SPOILERS Emmett “Talla is a useless t!t in this house.. When she sees me she sees RED”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


8:46pm Hot Tub Emmett and Andrew
Andrew understands it really doesn’t matter who goes up on the block because he thinks as long as peter doesn’t win POV he’ll go home either way. Andrew hints that Talla and Andrew will be going into the next HOH after a week of slop whereas peter is rested.

Andrew: “Me after a week of slop you can beat me anytime.. or Peter who’s won 2 vetos in a row”

Andrew: ‘Man i want you to know how close I came to going home.. you said You had Peter wrapped up”
Emmett: ‘I did”
Andrew: “I’m a bit cranky cause i’m on slop.. but people lie in this game”
Emmett explains why he didn’t put Peter up during the double eviction. Andrew understands but wants emmert to know he put him in danger. Emmett was confident that Peter was going to do what he said.
Andrew: “You’re fired up I can tell.. I’m fired up to”
Emmett: “No i’m not .. i could be eating grapes”
Andrew: “Can I Get some for you sire”

They start talking about the Have nots comp they just played.
Andrew: “I have no way of beating you in that thing.. “
Emmett: “In all honesty it looked like you hadn’t even started”
They start talking about Talla, Andrew plays down his relationship with her and emmett freely speak about his dislike for her.
Emmett: “After that move last night we’re not together anymore.. Jillian told me that Talla had a good social game.. WHY.. talla is a useless tit in this house.. she can’t do anything”
(Talla got pissed off about being put up during the double eviction)

Andrew is surprised they gave away the 10 grand so early, “I guess they wanted to make sure they gave as many players a chance to get it”
Emmett: “Suzette was even here.. she was the next one to go.. so there was 10 people here than”
Andrew: “It’s funny how poor Talla does with instructions..” Emmett: “She is a personal threat of mine.. she looks at me and she see red”
Andrew: “I wish I had AJ over Talla.. the thing is AJ would be all over Alec and Peter”
Emmett: “No he really liked Topaz”
Andrew: “I guess they have something to watch now.. you guys have this luxury sh!t is that every day?
Emmett: “Ya”
Andrew: “F/***ing hell I can’t believe there is only 19 days left.. Who would you prefer to be put up”
Emmett: “Doesn’t matter to me.. Talla is already pissed off”
Andrew: “I’m worried about a twist”

Peter joins them.. Chit chat

eventually Andrew leaves and Jillian joins them.. just chit chat..


While the Bros are in the hot tub Jillian and Talla do a bit of game talk in the HOH.. They go over final 2 votes and who in the jury will vote for who is left in the house.
Talla tells her that Jillian is her number one person to take. Jillian adds that Emmett and Talla are her number one’s. Talla really plays up his inability to win competitions. They agree that the guys will each take the 2 girls to the final 3.
Talla: “You are my friend.. but lets see if I can win a HOH”
Talla points out that they have to look at who has the least blood on their hands. Jillian: “Who has the least enemies in the Jury”

They go through what Jury member would vote for which guy (Emmett and Andrew)
Aj goes to Andrew
Gary goes to Emmett
Topaz goes to Emmett “She hated Andrew”
Alec goes to Andrew
Peter goes to Emmett

The girls agree the boys are both equal in final 2 votes.

Jillian claims she’s the most disliked.. Talla disagrees.
Jillian starts planting the seed about putting Andrew and Talla up. Talla says that she’s worried Andrew will turn on her. Jillian assure her that they have a “Girl Thing” she’ll warn her if she’s going up.

Talla and Andrew. They both want to go to bed early..

Standard Stooges banter. if you are a stooge you’ll like this video.

(Video uploading)


10:00pm HOH Andrew and Emmett

just for a minute Andrew asks Emmett if Peter said anything in the HOH after he left.
Emmett: “No”
Andrew: “Really!”
Emmett: “No.. why are you so worried.. he never said a thing.. Why are you so worried”

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Can’t wait until they find out Gary is coming back!!


Gary isn’t a guarantee


Emmett is getting really super defensive with Andrew and Andrew is going to sense that he is in danger…..I hope Peter joins Andrew and realizes that they can take Emmett out potentially…..Oh please let this happen….That would be so awesome!! 🙂


Talla and Peter are going on the block, let Andrew win veto and pull Peter so Emm goes on the block.

