Big Brother Canada 10 Premiere! “I can’t wait to send home everybody that Canada loves!”

Arisa says this years theme is “The Greatest Game Show on Earth!”
“Who will pay the ultimate price!?” “And what BBCan secrets are hidden behind the mystery doors?” “And who will answer the call?!”

Arisa Cox “I think that we can all agree that this is the ultimate game show! What more could you ever want? Its a social experiment wrapped in a game that you don’t just play, you live and you breathe! And I promise you this as we celebrate BBCan we’ve got so many throw backs to past seasons that you superfans are going to love!”

The first four house guests: Summer Sayles, Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos, Jacey-Lynne Graham, Josh Nash

The first four (Summer, Gino, Jacey, Josh) make “The Honey Bunch” alliance.

The next four move into the house: Jay Northcott, Tynesha White, Stephanie Paterson, Kyle Moore

The next four then enter: Betty Yirsaw, Moose Bendago, Haleena Gill, Kevin Jacobs

Kevin “I am going to be a monster because villainy is always more interesting than virtue. I am not a humble person. I have a pretty high IQ. I am going to be the smartest house guest and if you can’t tell I am pretty charismatic. I am going to win this game by being a villain, by lying to people, by pitting them against each other. I can’t wait to send home everybody that Canada loves!”

The last four enter the house: Martin “Marty” Frenette, Melina Mansing, Hermon Nizghi, Jessica Gowling

Arisa tells them there are gifts for them in the bedroom. Clothes from Winners are in gift bags for each of them. Just then the phone rings and the house guests race to answer it. Jay answers the phone and wins safety for the week but he cannot compete in tonight’s HOH competition.

HOH Competition: “Doors of Destiny”

– The house guests each drew a chip at random and depending on the luck of the draw they will each compete in one of three challenges. They will have to solve a puzzle, answer trivia questions or test their accuracy in a game of skill. The winner of each of these three games will move onto the prize round.. where they will reveal what is behind our three mystery doors. Behind one of the doors is the HOH, behind the other two … well you will have to wait and see.

Hermon wins the Puzzle competition.

Moose wins the Trivia competition.

Josh wins the bean bag toss game of skill.

Josh opens his door and wins Safety for the week.
Jay opens his door and wins Safety for the week.

HOH Winner: Hermon

SAFE This Week: Jay, Josh & Moose
– The first eviction is tomorrow (today – Thursday, March 3, 2022)

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I like to watch

I have a hard time with the number of young women in the house who introduce themselves as ‘single ready to mingle’, or with comments like ‘there better not be any girls in the house as beautiful as me’. Are they coached to make ridiculous and demeaning statements like this? out of the 8 women in the house at least 50% of them made some comment along these lines. Sad. I can’t get behind these gals.

Feeds Gold

im surprised to see week 1 veto comp return for the first time since season 6

5 person veto comp remains

Guy named Sue

Thanks for the summary!! Let the fun begin!


I used to enjoy Big Brother US and CAN in the past, even with some of the obvious faults from season to season (productions intervention), but since last year starting with BBCAN 9 then onto the US, it’s become really unwatchable for a rational viewer.

I was going to give this season a try but wanted to wait for the first recap from the boys so I could see the participants and what happened in ep 1. Unfortunately, more of the same as per 2021. It’s cool, I haven’t watched any BB since BBCAN 9 and just came here to see the recaps and thankfully I didn’t waste my time.

I have an honest suggestion to the producers of BB North American (CAN and US come from the same hive), just put 100% POC (even though white is a colour) in the house and get on with it. Us whites really don’t care. Like thick skinned adults we move on.

I will call this now like I did last year for CAN and the US. A POC will win with the top 3 people being “POC”. Look who won tonight and look who was saved. They don’t even hide it anymore….Quite amusing really.

Not to worry wokester’s, this is my one and only post this season….Moving on to adult things now….

