Surviving The Big Brother House Part 1: If Natalie ever offers you Chicken DON’T EAT IT

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:35pm Jordan is laying in the splish splash Room with a slight smile on her face (dreaming of cookie or dough the awesome results in last nights POV). Kevin place solitaire Natalie comes in and starts making some food. Kevin tells her he wishes they had a “Cheap ass” camera so he could take some pictures. He tells her he’s a little sad that it’s coming to a end. Natalie starts preparing Chicken Kevin goes on about how when he saw the other players on the TV during the 1st Pandora’s box he thought the house looked totally different than how he remembers it. (Natalie is going to get food poisoning one of these days the way she handles raw chicken). Kevin warns her he doesn’t want to get salmonella, he’s worried that the chicken Natalie is preparing him will kill him ;)

Jordan joins them. The houseguests got a bunch of games to play, they also got more modeling clay, Dominos and croquet. Jordan says she wouldn’t mind playing dominios. Kevin starts to bring out the croquet balls, Natalie makes a comment about Production not giving them those croquet balls earlier because their heavy and she was going to throw them at Michele. Kevin heads outside to set up the game.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm Redroom Kevin and Natalie playing chess. Jordan siting watching and talking.



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382 thoughts on “Surviving The Big Brother House Part 1: If Natalie ever offers you Chicken DON’T EAT IT

    1. This season is no different than the other season….it always gets boring when it’s down to the final three…….it is not worth watching now.

  1. Natalie totally must be JEALOUS of Michelle because of the way she’s always slamming her even though Mich isn’t even in the house anymore. Michelle is PRETTIER,SMARTER, and has so much more going for her than Natalie, so it stands to reason she’d be JEALOUS of her.

    1. I don’t really understand Nat’s hatred of Michelle – what did Michelle ever do to warrant this kind of tirade???? Kinda sad – I voted for Michelle for America’s choice – she deserves it for all of the crap she had to take while in the house

    2. The only come back Nat is using is that Michelle drove Chima over the edge by lying about her vote…this coming from the LML Queen, go figure!!

  2. aw poor jordan having to stay in that house with those two for 3 more days….I would ask bb for a sleeping pill! WAKE ME UP TUESDAY!

    1. Jordan is so slow, I don’t think she knows what’s going on!
      She doesn’t need sleeping pills, she’s in another world even when she’s sleeping.
      I like her! But she is dumb.

  3. That whole house is going to have to be burned after this season. And Natalie is going to make someone sick the way she handles the Chicken, barely washes her hands, just passes them under the water, and never wipes the countertop or utensils when she’s done. Last night she spillled a glass of something in bed and didn’t even attempt to clean it up. No wonder they have an ant infestation. Disgusting.

    1. Agree – I have been totally blown away by how unsanitary the HG are in this house. They seem to think they don’t have to clean up after themselves – they are adults – I assume in their real life they don’t have maids – so who does the cleaning at their houses surely they don’t live in filth??????

  4. Ok, so I read the updates almost everyday & I’ve never left a comment BUT I feel compelled to tonight. In reading the comments I’ve been amazed at some of the things that are said about Jordans weight. This is just my 2 cents. I personally think that Jordan is a pretty girl. So what if she has a little meat on her bones. She’s healthy. It’s people like you that make young girls ram their fingers down their throat. And I bet that every single one of you are just perfect! *note sarcasm* I am 5’10 & weigh 105. I’m skinny due to genetics. I’ve tried to gain weight due to the fact that I don’t like I look healthy. I have a 9 year old daughter & even though I know that she’s built just like me, I still get so upset when I see america making it seem like skinny is the only exceptable weight. Some of you posters should be absolutly ashamed. I hope one day you will wake up & change your way of thinking so you can realize what influence you’re having on our youth. Ok, I feel better now. Go ahead, try to rip me to shreds. All I ask is you give it a second thought before you make yourself look like a total ass. Have a good night. =)

    1. I agree with you as a slightly overweight gal I get so tired of others bashing women who look great – there is no way Jordan is fat – think supposedly tv adds weight and Jordo still looks killer. Stop being mean America life is too short too tough to worry and chastise others about weight _ I bet half of the people who have called Jordan fat are much larger than she is – she is beautiful (although not too bright).

    2. Thank you i feel the exact same way..people just suck and are pissed they aren’t as adorable as Jordan. She is not fat in the least and i can’t stand the thought of her getting out of the house and seeing all of this written about her. Anyone who feels the need to call her fat is just jealous. HELLO doesn’t everyone see the pic right on the front page of this website?? She’s tiny!!—get your eyes checked shes fine.

    3. justmy2cents – your comments are so true. Many agree, they just do not post. You are not in the minority opinion on this matter! I have never been in the same room with Jordan, but I’d have to say from her behavior on this show, I would LOVE to be her bud! Wouldn’t you love to have a WYSIWYG friend!? As for the other 2, their true selves are questionable, to say the least, and although I would likely shake Kev’s hand in passing, from the way Natalie has decided to portray herself (consciously or subconsciously), I would avoid all physical contact. In my opinion, Evel Dick’s win was the lowest of lows, so if Jordan comes away with some real $’s, my pain may be mitigated…Meanwhile, who knew this thing was so orchestrated!?

    4. I have a friend that has a 13-year old daughter who is going through a hospital program for an eating disorder. Someone told her she was getting a bit pudgy and she went the other way in….well, you know. Her heart rate had sunk down to 42. She is on her way to recovery FULLY, thank God. But the tendency is to put value on a person entirely on his/her body weight proportion. It’s bad enough that we put a value on a person based on what he/she can produce.
      My soapbox message for the day….

      1. Clint- I’m so very sorry to hear your daughter has problems with her self esteem. It’s very rough on girls especially. When I was younger and just developing, I was very modest and never wanted to undress in front of people in the gym changing room. It was a complete horror. I was first in my class to develop and the girls would pick on me for wearing a training bra. The boys thought it was great of course but the girls hated me for it. I would hide in the corner and change my clothes and the girls would stare and call me a lesbian because I did not want them to watch me undress. I didn’t want to go to school or participate in gym even though I loved gym and playing vollyball most of all. Anyways, I have commented on Jordons weight but my problem with Jordon is that before she came on BB, she not only worked at Hooters, she also had a boob job. A job is a job, I guess but every season you have these blonde idiots in front of you who are completely fake and in my opinion are piss poor role models even for older women. She is what is wrong with the world. Don’t like yourself, hey, give me 4 grand and you can be a new person, who cares if you’re ugly, you don’t need college you can be a Hooters girl. This is my problem with those types of girls. We need to see girls who break the mold. We need strong women of all shapes and sizes. If Jennifer Hudson was there, no one would call her fat because she is real and not an over processed Britney Spears doll that 99.99% of mothers have brought their daughters to see in a concert. Even Miley Cyrus dresses like she is a street walker and looks older than me and I’m a great deal older than her. I think most of us are fed up with plastic which is why Jordon gets her ass kicked.

        1. Jordon is pretty and she is not fat. She is not all nice and sweet. She has and is playing the game. Sometimes better than others and sometimes just luck. On BBAD she is just as nasty as the others on the show. But, here is where I draw the line at the nice and sweet and innocent routine. This is a girl who tells everyone how poor her mother and family is and she gets a breast job to be on a show and that she was going to get a guy to bring her along. (of course, Jeff said something similar about a showromance.) Now, I have heard that she got those for better tips at her job as a waitress. That means she doesn’t take the job she has serious either. She thinks, as she claims her mother taught her, that men are for the using. Sometimes we all have to get smarter than our mothers. In her mind bigger tips come with bigger boobs. Not with service or hard work. There are other people at the table besides horny men. Ladies, families, and men without sex on their mind. They will leave tips based on service. I leave tips for male waiters. Not on the size of their boobs or their package. But because they remembered my order correctly, made sure my silverware was clean, got my drink right, and brought me a clean fork or spoon for my dessert. And, asked me if I needed another drink before I asked them for one. I have a strong feeling that Jordon would not get my order correct and she would think she could solve it by bending lower to my husband and saying I am so sorry. Might work on him but not on me. Boobs in the camera don’t work for me, either. Working hard to win the game, with all it takes, should get the money. There you have it. That is why I have a problem with Jordon. However, should she win, I will be happy for her. But, she will have to work hard to make that money into something more. You can buy an education but you still have to study and learn to make something of it.

          1. I’m not judging Jordon on her breasts one way or another. If she feels more confident with them, I say good for her. I don’t think she did it for Hooter’s or for tips, and surely not for BB.
            I do remember however, that Jordon spoke of having misshappen breasts, (more than once on this show), and how she was so ashamed of them, and never undressed in front of her girlfriends or anyone. I can’t remember the exact way she described them, but said at one time they were like tubes, long and slender and hung down..ect ..ect
            WHO CARES? It is her body, she was uncomfortable with her breasts and changed them. Why bash her for it? She is a beautiful girl, and I am sure she was without the implants.. and perfect she will never be, none of us are, but she has done pretty well being in that house for close to 70 days.
            She IS NOT fat, and I myself would love to be her size, instead of the bean pole size I am.
            I am not going to comment on whether she could get an order right or not. I have faith she can. If not, she wouldn’t be the 1st one. It isn’t a matter of life or death, and I would be glad to give her the chance to make it right, and no..not by flashing her chest in our face. Why bash her at every chance?
            I’d rather call her friend than many that were in the house, and compared to the 2 she is left with, she’d be the only one I’d like to get to know. Kevin was funny and pretty level headed until he got tied up with Natalie… but it has to make you wonder about him, how easily he was swayed to act so nasty, when it was so unnecessary. Michelle did not deserve the grief she got, and I hope she can look over their sad, childish actions.
            Go Jordon. You are fine… you can work on your faults much easier than the other 2 there with you… at least you can admit you have faults.
            THANKS SIMON & DAWG for this site and all your hard work. You are much appreciated!!
            So glad my better-half found you!! I love it here. Thanks again!

