Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Massive morning Excitment in the BB house **Update x2**

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
1:14pm Jordan laying at the pool sunning. Kevin and Natalie sleeping. There has been nothing going on in the house Jordan woke up around 12:45pm and the other 2 have been sleeping since 3am last night.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
3:33pm Jordan is now sleeping.. Kevin siting on the couch eating. Briefly saw Natalie she is making some food to eat.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:00pm Everyone around the dinner table eating, Natalie is shuffling cards. They talk about having kids. Jordan tells them that she wants to have kids and can’t wait for that chapter of her life to begin, however she is worried about not being financially stable enough. Kevin says that regardless of his financial status he’s not going to spoil his kids, they will need to work hard for their money like he did. Natalie agrees with both of them she wants to have kids and a family but wants to make sure she has a house some money in her account and a stable job. (Isn’t Natalie going to get fired for stealing at blockbuster?). The conversation drifts all over the place they discus past houseguests, focusing on Lydia and Chima. Kevin says that Chima did a horrible thing calling Russell a terrorist. Kevin thinks that a comment like that is un called for. Kevin thinks that if she would of left that comment out of arguments he would of looked like the jerk but instead she looked like the bad person. Natalie and Jordan both agree that Russell really liked Chima in the beginning, he was looking for a showmance. Kevin says he thought that him and Chima would of bonded but he bonded with Lydia. Natalie chimes in that she bonded with Chima. Natalie asks him if Lydia was really bi sexual. Kevin thinks she was. Jordan retells a incident where she woke up and Lydia was rubbing her arm. Lydia asked her if she liked it and Jordan told her she did. … 7:27pm Kevin is heading to the hammock, Jordan is doing the dishes and Natalie is at the counter shuffling cards.

*** Hi everyone I’m helping Simon with the site for the next couple days while he’s away dealing with a family emergency. My name is Randeep, I’m new to big brother blogging but I am a big fan of the show sorry for the delay in updates. ?OH and I know a lot of you already I spend tons of hours reading everyones awesome comments! ***

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I hope Simon and his family are ok.


Welcome Randeep, nice to have you here….I send best wishes to Simon and his family.


thanks for the welcome.. please let me know if you guys need anything.


I second that. I hope all is well with simon. welcome Randeep


Hope all is well with you and your family simon, HB!


Hello Randeep
Thank you for you update.
I hope everything is OK with Simon and his family, my prayers are with them 🙂


you = your 🙂


I hope Simon and his family are doing well! Randeep, thanks for filling in!!!

A no no moose

Greetings Randeep. Hope all is well with Simon…
Personally I require a lot of pictures of Michelle in various stages of nudity. Yea and uhhhh Simon didnt have a problem with that…heh heh. Go figure.


That is very funny.. I know Simon was a big Michelle fan! I was to, I’ll dig through all his archived pictures (holy smokes there is a lot) and I’ll try and find some of the best from the season and i’ll make a post about it.

A no no moose

You’re like the substitue teacher Randeep but you saw through my weak con job. At the same time, appreciate whatever you can do…

Jordan All-time BB Fan

Randeep, do you know if Simon will be back before finale night to upadate us?


He should be back on Tuesday, i’ll know more tonight if not i’m here.. Simon told me he will be checking his emails on and off while away so if you have any questions that cannot wait just email him.


Please send Simon our sincere best wishes for him and his family!!!!!


Welcome, Randeep! Thank you for the update! I hope Simon and his family are ok, my prayers are with him.


Is it True that Production told Jordan that they did see that Natalie cheated during the HOH com but that it did not matter because she fell off? Why does production allow this stuff?


What Pigpen said to Jordan is that they caught her cheating by helping Kevin during an earler comp but since they lost anyway they didn’t take any action.,


Do you have more info? What competition? When? How did she help Kevin?


It was a competition when they were gathering fruit or something – anyway she told Kevin this morning that the DR called her out on it for cheating by helping Kevin in some way but since they lost they let it go.


Do not know Simon personally but hope turns out well with him and his family and Kudos to him and now you for this site!!!


When Michele and Jordon were assisting Biznatch with her ?Aunt Flow? problem they should have also gave her instructions on how to use a vibrator. Apparently last night, when Biznatch uses the one her ?fiance?? gave her as an ?engagemen?t? gift, she accidentally chipped her two front teeth. Now Kevin has spent the whole morning calling her ?Snaggletooth!?

i miss jeff

Umm how do you chip you tooth with a battery boyfriend??’


i miss jeff, do you believe I could tell you?


