Gina says Amanda had the worst sportsmanship ever! If you’re so upset, then win something you fat b***h!


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?


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1:35pm – 2pm Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie are waking up. Andy asks why Ginamarie is up. She says she figures we have to go upstairs soon anyways. Andy asks did they actually confirm the finale was on the 18th? Spencer says yeah. Spencer tells Ginamarie that he hair looks lovely. How long did that take you? Gina says all day, all night. Spencer asks production – We’re all ready can we just go upstairs to take a seat? No answer. Spencer comments that the luffa that Gina gave him, he’s never used and can’t find it. Spencer says I think McCrae took it. Gina says f**king klepto, he took everything. Gina comments that McCrae took Andy’s gummy bears too. She says that’s not right. Andy says in all fairness I went against him after being loyal to him the whole game. Spencer agrees and says Andy has a good point. The final 3 discuss past competitions. Ginamarie comments how Amanda had the worst sportsmanship ever! If you’re so upset, then win something you fat b***h!


2pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA while the house guests are locked in the HOH room.

2:10pm – 2:20pm The live feeds return and the final 3 are coming down from the HOH room. Andy comments on how it was all just a ploy to get us up. Spencer puts the eyes in, looks at the camera and asks what the f**k was up with that?! They all go back to bed. Ginamaire grabs her Nick fly from the competition and says Nickolas Uhas, I’ll see you tomorrow f**k face! She then kisses it. Andy asks what are you going to do if he gained like 40 pounds. Gina says I’d still love him! He can’t get any skinnier! Ginamarie start belching. She says I drank 3 sips of soda and that’s what happens. All three go back to sleep..


3:40pm Still sleeping..

3:50pm – 4:10pm Andy gets up and takes a shower. Spencer and Ginamarie wake up and they all head to the kitchen to make something to eat. Ginamarie complains about needing to work out. Spencer says you’re going to get that Nick Uhas work out tomorrow. Gina laughs and says yeah! Ginamarie says oh baby I want that Nick Uhas work out, I haven’t worked out in 3 days, any which way hole! I am f**king ready! UHAS! Andy comments that it’s been a week since we lost poor Judd. Spencer says poor Judd he was evicted twice. Spencer and Andy go through the evicted house guests and discuss how they handled it.


4:20pm They talk about how confused and stunned Elissa was when she was evicted. Spencer says we got her a$$! Stupid b***h! Spencer says from now on every time I see someone doing yoga I would want to kill them. Andy laughs and says yeah. Andy asks Ginamarie what would you do if you were here with Amanda and McCrae? Ginamarie says she would probably just masturbate because they would never talk to me. Spencer shows Andy how the key slots on the memory wall are attached with double sided tape. Andy asks how did you figure that out? Spencer says he was playing around with Jessie’s slot putting his finger in it because it was the loosest. Andy asks who do you think is the loosest sl*t in the house. Spencer says I bet you could put a fist in Amanda. Spencer says Candice liked to sleep with old dudes. I bet the collective age of the guys she’s slept with add up to 1000.


4:30pm Spencer grabs his sandwich and says look it’s Amanda’s vag!n@! I bet that’s what it looks like. He grabs it and goes over to the camera and says alright lets put money on this. Does that look like Amanda’s vag!n@? What do you think? Most likely so, wouldn’t you agree! Andy says gross!! Spencer tells Andy you’re lucky you don’t got to f**k no nasty pu$$ies bro!


4:35pm Spencer shows what McCrae’s sister looks like from how McCrae described her. She looks like me but with more of the Olson chin. I thought she would look like Kaitlin but she’s not. Spencer says after the finale he would like to show Marilyn the whole house and f**k her up in the HOH room .. but that probably won’t happen.


4:40pm – 5:30pm Andy says that the one moment he felt really bad for Candice was when Amanda said Howard wanted to f**k the sh*t out of her. If it did happen its sad because she had feelings for him and if he didn’t say it, it made her question him. Spencer brings up how Howard had two girls at home that he was debating marrying or not. Andy asks if Candice knew about that. Spencer says he doesn’t think so. They continue talking about the evicted house guests and past competitions. Big Brother blocks the feeds for a few minutes and when they return the final 3 are up in the HOH room on a lock down.

5:30pm – 6:10pm The live feeds have been blocked while the house guests have been on an HOH lock down.

6:35pm – 6:55pm The feeds come back and the final 3 head to the storage room to look for something to eat. Spencer says that Amanada’s personality to him is so unattractive. He says every other word out of her mouth is co*k, Sucking balls, sh*t and f**k! Ginamarie and Spencer toss the bean bag back and forth. Andy and Spencer tell Gina about how Amanda tried to kick it with Nick before she got with McCrae. Spencer says she just wanted di*k. I don’t think she would have been okay with the 90 day rule. Gina says yeah, I am. Gina asks what do you think the jury members are going to ask us? Andy says probably ask how many times we’ve masturbated, what are colors of the rainbow in order? … They talk about Candice’s clown suit. Andy calls Candice a b***h. Spencer asks I wonder if Marilyn’s parents like me now? Andy says probably. Spencer says probably not. They were probably Amanda fans.


7pm – 7:30pm Gina comments how her room at her parents place is 10 times messier than when Julie showed the bedroom here. She says her room is small. It’s the size of the shower to the wall. Andy says I just want it to be tomorrow. I am so over this, I am more anxious than I have ever been. Spencer says he is a little nervous too. Spencer says Elissa would burn rice every time she would try and cook it. Stupid B***H! Ginamarie tries to make a recipe off the Chex cereal box. She can’t find the recipe and thinks its not on this box. After she’s just about done guessing how to make it Andy finds the recipe on the back of the box. The final 3 sit down to play a game of bullsh*t.


8:15pm Andy and Spencer talk about this being the last night in the house. Spencer says he’ll be hugging Marilyn tomorrow at this point. Andy and Spencer head to the storage room to look for games. Spencer says we’ve been lied to us again. Andy says and they didn’t give us anymore dental dams. Spencer asks what!? I was planning to use one on myself tonight. Andy says me too. Andy says you know Amanda would want to play strip bullsh*t. Spencer says oh yeah! Andy deals out the cards for another game. They then go through her deck while she is gone and takes out all the 2,3,4,5,8’s or Jacks. Ginamarie joins them and they start their game. They wait a couple hands until the pile gets really big and then call bullsh*t when she says she puts down a Jack. She then picks up the whole pile. Andy wins and they explain they stacked the deck against her. Ginamarie calls them jerk offs. Spencer asks Andy if you had to have straight $ex with any of the women on the wall who would it be? Andy says Elissa. Spencer says figures. Big Brother calls them to the storage room. They run and look and find crafts.


8:25pm – 8:50pm They start painting the figurines of cats, dogs and dinosaurs. A minute into painting Andy says he’s already over it.

