“The four of you guys need to work together to f**k him up! I don’t want him to win this! NOT AT ALL!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:24pm Comic Bedroom – Meme and Felicia.
Meme – are you okay? Felicia – Mmmmhmmmmm.. Meme – Mess that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Felicia – that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. I wanted to say that to Jag and Matt just like you guys be a fool if you want to if you guys don’t take his (Cameron) a$$ out next week… he is going all the way to then end. You have to recognize that. GET HIM GONE! The four of you guys need to work together to f**k him up! Meme – Huh. Well we’ll see what they say. Felicia – RIGHT! And they might go right upstairs and tell him and if they do shame on them. SHAME ON THEM! They really crazy if they go do that! I mean I don’t care because I will stand and say that sh*t in front of him. I don’t want him to win this! NOT AT ALL! I don’t care what he has done in competitions .. he has no people skills what so ever. He thinks he does but he doesn’t. He got his a$$ up and came in because he was afraid of what I might say in the house. His instincts are good. I can’t stand him. That is the first person I’ve said .. I literally can’t stand him. He will never walk his a$$ through my front door. Meme – who child! Felicia – I am trying to figure out your guys path.. next week he cannot play and if you can .. if somebody win veto other than him. Jag or Matt need to win veto and put his a$$ in the chair and send him home. Once he gone.. you guys can take this to the end.. get rid of Cory and America .. get rid of Bowie Jane.. I think your best partner honestly is Matt. I do wonder if he is going to slowly undermine you.. to a certain extent. Jag is still .. but I think if you guys get into a final four and then its just HOH and veto wins.. and you got the where with all to make that happen. Meme – I can’t believe I didn’t win that today. They talk about the comp. Meme – I was in there on a war path. BB switches the feeds. Felicia – he does not want me in the jury house. I want you gone because I don’t want you to sway jury votes. Girl what the f**k is that. And no more battle backs. Meme – it will be a double before its a battle back. Felicia – I would give anything to sit in the final two chairs with his a$$ and beat him. No actually I wouldn’t because I don’t want him sitting there sh*t! F**k all that! I want him to get gone.. next week. He ain’t bringing Matt, Jag or you.. he will bring a Bowie Jane. Felicia thinks Cameron will take Matt, Bowie Jane and America to the movie.

8:30pm Hammock – Cory and Blue.
Cory – at this point do you think its even worth a backdoor (Next week to get Cam out)… because odds are he is going to play. Its 6 of 9 people and it would end up being a 50/50 shot. Which it still might be worth it. Blue – that’s a good question. I think .. maybe for next week a backdoor is still an option.. Cory – it could be a 50/50 shot… and it would be a little better than that. 6 names in it, he is one of them… Blue – I would do Meme and Bowie.. because they’re both good competitors to an extent. Cory – I would do the exact same noms. I f**k with Cirie a lot .. and walk away from it feeling like a million bucks. That’s just how she is. I am really not concerned about that. Blue – me neither. Cory – especially with Meme …she has proven to be a hell of a competitor. Blue – I thought the exact same thing. BB switches the feeds. Blue – I would probably do Meme and Bowie situation. If they stay the same then, Meme got to go. Cory – yeah that works for me. Blue – and then if one of them takes themselves down .. that would be the ideal situation.. then Cameron goes up.

8:52pm Storage room – Matt and Jag.
Matt picks up the condoms – just what I’ve been needing. Jag – they really stocked up! Why? (America and Cory) Matt – why are they stocking it up on that. Blue and Jared maybe? Jag – ahhhhh… Matt – but not anymore. Jag – but why are they stocking up like THAT?! Matt – what do you mean? Jag – why would they stock up unless people are using them? BB switches the feeds.

9:22pm- 9:35pm Comic Bedroom – Jag, Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – I wish he had put me on the block next to anyone but Meme. You don’t know how bad I want to get further in this game and f**k up his game! I want to win HOH next week and put his a$$ on the block and stare at him for a whole damn 7 days! I am telling you guys strategize and find your path and don’t make your path be with him because he is going to cut your throat. Cicie – what are you looking at me for? Jag – what the f**k how did I get in on this. Felicia – Don’t make no deals with him.. he is not going to follow through. He already told me he don’t trust nobody in the damn house. So whatever he saying he is lying, cheating and stealing .. next week when he can’t play HOH is the only reason why he is acting how he is acting. And once he get past that so that he can win again.. he getting ready to slice again. So when you have the opportunity next week you better take it because you’re not going to get it again. I am telling you because by then he will have cut who can’t beat. Felicia – I am just trying to figure out what made ya’ll decide that I need to go. Cirie – what do you mean all you decide. We haven’t made any decision. You got on the block yesterday.