Won’t happen but I can dream.


Gary coming back would be bad for andrew and talla but good for emmitt because gary would probably aline with him.


the way emmett talks about talla really bugs me…i get shes annoying at times…SHE gets shes annoying at times…but hes so mean about her….need to stop watching feeds….BUSY


hes actually an ass about everyone!!! ugh hes so annoying jillian needs to get him out as much as she doesnt want to…she should…

golden girl

love it… PASS


If I was Peter I would hide Jills contacts, she can’t see shit


Are we sure its Gary? Either way I’m happy. And I’m so glad for a shake up. Finally!!! They are playing a safe boring game and its driving me nuts. Bbcan keeps doing dumb things and tasks to fill air time and minus the tom prank its unbearable.

I hope Talla and Andrew go up with Talla going. I don’t know what game she’s in. But she hasn’t done a thing in the game and coming close isnt helping herself or her alliance,nice try though. Floaters get to the end by jumping from power to power and don’t always leave. But don’t deserve a seat in the finals period. How can you get any amount of money for floating? Yes its a game and its a strategy to float in a way but utterly ridiculous as others are doing the work and you are theyes man

Bye Talla


I understand your view on floaters, but really, everyone there would win against Talla. Everyone.


Emm and Jill just confirmed the plan is to back door Andrew. Emmett’s reasoning is he is good at comps and is not trust worthy because of his paranoia.


Just curious, why is everyone seeming so certain Gary is going to be the returning evicted houseguest? Amandaa ^ seems pretty sure, as did others commenting on earlier posts. I don’t disagree, and I saw he’s got a considerable lead on the poll here…is that the reason for the certainty, or did I miss something?


Jemmett is worried that if they get Andrew out, Talla and Peter will band together. They are so delusional they think Andrew wouldn’t band with Talla and put them up as well. Not to mention Peter is so terribly overrated – he wouldn’t come close to winning a physical or endurance in the final HOH, and his mental game is mediocre at best. Either Jillian or Emmett would wipe the floor with him in final two.

Doesn’t really matter because when Gary gets back it will be a whole new game. Is it actually permanent like a second chance, or just to stir stuff up for a day?


Wow. I haven’t been a fan of Jill for a while, but I at least still had respect for Emmett. Until today. I know its a game and lying is a part of it but is it really necessary to screw absolutely everyone along the way? Why are you suddenly throwing Andrew under the bus for Peter in the final 3? You can’t use the argument that Peter is easier to beat in competitions because Emmett beats Andrew everytime as well (and Jill for endurance). Why do they suddenly trust Peter anyways?

The flipside to that is, Peter stands no chance to make it to the final 2 with Jill/Emmett, he wont win the HOH either, so why is he trying to get with them? I understand they are in power this week, but he should be working Talla and Andrew as well in order to take out Jill/Emmett next week.


I also wanted to add, Gary coming back wont shake anything up. He would gun for Andrew, Talla, Peter in that order and not Jill or Emmett, meaning BBCAN should just write the two of them the cheque right now and save us the next two weeks of our lives.


i dont think thats true about f2….because peter has a way better memory than either e/j and could definitely do better at the mental comps….if there are 2 mental…which there usually (but not always) are….he could easily win final hoh


“they’re not going to put another twist, theres only 5 people left”….hahaha if only emmett knew!!!


I think they suddenly trust him because they think that he has proven it through not using the veto on Topaz and being okay with them when he and Alec were put up. Emmett and Jillian are going to burn a bunch of bridges by the time they’re done and if Peter happens to win final HOH (he has a good shot), he’ll have the least enemies, especially if it’s him and Jillian in the end. It’s a gamble, but he really has nothing to lose at this point since he’s working from the bottom.

Bill from Halifax

Jillian says to Peter she is going to put up Peter and Talla.
What happens if Andrew wins the POV and takes Talla off??????????

The only replacement is ==> Emmett
The only people who vote are Andrew and Talla.


