate for her is so irrational to the viewers that there has to be something going on with him that only a professional could see. Hopefully BB16 will be people who know the show and also know what should or should not be said when you are on camera 24/7. Hopefully they have seen this season and what a mess it has turned into and they do better next year.

  23. Haven’t visited the site for about 5 days and still the same old thing. Bashing Elissa and telling each other how great they are.
    Great casting job this year.

  24. Hard to stomach people still justifying and rationalizing GM’s hatefull words and hurtful behaviour by saying she is a product of her environment and other excuses. Where I come from when you are 33 years old you are an adult accountable for your own actions. And we in Staten Island do not wish to be associated with this piece of trash. Thank you.

  25. My Captain, My Captain, thumbs up if everyone on this site loves BuffaloBill. The party in my suite keeps on yelling, “Let’s Go Buffalo”. I yell back ‘Let’s go Rainbow”. My Rainbow Warrior Andy is going to win in a landside like our President did. Goooooooo Andy!

  26. Hello women of America. Probably 90% of the men in the world think and talk like spencer. Yes even your husbands, boyfriends, sons and fathers so don’t act surprised. The other 10% are “Andy’s”

    1. Are you the combined effect of Spencer’s libido and Spencer’s lobotomy? If so, could I be in the other 100% of males that don’t live in your reality?

  27. I’m laughing at everyone of you who are sitting here talking about how “disgusting” and ” despicable” these people are because they have bad things to say about other house members… But you are doing exactly what you find so horrible of them.

    Hypocrites will never cease to realize their own ways, they just condemn it in others. Alright, ready for my down votes now for being someone who is possible if using logic.

    1. Hmmm, I wonder if you would feel the same way if your children where locked in a basement alone somewhere with Spencer? Spencer’s comments and actions are vile and disgusting and we are just stating a fact on how horrible those comments and action are. We are not “doing exactly what you find so horrible” about them. Most of Spencer’s comments have not been about fellow house guests. They have been just plain perverted. If his comments and actions don’t bother you, may I suggest you apply for season 16 of BB. Apparently you are just the person they are looking for.

    2. Lets Be Real – I beg to differ. Part of what makes BB enjoyable is this site. OBB is a place where people come together to watch the entertainment unfold in the house. Every year there’s a certain percentage of comments on this site that are off the wall – however – the problem with BB 15 isn’t this site or the people that leave comments – it’s the freaking house guests and their lack of manners, sensibility and undeniably, their lack of self-control.

    3. Let’s be real couldn’t agree with you more. This site has plenty of conservative Fox Fake News watchers. It’s not hard to figure out by looking at the anti-Obama names. This is what I have learn from conservatives, they never have a real arguement. They love to name call. And they love to state false facts (i.e. the the deficit has increase under Obama, it’s actually has decrease). Then when you call them on it, then can never site their stupid fact. Here is a fact – There is only one public state bank in the country – the Bank of North Dakota- and it’s phenomenally successful. A socialist bank in one of the most conservative states in the country. Yet mention the word socialist to a conservative and their head explodes.

      I believe the main reason most of the posts on this site can’t stand Andy is because he is a Gay Man. Just like they can’t stand Obama because he is black. Everyone on this site loved Dan who swore on the bible and his wife’s life and his mother’s life. But hat was O.K. because he was straight.

      As you Let’s be real I expect the thumbs down. With this guy is crazy or some other rude comment. My answer to them is keep voting for the conservatives and watch our country go down the drain.

        1. I want to apoligize for having my facts wrong about the debt but we are trying to spend out way out of our money woes by giving loads of cash to all my doners. Please don’t pay attention to the fact that we went four years without a budget or the fact that the budget I did try to put before the Senate was voted down 99-0. The main thing is that I promised on day one to close Gitmo. Oh never mind.

      1. Just Curious have you noticed that we are in the shitter now with all these left wing loons in power. Obama has exploded the debt. The truth is both parties suck but this administration is a joke.