10:10pm – 10:40pm Comic Bedroom – Meme, Felicia, Jag and Matt are studying the days / events of the season.

11:10pm Backyard – Cory, Bowie, Jag and Matt
They’re sitting around chatting about random things.

11:12pm Kitchen – Blue talking about missing Jared.
Blue – I am very fortunate to have people that love and support me in this house but damn its sucks not having you here.. boring but I didn’t come to Love Island I came to Big Brother.

11:20pm – 11:30pm Bathroom – Blue and Cirie.
Blue – Meme and I had a conversation .. I have been telling her how I feel about Cory. And she has been reciprocating pretty well too. I think if she were to win next week she would probably put Cory and America up. Cirie – oh wow. Blue – but I don’t know.. because I know she was kind of on a Jag train maybe like last week or a few weeks ago. Matt is pretty on board to get Cory out. Cirie – what about Jag? Blue – that’s the one.. I think he wants to keep Cory as long as possible but you know. Cory is fully on this get Cameron next week which like is good but I am kind of like as long as Cameron is here he could take a shot at people. And as long as Matt and Jag are here they will take a shot at Cameron where as I necessarily can’t. I am trying to navigate that extremely carefully.

11:34pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Felicia – I need you, Matt, Jag and Blue. Do you think I can work that. Cirie – They’re so far up Cameron’s a$$.. they’re going to be too scared. I heard you say don’t make no deals but had they made deals already? Felicia – it don’t matter because he can’t play next week. And I can help them with a couple votes down the road to get rid of these two right here (Cory and America). Cirie – I don’t know about Jag .. it might work on Matt. Felicia – yeah. I really wish .. I am so mad that he sat me next to Meme.. I hate in order for me to stay, she has to go but I also know the he doesn’t think she is no threat at all. She is just a number for him. Its a waste to come for her. He is going to battle to get my a$$ out of here. And I am going to be in his face the whole damn time.

11:50pm Havenot room – Blue and Matt.
They’re talking about how Cameron won 4 competitions in a row. Blue – I really want to win. I hope. If its the slip n’ slid I am gunning for the HOH. America is going to go for the 5k. If its slip n’ slid its going to be me, you and Jag. So there’s HOH, 5k and Safety. You could take the 5K, Jag could take safety and I could take the HOH. Matt – we just have to beat America and Cory. Blue – but convincing Jag to go for safety will be hard especially if he doesn’t think going for Cory would be a good move.

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Felicia, you put other people on the block…. you should understand how they feel. So stop acting like this.


Nobody in the house gives a rat’s ass what Felicia says, she’s on her way out. She has no clout telling people what to do…as if they take orders from her (cuz she hates Cam). As the saying goes: Bye Felicia
(Don’t let the door hit ‘ya on the way out)

Queen Catia

Dear Felicia,
You are not the boss of BB25!


Well Felicia has started, she’s one pissed off bitter person right now.

Funny how she was so happy and didn’t give a damn when Cam was on his way out, but now Cam was suppose to be nice to her, let her make it to jury, put Cirie up.

Felicia needs to go, she’s just passed that Cam has all of the power now, Felicia only has Meme working with her, Cirie is sitting pretty, and she’s not going to ruin her game for Felicia.


True. But from day 1 I have wanted Cirie out


Blue is another person who’s all talk, she smiles in Corey & America’s face, and talks crap behind their backs to Jag & Matt.

Blue wants Corey & America out, Corey needs to be careful what he shares with Blue, matter of fact, all of them need to watch what they share with Blue.


My usual Saturday night flipping streaming channels come upon Big Brother Live Feeds and at first I am ecstatic that Cameron won POV sticking to his plan sending Felicia out the door with no coin because she won’t spread her vitriol of sore losing in the jury house. THEN I hear Cameron talking to Matt. Talking about how Cory is too comfortable. That Cory “thinks” too much and how he needs to go maybe be back doored. My stomach DROPS. Come on Cameron stop looking up womens skirts and do your one job. Evict Felicia. Evict Meme. Evict Blue. Evict Cirie. Leave Cirie last so she knows how messed up of a lack of game player she never was. I want to see her fall apart and blame everyone else except the true reason of her failing which is her and her bag-O-rocks-4-brains son. Come on Cameron stop using your hat to hide the fact you are lusting after America it is so obvious.