Thank you BBGrandma!!!!

I never wrote anything about a “battery boyfriend”!!!!!! – doesn’t make sense and its not funny.


jamieboy, you are welcome. I am here for ya!

disgusted by nasty

Welcome Randeep! Thank you for filling in for Simon while he is away. I hope everything is okay with him and his family, my thoughts and prayers are with him.


So what was the massive excitment??


do you understand sarcasm??


No need to be a bitch


Chima needs a picture!

Lennon's Ghost

No. She doesn’t deserve one.
Just her fugly face with FIRED suffices.

Totally Disgusted!

Hi Randeep…this is kinda like having a substitute teacher…hope everyone behaves for you!
Prayers for Simon and family…



Jeff*fan always :)

Vote for JORDAN! the other 2 dont deserve it! they floated their way to the end! kevin got hoh at final 5 but it was random that nat. got hoh so no she does not deserve it. and i wish the 3 best didnt go home. russel, jeff, michelle. now i want jordan to win cuz she has done more than them two combined!



Nat’s HOH win on week one + Kevin POV on Chima’s week + Kevin’s HOH + Nat’s HOH + Kevin’s POV on Nat’s week = 5
Jordan got HOH because Jeff gave it to her + Jordan’s POV on her week = 2


pamela j

Hope everything is OK with Simon’s family. One thing for sure… I can’t wait till BB is OVER! I’m tired of it. Thanks Randeep.


If Kevin and Nat openly say they cheated in a comp why do they not get disqualified?


Maybe they will get penalty points with the end of voting.

Welcome Randeep!!! Hope everything goes well for Simon. Keep us posted we are all thinking about him. Thanks


Hi Randeep. I am sure you will do a great job while Simon is away.


Watching Natalie and Kevin is painful experience. I’d rather see Big Brother flush the money down the toilet than give it to THEM. They’ll only waste it on something vindictive. That’s the kind of people they are and will always be. Hateful is one thing. Dumb and hateful is another.


Hey Randeep!!! Nice to have you around!!! All my best to Simon and his family.


Randeep, nice to meet you. Have fun with all this. Tell Simon I miss him and hope all will go well with what has called him away. I am sure he can count on you to hold down the fort and glad he has you to do it.


Randeep, thanks for filling in. My prayers are with Simon and his family. Hope all is well.


Ok I’ve said it before and I will say it again…you PP supporters scare the living day lights out of me doesn’t anyone out there know the defining characteristics of a sociopath????
Glibness/Superficial Charm
Manipulative and Conning
Grandiose Sense of Self
Pathological Lying
Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
Shallow Emotions
Incapacity for Love
Need for Stimulation
Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
Conventional appearance
Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
Incapable of real human attachment to another
Unable to feel remorse or guilt
Narcissism, grandiosity (self-importance not based on achievments)
May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

Uh hello 95% of these if not ALL of them apply to PP. If she was promised a million dollars and “all” she would have to do is Kill her fiance then I truly believe she would set a booby trap to make it look like an accident but that poor guy would be dead.

canadian fan

Are you obsessive compulsive, jesus these characteristics are starting to get on everyones nerves, or mine anyway. If she is such a sociopath, isn’t that something that needs to be treated. Nobody in the house seemed to notice so i’m sure she wouldnt realize this herself. Mail her a few of your prozac and everything should work out.


Hey, Canadian Fan, where have you been!?! Glad to hear you. Isn’t it compulsive that this keeps getting put on here twice a day? I think I have got it now. The straight jacket maybe a prize!

canadian fan

Hey Grandma, been getting wood in for our long winter that is closing in on us. I dont know how many therapists are on here but Dr. Phil better look out. Jeez, I’m trying to be nice but I’m starting to get a twitch in my eye when I read some of the foolish comments on here. I don’t think making a comparison between a big mouth self centered girl, who is trying to win 500 grand and the Ted Bundy’s of the world is really fair. I think a few in that house had some of these traits at some point in the game and Evil Dick had them all.


