Cameron – “I can do whatever the F*** I want”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Looks like Cam wants to backdoor Corey. There’s enough push back from Jag and Matt to put the plan on ice for now..

12:55 am Corey, Jag, Cam, America and Matt have been chatting in the have nots.
After COrey, Jag and America leave.
Cam – they are nervous they are f***ing nervous.. They wanted me to leave so they can talk to you.
Cam says he knows Jag is pitching for them to let Corey go after Blue and Blue go after Corey but “Corey don’t want Blue, Corey wants ME”
Cam – if Corey is gone next week we gane BLUE
Matt – true.
Cam – We get Felicia out and we make our point that she doesn’t make it to the jury house but I think she’s about to run her mouth into the ground over the next two days.
Matt – ohh yeah he is
Cam – she’s going to show herself. The benefits of getting Corey out this week is we bust up the biggest duo. The smartest player in this game is gone. Felicia the loudest mouth stays in. People want to get rid of her. Blue comes to our side. America is left in the wind she’ll be forced to either go to Blue or the competitors. We don’t gain Felicia but she stays in the house as a target. We can beat her we can beat Cirie.
Cam says if they get rid of Corey this week Jag and Matt have no competition for the HOH.
Cam – if we play this mother f***er like the fugitives would play it this is what we’ll f***ing do.
Cam – this wasn’t a hasty decisions we know the guys has got to go.
Cam – america would cut my throat tomorrow if she felt like it all because Corey told her to.
Cam – how about we make the first move.. I’m tired of him.
Cam – we all know Felicia wants to take us all out but Corey has a plan. I can’t let him take advantage of that.
Cam is certain if Corey wins HOH next week he’s going to be the target.
Cam – this is the call man.
Matt – I’m down with it. Tell Jag he’ll have some input.
Cam – the only decision we’ll be making here is Felicia is in the Jury. The jury vote won’t matter if we don’t make it to the end.
Cam – I’m going to drink my last beer and go to bed. I hope Jag goes for this. This is a HELL Of a move, Very beneficial to us. Keep the three of us safe, America is left in the wind, Blue comes to our side and now we got Bowie.