Just WOW! What a vindictive, nasty woman.


At this point I expect Felicia will be wearing that white robe on eviction night talking to Julie

Spot ON

If that’s the case, I hope she doesn’t try to do her Basic Instinct act on my TV screen. I’ll vomit.


She’ll probably have a couple lbs of wings and steaks hidden in her bag, as well as some snacks, the name brand ones, not that kroger brand stuff.

Another Dixie

Poor Felicia. If she played her own game as well as she thinks she can play everyone else’s, she might get somewhere. Personally, I wish Cameron would take her off the block & put Cirie up next to Meme. Might be kind of interesting to see who gets sent home. Oh, never mind. Those lemmings would send Meme home.

Gan ainm

If I may borrow that tinfoil hat for a moment, Cam is not stupid, right? Cirie is liked and connects to everyone, her skill is lying and manipulating people into thinking she genuinely cares about them on a personal level. So in jury would she advocate for anyone to win over Cam? Of everyone in the house Cam has been least susceptible to Ciries’s superpower. But my question is would production ever allow Cirie to not make it to jury?I don’t think for a second Cam will backdoor her but would that even be an option?

Wade F

Felicia is the one you want in the jury house. I would not be surprised if he saves felicia this week.

Spot ON

You could be right. FELICIA has an axe to grind against CIRIE, and she can easily put away that axe in jury to advocate for CAM.

Not Jasons Holly

Let her talk and be vindictive. Come veto ceremony, Cameron saves Felicia! Hahaha she would need to start eating crow (whatever that means)! Replace with Cirie or Corey, or Blue! I know the minions would never vote out Cirie. They might vote out Corey or Blue though. Who really knows at this point.

Spot ON

“Let her talk and be vindictive. Come veto ceremony, Cameron saves Felicia! Hahaha she would need to start eating crow”

Actually, that would be a great move for CAM to make, and a reason to use MUMMA FE to advocate for him in jury. IMAGINE her pitch in jury about how wrong she was about CAM, and what a great and deserving guy he really is, and how he deserves to WIN because he EARNED it on merits. Imagine THAT!

Spot ON

” So in jury would she advocate for anyone to win over Cam?”

That’s CAM’S dilemma.

EVERYONE has witnessed that CIRIE is VINDICTIVE, RESENTFUL, MALICIOUS, SPITEFUL, AND RETALIATORY. She will take all of her “assets” to jury, and will advocate FOR ANYONE, BUT CAM for having being responsible for kicking improperly raised POO out the door.

Game fan

Didn’t you watch the show? Jared got rid of cam , cam was warning Jared , CORY is the one cirie is dying to get revenge for. Cory was the one who put Jared OTB.

Gan ainm

Next week Cam will be in a similar position as Cory, relying on Matt and Jag. That’s not a good place to be. The question is are any of these houseguests going to try to win HOH? Maybe Cory America or Blue will try-ish or Meme now that she’s been on the block otherwise someone will have to win by default. So far Cam seems to be the only one who wants to be HOH.

Spot ON

“Next week Cam will be in a similar position as Cory, relying on Matt and Jag. That’s not a good place to be.”


Next week could be the week of THE KNIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES for CAM. So he better stand guard 24/7. We’ve already seen JAG take a stab at CAM after making promises. He’ll do it again. Can’t understand the appeal for JAG. And MATT is another slithering uncommitted a**h*** that will take a stab by hiring someone to do it.

CAM should utilize the HATE that exists between the two camps (CIRIE, BLEW, and FELICIA), AND (CORY, MATT, and JAG) to advance his cause, but we’ll see.


Felicia is flipping out. So she realizes that her time is up and she just wants to make everyone else feel as miserable as she does. Someone should really remind her that she is making herself look like a jealous, vengeful, ugly person ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!

Cam for AFP !!


Cam for AFP definitely. When he wins I can’t wait to see the faces of the others — especially Felicia’s (tee hee).

Spot ON

” Someone should really remind her (FELICIA) that she is making herself look like a jealous, vengeful, ugly person ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!”

There are no worries where there is NO SHAME.


Cirie looking after Jared2.0(Blue) cause baby girl looks PREGNANT!!!

Felicia’s crusty feet

They can name the baby girl “ Kenzie” too


I don’t like her much but I think it may be just enough to not wish that on her. Can you imagine what it would be like from just the way he treated her in the house?
I wonder how many BB babies have been made during the history of the show. Anybody know?