      2. Gosh, Just Curious – got your knickers in a knot? Just a tad off topic wouldn’t you say. Take your political dribble elsewhere – most of us are here for BB and its entertainment factor. And I really don’t care about thumbs up or down – my ego doesn’t require that type of acceptance.

      3. Just Curious you need to change you name to Just Lying. The FACTS are that when Obama took office the debt was at 10.6 Trillion and it is not at almost 18 trillion. Your just like Andy….the truth hurts your tongue. Typical liberal.

      4. I think you generalizing people. I do not like Andy because of how he acts not that he is gay. He is disgusting the way he talks about people and it is not game play.. The way that he would talk to everyone and run back to Mcranda and tell them was a joke. The only reason he changed his game was because of what the Zingbot said to him. I did not care for Dan last year because the way he was playing the game.

    4. “I’m laughing at everyone of you ……
      Hypocrites will never cease to realize ……”

      Hypocrites! You just learned that word didn’t you. And are just ecstatic to pull it out and use it.

      If you are laughing at everyone then that kind of makes you a hypocrite because you are pretending to be on a higher moral level than everyone else. If you were on a higher moral level then you wouldn’t laugh, as your condescension (“showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority”) has no place in the reality tv world as it is based on the lowest and cheapest form of entertainment. And claiming that you are using logic (whereas no one else does) holds you up to higher standard. Can you meet that standard? Or are you just being a hypocrite.

      (I understand what you mean though. But I am just tired of the word hypocrite being used on here. It’s a bit extreme for BigBrother)

    5. Hey, LetsBeReal, Elissa got raked over the coals for calling everyone “disgusting”. Calling someone out for bad behavior is not the same as behaving badly yourself…unless your point is that anyone who comments here really is as degenerate as a lot of the cast. In which case, I am offended by your accusation!

  28. God I hope Julie Chen does not sugar coat
    shit tonight!
    I seriously am hoping for some major F-WORKS
    and her calling these bottom of the barrel ugly
    pigs out for what they have said!!!
    In a perfect world, they announce the winner,
    then all of a sudden a doorbell rings
    and a petite blond lady walks in…
    walks right up to the winner & says

  29. After following this site, I have been watching BB Canada. OMG, what a difference. BBC is how BB use to be. Why did the casting standards here sink so low? It was obvious from the 1st episode. It would be wonderful if BB did a real “expect the unexpected”. Give the jury the option of the F2 or no one. If no one wins, then the $500,000 gets split among the jury! Now THAT would make it exciting.

  30. What I find very troubling is how CBS has failed to present to viewers watching only the broadcast shows who these people really are.

    GM is a just one of those gritty New Yorkers, Spencer a friendly country bumpkin, and Andy is today’s model for gay success (a professor!).

    If only that was the case. Instead we have a group of very unbalanced, hateful, and sexist HG’s for the final three. I found it disturbing to watch the After Dark shows, and read these summaries. There is a bit of “rubber necking” for sure, but then it starts to be no longer funny, and you realize you are seeing who these people really are, not the sanitized characters presented on the telecasts.

    There is the famous saying about obscenity- that you can’t define it but you know it when you see it. Well these final HG’s are obscene- most of us would never associate with people like this, and their challenge will be their life outside the house, now that their vileness lives forever on social media.

  31. The sad thing is most people do not watch the live feeds or read online spoilers. They are watching what CBS is editing and showing them. These disgusting and vile house guests won’t look to bad to America! Unless you read these summaries or watch the live feed you don’t get a good picture if who these house guests really are :(! It’s just unbelievable how much hey bash everyone and how disgusting they are but tonight they will be kissing their former houseguests asses. The jury house should have live feed into the BB house!