9pm – 9:22pm Andy finishes his dinosaur and cat and says he wants to throw them away. Spencer says yeah you probably should. Andy says he’s going to have a beer. Spencer says he going to save his 7 beer for tomorrow and drink them right before the show. Andy says you’ll probably get a stop that. Spencer says f**k that I don’t give a f**k what they say. Andy says I am legitimately scared to see Amanda and Elissa tomorrow. Spencer says f**k that! Spencer says he doesn’t give a f**k what they say tomorrow. Andy says if they say anything b***hy he will just tell them to sit down. Andy asks who was the biggest a$$hole? Amanda or Elissa? Gina says Amanda. Andy says yeah even though Elissa was unbearable to be around I wouldn’t really call her an a$$hole. Andy asks who was most likely to walk in on Elissa masturb@ting? Andy says everyone? Spencer and Gina say yeah. Andy says yeah I walked in on her masturb@ting at least twice a week. Spencer says she was a masturbating fool.



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241 thoughts on “Gina says Amanda had the worst sportsmanship ever! If you’re so upset, then win something you fat b***h!

            1. Thanks for posting this Simon/Dawg. I have had so many names this season, I’m posting under the one I think is most fitting.

              1. Pin……. Ob…a You are welcome. Every time I read it – tears of laughter are falling harder… It’s a must read (numerous times) for everyone that cares about BB and actually watched this season. Hugs to all BB fans. Your Friend, Girl, Interrupted.

            2. Must Read — a big thank you for that link, it was hilarious. To Simon and Dawg — thank you for posting the link. Laughing so hard, the tears are running down my leg.

              1. Taylor – this is a keeper. And, no doubt a must read after the season ends. A big ups to Simon and Dawg for allowing the post. Hope everyone goes to sleep laughing tonight – we deserve it!

            3. That sums it up very well! LOL
              Thank YOU! I don’t have to watch the finale now and wait for this whole summer
              to be sugar coated for these losers.

              Special Thanks again, Dawg and Simon! You both are brilliant and saints to have spent
              so much time watching these douches and reporting to us.

                1. Hi Dawg! Is there a website where I can watch tomorrow’s show live? I’m on the west coast & cannot wait until 930 to watch the finale.

                  Big ups to you and Simon for keeping us updated this season!

            4. I have a feeling that this was a very accurate portrayal of what is really going to happen except I would like to extend an invitation to Nick to move to Greece. 1/2 of the guys here are named Nick and GM might not be able to find you in the sea of Nicks. Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall to see it in RL.

          1. Not if that sink hole makes it way to the BB house. Been praying for one to swallow up these last disgusting freaks for the last 3 weeks!!

          1. Keep this under your hat but I have it on good authority that all of the part three HOH competition questions will be about Nick.

        1. I agree that Andy wll win. I don’t see Ginamarie winning a question game against Andy. Would be extremely surprised if she did. Unfortunately its going to be Andy who wins the season. Most of the houseguests respect his game. I think he will even have McCrae and Amanda on his side now that McCrae is out. I hate it but I don’t see Andy loosing.

    1. I will literally throw a party at my house if he gets evicted, but sadly I am more than sure he is going to win.

      1. CBS is not goanna want a racist (GM) be associated with big brother.
      2. Spenser, the professional pawn, didn’t win shit! He spent all summer picking his nose and scratching his balls! He is plain disgusting!
      3. Andy played a pretty good game. It was based on backstabbing/manipulating people and lying to everybody, but I guess that’s big brother 101. He is just a BAD person!

      If Andy wins, I’m done with Big Brother!

          1. Go Andy. You da man, uh, I mean da Rat !!! We house rats want to see you win + let everybody know we rule the world !!!

      1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said: Spencer sat around and picked his nose and had his hands down his pants all summer, GM is a foulmouthed fartbag racist, and Andy is just a nasty little bitch!

        GM is so delusional about Nick, it’s kind of freaky to see her laying there holding nicks picture….Did nick ever lead her on? Did they ever even kiss? He put pillows between them in bed and wore his hoodie…she is in for a rude awakening. I wonder if Nick will cosy up to her if she wins the money?

        1. GM is holding on to that pic of Nick the way I used to kiss my John “Cougar” Melencamp poster! at age 13!!! She is really delusional, it is really sad. I would be surprised if Nick is at the finale in person, if I were him I would be on sattelite at an “undisclosed location” for his benefit. Poor GM, she has alot of educating and growing up to do!!!

          1. I hope he is there and says on national tv that he does not like the skank, avoided her like the plague in the house, and that he wouldn’t have anything to do with her ever if she was the last female on earth. She has made such a mockery of her fixation of him that I hope he embarrasses the hell out of her and puts her on notice to stay 100 yards away from him or he will have her arrested for stalking. That’s what that racist crazy stupid bitch deserves.

        2. After going back and viewing the live feeds in June, particularly June 5, 8:11pm, showing Nick and Gina Marie in the bedroom talking, Nick appears to be smitten by foul mouth, belching, farting Gina Marie. They spent quite a lot of time together in early June and the subject of marriage came up in some of the conversations. The reason I believe Nick put pillows in between them and insisted on not kissing until the 90days were up is he is genuinely a real gentleman and I think in his mind he believes he can take this foul mouth, vile chic and make create something good from it.

          Thus, far from the interviews I’ve seen him do answering questions about Gina Marie, I have not seen him say anything bad about her. Watch the live feeds and you will see that is was more than what we may believe. He is taking his Mom to the finales to meet Gina Marie and who knows if she is the winner of the half million dollars they may just get together and we may see another BB15 HG wedding in the near future.

          See how it goes on the finale and in the future. I think he sees something in her none of us can see. Hopefully, being out of the house she sees herself and how she acted and she desires to make some changes for the better, for as long as there is breath, there is hope, after all.

      2. Spencer and Andy both commented that Julie Chen was “drunk off her ass” and slurring her words. I don’t think CBS or BB give a crap about GinaMarie’s racist remarks. If they did, they would have put a stop to ALL the hateful remarks and bullying. I bet they are more pissed off about Spencer and Andy’s rude comments about Julie Chen.

      3. andy could’ve played the same game and won and people would be happy IF he didn’t start playing the same ignorant game the other 2 did.. he could’ve played with class,, and he had a good game, align with the top couple then align with the bottom, and get as far as he did,, if he didn’t talk so badly about elissa who seemed to care about him or anyone else.. i’d have respect for him.. but by all gross talk, not as bad as spencer but still, if he would not have said such disgusting things like the rest of the house , I’d want him to win… whoever wins loses more than money can buy.. respect and dignity… wonder if spencers father who is running for re election for judge is proud of his son? I think they embarrassed their whole family and that’s bad…

      4. I still think, its kinda late now, but a good drinking game would be every time they bash elissa you drink 2 shots and when they bash another jury member, you drink one shot…. but can’t play this,, as you wont get drunk, you’d get alcohol poisoning…….


      1. The only thing to cheer about is that this crappy season is over. What the hell is “dr.” Will going to say. Oooooh, he’s going to grill them. BFD. If the jury doesn’t hear it, then it has no bearing on the show and is just and excuse for Will to get another fifteen minutes.