Feeds Gold

hopefully this year there are more self interested players

caring way more about their own game and chances of winning and caring less that the winner must be poc above anything else

so far week 1 poc hoh evicts a poc

another name

EPISODE 2 thoughts:
So still not buying the random of the random drawing and phone safeties. Not for the reason you think if you think I’m having a bias moment), but because i think they have ulterior storyline reasons. Nothing is random.
So Hermon didn’t want to be HOH one? Could have thrown the first part HOH comp so…
Yeah. Humble bragging.
Moose d/r is going to annoy me. Just telling you. eyeroll upon eyeroll. I’m not sure i’m liking him much If he gets a lot of inclusion this episode i’m going annoyance level two. D/R leak today he used over 40 likes while speaking in a one minute feed (kitchen).
Oh gee, I’m already feeling Hermon is going to try the men’s alliance route. Well.. men plus the showmance girls. You know what I mean.
Anyone that can’t read how Hermon is running his HOH? sideye. His one on ones were… telling.
Nominations Melina and Jessica.
Melina is pulling the isolation bedroom thing. Antisocial personality. Kevin. another not sure I like. Mostly his d/r annoys too (why do i feel renom potential?)
Jess talks to Hermon for clarification and an olive branch session.
If that was Jess’ idea of an olive branch… She walked in beating Hermon over the head with that branch. Yeesh.
Veto. I remember the first balloon popping in season one.
Jessica wins Veto. Hermon named a target in his nom speech for NO reason, and it bit his ass. Come on. Known people less than 72 hours. No reason to say to one we haven’t talked and to the other you’re a threat in week one.
Moose is getting WAAAAY too much of this edit. Annoyance level two unlocked.
Renom is Kevin. I was kidding earlier. But mmm’kay.
Guess what Hermon: you put three people on the block. Two are staying no matter what you do. Quit saying if two of the people i put up stay… because two are staying no matter what. What we don’t know: did he heads up Kevin to be the replacement? This is something I expect happened. A guy’s guy HOH that wants a browdown? He had to have.
Campaign Trail
Crew talk. Melina tanks herself. Kevin goes ratmode against his fellow nominee that tanked herself by saying too much to her fellow nominee.
At commercial it’s a split vote 4 Melina 2 Kevin. It’s going to be Melina. C’mmmon.
Just to watch the usual tweetwits go crazy. It’s coming.
A few of them are doing a pointing at the arm thing in the voting. Alliance they didn’t tell us about yet? Does it have some social significance I am unaware of? Two fingers is the ironic truth revelation thing… what’s one? lazy sincere half truth reveal?
Mystery door. Production’s best friend later? Survive the block pick a door get some cash.
So who ran up to congratulate Kevin at the end of the episode for losing out and getting 500 instead of the bigger money doors? Every guy? I’m definitely feeling that there huge alliance containing all of the men and a couple side women… with Jay Jess and possibly Tynesha on the outside?
My parameters for week one episodes have only been half filled by the edit so far?
THAT’S ODD! Like they have altered their editing because they became too obvious ODD.
I’ve still got two picks, but can’t narrow it further because there was no got your back final 2 included in the week one edit… that’s always the BIG one to watch.

another name

As feeds come up, Marty is the new HOH. Sounds like the comp ended recently. Beach theme.
Some of them are getting ready for bed, or putting on pyjamas already.

another name

So this year veto picks are determined by spin of the wheel. Expect feed outages to take FOREVER for veto picks while they reshoot repeatedly until the names come up that they already delivered costumes for.

I like to watch

He could make it interesting. He’s def not part of the boys club. Was wondering about the gesture while voting, also. I’d have to watch again to see who it was that did it, but could it have been the first four that entered the house and made that quick alliance…?

another name

No it’s not a first four deal making the hand signal. the three that did it in voting are Gino, Tynesha and Kyle. The two that have made the hand signal in the house are Summer and Hermon. First four was Summer, Gino, Josh and Jace.