Bailey got pregnant and shortly after had a miscarriage on bb20. Pretty sure that’s it as far as we know for sure.


Will someone pls. answer the following:
Is Jag and Matt honestly with Cam, or are they conning him ??

Carlito's Way

I think they are with him and keeping him as a meat shield until they are not. Probably until Cory is out.


Live Feeds are the absolute WORST!
Every other week I watch and get disgusted to not watch anymore. If they get rid of Cory and leave Felicia I can’t watch the show. Felicia is a bulldog bully and her in that house getting extra money in jury house is rewarding bad behavior. Cameron’s real reason for getting out Cory is to go up America’s skirt. Trying to get ratings up is the fastest way to make ratings plummet because Cirie, Felicia, Meme,Blue are horrible stinky people who don’t wash their a$$. Cameron showing his worst side as a schemer while lusting after America’s body and wants Cory out to get clear shot.


Oooops I just re-read my comment to wonder why all thumbs down if people REALLY want to keep Felicia over Cory and I realized that my autocorrect put “wash” when I meant to say WATCH
Oh my did it make me laugh! Maybe subconsciously I meant wash instead….
I still stand by my comment on Felicia not deserving extra money for being in jury house and Cameron just wanting America’s tail. Cory doesn’t HAVE to go this week.

Spot ON

” Cameron showing his worst side as a schemer while lusting after America’s body and wants Cory out to get clear shot”

Isn’t that ironic?? That the only pale, “pasty”, and “short” guy in the house is the one who’s getting a piece of a**?

Just The Truth

Felicia change your name to Karen.

Not Jasons Holly

Felicia forgets everything she did to Cameron or what she said about and to him. Remember she asked him not to use the veto on himself?! She thought she was slick saying it’s Red’s birthday, use it on him! She has wanted him out since the beginning.

She also forgets Cameron was up against his best friend in the house! There’s a lot Cameron has had to endure in the game. Felicia is bitter just as Cameron has said…to her face. He seems to tell people straight up how he feels about them. When he promises safety, he has kept his word, so far.

I will vote Cameron for AFP.


100% Cameron AFP !

Not Jasons Holly

Felicia is sitting alone in the backyard sulking. Felicia does her laundry then goes inside to pick up a dish. Cirie asks how was it? She says “Good!” Meme, Cirie, Matt & Jag are in the kitchen with Felicia. Felicia is bad mouthing Cameron when Cameron comes inside. Felicia leaves the room to sulk in the Comic bedroom. Meme goes to check on her. Felicia says no one wants to hang out with her!

Uhm… she’s the one sitting off by herself. And, when people do come around, she’s bitter and unpleasant to be around. Matt & Jag’s faces when she was spewing hate were lik two little kids being reprimanded.


Felicia is such a sore loser. Does she not understand the nature of this game and the odds of getting voted out? I can’t believe how indignant she is – she is in disbelief that people want her gone. It seems like there’s a consensus that no one wants her in the jury house and she’s proving the point.

Another Dixie

It would be different if she had actually done something to get her farther but no, she had to ride on someone else’s coattails. The only person she should be condeming is herself.


Exactly !!


She thinks she deserves to make it to the end…such bullcrap !! She’s one of the *least* deserving for f*ck sake. Felicia, read my lips — bye bye Bonzo.


Umm, hey Blue. You would never have made it on Love Island.


I really can’t stand blue. She thinks she will win slip n slide? I can’t wait to see her fall on her ass repeatedly. I wish Cory would wake up n realize he needs to nom blue and cerie.

The Beef

It’s hilarious really. She talks about winning that comp, and then immediately begins to try and “negotiate” the win by having her chief competition “go” for other things (America – $5k, Jag – Safety, Matt – again, she suggest he go for the $5k). She’s thinking Cam can’t compete, Cirie is no competition, and I guess she believes Meme and Bowie are just road kill. I don’t know how she thinks she’s going to beat Cory, unless as usual, Cory will be throwing another comp, because he’s “feeling comfortable”.

Comp wins to date?

Kirsten – 0
Luke – 0
Izzy – 0
Blue – 0
America – 0
Bowie – 0
Meme – 0
Cirie – 0
Reilly – 1
Felicia – 1 (random)
Red – 1
Cory – 1
Matt – 2 (1 special)
Jag – 2
Jared – 3 (2 default, 1 3rd place, but higher finishers chose to let him keep veto)
Hisam – 3
Cam – 7 (2 Zombie wins to return to the house)