Jamar “I’ve got this guys own ride or die chick willing to flip on him! Tell me I’m not the GOAT!”

Feeds went down at Noon. Chances are we won’t see them again until after the show tonight. All indications are that Mikey is being evicted by a vote of 9 to 3. There is an awful lot of talk about a rogue vote but nothing concrete. I wouldn’t be surprised if Minh cast one just to spread her chaos around.

10:00 am JL and Sheldon
JL saying he feels good about “you guys. you and Brooke”
Sheldon says he doesn’t see a time when he would target JL
JL – There’s 6 or 7 people I see myself having a problem with before you and Brooke
They agree there was no official 4 person alliance until Chris called it on (Maddy, JL, Mike and Ria)
JL goes on about how they just hung out together.
Sheldon says he has no concerns about JL
JL – I have people that are clearly gunning for me.

10:26 am Chris and Carol
Chris tells her he can trust her 100%
Carol says the people in the house she’s closest to are Chris and Vanessa. She says as far as standup people that she wants to “do this with” They are at the top of her list.
Carol – show Canada good people can win

10:38am Bedroom – Vanessa and Jamar. Vanessa – lets just go out there and win it. Jamar – yeah we just have to win it. Lets just see who wins it. We will talk from there. I got your back. If people talk about you, I will try and deflect it. Vanessa – yeah, same. No one talks about you.. but if it happens. Never has your name come up. You’re playing good in that way. Jamar – yeah those 3, I think they are targeting you. They think you’re with Kyle. Vanessa – definitely. Jamar – that is part of their campaign right. Vanessa – that’s what I’ve heard. If you keep Micheal we’re going after Vanessa and Kyle ..blaa, blaa, blaa. Jamar – that’s why when they bring you up I try to be like its all Kyle. Vanessa – and he is the one that lied to them and swore on his kids .. this and that. You know what I mean. Its not me. Jamar – if they win HOH.. they’re probably going to put up Kyle and Chris. Vanessa – that would be their best move. Vanessa – and you’ve voting to evict Mike? Jamar – yeah definitely. 100%! You are too? Vanessa – yeah. Jamar – yeah he is not staying this week. It should be like 9 – 3. Jamar – yeah 9 – 3 and if there is a rogue vote .. then I am going to find that out. Vanessa – ok. Jamar – and they’re probably going to go up too .. to be honest. But today .. the eviction should be a breeze.. and we will just see who is HOH and talk from there. Vanessa – ok perfect. She leaves the room. Jamar to the camera – I’ve got this guys (Chris) own ride or die chick willing to flip on him! Tell me I’m not the GOAT! (Greatest Of All Time) You feel me!?

His ride or die chick wants to flip on him. And work with ME!! God damn! Hand me the crown already! Hand me the hunted kill already! Stop playin with me! God Dammit! This mans ride or die chick wants to work with me and throw his a$$ out! We’ve been like this since day 1!! But she would rather work with me .. yours truly .. the one! You feel me. People aren’t ready for me! Why is Kyle getting all the damn credit! I’m offended! It should be me! But I don’t mind being the guy not taking all the credit because I am going to go further than him. You feel me .. because I’m the GOAT! Stop playin with me!!

10:56 am Sue, Brooke, and Sheldon
Brooke – Carol came up to Jamar sand said she wants to flip
Sheldon – that’s savage
Sue – we have to do some damage control cause this is stupid
Brooke – I already talked to her in my room.. she was like are you sure about Angie and Hira. I was like I’m 100 percent sure I got Jamar, Hira.
JL joins them.

10:58 AM Brooke and Sue leave..
Brooke outside “I underestimated her because it’s a stupid f***Ing move… I overestimated her trust”
Brooke – they worked harder on her that’s why someone needs to spend time with her (Carol)

11:00 am Brooke, Angie, Carol and Hira
All saying they are voting out MIke. Wondering about a rogue vote.
Angie – why? like you said rogue votes never work you usually find out who did it. To me it’s stupid.
Angie says she doesn’t think Jamar won’t do a rogue vote.
Brooke says the first person people will point to if there’s a rogue vote will be Minh.
Brooke- if there’s a rogue vote I’m not going to think it’s Minh
Carol says Minh likes to stir the pot.
Angie – the other side said they’re not confident with her.
Carol – I just hope it’s nine to three so we don’t have to worry about anyone else
Carol says that Maddy, JL, Mike and Ria are telling everyone they have the three (Hira, Angie, and Carol)
Angie – so everyone will get on board.
Brooke says Mike is throwing everything against his wall “The thing that’s brutal anyone that considers flipping. You’re on the bottom there”
Carol laughs and says that side told her if you go with them you won’t be on the bottom.
Brooke says Mike is a true blue stand up person.
Angie says it’s sad because this week he’s been spiraling.

11:14 am Vanessa and, Carol
Vanessa says Sheldon came up to her and said that Carol was going to place a rogue vote.
Vanessa – he said it came from Jamar. Whatever you want I’ll support it I just want us to do it together.
Carol – I’m not voting out Brooke but now I’m scared someone else will and pin it on me.
Carol stresses it’s too early to shake the boat.
Vanessa says that Brooke never came to her once about a vote.

