Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Another quiet morning in the Big Brother house… Jordan is the only one up..


12:35am Jordan is the only house guests awake. Natalie and Kevin are still sleeping. Big Brother hasn’t given them a wake up call yet. The lights are still off in the red bedroom. Jordan is in the backyard laying on the hammock suntanning.


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3:40pm Lazy afternoon for the house guests. Kevin and Natalie didn’t wake up until recently. They are just relaxing on the couch while Jordan eats at the kitchen table and then heads to the backyard to do laundry. The count down to the finale begins with just a few days left. Who do you think deserves to win the half million dollars and who do you think will actually win??? …


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313 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Another quiet morning in the Big Brother house… Jordan is the only one up..

    1. I bet he is going to pick Natalie. If Jordan wins, she will probably pick Natalie. I pray they don’t believe anything that lying bizsnatch tells them.

    2. Jury is not for Natalie the GOLDEN 500k TICKET, it is a sure win for either Jordan or Kevin if they pick Natalie.

      Jordan/Kevin Final 2 –
      Jessie, Lydia, Russell – for Kevin
      Michelle, Jeff, Natalie, America’s Vote – for Jordan

      Kevin/Natalie Final 2-
      The Whole Jury-6 votes for Kevin
      America’s Vote- for Jordan

      Natalie/Jordan or Kevin-
      0-Votes from Jury or America…priceless

  1. Big brother has been really boring over the past few episodes, it seems as though the jury house is more interesting. Why cant they show live feeds from the jury house.

    1. I AGREE!!!!! I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. I find myself looking forward to whats going on in the jury house opposed to what’s going on inside the BB house.

        1. Douchebag kathie:

          For a bitch who likes to around and spellcheck everyones comment to show how smart she is (teehee) – you are one stupid bitch. I bet your the type of person who thinks that when you shut your tv off the actors in the show freeze in position until you turn the tv back on. Also, I bet you like to stop people in the middle of their converstion with you (that is if people do talk to you) to correct them.

          But anyway, Michelle is at the JH now – however, for people like you, since she isn’t on camera she must not be anywhere. I bet you believe that last night when Jeff arrived at the house it was live “dinin ya”. So, since you obviously have special needs, for now. since it is not Tuesday, Michelle is frozen in place off-screen until Tuesday. Therefore, she will arrive at the JH on Tuesday for you, but for the rest of us, she is there now. Okay sweetie!!!! Babye!!!!

    2. I agree as well. I’d love to know how they are all getting along now that there is no more game play. I’m sure its more relaxed. Hopefully they have all compared notes about everything now. I’d love to hear those conversations! People will probably be truthful with each other now – no more reason to lie. Would sure be more interesting!

      I hope we get to see Michele enter the jury house! Like to see everyone’s reaction.

  2. All 3 have played a Great bigbrother game! The lying, the sealing the backstabbing and betrayal is fun too watch. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out on Tuesday.
    We look forward to laughing with them on Sunday!! I hope they show a lot of Jeff’s humour.
    I Am on Team J/J but think the 3 left do deserve it..helloooooooo, that’s why they Are
    the final 3 <whether you like their attitudes or not.
    I Hope the jury doesn’t get to speak with the hg until After they vote!!!

    1. There is no way on this green earth that Natlie deserves to be there,they didn’t see her as a threat and didn’t see the need to get rid of her to soon……she’s just a left over

      1. Lol .. you can say that same thing about Jordan. That is part of the game, btw. The reason Jordan is there is because no one viewed her as a threat. You can call that strategy or poor game playing, but either way … both Nat and Jordan got there about the same way.

        1. I’d love to see Natalie do something really bone-headed in the next couple of days so that she disqualifies herself and we can just step over her and get to the ending.

          1. Oh, I hope not. I would rather Jordon or Kevin win it playing against her. Or Natalie won it by the votes. That is the ending I have been watching for. One of them win because they got to the end and the Jury thought, the ones that actually played in the game, and made their choice for the winner.

        2. Actually saying Jordan got to the end like Nat is wrong, Jordan won things and came in closer to winning more then Nat ever did. Nat got lucky on 1 HOH. While Jordan actually has a great instinct with people and called almost everything that came out later in earlier Big Brother After Dark episodes when she would talk to Jeff. She may not be quick smart but she knows people in terms of mental insight.

      2. If you think Jordan deserves to be there but you don’t think that Natalie does, then you are obviously in love with big fake breasts.

        Who masterminded the biggest move in the game? Nat and Kevin
        Who sat at the right hand of a man and rode them as long as possible? Jordan AND Nat
        Who started playing the game after their ride was evicted? Natalie
        Who has never been evicted because people underestimated them? NATALIE not Jordan

        In the end, if Kevin wins HoH, I think he wins the whole thing. If Jordan wins HoH, I think she has a shot vs either one of them because Big Brother is handing her Chima’s vote.

      1. Um not after seeing him fuzz up in the jury house. I am scared what will happen if he skips shaving for a few more days! I still think a steak would be good for him.


    1. I really think that Kevin will dump Pigpen but I’m not sure what Jordan will do if she wins the final HOH. If I was Kevin, the next three days I would tell Jordan all the crap that Pigpen pulled or tried to pull.

  4. So I have a question, I don’t think Julie said anything about this, but will the jury get to see the final part of the HOH comp??? Because when an evicted HG’s goes to jury they bring a tape of the comps and the eviction. So will they get to watch the comp live with us as well as the final eviction?? I know they will (obviously) see the person when they walk out, but I am just wondering if they will get to see the eviction go down? I don’t believe it was said last night and I am very curious

  5. Boy we have some really low standards for heroes in this society. Let’s see now Jordan’s family is about to lose their home, but she has breast implants. Is she still living at home? How old is she?

    1. Know what you are talking about before you write-Jordan is only 22 -she would have been around 18 when her parents got divorced-family lost home over 2 years ago because of father?s gambling and divorce. Every 18-19 year old I know is able to make enough money to save an expensive home from foreclosure-not??She has worked 2-3 jobs at a timer to help support mom and younger brother mom works part-time at a bank-(you know how much that pays). She lives with mom and has to share a bed with her. She got the boob job because of real issues-not the jumbo size others on this show(Laura) and past seasons have displayed. She saved most of the money for it and charged the rest on a credit card. It was done shortly (2-3 weeks) before she started on this show. Jordan?s and (Jeff?s) main problem is that their core value system doesn?t give them the thought processes to deal with the psychopathic behavior of other people like Kevin and Nat I Lie. Remember Jordan is the youngest person on the show and by far the most truly innocent person to play the game.

      1. Where did you find that she lost the home 2 years ago? I never saw that on the feeds. Where is that info? I’ve seen you post that before, so can you tell us where? Also, if it was over 2 years ago, why has she been playing on people’s emotions trying to garner sympathy for ancient history?