1:10 am Cam, Matt and Jag
Cam – I will not make a move on anything that we don’t agree on. I told Matt this and he said we gotta talk to you. I will not make a move that you don’t agree with. I know for a fact that mother f**Er is coming after me.
Cam – we all know that little brainiac mother f**er is going to run this b1tch if we leave him in this house with his little sidekick. I do not want Felicia in that Jury but I will take the gamble to get his a$$ out of this house right now. She’s annoying she’s going to shot herself in the foot over the course of the next two days. We’re going to let her believe she is leaving then I will pull her off that damn block and put Corey up next to MEME.
Cam – COrey will go home and we will get out the smartest sharpest player in this house and the F***ing fugitives will roll over everyone that is here.
Jag – hmm.. damn damn… you think he’s coming after you next week?
Jag – I don’t actually think that.
Cam goes on about this america is telling Bowie how much she and Corey like Cam. They know Bowie is close to him and will come back to tell cam this.
Cam – they are scheming like they did with JAred.
Cam thinks Cory is Gathering the votes by getting close to Felicia and Cirie to come after him and the fugitives.
Cam – Matt what do you think?
Jag – A worry I have. what happens with Corey gone and I feel there’s already a BLue, MEMe, Felicia and America.. thing that would happen.
Cam – that would happen regardless.. if we left COrey in here they would have a corey. If we take Corey out they have a Felicia.
Jag – that’s happening but I still.. mmmmmmm…
Matt says that group will form with Corey gone and come after them.
Jag – Corey is more honest with me than he is with Blue. What he says to Blue is probably what Blue wants to hear.
Matt – Corey does want to target BLue
Blue joins them for a bit.
Cam is saying if Corey is in the house he will build an army.
Cam – we have the ability to pull Bowie. that’s four. We can pull Blue or America. We can have a majority to move forward but with im in the house we don’t have America
Matt – Blue won’t leave Cirie’s side
Cam – Then we will take Cirie next I don’t care
Jag – there is a shot we need to take at him eventually. I still.. My gut is telling me it’s an early shot.
Cam – we’re going down to 9 people
Jag – we’re still good next week and the week after.
Cam – this dude is locked up
Jag and Matt are not hyped with taking Corey out.
Cam – if we don’t agree on it as a three I will drop it.
Cam says Felicia is going to sink her game in the next day or two “She will shoot herself in her foot and be a shield for us the remainder of time in this house. America will flutter in the wind like a little lost bird. Blue will run to Felicia and Cirie, MEME is going to keep Doing hair and whatever benefits MEME, Bowie will stick to us like white on rice.
Cam – we’re going to compete our asses off and roll this house. That guy right there.. is playing this entire game from the seat.. We know he needs to go we’re only talking about when that needs to happen.
Jag – For me .. the thing I’m thinking about. he needs to go is it this week or next week
Cam – we got him in the crosshairs right now.
Jag says that style of gameplay feels more dangerous. “We need to continue to talk about it this will be a gamble for you if you truly think he is gunning after you”
Cam – follow me. You two are against it but I talked to Blue so we’re not drawing that line… Lets make someone like blue think it’s her decision lets lat someone like Bowie in on the deal. So we’re not drawing the line when we make the call we’re drawing the line before and saying we want you on this side.
Jag is going on about a social game and being able to maneuver. He adds that the three of them have more influence than Corey.
Jag – there’s three of us here and I believe the three of us have more influence than one individual.
Jag says if they can get the Blue Versus America fight going they can step back and allow that to happen.
Jag – none of them have what it takes without our support to take a shot at us.
Cam – He’s going to be the leader of the army
Feeds flip again… Pretty much JAg and Matt don’t want to Backdoor Corey and cameron does.
Jag – Corey made it clear that he would not have taken a shot against JAred unless me and you were on board.
Cam – this is what you are pitching me. We gamble on the corey and Blue situation and we gamble on ourselves as social players. I am gambling on the two of you to have eyes and ears in case someone is coming after me.
Cam – What I would be doing by not taking this very wide open shot .. by not taking it I am putting a lot of trust in you guys. I will be extremely mad if it goes in a opposite direction.
CAm – if we are really serious about this three.. we are at a Y in the road right now. Any direction will work for us it’s how we will maneuver. Do we want to set up as the f***ing three that are going after this dude. HE will be the leader of the army. OR do we want to try our hands with making the most relationships.
Cam says this late in the game they aren’t going to change anyone’s perspective and opinions. “We are the guys that do the stuff.. we are the guys they need to leave this game”

Cam – we’re not going to make a solid decision right now.. what we are doing right now is you see my perspective and I see yours This is good this is what a team does.
Jag – they have a lot of qualms about each other. Corey and America are suss about Blue, Blue is suss about them. If takes not much for them to be like F** that. They don’t feel suss about Cam. They feel scared that eventually cam can take a shot.
Matt points out that no where in Corey and America’s target list is Cam for the short term.
Cam – we have the possibility to do a big game move leaning towards not doing that. I’m with that I feel. The next day and a half will be telling. Felicia is going to come out saying all sorts of shi1t
They try to figure out what they’ll tell Corey about their talk.
Cam – tell them you were saying that you let me in on the fact that he’s not a fan of Blue. i wasn’t here for the double stuff.. I didn’t see it go down. Making him feel more comfortable about OUR relationship.

They end their meeting. Cameron wants to backdoor Corey but Jag’s and Matt’s pushback has put that on hold.
Jag leaves. matt stays for a bit.
Cam – this is a team I’m not going to make a move we don’t agree on.
Matt says he still needs to have some conversations says that Blue really wants Corey out.
Matt leaves..