  32. With everyone saying ( myself included) how glad they are the season ends tonight and have had enough watching the filth that spews from the mouths of these disgusting hgs, WHY WILL YOU WATCH TONIGHT???????????
    We basically know the outcome, the jurors ( for the most part) are not privy to much that has been said and Julie will not, or cannot challenge them on their disgusting behaviour so why are we watching? My only reason for watching is to see the audience reaction as the hgs leave the cesspit they created. I don’t give a rat’s arse who wins because in my book they are all losers. I am truly hoping for full-on total distain from the live audience, assuming they are not CBS ( Compromised Broadcasting Standards) employees. Just wondering why everyone else will tune in at 9:30 p.m. EST?

    1. Don’t lose hope house guests. I know you have lost your jobs but we have been watching and we think you are all Obama administration cabinet material.

  33. Thank you Simon & Dawg for the website. I give you a big Thumbs Up because I could not even watch BBAD let alone the live feeds I was so disgusted. I have been a BB fan for a number of years but I always seemed to have someone to root for right up until the end until this year. I think the thing that bothered me the most from this season is Andy is a TEACHER ( ok not a professor). I always believed that a teacher was held to some higher standards than what he has reflected on this show. A Teacher is supposed to be compassionate, A teacher is supposed to be someone who stands up for people who are being bullied. I guess with Andy being educated and Gina Marie being not so educated, game aside, he should be helping her. In summary I would not want him teaching my children and would not award him $500,000.

  34. In our everyday lives..we choose our friends for their qualities. I don’t believe for one second that most men talk about women the way this scuzzy lot do.

    Luckily..I don’t have mentally unstable friends…who obsess over someone they hardly know….neither am I friendly with anyone with pedophile tendancies..or rascists or bigots.

    Oh..and just a small detail. Whilst the 3 contenders moan and nauseum about the packet of stolen gummy bears……( crikey !!) I distinctly remember when Elissa was HOH and in the bathroom…..Andy..someone else was with him…looked through Elissa’s basket..and slipped a chocolate bar into his shorts pocket.

    Back to the original subject. Of course guys together are going to talk about females in a certain way. Mostly when they are young and immature. Braggadacio..if you will. I doubt very much, though, that the majority talk about women the way The Perv does.

    Otherwise why would his Mommy be so quick to try and defend him? ( and make no sense doing so.) Let’s wait for the fallout……..

    And..yes..I hate…loathe the way these people have talked and behaved. This is on national TV….and all over the internet. They show no respect for the public and especially the viewers. Which shows that they are ignorant….and worse..that their behaviour is normal and acceptable.

    No decency. And delusional. Watch the back peddling and excuses coming. Now..THAT should be entertaining.

  35. Simon/Dawg, I think it would be awesome if somehow you guys could do a follow up with this season. ” Keeping Up With The House Guests Of BB15″
    I would love to see how their lives are affected by all the shit they have said while being on the show. This would also create a place that we as your audience can post what we find out by researching it. Just an idea Thank’s guys you are THE BEST at covering the show by far !!

  36. Ian can root for whoever he wants! Who does rat Andy thinks he is? The cheering police… No, F*** you, you rat terd. I hope you leave with $94.

  37. I want to know more about this production asking GM if she changes her mind, she needs to tell them. I’m sure that out of the 3 remaining HGs, they want Andy to win. But to mess with who the BB15 winner is, I think stinks. As much as I love Dr. Will, and he is oh so dreamy, it is wrong for production to send anyone in to influence the jury one way or another.

    Yes, Andy played the game, so did Spencer and GM, but how could anyone want to hand that ****************** 500Gs? CBS and BB don’t want egg on their face. They don’t want a pervert or a racist to win. So let’s give it to the gay guy (because a gay person has never won before), even though he has a sickening personality.

    He’s probably had to fight his whole life because of his lifestyle, and he’s bitter at anyone who’s never had to fight. Elissa??? He just said, he’s THAT teacher.

    I think that speaks volumes and I will be so mad if BB and CBS try to influence the jury’s decision one way or another. I don’t care if it’s even for GM or Spencer. That’s wrong if they do that. If they do, they might as well let the REAL jury vote-AMERICA!!!

