Take a Tour of the Big Brother Canada 10 House!

With the Big Brother Canada 10 premiere happening tonight, we finally get a better look inside the newly redesigned house that the 16 new house guests will living in for the next couple months as they compete for the $100,000 grand prize. Originally only the following three images were released as a sneak peek of the house but now we get a good look at the rest of the house. Still no photos of the Hot Tub room, Diary room or Havenot room …yet! Take a look at all of the photos and tell us your thoughts on the design. Is it the best designed house in BB history or is it lacking something. I’m curious what’s behind all of the doors .. or are they just for show and not all functional? Its definitely got a game show look and feel to it.

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WHOA! the HoH room looks SICK AF!!!!!

another name

Impressions of Premiere bbcan10:
Oh, a remake of the Flying Lizards ‘Money”. I’d forgotten that song existed… prefer the original to the remake. sorry.
Introductions… i still don’t care. How they talk before they get into the house is irrelevant, it doesn’t determine how they will play.
For the sake of past curses: Summer entered first.
First four make a season 2 alliance. Honeybunch. So that Miiiiiight be an alliance to look out for (not as winner necessarily, but as a season focus maybe? unlessssss this is the red herring alliance like that trio alliance before the first eviction last season). Realistically… so I’m going to wait for the first pair that says got your back.
Foolish question… did the costumer deep dive through a dumpster outside of a Winner’s for some of these looks? Yeeeeesh. Sideye… looks again… still yeesh. ugh.
Jay answers the phone: Summer totally flaked on that. Jay won safety can’t be evicted or be HOH.
Three games. Three winners of each game. Choose behind door. One gets HOH, what do the other two get (nominated would be a laugh?)
Game one: tetris door. Hermon winner
Game two: house decor trivia. Moose winner
Game three: beanbag toss: Josh winner
Josh and Moose win safety. Hermon is HOH.

bbcan10 NIGHT ONE.jpg
another name

Full disclosure: I thought I was safe this season, and didn’t have any six or less degrees of separation to any of the house guests. I asked the usual suspects in my contacts if they knew any of them. Doesn’t mean I won’t tear them to shreds if they’re playing poorly or being complete idiots, but got back word after episode one aired that I have met Gino in passing but don’t remember him (friend of a former coworker), and two of my contacts know Jay (one likes, one loathes). So, if I pause before jumping in with both feet on a tirade about either of them, it’s coming… I’m just informing someone that their friend either plays poorly or generally sucks before i comment about it.


yes tell us lol

Feeds Gold

perhaps they entered the house on friday, not saturday, since its a 70 day season, rather than 69 days…finale thursday may 5

so on thursday(tomorrow) night when feeds start its day 7(not day 6)?

another name

Possible, but we now know the online stories saying Summer is the first HOH are bogus.

Feeds Gold

seasons 7, 8, 9 had no veto first week (also the 5 person veto comp era)

likely that trend continues in the thursday ep tomorrow

that would see thursday be interactions/bonds/alliances, hoh room reveal, scrambling/hoh one on ones, wendys, mooses birthday, noms, campaigning, vote(13 voting if including the 3 with safety, means no potential hoh tiebreaker vote…or 10 voting if the 3 safe arent voting, making it possible hoh could break a tie if needed)…short evictee interview end of the ep(full evictee interview on tiktok after the show)…likely most or all of next hoh comp on monday ep


Stephanie and Tynesha could form the Cleavage Alliance


Moose and Josh were the real winners of that comp…geez i cant believe they got safety..poor Harmon has to draw first blood