“The bull, I just wish there was a day I could be 100% comfortable with him because he’s a bull there’s always that hint of doubt”

Power of Veto players: , Minh, Carol

9:58 am Maddy, Rianne and Minh
They start talking about not knowing where Vanessa’s head is at. Minh says Vanessa is a lone wolf in this game.
Ri mentions that Vanessa and Chris are getting closer. ASks Minh if Vanessa will start to try and get in good with Minh.
Minh – She already tried she’s trying
Ri – she completely made up sh1t you said
Minh – here’s the thing she told me she had a closer game relationship with me than with Kyle and the reason in that meeting she sided with Kyle was because she was scared of him. She lied and she won’t admit to it
Minh – The number one thing I want to do if I win HOH is get sue out of this f**ing house. I can’t take it anymore
Minh – the screaming, you’re big a$$ baby one day one slop and your whining whining whining I just can’t and the fact you have the nerve to call me a hypocrite and a liar when you literally were the sketchiest. I made an alliance with her and she literally was like here with this person, Here with that person, Here with this person.
Minh – I even tested her I went to Jams
Ri – You’ve told me this story
Maddy – you never told me
Minh – Jams was working with her and was trying to work with me.
Minh says Sue knew that Minh and Jams were “cool” and that Minh and Sue were “Cool” so why was she having private conversations with Jams
Minh – You take him away from me and have private conversations
Minh – I said to Jams hey Jams you want to work you me and Sue together.
Minh explains that Jams didn’t know she was “Cool” with Sue.
Minh – I said why don’t you ask her (If she’s cool with Minh)
Minh – I said You ask her alone if she wants to work with the three of us
Minh – so then he went to ask her that at night she said Yeah she wants to work with you (Sue to Jams about Minh)
Minh – then after that I asked her what’s up anything new? did Jamar tell yo anything? She was like Nope
Minh – Sketch ball
They talk about working together.

10:40 am Hira and Minh
Minh says her relationship has gotten better with Sheldon since he put her on the block.
Hira mentions how the house seems empty with so many people gone right away. Goes on to tell her he’s running out of options if he wins the head of household.
Minh – In a way, it’s like if I win HOh people expect me to do a certain thing because of the way I started this game but for some people that have been cool with everybody ever since this game now become more difficult for you
Minh adds for her it’s easy to find two people to put up.

10:46 am Chris become one with the swamp

11:21 am Brooke, sue and Sheldon (Bull = Chris)
Sue says Chris is “Super super trustworthy” . Chris told her he’s never putting Brooke up ever again. Adds that Hira is gunning after Chris 100%
Sue leaves.
Brooke – ohh the bull
Sheldon – the bull, I just wish there was a day I could be 100% comfortable with him because he’s a bull there’s always that hint of doubt
Brooke – he seems sketchy to me but I think that’s just his personality
Sheldon – yeah

6:50 pm Feeds come back .
Hira wins POV

10:12 pm Vanessa and Sue
Vanessa wants their five to get together and think of a name.
Sue offers the pull them into this room. Brooke and Sheldon are in the HOH and Chris is downstairs with Maddy.
Sue – Chris’ social game has been on fire lately
Vanessa – Chris is going to go far in this game. Kyle leaving was good for him in a way He’s stepped up socially. He use to be very quiet. Notice how much he’s talking now? which is great.
Vanessa – he’s a number for us
Sue says she’s annoyed they can’t get Minh out this week.
Vanessa – dude, don’t say this but if Carol stays here till Thursday it’s a f*iing miracle
Vanessa – like today when she was turned away. She wants. I’m telling you every hour she’s like I’m going home. She’s like I don’t want my interview with Arisa anymore. she’s going home.
Vanessa – I was like please can you stay till Thursday like, please. If you self evict dude like. She’ll need constant reassures until Thursday
Sue – what if she self evicts there will be no eviction this week.
Vanessa what if she self evicts and we can still have an eviction
Sue – that’s what I’m thinking
Vanessa – did Shelly figure that out
Sue – I’m annoyed at everyone right now except for you it’s also f**** Angie. she’s so loud
Vanessa – she’s terrible when it comes to the slop eating She annoyed me a lot whenever I was on slop and she wasn’t
Sue – she’s acting like she’s been two weeks on slop it’s been 2 f**ing days
They go on about how depressing it is to be around Carol when she’s trying to quit but doesn’t have the stones to walk out the door.
Sue – it’s ridiculous at this point Leave if you want to leave. I’m fighting so hard right now I’m sleeping on the floor I have no food and I want to play this game so bad and you’re complaining they don’t have KETO chocolate bars.
Vanessa =- she’s had a single bed since night two
Sue – she gets muscle relaxants and goes right to bed.