  38. The worst thing that could have happened to these people is getting a live forum on the internet and too much time with nothing to do. Maybe not giving them games is production’s revenge. Let them keep running their mouths and digging the public dislike hole even deeper. I”m sure the production staff has either put in for hazard pay or the budget for their wrap party has doubled!! You know they will be the happiest to see these vermin/season (ex)terminated. Of course the real hazard pay will go to those who have to clean the BB house!

  39. Hopefully Andy has a giant hangover from his 8 beers tomorrow. Did anyone realize that GM was at least smart enough to not drink the day before the big comp? I hope Andy’s head is busting and he can’t think of a single answer! GO GinaMarie!

    1. Actually GM has not been drinking for most of the game. I recall her often saying “I don’t drink.” Now pop, she does drink.

  40. Simon n Dawg
    You guys are the best. I really appreciate your hard work. I donated $30 last week but didn’t see the transaction in my acct. ? it was under Elizabeth F. I will check again. Looking forward to watching BB Canada if I can access it. Again sending my appreciation to you both. Take care of yourselves and get some rest and hopefully not too many nightmares from this season.. Lol..XO

  41. Good job GinaMarie!!! Make Andy drink beer before the part 3 HoH comp so he can’t think of the answer!!!!!! Bye Bye Andy, go cry at the jury.

  42. I don’t think anyone would mind them simply talking bad, it’s the repulsive sexual extent they take it to and the repetitiveness. They provide a constant immature gushing stream of vile. I wish we could comment here on how funny they are, how likable, their amazing game strategy, interesting background stories, etc. But there is nothing.

    I despise this US production team the most. They selected some people with the lowest moral character they could find, and let them represent America. I’m embarrassed for our country.

  43. I just watched Robhasapodcast from about a week ago and they had Ian from BB 14. It was funny because Ian was saying he wants Andy to win. He did say he doesn’t like him personally but that he thinks of the F3 that Andy should win. Then on BBAD last night, Andy shouts out a big F&@k You to Ian. How do you like me now Ian???

  44. n. Andy says I am going to lose faith in mankind if it doesn’t pay off for me’

    Wow….just wow… lie, you scheme, you boldface ruin other people’s game by saying they are lying, you watch people being bullied, say nothing, and wait until they are safely out of the house before you bash them, their families and their livelihood and you have the nerve to say that if your actions are not rewarded you will lose faith in mankind?! Like I said before…..WOW!

    1. Andy is disgusting. I’m gay and I’m ashamed that he’s one of us. Someone else please adopt him. Can we just say he’s a redhead and leave it at that? Red rat.

      1. I absolutely adore Ben, the gay guy on BB13 Australia, he cracks me up. Also several hunky really decent guys to admire. 190 degrees from our pathetic season. Up to episode 12 and loving it.

        1. Hi Straight Lady .. you are so right about Ben, he is adorable. I just started watching the episodes ( at 8 now ) and to see him talking to his Mum and Nana’s pics was too cute. I also liked how the housemates rallied around him when he was crying because he felt he was too naïve and trusting. Love his onesies also.
          The male population of the house is pure eye candy and love to see them workout. BTW, isn’t the house lovely and clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. For the students that Andy fail please go back to college to get your correct grade from his comment he made ” He is the teacher that will fuck you over”
    this guy is truly, truly an asshole. You know parents have to work hard and students to pay their tuitions. Andy you are despicable and worse.

  46. I don’t know what grown women would let Spencer see her pussy ring he is gross and well as Gm. Andy I don’t want you to win at all you are disgusting to person and have no heart.

  47. “Spencer looks at the camera and says that dude doesn’t like bl*w j*bs what the f**k is wrong with him?! ………. Andy bends over in the kitchen and Spencer slaps his a$$.”

    Spencer is ticked that he can’t give Andy a bl*w j*b to secure that Andy takes him to F2.

    And GM securing her jury vote with Spencer by showing him her piercing. These people are just so weird. It’s just wrong.

