Spoilers – Waiting Around For Alcohol and We find out Exactly What Andrew Did To Annie

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:10pm Hot Tub Hayden, Brit, Monet, Kristen and Rachel chatting about winter sports and blizards.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm dinner table Britney, Brendon, Matt, Lane sitting around bored as fuck. The guys are waiting for alcohol and munching on some snacks. Britney tells them theres nothing to do in the house but get fat. She keeps asking were Enzo is… is he in HOH.. who is he with.. is he in the bathroom is Annie in HOH with Enzo.. etc etc. she tells them whoever is left with Enzo will go crazy. She “jokes” that they should get rid of him before it gets to that point.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:40pm Bathroom Monet and Kathy. Chatting about not eating gunk food and gaining weight. Kathy is saving her legs and Monet is checking out her butt in the mirror.

What did Andrew do to Annie?

Shout out to oddandstupid for providing this clip


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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i heard she wasnt wearing pants is that true


His hands are in check she had pants on and they didnt touch


She’s a biitch!


This happened just as they went live on Showtime. Totally blown out of proportion. Although Andrew is a bit “wierd” he did nothing wrong and Annie is just being a beeaach. She is already becoming this season’s most hated.


I agree Eric. If any other male HG did that Annie would not have given it a second thought. Andrew is socially awkward, but totally harmless. Other than that this cast is BORING! I wish they had waited to introduce a saboteur. Let everyone get a little “cozy” & then shake it up.


B-o-r-i-n-g. Yikes. I was looking forward to having a fun group of whiners , connivers and back-dooring fools to watch and mock. But instead we get this bunch .
No 24/7 for me. I’m disappointed.

The play by play commentary is very well done here. On other sites the use of proper English is
optional. I get the feeling some are personality challenged as well.