      2. You post this over and over, but never back it up with facts. First, define “real issues”. She didn’t have reconstructive surgery, she had an elective surgery for vanity’s sake. Why are you trying to justify having the surgery based on the size she got? What difference does it make if they are a C or a D? None. Next, she has tried to pull at America’s heartstrings with the whole foreclosure thing. I never saw it mentioned ANYWHERE that this occurred 2 years ago. If so, shame on her for playing the poor me card. Also, Jordan is only younger by 2 years. She’s not a child, for christ’s sake. She’s a grown adult. She should be helping support her family if she is living with them. That’s what families do. I don’t know why a person would chose breast implants and whine about having to share a room with her mom. Instead, she should acknowledge she made a choice not to contribute to her family’s situation and get breast implants instead. Your whole post tries to rationalize away the facts. You are obviously related to her and are still trying to make her look like a victim of circumstance rather than a GROWN ADULT who has made very bad choices. Last, the behavior she and Jeff displayed are a RESULT of their core value system. You find people like those in the BB house every day in real life. If a 31 year old man and a 22 year old woman don’t have the capacity to deal with the behavior in the house, then they shouldn’t be there. Your entire post is one big excuse for bad values.

        1. Way to go girl:

          As you all probably know Jordan is waitron/mixologist for Hooters. she probably got her boobs done because:
          1) to compete with the other waitrons, and
          2) to make better money “Get it while your young sugar – that’s what I always say.”

          Besides, we all choose to live in and foster a youth-obsessed society, where “the bigger the better” mentality is the norm. Hence our current economic crisis. But I disgress –

          To all you straight male Jordan Haters – I say, if you met Jordon (or any other big boobed hottie like her) at a bar or in a club (whatever) and say you wouldn’t want to “tap that ass”, then your either gay or full of shit.

          To you female Jordah Haters – I say, get over it you jealous c**ts!!!! Hey, if you don’t exploit what you got, then you just open the door for someone else who will. If Jordan had buck-teeth, brains but no tits do you think she would be where she is now? Shit, no!!!! And don’t say well that’s a double standard. Such a tired old copped out like the race card. Besides, Michelle was to most “homely” you labeled her coo-coo. You woman embrace this stereotype – and use it when it is convenient.

          Let’s face facts here guys and gals – some of us are just born with good looks and get the world handed to us, however, it does come with a hefty price tag – and there are others who are just plain Joes and Janes who have to work harder for most things – but the cost to you is minimal and you have to less to lose. If you don’t accept it you are going to be just as bitter, angry and hateful as Natalie. “There are no victims in this world, just volunteers.”

          Jordan deserves final 2 because she earned it just like Kevin did (congrats to him too!). They both did what they needed to to get where they are – if they hurt someone along the way they acknowledged it, but moved on. Never have I heard either of them speak of themselves in such great distaint for others, or act as if their shit don’t stink like, Twatalie. They both have humilty, heart and most importantly, they are able to laugh at their own behavior, and are willing to make amends when necessary. they have nothing to be ashamed of like some people – to be a winner you need to first be and act like a human being, and second, look at your own weaknesses and flaws and correct them, and not other people’s and then use it against them.

          1. Then she shouldn’t get offended if someone calls her a ho. Ho’s capitalize on their sexuality to get what they want, which is exactly what you are suggesting. And believe it or not, there are straight guys who are attracted to class and intelligence (beauty is just one component), who wouldn’t touch Jordough with a 10 foot pool. Not just because we don’t want to catch anything, but also because we have self-respect.

      3. there is NOTHING innocent about Jordan ,nothing.Flashing her naked body,talking of anal sex,her G/F clits, v-jay jays and getting drunk and also giving it up at a very early age. OK, if what you say is true and her Mom lost the house to forclosure many years back then WHy is she still using something that happened in the past to sway votes of sympathy?As far as her Mom working part time at a bank ,well get her ass out and find another job…she’s young. I know people with 3 jobs and i also know handicap people who work 2 jobs. For shame on you for trying to tell readers of this blog that Jordan is a “good girl”.Karma’s gonna reach out to ya on that one, baby!Get as life…i understand you not wanting Nasty Nat getting the money because she is sooooo disgusting .However, Jordan is equally disgusting but just has managed to hide it under her extremely dumb comments and annoying twangy voice.For real ,you must be either an idiot to believe Jordan’s deserving or an equally greedy, low class bizacth yurself! ****Oh, and for the record, Jumbo Jordan was THE ONLY GIRL in the HOUSE TO SHOW THE WORLD her rather cowlike NAKED BODY (multiple times)……now who’s the disgusting pigpen?

        1. You shouldn’t win BB because you are nice or your mom lost her house. You should win BB because you played the game the best. The 4 All-Stars on the show last night said it best…. the best move of the year was made by Nat and Kevin. Nat did a great job forcing people to do her dirty work and making people think she is honest enough when needed.

          If you want the “nice” person to win, ask BB to get 20 really honest houseguests and see how boring the show would be.

          As for Jordan, she seems nice enough. Yes, she bought big boobs and let people see and feel them but she still seems like a decent person. With that said she did NOTHING in the game outside of win 2 or 3 comps. Vote for her as fave houseguest (although Jeff wins easy to go good with his Marcellus move of the season) but why root for her to win BB… all you are saying is that you want a bunch of hot naked boring people in the house.

      4. Yes, well said. We didn’t know Jordan’s whole story – so why make judgments? It is her business after all.
        But with her story so common these days with the economy being so bad – people losing their jobs and homes – that it would be nice for something good to happen to Jordan and her family. I’m sure even the 50K prize would help her family tremendously! I’m not going to debate whether or not she deserves to win BB11 – I’m just saying it would be nice to know that the money (any of the monetary prizes) really helped the winner!

    2. some people want to continue living at home (not me personally) she seems to be a very family oriented person and breast implants can be financed

      1. I think almost all of the house guests this season played with only short term goals in mind – almost week by week without a long range plan with a few back-up plays in hand. Seemed like one good play was followed by an eviction. But maybe that is always the case, but it really seemed to stick out to me more this season.

  6. Thinking back to season 1, with the potato clock, dancing for several days straight, chicken george, curtis going to the emmy’s, etc. They were offered $$ to leave the game because it was boring and cbs wanted to liven it up! Then they almost staged a walk out. The best thing was that we got to vote. The game was really different that first season. Much better now, though.

  7. If Jordan wins HOH – I hope Jordan isn’t stupid enough to continue to take Jeff’s advice and take NAT to the finals.. that would be the worst move ever! I hope at SOME POINT she starts to THINK for herself and start to play this game!

    1. i think it will be a tie either way and americas vote will be for jordan so as long as kevin goes through with the plan and takes jordan or she when hoh on her own she wins!!!!

    2. I’m not sure it would be such a bad move – Jordan would get Jeff, Americas vote and Lydia at least – she would need just one more vote, probably Michele.

  8. I think a pic of Russell as jack from a deck of cards would do. After all, he said he had all these jobs so he much be a jack of all trades.

  9. At least CBS should post Internet shorts of the jury houseguests like they do for Survivor when their jury is in sequester. It’s fascinating to watch the jury members interact in a stress free environment.

    1. Just like people thought Natalie was a shoe-in in round 2. Stuff could still happen – Kevin did not want to have to do mental challenges, that was supposed to Gnat’s forte.

  10. Does anyone know if the houseguest receive a stipend of any sort? I thought I had heard rumors of it but was not sure……just wondering:)

    1. I’ve read they receive a stipend of $750 per week for each week they are there. This continues while in the jury house. I also read the winner does not receive a stipend, but have no idea if that’s true or not.

    2. yes, they get a stipend, not sure how much it is though. I do know that if they are in the final 2 they don’t get the stipend, they just get their prize award (50k or 500K)

  11. Does anyone have any thoughts on why BB decided to wait to have part 3 of the HOH comp and elimination of the last HG until Tuesday? Seems to me that the jury house questions to the final two HGs was done a couple of days prior to the live show in prior seasons, which gave the jury house time to discuss before the final vote.