        1. The only way this finale will be good is if they don’t let the three remaining houseguests talk anymore. Would rather hear from the jury house or the evicted houseguests, who I am guessing, are breathing a sigh of relief they got out before being connected with the racists.

      1. CBS makes money on the “after dark” so you would think that they would take the time to make it a little more interesting especially during the final three to keep the ratings up and have it renewed for next season. Not only has the show been a disappointment in terms of players and their behaviors but the past week has not been worth watching at all. It has been a snooze fest!

    3. The only reason I’m watching on Wednesday is the see the rat get dumped. Julie please call these houseguests on their behaviour.

          1. I believe she said something about her behavior. Without specifics. And Amanda immediately thought Julie was referring to her torturing Elissa. And Amanda didn’t think of that as bullying, she thought she was justified because Elissa goaded her with her comment about Amanda’s comp win.

    4. I really hope GinaMarie wins part three of the HOH so we can see Andy beg for her to take him before she tells him to “Get to Steppin”.

    5. Does anyone know if Spencer is being investigated for admitting he drugged girls to have sex w/ them? Also, can someone answer this for me-Can the other houseguest, mainly Elissa & Candace, sue these final 3 for slander? I’m sure there is something in the contract that will keep them from it. I just really think Elissa would have a solid case! This would be the best ending for the season! This way none of these last 3 people end up w/ anything-After taxes & lawsuits!

      1. A successful defamation suit is doubtful. First and foremost, these people are considered public figures (or at least limited public figures). It is much harder for them to successfully sue than say an ordinary citizen who has not gotten any notoriety. So in order for a statement to be deemed defamatory the one who said it either has to KNOW it was false or had reckless disregard for its truth. There are several other elements that have to be met for a suit to be successful but the final one is that you have to show that the defamatory statement caused the ‘victim’ to suffer damages, that is, a pecuniary loss, eg, that they lost their job. It is safe to say that all of the HGs, and particularly these last three pieces of shit, have said enough things that’s on camera where it would be hard to show that someone’s post caused them financial hardship. They did a good job ruining their own economic prospects from the vile racist and perverted things said. Disclaimer: this is just an OPINION and is not to be relied upon for any purpose. Moreover, defamation laws vary from state to state. The opinion herein is not based on any specific state’s laws but rather is just a generalized OPINION.

        1. Thanks for your opinions, you seem to know a lot more on the subject than I do that is for sure. It will be interesting to see if any of them try! For some reason I assume it is in their contracts that they can’t, but that is just my hunch.

          1. Even if they can’t get a judge to rule in their favor for defamation it would be worth it to at least have these dirt pigs have to lawyer up to fight the claim, and they would at least be inconvenienced by the time and money to fight it. That is the least they deserve. It’s one thing to talk a little smack about people, but they are consumed with their hate and jealousy, and have taken it to a whole other level. They are relentless and have tunnel vision on their hate. They all act like they are so superior to everybody.

            1. It one thing if it was only wasting their money but they are wasting tax payers money and that’s not right. Also usually who ever loses has to pay lawyer cost of the other person. So really it’s not any benefit if they can’t win

              1. How would it waist tax payers money? I am sure they would all hire their own private lawyers in this case so I don’t see how taxpayers would have anything to do with it.

                1. Also, I think in most cases the lawyers don’t get paid unless they win, so I just don’t see how anything in your comment makes sense.

      2. If there is a clause that says that the house guests can’t sue…how about Elissa’s husband ???ie.He should be able to successfully sue based upon what was said about him…

        1. I so agree! Poor guy, I really feel bad about the things said about him & his family. So much has been said since all that, I completely forgot about him!

        2. A clause wouldn’t affect Elissa’s husband. He is Canadian. And Canadian’s don’t sue at the rate that Americans do. And it would have to affect his income or something and i’m sure it hasn’t done that, considering that it is an American show and it wouldn’t be given alot of credence. And the burden to prove something like that in Canada would be onerous and not worth the time and money.

      3. No, they have no case for slander unfortunately. To win a slander case it has to cost you monetarily and as vile as these three are and they are the vilest and nastiest and the most racist of anyone on BB this season, the comments they have made will not cost any of them monetarily.

      4. @DENISE: “…Can the other houseguest, mainly Elissa & Candace, sue these final 3 for slander? I’m sure there is something in the contract that will keep them from it… …This way none of these last 3 people end up w/ anything-After taxes & lawsuits!”


        Rest assured those rights were contractually waived by all houseguests well in advance of entering the BB house. I’m also very certain that said contract heavily favors CBS in many areas including acts of defamation and/or slander. And the houseguests are all Soooo Okay with that because:

        Every person has a chance at winning $500.000. Some houseguests come into the BB house looking to enhance budding careers, and/or achieve low-rent national fame (i.e. Rachel Reilly Villegas). And I suspect, at the lowest level of all houseguest aspirations, the person knows for certain they’ll be a BB ‘star’ (alumni) within the BB Universe. Whether the houseguest be hated, disliked, liked, or loved: they know they were on TV and they know they’re now part of the Big Brother Family forever.

        CBS cares about ad revenues, feed fees, and ratings. And as absolutely proven this year… little else.


        [{The above is copied/pasted material from my previous response regarding the very same subject matter found in a different thread.}]

    6. I do not think there were three more horrible human beings, and I use that word loosely, in the BB house all season long than Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy. Their mouths are like garbage dumps. They are the three biggest racists, bigots, and bullies that have ever been. It makes me sick to my stomach that you know Julie Chen is not going to call them out tomorrow night for the things they have said. Julie Chen is such a bigot and a bully if she lets these three get away with the crap they are spewing out of their mouths. They are just ugly people inside and out!!!

  1. I wish, wish, wish that production would tell Spencer to SHAVE THAT DAMN BEARD ! ! ! He would look so much cleaner and neater and at least people could remember him looking decent for the finale ! That red beard is god awful ! ! ! Go GM……go for the win……win it all ! ! ! Screw Andy ! ! !

    1. Pattypoo, I remember Spencer has said that he grew the beard just for the game and he can’t wait to get rid of it. He’ll look much better without it.
      GM #1 with $500,000, Spencer #2 with $50,000, Andy #3 with $94.

      Vote Elissa for America’s Favorite Houseguest!!!

    2. He probably chose to have a beard so that when he shaves it off, no one will recognize him. That way he could get away with more. (Gave him some confidence to show his pervy side.)

  2. When I don’t think they can get any more repugnant, but then they open their mouths. We’d all be better off if they slept until the show tomorrow.

    1. I know the stuff that comes out of their mouths! It makes me gag! I can’t take much more. I’m so glad it’s almost over. They need to really check out the people they cast. Horrible!