Canadian fan, it does get cold up there in the north! I think I have counted that on here twice today alone. Natalie is not liked, I think we have gotten that. Ted Bundy, she is not. Childish, yes, liar, yes, cheater, at pool yes, nose picker, yes but not alone at that, didn’t take a shower, yes but not alone at that either, and etc, etc. I have been looking for you to help with the attacks on my comments. (Rockstar has helped) I am not for any of the three. Don’t like to belittle posters. But, I have some opinions on the HGs. I don’t force them, just state them. You, too. I think you are for Kevin, right?

canadian fan

I have to say Kevin out of the three, just because Jordan hasn’t done enough in my opinion to earn that much money. Its not that I don’t think she could use the money but Kevin also stated that he is struggling to pay his bills too. I won’t lie and say I like Nat but I don’t think anyone should have this game follow them out of the house like some are saying it will. People don’t like her and don’t want her to win, fine, but stop with her life outside the house, thats her business and the game will be over then. I was a Casey fan first, then Russ, then Michelle and now Kevin, but only because of the numbers now. I didn’t hate Jeff until he went on that power trip and I still don’t hate Jordan, I just don’t think she should win, If she does though, Good for her.


Hey Canadian Fan and BB Grandma! I enjoy everyones comments and appreciate your opinions. However I believe it to be true of Natalie that she will do ANYTHING to ANYONE without concern for anyone in her surroundings if it betters her and I truly believe she would be this way in real life. The fact that she wanted to “r***” the Hawaii trip from Jeff is what made me have a real doubt into her mental stability. Prior to that I thought perhaps it was just really good game play after that I realized that the opinons of her were actually dead on.

In addition Canadian Fan I don’t believe she is Ted Bundy but I do believe that she has the same mental stability of a black widow killer!

I am allowed to have an opinion and if other people have the same opinion that it is annoying you sooooo much then don’t read the comments on Natalie.

canadian fan

Its not that I dont respect your opinions but you not only make an assumption that Nat is a sociopath but your also putting anyone who is cheering for her on your, “scarey list”. Im not a fan of her but I don’t really think anyone who is, should be labeled anything but a fan with a different choice. Some people like the bad guy and that doesnt make them unstable. As for the trip she was going to r***, she didn’t, it was more of her trash talk. She may be crazy as a bag of hammers, but I don’t think anyone can make that call from watching someone in that environment. I really thought Russ was a nut but he didn’t seem crazy when he left or when they showed him in the jury house. Im not saying that your not entitled to your opinion but thats a big assumption to make. I would call her a spoiled brat who is use to having her own way for sure. I don’t read all the Nat posts because they tend to be the same thing over and over but don’t worry about what I read and if your gonna post, learn to suck it up, you can’t expect that everyone is going to agree with you. I take lots of flack and it is what it is.


Jeannine, I am not for any of the 3 left. No favorite. I just don’t…………oh hell, just ditto Canadian Fan.


If someone is picking on you Grandma let me know. Yell. I’ve been editing all day and my eyes are blurry. I’m only checking for my name in the side bar every now and then. I have to get this darn stuff done and I’m not even half way through because I’m much to nosey and keep checking in on what is happening. I’ll be happy Tuesday night when all this is over with and I’m not in such a panic over Kevin betraying Natalie. So once again, type Rockstar if you need me. ps/ right now, it’s 3:51 am just so you know. I should be in bed but I work better at night when it’s quiet and not so many things to distract me although I am distracted because I’m here posting away. haha

A no no moose

This stuff again… give it a break why dont you?? I am curious if anyone actually reads each and every line…


A no no moose, I think I read it once. Interesting but I got the point now. You, too?

A no no moose

I’m sure its a repeat. Besides anything past 5 lines and I get A.D.D. I start to wonder what the person who spends so much time writing their manifesto looks like. Then I think maybe I should lighten up maybe they’re bedridden… You do it right BBG, a lot of statements instead of the Gettysburgh address type of comments….I read that you were stuck to the bed. Good luck with that.
Then I make myself some toast. The mrs bought some cinniman-raison English Muffins…pretty tastey.


Well, I have to say that Jordon is getting a nice tan!


BBgrandma I really enjoy reading your comments you always make smile. Thanks


Tb1974, thank you. I hope I can make you smile. But watching Jordon tan is like watching paint dry. Don’t you think?

Gunsmoke Guy

Seems you are on this site a lot commenting, just curious about people online. I check in every few days and then I have to work or do the honey-do’s for the missus. Becuz the BB house is boring, I get more exitement from you guys, just curious how many other old guys there are.