10:35 pm Hira and Sue
Hira – Carols got to go
Sue says it’s frustrating they are losing one of their numbers and keeping a number against them.
Hira – she has to go she’s either going to self evict and there will be no eviction. Do you want another no eviction again? that’s the problem.
Hira – next week
Sue – I need Minh out Dude
Hira – yeah we all do but..
Sue – biggest threat to me is Minh. She wins she’s coming after me she’s coming after Shells. Shel and Brooke up or Me and Vaness up
Hira asks her who will Vanessa nd Chris put up. She says Minh “You’re not touching the block”
Hira – I”m just worried about Minh and Chris
Sue – Chris knows I want Minh out we talk about it he wants Minhg out next week.
Hira – he’s a smart guy he’ll do things. He could easily put me up.
Sue – who do you want out next week
Hira – Minh or Chris
Sue says she can control Chris.
Sue goes on about Angie pissing her off in the kitchen.
Hira – yeah she does a lot of annoying things like that.
Hira – I don’t understand why people make themselves be a target by being annoying in the kitchen
Sue – people are annoyed

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Kraken season.

another name

Anyone else think these clowns are strategically absurd?
Minh and Sue. petty crap. Minh said Sue’s name week one. Sue has been sewering Minh at every opportunity since. The Minh Sue Jamar story Minh tells? That’s what Jamar told Minh. That’s not how it happened. Minh has been making personal jabs since. Sue has been making character jabs since. eyeroll. right now it’s not popcorn worthy. Hopefully it will become popcorn worthy. Otherwise it’s just annoying.
Sheldon. two HOH’s in a row. has put three people and a volunteer on the block (one of them twice). In what world isn’t he on the block next week? This season of brainfarting strategy I guess.
Hira. Who would HIra actually target at this point? Chris? or was that before the 2 women for every man concept became obvious?
Ri and Maddy still gunning for Chris. Is it smart for their game? Yes but. the but: they need to put him on the block with somebody that has more and closer ties to everyone else. They’ll likely assume Vanessa. They should be thinking Brooke. Brooke is closer to Sue and closer to Sheldon than Vanessa. Using Brooke as a pawn the way Brooke explained she and Sheldon used both of them as pawns to go after MInh? That’s the ticket.
JL? trying to fill the social void more than play the game right now. Is it smart to agree with every person about their plans? Sure. Unless they talk to each other. Ever.
Chris? Chris will sell his soul to get a chance to mance Maddie. Do you think for one second she isn’t actually digging for info when she talks to him? Remember week one when she flirted with him (but failed in the who do you like more me or mike portion of the convo?) in order to get information and safety for herself? That’s what I am seeing again. He’s putting his hoh week on Kyle. He’s already said Vanessa and Sue are his people. She’s downplaying connection to JL. She says Vanessa was gunning for her Chris says when Kyle was here. He’s about to admit who he doesn’t want on jury to her when feeds cut. Gee Chris, trying to race Carol to the door? Whoever he names as the next evictee is going to hear about it by Monday. GUARANTEED.


Do you think Mingh-ly ever gets sick of talking about herself? I’ve never seen a person more self absorbed in my life. This BB stint must be a real vacation for her family. I didn’t mention friends because I doubt she has many or any.

Kung Fu Charlie

She’s hamming it up. Minh-Ly is honing in her inner villain like the most extreme parts of her personality the way a pro wrestler does.. she’s just in it for the fun and is more harmless than she leads on IMHO.


I fully agree with Kung Fu Charlie: I might be naive, but I take Minh Ly’s words with a grain of salt… Scratch that. At this point, I take them with a huge ROCK of salt. I feel like she’s so over the top that I can’t see this actually be how she is in real life. I think it has become a viable strategy in BB (and other similar shows, like Survivor) to focus on being flashy, and therefore remembered, and therefore invited back, rather than on playing smart.
Maybe Minh Ly has seen Talla (BBCan1), Cassandra (BBCan4, BBCan5) and Nikki Grahame (BBUK, BBCan4) a few too many times and thought “Hey! I can do that too!” 😉
Maybe the banter with Jamar also led to her slowly become even more abrasive since it lulled her more and more into a sense of “this behavior is ok”, since he was kind of being like that to her.
Objectively speaking, she’s VERY bad at this game. But given the options, I hope we get to keep watching her “play” for as long as possible!

