“I get the feeling nobody else is playing. Whose talking game, in general, that’s not going to be to us?”

6:00 am Minh is up getting ready for some crazy

10:07 am Sue, Sheldon, and Brooke
Sue says Ri doesn’t want to go up as a pawn this week “She feels safe right now”
Sue pushing for Maddy to get put up as the Pawn beside Carol
Sheldon – I don’t think Maddy will do it
Sue continues to push for Maddy to go up..

10:24 am Minh and Hira
Talking about whats is more threatening in the game a social player or someone that can win competitions. Sounds like they agree on the social players being bigger threats.
Minh – When Kyle was here he used me as a utility tool to make me seem like a threat in front of him kinda like a distraction. I feel like he used that and really played that up for his game. And .. I feel like I was doing well in comps but my social game wasn’t the best.
Minh – I feel like people see that now they see that I was like a mirage
Minh going on that people now are seeing she doesn’t have deep social connections with anyone.
Minh – People see that I’m not the real threat. Would you agree
Hira says he personally sees a social threat with a lot of backing is more threatening but a lot of people will see the competition beast as a threat.
They start talking about each others games so far. Minh brings up how Hira was under the radar in the beginning. Hira says Vanessa and Minh are the strongest girls in the house.

10:46 AM JL and Hira
JL – so how are you feeling this week
JL – Do you think it’s Minh or are we going to give Carol her wish
Hira – I think Minh
Hira – kinda sucks for next week Carol is going kinda bring up this whole sh1t again
JL says they should all go up to Sheldon and be like “Lets all vote Carol out and give him immunity next week”
JL – So he’s not throwing out his HOH
JL – I don’t want another self eviction. It’s going to look so bad for us too
JL – It kinda ruins her life she doesn’t want to do it that way (she doubled her twitter followers she’s happy)
Hira – that’s a good point. I feel the same thing will happen next week she’ll want to self evicted
Hira – Minh is freaking lucky
JL says Minh has a 1 in 11 chance to win HOH next week “We can then just vote out Minh” (Next week)

Hira – Me, You, Maddy, Ri are on all the same page to take out Chris
JL – for sure 100% I’m always down man. I feel we’re a crew that I can roll with
JL goes on about Sheldon and Brooke also on their side if they can keep those 4 moving forward that’s a lot of votes if you end up on the block.

Hira mentions once they get rid of Chris and Vanessa they’ll need to go after Brooke/Sheldon (Doesn’t name names)
JL – Obviously we’ll get this side of the house out first (Chris, Vanessa side)
Hira – after Chris and Vanessa goes it’s all dependent on I guess who wins
JL – do you have any ideas? say you win power whats your plan (after Chris and Vanessa go)
Hira – it’ll be the other side
JL – If I win it’s not going to be you
Hira says there’s more of a threat on the other side. They have a bit of a resume
JL – my biggest resume at this point is kissing a girl at a competition

10:52 am Maddy working out

11:08 am Brooke and Sheldon
Sheldon – what are you up to
Brooke – nothing
Sheldon – you know what you should do today? Lift weights
Brooke – why are you trying to change me
Sheldon – yeah I’m controlling .. I’m very controlling that’s my baggage
Brooke says being in the house has made her want to be strong but based off the veto and how sore she was after she doesn’t want to start now.

11:11 am Ri and Minh
Ri saying Carol may be going up.
Minh says Carol changes all the time she wants to go home doesn’t want to go home
Minh – It’s stressful for us to think of another self eviction
They talk about Minh going up next to Carol. Minh thinks she would go home because she’s been the house target for weeks now. They wonder who can go up that will ensure Carol leaves. “Sue?”

11:08 am Vanessa, Sue, and Carol
Talking about Carol and A pawn going up.
Vanessa – It would be best if you didn’t touch the block. I know you’re OK with it but wouldn’t it be ok if someone else goes up we wouldn’t mind seeing go home
Vanessa – Shelly is pretty stubborn
Vanessa – now that Minh knows she’s the target she’s going to fight
Carol – I don’t think she knows she’s the target
Sue – she shouldn’t know

Carol – you kinda told her (Vanessa)
Carol – you said you think she would go home over me
Vanessa – we’re just worried about her fighting and getting off the block. It’s such a Minh move.
Sue says Carol needs to sell to Minh that she wants to go home. That way Minh won’t fight as hard for the veto.
Sue – you should try and sell that shells is putting you on the block because you want to go home and she should be thinking the plan this week is for you to go home (Carol is the worst)
Carol – I did say my mental state is tender at best in here.
Carol – she (Minh) knows if she goes up next to me she’s going home she knows..
Vanessa – the one thing Minh is is not dumb she knows
Carol says she fine either way if she stays or goes home “I have a fighting spirit. I’m fine going home”