          2. BBgrandma… are you serious with what u just said??? im not sure what mid west– bible state your from but out here in the real world which is the ALPHA MALE WORLD…. sex sells and for a woman to make as much as the wall street male trader..STRONG woman need not only brains but tits and ass and a hot body. i dont agree that it should be this way but its a FACT wake up get out and enter 2009!!!!!!!!!! Go Jordan tits and all!!

            1. I am not from the Bible Belt. Far from it. I believe in hard work and an education to get ahead. I think it is important for young people to get pass a body image making you a better person, job or otherwise. I have no problem with plastic surgery, either. Just with her comments on why she said she got it. Believe me, if I could afford it, I would get it just to put mine back where they use to be! But, I didn’t need it to make big money and I did. Jordon needs an education to help her in a career. She has made that clear. Your statement is why so many young girls have eating disorders. I hope you weren’t serious. I am not preaching. Wouldn’t think of it. In fact don’t care for people that do. I gave an opinion. You do not agree. I appreciate your comment.

              1. “Believe me, if I could afford it, I would get it just to put mine back where they use to be!” lol granny, I hear ya!

        2. Thanks for the kind response, Rockstar. While your points are valid, established, and proven, I guess we need a way to communicate to young girls that they are okay the way they are. Unfortunately, this way of self-hatred has already spread to young boys. I hate to be a portent of doom, but this problem will only get worse.

          1. Clint, the point I was trying to make was for young girls and young woman to know that a body image is not needed to get you far in the world. Unless you are trying to be a beauty contestant. I have told my young friends that a good education and hard work is how you get ahead. Getting hung up on your body image takes away valuable time. I know many unattractive people that have made a lot of money. Some to heavy, some to thin. Keep your body health. It is a valuable machine. It is a sad that so many judge on the image. But, I wouldn’t say Bill Gates is handsome. However, he looks pretty good when you see his accomplishments. And, Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt was not pretty but she left a valuable mark on our country.

        3. Jennifer Hudson is fat though,and if fake boobs make you feel better about yourself,then good for them.she doesn’t have Laura type boobs,so I don’t think she was going for the look at my boobs look!and just to be honest,America and kids especially are getting fatter by the years,read the studies,it all stems from life getting easier,remotes for everything,video games,dishwashers,etc.I am not trying to be an ass,but i’m in my early 40’s and the kids today,would die if they grew up in my era.

          1. You make a very good point. I think we have gotten pretty lazy about keeping our body healthy. To many things to do now a days just sitting around. We need to get up and move.

    5. No bashiong here. 150% agreement. Anyone who thinks Jordan is fat needs to take a look at other “celebs”. I.e. Rosanne Barr, Rosie O’donnel, before pics of Jason (the Subway guy) leap to mind. Jordan may not be an ideal models weight, but she is far, far, far from being called fat. She appears to be about 5′ 9″ ish. The ideal weight for a medium bodied female is 139 – 153. I bet that she falls right into that range.

    6. Funny, but my husband did a rewind 4 times on our DVR when Jordan came out of the shower the other night on BBAD! She showed her ass and hubby went crazy! She is not fat at all and can turn lots of heads! I agree she’s not too bright, but she is adorable.

        1. I agree Simon,she is a very cute girl and her personality makes her even cutier,but she has put on some lbs in the house.fat,nah she’s far from fat,she just has a lil more cushion now!

    7. I am SO happy that someone finally spoke up about the Jordan bashers. How someone could/would call her fat is beyond me. She is beautiful! Jeff loves her body, and he is HOT, smart, and could probably have anyone that he wanted. It is really sad that there are people out there who have to criticize a woman for her looks, especially when there is nothing wrong with her looks. And, most of the people commenting here are saying that Jordan is not the brightest. However, it is about her being naive and a little sheltered from maintstream society. She is smart in her own way, but just naive. I really hope she wins this game, because she is a good person. But, please, people-STOP calling her fat, and negatively commenting about her beautiful body.

    8. 1. “liberal bias” is an oxymoron, moron. Liberal – “…respectful of individual rights and freedoms.” Bias – “prejudice” 2. A “liberal arts” education can be considered “diversified”.

    9. I read somewhere on the feeds that Jordan was a size 2 or 4 when she came in the house. It takes about 10-12 lbs. to cause a size change. So she could be a 4 or 6 now. Since the average female is a size 12, she still qualifies as skinny.

  5. Nasty doesnt know how to shut up. Michelle is not even in the house anymore and she insists on bashing her and saying unnecessary mean things. Wait until the little lying spoiled brat gets out and sees that we dont hate her because of jessee, we hate her because she is a disgrace to the human race!

  6. Last time Natalie cooked chicken she didn’t even wash her hands after cutting it into pieces to make tacos. After she put it in the pan to cook she wiped her hands and then proceeded to handle all of the seasonings and everything else. I’m surprised no one got sick….how can a person handle raw chicken and just wipe their hands!!!!! She is so GROSS and I can’t wait for Jordan to kick her ass again. The BEST moment this whole season was last night when Julie told them that Jordan got 9 right and that she won. I thought Natalie was going to lose it!!! But of course she started making excuses….like anyone cares!! Jordan handled her win with grace. If Nat had won she would have been screaming and acting like a fool. Which she is…..

    1. Exactly my feelings! The opinions are much more fun than tv. Here is my idea of a donation scale: If you are really really poor, you can find a dollar every week. Somebody said you should consider this at least what you would pay for a movie and popcorn every week. These guys are working this constantly and have developed many funny and insightful followers, poetry, songs, dreamworld scenarios. We get to know some real characters (yes, rockstar you are quick on your feet!!) Lots of boring and repetitious stuff but there’s real creativity out there, THANKS EVERYBODY!

    2. Simon, I got my Social Security Check this week. I will send you a donation as soon as I figure my bills for the month. Can’t think of anything better to do with the extra I have! Love that I have you as my eyes and ears on the Live Feed! I make pretty good cookies, too, but don’t know how to get those to you!

  7. Thanks deebee, I just wanted to add that everyone who has visited and added to the site has been great. You all have made this one of my favorite BB seasons. Even if my favorite houseguest didn’t’ win.

  8. How the hell can Gnat call Jordon stupid when Gnat asks about 9/11, ” how did they get the bombs on the planes?” What a freaking idiot. Kevin /Jordon have to tell her that they flew the planes into the buildings and she still insists they had to have bombs on the planes! What is wrong with this moron. Has she been under a rock for the past eight years? Who the hell doesn’t she know this????????? Then the witch continues to bash Michelle. Wow! I mean get the hell over it already. She actually had the gall to say it was Michelle’s fault that Chima threw her mike in the pool. This girl is absolutely unbelievable. Don’t even get me started about how she is going to poison everyone. What kind of stupid slob doesn’t know you have to wash your hands after handling raw chicken. I swear this dumbass, horrible, nasty gnat is the most disgusting huming being ever.

  9. I can’t WAIT to see Natalie’s face when she gets stabbed in the back on LIVE TV next Tuesday. She still thinks that Kevin is going to take her to the F2. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  10. Pigpen is trying to make everyone sick and then she will take the money when they can not get off the toilet. Wash your hands Pigpen. Watch out guys, Typhoid Nat is coming!!!

  11. Simon, do you know why they have been calling this season ‘Big Brother’ and not Big Brother 11? They always called the seasons with the numbers before. This has nothing to do with anything just wondering.

  12. It’s been fun & entertaining & therapeudic reading the posts on here. Thanks Simon, Dawg, & all the BB fans out there. P.s is here any way to send donations?

  13. Well said, deebee! I’m too damn cheap to invest in the feeds or Showtime. However, thanks to people like Simon who give updates in a manner like he gets PAID to do so (but doesn’t), we get our fix and save $$$’s. I just wish I could give more.

  14. I remember one year when there was a guy on there……can’t remember his name……but he never washed his hands. He went to the bathroom one time then came out and mixed a salad with his hands. One of the othere houseguests called him out on it. It was hilarious. Just reminded me of Nasty Natalie and her pathetic personal hygeine. Jordan isn’t much better. She was filing her feet over the hot tub the other night and then rinsing the file off in the water. Disgusting. What are these people thinking. You would think they would be on their best behavior knowing all of the cameras are on them.

      1. Jerry and Adam both were called out for not washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Adam was also slammed for excessive scratching and self-groping.

        Rennie really layed into Jerry for his poor hygiene.

        1. I remember Jerry and Renee having it out over his hygeine……or lack of hygeine I should say. But this was prior to that season so maybe it was Adam. I just remember him throwing both hands in the salad and just going to town mixing it and then someone said something. It was just hilarious and had to be quite embarrasing for him.

  15. I hate how people think kevin deserves the money because he made more moves in this game than jordan… I call bullshit she has done just as much if not more than kevin and deserves the money. Nat hasnt done shit and deserves NOTHING!!! GOOOO JORDAN

    1. umm I Dunno who is going to win. I’m really bad at calling the jury vote (we need feed cameras in there!!) I think they all played a good game at one point or another. Didn’t really like Natalie, there was moments when I didn’t mind her but all in all she was a pain to listen to. Kevin rocked in the beginning to middle of the game, but went with Natalie and turned nasty. Jordan rocked until her and Jeff got HOH and went stupid. Jordan was very cute when Julie asked her how it felt to win the 2nd HOH.. Even though Jordan isn’t the brightest player she’s not as dumb or fat as everyone likes to say she is. I would be happy if either Kevin or Jordan wins but I think against all logic and reason i’m going to say I want Jordan to win.

      1. right on Simon. I feel the same way. Thanks for everything. I had showtime up until the 8th of Sept. I knew I could rely on you to keep me posted. I have been watching the show from day one. (My husband got me hooked).

        Natalie is just so cruel. Doesn’t she realize every comment she makes is seen by America??? I would not do that to my worst enymy, unless they were hurting my family…. I liked Michelle. She played a good game. I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan in the beginning, then switched to Michelle, cuz she was all alone. I really was hoping they would stick with the final four, like season 6 with Janell, Howie, His partner(forgot her name) and Kaser. That was my all time favorite BB. Evil Dick was good a guy you love and hate. At least he showed us he has a heart. And that is why everyone loved him.. Now I am rooting for Jordan. I know she would win up against Natalie, but I don’t feel she deserves 1 penny. BB shouldn’t even pay her for being there. Thanks again Simon… We love you..