    2. Having the F3 sleep til tomorrow nite is a great idea. They only get more disgusting each day and each time they open their mouths it seems, especially Spencer. WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE TOMORROW INSTEAD OF A TRANSCRIPT OFTHE HGs STOOPING LOWER, IS NARRATIVE FROM MY FAVORITE BB EXPERTS , SIMON and DAWG, GIVING THEIR OPINION/ASSESSMENY OF EACH HG. What do you say goys?

  3. i see ginamire win the final hoh tomorrow thats why andy is telling her he take her stood of spencer so she chould take him i do belive that ginamire will take spencer to the final 2 my predictions ginamire big brother 15 winner

  4. Out of everyone left Nick hat played the best game. He made a close alliance GM and he also convinced Jeremy to go for Elissa hat. Nick hat was the cause of many eviction and observed the fellow houseguest. Nick hat had the biggest brain and always played the silent game. Nick hat one of the best bb player ever!!
    Who am I kidding this season is so horrible I have to root for a hat thats not even playing the game.

  5. I’m usually on twitter, but I wanted to take the time to comment here:

    Thank you, Simon and Dawg, for another great season of covering Big Brother! I am in awe at how just the two of you manage to cover everything that happens on the feeds each season…and I’m so grateful that somehow you do.

    “Thanks, OBB!” :D

    See you again (hopefully?) for Big Brother Canada Season 2. Here’s hoping they give us Flashback on the feeds this year. ;) *cheers

  6. Thank God it’s almost over!! One of the few things that has made this season bearable has been Simon & Dawg & the posters on this site. Except for a few (who somehow managed to be even more gross & crude than the houseguests themselves – which is no small feat – & a few others who should have been on a political forum rather than a B.B. site) I have genuinely enjoyed your insights, debates & wit throughout this often torturous process. Like most of you, I hate the thought of any of these three being rewarded for their truly horrific behavior. Spencer, in my opinion, is the worse, because he is a pervert, possibly a rapist, & should be in jail! G.M. certainly has some mental issues & I sincerely hope she gets some help. Some of the things she has said this season goes beyond ignorance & even racism – she is truly delusional. And that leaves us Andy. Everything that can be said of Andy has been said. In many ways, he is the worse, because he was aware of all the racist comments & bullying & just did nothing, or even worse – egged it on. This is the first season ever that I don’t want anyone to win.

    1. “Spencer, in my opinion, is the worse, because he is a pervert, possibly a rapist, & should be in jail!

      Shame on you, this is taking it over the line.

      1. Nanawi, shame on me??!! Shame on Spencer!! He is the one who said he gave roofies (drugs) to girls to get sex! As a woman, and a victim, I hope he gets what he deserves – which is certainly not $500K!

    2. I may not like Spencer, at all, but to call him a rapist based on an awful comment he made is wrong. Maybe he did the things he jokes about, if so, being on BB15 probably just screwed up his life even more and I’d want him to rot in hell. We know he IS a pervert….but calling anyone a child molester or rapist due to his foul mouth is wrong. I’m hoping and praying that when he gets out, those comments are fully investigated. But I reserve judgement on that…for now. Frankly, I don’t want anyone to win out of these 3.

      1. to is it over yet: I didn’t say Spencer was a rapist. I said he was a pervert and “possible” rapist because he admitted to giving girls drugs to get sex. If he was just joking about this remark – then it was a horrible joke. Because way too many unsuspecting victims did not take this as a joke! I sincerely hope he was “just” joking – but really, what kind of person even jokes about something like this? Like you, I do not want any of these three to win anything. Unfortunately, Spencer already has won some money & a trip, & the other two will probably win the rest of the money. So looks like all three of these losers will win something. So I guess – everybody wins – except B.B. fans.

    3. Speaking of Spencer, lol…..Not sure about anyone else, but it bothered the hell out of me all the times Amanda wouldn’t take no from McCrae when it came to sex. Just cause he’s a guy doesn’t make it allright to pin the guy to the bed by sitting on him (NOT saying she’s big, it’s that he’s so small!!) after he said no, not on camera. Then she tells everyone the had sex everywhere, while he’s denying it? She was right on when she told Spencer that Spencer and Amanda were exactly alike. Thinking once MC sees family and friends, Amanda is going to be forgotten! BTW, I prefer a player who is messy or doesn’t shower every day over ANY of the nastiness of the others. Besides, after watching the feeds, NONE of them should be talking anyone down!

      1. The Amanda/McCrae dynamic bothered me too. Mostly, though, I think he was of the mindset of “well if she’s gonna throw it at me, I might as well take it.” Her propensity to be dominant also seems to fall nicely in line with his general laziness.

        Out of curiosity, did anyone ever see a sexual encounter between them where she WASN’T on top?

  7. I didn’t like Andy’s gameplay, but it got him where he is. Gina Marie’s social beliefs, on the other hand, are repugnant and went well beyond the game.

    1. Spencer has a brain in his head. It’s perverted as hell, but he has some smarts.
      Andy is a college professor and he is intelligent.
      GinaMarie is ignorant.

      Racism comes from ignorance. I’m not excusing GinaMarie’s comments, but the girl is an idiot. Spencer and Andy are educated, yet they both made some very hateful and sick comments. All three of them are pathetic but GinaMarie is not the worst of the bunch.

      1. Andy is not a college professor. He is just an instructor which is a huge difference & also explains the fact as to why everyone has been wondering all season how a college professor can act the way he does. Well, he is not a professor, just a wannabe. Now he has supposedly lost his instructor job as well. He is a loser.

          1. On it’s Facebook page, The College Of DuPage writes: “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

            So glad to hear this! It took them long enough to “can” him (I think this was posted a couple of days ago)… but at least they did!

            Google “Andy Herren loses job” for more!

  8. GM keep talking you racist white trash because you are in for a rude awakening when you get home. Even if you win the $50, 000 or $500, 000 after taxes it is nothing with this economy so that means you will still need a job, something you won’t be able find anytime soon because no decent person would want to hire a vile racist like yourself….

  9. So what was the HOH lockdown all about? Production won’t be setting up the set for the 3rd part of the HOH comp til tomorrow, right? And its the easiest set up of all. The 3 HGs didn’t remark about how anything was different downstairs when they came down did they? If any one knows, please post it. .Hmmmm, maybe it was just to get their asses up and moving around!

  10. The only thing that could save this season is if production slips these three loads of alcohol and drugs, then feeds each of them bull shit that the others said about them in an effort to start a fight in which all three participate, are evicted for breach of contract via thier physical conduct, and no winner is crowned. Even if that meant the end of the show for good, i wouldnt care because if this seasons talent, execuse me, garbage, is the best production can do then we should put this show down for good (I know it is already picked up for 16 but still).

    1. EXACTLY…and the LOWEST of all..that title should go to CBS…to not even reprimand such deplorable actions(like Spencer’s pic. of his sandwich with reference to Amanda…I can’t repeat his vulgar analogy) one can easily conclude that CBS has ..from the START …been the PUPPET MASTER here and condones ands LIKES this garbage!!!!..and SOOOOOOOOOO boring..I’ve stopped watching…get info from these sites…Maybe…..just maybe…the real SHOW will be after the finale when the consequences from such actions begins(CBS too)… can hope?