11:40 am Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon – do we want two pawns
Brooke brings up the conversation they just had with Minh. (she was bringing up being a lone wolf and how social players are more dangerous)
Sheldon – she has to go
Sheldon says if they backdoor Minh and next week the house makes them a target, “who would do that to us? I don’t think anybody”
Brooke – I don’t know, Rianne
Sheldon – you’re the one that convinced me we’re ok with her
They talk about Minh and Rianne getting nominated and if Minh wins the veto Rianne goes home.
Sheldon – Sorry, Maddy losses her mind then there’s the narrative of Maddy coming after us
Brooke – I’m becoming more myself around Chris and I think he likes me less because of it.
Sheldon – I get the feeling nobody else is playing.. LIke playing the game. Whos talking game, in general, that’s not going to be to us?
Sheldon – is JL.. who is he talking to gamewise this week. It can only be Maddy and Rianne what would they even say
Brooke – JL and this is his best play if I stand corrected at the end of teh season I’ll be so happy to give him my vote. He’s not a machiavellian strategic mastermind and his best play is to be the funny guy. No JL is not talking game with anyone. Like the closest to that is Sue, Ria, and Hira … And Maddy
After some more back and forth They agree Sheldon needs to put up Minh and Carol. If people ask him what happens if Minh comes down he’ll have to do something terrible. So Minh better not win the Veto.

12:02 pm Sheldon and Hira in the HOH
Sheldon says he’s putting up Minh and Carol if Veto is played on Minh they’ll have to talk about what to do.

12:18 pm Sheldon tells Chris the plan this week is to get out Minh.
Chris asks him who is the biggest threat other than Minh.
Sheldon – Rianne.. what do you think ..
Chris says if they put up Minh and she wins veto then wins HOH they’re in trouble.
Sheldon – what if we put up a pawn and they don’t want to be and then they win HOH
Chris – like I did with Hira. Like week two the plan to get Mike out does not work if I put him up
Sheldon says it’s riskier to put up Minh but if it works they’ll be in a much better position socially.
Chris says he understands what Sheldon’s thinking and he’s cool either way.
Sheldon emphasis if Minh survives this week she’s got nobody. “I don’t even think she could if she wanted to. she has nobody. outside of the first comp she has yet to beat us” (Take out Chris or Sheldon .. LOL Sheldon is so confident)

1:12 pm Chris and Sue
Chris is filling sue in on the plan. Sue is getting worried if Minh wins HOH sue is going home.
Sue says there are three people on their side that are targes of Minh’s
Chris wants Maddy and Rianne on the block says that Shelldon already put them up why not just do it again.
Sue – it’s annoying. Brooke right now is playing this game for Sheldon that’s what’s pissing me off
Chris – are they into each other?
Sue – I don’t f**ing know
Chris – Brooke is all over him all the f**ing time
Sue – yeah I know
Sue goes on about Minh having a 1 in 4 shot of win Veto and then if she wins HOH 2 of their 5 are going up. Sue and Vanessa being the two.
They both are “pissed” with Brooke and Sheldon for playing it safe and being scared to get blood on their hands.

Feeds are down.. with a short leak showing Brooke, Vanessa and Sue talking about Carol wanting to quit
2:06 pm
Brooke – she is going to self evict if we don’t send her out and I’m worried, seriously worried that if somebody .. feeds cut

4:40 pm After on and off feeds for the last couple hours Carol calls a house meeting.

Carol – I’ve been up and down with my emotional mood..

Feeds cut

5:40 pm Feeds still down

8:52 pm Feeds come back Carol’s still there Nominations haven’t happened. Brooke is crying about looking stupid and people thinking she’s in a showmance.

11:54 pm Feeds back

From what I can tell Sheldon nominated Carol and she’s asking everyone to vote her out. Carol has gained her followers. I’m not sure who else was nominated It must have been Minh.

11:55 pm Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon – after the nom ceremony she came to me said thank Sheldon I really appreciate it how do you not realize what you’re doing. she said thanks I know you didn’t want to do this I really appreciate it
Sheldon about Carol – how do you not realize that you are f**ing us. She’s literally f**ing us it doesn’t make any sense it makes zero sense
Brooke – yeah it doesn’t make any sense because …
Sheldon – we literally can all leave whenever we want
Brooke – I know
Sheldon – if I wanted to leave right now nobody will stop me
Brooke – I genuinely.. I would have been really worried about what would have happened though. If we had another self evict
Sheldon – the same thing that’s happening it’s a shit show
Sheldon – like .. if I hear one more person like man .. Season 8 like we’re so entertaining .. we’re so entertaining .. she told me yesterday we didn’t even need a narrative like a double eviction or something like that for the season to be lit
Brooke laughs “We didn’t even need a narrative”
Sheldon – I was just like you don’t understand how Big Brother fans work
Brooke laughs “this is legitimately the worst season I’ve been thinking about it it does not get worse”