another name

Okay, I’m going to call it a night, just thought I’d pass on what I THINK is going on.
On the alpha side of the house we currently have 2,692 alliances and pairs. Or at least it seems that way.
For all intent and purpose, revert to highschool clique mentality of a mediocre 80’s movie.
Honey Bunch might only be real to Summer. Summer, Gino, Josh and Jace.
An unnamed 5: mentioned by Steph to Kyle. Kyle, Gino, Steph, with either Jace, Tynesha or Hermon making up the other 2 members. Guessing Hermon is in there because he later mentions the 5 and the 7 not having the same people, but not conflicting either.
An unnamed 4. Mentioned by Marty/Moose. Appears to exist maybe. Marty, Gino, Moose, Kyle. Supposedly Marty’s ride or die group and affiliated with Hermon on some level.
The Savage 7. Name dropped by Hermon to Kyle. WILD Guess: Hermon, Kyle, Moose, Gino, Josh (?) Tynesha (?) Summer (?). I include Tynesha because i think the vibe symbol was the Savage 7 symbol. 3 in voting booth, a couple more made the hand gesture in the house. IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE: Gino, Tynesha and Kyle have a trio nobody knows about.
Josh… okay, for some reason, his personality isn’t really fitting with the people in his alliances. Is it just me?
Kyle? social get around game is great… but i think his research of watching edited seasons will come back to bite him. I’m getting an overconfidence vibe that is eerily JP on feeds in weeks 1-4 season 3. Oh, i think he skipped that season in his research. Sideye.

On the other side… maybe a pair here or there. Jessica and Haleena, Haleena and Betty, Betty and Jay. No alliance. There is talk that the girls in Haleena’s bedroom are working together, but not solidified and not really working together.
Kevin is not a factor, and 90% of the house says Jess has the stink.

Marty’s plan? He’s in the shower and whispertalking…. hellifiknow… I’ll try.
All I know for sure, neither Gino nor Steph are touching the block. Steph due to the HOH deal. Gino because.
I think he would actually prefer to target Jay. But the other guys have tunnel vision for Jessica. They are talking back door so that she can’t play veto. I honestly think Marty would prefer to target Jay though. Just my gut (and Marty saying Jess isn’t coming for him, so he’s not worried about her… I honestly don’t know if Hermon or Kyle really got that because they seem to be continuing the Jess plan… but Marty actually seems to prefer Jay be gone?… hmm). He told Kyle and Hermon he’d like to target people he thinks would target him, meaning Prefer Jay as target? That’s what my brain deciphered from an Accented Acadian whisper talking from the Shower. Shoot me.

another name

Okay. Some of the things from last night become a little clearer.
Marty’s original list of targets was Jay, Jace and Steph. He made a deal with Steph in the HOH comp (but he’s annoyed she didn’t drop immediately when he offered the deal, still he’s going to honor it he says). He wants to target the people targeting him in the future and thinks that’s the ticket. Btw, he’s sort of left field there. He should actually be looking a little closer to his boys if he wants to see who is talking about targeting him. At least we realize now that Kyle and Marty don’t actually trust Moose in the game, but trust Gino.

Mustafa isn’t as in with Hermon as I thought. He’s more team Young Buck. Moose and Gino mention being in a four with the young guys and that’s the ticket. They discuss the possibility of targeting Marty and Hermon in the near future (that seemed out of nowhere to me). Moose is quite annoyed that Jessica isn’t Marty’s target. Last night I got the feeling that Moose is going to be that guy in the edits that the prodogremlins show being some mastermind when it’s actually other people doing the leg work. They’ve done so before. Maybe not.

Jess went to Marty, got the word she wouldn’t be initial nom, and begged not to be a replacement. I think she knows the rest of the boys want her out, and thinks Marty will renom her. In Kyle and Hermon’s mind, that’s the plan, so she’s not off in left field. She learns either she or Kevin are the replacement nom because Steph was his big target before the deal. Jess says evicting her is Marty losing one of his votes to stay if one of “them” wins HOH next and targets him.

Side note: the fact that women in BBcan haven’t figured out that in the 8 full seasons so far there’s only been one male first eviction, and set their game plan accordingly, is shocking to me. KatAnickRishaPaigeMarkRozinaLaura8Julie… and nobody sees a pattern. Whistles to self incredulously. If they aren’t walking in realizing this factoid… they get what they get.

Right now as I try to chart the alliances I’m hearing about…. It’s the same 7 people in different variations and all seven are in a big alliance at the same time. Sideye. Dear god, it IS high school.
Moral Dilema detected: Summer likes Jay in the house. Summer is in an alliance with Jace. She is not happy with the thought of having to get one of them out. Add another to the tally of why can’t he just put up Jess… making it 4 in the past 2 hours.