  11. ” Good night F**k Face” says GM the most classiest broad from Staten Island…….I can’t stand this piece of trash….she looks like a crazed meth head….I do not want this woman winning anything after all the crap that has come out of her pie hole….she is an absolute embarrassment to the network

    1. To, Despicable 3, That is why i want GM to win. It would be such an embarassment to CBS, for someone like that to win. And i would love to see Andy leave with no money at all.

    1. CBS are cowards if they don’t address the conduct of these contestants. I won’t be surprised if they don’t. Did anyone else notice on Sunday’s episode what a great edit Spencer, Gina and Andy received?

  12. GM’s Nick obsession has gone from funny to just plain sad. I’m afraid she’s going to need some serious psychological counseling after this is over. I’ve never really liked her and think some things she has said were absolutely disgusting, but I’m not making fun of her about this. Something isn’t quite right with her to be so delusional about a guy she barely knows. I really hope she gets help after this is all over.

      1. Actually, Nick is coming to the finale show and he is being accompanied by his own Mother. And if you go back and watch the live feeds in early June. Like June 5th around 8:10pm, you will see Nick and Gina Marie in the bedroom where she now has her shrine. They are talking quite intimately and it appears Nick does like Gina Marie from what he is saying to her. He may be leading her on, but his words to me appear that he does like Gina Marie. They spent quite a lot of time together in early June, holding hands and he said they would kiss after the 90days. So, guess we have to see how they act in the finale to see if there may be a future for this some what odd couple.

        One with much respect and quite a gentleman and the other a vile, belching, farting, vulgar mouth woman that does not know the meaning of using “SOAP, after going to the bathroom or washing dishes. There would be know way if I lived in that house that I would EVER allow her to cook food for me and then put it on a dish that was no more than rinsed under running water. YUK!

    1. lol ya that’s what I thought too when I caught that and considering these cast members I wouldn’t put it past them. She was actually stretching but couldn’t resist posting it as it looks like she’s doing something else.

      1. Oh Dawg! It’s come to this…thank you for for keeping us updated this horrid season. I can only imagine how many images have been burned into your and Simon’s brain that may need many years of therapy to recover from. Think happy thoughts guys.

        1. Thanks Jackie! We’re glad you enjoyed that site despite the cast this season. Make sure you come back for BBCA season 2 in February as I can guarantee the cast for that will be a lot less controversial.

          1. Can I just say thanks again for all your efforts this season to keep us all updated?? OK THANKS! You guys rule! Also the daily feed stills you choose are friggin hilarious!! Cheers

  13. LOL, I see the Brenchel fans and cat ladies don’t have a problem with Amanda being talked about behind her back by the final 3. Hypocrites.

    1. Why would a Brenchel fan defend that horrible witch Amanda? Forget that, why would anyone defend Hurricane Amanda?

  14. What a dissapointing final 3. Not one of them deserves the money. I guess Andy is the least evil of the 3 but that doesn’t mean he deserves it. If they don’t confront these people on their behavior then something wrong with CBS. I only say that because they called out Aaryn and made her look awful. Understandable with some of the things she said but CBS set a precedent and if they let the others skate free then CBS looks stupid and Julie Chen very unprofessional. The things GM, Spencer and Amanda said went waaaaaay beyond anything Aaryn said. If they gonna humiliate 1 why not the others??? Would love to hear them explain but we never will.

    1. Yes, Amanda *should* have been taken to task, as should at least two of the Final 3!

      I’d love to be around when Aaryn & GM get their pink slips, and I hope the union that Spencer apparently belongs to doesn’t stand in the way of *his* termination! All three were very nasty (especially early in the game) with their prejudiced (and, in Spencer’s case, sexist) comments.

      1. What do you mean at least two of the final three?? Have you been watching the same BB and the same disgusting three, Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer, as the rest of us have? These three are the most vulgar and vile racist and bigots and bullies that have ever been on any reality show. Aaryn and Amanda should be put up for Sainthood when you compare them to these three vulgar horrible people. They have used the N word numerous times, have talked about the murder and torture of Jews as a good thing, talked about raping women, said Candice’s mother never wanted her, called Elissa’s child horrid names along with Elissa and every other cast member including Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, Candice and others, have called Julie Chen a gook and other disgusting things, and have admitted to driving a train while high on cocaine and made jokes about being a pedophile are among some of Andy, Spencer and Gina Marie’s lesser vile things that have spewed out of their disgusting mouths. Please all three should be SCREAMED at by Julie Chen and thrown off the set of BB finale, but Julie Chen will not do a dam thing to these three vile human beings. They are beyond contempt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean besides being just vile and horrible some of these things are actual CRIMES that should be prosecuted nonetheless some are crimes that could potentially kill thousands of people. The Railroad best have some major insurance because if Spencer ever wrecks one of those trains and people are hurt or worse die they will have lawsuits coming at them from every possible avenue since he as admitted to taking cocaine and going to work high. If they do not fire him, then the railroad is STUPID and setting themselves up for major litigation.

    2. AGREE 100%!!! Aaryn’s comments were mild compared to these three and if you watched the feeds a lot of what Aaryn said was in direct correlation to what Gina Marie had said or when Aaryn the poor stupid ignorant idiot was being egged on by Gina Marie. Aaryn was stupid and mean in the things she said, but wow these three, Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy, are so ugly on the insides and on the outsides that it actually is scarey. To think that Andy was in a position to teach young people is a frightening thing to even try to comprehend. These three are not young college students; they are adults that have jobs and what they say is just pure racism, not stereotypes or PC incorrect, it is just racist, vulgar, hate filled, bigotry and bullying at its finest. Amanda was not even in as a disgusting class as these three, and it is a shame that Julie Chen will just sweep it under the rug tomorrow night and let them get away with it. Everyone should write CBS, Huffington Post, TMZ, and anyone else they can think of to complain about CHen and CBS sweeping Andy, GIna Marie and Spencer’s actions under the rug, and wonder why CBS only made the blue eyed blonde 22 year old the scapegoat when she was no where near as ugly as GIna Marie, Andy or Spencer!!!!!!!

  15. By the way, thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping this website going. I’ve been a loyal reader from the beginning and commenter for the past couple years. Thanks for exhaustively covering this season even though it’s been mostly crap.

  16. U all wanted ‘reality’, but when U GOT it, U all did nothing but bitch about it…

    Cast after cast of Survivor have been racist motherfuckers & CBS censored it all out…
    But THAT’S OK isn’t it… None of U have a problem with racism as long as U can turn a blind eye to it, or have it censored away…

    It wont go away until U DEAL WITH IT.
    Its YOUR hangups and lack of education that let this OBVIOUS racial polarization design in the US have the success it’s having… good job…

    Accept it, WE ALL BLEED RED

    1. BB is my guilty pleasure in the summer and Amazing Race and DWTS in the fall, winter. I watch Survivor’s 1st season and haven’t watched it sense. But if BB16 looks anything like BB15 I will be taking a class next summer rather than sit through anymore of this crap.

