“I’m not only disappointed in him as an ally, a friend, literally a person.. I’m pissed, I’m disgusted”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 13-24-35-940
1:24pm HOH Jason and Kryssie Hating on Justin
(The Kryssie/Jason monster is a result of the twists now look at it what it has become.. LOL )

Kryssie says Justin threw a tantrum so their final 4 had to celebrate as a final 3. Brings up Justin never wanting to do what Big BRother tells them.

Jason – they have to show it.. They have to show thanksgiving it just depends on how they show it..
Jason says they might edit Justin to be sad..
Kryssie – he’s not sad he’s butt hurt
Jason agrees.
Kryssie – I’m sad I’m home sick..
Kryssie going on about everything she did yesterday pointing out everything Justin didn’t do
Jason accusing Justin of “Playing too America”

Jason brings up Justin saying he didn’t want the letter from home yesterday. (they all got a letter from family)
Jason – I’m not only disappointed in him as an ally, as a friend, literally as a person
Kryssie agrees “I hope his family at home is mortified”
Kryssie goes on about Justin not liking Thanksgiving..
Jason says Justin is “So entitled”
Jason – we may have created a little bit of a monster with him”
Jason – Clearly he thinks that the world is here for his enjoyment and everyone should just bow down to him the king of siam
Jason – I’m disappointed, I’m pissed, i’m disgusted

Kryssie going on about how Justin didn’t play the game. Jason agress says Justin never did anything to try and persuade people.
Kryssie wants Justin to make it to the end so they can beat him.
Jason – he doesn’t deserve a chance at it the way he’s behaving.. I would rather lose to Morgan who’s at least handled it with some class.
Jason – She’s taken the wins and the losses with class and on the chin (Morgan)
Jason – and he’s don nothing but be a complete dick bag (justin)

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 13-31-17-313

Jason says all of Justin’s life he’s had the entire world handed to him, “Must be nice to have the whole world handed to you”
Jason – Clearly he doesn’t work at the restaurant as much as he says he does
Kryssie – he doesn’t work at it he just owns it
Jason – he acts like he use to.. He does nothing he’s just chilling.. Must be nice to do nothing and then come here and do more of nothing and think you are doing everything
Jason – your work ethic is sh1t.. I came here and was working all the time
Kryssie says Cornbread and Justin had the same Big Brother strategy

Kryssie says she’s pissed she’s spent so much time on Justin and he turned on them.
Jason says they could have done so much more if they had dropped Justin during the double. Jason says Danielle is way more mature than Justin they should have kept her over him.
Jason – He’s an immature, Spoiled, entitled brat.. And I don’t care.
Jason – you’re a f***g walking mess (Justin)

Kryssie says Justin accused Danielle of having a baby with her boyfriend at the time because he played pro ball and she wanted all the money.
Jason calls Justin “Joshua” (from bb9?) says he went too far with what he said.
Kryssie accuses Justin of not playing the game at all.

Jason – we should have f****g kept Whitney ..
Kryssie – hindsight is 20/20.. I feel so stupid.. you guys were both ready to cut him and it was my stupid a$$
Jason calls Justin a stupid b1tch boast that he’s going to go up and tell him that today.
Jason – I’m pissed over the thought of evicting him .. now I want to hold banners like get the f**k out a$$hole
Kryssie – he’s lucky he’s still here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 13-23-39-882

Morgan enjoying the day

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 14-29-41-586

2:17pm Kryssie and Justin

Justin tells her he’s done.
Kryssie – you made everyone feel like sh1t.. everyone was really hurt
Justin – I wanted to be by myself
Kryssie- I know yesterday was part of the big brother experience.. that really hurt all of us
Kryssie – that turkey was for you
Justin – you did good it tasted really good
Kryssie – you didn’t help with anything.. you came out and ate and you f***g left.. you didn’t wear the silly outfit that Big BRother gave you.. as someone whose been trying to build a friendship it really pisses me off ..
Justin says he’s not mad at Jason
Kryssie doesn’t agree

Kryssie – you’ve written us off
Justin – I’m over it at this point..
Kryssie – you’re making me feel i wasted my time building a friendship with you
Jusitn – thats not true
Kryssie- I’ve been investing so much as a game player..
Justin about tomorrow “I just wanted to be alone”
Kryssie going on and on about how much work she put in building a relationship with Justin and he didn’t help them make turkey yesterday
Justin – I want to do what I want to do

Justin – you’re a great person and all.. I’m here to win
Kryssie says he’s not goign to win acting like this
Justin points out it’s not them deciding who wins
Kryssie starts to cry “You don’t give a flying F*** about any of us.. I’ve tried so hard to include you and protect you.. ”
Kryssie – what f***G thanks .. . you put out zero effort …. you blew us of.. you didn’t give a f*** about any of us.. you don’t care..
Jusitn – I’m in my own world
Kryssie – you don’t get to do that.. Why did you do that to ME..
Jusitn – I want to be alone
Kryssie – that’s not how it works..