  48. As nasty as this past season has been, Houseguests, the talk, conversations, comments and all around anything from each person, I hope they burn all the sheets, mattresses, pillows, towels, couch cushions and they thoroughly hose down the whole set for it is just to dang nasty to use again!

  49. Too late of course, but I’d love the final “twist” to be Julie telling everyone because CBS has caught so much flak for all the despicable behavior they allowed in the house this season, she has a surprise for everyone to try and make amends. Instead of just the final 2, the jury will be able to cast a vote for a 3rd “winner” if they’d like. Then proceed to tell them about Brittany’s baby having cancer and offer them a chance to vote to give the $500,00 to a fund to assist with her medical bills and care. Tell the final 2, if the jury decides to choose Brittany’s baby over them, they will each get $50,000 as a consolation prize. If they object tell them to count themselves lucky they didn’t get kicked out before the season was over for their vile behavior and to use the money for classes in human decency. They need them!

  50. Well now the whole nation knows what spencer has on his mind 24/7. Talk about how much you love Marilyn one second and then you go and degrade her by asking to take a peak at GMs cl!t ring and all what girls you would have sex with in the house. Bet Marilyn is really proud of how you handle yourself spencer.

  51. “Basically, things just worked out in about the worst possible way, and IMO it was almost impossible to predict. I don’t think production realized that Elissa would run away with the MVP, or that when they put it in America’s hands, the houseguests still wouldn’t take the bait and do something big.”

    I think you are right! When they introduced MVP Julie said “floaters, grab your life vests”. I understood that to mean that because America is voting for a most valuable player, to give them a privilege and maybe a leg up in the game, that you better not be sitting on your butts, you had better be playing the game! So be a valuable player and get america’s vote so that you may be helped in the game.

    But they (even I) didn’t think that Elissa would win it just because she was Rachel’s sister. That kind of blew up in their face. So they changed it and said that America could vote for the third nom instead. Had it continued, Amanda would have been up there until she went home. But NONE of the HGs took the hint because they were too busy thinking it was Judd who was MVP and it never entered their mind that America could be responsible. I mean if Elissa had it for 3 weeks in a row, and america was voting, wouldn’t it make sense that “it was unfair” and maybe BB saw that and changed it? I mean Andy thinks it was America and not Judd. And I can’t believe that none of them analyzed that whole voting thing. If America was voting Judd for MVP then that must mean that he was doing something right to get those votes. But no one thought that. They just listened to Amanda (who never watched livefeeds) and her rantings about how people were coming after her.

    Foolish people. I mean for all the “street smarts” they have, their knowledge of all things carnal, they really had no clue about people’s inner feelings, and how or why people manipulate. Even though they claimed they understood, they were so self-absorbed, they could never really figure it out.

  52. Prediction for tonight:

    Andy wins part 3…he takes Spencer

    Elissa-Andy (if done in order of evictions, this would give Elissa the last necessary vote).
    Gina Marie-Spencer

    Andy Wins 7-2

  53. Unfortunately the network only viewing audience does not get to see what really was going on this season. CBS likes that and their ratings. For me, if CBS does not bring to light all of the atrocities, it will be a big fu to all the true bb fans who follow everything very closely and who “used to” love this show! The end came for me last night when gm had to assure the production staff she would not change her vote at the last minute. So sad!

  54. I have watched Big Brother since 1st season. Sometimes I am thrilled, other times I am disappointed by who wins. However, this is the first time I am rooting for NOBODY. This group viscerally upsets me. As others have mentioned it’s not Andy being gay or even the lying or back stabbing. This is Big Brother. It’s the casual way he denigrate others. As a person who represents any community known for getting poor treatment he should darn well know better.