11:18 AM Carol is confirming with Brooke she is not voting Brooke out.

11:21 am Maddy, Hira, and JL
Hira says he’s voting Mikey out the votes aren’t there to keep him.
Maddy saying no matter what happens this week she wants them to still work together.
Hira – 100 percent all the respect for Mikey I love the guy
Maddy – I respect you for telling us not many people would do that
Hira leaves..

Maddy cries “I Tried”

11:24 am Hira and Minh
Hira says she should only be worried about Kyle doesn’t see why she’s worried about Jamar.
Minh – the only person I’m concern about is Kyle .. I’m concerned about Jamar and Angie..
Hira – KYLE.. he switches
Minh – If I look around if I see whos who. I’m going to gun for it. (HOH)
Minh says if its Kyle close to winning the HOH she’ll gun for it but if it’s Maddy, JL or RIA RIA she won’t.
Minh says Sue is “Kyle’s little b1tch right now”
Hira – true but Kyle has so many minions running around. You should still gun for it.
Minh – you need to gun for it
Hira – at this point I’m gunning for everything
Minh – If I win HOH I’m going to start sh1t (start?)
Minh – I’m going to put Jamar on Slop
Minh tells hi she’s playing the Long game and right now it’s not best for her to win HOH but at the same time she wants to be seen as a competitor

11:41 am Minh and Sue
Minh – here’s the thing just between you and me If I win HOH and I do anything I look shady as f**
The camera moves to Angie, Vanessa and Brooke chatting … CArol still going on about her vote.

11:45 am Sheldon and Brooke
Brings up people talking about a rogue vote.
Brooke – Ness pulled Carol away and had a private conversation with her and then Carol came back was like I can’t believe you would think that.. (Rogue vote)
Brooke – what conversations happened?
Sheldon told Vanessa that Carol might flip but don’t say anything because Sue and Brooke are on it.
Sheldon – we just kept studying and she (Vanessa) said she wouldn’t say anything
Brooke – it now makes me look sketchy and now Jams told me.

11:50am Upstairs – Vanessa, Chris, Minh-ly, Carol and Susanne. Carol – I just really want the vote to be 9 – 3 so that there is no question about anything because I’ve heard my name come out of a few peoples mouth and it irritates me. Chris – that Carol is going to throw a rogue vote? Carol – I would have nothing to gain by doing that. Minh-ly – none of them have a mind of their own. Carol – we actually have a mind of our own and what is best for our game is to not flip. And also Mike tells me that he wants to talk to me after the vote to tell me something that he thinks I need to know. So he is going to throw someone else under the bus. I just love how people that I legit never talked to are throwing my name out. Its bullsh*t! Minh-ly – Micheal said to me that people just flip flop too much in this house. All I said to him was that I would get back to him and then when I did I said that he didn’t have the votes.

11:53 am Mike, JL and Maddy
Maddy – no one deserves to bac backdoored the first week after you haven’t done anything
JL calls Chris “Spineless”
Maddy says Kyle is worse than Chris, “Chris doesn’t know how to play the game”
JL – I don’t think Sheldon would have done that first week. He was clearly pushed into it..
Mike agrees – Chris is spineless
Mike tells them not to vote for him it will single them out.
JL wishes they knew exactly who came up with this plan.
Mike – Kyle and Vanessa. Sue’s in on it too. She had a convo with me and basically ran up to Chris she was telling me to not give up hope and they were laughing about it.
JL – that’s brutal man
Mike – I think Sheldon is too
Mike – you guys have to promise me you’ll put up Chris, Kyle, Sheldon, and Vanessa on slop
JL – not sue
Mike – no I want Vanessa to do another round.
They agree Sheldon can be an ally for them along with Jamars so maybe they will put Sue, Kyle, Vanessa, and Chris on slop
Miek says the way to break Kyle down is to put him on Slop. “he can’t handle it mentally”

2:18 pm Feeds down..

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another name

I don’t care if the spoiler comes from realucuelet4sure, realregina4sure, realhalifax4sure or EVEN realniagara4sure… there’s no studio audience. So unless it’s video and you can see arisa and the evicted houseguest in the background watching the winner of the hoh get the key: it’s suspect. 🙂


Arrgghh, I’m not happy with Michael being voted out! They are a bunch of idiots! Cannot stand Kyle and Chris and hope they don’t run the house all season!

another name

have nots are kyle vanessa maddie and angie.
kyle is crying that he was painted to be a bad person.
oi vey.


production are sadists putting maddy kyle and vanessa back on slop. tying the have-nots into the first 4 eliminated is brutal.
They had to know maddy, kyle, vanessa were going to be targeted first.

another name

sadism would be if they rigged it so Angie got the slop pass this week.
I still think in most cases comps are decided in advance, so they wouldn’t have known the house dynamic when they set up the comp order for the season. Realistically it’s surprising the have nots aren’t all of the evicters and kyle.