Jusitn – I’ve lived the entire Big Brother experience.
Kryssie- no you haven’t
Jusitn – I didn’t have to cook the damn turkey
Jusitn goes on to tell her he wanted to be alone yesterday
Kryssie goes on about how “F***ed” up that was..
Jusitn – I just wanted to be alone YO

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 14-31-16-644

Kryssie won’t let up.. (how the hell did she get to final 3)
Justin – I’ve been cooking since f***g day 1 in this house.. You guys did great I didn’t have to be part of that (Turkey cooking)
Kryssie – You f***G abandon us you didn’t care.. I’m so f***g disappointed and hurt Justin.. I really thought this whole time I was building a friendship with you and you don’t f***g care about me..
Justin- I care about you
Kryssie- yesterday was about you
Justin – I just wanted to be alone I didn’t after about me
Kryssie crying and goes back to square one “You gave Big Brother the finger.. you don’t give a f*** about me ”
Jusitn – you’re summing up this whole experience to me not cooking dinner..

Kryssie brings up Justin telling Morgan how he was cast and how devastated she is that he never told her.
Justin says 4 years ago he applied for top chef but he was over qualified.
Kryssie – why couldn’t you tell me before
Justin – I didn’t think i t matter
Kryssie – mattered enough for you to tell Morgan
Jusitn – I don’t know how I got here
Feeds flip as Jusitn describes who contacted him to be on BBOTT

when we’re back Kryssie telling him they don’t have a relationship

Kryssie – I feel used..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 14-33-48-560

2:36pm Morgan studying

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 16-15-52-740

4:14pm Jusitn, Jason and Kryssie
Jason says he doesn’t feel ill towards them and if Justin had won the first HOH he would have picked Kryssie to.
Justin – I just have to focus on my own game right now
Jason – there’s no game left it’s studying
Justin – I’m in my own head.. distancing myself.. playing my own game it’s me vs whatever.. it’s me vs y’all in the end
Jason says Justin has been acting like a a$$
Jason complains that Justin never read his letter in front of him but read it to Morgan and Kryssie..
Justin tells him it’s not like that
Kryssie starts barking about Justin not cooking the turkey yesterday.
Jusitn leaves.. “I don’t got to talk y’all i don’t got to pretend”
Jusitn leaves to the backyard..

Jusitn and Kryssie saying that Justin doesn’t need them anymore and is therefore not wanting to be their friends.
Kryssie – I hope you come to the final 3 with us and we destroy you
Kryssie and Jason hate Justin now.. constant bashing about everything he’s doing. Kryssie brings up Justin always talking to the cameras says that fans don’t like that they think it’s hurting him more.
Jason says Justin talking to the camera is bad game play.
Jason says in the live feeder world he would be annoyed by Justin but plenty of people won’t be.

Jason – he doesn’t know the audience he’s pandering too.. I know the audience. (Maybe Jason and Kryssie are playing this up in the case Justin gets to final 3)

Jason brings up Paulie “He’s a big d1ck”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-25 18-08-34-673


7pm Jason, Morgan and Kryssie are in the bedroom talking about the things they miss and how they’re excited to seen the evicted house guests again.

9:10pm Jason heads up to the HOH room. He looks at the house guests photos and reminisces about the season.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-26 00-27-32-169
11pm Jason and Kryssie are in the kitchen talking about what they wonder will happen over the final days of the season. They talk about how they had their final live DR.

12:45am – 12:55am Jason and Kryssie are in the HOH room eating ice cream.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-26 00-40-37-731jm

1am Justin is in the kitchen talking about his family and life outside the house

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-26 01-02-17-138

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-26 12-01-06-851

NOON Sat 11/26 Nothing much going on…

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Hillary Lies Mattered

Looking good Morgan.


Creepy. Hillary lost by the way


I wonder if Kryssie and Jason will ever realize how awful they are.

Botox Pelosi

They probably are too busy thinking about how many television offers will pour in after the show.

Basement Boy

I’m disappointed in Jason as a human being.


They’re a lot like many of the people that comments about Justin unfortunately. They don’t give a crap about Justin. It was their vibes that caused Justin to go back and forth between the sides, but nobody in that house was genuine with him. He kissed their behinds cooking and serving for them and they still talked trash about him calling him a crackhead cocker spaniel, a thief, and illiterate! He still treated them all with respect and they are the worst but Justin is not even a bit as bad as any of them, but they call him a spoiled self entitled brat that’s ungrateful! People got Justin all wrong


Kryssie isn’t wrong about Justin.
I hope Morgan and Jason are at the end. Jason is a little shit, but at least he played.


Looking mighty fine Morgan!


Kinda creepy


Justin has been making everybody breakfast for awhile now. He didn’t help make the turkey big deal! The guy needed a day to be alone. Maybe he was pissed off or sad. It’s his choice if he wanted to be alone. Jason and Kryssie are taking this to the extreme. I really believe that Jason is using this to make him look bad to America.


So do I


Justin was trying to explain that to Krissie but didn’t get a chance because all of the crap talking about him, she went full force


Jason is pathetic. He is the one that is playing to America. Justin is the only one that he is afraid of winning over him. So he is naming every bad quality that Justin has and is making sure that America is listening. Jason saying that Justin crossed the line like Joshua did in Big Brother 9 is laughable! Little man look at yourself in the mirror.