Cam to the Camera “I can do whatever the f** I want”

2:00 am – 3:30 am Jag, America, Blue, Matt, Corey and MEME for a bit.
Chit chat.

3:55 am Matt, Jag and Blue
Blue is telling them about America saying that eventually Corey is going to be evicted and she’ll have to “Start playing the game”
Blue goes on about how Cocky Corey is.
Blue – if MEME wins she’s taking as shot at Corey and America.
Jag asks Blue if she thinks Cam is using the veto. Blue doesn’t think so.
Blue – BRO I need to win HOH.
They head to bed…

4:02 am kissing ends for the night.

5:50 am zzzzz

9:00 am Cirie and Felicia are up.
Felicia asked Cirie for her vote earlier in then morning. Cirie says felicia being in the house is probably better for her game.

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Wow. Cam is using his fairytale imagination about what will happen in the event he backdoors Cory to justify making that move. Jag, being smart for once, pushed back and Matt quickly changed tune to join with Jag against Cam’s idea. We all know the real reason Cam wants Cory gone prejury. I respect Jag much more right now for actually standing against Cam’s persuasion and not folding immediately like Matt did (before joining back on Jags side of the argument). Cam might just do it without their blessing because he really wants to be in jury with America without Cory…

Spot ON

CAM is merely trying to pick the best jury for his game. Nothing more. Nothing less. Anything else beyond THAT, is NOTHIN BUT pure speculation, conjecture, and character assassination.

Carlito's Way

I beg to differ that this is about America. Cam wants to win. It’s a good move for him. Cory is the only one who can potentially win a mental challenge and take Cam out. With Cory out, Cam can steamroll until Jag and Matt knock him out, which they will.

Here's a thought....

Cam wants Corey gone pre-jury because we wants to win 750k and Corey is his number 1 roadblock to doing so. Enough with this Cam likes America BS. She is cute and all, but his mind is on that money and that money is on his mind. Get with it.


Cam is a deep thinker, usually several steps ahead of the rest of them. Nothing I have seen or heard from Cam suggests America is a priority. I doubt he’s got her on his Bingo card — $750,000. yes.


No way! Cam could care less about America! Cam WANTS TO WIN – and it would be a BRILLIANT ” Big Brother” move !! GO CAM !!!!





The Cookin

If Cameron makes this move, he’s locking my vote for America’s Favorite Player

Here's a thought....

His Logic is sound in my opinion.


I can agree with that. He is Michael from last season. I do not know if he planned to win so much, but he did and b/c of that he was and is still now a threat. Also b/c of that everyone wants him out. Getting Cory out may be a good move, but I also think not a smart move. Cory is more into the game and if he were in jury Cam could get his vote b/c he has a chance to convince Cory that he deserves it. Even if he saves her this week, Felicia in jury does him no good b/c he would never get her vote. She may be ranting right now, but this is the same thing she has said before so I think she would stick with it. So Felicia out is a short term move, but keeping Cory shows a little more strategy in playing the long game.

Here's a thought....

This is true, Jury management could be a problem for him, but he is going to be super vulnerable next week because he can’t play, and if Corey wins, he won’t hesitate to take a back door shot. I don’t think Matt or Jag have the balls to take a shot at Cam and the rest have zero chance of winning HOH, which leaves only Corey. Jury management is important, but you can’t win if you aren’t sitting in one of those two seats at the end of the game.

Game fan

But he would be America (the player) least fav player 😉


I really don’t like anyone in the house enough to root for but I’m always for the underdog. So I plan on voting Cory afp and hope everyone else does too. The looks on cam, cirie, blue, jared, Felecia would be worth it.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Especially Jared. It would be priceless! Kind of like when Frankie was shocked he did get AFP.


With the exception of the first week when he was taken to the nether-region, Cory has not been an underdog in this game.


As of right now, everyone but america is trash talking him and wanting him out. To me that makes him the underdog.

