“The game is gaming.. Sh1t happened last week it was eye opening the game is gaming” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation -> Veto will be used Cameron will be nominated and likely evicted however a Flip could happen.

1:30 am Jag and MEME
They are talking about what happened on Thursday with all the fake alliances getting exposed. There was alliances on both sides they didn’t know about. MEME didn’t know about 7 deadly sins and Jag didn’t know about 4 real for real.
Jag – One of the eye openings things.. the fact that we didn’t know about this.
MEME – I’ve spent the last couple days processing.. What does movement forward look like for me.
Jag – This whole season I was thinking why am I such a big target what did I do?
Jag – all this time people have iced me out why are people continuing to you know> Why am I in this position. That is what ‘ve been feeling throughout this season. So the revealing of everything. So much of my narrative which has been pushed around by a lot of folks in the house. I had nothing to do with. A lot of things after having conversations I hear that ohh you are in so many alliances. YOu can’t be trusted, You lie all the time, you are manipulative, you aren’t loyal.
Jag – all these crazy things I was like.. do you have an example? It was all hearsay.
Jag – it feels a little bit different.. A little bit cruel. Bro why is my a%% getting bullied out here.
Jag brings up scenarios about “people” that work with Corey and Jag they tell Shit about Jag to Corey and shit about COrey to Jag.
Jag – it just seemed like a very calculated just the feeling of being in that position and finding out what people were told and they didn’t want to believe.
MEME says she never woke up in the BB house and was planning on deliberate lying.
They talk about the “Policing” that was going around the house in the beginning of the game when Izzy was still around.
Jag – it has been a strange and Eye opener experience. Why are people being targeted or scapegoated..
They start talking about people that strong arm you. Feeds flip to sleeping America. When we’re back
Jag – I truly thought I was working with both of them on the block and so for me I was like Ahh I don’t know what I should do. As information.. as we learn more information I was like what the f***
Jag – knowing my name was going around so much for me I was just surviving. I know the moment I f**ing say something against..
The bring up all the tiptoeing that is going on.
MEME laughs “Bowie Jane has PTSD”
Jag – the game is gaming.. Shit happened last week it was eye opening the game is gaming.. Like I don’t know.. i don’t know man
Jag – I’m trying to figure out who to trust and who to move forward with.
Jag – here’s the thing unless new sh1t happens the old sh1t is going to happen again. that is the natural course.
Jag – I really do feel like Yeah if we don’t do something about that.. fool me once.. fool me twice well then that is the second time. I deserve to go home you deserve to go home.
MEME – I feel like I had just been thrusted into a position where the people I think I could trust I can’t so now I need to think about who moving forward I can trust. Fool me once ok.. Fool me twice I don’t have the luxury to be in a position where I can be fooled twice.

Meme – I feel like to another point I hadn’t been able to or hesitate about working with people.. you and whoever..
Jag – it would be useful for us to clear the air. What things are you apprehensive about when it comes to working with me?
MEME – right now there’s isn’t anything strong
Jag – you are someone I can trust. I haven’t been burned by you.
MEME – mmhmmm
Jag – maybe that’s a shitty reason but that is a reason. I’ve been burned by other people.
MEME says she was being fed all these lies about Jag, “He lies.. he can’t be trusted, Yadda yadda”
Jag – I don’t know who you are close with. There was the fours people that were in all the alliances. I don’t know how close you are with them. For me that’s scary. With me working with you how close to feel with them moving forward?
MEME – to be 100% honest my trust is very very very very very minimal if not depleted at this point.
MEME – this is still a game so I can’t be weird.
Jag – we have to play the game.
MEME – frankly I feel like based on my personality I’m not a person you should feel you can lie to I will decide what I want to do I don’t want to be left in the dark.
Jag says he’s in a similar boat with the folks he felt burned by says the trust is very minimal.
MEME – who do you feel closest to now?
Jag – now I feel closest to MATT, he was burned in the same way. Because of this there was two sides that have formed. I feel like I can trust Corey and America. I feel like you are someone I can trust or want to trust moving forward. Blue is someone that I feel like I can trust. The thing that comes up with that is the proximity (to jared) you know what I mean?
Jag – there’s Bowie, I haven’t had any talks like this with. Has she given me any reason to not trust her? Not really.
Jag – after wednesday people found out about the vote flip which led to that meeting and from what I know Bowie Jane may have played a roll in that. I can’t confirm that is what I heard.
MEME – I heard the same thing.
Jag says he heard Bowie told Cirie that the vote was flipping Thursday morning which led to the meeting in the have nots.
MEME says the person she feels closest to is Felicia. MEME adds that Felicia didn’t really know what happened on Thursday but she is now realizing she was burned.
MEME says most of her relationship with Felicia was on a personal level, she didn’t know about Felicia’s game.
MEME – I really like Corey and America. THey’ve always been honest with me.
Jag – moving forward what are you thinking?
MEME says she’s up for working with people that she hasn’t been close with before. “Just based on what happened recently maybe these are the people I can trust”
MEME says Felicia thought she had the votes to stay prior to Wednesday.