    Aslo, I hope at some point someone asks Nat to give details of what Michelle did that was so evil. I think if Nat was in the jury house with Michelle for a few days that Michelle would ask that question.

    1. My guess is that they are keeping the final 2 “up in the air” because they need SOMETHING for the live feed that runs overnighton Showtime. 3 people left gives the houseguests the opportuinty for one last backstab. Lets hope Natalie is the last one to experience the plunge of the big brother backstab blade.

      1. I think it is so if Kevin wins he has the courage to evict nataLie. She was bulling him saying she would turn the house on him if he put her out.

  12. Production should make them dress up in costumes, (chicken suits, gorilla, etc), and run around doing a scavenger hunt or something….just so we have some sort of entertainment.
    They are in there for our entertainment so “dance, monkeys, dance”!

  13. The only way jordan has a chance to win the 500 g’s is if she wins hoh and picks natalie to go ahead with her. i think there is a good shot for this because kevin did back-stab jeff. but then i think both kevin and jordan think nat has this great amount of votes. geez, i really hope jordo wins the 500 g

    1. jordan guarenteed votes: jeff, michelle, america

      kevin guarenteed votes: lydia, (probable voyes) russ, jesse,

      natalie will be deciding vote and will pick whoever did not evict her

      1. I keep reading the same stuff you’re claiming. But NO WAY!!!!
        Russel is a misogynist, and to him the only thing worse than a woman, is a fag.
        Jesse almost threw a punch at his “ally” Kevin. And this was after giving props to Jeff for getting him evicted!
        If Kevin wins HOH and betrays Natalie, Natalie won’t vote for him. Kevin won’t get any votes other than Lydia’s.

        1. Not true.

          If Kevin evicts Gnat, then I think Jesse, Russel and Lydia vote for Kevin (Jesse and Russel because Kev got out Jeff (who got out Jesse and Russel…) and because the LML wouldn’t have worked AT ALL unless Kevin sold it with such honesty.

          That still leaves Michelle, Jeff, and America for Jordan with Gnat being the deciding vote. Does she vote for Kevin who booted her or does she vote for Jordan who smoked her in part 2? I think it’s gonna kill her to vote for either of them.

    2. Natalie is the GOLDEN TICKET TO THE 500k !! Russell is the SWING VOTE against Jordan !! The LML is the game changer of BB11!! And who cares that Natalie is 24 ??

      1. First off, I’m not sure why people automatically think Jesse and Russel will vote for Gnat. I think it’s obvious from their comments to Lydia about more than likely voting for Jeff if he made it to the end, that they’re looking more at “game play and what folks have accomplished” than any personal ties. Both of them have said Gnat hasn’t done shit, and when push came to shove and she NEEDED to win something, Jordan smoked her because she kept her cool under pressure (which is something I’d think a “Tae Kwon Do champion” would know how to do.

        Second, it’s huge that Nat is 24 IMO. An 18 year old could maybe get away with how she acted and comments she made, but as a 24 year old it almost shows her *whole strat* was to be carried along on the coattails of others, and I don’t think anyone will be willing to commend that kind of gameplay.

      1. i thought the same thing my boyfriend and i said that at the same time last night. he looked way strung out last night. guess we know what he is doing with his winnings

  14. Is anybody else having trouble voting? The letters are so dark on my computer I can’t get them to enter my votes!!! I don’t have trouble seeing anything else and even tried a friend’s glasses for magnification. I can only get the first 4 or 5 letters and have guessed wrong about 50 times!

        1. No Ana I’m not. I just like her. If you ever saw the end of Night at the Roxbury when Richard Greico is talking to Steve and Doug’s father, well that conversation is why I do.

  15. CBS has pulled their own Coup de’ tat and it worked. I just hope they don’t go overboard with a cheap sentimental trip down memory lane. CBS you got your audience back and the ratings so just let things be.

    I love Survivor but hate it when they do that draw out “tribute” to their”fallen comrades”. It too hokey, but yet it fits the format of that show. You’ve changed up Big Brother so much this year that you almost ruined it. Now that the game has been reset, just do a best/worst segment and call it a night. What you have planned for Tuesday night’s finale is great – If I want to watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame feature, I will watch that channel. Big Brother is the show you tune into to watch Godzilla stomp the shit out of Bambi – not some lame ass shit with the final 3 sitting around the fireplace reminiscing about the “good ole days”. PLEEEASEEE. If I do, if I see Alison Grodner, I am going to have (as Kevin would say) “go over and slap that bitch!!!!!!

  16. I can not stand nat-a-lie! I hope to Jordan & Kevin in the final 2. Honestly, I would have rather seen Jeff and Russell for the final 2!

    1. Yeah, well I wish I could just be able to feed and cloth myself and pay my rent and not have to choice which one to go without!!!! But, if I fill my left hand with shit and my right with what I want, my left hand will get filled first!!!!! NOW DEAL WITH It!!!!!
      Oh my, how natalie of me!!!!!!

  17. How about a razor or hair remover for Russ? Or a bottle of baby oil.

    I don’t think anyone has seen enough of the jury to guess how they would vote. They are being fed bits of info week to week, but the only real info they have is when they compare notes, and they haven’t shown that. It is really anyone’s guess, but I’m thinking Kev will win.

  18. So If the last of the HOH comp is going to be live on tue..what are they doing for sunday? are they going to show michele arrive at the jury house?
    Go Jordan/Kevin
    booooooo PIGPEN!

    1. It had been said a while back that BB will have a “Moments You Didn’t See/Recap” episode, like the Wednesday episodes of Survivor and whatnot.

      But you might be right, it is possible they will show some new footage of the Jury House. We’ll just have to wait and see…

      1. I hope we see Michelle there. She told Kevin that she would really stir things up with the jury if he evicted her. I’m also curious how she will be treated now that they are not in competition mode. She took some really tough, personal hits in the house. I know she gave a few but nothing in comparison to how she was left so isolated.

  19. Call me Jordan- but I’m confused! Will the Jury be asking questions or making statements to all 3 of them prior to the winner of round 3 picking the person going to the final 2 with him/her? Seems like Kevin might catch a hint of some of their feelings about Gnat and take her if he wins.

  20. I hope Jordan doesn’t take Kevin. I don’t want Nat to win any money but I think Jordan has a better chance against her. I just want Jordan to win the big bucks. Kevin took out two big players — Jeff and Michelle and he had a big hand in getting out Russell. So, strategically, he had it going on. I think everyone will vote for strategic not who they just like. Even Jessie said he would vote for whoever got out Jeff.

  21. Her hair a mess
    Her nostrils flared
    She made excuses
    no one cared

    An engagement ring
    or coated wire?
    She picks her nose
    She?s quite a liar

    She hates Michelle
    She hates her cramps
    She?ll have to vote
    To crown a champ

    And when this season?s
    In the past
    We?ll all agree
    She?s just an A$$

    1. Beautiful. I agree, put it to music. Here’s a refrain for you.

      You better watch out
      Or you’ll catch some fleas.

      Put that after Cared…….Lier…….Champ…….and at the very end.

      And maybe make one more verse about her walking like a duck and you can put a video along with the music of a duck waddling around.

      1. Ok, one more idea. Put it to music. Have a duck walking around while the music plays. Have Natalie’s head in place of the ducks head. Right at the end have the duck turn into a donkey and have Natalie’s head on the donkey’s ass.

