Talla splashes water on the boys, Peter: “And now she goes into the pool”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


9:50PM Backyard Emmett and Andrew
Chatting about the Power of Veto competition. Andrew mentions that once he heard it was a slide puzzle he knew he was going to win it because he’s done them before.
Emmett: “I haven’t done them in a long time I think you get them with a dollar candy”
At first Andrew was a bit worried that Pete was going to win the competition but in the end he didn’t do very well. Andrew adds Peter has proven to them all “Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you are good at puzzles”
Andrew: “Man he was fired up (Pete)..”
Emmett: “Everyone gets fired up when they lose”
Andrew: “He wiped his thing at the.. and then he tipped the thing over”
Emmett: “I got fired up because I thought I was getting f**ed over”
Andrew tells Emmett that he didn’t lose the competitions he was disqualified.

Jillian and Talla join them

Jillian: “You guys remember that we made a packed to get to final 4”
Emmett jokes “Nope”
Andrew: “I just told peter I used the Veto on him”
Everyone starts laughing.. ]
Andrew: “Don’t tell Talla.. “
Talla: “Ragin Cajuns guys.. legit”

Talla says that Andrew and her are changing spots tomorrow (She’s going up on the block and Andrew is coming down)
Talla really hopes that on Thursday
Talla: “I am so getting liquored”

Andrew says that the pile of Laundry near the machines it’s Jillian’s and Emmett’s
Talla says she’s done.. “DONE for the Night”
Andrew: “Just in case you Strolling around her in the evening searching the grounds for a smoke.. alright.. looking under everything than that stuff should not be put in the drying machine” (LOL)




Talla dealing with slop.. awesome video LOL poor Talla

Talla: “Ohh this is disgusting.. OK.. ” (She takes a Drink)
“Why is this so disgusting.. ” (Starts heave it pack up)
“Keep it down.. OH my GOSH.. OH MY GOSH”

Talla: “I’m the only girl to have done slop 3 times on the first season of Big Brother Canada … COOL.. ugh if I vomit it’ll be on this counter”
Talla starts screaming out how disgusting the slop shake is.
Jillian comes down Talla tells her that she thinks because she’s not smoking that she can taste the slop better because it’s killing her right more. The Taste is much worse than it used to be.

Talla: “Now that I have quit smoking I’m tasting food more.. wait i’m not tasting food more I’m on slop.. ”






Outside near the gym Talla splashes Pete and Emmett with the water bottle and runs away.
Emmett: “should throw her in the pool”
Peter: “And now she goes into the pool”
Talla runs inside and locks the doors.

Pete and Emmett try to convince Talla to open the door.. She refuses. Emmett grabs Jillian threatens to throw her in the pool right before her Diary room season.

Talla: “Sorry Jill you gotta take on for the team.. Jill what do I do”
Jillian: “Open it and run”

Talla opens it and runs… they catch her in the toilet stall Pete crawls in from the bottom to get her. Emmett tells Peter to get out Jillian says “Only one person allowed in the stall at once”
Talla: “i’m staying in here all evening”

Talla waits them out and makes her way to the HOH room where she starts to listen to music and Dance. She is called into the Diary room.. The boys finally catch her in the HOH and drag her down to the pool. They are about to toss her in when she says she starts moaning in pain says she banged her eye. Emmett: “Did you knee yourself in the face” Talla “Ya”

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I can’t get over how much I DON’T WANT GARY TO COME BACK! If I have to choose someone…even though I think it’s silly for someone to come back after being voted out then get a guaranteed spot in final 5…I’d pick aj. He could reunite the stooges and turn the house around! That would be interesting to watch.

But they should just bring back aneal and be done with it! 🙂


AJ is useless, I kept forgetting he was a house guest. That’s how often they showed the guy. Bring back Gary, I want either him or Andrew to win.


if gary wins…that would be ridiculous. like they were all saying earlier, he’s so self-absorbed. he thinks he played the “best game” and everyone else is stupid. like no, they’re not stupid. they are all playing for themselves and they will do what they need to do to further themselves in the game. that does not make them stupid. all he does is trash talk. it’s exhausting and annoying. he was evicted fair and square, and he deserved to go when he did. he does not deserve to win this game. all he does is complain about EVERYTHING and cry about being on slop. get over it, it’s part of the game and everyone has to do it. he drove me mental.


but on the other hand, i agree with you that andrew deserves to win. i like everyone that’s still in the house right now. so at this point, i don’t really care who goes home. but i’d love to see emmett go now, but if it’s at the hand of gary that would drive me crazy. my ideal final 2 is jillian and andrew….maybe even andrew and pete. i’ve loved pete since day 1, same with jill.


So quick question, if Gary was not evicted and still in the house, would people have voted Topaz back into the house?


Yes ofcourse kam


After this week, I’m probably going to have to sadly root for Andrew. Thing is though, the guy needs to stop bragging about his veto win. Beating Peter is not a big deal, lol.