Gunsmoke Guy, Matt Dillion, I am on here alot. I am dealing with a condition that has confined me to my bed for awhile. The enjoyment I have found in watching a reality show with a bunch of people on a website is bringing me pleasure during an unpleasant time in my life. To some I get annoying. But, I welcome you, old guy!


Rockstar really likes Grandma in a non gay way. haha Seriously.


Rockstar, what would I do without ya!

Gunsmoke Guy

Well then maybe there are a few of us past retirement years who remember the old days and feel we have something we can still contribute. Sorry you are laid up, hope it’s a simple recovery and that you’ll be walking again soon. The wife had hip surgery and boy did I get busy learning how to do all the things I took for granted. The grandkids watched this and got me hooked. Too much “nothin” but it is interesting how they talk. You take care now. (The kids gave me my nickname because that’s been my show.)

A no no moose

Gunsmoke Guy… my dad was a rancher from Arizona and hated tv cowboys… Called them all dudes as in fake cowboys and not the way ‘dude’ is currently used, as tho it were a complete sentence. He hated life in the city but had to leave Ariz to find work.
I’m an old dude….er guy myself but not ready for retirement. Also my wife had hip replacement surgery as well but this a modern household, I cook, do household stuff and fix what everyone breaks…not her hip tho, I let the doc take care of that. Guess that makes me the man & the woman.
Well, UCLA won today so I’m going to celebrate with a cigar… I shall return.


My Daddy had a Commercial Feedlot and we raised Quarter Horses. I can tell you all about “butt in the saddle from sun up to sun down”! Farmed 5000 acres. My husband grew up on a 40,000 acre ranch! He gave up the horse and went with a dirt bike.


Yes it has been boring the last few days. You remind me of a lady I met years ago playing yahoo spades. She sent some of the best dirty jokes!!!!!!!!!!!! for a older lady. (Ok I’m, not to far behind her in years. Was that you? haha!!!


tb1974, nope that was not me. But, I do have some good dirty jokes! I had a great childhood and a really good single life after a divorce. Boy, could I tell you stories. I’d make those kids on BB blush. Remarried for 26 years. Saw the Beatles in 1964! Missed Woodstock. I really enjoy you kids on here.


Her tan looks nice but she has to work on the other side as well. Roll over JORDAN!!


You know, I was just thinking that. Roll, baby, roll!

BB Fan!

I would love to see BB houseguests on Survivor….and Survivor castaways on BB. I’d be amused.


i agree to that i would love to see chicken george and evil dick and dr will on the island. rob and amber and rudy , taj, tina, kelly, sue, james all in the house that would be real fun to watch if sue goes off like chima and ends up calling eveyone a snake that eats the rat.


rupert should be in the house on the island hardy, bunky,danielle, gerry, amy, jun, jee, the twins adria, natalie, howie, chiara, marcellas, kevin, jack and some of the other ones in the house keith, lex, paschal, jenna, janet,daniel, butch, mia, lillan, kathy, scout




Randeep– thanks for your help with keeping all of us updated! I hope Simon and his family are all okay!!! Now how about we all welcome Randeep with some interesting reading!!!

Nice try, Jamieboy, but you know Gnastalie’s bf can’t afford an engagement gift! You know she found one of Michelle’s old ones under the bed in the ss room– batteries were dead and Gnat was trying to jump start it with her fangs, but her foaming at the mouth made it too slippery! She was literally snarling in the corner at the thing!!!;)


**UPDATE** Someone rolled over in the house…..

cauliflower ear

Hey everyone Russell here just want to let everyone know how it’s going in the jury house… As we all know I am the king of the house Jesse is the Queen, Lydia is the court jester, and Jeff is the wizard, and Michelle is the Mad scientist…. so much fun …


Thank you for stepping in, Randeep. Sorry you have to watch nothing of interest going on but we appreciate your monitoring the feeds in case something does happen! Is the horse in the picture gallery supposed to be Jesse? Shouldn’t it be a horse’s ass?


Nope, it’s correct being the Summer’s Eve. For being the douche that he is.


the horse teeth are Laura; Jesse’s the douche!

hot chick

Tell Simon I am praying for him and hoping things get better for him. He sure does an awesome job here. Also Welcome to you. Tell simon I send hugs


hope all is well with simon and his family . Randeep welcome . I’m sure you will do the same great job as simon. Hope they keep the both of you. I wish the rat was back up (ronnie) chima should bea stick tnt or a bomb with a lite fuse or a bomb blowning up.