        1. Your game is weak
          You had some luck
          You walk around
          Like a drunken Duck

          There you go Thriller. Get busy and put it on You Tube.

  22. Dawn D….No. there will be an HOH between Kevin and Jordan, then whoever wins chooses who they want to go with them to the final two. The other one then leaves the BB house and joins the jury right outside where they will all question the last two, then vote.

  23. Dawn, that is such a great point. Kevin will take Natter with him to final two if he thinks everyone hates her. Hopefully, Jordan wins HOH and takes Kevin, although, he might be able to beat her out with the Jury. Maybe she should take Nat.

    1. Natalie knows America hates her because her bf told her but she THINKS the majority of jury house members will vote for her. She doesn’t know they’ve learned she lied about her age and have learned she lied from the very beginning.

    1. i get an uneasy feeling when I see N. and K. together in the house at this point in the game. You know that she is workin’ him big time and he just can’t seem to stand up to her. It’s now or never Kevin.

  24. I hope the producers are not gambling big on the win. If that’s the case , someone Big made a very bed bet. Now, we have to envision who can win . Go Kevin!!!! He’s a turd but J was so lame for two looong months.

    1. Don’t bring the east coast into that! She can keep her dirty A$$ in Arizona……………………………. She fits in well with the dirt and tumbleweeds!

    2. Funny – you represent the entire East Coast? I don’t think so! Remember, Jordan was popular and from one of the Carolina’s – that’s East! Bet her home town is cheering for her.

    3. I’m from the East Coast… It will not be a happy day if Nat wins. She is a lying ass. She gives others a hard time for “being the devil”… She should look in the mirror. Nat is lying trash.

    4. I’m a Nat fan…and she may luck out and win 50k, but aint no way shes going to win the big one…
      Kevin deserves to win the 500k and Jordon pulled out a surprising last second win. Good for her. If Kev wins he should bring Nat with him cuz they did work out a great last minute lie. Jordons decision will be harder because she rode Jeffs game and both Kev & Nat were better schemers and without taking the game personal the jury house should reward Natalie. Kevin is a no brainer.
      For whats its worth those are my thoughts.
      I got no hate for nobody cuz I only know them from this show cuzI aint getting a cut and I aint wired to hate.

  25. Regarding Laura’s horse pic: She doesn’t deserve to be taunted for her teeth since she’s been nothing but smart and nice on BB. Plus, she was born with them and can only embrace her smile. I think the more appropriate pic would be of two beach balls, (afterall, she did choose those, lol). Anyway, Laura, Michele, and Jordan are beautiful inside and out.
    For Russ’ pic, for some reason I keep envisioning a pimp hat. I have no idea why.
    P.S. Love this site! Can’ t wait for next year with anticipation of the new cast sans the NBK group!

    1. she picked those teeth too. she channeled hillary duff and get em too big. BUT hillary also got hers shaved down and they look much better. take it from a dental hygienist, laura, file those bad boys down.

    2. You’re right…no need to pick on the broad. So shes got some large teeffes, so what, thats what God chose for her…thats right I said God. The only ugly that counts is the ugly in yo heart. If you’re so perfect then you dont need to be on this site…

  26. Hanglow’s Poll

    1. Best poster to this site. HANGLOW10
    2. Worst poster to this site. ROCKSTAR
    3. Best single post ever. THE GIRL WHO GREW UP WITH NASTLALIE
    4. Most ignorant poster. CANADIEN FAN

      1. I see they are casting for BB12 – why don’t you audition, so you can be the next NastaLIE? We have to have someone to hate! It makes the game more interesting – but if you get on it, you have to let us all know you were Rockstar on this year’s spoiler site, so we know it’s you.

        1. They won’t take Canadians, I’ve already contacted them. Believe me, if I could go, I would. I need the money. I’m really poor and I only have one bra in which I stuff because I don’t want to be made fun of. I am the kid they made fun of in high school. I’m so down on my luck right now. I can’t even live in my car because it was towed and now I’m working the night shift at Hooters cleaning the bathrooms because as I mentioned I have to stuff my bra and I would like fake boobs and maybe if I won 500k I’d buy new ones but no maybe I should help others with the money and give some to charity because I want to give and give and I want to taste rainbows and hug clouds and I’m so sweet and so kind and you know you want to hug me and I really need the money. Hey, we all need a sob story to win, right?

            1. no no- yes, I’m female. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I did not think Jeff was good looking while everyone else did. So, I don’t know if my taste would be your taste.

      2. Rockstar and Canadian Fan, to make his opinion he has to have read your posts. He doesn’t agree but he read them. Hanglow10, I like you (since I am from St Joe MO originally) but you are kind of tooting your own horn here. That I am surprised at. Especially because you picked out individuals to blow that horn. However, that is your choice and it is my choice to tell you that I don’t agree with you. Still like you and will read your posts but don’t agree with you here.

        1. Thanks BBGrandma, If this bashing keeps up, im gonna have to get ignorant for real. I didnt know the other posters were so sensitive, jesus, say something about Jordan and you get chewed up and spit out like a used piece of hubba bubba. The rest of the night im going to agree with everyone and make nice comments.

            1. Thanks simon, I really wasnt shooting for that award but hey, I’ll put it up with my hockey trophy’s and my widdlin and canoe building awards, ha ha,. I suppose I could post how the votes in the jury house will go and be the 1000th one to post that dribble. I will take the special treatment though, thanks man, great site and if I can sell a seal pelt or two I send ya some money.

    1. Thanks for this, and I will keep it short. I just want to thank all the stupid posts on here for making it possible and easy to come up with an, “IGNORANT” reply. Gee im glad I didnt get one of those other candy ass awards, I mean best poster,really, sounds like an Oprah Winfrey fan, or worse,a fan of The View.I would like to thank my parents for giving up on trying to make me as polite as the rest of you. Oh yes and I got to thank Hanglow for thinking of me, I must say its truly an honor and I dont take it for granted. Thank you , thank you, thank you,

    2. Headset to listen to ALL conversations??? LOLOLOL…. he gonna have a dial with 25 microphones to choose from?

      HORRIBLE idea…. you want as much scheming as possible, not less.

      Best idea: A weekly coup d’etat that HG win by being first to do something that America votes on (first to run on treadmill, pick nose…….) this would allow the live feeds to be more interesting. The new coup “power” would be the power to take 1 thing away (HOH room, 1 nomination, POV, letter from home, make replacement nominee on POV). If coup d’etat takes POV, he/she doesnt get to make replacement nominee. They only overtake 1 thing for that week only. Wouldnt be a coup the first week but start in week 2. (with this, POV and HoH are still guaranteed safety but not coup winner).

      You are right though…. Jeff on AllStars would be insanely bad. Kevin or Russell are the only ones who would make sense. Kevin because he has played very well in both comps and social. Russell (who I do not like at all) because he is entertaining. Ronnie probably would have been a good choice here…. but he blew it.

      Also, why not make BB 12 a battle of players who were evicted 1st or backdoored…… call it 2nd chance season!

      1. Kevin hasn’t done shit till final 5,he was always one of the first 4 out of most the comps,behind,Lydiot,Nasty and Chyma.Kevin would never last with the All-Stars.