    2. I hope Jordan wins to and it would be very nice seeing Kev and Nat not win as a bonus.. hehe “evil grin”
      also like ive said before Jordan has really impressed me. She for sure is much smarter than people give her credit for. however Jordan has her “less inteligent” moments, but those are just cute and a little wierd.
      also Jordan has played her part perfectly and I think she is 1 of the HM in BB history that has adapted and coasted along best! She has done exactly what she had to do to get to where she is now.. So to those who feel like she hasnt done enough, what exactly should she have done different?
      “Sometimes i feel like Jordan is very smart and her cute, naive and very likeable personality is just a masterplan her hidden mega brain has figured out is the best way to approach life” hehe.. okay that was mabye a little far but i still she is actually a smart girl :)

    3. I have meantioned this before on the previous post, but my children just love jordan and jeff. In fact they named thier bratz boy and girl doll after them. When we were watching the 2nd HOH, it was a family affair we all sat around the TV, and when we knew Jordan had it we all clapped from home.

      My husband had said no more bb after jeff was voted off. But with Jordan and Michelle let me and the girls couldn’t stop watching.

      I think that says a lot to the person(s) Jeff and Jordan are. They touched our hearts.

      For the other years that we get mad we really do stop watching until the finale….

  16. Isn’t Adam also the one that used the word “retard” and had a lot of fallout over that? If you think about it, there really have been some strange characters on that show.

      1. That’s right. I remember now. And he was on the show with James who had the donkey dick and one night on After Dark he slung it through his legs and caught it in his ass. And wasn’t that the season where they damn near had an orgy with a couple of the women giving lap dances with nothing on but whipped cream. All in all this has been a pretty boring season if you think about it.

          1. OMG. Thank you Simon. I totally forgot some of those people but I remembered it being close to porn. Thanks for the pics. I can’t remember their names but I totally remember the faces now that I see the pics. That was my first year of watching After Dark and I remember calling my brother and telling him he had to watch it and he didn’t believe me till he watched it. I bet there were some proud parents of houseguests that year. Made Chima look like a saint.

  17. I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I’m probably going to get slammed for this, but all I ask is that you read the whole post before you do.

    Personally, I think Natalie is incredibly sexy. She has that mocha colored skin that is so hot. She has beautiful eyes and a nice smile. When her hair his long and straight it’s gorgeous. You can see that she has a very nice body when she is in a bikini. She has perfect sized breasts a nice tummy and a very nice butt.

    Now, with all that being said, I don’t have 24 hour feeds. When I started reading about some of the stuff about her that you guys had privy to, I was a little disappointed. The one thing that I don’t understand is how all of you jumped on her because she didn’t want to shower when she was a have not.

    Please, how many of you would seriously want to take nothing but a cold shower for a week straight? I’ve had to take cold showers before and they’re not fun. Thankfully, I only had to take them for a day or so because the power came back on. I would not want to do it for a week straight.

    I know from reading what you guys post she doesn’t have the best of table manners. Nor does she know proper food handling. Some of you may also seemed to have forgotten that she doesn’t seem to have a Mom in her life. Mom’s are usually the ones who make sure kids have good table manners and know how to handle food properly. These are learned behaviors and if she didn’t have anyone to teach her, then it’s not entirely her fault.

    As far as her lying and game play. I won’t defend her here. I do think she’s a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, she has some issues which can hinder that beauty. I suspect that deep down she’s a good person but had to put up some sort of shield to cope, probably having to do with her Mom. (I don’t know what happened to her Mom, they never really got into it.)

    Go ahead and bash me if you want. You have to ask yourself, are you letting your feelings about Natalie cloud your perception of her?

    Before I get slammed too hard, I should say that I do think Jordan is also very pretty. I think she should stop dying her hair blonde. Then again, blondes draw more attraction. This has been scientifically proven in studies. As a waitress, I understand she’s trying to maximize her tips.

    As far as people hating on her because of her weight, you need to stop! She also has a very nice body. Stop hating on her because of her implants too. That was actually a smart financial decision on her part. Studies have actually proven that a waitress, no matter what restaurant, will get bigger tips if she has big breasts. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it is.

    As many of you have pointed out, Jordan will never be a scholar. Again, at least she has enough sense to know what she’s good at and use what she does have and make money doing it. Sorry to say, not everyone is cut out to be a rocket scientist. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, such as Jordan seems to know, you will make your way successfully.

    That is all.

    1. I just got through telling my daughter it is so sad that Natalie has been so hateful, rude, disrespectful etc to her housemates through this (except of course Jessie – YUK creepy) because she really could have inner beauty that would give her a total package to go with her external beauty.

      1. Maverick, you should also tell your daughter that BB is nothing but a tv show and it is edited to suit their whims. Jordon was very mean and disrespectful to Michelle. She was very cruel to her when it was not warranted. This was not shown on CBS because Jordon is their favorite while Natalie is their villian. Everything on tv isn’t what it seems.

          1. I agree Grandma. I have watched BB since the beginning. I didn’t have the feeds during the first 4 or 5 seasons because I didn’t really know what it was all about. Granted, I was quite naive too and thought it was all real and that nothing was edited. Boy oh boy did I have a lot to learn.

          2. BBGrandma…IMHO, because of all the lying-cheating-scheming the HGs need to do to win this thing, BB is not a show for anyone under 21. Unless your under Katrina conditions and stealing food to feed your family, the ends shouldnt justify the means. My wife is the most honest person in the world but was a fan from the very beginning. I wasnt…that Chicken George guy just rubbed me the wrong way. So me being shallow and of little character, it wasnt until that girl had to wear those skin tight red leotards I started watching BB again…
            Anyway here we are again, the mrs says she didnt like any of the HGs but still watched and now I’m hooked. THANK YOU BIG BROTHER!!

        1. Sorry to disagree but Jeff and Jordan were both shown on the show to be bashing poor Michelle. They came out of a few shows this season looking very mean and untrustworthy too.

        2. 1st off… when Jordan was HOH, she offered her HOH room to Michelle, she gave her a set of drawers and they slept together. It was only after abou 4 or 5 days Michelle started getting on Jordan’s nerves because of her sleeping problems. But at NOOOOOO time didn’t Jordan ever attack Michelle or say anything to her face, she only talked to Jeff about her feelings. And yes they did show it the week that Jeff was HOH, they showed both Jeff and Jordan talking about her and how Michelle was breaking down crying. They also showed Jeff walking away from Michelle after he lost the POV. The only time Jordan ever got in anyone face was Russell, after he spent a day personnally attacking Jeff, he started on Jordan and called her fat and told her to go eat more cookie dough. But you know the difference between Jeff and Jordan and many of thier house mates is that the second they do something stupid like that they feel bad. When both Russell, Natalie and Ronnie personnally attack Casey, Michelle, Jeff, Jordan, on and on…. you never once seen them actually feel bad about it, they laughed it off like evil vilians. You can not blame production for how these people are protrayed because many of us actually watch the live feeds and we know the difference between Natalie and Jordan. If people hate Natalie it is from her own doing and no one elses!!! And as far as production, this year they knew they were going to loose ratings when Jeff left, so what did they do, they tried to give Natalie a human edge and they allowed her BF to come into the house and propose to her (never done in BB history). But what does Natalie do, she goes and f’s it up by telling the other HG’s that she was given a secret power, and then she spends the week attacking Michelle even when she knew Michelle was going home. This might be a game, I played lots of sports growing up and the first thing you learn is to have good sportmanship if you don’t it makes you an your team look bad. Obviously Natalie was not taught this…… She cheats on games even when there is no money or anything involved, she just does it because I guess she can….

        3. I have BBAD and don’t recall Jordyn being mean to Michelle( don’t have the 24 hr feeds) What warrented Jordyn to be mean? I have seen Jordyn mad only a few times and they were all warrented. (Lydia- called her a ‘ho’) Russell she chest bumped…lol)) but other than that I believe that she has played the most HONEST and CIVIL game in the HISTORY of BIG BROTHER!! RENNY was right there with her!

      2. I also started the show thinking she was an attractive girl but wow…can’t see any of that now. I look at her and wonder how long between the time she changes her panties and when did she last wash her hair!!!

    2. I’m not going to bash you but I will say this. I was without power for 9 days after a storm came through Cincinnati. I took a cold shower every single day. And she was on her period for God’s sake. And at one point during that week of no shower she was laying on the kitchen table. Mother or no mother…….some things are just common sense. And I do believe a Father can say the simple words……..”Chew with your mouth closed Natalie. How many times do I have to tell you?”

      1. Roger, I live so close to the coast that I’ve been a victim of repeated hurricane landfalls. Sometimes the next one hits before I can get the damage repaired from the last one. In one case, I had to take cold showers for more than six months…and never missed a day….often showering more than once a day. Cleanliness isn’t optional…but even moreso when you are on national TV. It’s a shame. I’m sure she has some redeeming qualities. But imo her poor hygeine (and habitual usage of terminological inexactitudes) won’t win her America’s vote or sympathy….no matter how perfectly perky or plump anyone thinks her breasts are.

        1. ” TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDES” My new favorite word…and an excellent description of Natalie’s wonderful way with language.

      1. So true Paddy!! Good point. I can attest to that, being natural blonde.. but I am also from N.C. -so I’m not sure if people will think I am smart enough to comment!! Something about the accent makes us sound unintelligent! LOL ;)

          1. I know what you mean. I have a great friend in Nebraska.. she just loves to hear me talk. Especially when I tell her “Bless your heart!” ..
            (In my humble opinion, she’s the one with the accent! ;) Take care, Paddy.

      2. If she was bleach blonde you would of seen her roots by now…. remember Michelle begging for die because her grays were showing and they don’t give her any die to fix it. So no she is not a bleach blonde!!!