Brooke – Like this is the worst it’s ever been
Brooke – A self evict, Then there’s the savage back door blindside which was pretty OK.. it was pretty good
Sheldon – yeah that was good it was really good
Brooke – then the shit show of Jams and Kyle and then .. and then reset we’re going to do it right this time don’t worry
Sheldon – it’s funny because the viewers would assume they’re resetting the game because it was a shit show but it’s just a reset we know as much as the viewers.
They laugh “it’s such a shit show”

Carol and Chris talking in the storage room. Carol talking about leaving the game. She complains about her back. She goes on and on about her mental health and whatever.
Carol says being on Big Brother was a dream for her “I can’t control the environment I’m used to controlling the environment”

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V’s lobster trap

James has more personality than Angie and more drive than carol… great casting job guys!


I am blown away by the cast pick this year. This cannot be the top picks from all the applicants. They have to switch up their recruitment process for next year!!!


who is james?


James is the name of Sheldon’s plush dog he got in his HOH basket 😉


Seriously. Why bother targeting Minh when Carol is practically begging to leave and Minh has literally 0 allies?


Because Minh has a toxic energy that is unbearable.

Just a game

Why bother target both of them.
Ri-maddy-john look bond is still very dangerous


Because Minh CAN win the HOH and put up you & your allies.
Carol CAN NOT win HOH unless it’s a “Cheating on KETO” contest or a “Who quits fastest” contest.

another name

Listen to her snores at night. I still think she’d win at converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.


You are wrong for this lol! +1

another name

And yet they’d keep her. That’s it. Carol is now worse than Schlumpy EEyore from last season. And i really hated that one.


NOPE still hate Schlumpy EEyor way more.

Just a game

Wish she would stay just a little beat so mihn can survive another week , cause if she leaves now there will still be an eviction


Some people just shouldn’t apply for the show (i.e. Nico, Carol) . They took the spots of other people who would have died to be there. It’s a shame.


Nico was actually going to be voted out… he just skipped the ceremony.
Carol is the useless waste of space type of character that Big Brother loves to cast… She’s a lock for final 4.

another name

Sheldon logic. There is not intuitive input. He doesn’t have that software upgrade.
If they aren’t talking game to him they aren’t talking game. This is because he can’t logically assess what is said when he isn’t present. That would require an intuitive leap.
Because Sheldon has spent so much of his HOH’s in the room with Brooke he hasn’t actually been watching or assessing what is going on in the house first hand. He is dependent on people coming in to the HOH to tell him what is going on. Because he is a logic assessor, and he is confident (beginning to border on cocky), he can’t see that people are pushing their own narrative in the downloads they give him when they enter HOH. He’s taking their word for it based on what he saw before he entered self quarantine.
He hears Carol say she wants to stay after she’s been in d/r… and to his brain that means does not compute emotional crisis averted back to my plan from last week. For someone that is so logic based, I don’t understand how he’s missed the pattern. Carol wants to leave. Carol packs. Carol goes to d/r and they ply her with keto food (meaning they’ll never make her a have not). Carol stays. Carol wants to leave. Carol packs. Carol goes to d/r and they ply her with? Carol stays. Carol wants to leave. Carol packs. Carol goes to d/r. He caught her in a post d/r carol stays moment.
The discussion between Sheldon and Sue about being pawn: put any other houseguest’s name in that sentence with Sheldon and it will be pretty much the same result “I don’t want to be the pawn”. Since sue believes she is in a tight core with Brooke and Sheldon, and Sue’s reactions are based on emotion only… she should be getting paranoid and pissy about it within 24 hours. Remember: Sue is anti Minh because of week one and the question ‘should we keep Sue or Nico?’ that Carol immediately spilled. Everything else is just a vehicle being used to further push the agenda that is based on Minh saying should we evict Sue. I expect Sue will remain distracted by MInh, but she will start being more and more offended that anyone would offer her up as a pawn.
Sheldon’s logic in nominations: least people mad at me. It worked to an extent last week. It may not work this week, but Sheldon hasn’t hit the restart and update option in his central processor power options.
Recursive Logic Error Is the actual state of Sheldon’s play, simply because he’s been socially isolating in the HOH with Brooke. He thinks nobody is going after the guy that won a popularity contest HOH, AND a strength endurance HOH. Oh. Give it a few days.
As Chris is now trying to convince people to be pawns (he isn’t the HOH) I wonder how long before some wise ass says, hey Chris, why don’t YOU volunteer to be pawn then. Problem solved Chris will be the pawn.