  17. As much as we all hope they get called out by production, from past BB seasons I do not see where there is time after the final HOH, then the votes, then the Favorite vote, then the backyard interviews. I can’t imagine them allowing Dr. Will to say anything that could compromise the jury votes. CBS won’t want to draw attention to the horrible VILE cast and will want to promote thier next season. Maybe Thursday morning interviews they will be able to bring up these issues during the talk show circuit, and of course Aaryns mom and team of PR people have probably already booked thier time slots for the Apologiy Tour, and perhaps other houseguests family members will have done the same.

    1. After listening to these three, Aaryn certainly deserves to be given a break because NOTHING she said even remotely compares to the vulgarity of Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer. I can forgive Aaryn and accept her apology, but these others see nothing they have done as wrong. Sorry, but Aaryn is a saint compared to there three!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Since no one seems happy about final 3 – lets review pro’s & con’s about each of them.


    Played his strategy entire game
    won competitions when needed
    only nominated once (by Elissa)
    good social player

    8 nominations without eviction
    partnered with Andy to turn around his ranking in house (self awareness of his ranking)
    no blood on hands
    stood up to Amanda but HG did not see or hear about their run-in in back yard

    competition warrior
    trustworthy & loyal
    stood up to and evicted Amanda
    once in game for herself – showed gameplay – GM style
    aside from quirky bad habits she has a big heart & it grows on you the more you see her on live feeds


    always played it safe
    poor reaction to being nominated
    blind-sides and knives in back of jury members

    Terrible at comps
    not credible or trustworthy
    nasty habits & commentary

    Didn’t know what was going on for half the game
    racial comments and delusional at times
    played way too much with emotion & heart (nick) (insisting on same bed, etc.)

    1. You had me until you said GM has a big heart and she grows on you the more you see her on the live feeds……..the more I saw her on the live feeds is why I despise her so much…..nobody with a big heart says the horrific things she has said…….she is a scary human being IMO….she is a loose canon that will blow easily…….BEWARE NICK !!!

    2. I have a feeling that they might soft ball it somehow tomorrow nite and ask the other houseguests ( Howard & Candace ) in general how the racist comments affected them. They need to get down and dirty and show actual footage of the comments said this season …would love to see the rat get even more pale….Spencer be speechless…GM will just get pissed off I’m sure and lash out and find a way to blame Elissa

  19. People keep posting that Julie Chen should “confront” these people. Julie is the hostess of the show. Production writes the scripts for what she can and can’t say on BB…that’s called “producing”, and it’s not her job. She’s to follow what production hands her to say/read/memorize. Doesn’t matter that she’s married to the head of the network folks, her job is still hostess of the show :) It makes me crazy because so many people think it’s her fault that other guests have not been called on their behaviour when they came out on stage. I could hear her gritting her teeth when she had to do these interviews.

    1. Ians, now come on. Julie is married to Mr. Moonves… she takes no direction on this show. And we mustn’t forget – she brought the racism BB talk to her CBS show “The Talk” – hold her feet to the fire…. you better believe it.

    2. TOTAL BS, CHEN IS MARRIED TO THE HEAD OF CBS AND CAN SAY WHAT SHE WANTS!!! This is the same Julie Chen that said nothing when Sharon Osbourne talked about her Jew nose and had surgery to correct her asian eyes to look more white. Julie Chen is as big a racist as Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy. She just does it in a different way but just as disgusting because her or Sharon Osbourne never said a word on the talk about Spencer saying how he agreed with Hitler’s treatment of the Jews or did either of them have a problem with GIna Marie’s use of the N word. Sorry, but Chen and Osbourne are just as disgusting. The only one that had a problem with Gina Marie’s use of the N word was the girl that used to be on Roseanne!!!

  20. I think I have to disagree with your “Doesn’t matter that she’s married to the head of the network ” quote. If Julie feels like these actions need addressed I do believe her husband would see that she got a chance to make that happen. She did confront Aaryn and if she does not bring it up in the final i do think it is her fault.

    1. Yeah, sad. It would be nice if we could vote to give her the 500k for her daughter’s treatments instead of these douche bags. There’s her reality and then these 3 dirt bags reality.

  21. Hey… these three idiots in the house need to be dragged up and hogg tied to a tree and off em..with a stick!!! I will hurt you physically and meta- physically.. Hey, kids I will skin the hair off of your ass.. Give you something to think about before you speak

  22. Just when you think you’ve heard it all these 3 manage to continue with their discusting selves.
    My 1st season watching BB and am shocked!

    1. Gosh SFCARI that’s a bummer – you can find other seasons on the internet. It’s not usually this bad, well, I guess a few seasons came damn close. Don’t give up though, keep this site bookmarked – we’re all hoping 2014 will be better.

      1. Cheers to that! AND sfcari, if you decide to watch any old seasons online, Season 9’s cast are despicable, too, so I would advise skipping that season. Although, more than this season, the aired episodes of Season 9 are whitewashed enough where you don’t get a true sense of how horrible the cast really was. I remember reading the feed updates on this site back then and was disgusted by those people. Adam, Natalie, UGH.

          1. People helping people! Now I can be a fan of BB. Seriously, its been fun listening/reading most of what I’ve come across. Thanks

  23. Oh gosh, make it stop! Make it stop already! Honestly, these three do not deserve the money. I’ve tried multiple times to root for the three of them and everytime I do they say something offensive. I love big brother but this season has been rough.

  24. Sorry honey (spencer) you have been so gross describing Amanda’s VJ that you and I are so “broken” up. The Union Pacific RR union will probably drop you like a fly as well.

  25. GM used racism remarks, she insulted Elissa, a mother, her son, the Spanish, the Puerto Ricans and dirt using the F word because that is what she called Elissa’s son! Spencer, the breather, made nasty remarks about Elissa using a Styrofoam wig head saying that she said it looked like her brother-in-law and used it as a sex object because her vibrator broke, also said he walked in the bath and saw her doing things to herself. This guy is a disgusting pig who said awful things about women. The rat faced weasel with ears made remarks about Jesse and her flow being all over the counter. This is just a few obscene things coming out of their mouths. The dirtest bunch of creeps I have ever heard. And yet, I hear, Oh, I want so and so to win……reallllly????? I wish I could see their faces when they find out they no longer have a job. The breather belongs to a union so it may be harder to dump his arse! I bet their parents are so proud of them. Andy finally shave his 5 red hairs from under his arms but he is still hard to look at. The railroad said the Breather is a disgrace to their organization. Rat face only had a part time job but now let go. Same for the foul mouth broad who does not even have an ounce of respect for women. All 3 stated over and over how they hated others. Rat face said he if Elissa had not been voted out he would have hit her in the throat, really you little turd! You are probably too weak to kill a fly. Production is probably so happy to hear all the complaints, they will think we were entertained, not made angry. Missed seeing each person showing up at the jury house. Need an overhaul in production.