I would LOVE to see this scenario happen!!! Pretty sure it wont though, if only they thought as strategically as you Bill!!


you need to remember e/j arent superfans and dont actually think of those scenarios because they havent seen enough big brother to understand the implication of their decisions….even though thats only a slight possibility it makes me happy to think its a possibility….if they talk to andrew about this stupid j throwing e under the bus that might be there potential demise if a DOES win pov he could band with talla or peter really to get emmett out…..they are too worried about peter losing trust they should be worried about andrew losing trust

Bill from Halifax

Part II is unfolding as I watch Emmett and Villian in the tub where Emmett is plotting his own suicide.

He wants Villian to go to Andrew and “test” his trust by planting the seed that Villian is unsure whether to take Emmett to the final 3. Emmett “*thinks* this will test Andrews reaction but I think Andrew will take it as Jillian’s request for Andrew to get rid of Emmett for her. So in my above scenario where Jillian puts Peter and Talla on the block and Andrew does win POV, Andrew will see this as the way to get rid of Emmett and get in Jillian’s good graces, so he will take Talla off the block, Jillian will have to put up Emmett and then Andrew and Talla will vote out Emmett.

Oh poor Emmett. I used to be his biggest fan, but he’s not thinking straight any more.

Bill from Halifax

Part III: thank god Peter figured it out and tells Emmett that putting Peter and Talla on the block runs the risk of Emmett and Peter ending up on the block. He tells Emmett that Jillian must put up Andrew and Talla

Thanks Peter for saving Emmett from himself, and if Emmett has brains he will thank Peter by taking him to the final 3. BUT WAiT: Alec is coming back to the house so Peter doesn’t really need Emmett anymore


Emmett made a comment to Tom back at the beginning that a girlfriend broke up with him because he was “heartless”. On another occassion, Jillian made a comment about Emmett being angry and he said, “you have never seen me angry”. Then after watching the shows this week and seeing his reaction to not being picked for the veto, the red flags are going off right, left and center. It appears Emmett has a bit of an anger problem and it would be in Jill’s best interest to back door him but she won’t. I am so disappointed in her. I had high hopes for her but she is just Emmett’s puppet. I wish she would remember that this is Big Brother and not The Bachelor. Also, I find it very inappropriate and degrading for Emmett to be grabbing Jill’s boobs all the time. Does this woman have any self respect? I could see this all being a game play but I don’t get the impression that she is that smart. It must be difficult for her family to watch this.


For the last couple of weeks now, I have been hoping she has been doing an Academy Award worthy performance and not turning away Emmett – YET – but she knows if she did it now – he would come guns a-blazin’, chaps on, full on vengeance especially because it’s a ‘girl’. This is what I’m HOPING she’s doing. I agree about the grabbing and poking and prodding (cows being his ‘thing’) but maybe she senses if she says no he’ll sense her distrust? I don’t know. I want her to drop him and go to final 2 with Andrew.


I agree. I wonder what the parents of her students think.


I agree with you .
Although i love the way Emmett looks , his real personality seems to be coming to surface and it’s unattractive. I really didn’t like the way he was talking to / touching Villian when they were in the storage room and he was telling her to stop cleaning after herself or he would get pissed.
Villian would never put him up though, she seems like one of those females that will stay by her “boyfriend” no matter what lol.


i can’t even watch the show anymore because of how boring it is. Glitter better come back because this used to be my favorite show now its absolute shit.


Yes I’m 100% sure that Gary is returning to the house.


or I should say I know for a fact Gary will be returning.


How do you know Amanda


How do you know Amanda


I would rather Talla ,or anyone else win over Jillian and Emmette.


The BBCan is just so messed up now. I keep thinking that whoever comes back will be there to help Peter win. Maybe he’s the product of someone love offspring.. I have completely lost my confidence in the integrity of the shows ability to be fair to all the HG,, The participants may think they are playing a game. But this shows prodction are the people who are playing games..I hope Talla wins.. Then when production hands her the cheque feeling cheater they will know how their viewing public feels watching their show.

golden girl

loove the stooges banter! always funny, could listen to them rambling on for hours. thanks for putting up footage of them!! hard to find anywhere else.