    NOW I THINK KEVIN DESERVES TO WIN! HE PLAYED THE BEST GAME OUT OF THE 3 IN THE HOUSE! I KNOW AMERICA WILL VOTE JORDAN WITCH PISSES ME OFF!! DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE JORDAN AND THIS SHE SHOULD GET THE 50,000 BUT NOT WIN!! ITS ABOUT GAME PLAY LETS LOOK T PAST WINNERS OF BB! THEY WERE NOT THE “FAVORITE” THEY WERE THE BEST Game players (oh look my cap lock finally turned off haha).. now i think kevin played a great game.. he layed low and then won lots of games when he needed too.. he is smart he waited for the strong guys to get each other out then BAM he stepped up!! im all for KEVIN!!!!

    1. he won just as much as jordon they are even common people there all three floaters now wich deserves it the most the guy with a condo or the girl sleeping in the same bed as her mom and working 2 to 3 jobs at a time

  28. I find it quite humorous that this site was completely full of people who swore they were done with this show forever and would not watch another episode. Now look at you all. Jordan pulls a win out of her ass and everybody is back on the bandwagon. Talk about poor imature behavior…….half of the people on here need to look in the mirror. No different than Kevin, Natalie, and Chima. If I don’t get my way I’m going to pout and hold my breath until things go my way again. GROW UP!

    1. i KINDA agree with you!! i do hate when people say there “done with the show” its a game a REALITY show its not a scrips its gunna work out the way it does and there is always next year!!

    2. I think Jordan did very well last night. Maybe that’s what she needed, Jeff out of the house; she had said many times that he makes her nervous. I think she’s beginning to believe in herself. Kevin probably deserves to win and he will if he makes it to the final 2. Jordan will win over Natalie. If Jordan wins the final HOH, she’ll take Natalie. Kevin should take Natalie only because they survived this far, but will take Jordan. (I don’t know how he came to the conclusion that he would lose against Natalie.)

    3. Even if I don’t watch the show, I LOVE this site! I never said I would quit reading the postings here – they are WAY better than the show:-). Plus I said if I read on here that Nasty left, I would watch the finale – now it looks like CBS got wind of everyone’s thoughts and are trying to keep viewers by keeping all 3 for the finale. The fact Kevin has made it pretty clear (as much as we can believe him) that he will take Jordan in the F2 means I will watch the finale just to see Nasty’s face when he picks Jordan!

      1. I cannot wait for that moment either…we can all watch the money she’s already spent mentally dematerialize on her face.

    4. Just looked in the mirror but did not see a sad clown mouth, NOT KEVIN! Just showered for a 2nd time today, nope, NOT NATALIE! And haven’t got a mess of Red Lip Gloss covering my mouth, so NOT CHIMA either! Sorry, looked in the mirror and I am still me…Happy Jordan “pulled a WIN out of her ass”. But thanks for asking.

    5. Marion, i totally agree with you but I also totally agree with everyone else. I mean if people choose to lie and say they are not watching, then who are we really to disagree with them. I really wish people on here would stop all this rude behavior unless they dont want to and thats fine too. Everyone, Im so happy to hear your views and I respect each and everyone of them, cheers.

  29. What is NBK? I keep reading all of these text lingo messages and they confuse me. The only text lingo I know is THC, LSD, and PCP. Damn, I miss the 60’s.

    1. NBK was what Jesse, Pigpen, Russell, ect… called themselves in the begining of the game.
      N = Natural
      B = Born
      K = Killers

      They were morons.

    2. Loved all the musicians from that era…would love to hear what Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison would be playing now…Kurt Cobain too! Okay he was 90’s.

  30. Thanks Jamie Boy, I increased the contrast but don’t know how to change resolution, but my votes for Kevin & Jordon will hopefully go through now. I was for Michelle and hate Nat.
    To Marion Harris Neil, I don’t watch the shows any longer but I check out Simon & Dawg’s site, and don’t consider it immature behavior!

    1. Then why follow the blogs…..why vote on CBS website…..why follow it at all? If you’re done then be done. I bet you were at Woodstock too…….along with the other 3 million people who said they were there.

      1. I never said I was done, just expressing I don’t enjoy wasting time on the show but I enjoy the strong opinions such as yours. Do you have 3 names because you are a serial killer?

      2. Because the blogs are better than the show – that is, most of the blogs. Yours is an exception. Many people on here have some very good postings.

        1. Yes, there is some bitterness in the tone of those posts. Wonder what happened to cause this? Hope it isn’t a permanent state of mind.

      3. Plus, I do like to keep up with what is going on without having to actually set sight on Nasty! Even when I did watch the show, I fast forwarded through any of the parts that focused on her so I wouldn’t have to hear her voice.

      4. Probally because its her right to quit watching and still follow on here,at least she don’t have to hear Nasty’s chomping,lieing,annoying ass voice.Christ what are you the BB police?

    2. I love this site because everyone on here is a great fan of this excellent Reality show…even if some of them are bitter like me last week. I am over it. Wish Michelle had won.

      1. Thats why this is the best BB site on the web..PERIOD! Simon let us vent and pretty much say what we want as long as we don’t get to outta hand! BB is no different than a sportying event,each team/player has their fans and we get to trash talk them and agree with our guys/teams fans!

    1. I can’t speak for the creator of this site, but my assumption was that it referred to the vast number of times he was labeled a ‘douche’ by fellow housemates. lol

  31. I’m curious. Who was Natalie dissing in that photo of her with Kevin above? You can tell from the expression on her face that she was talking bad about someone.

  32. I think the BB all-star should include Laura, Braden and Casey. We didn’t get to see their game play and I think it would be interesting. I guess that won’t happen because you probably have to make it pretty far in the game to be included.

    1. Laura seemed like an intelligent girl, even with her overly large implants, so yes I would like to have seen more of her. I think the all-stars this season are: Jeff, Russell, Ronnie???, and Natalie…she did play that game hard. I will give her that.

  33. An earlier post says Kevin should win because he has won the most comps. Jordan has won 3 comps and Kevin four. There is not much difference and she has had to keep heself in the game also . She has also been on the block more than kevin. She did all that while still being nice to others and not being immature like Kevin when he was getting Jeff out and he poured wine down the sink just so Jeff wouldn’t get as much. That was just stupid. Jordan deserves 1st , Kevin 2nd especially if Jordan wins the 3rd HOH.

  34. Nanny J, if you are checking the site, why are you not watching the show? I am not calling you immature but that really doesn’t make sense. You obviously are still interested in how things are going. I find the show boring now with just the 3 left but that is true every year when that happens. Especially when it is the final two but I guess that will be different this year. I love the site! But, the site is here because of the show. I check the site to see both sides of the situation in regard to the individuals left. Some are for this one, others that one, and a lot for that one. They won’t vote for me but it is interesting to see their opinions. In fact, I didn’t vote. I feel I don’t have a right. I didn’t play against these people. I just watched them play. It is not based on popularity, looks, weight, size of your breast, how many showers, or race. The vote should be made by those that played the game against these 3. We don’t get to vote who wins the football game before the end of the game or even have a vote. If there is a tie, split the money. Of course, this is just my opinion but I hope you are on the site to hear others thoughts not just those that agree with you or you just get on to give your opinion and not listen. Watch the show and check the site.

    1. Thanks BB grannie — I just watched the last 2 episodes on cable so I can fast forward. My partner & I work odd hours and exceptionally long hours so not a lot of time for tv except some daily MSNBC. I love the passion & creativity of these posters. Also in real life I’ve never been a h8tr so it has been a devilishly good time to see all the comments here.