  26. I am sure the staff have signed some kind of waiver, but in any other work environment being subjected to that sexual and racist garbage would be considered harassment. When I saw what Spencer was doing with that sandwich I about gagged. I am not sure I ever want to eat a sandwich again.

  27. Maybe in a few months, Oprah can have a “Where Are They Now” show and interview these turkeys. I’d love to see how their time and comments on the show affected their lives.

    More importantly, I’d like to hear if any of them realize how they acted and what they said was not acceptable by most people’s standards, and if they’re sorry at all.

      1. Why? OSBOURNE and CHEN are just as big a racist, and over Jeremey, Amanda and Aaryn as nothing the three of them said or did even comes close to comparing to Andy, Gina Marie and Spencer and their vulgar racist mouths!!!

      1. @trader,
        so what does he trade? If he trades weapons with Iran, Syria and Libya, then he might be a traitor, otherwise know as BHO.

  28. GM wins the money she will spend the 500k on private investigators to find Nick who has gone into hiding..good luck nick
    If andy wins he will spend it on gender reversal surgery and become a MAN
    spencer wins he will open up a yoga studio with two way mirrors and beat off during the classes thinking of elissa and pack his nose with his own man goo just to let it dry so he can pick it out later and eat it

  29. Simon, Dawg…….Will we be able to see the live feed after the show tomorrow nite? Don’t they all gather in the backyard for a party ?

      1. Hi Dawg
        As I cannot access live feeds on my tropical paradise, will you do updates or will it be available on youtube? Also, the only CDN stations I get are CBC and CITY TV which do not show BBCAN. How long after each show before they are available on you tube?

        1. Yes, we will be doing live feed updates for BBCAN season 2. Most likely we will be posting videos of the live feeds again and possibly the episodes. Either way the episodes are usually posted on youtube anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours later.

  30. I hope Big Brother 16 is better than this year and have people who treat other people with respect and not call them racist,fag andsuch.And I hope they are better housekeepers than this last crew.The only I seen keep some cleaniest is Elissa.These last houseguests could not even take the time to pick up the clothes off the floor or do laundry or even sweep or vacuum.This is my opinion and I am sure others agree.

  31. I hope Marilyn hands Spencer a big fat sandwich when she sees him and tells him to have fun! How can she possibly stay with this pig!

    1. Still HOPING for an ” expect the unexpected ” outcome for this abysmal season……surely a contract clause that was broken ? …….production telling the winner that due to their disgusting conduct on the show they have the right to withdraw the prize money? ( sigh) THROW US A BONE CBS !

  32. I wish Production would say because of the bullying, cursing, racial remarks….there will be no winner this year. I like how the last 3 just keep talking about the evicted house guests…..I guess there are no mirrors in the house…..GM, Spencer and Andy… flash… 3 are far from perfect……no one deserves to win this year

  33. Andy only has one testicle.
    That’s why he’s an angry gay boy whom befriended Captain Red Beard Nut Scratcher.
    Don’t worry Andy, Marilyn is really Spencer’s sister so technically, he’s still available.

    It would be great if on Weds. Night Les MoonBeam comes out on the live show, slaps Julie on her ass and announces due to the outrage from fans and viewers AND sponsors there will be NO WINNER. You may all go home. CBS doesn’t endorse your behavior nor will I stand by and reward any of it. Please leave my studio.

  34. so Amanda, GM, Aaryn and Spencer have lost their jobs….

    anyone else.

    (I need some kind of excitement going into the end here, I mean come on…. give us fireworks)


      1. Things I’d like to see finale night:

        Spencer be hauled off by the cops for being a suspected rapist
        Nick tells Ginamarie that he’s married……….to a guy
        Andy informed by Julie that the test he was worried about came back positive

    1. I don’t think Spencer has lost his job yet. I read that with his union protection the railroad can only do so much until he is able to defend himself in person. My guess is that they will not be able to get him.

      1. Unfortunately that’s true. I have two nephews in the same union. They told me that unless Spencer is arrested and convicted of a crime, he won’t lose his job. But his co-workers may very well make his life pretty miserable when (if) he goes back to work. BTW on one of the live feeds in August Spencer stated that he has been stealing cable for 5 years which is a federal crime. If the cable company chooses to pursue and investigation and this found to be true, his a$$ is grass!

    2. Another website is claiming that some family members of the other houseguests are already getting ready to file lawsuits of slander and defamation against these three, if nothing else, to make them lose any winnings on lawyer fees.

  35. Speaking of nasty sandwiches….

    Q: What do you call a sandwich that has no substance, lacks any meat, and has nothing of added value to make it taste better?
    A: Spencer, GM and Andy

    (or insert your favorite HGs here, really applies to any of them)

  36. I believe outside the house Spencer would even #uck Andy ( no joke). It’s like he’s a closeted sexual predator outside the house, you can hear his disgust and hate for women when he talk and his want to sexually humiliate them. It seems like Spencer has more serious issue’s then we even suspect. I think he’s in need of some immediate help.

  37. I think nick wins americas fav….. he is having alot ofsuccess an noteriety for only being there two weeks just check twitter

  38. I do not want to hear the apologies because it wont be sincere because this is how these guys actually feel about women in real life. GM grow up ! Spencer and Andy and GM go back under the rock you crawled out from or get help for your hate. There are no excuses for this weeks behavior and vulgararity. That train has left the station weeks ago!!! And Allison G …please resign because you must have something on someone at CBS or you would have been and should have been fired like many of the cast you subjected us to this season, or maybe you own the production company so please sell it off to someone who isnt as shameful as you.

  39. Spencer, we are suing you for that nasty comment about sandwiches. Of course, your lawyer told us to get in line. See you in 2018 bro!

  40. About Andy
    One observation: He hasn’t lost his job over Big Brother. His college merely stated that he is not currently employed. He is off for the semester because of Big Brother. Adjunct (part-time) faculty typically do not have long-term contracts. They were semester by semester.

    One question: Has Andy never taken his shirt off on camera? The other guys did. What’s up?

    One fact: Andy does not cuss/swear as much as Gina Marie or Spencer. For that reason, I respect him more.

    1. Andy doesn’t have nipples.
      That’s why he doesn’t take his shirts off
      on camera.
      Leave my fecal freak lover alone.

    2. GM’s mother had an abortion in a gas station toilet while pregnant with GM in her late 40’s.
      GM lived. This explains it all.

  41. Spencer has the nerve to talk about Amanda. Everything that comes out of his mouth is filth after filth. I know she wasn’t an angel but come ooonn, this guy is sick with a twisted mind….Damn dude, stfu already!.

  42. Just have to say that I am watching BB OZ on you tube and although I am only at episode 8 — 1 week in the BB house, am really enjoying the entire production. So different to BB 15. The house is very clean, so far the hgs are getting along, they do not sleep all day and comps have been interesting.