    Other past players have been offensive. Absolutely!! But it was designed to move their agenda forward. This group just likes to talk smack about someone. Seriously, let it go…

    And I DID vote for Elissa for the $25,000. Is it based on game play. Probably not. Although she did try to get Helen to make moves, it was just never the right time. Can’t do anything when no one listens to you. And her choices for who went up was a mistake. However, I applaud her. She never wavered on her contempt for the hatred being spewed. She refused to put up those she promised she wouldn’t (too bad they didn’t do the same) and she was treated like crap the entire time. Was she condescending. Yes!! But it’s leagues above the others’ behavior. So, because that is what bothered me, I voted for the one who said it’s wrong!! I couldn’t care less about the Brenchel army. I voted for who I could stomach most.

    The three left:

    Andy: On his game play: well yes, it’s the best of this group, but there were incredible levels of bad game play this season. The whole entire cast was pitiful. Against anybody with half a brain he would never have lasted. IMO

    Spencer: Words don’t even say how revolting this person is…

    GM: Sigh. I hate when she talks because you know something moronic will come out. But to me, she is the least of the three, but frankly I wish there was a way for no one to win!! This season left a very bitter taste. It’s not that the player I liked isn’t winning, there was NO player I liked.

    Thanks again Simon and Dawg, you are amazing.

  55. Im going to check out Andys twitter and facebook to see if people started hating on him. I hope he becomes aware of the major dislike the public has for him. He needs to know because he thinks so much of himself!

  56. If Big Brother does continue (I’m sure it will considering the money it generates), I would love to see a cast where NOONE has ever been on TV before – not talk shows, reality shows, commercials, etc. I am tired of people wanting this to launch their career. I find those characters the most annoying and pretentious.
    I am really anticipating tonigtht’s show and hope you all enjoy it.
    Thanks to Dawg and Simon once again for a bang-up job keeping us posted.
    :) Peace.

  57. Andy is not to bright of a teacher to get drunk right before the last competition. Drinking 8 beers he is surely going to have one hell of a hangover! GM is smart for not drinking. She said several times she does not drink. We are rooting for GM at this point and as alternative is unthinkable.

  58. So happy this season is about to be over….I want GM to win simply because she is the better of the 3. Andy is awful and he will totally backstab GM and take Spencer, but I am hopeing GM is smart enough to take her best chance Spencer if she wins. If GM wins even $50,000 I am sure Nick will be all over her but if she gets 3rd sure he will hookup with her then leave.

  59. I look forward to longer seeing F Troop after tonight….. I cannot imagine the show will be live – unless all of the house guest are heavily sedated – otherwise I suspect this is going to become a Jerry Springer show – fighting, the pulling for the hair weaves/extensions…

    who wins – really at this point – what does it matter… one really deserves…. I think BB should give remaining house guest 50K and the rest to charity – (Brittany’s baby). or 1st place can win 500,000 pennies and 2nd place 50,000 pennies – they can keep their stipend too.

    does CBS really care….

  60. How anybody can actually ” root” for GM is mind boggling…….this is the first season of BB that I am not rooting for anybody….all 3 are despicable human beings and don’t deserve a dime……GM with her hateful and racist comments this season, sorry, but what she said to Candace was BEYOND mean…this woman has a deep volatile anger that is downright frightening……to see anyone post that they are ” rooting ” for her is troubling……Spencer appears to be a sexual deviant and needs some sort of aversion therapy……..Andy is a spiteful and angry a$$hole…. this is the worst final 3 ever…..I’m still hoping for an 11th hour final twist that has none of them winning anything and the money going for cancer research in honor of Brittany Hayne’s babygirl

  61. What we have here is a failure to determine the BEST of the pigs!

    None of the F3 stand out to be a favorite or clear winner. Instead, you have to hold your nose and hope the least disgusting HG gets money tonight. The post game TV circuit tour will probably be Duck Dynasty and Storage War’s instead of The Talk and CBS Morning Show!

    BB15 will be remembered as Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves!

  62. Gina Marie is by far the worst that has been in the house. Her hatred started the very first night, and to think that some of the people on here are trying to excuse away the horrible things she has done just flabbergast me. I mean her and Kaitlin used the N word, the most vile word in the English language. What is wrong with you people? She is a horrid human and deserves to have her ass kicked to the curb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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