    2. Giver hell Grandma, You and I both know their still watchin. They always say ,I just tuned in to see the end or I just watched 5 minutes, but they know everything thats going on.

      1. Canadian fan, sometimes they just have to make their statement of frustration. Of course, they want to see the end. They just need to say they are mad at the way it is going. Saying they aren’t going to watch is making that statement. We know they will sneek a peak.

  35. I LOL when I read someone saying “Kevin should win!”

    How many times have we heard him say “Oh my God. What was that?”…or “Oh my God. That’s scary”?

    This guy is afraid of his own shadow. He will NEVER take Natalie with him to the F2 if he wins HOH on Tuesday because HE is AFRAID of her and wouldn’t know HOW to defend himself during the Q & A with the BB jury.

    Kevin will have a MELTDOWN when he is confronted by the BB jury on LIVE TV next Tuesday. He will be thinking in his weak, litte mind when someone asks him a question…”Oh my God. That’s a hard question. I’m so scared right now I think I’m gonna pee in my new Gucchi jeans”

    I can’t WAIT to see Natalie’s NASTY FACE when Kevin (I hope it’s Kevin) STABS HER IN THE BACK on LIVE TV…..LOL

  36. I once took Natalie to Nantucket, once there I thought She’d suck it, But to my surprize, the look in her eyes, showed me she just wanted to duck it…the shower that is

  37. Here’s my take on voting:

    Jesse: Natalie, Kevin, Jordan……. bottom line is that Jesse will look at game play and Jordan rode Jeff and then floated in because noone thought she deserved to win. He wont like voting for Kevin but Kevin has won enough and sold LML. In the end, Natalie has done enough to get the vote over Kevin here.

    Lydia: Kevin, Natalie, Jordan… the last 2 are decided by a flip of coin because she is too emotional. I think in the end, Natalie could convince her that they tried LML to save her and could have waited 1 more week and let her go. The Jesse triangle is now debunked and while Lydia doesn’t like either female, she probably will have listened to Jesse and put Nat over Jordo.

    Jeff: Jordan,. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, and Jordan…. then Natalie and Kevin. Jeff is probably still mad at Kevin for betraying him. Natalie’s lies might change this vote, but I doubt it.

    Russell: Natalie, Kevin, Jordon…. honestly, he is going to vote on game play and he probably LOVES Nat’s age lie. Voting for Kevin or Jordan will pain him but he probably will respect Kevins social play enough to vote him over Jordo.

    Michelle: Jordan, Natalie, Kevin….. She is so random, who knows. However, I do think she will stick with her word and not vote for Kevin. Why? I don;t know, predicting her is like predicting weather….. good luck.

    America: Jordan, Kevin, Natalie. (Big Brother cuts this all season to make people hate Natalie.. it works here)

    So, here is breakdown:

    Kevin vs Nat: Nat 4 Kevin 2 plus Jordan, who would probably vote for Nat here. Natalie wins 5-2

    Kevin vs Jordan: 3-3 tie with Natalie as tie breaker. If Jordan wins final HoH, she votes Kevin and he wins. If kevin wins and takes jordan, I still think Nat picks Kevin….. like many, she will vote her friend and actually respect his taking her as a good game move….. I think Kevin wins, but not sure.

    Nat vs Jordan: 3-3 with Kevin deciding vote and who really knows. He might vote Jordan because in the end she won more than Nat and Nat had others due her work. HOWEVER, I do bet Kevin gives it to Nat here…. not sure, but that’s my guess.

    Jordan’s best bet to win in my mind is for Kevin to win HoH and take her…. in that regard, I think she might get Nat’s vote and the 500K

    Kevin’s best bet is for Jordan to win HoH and take him. He WOULD get Nat’s vote and probably win.

    Natalie probably beats either one.

    The truth is that the finale will be great and the vote should be close. No matter who wins, I wont be upset. Nat played people very well, Kevin played people well and games well enough, and Jordan just was herself and really maintained integrity although not playing the social part at all.

    1. You thought this vote through all the way…I wonder why Jeff didn’t do that math way back when he was deconstructing his alliances with Russell and Michelle and trusting Nat and Kevin?! Last night Jessie, Russell and Jeff all agreed that Kevin had played the best game, that was when they were talking in the kitchen. I think Jeff will definitely go with Jordan if she’s there but Kevin otherwise.

    2. I disagree, Kevin will win over Nat or Jordan by large amts.
      The jury will vote for who played the best. I do agree that it would be close between Jor/Nat bc it would all come down to Kevins vote

    3. I disagree, Kevin will win over Nat or Jordan by large amts.
      The jury will vote for who played the best. I do agree that it would be close between Jor/Nat bc it would all come down to Kevin and lydias vote

  38. Sorry about my WTF question on CBS voting on line the other night. I didn’t watch the episode. I only watch if I have to. Just did. Nice to hear the audience clapping & cheering Jordough through the comp. Kevin or Jordon – either way is fine with me, just want the nasty ugly gnat to be swatted out of the house.

  39. I absolutely love the creativity of the green recycling room. There are a lot of people who have taken a great deal of time and energy to come up with all the decor, designing the competitions, etc, must have been fun working on it. The garden was a nice addition. Only complaint was letting the annoying con artist Gnat “game” the BB game for as long as she did.

    1. I liked the garden too! I wish it had been a little bigger but Jeff did okay with it. I have a 40′ x 40′ vegetable garden and it is alot of work. I sure don’t have the time to be fighting with people and gardening too! Might have given them something else to do.

  40. I don’t know why Kev doesn’t get Gnat and Jordan in a room and ask Gnat who she would pick had she been the winner. I would love to whatch her stumble her words and try to make up a quick lie to both Jordan and Kev to save her ass….

  41. Let i have to say this everybody says jordon doesnt deserve this blaw blaw blaw the fact is what she did was right because shes in the final 3 she played it smart this game isnt all about winning everything its about doing what it takes to stay in and if you have to float bye and you stay in then good for you look it jeff he won hohs and now hes gone.

  42. I think Nasty Nat suffers from delusions of grandeur……………I hope stinky doesn’t win
    1 thin dime ! ! ! Maybe she can talk CBS into giving her a low-rent, low-life wedding !

    1. Fall un-reality show,Big Bother wedding. With Gnat wedding gown of silk gym boxers and silk Jessie shirt with the red blow up crown. Wedding prep having her hair deflead and her nose cleaned out.

    1. I know. Isn’t it silly? I heard that she still owed on them. But who knows. Maybe she wouldn’t have been picked for BB without them. I mean, look at Laura. Someone was picking boobs this season. :)

    2. This topic was addressed awhile ago. From what I recall, she had the implants done because she needed plastic surgery on her breasts (one was deformed) and decided to do that at same time. She shopped around to get best price for entire procedure and is on a 2-3 year payment plan.

    3. why all of a sudden the wonder who paid for Jordans Boob job. It has nothing to do with BB.
      As long as Pigpen doesnt win that would be the ultimate end for this season.

    4. Single mother raising kids…my guess is the child support was not forthcoming. Who cares why she lost her house. Most people do not CHOOSE to lose their homes. Also, Jordan works/worked at HOOTERS…can’t do that without HOOTERS!!!!