      1. Then i read the rest and you have some very good points actually. And thanks for sharing your views on things.
        My personall problem with Natalie tho is that she enjoys to lie, like who enjoys that?.. also the way she talked to/about Michelle has been hard to watch. but then again, Nat clearly shows signs of beeing deluded. So from now on ill try to not judge her so quickly.
        And i also thinks she is a kind person deep down like you said, but i would place so many people above on that ladder it doesnt really matter.. . Nat doesnt really seem to care if she hurts other people feelings and in my view that makes her very nasty and selfish

        1. We can only hope BBGrandma! Also, FYI there are people who enjoy lying and they are called Pathological Liars…they feed on their lies and eventually come to believe them. Natalie has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder which makes her important in her own eyes and gives her permission to do or say whatever she needs to to feed her ego. That’s my opinion of her Behavior.

          1. Anon, you correct me anytime. But, I meant “pits” because everyone makes a big deal out of Natalie smelling. Sometimes my jokes fall flat. (Oh, I could say something here but I won’t, I won’t) But, thanks for being nice about it when you thought you were correcting me.

    3. I just remember on one of the feeds she bragged about how difficult she made life for her stepmother. She was very proud of her hostile behavior toward her. I can only imagine the torment of having a step-child like Natalie. And mother or no mother, I know many Fathers who raise daughters on their own who are extremely well mannered and don’t want to torment someone with the death of a family member to win a game.

      1. My Stepmother is the most Evil thing to walk this Earth! She let my father have a seizure and did not call any help and I happened to call, heard my Dad in extreme distress and called an ambulance. When they got there she was not there… She went out to buy butter. She locked the door too…my Dad died twice on the 3 block ride to the hospital. The things that people do for money! That is a real story. Oh, and Dad’s alive. Sorry, but I can defend her hatred of a stepmother.

      2. thats why there shouldnt be blended families…wait til the kids are out of the house and dont have to deal with STEP parents….they have enough pressures to deal with growing up in these times…no excuses. I know another message board…like Dr Laura

        1. Are you talking about Dr. Laura Schlesinger who hates her own daughter??? I hope she doesn’t have a website…YIKES she is damaged goods…. just my opinion.

          1. yeah thats the dr…n I guess her daugher, the sweet n innocent one, kind of like BBs hated daugher natalie…..course natalie should be enbraced as a step daugher with her attitude in life right…natalie didnt ask for any of the uummm neglect from her step to make her the liar and cheat she is today. And what I meant when I dragged Dr Laura into it is that nat’s upbringing is mute point, you all have choices in life and nat chooses to be a lying B*tch wth a knife in her natty hair ready to strike u in the back and laugh at america when she does it…not cute nat….party foil to the extreeme

      3. Yes, I expected more Dads to jump on the ‘lack of a mom’ statement. My father, and most fathers I know, teach their children basic table manners and cleanliness. Even my friends growing up would get onto each other for things like eating with their mouth open or other disgusting habits – not that Nastalie listens to ANYONE. Maybe her dad tried.

      4. And I know of crackhead moms whos kids were raised by another family and those kids refuse to anything to do with their biological parents… Nothing is ever cut and dry. If iwas in that house I would never tell you that I was raised by opossums… Hmmm or would I?

    4. Have you all gone MAD???? This is Gnastalie we’re talking about!!! I think you all are feeling sympathetic to her situation of being a total LOSER at this game. I don’t care what she looks like, she’s an irritating spoiled brat that has her daddy all to herself because she blew off the rest of her family. Being a complusive liar does not make good game play; she’s a sociapath that needs help. Think of all the lies she’s told merely to humiliate other hgs! ( Jordan with the tampon thing, calling Michelle a devil, etc.) She boosts her own ego by putting others down. What’s pretty about that? Her lack of hygene and manners should have been learned by now; she IS 24, you know. With all that tv and movie watching she could’ve picked up a couple of tips. I think her prayers before meals were a “jump on Jesse’s bandwagon”!!!!! She’s probably praying for herself and a way to win every time. Think what you want, but her true colors speak louder than words.

      1. Lori,I agree,glad he has his own opinion,but come on here,Nasty is just a bitch,plain and simple,if it looks,walks and quacks like a duck,its a duck! perfect boobs,nah,they look rather small and droopy for a 24 yr old,her hair is pretty when its washed more than once a month,she has a ghetto booty,which I personally am not into.she has girlfriends that could teach her hygene,the no mom card is lame at best.She has the manners of a horse,the mouth of a trucker,the honesty of a con artist,and the personality of a wet mop!

    5. In 2004 we were bombarded with hurricanes I live in Florida. We were without electricity for three weeks when Francis came through and we showered everyday in cold water. Amongst that total destruction everywhere it was absolutely miserable but that did not stop us from bathing. So I have no sympathy for the nasty Gnat she is just lazy and unhygienic.

      1. I remember the hurricanes well!! It was so hot, you took 2 or 3 cold showers a day. And the water was really cold. But we may not have had hot food, air, or any other good items, but we were clean!!!

    6. I agree with you totally. I really don’t care for Natalie, and I know people have said some hateful things. And you are right about her Mom not being in the picture. No one should be without their Mother. And she definitely would be a different person if she had her mother. She does have a cute body and if she had better manners and had a kind heart to others, she would be the altimate beautiful. Hopefully she will change before she has children.

      As far as Jordan, I alway felt she is beautiful, inside and out. Her Grandpa was right. She is very sweet and cares for others. She has never been rude to anyone, other then Russell, but she was defending herself. As far as her weight, she is almost perfect. I would rather have her body then most. So I hope Jordan wins, she deserves it more than anyone there.

    7. It’s not just her hygiene and manners,. She is bossy and tries to dominate every conversation. She has no compassion for anyone because it’s all about her. When someone is at their lowest moments in the house, she will do hatefute things (that have no game play) out of meanest. Her lastest conversations to Kel about him being too gay are just insulting.

    8. I have mqade the same points about her mother however there are millions of kids around the world without mommy and it proves mothers are needed in a childs life thats why the third world is killing each other and Natalie if given a gun would kill everybody fr the prize money! Mommy’s out there love those kids to keep us safe.

    9. Actually, Jordan is a natural blonde. She never had any roots when both Lydia and Michelle were complaining about needing to get hair dye. It was even brought up in a conversation that she is a natural blonde. Just thought I’d clarify that.

    10. Just because her mom isn’t in the picture doesn’t mean her dad was a buffoon and didn’t teach her manners. I am sure he told her not to talk with her mouth full and other everyday niceties. She chooses to do these things. No excuses, she is who she is because so far in her life it works for her…….maybe one day it won’t. Right now in BB it could be her first step to redemption if she gets no money!!!

    11. TO: I think Nat is hot~~
      When your 24 years old you should not have to be told to take a shower from the production crew of a game show. With or without a mother other girls know that you should take a shower especially when your on your period. This was when she had access to hot water so what is her excuss? I think she was raised by wolfs in the wild and they lick themselves clean….

    12. You did make some great points. Natalie could be attractive if she washed and combed her hair and used a little makeup. I still hate her actions but I blame that on her father. Once Natalie hit puberty he should have encouraged her to have feminine roll models. The fact that she is 24 and didn’t know how to use a tampon is appauling!

    13. In Kundalinu Yoga, part of the lifestyle is to take cold showers every day. They are healthier for you and there is a method how to tak them so that is isn’t a shock to your body and quite nice.

  18. I just got off the phone with Sylvia Browne and Jordan wins. By a vote of 4 to 3. Natalie was the deciding vote and voted for Jordan because Kevin stabbed her in the back. Michelle won the jury prize. Natalie got zilch. BB All Stars was announced at the end of the show and Ronnie is getting another chance.

      1. I respect Sylvia Browne; I sure hope she is right this time, she usually is–Jordan to Kevin to Michele–exactly the way it should be. Jeff does not deserve the jury vote because he got too carried away with himself and ruined Michele’s chance in the process

      2. Sorry Simon, but I would love to see Rotten Ronnie back for a second time now that he knows that his game play needed some attention… a touch of subtlety would be nice to see out of him. He played balls out from 2 mins. into the house. And who’s Dick is going to eat him??? I hope it’s an Evil one!

    1. dont get me wrong, i love sylvia brown but seriously, you cant get sylvia on the phone that easily. you have to make an appointment well in advance and she charges about $1000 to get a reading with her.

      1. Yeah but the best ending at this point……one can only hope.

        Kev and Nat are you serious?? You sseriously have some enemies out here, dont get me wrong it is a game but hey you both stabbed hgs in the back and skankily. fans have a hard time forgetting these things

    2. Just got off the phone from Sylvia who mentioned in a somewhat embarrassed voice that she made a mistake, something to do with the misreading of the alignment of the planets. Anyhow, she is positive that Kevin will win the $500K and Natalie will be his deciding vote Apparently, a deal will be made by Kevin enabling Jordan to win the final competition with the condition she takes him to the F2. Since there would be “no blood on his hands” Natalie will vote for him to win.

    3. did or does Sylvia see that midwest Indiana guy who applied coming t the set, and you all thought Evil Dick and Ronnie was bad, add a little Chima, Russels all in one, I will own this house. Welcome me and you will all hate me!

      1. One should never discuss RELIGION or POLITICS if you want the conversation to stay polite. And yes, Nasty is trying to suck up to the live feeds now…she does not miss an angle.

          1. She’s going to be playing this game until the last moment Julie Chen says ” See you all in 2010 for Big Brother 11 All Stars!”

        1. Too little too late. She obviously wasn’t playing to the live feeds for the first 60 or how many ever days, so what makes her think she can play America like a fiddle? We are not stupid! We have seen everything she has done, and there is no erasing it – what a twat.

      2. Absolutely, nothing in her past behavior has been of “Christian Values”. Additionally, let’s think about this…would a truely religious person attept to make a living in Vegas playing poker????

    1. Ya we’re going to change it a bit next year. I’m thinking about making a forum since we’ve had such a great response with comments this year its the only way to go. The webcam idea may get costly because of the bandwidth usages. Even this year with all the pictures we had it cost us a fortune in server fees. Get this we even had a site in India hot link all our images! Basically our server was hosting images for them and man did it give me a surprise at the end of the month when I got the bill! HEHE still I would love to be able to add more interactive components though… I have 9 months to figure it all out :)

        1. That sounds like a good idea!! I bet it would generate more donations. I read that the vote for coup d’?tat had 11.6m votes for jeff. I don’t know if that’s true but you need to get some donations from those fans!! Just send a dollar!!