Just a game

If carol leaves next one is jury right??
We got to the jury house very fast lol

another name

Silly ‘what did I miss’ question:

Earlier today (maybe around 130pm eastern) I saw Minh telling Carol to stay positive, focus on what you are able to do, not what you aren’t.
So, when Sue and Angie are telling people in their conversations now, that Minh is trying to convince Carol to throw in the towel, what did I miss?
I’ve been bitten before about hearing Minh say one thing, go back later and say the opposite. Did that happen?
Or is this just more of the same negaspeak social game influencing that Sue and Angie have used in the past? I’m not knocking it, it’s a strong social tactic in the game, I just don’t know where the facts lie in this case because it’s become impossible to take anything Minh says, and anything Sue or Angie says about Minh at face value.

another name

Wait. someone on twitter says this morning Vanessa and Sue and Carol hatched a plot to play up the self evict line? So that Minh doesn’t try to win veto? Is this a thing?

another name

Just re-read the above. I’d skipped the conversation explaining the answer. my bad. it was carol heavy so i figured it was more whining.

another name

Hey Carol, I hear there’s a tunnel in the maui room sand that leads to the outside world. DIG.
free carol.

another name

IF they go through with the Carol use your lack of desire to be here as a game tactic to help us plan. Next week when Carol inevitably whines about wanting to go home every single person in the house is going to say nobody’s stopping you. Go.


This whole season has been a s__tshow. Liable to be the last.

V’s lobster trap

Canada saved big brother last year… for this! Supersized my …

Tom is a Canuck

No superheroes here.

Brooke's dirty saggy pink jammies

Simon, I thought when they hit the reset button they’d get an entire new cast & send this cast out the backdoor with a handshake, $50 gift card to Wendy’s & a coupon for a free sandwich at chick-fi-la that is only redeemable on Sunday’s.

another name

Feeds return to Brooke whining about the appearance of showmance (what did she think would happen when she spent every waking moment attached like a growth????).
Carol is stiiiiilllllll there. Apparently I can’t have nice things. Hurry up and free Carol.

another name

At this moment, Let’s pretend the final 2 are standing in front of the jury. Let’s pretend one is Sheldon.
Does anyone question what he did with power when he had it? side eye.
Carol practices days. In front of Minh.
the slop people have been on slop for… 20 hours. Jl is getting chirpy. Sue is whining about needing a slop pass. Not even one day on slop and they’re losing it? Wimps.

another name

Sheldon noms Carol and Minh.
Carol thanks Sheldon for the nomination. Sheldon is pissed that they are the shit show.
Reasonably speaking: wait for it. The entire who cares what Carol wants let’s take out Minh push is going to go into hard overdrive.

another name

Carol: If I win the POV, I won’t even use it.

So this week look for a stunt double (Demetres in a carol suit) in Carol’s place during long shots of the veto comp where her face is obscured… and then fait accompli close up shots where Carol is subbed back in?


Sheldon has won two HOH’s back to back, and now has HOH-itus.
This on top of everyone being aware of how close Brooke is to him,
has already made them a huge target.

Just a game

Simon did you cover carol face on purpose? That’s hilarious.

another name

So far they are off by one week in their usual pattern of HOH and POV comps (this week is usually some kind of question / answer hoh). However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there is a good chance historically that this veto comp will involve balance and aim (3 out of 7 times if flip it to win it is not in the cards). If they remain true to pattern there is also the chance that punishments / costumes may be involved (has happened 3 times at about this time period). Just a guess following the general curve of veto comps in a season. I doubt they will do the spinning and unwinding thread veto of season 3… i think that one involved vomit. and blackouts. and vomitting during blackouts.

House guests are waking up. Additional Notes From last night:
Odd Things: Sheldon and Brooke talking in code about dropping the ball to Sue (about not wanting to be labelled a showmance) added to Brooke slept in the HOH on Wednesday night added to The d/r asking her about Showmances. Oh. This is gonna be a thing now? Really.
Odd Things 2: Vanessa missing Kyle because they had matching tramp stamps. Ooooffff course they did.
Odd Things3: Yogurtnippled Crazy Eyes danced. shudder.
Odd Things4: Minh hasn’t really Minhd in about 30 hours…. this is disconcerting.
Odd Things5: finger guns has become a thing. side eye.
Odd Things6: I still only see a 45% probability that Carol leaves. free carol.

another name

Veto hasn’t been played and Minh is already walking around naming targets. face palm. Like someone isn’t going to tell Sue. MInh gonna Minh. So far her game chatting has been done with Maddie and Ri (about Sue) and with Hira. Apparently she doesn’t know block cardinal rule 1) until after veto shut up about targets. That’s going to help Carol. eyeroll.
Maddie is saying Chris knows some of her ex boyfriends. staaaap. I don’t want to hear any more six degree of irl separation.