Game fan

Trash? They reffing him as the best player


With that logic, shouldn’t Cam be afp? They have been trashing him for weeks. Can’t be easy to not only be the absolute main target in the house, but then be nominated for eviction repeatedly.


Cam need to do what’s best for him. I would take a shot at Cory because he def want Cam out next week. Cam will be suspicious of Jag & Matt like he was of Jared when he didn’t want Cirie OTB. Hmmm….. wonder did Production clue him in on this????? He was talking about Corey before noms. Hmmmm


I really think before Cam brought up backdooring Cory, Cory would not have targeted him next week. Getting out Cory now would mean there would be 3 jurors majorly opposed to working with or even voting for Cam to win. It would also take away Jag, Blue, Matt and Cirie’s probable target for next week, leaving Cam as the only real threat. Terrible move imo

Not Jasons Holly

Corey clearly told Blue on the hammock he would go for Cam next week! I watched it. And this was before Cam had his meeting with Jag and Matt.

Cameron is spot on about Corey’s plan next week. If the Fugitives stick together, they should all want Corey out! Then you have Cirie, Felicia, Meme, America, Blue, and Bowie who have not won a comp yet! Better chance of Matt or Jag winning HOH.

Here's a thought....

He can’t play next week, and he is correct in the assumption that Corey wants him gone gone gone… Corey is very strategic, and if he wins HOH Cameron better hope he gets picked to play Veto and win it, because if he gets up there on the block again, they won’t hesitate to take him out.


It’s commendable that Cam wants to respect Matt and Jag being in agreement with him, but I’m not so sure I’d make my total decision reliant on 2 pretty wishy washy, back and forth players. But that’s just my opinion. I like Jag and Matt but not to the point of saying they know what’s best or even trusting they’ll stick with the plan.

Here's a thought....

Agreed, I think Cam realizes this. However, he also realizes that he can’t win the game with no allies, so he has no choice but to trust them. I’m not totally sure what I would do in his situation.

Starboard Bow

Exactly, and he needs to stop reiterating to them that he won’t make the move without their seal of approval.
He needed to just say that once, but he said it over and over again.
Cam needs to start to walk that back and trust his intuition.

Your gut will never, ever lie to you.


My other comment/reply on it being commendable that “Cam respects Matt and Jag being in agreement, etc” was meant for another. Sorry about that 🙂


Those cowards j&m would not target corey next week, they are talking about others taking ‘shots’ at each other, talk about unballsy players, its almost like all this fugitive talk is all bullshit just to keep cam from targeting them…

Spot ON

“Cam need to do what’s best for him. I would take a shot at Cory because he def want Cam out next week”


CAM is looking ahead, in a logical and methodical manner, and trying to chart the best jury for HIS game, and to provide for a better future for himself, his family, and his lovely and wonderful daughter.

Granted, the choices are NOT all that great for him. The jury pool was poisoned long ago against him, thanks to the lies, and ENDLESS attempts at character assassination advanced by utterly DISGUSTING individuals (we all know who they are); all aimed at a decent and honorable guy without basis, merit, or foundation. But one has to work with the hand that was dealt, and nobody has done that better than CAM.

CAM’S moves are the farthest from the delusional theory of another poster who, in a plausible state of delirium, theorized that: “We all know the real reason Cam wants Cory gone prejury”.


Team Taylor

I’m not opposed to a Cory BD. It would actually work!

If Felicia is saved and Cory goes OTB, they’re 4 votes to evict him: Felicia, Cirie, Bowie, and Blue.

This forces Matt, Jag, and America to either join the majority in a vote or stick out as the minority votes in eviction.

And Cory would fail his personal mission in beating Cirie too!