          1. Alot of people voted more than once but you could still raise some serious money on this site if ….? Well, bad economy but good luck with that. Wish I had an idea for you…thought taking it to India would be cheaper.

      1. Simon isn’t there a way to stop the hotlinking? I’m sure there is, because that is bandwidth theft. I’m sure I read somewhere how to stop that theft. Can’t think of the particulars at the moment, but I’m sure there is a way. Check into that, that is not fair to be having to host and pay for someone hotlinking your site.

    1. I think Kevin was raised by Jehovah’s Witnesses and was ex-communicated from his church and family for being the boy who loves himself a boy!

  19. So Simon, It’s OK for Maverick to refer to kevin as “gayboy,” but I’m not allowed to call him a homophobe for doing so? Nice.

    1. sorry Joshua, Mavericks comment slipped past me and I don’t see your comment about a homophobe. Certain keywords are sometimes blocked when people who don’t post too often use them. If you wish to try again it should work seeing as you’ve posted twice now.

  20. Since there seems to be talk about past shows going on here – I would like to know about the Til Death Do Us Part season – BB8. They had a gay couple, one was Steven who I think was from Texas and was either Real Estate agent or did PR work. His partner, who’s name I can’t remember, left around the 3rd show. My question is: It was never explained why his partner left. Does anyone know why? All I know about the guy is that was he supposedly a male stripper (but that doesn’t concern me) and the rumors I heard is that he was offered a part in a porno. (But that is the industry standard nowadays when a hot gay guy leaves or is on a reality show – it is to further his “acting career”. Case in point, Scott Long from BB6 who did a spread in Playgirl.

    You know what now I really don’t care – maybe I answered my own question? Just curious? No not bi-curious? Just wondering.

  21. Soooo….Rockstar…are you Nats boyfriend/soon to be husband or perhaps her Dad? Maybe you just like to stir things up.. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading ALL the comments. I am not saying I agree but I don’t think this world and all the people in it are suppose to revolve around me and what I think.

    1. When she saw her “boyfriend” for the first time in months she seemed very reserved and shy…not so much a Bad Girl. Maybe she is something else outside the house but my call is Prude.

      1. Buddhistgirl69, I have said this before but I think she was and is so wrapped up in the game that she couldn’t even relax for 20 min. with him. I hope that is it or I feel for the guy on their Wedding Night! He better take her somewhere warm to unfreeze her butt!

        1. Maybe she will be better with him now that she understands the 3 P’s. Hole wise. The Peepee hole, the Poopoo hole and the Penis entry hole. But, I think she knew that. It was Kevin that was having a problem understanding. Get that boy a book!

          1. Lynda- I’m one of the few Natalie fans. I have never changed my opinion nor will I ever even though I think she made a huge mistake stepping off the log and allowing Kevin to win. I would have never done that and anyone who knows me personally knows that nothing comes between me and money especially when I’m trying to help my family succeed. I dislike Jordon because she thought boobs were more important than family. I do a million things to make money for my family. I have a gazillion jobs and will probably have another one at the end of the month. Where I live, the economy is in the crapper. We have mega high taxes and the job rate is down by 20%. Most people leave and go find work somewhere else. I have decided to stay because I need to make sure my family has the best life possible and it has not been easy dealing with sickness and death. Nothing is handed to me, every damn thing I own is faught for tooth and nail and I respect that in Natalie. I don’t take the easy way out and pretty myself up like Jordon. Sure, her choices are fine and I couldn’t give a shit in the real world but we are talking tv here and tv is fake. As anyone can see from a great deal of the posts here, there are many many sheep and everyone following the other. Like yourself and many others, you choose to call me out, to stir up trouble, to make a point or just to shit on me, whatever. I could care less. Some people need more attention. The only reason I stand out is because I disagree with what almost everyone has to say. Any other year, no one even remembered me because I usually liked whomever everyone else did. This year I like Natalie and because everyone else had a heart on for Jeff, well I stood out and became the person in which to attack. It’s all good.

            1. Rockstar, well let me tell you something, I think you are pretty damn great! I love to read your posting. I can tell you are a good person. You are making a choice based on game playing. Sometimes it hasn’t been easy to read some of these things that have come back on me. But, you have gotten it a lot more and you stand up and take it without changing your position. And, you come back with humor. You have made me laugh so many times. Great work! For you I will add, the only headlights I think a girl should put on her credit card is those needed on the car that gets her to work and home again. You keep the fight up and I will support you the best I can from here.

              1. thank you deebee and Grandma. Enough preaching for me today. hahaha It’s the weekend. BBQ, Sunday car ride with my pupster , some beach time and the season finale of True Blood.

      2. When she saw her boyfriend she seemed less than thrilled. Saying “Hell Yeah” when she was proposed to was tacky and disingenuine. The whole thing was awkward & creepy. If I was her boyfriend I would be glad that I had only splurged for the loaf of bread and not the bling.
        She was completely enamored with Jessie, who is a total d-bag, & was jealous when she learned of his “time” w/ Lydia.
        Hopefully this marriage never makes it to the alter!

      3. I really can’t stand the nasty little thing, but I will give her a pass on the engagement thing. She’s been in this house filled with mind games and paranoia, and boom her boyfriend shows on the screen. She must have been in shock, walking from the “house” to her “reality”. I don’t blame her for being a little off….she was shell shocked. Even in her response to not telling anyone because she thought it would mess with her game.

  22. Simon, this season I think was one of the worst ever but your web site has made it much more tolerable because of your constant updates. I’ve had more time this year to participate on this site more than ever due to being unemployed since March. So even though I would like to donate to your site I can’t so I guess you could call me a freeloader. But when my situation improves I will surely donate next season and I urge all you other freeloaders out there that can donate please do. Thanks again Simon. Great Work. AL

    1. Took the words out of my mouth AL I would love to donate however I barely get the show on the new TV broadcasting HD…i had rabbit ears n had to get a box..i read thes updates at the library n am very grateful and wish O could subscribe to BB. So THANK YOU SOOO MUCH SIMON. I will get on my feet and be able to subscribe to you live feeds and will as soon as I get that second job……

      1. Wow, people are really hurting. Maybe all your fans should sign up for BB 12 and do some t-shirts with your site on them and then more people would watch your live feeds, etc. etc. I pay $150 a month for cable service. Crazy world we live in.

  23. Would not put it past Natalie to poison Jordan and Kevin with some unhygenic cooking this week and get the final 2 prizes because noone else survived living with her! Just a thought…

  24. we were all mad because jeff and jordan fell for natalies lies.

    now, those lies are what can help jordan win 500k.

    as jeff said things happen for a reason.

    jordan was luckily working and a BB casting director noticed her.

    she and her family are going through hard times both financially and personally.

    her winning would be a wish come true. shes not looking to buy a luxory car or spend money carelessly. she is looking to secure a home for her family who just lost their home.

    she is 24 and would rather help her mom and siblings than move out and spend all the money on herself. maybe her being discovered by that CD, meeting jeff and befriending natalie with all her lies was gods work.

    she clearly deserves the money. she is a caring person, she is kind and has a good heart.

    in meeting jeff he helped get her as far as he could. then, in believing natalies lies, and natalies lies making the jury against her have all come together for her to win the 500k.

    1. I think so too and I think jeff figured that out…at least he did when he knew he was gone…he told her the last night or so in the house that it was destiny for her to meet him. I think he meant so I could get you this far and now my job is done and I’m gone. If she wins now it will be like she did do some of it herself and can feel proud of herself. Stuff like that just proves that jeff is a good person.

  25. So, Simon, who do you want to win now that Michele is out?

    I’m rooting for Kev. I hope Jordan wins the final HOH, takes Kevin, and has Kevin win. I’d rather see Nat take 2nd instead of Jordon, but Kevin isn’t thinking things through and he plans to evict Nat, which might make Nat bitter and allow Jordan to steal this season. :(

  26. Okay, I know I got attacked for saying earlier that I had a problem with Jordon and the boop job to get more tips. Maybe I didn’t say it right. However, I don’t think I could to the ones that want Jordon to win and are so passionate about it. I really don’t care if she wins or not. I don’t have a favorite. But, I really do have a problem with girls thinking that they have to spend money to become false to get self esteem. I have seen mothers getting breast enlargements for girls still in high school because they need “self esteem”. Come on, what does that say. I can understand plastic surgery to take care of a birth defect. But, can’t young girls and young ladies get somewhere with a normal body? Education and hard work doesn’t matter? Over weight is a health issue. So is under weight. But, a 32 inch bust is not. I am not from the Bible Belt. Far from it. My friends laughed when I told them that was said about me on here. I just wish we hadn’t become so obsessed with body image that we will use surgery to change ourselves to get self esteem or a better job. Young girls want boob jobs for graduation. They see these girls on TV that have had all this work done and think that is the norm. We had a young girl here that killed herself because she didn’t have big breast and some made fun of her nose. too. In her note she left she said she was called “Little tits, big nose” She couldn’t afford surgery. She thought she was ugly. She wasn’t! We had another girl that was still in high school that had a breast enlargement and it was blotched. The mother went somewhere cheap to get it done for her. She is now scared for life. And, calling someone fat because they might wear a size 12. Get real There is so much more in life to focus on. Attack me again, if that makes you feel better. I really don’t mind. But, it is just my opinion and I have based it on situations I have seen and lived with.

    1. she didnt get a boob job to get bigger boobs. she had a birth defect in one, causing a very noticible difference and had this procedure done to fix it. she had to have both done to match. she said the problem was very embarassing for her all her life and after finally being able to save money from 2 jobs and using a credit card she was able to get it done after wishing for it for more than 7 years. she now has a better self esteem and confidence.

      1. For the sake of a peanut, I am going by what she said herself on BBAD. Perhaps she had another story, too. She was talking to Jeff about it and he even said to her “because they aren’t real, Jordon.” I said I understand a birth defect in an earlier post. I am sorry for all of this but I know what I heard. I am surprise a birth defect can’t be cover by insurance. Even state insurance. I have several girls that have said one is larger than the other and that is why they need it, too. I have my opinion of “self esteem” and young ladies. That is the point I was trying to make. Jordon has other issues, as well.