Kung Fu Charlie

Cassandra definitely comes to mind…

another name

John Luke is host of veto.
None of the Have nots are playing in veto (as per Angie to Brooke conversation).
Process of Elimination:
Veto Players are:
Minh ly / Carol / Hira / Vanessa. + one of Chris or Maddie. I think it’s Chris.

Angie doesn’t want Carol to win even $1 in veto and thinks if there is a money prize Carol should sit out.

I’m playing catch up a bit… feeds were down long enough that I missed it when they came back.
Minh Vanessa talked. Minh is pushing Sue agenda. Telling Ness she is taking the trio’s target off Ness’ back. Not so sure.
Ness would still target the trio, because she says Kyle would have targeted the trio. Not so much.
Don’t know about this Minhessa thing.
Game talk has been pretty light today. Minh is overdoing it, and the rest of the house is underdoing it for the most part when it comes to game talk.

another name

Sue’s target boot order: MInh, Ri, JL, Maddie. She’d put up Maddie and JL as pawns to backdoor Minh.
Sue telling Brooke that Minh will want to get rid of Brooke to have Sheldon to herself. Says Minh might still be after nessa?
Just after Minh was asking Sheldon if she’s safe with Brooke because Sue is out to get Minh. Brings up possibility of Minh Shel Brooke sitting back and letting the evicters and Chris sue ness just take each other out.
it’s Saturday and Minh is playing Wednesday night / Thursday convos now. She plays every week backwards.
table talk about veto. involves heavy boots and being fun to watch. in HOH Maddie called it cannonball.
Nessa to Sheldon pushes the hope that evicters would go after Minh, but she’s nervous she’s crosshaired. Sheldon points out Chris goes before her in that scenario. The two discuss Hira comp beast abilities.
Sheldon’s body language is slipping in his convos today. he was leaning away from Minh and crossing legs. with Ness, his feet are pointed away from her and toward the exit during the whole talk.


Angie is a waste of space in that house intruding and becoming invisible almost to those who are discussing game. She is the most annoying piece of **** in the whole game. Wanted multiple showmances gong in and nobody wants anything to do with her. Wannt-be Oprah.

another name

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of BIG BOTHER:
roll intro
apple is in Maddie’s hand: Without a showmance I don’t have enough personality to get airtime: Bring back Mike.
apple now to Chris: shirtless and crazy eyed… if I didn’t win it I obviously threw it. Maddie doesn’t mean it about Mike.
passes apple to Hira: everyone is after Chris until they get HOH. So I’m just going to pretend that everyone is staying after Chris.
apple to Minh: I’m the mastermind… whose social game consists of playing every week backwards, calling people bitches and then saying keep me….
apple to JL: dude. bro. uhhhh. did i really read that cue card that said I can predict what will happen every week before it happens? dude.
apple to Vanessa: I have no idea what I’m doing, but Kyle will be able to help me… wait, Kyle’s gone? my plan’s working perfectly. narf.
apple to Sue: I’m gonna keep repeating lines stolen from previous season ‘iconic moments in bbcanada part 2’ that I saw on youtube until you like me and hate Minh.
apple to Ri who hands apple away.
apple to Carol: I came to prove that bigger older illness surviving lesbians can hang with the young kids and make an impact on the game, can I go home now?
Apple to Sheldon’s backside: Brooke’s voice: we’re NOT a showmance!
apple to Angie: takes a bite of apple because she doesn’t have an official capacity yet.

As predicted: Sue is already pushing the let’s get rid of Minh instead of Carol who cares if Carol self evicts agenda. Didn’t see that coming at all.



another name

I’ve only ever watched one episode of a real housewives. it must have been new york. don’t they have an apple in their hands in the intro credit montage?

another name

Sheldon Brooke and Minh have made a final 3.

I think this can be added to all of the other final three’s that start with Sheldon brooke and… I don’t think any of them are real. LOL.

another name

AT this rate when the finale happens:
you know that section of the finale where they introduce the pre-jury evictees? ONE. CHAIR.

Sue, who has total control of Chris she tells the house… is currently trying to get him to stop trying to flirt with andkiss her.
side eye. He’s slobbering into Angie’s pillow now.
Ri is telling Angie that Chris is cute.

What the sweet thundering apostle in hot pants did they pump into the air today??