So the level of paranoia, lying & plotting is at an all time high in the BB house:

* Andrew on slop for the 1st time & with a real threat of either being nominated or leaving the house is acting the most paranoid I’ve ever seen from him

* Talla in response to either being nominated last night OR perhaps with the assistance of the DR’s questions is close to spontaneous combustion. She floats between rages, rants, idiocy, begging, laughing & complaining. If she keeps this up Emmett will just evict her to get rid of her.

*Jillian is acting a little odd & dropping hints now that she recognizes keeping both Andrew & Emmett would not serve her well in the end. I think in her case either she is a much savvier strategist then previously recognized OR once again questions from the DR are leading her thoughts in a new direction.

*Emmett has returned to the confident Alpha male from the start of the game & appears to be very confident he is in the best situation given 3 out of the 4 remaining house guests would likely take him to F2 (except Talla). A sign of him feeling this safety is today was the first time since the very start of the game I’ve heard him refer to “other” women once he gets out of the house which he did both with Andrew (lots of girls to pick up at the gym) && in his dinner conversation with Peter. Perhaps word of caution for him though b/c when you start thinking you’ve already won the game it’s precisely when the rug gets pulled from underneath you; how quickly he forgets Tom & Alec.

* Peter definitely conducts himself from the steadiest level specifically in the house (not in the DR) in terms of how he approaches everyone. From my perspective he is the one person who actually seems to be the calmest under pressure. As much as I was astonished at what I deemed a bone head move last night perhaps there was more details we weren’t aware of which dictated his comfort level with Emmett. Now I’m thinking as long as Andrew doesn’t win POV Peter may in fact be in the best position in the house especially if he stays on Thursday & Alec is the one who returns this week. The jury won’t want to reward Alec for getting a second chance so it actually would make Peter even likelier to win should he reach F2. I’ve been wrong regarding Peter before but I’m pretty confident he still knows a POV win is all that ensures his safety this week so I fully expect he’ll go hard to capture his 3rd consecutive.

Finally this have/have not twist is really interesting especially since it isolates Peter & Emmett together all week to talk while they reap the rewards of their dinners. Not sure why Jill wasn’t with them for dinner but that time alone set the table (no pun intended) for Peter to gun for Andrew’s removal this week.


Just when I give Peter a hard time for what I deemed a stupid move last night he does a bunch of things that show me he actually is a BB Strategist:

* He drops the bomb to Emmett that Andrew will beat ANYONE in F2

* He highlights how paranoid Andrew is being which sets Emmett on a terror thinking Andrew can’t be trusted

*He points out how easily Andrew can win physical, mental or endurance & how close he is to Jill/Talla so keeping Talla would make it easier to reach F3

* He points out that putting himself & Talla on the block leaves the door open for Emmett & him to go up beside each other which once again plants the seed Andrew can’t be trusted and in what I believe is truly a BB brilliant move allows Peter to determine exactly where he stands with Jemmett. If they still put Peter up then he knows for sure Andrew definitely is favored over Peter for F3.

Personally if I was Jill I’d put up Peter & Andrew b/c I’d trust Talla wouldn’t win or would throw it since she’ll feel safe & it would remove the possibility of a back door of Emmett.

Either way Jill’s nominations will speak volumes & definitely will spark more paranoia moving forward.

As for comments Gary is guaranteed to come back I hope people aren’t basing it on polls b/c Production will bring back who they want. Personally I’d love to see Topaz b/c the twist by production aimed at her was really low but I imagine it will either be Alec or Gary.

To that end, people thinking Gary will just go do what Jemmett want forget he was the one who nominated Tom & Liza & then took out Tom (first BIG move of the game).

He is super close to Topaz so Gary will have NO problem going after Jill for what she did to Topaz; ditto for Peter not using POV on Topaz or Emmett for lying to his face telling him repeatedly he was safe. In fact Gary has an axe to grind with the entire Beast Coast personally. Talla is about the ONLY person he would be ok with.

It’s this simple; If BBCan wants a Shield vs Milkmance F4 then Alec is coming back & if they want blood splatter then Glitter is coming back.


i personally would like to see it thrown for a loop and have gary return to be the deciding vote! wouldnt that be a hoot and hopefully help screw up e/j game by not being able to break a tie!!!