    5. Since when is it the kids responsibility to pay for their parent’s house? Real parents don’t hit their kids up for money to bail them out and it is really ridiculous to expect a young adult to be responsible for house payments that aren’t hers (and I am sure her mother didn’t expect Jordan to spend her entire income on taking care of her). Jordan is allowed to spend her money on whatever she wants. Your comment is asinine.

      1. Whoa Nellie…I meant that perhaps the father of the children did not pay for the children to have a roof over their heads…!!! Comprende?

  43. It was nice to see Jordan win last night. She really did well. I would like to see her in the final 2. I think a previous poster is right, she only has herself to rely on now – and she is finding more confidence in herself. Nice to see.

  44. If everyone will remember and both are now in the jury house the LML was true, Michelle and Russell had made the agreement. It shouldn’t hold any ground at least I hope not. Jordon and Kevin have both done equally really Jordon was always in the challenges longer than Kevin in most and they have won the same amount. Natalie is just a putz WTF she is the worst. There is game play and then there is cruelty she feels justified in everything she does and takes no responsibilty for anything. It is never ever her fault right……As for Jordon getting implants really who cares yes things changed in her home life but so many people will make decisions that are not the best at the time, like use credit cards with the intent to pay them next month only to have other things come along. I would prefer Jordon to win just because she seems to have played the game and kept the shit talking to a minimum. Kevin would be my next choice but only because I have no other….And like so many on here hoping for KARMA to put Natalie in her place……

  45. Here’s my prediction:

    Jordan and Kevin

    Jessie – Kevin
    Lydia – Kevin
    Russel – Kevin
    Jeff – Jordan
    Michelle – Jordan
    Natalie – ? (depending who evicts her and how mad she is with that person)
    America – Jordan

    Jordan and Natalie

    Jessie – Natalie
    Lydia – Jordan
    Russel – Jordan
    Jeff – Jordan
    Michelle – Jordan
    Kevin – Natalie
    America – Jordan

    Natalie and Kevin

    Jessie – Kevin
    Lydia – Kevin
    Russel – Kevin
    Jeff – Kevin
    Michelle – Kevin
    Jordan – Kevin
    America – Kevin
    America – Jordan

    1. Your not the only one, but why is some saying Jessie would ever vote for Kevin in any possible way. Do you not rememeber that he pussed him away after his eviction and doesn’t like him at all. He knows he was the vote that sent him out!

    2. And why would Russ vote for Kevin? Remember when Jeff entered the jury house and Russ said “see I told you Kevin & Nat where playing you in order to put me up”. So I don’t think Russ will vote for Kevin no matter who he’s up against in the finals.

    1. Thats BS cuz my take is all of them are lying… Jordan to me aint that sweet, boob job-scheming and lying about Michelle… I’m an American…a Mexican-American who served in Nam….so stuff that American wants Jordon to win where the sun dont shine.

  46. Here’s my prediction:

    Natalie and Kevin (Kevin wins 7-0)

    Jessie – Kevin
    Lydia – Kevin
    Russel – Kevin
    Jeff – Kevin
    Michelle – Kevin
    Jordan – Kevin
    America – Kevin
    America – Jordan

    Jordan and Natalie (Jordan wins 5-2)

    Jessie – Natalie
    Lydia – Jordan
    Russel – Jordan
    Jeff – Jordan
    Michelle – Jordan
    Kevin – Natalie
    America – Jordan

    Jordan and Kevin (? 3-3)

    Jessie – Kevin
    Lydia – Kevin
    Russel – Kevin
    Jeff – Jordan
    Michelle – Jordan
    Natalie – ? (depending who evicts her and how mad she is with that person)
    America – Jordan

  47. As much as I am disgusted by and can’t stand Nasty Nat, if Kev doesn’t make it to the final two in all fairness I think Nasty should win it. I can’t get over the fact that Jeff and Jordan, and at times Michelle, believed the crap she was spoon feeding them.

    1. Jeff and Jordan believed the lie because they are decent people and don’t think people are low enough to make up stories. They made sure it came from Kevin not Natalie or else they wouldn’t have believed it. But since Jeff saved Kevin he believed he would not lie to him and owed him one.

      But as we can see from Kevin’s DR sessions, he’s making promises on his BF, family and his life that he will take the gnat but saying he is lying and his word is worthless….just like him.

      I hope Jordan wins and gnat doesn’t get one penny!!!!!

  48. i hope natalie wins, so everyone will be so disgusted and swear up and down they will never watch the show. and then watch bb12 next year and say how bb11 was so much better than this year…and on and on and on.

    1. If I were in the jury house I would give it to Natalie over Jordan too. She was manipulative and scrappy and that is what this game is about. No one ever thought she was a weak player, they just didn’t consider her the biggest threat. Everyone (including Jeff) thought of Jordan as a weak player and that is how she slid into the finals. She did compete well in a few contest at the end but she never truly played the game.

  49. Although I don’t feel Jordon has done enough to deserve $500,000 (Jeff is my #1 favorite) she is my favorite of the final 3. She has played with the most integrity and seems to be a genuinely nice person. Even when Kevin and Nasty have done every thing in their power to stab her in the back and trash talk her she still is so nice to them. On the other hand Kevin and Nasty are just mean,spiteful creeps. I want to like Kevin but I can’t. He will be so nice to people’s faces and then he and Nasty start whispering and saying things that go way beyond strategy. He has a real problem with hating Jeff and I think it’s pure jealousy. Last night he said to Nasty maybe they had better stop their Jeff bashing because it’s going to make America hate them and put them in a bad light. He said they need to start saying some positive things about Jeff but he was perceptive enough to realize maybe “it’s too little too late”. An example of how small minded and petty he is was when he took a full glass of wine up to the HOH room and dumped it down the toilet so Jeff couldn’t drink it even though he knew Jeff was going to be evicted the next day.
    As far as Nasty goes I can’t say enough negative things about that punk. She is such a pathological liar that she believes her own lies. If that “boyfriend” of hers had any brains he would have dumped her when she attached herself, literally and figuratively, to that loser Jessie. Even now when her boyfriend gave her a hint that there are a lot of “Natalie haters” out there she excuses it on the grounds of her friendship with Jessie. She has lied from day one with that ridiculous I’m only 18 lie up to the present. She lied when she told Jeff he had her vote and she and Kevin laughed about how he wasn’t going to find out until he got voted off and she continues to lie to her stupid “friend’ Kevin and gullible Jordon up to the present. I don’t despise her because she has “played the game” but instead because she has lied and said mean and nasty things when there was no need to or benefit to her from it. I truly hope she does not get one penny for all her efforts

  50. I’m not sure why everyone is saying Jordan doesn’t deserve to win- what did Natalie/ Kevin do more than her. They started the big lie- but if you guys remember it wasn’t really a lie- Michelle and Russel did start talking about a final 2 and getting Jeff out.They weren’t going to do it right away, but they were going to. I think Jeff/Jordan should have waited to get Russell out, but they didn’t so oh well. Jordan has played a good game she has just been nice about it.

  51. Natalie would be a good person to bring back for All Stars.

    Anyone that can get so many people to write comments on her is interesting enough to be an all star. She is a good female villain – (personally i think people are harder on her bc she is female). She is like Britany Spears, everyone says they hate her but any magazine with her on it sells off the shelf. I think the All Stars from this season will be Jordan, Jeff, and Natalie.

    1. So that’s what’s happening in Arizona this month…thanks for the update. Nobody cares about Shitney Spears…Really…Nobody. Same for Natalie…sad life. Whole town’s leavin’, haven’t you heard?