  43. The only way CBS can redeem themselves after this season is to take all 3 cash prizes and donate it to cancer research in brittany’s baby’s name.

  44. Does anything think the producers in the final show will bring up the whole Grasshoppers alliance lie/non-lie and the whole shady as F@CK Judd was MVP/not MVP crap?

  45. GM isn’t any thinner than Amanda, Amanda just isn’t toned. I’m thinking Nick won’t say much about GM until he knows if she is going to win the money or not, sad but probably true…

    1. Ginamarie is definitely in denial…….has she looked in a mirror lately ? She looks like a nasty Times Square hooker with a crack addiction……first time I saw her come in the house I knew she would be attention seeking and a nut job…..she has not disappointed …she has no business criticizing the other girls on their looks…she’s got desperation written all over her face and it ain’t pretty

  46. Help meeee!! I was sat on by Candice , worn by a racist and now I’m stuck in Amanda’s vagina! Aaryn was up there for 98% of the season. Andy’s organ shirt , Elissa’s jewelry and Clownie are also here .

    CBS will donate the winners money to the save a hat foundation and hopefully get me out of here!!!!!

  47. I remember the final three with evel dick & his daughter doing that final comp of standing on a pedestal and holding on to a key hanging from the sky & having to jump over a rabbit rod, while getting ice cold water poured on them! That comp lasted almost 8 hours! This final 3 wouldn’t have lasted 30 min.

  48. Wow, just read an article with Nick Uhas being interviewed…of course they did not bother to bring up any of the mean, vile, racist crap that spewed out of GM’s mouth all season …but rather their ” relationship”….it sounds like he is really gonna go out with her and possibly pursue this ! WTF ? He said he’s been cheering her on ?!?!?

    1. It might just be that Nick is being reeeeaaaallllly careful about what he says right now about GinaMarie – you heard her describe Freddy? He’s ‘mobbed up’, he wears an eye patch, he’s got one leg and he’s been shot and stabbed. Maybe Nick’s just playing along right now so he doesn’t end up ‘swimming with the fishes’.

      1. WOW…I missed the Freddy conversation……I’d be pretty sceerd too if I was Nick….it does not surprise me about her though…she always talks like a mob hit man….” slitting throats” “garrote” Did she really say something abt raping Elissa with a vibrator ?? she is one scary biotch… she has hung around some scary people !

        1. Yeah, she talked about him quite a few times before and said he was stabbed and shot and then Spencer and someone else asked how and she said ‘mob stuff’. Living the life.

  49. Does anyone know if Evel Dick has had any comments about this season or blogging like he did previously? I have a feeling even HE is tuned out.

  50. I am a single mom of three after the death of my husband seven years ago. I rarely spend money on myself due to the cost of raising three kids. I have watched bb since season one and decided this year that I would take what little money I had for myself and get the live feeds. What a waste of money. I couldn’t stand to watch the live feeds and I especially could not stand to listen to them. I have never heard since vile language from men in my life. Makes me afraid for my 14 year old daughter in the future if some men think it is ok to talk this way. I REALLY REALLY hope they are called out on finale night about their vile language. Andy and Spencer are two of the most VILE males ever!!!!! Next year when I have spare money for myself again I bet it won’t be for live feeds. What a waste. Can not stand the idea that any of these three will be getting any money, just disgusting!!!!!! What I don’t understand is why there is no penalty or fine for the disgusting language, name calling, rascist comments, and straight out lies these houseguests sit around and say. Couldn’t they at least get a “don’t say that” or “stop that” from production. Their just SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for letting me vent. Until BB 16!!

  51. Sometime ago someone mentioned that SPERVERT’S father is up for re-election as a judge. Does anyone think that SPERVERT’S behaviour will harm Daddy’s chances for re-election? I imagine that Conway is a small town and possibly people that have had access to the feeds may not be too enamoured of SPERVERT. Will the Judge be judged ( fairly or unfairly ) for Spencer’s actions and will this carry forward to the ballot box?

  52. I can understand some that they are bored but can’t they have some conversations about their real lives. Where have they been, things they have seen, studies they are interested in, books they have read, what they want to do in life? Wow these are some boring people. All they know is sex and vile things to talk about.

    1. This leads me to believe Me that sex and vile talk surrounds their daily lives……..I remember Evel Dick being interviewed by TMZ and he told them what the HG say outside of the house is probably much worse than what they say inside the house !

  53. I can’t believe on BBAD Andy and GM are talking about how they are going to take each other to final 2. I’m looking at Andy’s face and something is telling me that he is lying. I think whoever wins part 3 is going to take Spencer, especially GM, she has a much better chance of beating Spencer than Andy.

  54. Just can not wait for it to be over!!!!!!!!!! It just makes me sick that any of these three will end up with any money!!!! Pervert Spencer and Ratbastard Andy make me want to vomit every time they open their mouths. I made sure I voted for Ellsse for AFP so I can see Andy “just die” and Spencer “crap on stage”. I hope she wins by a landslide and CBS announces that as well. The winner this year will just be the top of the worst to ever be in a BB final three, and soon to be soon forgotten. All three of them are just NASTY people.


    1. If Andy wins , bb should be boycotted ! The things he has said about Elissa are disgusting and he said more about her tonight on after dark, vile obvious lies about her being seen in the hall and him walking in on her often , I turned it off . He is garbage .He and Spencer have attempted to damage her every way Andy can think of ! CBS , Elissa is a mother and has behaved like a lady ,DO SOMETHING !

  56. I doubt very seriously that any these rotten people, family or friends are surprised by their behavior. They probably, didn’t expect them to go as far as they did with their poor and vile behavior. These people let ALL of America see what type of people they are.

  57. Ok so watching bbad tonight. Wow I guess the little rat really thinks the bubby act was to save him. Won’t he be surprised to find out amanda was more worried about keeping Aaryn- bubby was not for you it was to get rid of gm and keep both you 3 am alliance people. What a complete narcissist he his. Hey rat we are not living in your world, you are living in ours. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!! Time for you to get a reality check. Jeez.

  58. andy is gay? spencer is a ped**ile? GM is an obsessed crazed racist? the cbs producer who cast this group thinks here comes honey boo boo should be getting a emmy….I could go to the local half way house and cast a group with better morals

  59. Ellisa nailed it. These people are so disgusting. I am from Arkansas and I cannot even want Spencer to win. He has been such an embarrassment to our state. Please know most Arkansans do NOT act or talk like him. He obviously comes from a very trashy background. I know his parents are proud and Marilyn, run for your life!

  60. The end of this disgusting season is almost over. hope RAT ANDY LOSES. Hope all 3 get BOOOed coming out of the house. They think they are so loved. Cant wait for REAL reality to hit them right between the Eyes. Andy wont be obsessing about Elissa then. Thank Simon and DAWG for all that you have done this season. You guys are great.

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