John Celis

Can we vote anyone besides Jason please? It would make my year to see that little prick lose!!


Listening to Kryssies screech and wail at Justin was like NAILS ON CHALKBOARD Torturous!! Seriously I feel sorry for anyone close to her in real life who has to put up with this annoying and awful banshee. She does not even bring good drama to the table…perhaps the worst and most annoying person I have seen on Big Brother in forever!! She and Jason disgusts me to the MAX!! I hope Justin or Morgan wins so I can see the look on their pathetic little whiny faces!


Chaos, cool.


I think all the Misfits are nasty dirty talking vile people. Justin has admitted he was a pimp a gangster a badass. Why would anybody want him to win. And as for Jason he’s a vile nasty little man. And Chrissy does whatever what anybody tells her to do…


Justin have too much heart and respect to mean that literally. You only wish he stooped so low


Sooo all this Justin bashing makes me want Justin to beat Morgan and win against Jason and kryssie. Do we know when that comp is?


On the updated schedule for BBOTT, it says Tuesday is when part 2 of the final HOH happens after the 8pm EST episode. It looks like Saturday is when Jason picks who he wants to take to the final 3 with him.


How do we know this isn’t a game move from Jason and Kyrssie to bash Justin to the viewers in case he beats Morgan by making him to be the villain?

If Justin had an issue with Jason choosing Kryssie he would have said it in the Diary room session and not only that when he was alone talking to cameras. He told Morgan who also has to fight to make it to top 3, that he didn’t care if Jason picked Kryssie so its like DUH… if he doesn’t have a problem with that then Jason please STFU!!!

The man was in a funk just like the other HG’s it just so happens Justin’s funk landed on Thanksgiving. Who are they to judge how a person should be? Each one of them handle there emotions differently you can’t expect someone to deal with there home sickness and emotions the same.

And Kryssie lol (so ridiculous) Trying to guilt trip and failed miserably. Jason and Kryssie exaggerated outrage is comical and pathetic. Its so funny how in the diary room session when they had to name 3 thinks positive about the other HG’s Justin had positive things to say but Jason and Kryssie when it came to Justin just completely bash him. Wow tell us how you really feel. I’m disgusted because what they are doing is uncalled for.


Every time Jason was down and thought he was going home, Justin was always there to lift his spirits. I didn’t see Jason ask Justin if he was okay are trying to lift up his spirits. Justin is a threat to him in the end because he is afraid that America might vote him over Jason because of his personality. Also if Jason had picked Justin over Kryssie she would have not taken it well.


I am tired of Justin and pity me. I am sure they are all homesick. Justin is not handling n g it well. He can rude as the others. He just plays to America more. He has not done anything in the game. He was allowed to n practice two hours for care package. Shelby deserved to be there more than Justin. I don’t like Jason but he is playing the game. He is rude but playing. I hope Morgan wins the second half and it will be a toss up between Morgan and Jason. I lost respect for Justin on ThAnksgiving. If I recall he was making fun of Shelby filming the segment but he did not try to do anything. He says he is all about family then he should of been there for ThAnksgiving. He is
BB golden boy. Now he gives shout out to Shelby. He could not stand her before. He is fake. At least I know what Jason and krissie are. Morgan is Morgan. I have been a BS fan since the beginning. Justin has had it the easiest of anyone in the group. Now this is hard for him since he has to do it on his own.


Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want them to do well in life you evil ass witch! You think Justin don’t have anything else better to do then wish bad luck on people? Chile please, get yo life


Kryssie is a Kunt!!!!
There I said it, now I can go to bed and sleep like a baby.


You rock! I didn’t have the nerve to post it. Yahoo!


A smelly, dirty, cheese crusted, gaping Kunt……….Sweet dreams


the difference between Jason and Justin is Justin is smart enough not to bash because America votes. He has not done anything in the game. No game play from him. When others would put other down he jumped on the band wagon. I see Justin has the fakest person in the house. I see how the other three are but they are themselves. You came to play BB not you story. Play on your own merits and that is what I will vote for the winner


I guess being yourself is burping, farting, verbal diarrhea of the mouth, calling people vile names, threats, and rubbing your bodily fluids on things.


Hopefully the promise of a “game changing ceremony” Saturday night will send Krusti out the door!


Justin is getting this one handed to him. He cake walked all the way through, and now he’s gonna get the cake. Another one of those people who let others do all the work,and then comes in at the end and takes all the credit. That’s some BS.
At least Jason put some time and energy into the process.

tech difficulties

It doesnt matter if its Justin or Morgan they will get my vote. I’m so over this Jason/Kryssie thing they’re no words left. Hell I was over there disgusting vile talk in week 2. There is no way I will vote for either of them.


Krissie and Jason cannot win! They are the most vile houseguests. So sick of Krissie’s burping, nasty foul mouth, period talk and Jason is a slimy backstabbing snake. I vote Morgan. Classy.