2:33 am Felicia joins them. She wants to know about how the vote went down last week.
Jag goes over the details of the vote flip last week. He brings up they found out that 7 deadly sins was being leaked. At that point he felt it was important to keep Felicia over Izzy.
Jag – Matt was onboard I was onboard and there was others.
Jag says the plan they had was to keep Felicia, The plan for Jared and Cirie was to evict Felicia.
Felicia – the sure votes I thought I had weren’t the sure votes.
Jag – from the meeting I had you did not have them..
Felicia – I appreciate you guys being in my corner. It makes it hard moving forward.
Jag – it’s a lot to sort through.

They hug. Felicia thanks him again.
Felicia says Matt came to her and told her Wednesday that he thinks she has the votes but it’s not who she thinks it is.
Felicia heads to bed.

2:50 am They talk about Felicia piecing everything together
MEME – I rock with Matt, Matt is my guy.
MEME – Bowie is just Bowie I don’t have a lot of game talks with her.
Jag – Bowie is just going to rock with the votes..
They agree Bowie will just vote with the majority but there may be times when she is the deciding vote so it would be useful to have something with Bowie.
Jag – how does next week look for you if you get HOH do you know?
MEME says she doesn’t know.
Jag – there’s a sense there’s a BIG Shot to take. You want to make sure people have your back.
Jag says if she’s looking to make a big move next week he would have her back and he hopes she would have his.
MEME – Yup
MEME – do other people feel the same way about taking that shot? (The shot is Cirie and Jared)
MEME – I don’t know what other people’s vibes are.
Jag says his gut tell him Corey and America are not scared to take that shot.
Jag – who is the threat that you ideally want out?
a long pause
MEME – Umm… it’s hard to say there’s two interchangeable threats.
Jag – to be clear are we talking about Jared and Cirie?
MEME – yeah
Jag – let’s pretend the target is Jared. You put up Jared and Cirie.
Jag asks if Veto is played who would be the replacement? MEME doesn’t know.
Jag says next week there’s 4 votes to evict. He says all she needs is Matt, Corey, America and himself to evict JAred or Cirie.
Jag – have either of them tried to approached you and be like OHH we’re solid.. you know what I mean?
MEME – not since it happened.
Jag – that’s interesting. I’m surprised they haven’t. I feel like there was scrambling going on where they tried to cover their basses.
Jag – maybe they feel like you are good with them.
Jag says Cameron is talking crazy “He made a pitch. He was like I am for hire at this point.. Essentially contracts. Brother Described himself as a hired gunslinger.. that is what he said”
Jag – part of me was damn that’s cool.. Bro he ways saying I’m a for hire gunslinger.. Bro was so cocky he was talking like he already won next week HOH, dude was so crazy. Ohh you can have my HOH snacks.. I’ll put up whoever.
Jag – He’s talking like he’s already won the HOH

5:00 am zzzzzz

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Queen Catia

This ridiculous mess that is BB25…it looks like Cameron is gonna go but I am gonna hold out hope until the final count. I believe the best move these HG’s can make is to vote out Cody and keep Cameron. The best move is to leave the noms the same but it seems that Jag is dead set on using it…sigh!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, vote Corey out, Corey was used as a spy for Cirie.