        1. Just one more thing, from the story you heard, she has wanted this for 7 years. That puts her back at 14/15 years old. I have heard the same thing from other young girls. I hope she can strive for more with her new confidence.

          1. her birth defect was that she had small boobs.

            To work at Hooters and to be extra popular she needed bigger boobs. Seriously, how ‘popular’ could Jordon be? The brain of a turnip, no boobs, no education, she’s not funny and I think she looks a little off … There is no way she was a popular girl in high school. I refuse to believe it.

              1. I don’t think she was a cheerleader. Maybe when she was 8 but there is no way she could be lifted up into the air and there is no way in hell she could be shaking her pompoms being as uncoordinated as she is. It’s the same as Natalie and the Tai Kwan Do. She was much younger when she won because she couldn’t even hit a birdie now. To be a champion you need precision. Natalie nor Jordon have it.

  27. For all who feel nat should have an etiquette pass because of her mother, get a life. I lost my mother at age 11. Although it has made me socially a little awkward, I still know to chew with my mouth closed and to not pick my nose. Lots of people in this world come from less than desirable situations and still triumph in life. The fact that she is an “ugly” person is her own doing.

    1. But, she is not the only one that did those things. They all pretty much chewed with their mouths open and Jeff picked his nose. People don’t like Natalie for many reasons. However, it is a game based on lies and backstabbing and not keeping your word. We parents could always have done better in teaching those manners. And, maybe they have better ones outside of the house. They get laxed in there and sometimes forget about those cameras. (well, I hope that is some of the reasons)

  28. O.K., I have now lost track with who is symbol belongs to. Can someone please list the symbols and which houseguest each one belongs too? Thanks!!
    GO JORDAN!!!!!!!! Kevin #2!!!!!!!

  29. are there really only like 3 people on this site and they just keep changing names? i know i have used like 15 different names at least, ( i was rumours, craig, bryen, barnabas, etc…) just wondering cause i dont think this site is popular as you think. i did a search on google and it did not come up.

    1. came up right away for me when I typed big brother spoilers. Perhaps you have MPD and all those people really live inside you? Do they argee on who should win? Eiter way, 1 poster or 1,000 this is much more fun than the editied version of bb. I could care less how many different names people use.

      1. in a google search of 30 million, this site is on the middle of the second page when you type in big brother

        – just goes to prove though once again that some people pretend to be someone else thinking they can get away with it. You are tracked by an IP number. You can’t see it here but when simon goes into his database, it is all there. Homer say Doh!

  30. Poor Kevin– trying to have a conversation about religion with Gnat was like talking to a lump of coal. She didn’t have any idea what she was talking about!!! For someone who acts like they know everything, and says that she’s the best (proven cheater in many ways) she didn’t have a clue– just embarrassed herself to the public on Showtime. Kevin was getting all deep in religious beliefs– trying to educate her– then he says something about he and his man have a 10th anniversary this year– the look on his face when she blatantly changed the subject and said, ” I gotta do my nails.” the look on his face was so sad! I hope he does tell her soon that he’s not taking her to f2!!!! Let’s see that tasmanian devil flip out!!!!

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing gnat flip out either. Did you see Nat trying to explain / justify Creationism to Kevin, not even knowing the difference science has brought us? Kevin was patiently tring to explain going to a museum and seeing how species have EVOLVED from other species. I wasn’t crazy about Kevin’s recent nastiness in playing along with gnat, but I think he has his good heart back (albeit game strategy aside).
      So now I’ve discussed religion, here comes a little politics, cuz that’s just who I am. I hope Jordon doesn’t get the 500K because based on her talks with Jeff, she’s born into being republican, who get their support from the very rich and the conservative church. That fox news party has moved soooo far right they don’t even report the same news anymore, they are bible belt bastards. So go Kevin! Nada for Gnat.

      1. Get outta here with your liberal crap,this is a BB site,not Fox News or Cnn,if you wanna talk politics and religion,go to your local bar or go to one of their sites.

        1. nasty h8ter: We all have reasons for liking / disliking these guys, mine is different from yours but no less valid even if I don’t choose to hang out in bars ….. altho now you mention it i am wayyy behind on my drinking, especially since i own a vineyard.

          1. screw the news, lets go over to Clint’s vinyard and get drunk. Stick with me Grandma, I think some of the men want to get a little frisky so we better be careful. I don’t want to get roofied and end up on you tube.

      2. I’d like to see Natalie finally lose it as well (I didn’t see this convo). I am not a nasty, spiteful person, but when she started to cry when she lost the 2nd HOH, I didn’t feel badly for her at all. Then, she has the nerve to try to explain why she did so poorly. I am hoping that who ever wins the final HOH evicts Natalie.

  31. Can someone tell me what the hell was going on when they were walking from room to room and talking about different things like they were reading from a script. And they all kept looking at different cameras. Natalie was the worst. And it also looked like Jordan did not have a clue what was going on. At first I thought that Natalie was going to play another one of her evil pranks and Jordan was the target. But then it all ended abruptly and they went back to being normal and boring again. For a few moments, I thought something exciting was going to happen………….what a letdown.

  32. How many of the below describe gnat? I don’t think her behavior on the show is an act. I agree with those of you who say gnat is beautiful (even I enjoy her smiles) but winning the BIG money is based on game play. I’m not a doctor, so my feeling that the below info could be true of gnat, then there was no game play… it was naturally gnat. My new thought for people with her behavioral traits “naturally gnat”.

    Profile of the Sociopath
    This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

    Glibness and Superficial Charm

    Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

    Shallow Emotions
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

    Incapacity for Love

    Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

    Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

    Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
    Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

    Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

    Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

    Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

    1. Thank you. I know something like this was posted about a week ago, and I still agree. I have also written that she is a sociopath. Thank you for validating my point, too.


  33. When Jordan asked Natalie what is the first thing she would do when she left the big brother house she paused for a moment and then said “check my cell phone”. she did not say hug my fiance or tell her dad how much she missed him. Kevin had to chime in and say he would want to just be with his boyfriend and do normal things like go grocery shopping. Jordan has always said she misses her family so much and cant wait to see them again. I have never heard Natalie say she just wants to go back home and be with her friends. Maybe because she has no friends.

  34. I was watching BBAD last night and saw Jordan totally commit to Kevin and vice versa while Natalie was out of the room. Then Kevin gets called to the DR and Natalie asks Jordan if she (Jordan) would take her to the final 2. And without hesitation and totally straight-faced, Jordan tells her “Yes.” Now that is one smart blonde (or whatever her hair color might be). Go Jordan!! And be sure to take Natalie to the final two so you can win the big bucks!!

  35. guys, just STOP hating on natalie 24/7

    point is, she WONT be winning BB, but those that want jordo/kevin final 2…cmon all..pick ONE and put em against NAT, thats just how it should be, if kevin wasnt such an IDIOT he would being nat to final 2, she will get a vote, or two…

    and jordo, she better listen to jeff and take nat…then jordo gets 500k, if she takes kevin, she gets 50k….

  36. guys, natalie and her personal life, are just that, her personal life…who CARES what she will do when she leaves the BB house….

    how hard must you try to add lies to her list? she HAS lied a lot, its BIG BROTHER…

    bunch of babies.

    I swear, when nat ends up 3rd, you all will understand finally why not taking her final 2 will be a 450,000 dollar mistake for jordo

  37. I hope sooooooooooooooooo much Jordan wins.

    Natalie cannot win… its impossible…

    it would be smart if Jordan won and took Natalie to the final two and she would win cuz everyone hates Natalie.

  38. Has anybody noticed that when Jessie was in the house Natalie always wore sweats and loose shirts and other clothing? Since he has left, she has worn shorts, tank top, bikinis, etc almost everyday.

    1. I think Natalie wears different type of clothing now because she won most of it. The type of clothing she was always wearing before was lounging things because that is all her and Jessie did… GOOOOOOOO JOOOORRRRRDDDAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. What is with this season? In the past, BB has never brought in carry out, extra games, things that house guests requested! It was more like the show Survivor. That’s how it should be! Quit catering to these people BB! They signed up for the show and for the kind of money that they can win, they should be able to do without! Of course though, once Uncle Sam gets his big chunk of the prize, it’s not really what the house guests had envisioned! Do they think about that? It’s still a good amount, but not the full amount!
    Go Jordan for BB winner!

    1. yes they did bring in catered food in other seasons. Also in the past when a guest house had a b-day they (bb) gave them a party and a present. I think this season has actually had less of the fluff stuff.

    2. in the 2nd season, there wasn’t even a clock allowed, once of their house challenges was to rig a potato clock to see if it would work and that was their time

  40. I guess things are pretty boring in the house right now. I not going to watch Sunday’s show, it’s sounds like it’s going to be totally lame. But, I would like to see Kevin win the final HOH, and take Jordan with him to the final two. After that, I don’t care who wins the money. It would probably be Kevin, but just as long as Natalie doesn’t win, I don’t care. Hope next year brings us a better show. PROBABLY NOT.

  41. Make no mistake ,by now, BB knows exactly who is going to take first prize and second.

    For sure:
    1) They have talked and influenced each member of the jury.

    2) They have manipulated and made last minute changes to phase 3– Instead of questions which Nat and Kev were expecting and prepared for they came up with a game that they thought Jordan would do well.
    And, they were right! After all they watch and learn the strengths and weakness of each player.

    3) For added insurance, they changed the standard format of final 3 so if their golden child lost phase 2 she could stay a few more days under the spot light for the jj fans .

    4) Now, all they have to do is to convince Kev to take Jordan to final two and Jordo wins.

    5) They get that showmance -live kiss on finale day (which Jeff is sure to give her especially if she is half a mil richer).

    6) They get their showmance rolling while everyone isdupped (?) -because all happens very quickly.

    7) Also to kill two birds with one stone–by having the three of them stay to the end–they prevent Natalie from going to the jury house and interfering with BB’s plan by trying to sway the jury-especially because Nat could still have some influence on Jessie.

    The show is rigged.