  52. ok heres the thing at this point i want either jordan or kevin to win
    preferably jordan bcuz she is a decent person
    if she takes kevin then she would have a fair chance with jeff america michelle and natalie assuming kevin wins and takes jordan
    ok if jordan wins the last part of hoh and i think she might take natalie
    then she would most likely win cuz the jury house is still pissed at nataLIE…
    and finally if kevin and gnat go to f2 then kevin would win
    so right now it looks like either jordan or kev would win
    but i think jordan is 1000% going to get americas vote if not kevin will
    if jordan cant talk natalie hopefully kevin wins takes jordan and sends natalie packing and jordan gets natalies jury vote

  53. Update:

    The town has decided to just reanact Jonestown and call it a day. “Unlike that retched, unkempt piece of lying trash, we good folk of this community will never be able to escape the 10 plagues that BLEEPing carpet-munching piece of crusty coyote turd has brought upon us – so in order to cleanse our quiet little community of this scurge, we feel it best to die with dignity then suffer, for the century, as we dodge whispered accusations and misinformed lies about who we are!”

    CBS has kindly donated gallons of unused slop from this season’s Big Brother, which will be laced with cianide, so that the folks of this sleepy little town can fade into the next century as the little town that did!

    In related news, apparently, the little roadside fruit stand, which stood at the outskirts of town, and has been Natalie’s father’s only source of income, extorting people to buy his day old fruit and (sometimes vegetables) has been burnt to the ground as a sign of the town’s solidarity for what she did to them. What was once a true pipe dream, but now is nothing but a pile of burnt cinders, was once her family’s business.

    When we tried to reach the family for a comment, we were only told that the family has (been railroaded) quietly slunk out of town and left no forwarding address. All the mayor would say is, quote, “If that little ungrateful ankle-biting skeezer ever showns her fugly face around here again . . . (NOT FIT TO PRINT)

    1. ( Rolling on the floor laughing while two massive dogs look on in dismay>) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,….etc. etc. Love the town of Arizona comment from earlier too…damn boy, you need to write for Hollywood!

      1. To Sashay Shawte and all the other “wet blankets” on here, I say FU if you can’t take a joke. This website (thank you simon and dawg) is a place where people (unlike you all) can come freely and express their opinions concerns or whatever about a tv show that they enjoy, It is an open forum and whether or not people like what others have to say that’s too bad.

        Lighten up! We are just venting and or for few hours having some fun. If you find our comments, etc. to excessive or offensive then leave. Who are you to tell people they need help. We are just having fun (well I speak for myself) You people who come here to just to piss all over other people’s comments and not contribute anything BUT negativity – why don’t you all same your snide remarks and stick them where the sun don’t shine. If you want to piss on other people’s parade then go to Washington where negativity like yours would surely thrive. In the words of Jack Nicholson, “Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all filled up in here today!” and finally you all have a point, an “idiotic one, put a point nonetheless” No begone before a house falls on you – you Cretons!!!!!

  54. The Year is 2016 and Jeff and Jordan’s pack of cute little babies are teaching Mom to tell time and eating their last frozen cookie dough of the day…when who should drive up in a cloud of dust? Crazy Natalie is here to regale the children with stories of how close she came to beating Mommy in the basketball game years ago.” If I had just skipped the HOH hole that had the wrong ball in it and ….blah, blah, blah…” It’s sleepy time for the kiddies so Natalie asks the adults to play a game of cards…Poker! But they have to teach her how to play…she doesn’t know the rules! Cut to 4 hours later and Natalie is walking up the road naked having just lost her car and clothes to Jordan in her first ever game of Poker. Goodnight!

  55. First off, Simon, you have done a wonderful job and I think you should win the 500,000.00! Second of all, Natalie didn’t have to be so mean and nasty while playing the game. Alot of her shininigans were uncalled for and will in the end hurt her chances of winning. Jordan my not have played the game the other players played, but she certainly “played the game”. There is no right way to play, only a wrong way and it depends on the personalities in the house. Obviously Jordan played well because she is still in there with part of the final hoh won.

  56. jordon won hoh and pov and now this she has done more than nat and as much as kevin ..if u rem she was plotting and talkin just as much as jeff and rem she didnt want russel to go she wanted kevin out..i hope she wins the game..she played a diff game but just as hard

  57. PEOPLE! it’s a game show… Repeat! PEOPLE! It’s a game show… You are acting like it’s the Young and the Restless or something. The people on the show are acting in manners that allow them to win $500.000.00s and must be willing to change their characters that will take them further in the game. This what they do. In past shows people would promise not to note for others if they just quit the HOH competition and when they agreed, they not only put them on the block, they voted their butts off the show. Will lied and lied and evil dick was really evil, but most of you loved them. Will was a doctor with a charming personality, but on the show he was a liar. Jeff bragged to Russell about touring Europe on a sex adventure and you guys loved him. WOW! where is your morality? They all lied and flipped. Michelle lied on Russell and when approached by Chima, she blanked out and lied that she never said it and they showed her saying exactly that… And you guys wanted her to when. But when Natelie lies, she becomes the scum of the earth. I think there are a lot of sore losers out there. IT IS A GAME SHOW!

  58. Wow, I hate dirty with the best of them but shit y’all are putting way to much thought into this winch. As jordo would say “y’all be nice, no cuss words on tv”. If I were not married I would kill jeff and take jordo to Hawaii and make booger. I don’t know if I could deal with her accent and denseness for any more than a day, but all I need is one night with her little hot ass anyway. About her gameplay: she got to the end without getting got, she won competitions when she had to(at the end), and did it all while being sweet and cute. (except when she bowed up to Russell which was so sexy btw). I think she has played a masterful game, aligned herself well without being the target, laid low, and made no enemies. Southern bells may seam stupid to you west coasters and yanks but I have news for you, they usually come out on top, plus who’s to say that’s not her angle. She did dominate nasty in the last comp. Just good for thought. P.s. Jordo call me you yo yo!

  59. Jordon is the only one who has shown and is still showing any class in the house. People say she hasn’t done anything but if she was such a dead head, which is isn’t, why is she in the final 3? Because she has played game but in a way that you would think she hasn’t played game which is very smart really. No one knows what goes on in the HGs heads really. This is just my opinion. Go Jordan!!!!

    1. Are you kidding she can’t beat either of them…! She is hated in the jury house! I hope Kevin gets rid of jordan and goes against Natalie he will win for sure… Jordan and him would be really close it would depend if he gets rid of nasty or jordan does

    1. I truly believe NataLIAR is the most hated BB contestant ever, and I sue as hell hope she does not make it to the final 2 with her cow chewing duck walking @ss!

  60. When Michele and Jordon were assisting Biznatch with her “Aunt Flow” problem they should have also gave her instructions on how to use a vibrator. Apparently last night, when Biznatch uses the one her “fiance?” gave her as an “engagemen?t” gift, she accidentally chipped her two front teeth. Now Kevin has spent the whole morning calling her “Snaggletooth!”

  61. I luv, LOVE Jeff and Jordan…I don’t like natalie…nor do I prefer kevin…I hope jordo wins…she has my vote! And hopefully Jeff wins the 25$

  62. I agree that Jordan should win the big prize and jeff the viewers prize. It would be great if they continue their relationship outside the house. Do not like liars, no winning for Gnat or K-town PLEASE! They are just nasty.

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