America is tougher than Corey will ever be.

I’d love it if Cam actually stayed safe this week, work with the other side of the house against Cire, Jared and Felicia.

Wishful thinking, Jag & Matt are too afraid to make a big move like this, they worry about upsetting Cirie, Jared and Felicia. I can’t believe Jag has any trust in Blue, Jag is lost.


I agree

BB long term watcher

Jag is more than 2 faced, his alignment with different groups is like being on a merry go round. Funny that he is indigent with Cameron who has basically trusted the wrong people.


I hope Mecole really is going to target Jared/Cirie should she actually win HOH this Thursday (either by design or it is a fluke win like Aaryn from Season 15’s double eviction) but Idk if she would have the ladyballs to do it…

Game fan

not sure what she really feels . i think she is suss on them but do feel closer to them than to most people. getting them out now, would be very bad for her personal game.


meme has no incentive to win hoh. she’s on no one’s radar and can just coast for a few more evictions. bowie will go up as a pawn before meme ever sees the block, and once bowie goes up is meme’s cue to start playing.

BB long term watcher

Meme has no game plan and she is only there because this group is dumb.


I didn’t know Meme was still in the house! LOL!


Who is this Meme?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I like that Jag and Meme talked, I really do want someone other than Jared, Cirie & Felicia having such a strong influence on what happens in the house. I’m a little nervous putting trust in Jag & Matt again, they are both Floaters, they float to whoever has the power.

I want to have faith, I’d love to see Jag, Matt, America, Corey, America & Bowie, team up against Cirie’s squad. Bowie has to stop passing information over to Cirie or Felicia. Bowie should be kept in the dark, only give her information right before the vote. All Bowie wants is to make it to Jury, she said that when she entered the house, never mentioned winning.

I am so desperate to see some good game play from the other side, I’m willing to give Jag & Matt the benefit of doubt one more time, believe maybe this time they will actually play the game, make moves, stop being afraid to go against Jared & Cirie.

Jared cannot play in the HOH this week, I also doubt very seriously Cirie or Felicia will win HOH if it’s not something based solely on luck or chance.

Double Eviction, let things change this week, I’m tired of listening to Jared bitch and moan, walk around the house with crap on his head, act like he’s the king of the castle, Jared in the D/R ” Ya Boy WonYa Boy this or that ” Jared thinks those of us watching BB love him.

Jared is an idiot, if those of us watching the show loved him so much, why didn’t we vote for him to have a chance to win the special power Matt won ? I am ready to see Jared on the block, I’d love if America or Corey can be the one to put him on the block.

During the Double eviction, I hope America wins HOH, puts Jared and Cirie up, America or Corey win the Veto, they do not use it, they vote Jared out. No more letting Cirie’s squad run the house, their physical player has been Evicted, Jared is in Jury house. Cirie is on her own.

The house won’t have the disadvantage of a Mother & Son team in the house, hopefully they flip the house, send Blue out next, Blue & Bro, Brah, whatever can be together in the Jury house alone (Yuck).

Keep Cirie & Felicia, use them as pawns for the next couple of weeks, let’s see how much they enjoy being put up on the block every week. Let’s watch them turn on each other each time one of them is on the the block.

Game fan

they went against them.. they took out izzy.
and they want to BD jared but they preffer cory and america to do it.
they did no wrong to matt and he isnt a target for them.. so it make sence he isnt
so excited to pull the trigger himself. he (matt) can actually benefit from jared still being a shield while getting out meme or felicia (even blue. i dont believe she is loyal) . keeps him in the middle of it all. for jag- he thinks he is in the middle but isnt. he shouldnt throw.
for matt- its the right thing


Meme should have been working with Cory to begin with!!!