    CBS is not going to leave the end up to chance.
    The half million dollars prize is their advertising for higher ratings. So far they are doing a good job of rigging the show and staying on top.
    That’s why BB is successful as a show. The mastermind behind it is a master of lies, manipulation and deceit. BB is their brain child!!!!!

    I am voting 100% for Kevin. He might still pull it off.

  42. Yes Rockstar you do stand out and you are an “instigator” (compliment intended). But have you gone soft from your lesbie porn come-ons of past weeks? Two rants now, one about the locker room and now about living in a financially depressed area which seem to be truthful! After the locker room I thought you were totally playing us, but now you seem almost sincere — lines taken from Jordough’s story ‘n all about having to work to support your family, reaching out for penpals in prison.

    So you identify with Gnat and want her to win???? Because you’re an underdog????

      1. dear heavens I go and roast some weiners on the BBQ and someone needs me again

        I am on Natalies team. Everyone knows I am. Everyone who calls me out and demands my attention knows this. I can see through her lies. It’s a little gift I have, it’s also my curse. haha

        If I’m an instigator than every person who has posted about how wonderful Jordon is knowing full well her treatment upon Michelle is an instigator as well. Everyone knows that Jordon picked her nose in the house and did many gross things. Everyone knows that Jordon had no game play whatsoever. Everyone knows that Jordon sat beside Jeff and made fun of Russell and Michelle and betrayed them but for some reason everyone is blinded by it. Hey, that is fine. It’s a game and she should play like that but Natalie should be allowed as well and she should not be attacked for it and neither should I or you best be prepared for me to kick your ass verbally because I take no prisoners.

        You can either accept a cookie from me or keep calm and carry on. I don’t go both ways.

        1. I really have to give some credit to Rockstar, though I might not agree with him. At least he’s been honest about who he’s backing and hasn’t waffled on his loyalty when things start to go against Nat. How many people on here could honestly say that they’ve been able to do that?

            1. Please forgive me, no disrespect was intended. Just with dealing with people online it’s generally safer to call them males. Least in my experiance.

  43. it was so cool last nite on bbad. nat was telling jordo lies about kev and game talk and it looked like jordan was looking straight thru her as if to say , you’re sooooo lieing!

  44. What “Christial value” was it that Natalie exhibited when she ILLEGALLY removed her balls off the pool table while playing with her so-called partner?

    What “Christian value” was it that Natalie exhibited when she ILLEGALLY removed a chess piece while playing her so-called partner?

    I hope Kevin wins the next comp so we ALL get to see him STAB HER IN THE BACK ON LIVE TV next Tuesday, sending her over to the BB jury and FORCING HER to vote for Kevin or Jordan. Won’t THAT be fun!!!

  45. In my humble opinion I think BB was designed for J/J to win something.

    When they started the show they realized everyone likes J/J they are the perfect white couple
    and then they show the good parts of them on tv and everyone is all over them.

    So they knew for J/J to win they had to make america vote for coup detat because they already know j/j is a fan fave and jessie and his crew were about to win.

    Kevin even said the DR was giving him advice to keep jeff and even michelle the perfect white scientist. OH NO IM PULLING RACE CARD!

    And then instead of BB going the regular way they had to temper with natlaie to ensure Jordan/michelle win so they brough her boyfriend he had to travell there and only thing that seperates them is a door. OK. Kevin won whole BB staff says dang!

    Now that there is jordan left.. they said maybe we should let all 3 of them compete for the 500,000 so there is a stronger chance jordan wins.

    I mean honestly all these changes for what reason they are trying to please america and they darn know it.

    BB knows what they are doing on people that actually see it can agree with me if you dont then your a arrogant racist why cant big brother can as planned.. I mean pandoras box is ok with me but tempting them with a faily member is too far what do they expect her to say no? then she’ll look like a complete ass.

    BB stop your foolishness

    1. James, can’t we just say they are cheating like the others did when Natalie and Kevin were ahead.? Do we have to bring the race issue into it? Just say they are cheating, Jordon has her hand on the rope or they tilted the board better for Jordon.

    2. gnat wouldve picked pandoras box regardless of what she saw on the other side cause she is a little greedy rat she has not been honest about one thing in the bb house.
      and america likes j/j cause they [with the exception of casey laura and maybe michelle]
      who isnt a piece of shit

      1. Interesting that everyone claims the race card is irrevelant – but every SINGLE person you just named that is in your opinion wonderful – is what race – oh WHITE – gee imagine that!!! LOL!!

    3. Your the one that’s racist. In BB’s final three white people are the minority. Clearly BB didn’t rig the game based on pretty white people.

  46. @ it’s over >

    so you’re the only one allowed to have an opinion? You must be the opinion cop… how rude of us to think we have the right to freedom of speech and the right to our own opinions.

    I feel totally disembowled now. Thanks a lot.

  47. Now that Pigpen seems to be on her way out – I now see all the expected apologia for her. Oh its because she was raised by her Dad etc…I don’t buy it for one minute and I frankly don’t see how anyone can in their right mind like her. I don’t care if she has been loyal to her alliances or not – for me, that one virtue is totally cancelled out by her needless non-game play cruelty. She likes to kick people when they’re down – she’s a thief who steals items others could need or want – when Jeff had to sleep in the have not room she was one of the crew who took his blankets and pillow – she was the one who wanted to put red dye in Michelles food knowing she was allergic and so on,. Other may delude themselves that this is good “game play” – but isn;t – its rotten and cruel. If others want to “like”her thats fun – I will never understand liking someone with such terrible attributes.

    1. I don’t hate her. I don’t think I would hang around with her but I don’t hate her. There are a few others I wouldn’t hang out with either but I don’t hate them. Of course, I am too old for the lot of them. Okay, I hate the whole bunch of young Aholes!

  48. when it gets this slow in the house, they should give us some feeds from jury house. It always sucks watching the final 2/3 for a week.

    1. I agree! They should show live feeds from the Jury house when the 2nd one is evicted. So, we can keep updated on both houses. It would be interested to hear them compare notes..

  49. dang nat sucks ass right now. how did she lose that competition. I was rooting for natalie but when she sucked balls at that competition, I was just like whatever. Who ever wins wins. don’t care anymore.

  50. If Jordan wins she should NOT bring Kevin. If she does she is a fool….I absolutely hate PP like most of you but she is the only one that she has a shot of winning against.

  51. Why so much hatred toward Nat? She hasn’t played any different than any other player in the BB house. She is just a mixture of them all, Evel Dick, throwing tea on Jen’s head and always calling her names like the b word constantly. Dr. Will always lying to everybody. Eric a liar, even to Jessica. Dan lied all the time. Mike Boogie using Erica just to win. Not to mention all the lies Michelle told that she can’t remember. Lets please not forget Russell and his disrespect to all the women in the house. This is A GAME people, and every body is in this house to do whatever they have to in order to win $500.000. So why take it so personal. I have watched every episode of BB, but I have never seen anyone hated like you people hate Natalie. So it’s make me wonder do you hate her because she out smarted some of the stronger most likable hgs, or because she is not your typical blond hair blue eyed cute girl. The dumbest thing she did this season was to jump off that log w/o giving it her all. It is sad to hear so much hatred on these blogs over a game. People have done worse in this game. Thanks James because you hit it on the nail with your comment.

    1. PJ, I don’t hate Natalie or Kevin or Jordon. Kind of liked Russell. I agree that she is playing the game. All of them have been. Maybe there is so much hate typed because it is easier to be for the popular ones. And, you feel comfortable in the crowd. Or Natalie is an easy target. You speak up with your opinions. They count. It sure is just a game.

    2. I’ve posted a few times on this issue – its not only “us” who don’t like her – its a large majority of people who view this show. You have only to check any number of polls which show her having ludicrously low numbers (e.g. 27 out of over 8,000 for favorite guest”) Articles have been written in EW and other forums on how hated she is. I think it has nothing to do with gameplay – others have lied and backstabbed. I don’t know if its her needless cruelty as she likes to kick people when they are down or the vindictiveness =- she just has certain personal characteristics which really turn people against her. I know I don’t like her because she is just the type of person I have no use for – she has a massive chip on her shoulder, is a bully and thinks she is “due” something from life. In real ife, I would shut her down in about two minutes – life is just too short to spend with people like her. Unfortunately the other HGs had no choice.

    3. People HATE her because she calls people names (Michelle the devil) and tries to claim that she is holier than thou and she has played an honest game. I think people would be more accepting if she didn’t cast a stone KNOWING that she lives in a freaking glass house too. THAT is obvious!

    4. PJ I totally agree. Why do most on this site hate her so much and make so many personal attacks against her? Jordan’s nudity is every where on the web. Jeff threw her under the bus during his exit speech. The camera panned over to Jordan and she was like, WOW! The look on her face was priceless. But then she carried on as if to let it be forgotten. Jordan was shaving herself while sharing bubble baths; ewwwww! Let’s all look in the mirror and stop acting like childish geek clubs and middle schoolers. This reminds me of all the Replublicans bashing the Democrats for morality and then being caught in adultry, fornication, homosexuality, and the list goes on. They all do disgusting things and are guilty of sin.

    5. PJ I think it is because she talks as if she is an angel. She doesnt like Michelle because she lied, she does not like Jeff because he is a back stabber. WHAT THE HELL is she a Saint? I THINK NOT

      1. Hey ,i’m not trying to be funny here but who exactly did Nat lie to when she had any power? I know she lied in the game but who did she give her word to, face to face and then not keep her word. Im just curious to know who she broke any deal with in the game.Im not a fan of her ,i’m just trying to think of who she back stabbed.

    6. A better question would be WHY do some people like her??? She is so hateful and nasty and sneaky and dishonest and lazy (which is why she didn’t go all out for the win — she never has gone all out for anything — let others do all the work and ridden on their coattails).