I like Cory but sticking himself in this showmance with America has tanked his game. I want Cam to make this BD move. Cory is a bigger threat than Felica. Keeping Cory off the block is good for Jag and Matt but not for Cam. Cam needs to see that he is nothing more than a meat shield for Jag and Matt. While he does need them he still needs to do what is best for his game…ie: make the smart move and BD Cory. If he does this he would have been instrumental in the 4 biggest evictions of this season. Pawn during Hisam eviction, putting Izzy on the block/evicted (which led to a blow up, house flip and turned the trajectory of the game), beating Jared in the battle back and if he follows through, a huge Cory BD. That to me is the best game in the house thus far and deserving of at least AFP. He still needs to work on his social game to appear less threatening but that might be asking too much of Cameron. lol


Jag and Matt are using everyone to do they’re dirty work

Spot ON

With JAG pushing back on CAM’S plan to up CORY, it should be CLEAR EVIDENCE that JAG is a true untrustworthy opportunist SCUM BAG, who will be swinging that knife at CAM next week, with CORY and MATT helping.


Spot ON, I rarely agree with comments you make; however, your comments about Jag, Matt, and Cory are my thoughts exactly. Cam should definitely be suspicious about why Jag and Matt are so against a back door of Corey.


Cam is not wrong about Corey. I’d rather see Corey out at this point. Dislike the way he uses America. Poor girl needs to grow a brain.
Also guys! STOP talking game in front of Blue! Everything said to her goes to the “bad side”.
Hate Felicia, but she can wait until Corey and Cirie (another I don’t like…didn’t on Survivor either) are gone. Woman can’t win a thing.


I just found out that Cam lives a few miles from me. The local television station did a story about him, and his mother talked about Cam watching Big Brother since the 5th grade with both his parents and his sisters. She said he has been obsessed with one day being selected for the show, and this year was his sixth audition. He was an alternate last year and wondered why he wasn’t chosen, again. He was looking at a picture of his dad with wild curly hair and decided to grow his hair out. The story shows pictures of Cam with short hair and in his military gear. Anyway, Cam got chosen this year and wonders if his hair had anything to do with it. His mother talked about the day all the BB cars drove to her house, filmed for about 7.5 hours, took Cam’s phone, and whisked him away. The family was sworn to secrecy. It was interesting reading and paints a very different picture of Cam than what some of you try to paint. Just thought I would share that story.

Spot ON

Post the link


Simon, how do I make a donation? Is there a link somewhere?

un autre nom

Ignoring the glaring showmantic jealousy issue (it’s been noted repeatedly since week 3 so cool any jets about to fire, it’s real but not the issue here), is it a bad idea to target Cory? Not a bad idea but has to be supported. That means yes Cam is HOH/Veto holder, but he has no vote this week. Unless he has ally support, it’s more harmful than good.
Pattern. Says team but actions repeatedly since week one say leader/follower relationship is what he wants. If he does what he wants without ally support, he’s making his target bigger. Without Cory as Blue’s target who does she aim at? Jag was in on the brolliance, but it was pushed as alliance not regime. That won’t work for cowardly lion strategy.
Cam without ally support doing what he wants when he doesn’t have a vote? Ego and hubris.
Bowie’s response when Cam brought it up? We’ll look untrustworthy.
Jag? Not down for cutting his onion in half.
America’s response isn’t run to Cam. It’s go rogue. Cory has been keeping her from going rogue as much as possible.
bad move if his allies don’t agree to it.

Here's a thought....

We agree there, he almost has to go along with what Jag and Matt want, because he can’t win every week, and it’s nearly impossible to win Big Brother without allies. He’s dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. The good news is the numbers are dwindled enough that he still has a very good chance at being picked for Veto, which at least greatly lowers the odds that he will be back-doored by Corey next week. He just needs to hope a Jag/Matt HOH next week doesn’t result on him being on the block, although, I don’t think either of them have the balls to do it.


Why are people assuming that Cam wants America?? He really doesn’t pay her the attention she craves like Corey does. There are times when he completely blows her off. He is deciding who he wants in jury. He is also deciding who he wants to chance staying in the house during a week when he has no chance at power.