Big Brother 15 Spoilers Helen: ‘I have 3 people I want to backd**r and they are all guys”

4:30pm Cockpit Helen and Aaryn

Helen tells her she is going up as a pawn and if she wins POV she is going to back d**r somebody, The third nominee will be where she does the flipping. Helen: “If POV isn’t used I will probably send home someone from my side of the house.. it’s going to be a huge f*** and people are going to freak out but I want to play with people that are honest with me and I want to be honest with them”

Helen says she feels like she’s been duped and know that Aaryn’s been duped. Aaryn says that every single person in the house said to her they are voting Elissa out.
Aaryn says Andy, Judd, Jessie, Amanda and McCrea were always up in the HOH they all swore up and down to her that they would never vote against her.
Aaryn: “All along the way they were playing behind my back”

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition Results!

2pm When the live feeds return from showing TRIVIA during the have / havenot competition – Judd, Jessie, Gina, Spencer, Amanda and Aaryn are in the bathroom showering and talking. The bathroom is coverd in plastic to protect it from the mess. Jessie and Judd talk about how it was fun. Gina says I look like a Jew! Gina asks who do I look like? Amanda isn’t sure. Gina says a Jew! Amanda says oh. Jessie comments that the living room tv says Nominations Today! (Not sure but I think the havenots are Jessie, Judd, Aaryn and Amanda)

Up in the HOH room. Helen tells Candice that she can’t trust Howard or Spencer. Candice asks what why?! Helen says she doesn’t want to talk about. One of them is being back doored. I am bringing Jeremy over to our side! Helen says they are totally against us! Candice says that we can’t bring Jeremy over. Helen says fine we can back door him. Candice asks can’t we just scare Aaryn, one of the girls.

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Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Nick Vs Elissa Vs Helen

A huge shocker went down this morning. After realizing that the Moving Company only had 6 votes to evict Elissa and not enough to cover his a$$ and the identity of the MC Spencer panics. He goes to Helen where she basically tells him he’s a sketchy F*** . If Elissa goes she will win MVP and she’s going to win this weeks HOH. She will use these two powers to take out the people not in her alliance. This all scared Spencer enough to start laying the groundwork to Disband the Moving Company. We’re not sure but last night there was strong indications that McCrae was going to vote against the Moving Company and Evict Nick. If this was the case them perhaps Spencer caught on and realized in order to survive he has to jump ship. McCrae had told Spencer that Amanda was voting to evict Nick so maybe this got him worried since Amanda and McCrae have been power cuddling

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