  52. Just checking in and while I am glad that Nat won’t be the one picking her opponent in the final 2, I am still disappointed that we end up with 3 floaters in the final 3. For those that say Jordan did well, Kevin did well, I say of course they started winning the past few weeks, because anyone that could win competitions has been eliminated. A retard floater can’t beat someone who has intelligence and stamina, but when you get 3 retards competing against each other, it’s a crap shoot – one of them has to win. This season really sucked, and anyone that deserved the money is long gone, taken out because of Jeff’s stupidity and childish floaters. The best I can hope for is for Natalie to place 3rd. I am sure she won’t get America’s prize and she will leave with some clothes that don’t fit her and a slop pass that she can put in a scrapbook. I used to like Kevin, but lately he is showing himself to be a little petty queen. I would have respected him more if he hadn’t done Nat’s dirty work for her and if he hadn’t been so chummy with Chima. I would still rather see him win than Natalie. As for Jordan, I know she is probably the one that could use the money most, but does she deserve the prize? What has she done other than give CBS a cute little showmance for their program and influence Jeff to make the dumbest move of the season. She is still there because Nat and Kevin thought they could beat her. Nat’s hatred for Michelle stems from the fact that she recognized that Michelle saw right through her stories and lies, and that she was mentally and physically a better competitor than she could ever be. Kevin evicted Michelle because he didn’t think he could beat her in the last competitions. I am kinda glad that Jordan won part 2 of the competition, only because Nat didn’t and now everything is out of her hands. Her fate lies with Kevin or Jordan. I am afraid that if Jordan wins the final competition she will take Nat instead of Kevin, but I am pretty sure Kevin will take Jordan. Just to see the look on Nat’s face I will tune in on finale night, but I will check here first for the spoiler, because I couldn’t bear to watch Nat skate to final 2. I hope BB overhauls the competitions next year so that the houseguests can’t anticipate the competitions before they happen, and I also hope BB keeps them busy so those of us that pay for the feeds don’t have to watch HG sleeping all day. Lastly, please, BB, give us some mature game players. Stop giving us the same old formula that always seems to include an angry black woman, a gay man, a dumb blonde, a guy America can fall in love with, the girl with big boobs, the villain, the older person. It is soooooooo predictable. Almost all of the HG this season fit the mold of houseguests from past seasons. Mix it up BB and look outside the formula that no longer keeps us on the edge of our seats expecting the unexpected. The only unexpected thing this season was the incredible immaturity and stupidity of the houseguests. As for Pandora’s Box, it was the lamest thing I ever saw on BB.

  53. What is wrong with all of you people……are you all having game withdrawal……You’re all still posting your hate about natalie…everybodys already got it…the world all think she is the scum of the earth…because she lied on a game show that requires you to lie…(Better not watch wheel of fortune–they buy vowels and they don’t have to)… Now you’re on to her not having a mother and stuff…People, realize this, You’re the ones that need help, you’re all too attached to this show, you’re spewing hate and wishing bad things on pople like you’re all so perfect, and we all know that nobody is perfect. Natalie has one thing on her mind, winning $500,000 or $50, 000 and she is trying to lie herself into it, What are all of you lying for?
    I have watched this show and bbad and everything natalie does, the others do too. she is just better at it…The only reason kevin and jordan are still in this game is because of natalie…They are both going to screw her in the end and one of them is going to be sorry because if they take natalie to final 2, either one of them will win the $500,000,but by taking each other one of them is only going to get the $50,000, when they get out and find out just how unpopuar natalie really is, I hope their regret is so great, they go into hiding, because the joke is on them.

  54. Nat cheated lied enjoys hurting people and her hatred to M is very sick.She is not like anyone else.She did this to herself when she looks back on the tapes she will see how she looks and to me it makes her look ugly.Iam wondering how her relationship is with her mom probably sad.

  55. cozy do not bring politics into this no comparison.The dems cheat too!The media makes sure its not all over only when rep do Edwards was for two days and he had awife very sick.So no matter what party it is everyone does it.People are not perfect and make mistakes.You want the real news fair and balance WATCH FOX They always have two sides to debate not one side.The other news put what they want you to believe and its working on you.Try it and watch FOX.

    1. is there another cozy? because I’ve never mentioned politics in my comments….I think you replied to me in error with your response.

      1. Fox is unbalanced but more so then CNN??? I say good for Fox, its just that the rights cant handle it when someone acts as they do…then they turn into “victums” blah-

  56. I understand all the cheating and lies that Natalie has been doing but I do not understand why she does so many personal attacks. That is her biggest downfall. I do not want her to win.

    1. The childish behavior is a bit much. But, they all have done some of it. I didn’t like when Jordon and Jeff where needling Russell to get him to explode. And, they laughed about it later. Or the chest bump when she knew the guy wasn’t and couldn’t do anything back. I wasn’t much for Michelle until I saw how Jordon treated her the night before she got voted out. I thought that was really mean. Natalie has did more, I can’t defend that.

  57. Why do people hate Pig Pen??/ You should have watched the show. Look at the comment Nat made above story line where se says production didn’t give her the croquet game to her because the ball were heavy and she would have thrown it at Michele! Earlier she screamed she wanted to shank Michele. Nat is a jealous violent psycho! She is so jealous of Michele in every way ,so she wants to harm her. She should be sent to a Coo Coo ward or jail.
    By the way, isn’t Michele adorable!

    1. News is not for entertainment! News is the happenings. FOX is no where near being fair. Neither is CNN or MSNBC. And, if you want fair and balance don’t watch just one news program! I don’t like FOX, you do. I think everyone here has gather that. Lets get back to BB.

  58. If you want a good laugh…go back and rewatch ( ) the part where Natalie’s alleged boyfriend and her meet (Pandora’s Box) for the first time in TWO LONG MONTHS. When he is leaning forward to kiss her…she moves BACKWARD and AWAY from him like he’s got the Swine Flu. She does this NOT ONCE…but TWICE
    And then, when the time is up and they must split up again…they say “goodbye” and the “boyfriend” watches her as she heads to the door…Natalie walks all the way over to the door across the room and when she leaves the room…the “boyfriend” patiently waiting for Natalie to glance back at him with loving, caring eyes…walks RIGHT OUT THE DOOR without looking back at him.

    1. BB screwed her over. I’m sure she likes/loves him but she has been in the house for like 50 days or so at that point. She never expected him to be there. She walked into the BB house to play a game. I’m a little bit messed up when it comes to her and Jessie and their relationship together. Maybe I’m a little weird but I like to watch peoples faces. I like to see their face when they are happy or sad, mad or passionate and there is something deep between Natalie and Jessie. Not many people could see it because they were blinded by hatred for them but believe me it is there. Jessie believes Natalie hates him now. Natalie knows Jessie was having sexy time with Lydia. Both of them are broken hearted. If you love them or hate them, I have to feel sorry for them that they did not get a chance to figure out what is going on in their relationship. It’s not as if either of them are married and solid in their relationship. They are both young people who have experienced little in their lives and maybe, because I’m a sucker for love, well, maybe this was meant to be for them. Who knows. I just think that BB knowing all this really screwed her over again.

      1. Quit please,Jessie used her as his bitch,plain and simple,can’t have sex with her,i’ll do Lydiot then.what did he do in the house,nothing,he had all his hoe’s doing everything for him,he never cared for Nasty,and Nasty just rode his coat tails,like she has everybody elses.

    2. some people are not affectionate when they know others are watching.. she did’nt have to prove to us anything…she was aware that she is in a game, and she said that to him.. If he is okay with it, you should be too…I am married and when i’m in public with my spouse, we don’t hug, hold hands, or kiss..Iwe don’t put on a show for anyone,.but we have been together for 20 years and what counts is what is between the 2 people in the relationship, not what the media or you bloggers on this site think.

      1. Cozy and Rockstar, you both have made some good points. My husband is really affectionate and after 26 years I still get embarrassed when he kisses me in public . Especially people that we don’t know. But, I might have jumped him after 2 months. However, I am older than her. I guess you both are right. We are all different. And, if there is something with Jessie, that would make a real difference! Maybe, that is why the BF looked like he might cry.

  59. Nat is a poor looser. She is mean. Although I would not want any of them to come to my house for dinner. I don’t even want Nat to come to my neighbors house for dinner. I do believe she would hurt someone if she thought she could get away with it.

    1. do you mean loser, because you wrote loose-r..meaning something else, or did you mean it because you’re ignorant and thinks natalie may actually come to your house for dinner..Get real!!! I believe a lot of people just may hurt you for writing something so stupid….You’re the real LOSER!!!!

  60. Couldn’t wait for that damn game in Ann Arbor to get over. Unless you idiots haven’t been watching the same BB as the rest of us fools, America doesn’t want our hard earned tax dollars to go to a whiny butt picking flamer, nor a no-reason-to-win bimbo, and instead, bequeath the winnings on a well earned and endowed blond American beauty…

      1. Okay, I pulled a “Natalie”, I’m not a blonde. Black hair with too much gray because I have missed a dye job. But, I can pull that other part of the description off with no problem! Well, if you don’t mine that they do hang low now.

  61. N…….Nasty
    T……Talks with mouthful
    A…..Ass kisser
    L…..Lying bitch
    E…..extremely smelly

    1. N……..-not too bright (Does’nt know that you can’t smell thru the tv)
      A……..-absolutely ignorant (stupid for all the hate)
      S……..-simple minded (same ole, same ole, come up with something new)
      T……..-tedious (just goes on and on)
      Y……..-yellow (say to her face)
      H…….- holier than thou attitude
      8…….- (probably been dumped eight times)
      T……..-terrible person in the world
      E……..-extremely nasty, dirty, and vicious
      R……..-reckless(in your comments)

  62. natalie is a bitch but overall this season was full of douche bags. jeff is an idiot. russel is a douche so was chima and jordan is beyond dumb she is literally mentally retarted. jessie is a douche but seeing him in the jury house ive gained some respect for him. lydia is a freak and kevin well he just yea never mind. ronnie sucked balls. casey was cool wish he could stay and i felt sorry for michelle i wish they were the final two.

  63. LAMAR: If you’re going to say someone (else) is mentally retarDed… then at least spell it correctly. You are the only one who came off as uneducated in that comment.

    1. Most of “lamar’s” comments that I have seen on the message boards are “retarded”. Not the worth the waste of time or energy to respond to his or her posts.

  64. I wouldn’t say Jordon is stupid or retarded. Maybe naive and too trusting, because she has a good heart and expects others to have one as well, but not dumb!

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