Karen S

Welcome Randeep! Thank you for letting us know.
Please give Simon our best wishes, we’re all thinking of him.



welcome Randeep thanks for helping tell Simon that we wish him the best and thanks for all the up dates WTG and God Bless


Thanks for taking the reins, Randeep. As you can see from the posts, there is no telling where we’d end up w/o a designated driver! BTW, any family emergency is scary, so I want to echo the positive thoughts and prayers put out there for Simon. Sure puts this BS into perspective…now back to the diversion at hand…Snaggletooth!? Really?


Hi Randeep, Give simon my prayers to him. I know it’s really important for famil emergency. Just tell Simon and his family to hang in there.


Hey Randeep, Thanks for keeping us updated. Tell Simon that my prayers go out to him while he is dealing with this emergency. Thanks.

Also I have a suggestion for Chima’s picture. Put a little 3 year old that is in timeout and is crying.


Welcome on board Randeeep. Hope you have as much fun as we are enjoying the spoilers.
Prayers and best wishes to Simon for a job well done.


Wow, sending hugs and prayers from Canada for Simon and his family…may all be well with them!! Thanks for the update, welcome!

pamela j



My thoughts exactly. It is nice. I will add my well wishes to Simon as well, and a welcome to Randeep. After reading the comments for most of the summer I was concerned that some of the people commenting were petty, stubborn, or just plain mean. It was good, for once, to see comments that were of the same mind, Simon, when you read this, just know that your unfortunate family emergency has united all your posters! It just goes to show that there is good in everyone! People, keep up the well wishes!


I hope things work out and Simon is back soon. That’s kinda cool that in an emergency he still thinks of updating us.


hey randeep…..who do you want to win at this point??


Kevin is my fav to win but I don’t mind Jordan.


I like ur name, RANDEEP! tell Simon, I am praying for his family also…

Pamela, I believe in the power of prayer.. so I am praying that Natalie will not win BB11. hehehe


seeing Jordan laying there in the sun, how the world can anyone call her fat???? Puh-lease! I wish I looked like that! And I can relate to eating when I am under emotional stress but usually goes away again quick once things get back to normal. GO JORDAN!!


Its because of peoples fat comments at people who arent even fat that gives all us girls issues!! Please stop and love us anyway :0) If you can handle us that is


Hi Randeep! Hope and Pray all is well for Simon.

I see Kevin has finally decided to bathe after 3 days. Why is Jordan the only one cleaning? The other two are so lazy.


What is with Kev and Nat and not bathing everyday, that is disgusting. I sometimes shower twice a day especially in the summer but when you live in the subtropics this is why. Jordan is always cleaning up due to the fact that Kev and Nat have never cleaned up the kitchen or anywhere else in the house or outside. I wish Jordan would say something to them like it’s your turn to clean up the kitchen, etc and clean up your mess, you cook, you make the mess, you clean it up!! GO JORDON!!!!


Does everyone believe Kevin when he says he is taking Jordan? I think he is lying because he thinks America likes her better and will vote for him if he says he is taking her.


I don’t believe one work that Kev or Nat says because they are both liars and just rude and crude and their attitudes stink!!!


Oops – that is supposed to be WORD not work, sorry.


I think Kevin has made alot of comments lately just because “America is listening”. All the comments he has made about production trying to get him to not nominate Jeff, etc. What gave it away is that production wouldn’t have been shocked, they see everything we see and could see it was coming. I think Kevin is getting so used to lying these days, he thinks he can maneuver America’s votes by saying things to get us pissed at BB. I’m not saying BB hasn’t staged some things, like the other night which totally sucked…… But I don’t believe for one minute Kevin has been telling the truth about things production has said re: the players in the game.


i believe he is lying. I really think he will take pp. I hope Jordan wins the 3rd comp and takes Kevin.


I was wondering what happened. I was reading the posts every day and he did such a thorough job then all of a sudden nothing was posted. I appreciate all of his hard work and please let him know we all wish him well. Thank you Randeep for stepping in.


Hey Randeeep, thanks for keeping us updated during the final days of BB this summer Hope all is well with Simon and family, he will be in my prayers.
Go Jordan!!




Jordan look out!!! Natalie is coming towards you with a backhoe!!!!!


ok dumb question.. who is the summers eve pic for?

another fan

Jessie the Douche

Lennon's Ghost

The Summer’s Eve is for Jesse because he is/was such a douchebag.


JESSE the big douche




That is a no brainer