**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade getting worried Enzo: “If they don’t put Kristen up I’m out for Blood”

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3:30pm Cabana Room Hayden and Enzo Yo Enzo and Hayden are starting to get a bit worried that Kristen has been upstairs talking to rachel for a long time. Enzo says they need to talk during the the movie and figure out what their strategy is. Hayden tells him he’s already planted the seed with Kristen telling her that she’ll be going home if she doesn’t win POV. Enzo starts freaking out they’ve been up there for a fucking hour yo we need matty to go break it up yo. Hayden says he’s not worried about kristen she a solid chick. Lane walks in and Enzo tells him Kristen’s probably throwing them all under the bus yo. Hayden tells them he’s not worried that she’ll throw Lane and Enzo under the bus. He thinks if Kristen win POV she will put up Matty. Enzo starting to get really pissed at the idea that maybe Kristen isn’t going up. He tells them that he’ll be going for blood yo, he’ll tell them if they don’t put Kristen up i’m going for them next week yo. They start talking about the coup de’tet Hayden had asked the DR for it. Enzo and lane don’t think they will get that this year, “This year is too exciting as it is”. enzo: “ragan is playing the best game of us all he’s all over the place he’s playing both sides yo” Lane mentions that he won’t last long the way he’s playing. Brit comes in.. enzo asks her why is kristen up there for so long.. Brit doesn’t know.

Lane says that Matt is the only one that hasn’t talked to the red witch. Enzo “fucking matty yo if i was him i would of gone up there and broken them up’ (Kristen and Rachel conversation) .. Brit mentions that nominations must be soon at least by 5.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:01pm cabana room Everyone but Matt whose in the the DR, Rachel and Kristen who are upstairs chatting. The cabana room crew is just chit chatting


3-4pm HOH to summarize this painful conversation. Kristen told her that if she kept her then she will help rachel out next week and won’t put her up. Rachel is worried that Kristen is coming after her, Kristen says she only was going after Rachel because she thought they were coming after her after Andrews couple comment. Rachel now admits that she did make the face in the cabana room and she says she’s not going to lie to Kristen but she’s been talking smack about her to certain people in the house…. after a hour of them going back and forth kristen leaves.


4:08pm HOH Matt, Brendon and Rachel They tell matt he’s not going up this week. Rachel says she totally respects him and all that he’s done for them. Rachel tells them that kristen’s been up here for a hour feeding me bullshit. She asks Matt if Kristen has ever told him that she is going to put up Rachel and BRendon. They ask MAtt whats his strategy for next week. He says well the plan is to take out the floaters then go after the competitors. Matt says that Hayden and Lane are very tough competitors so he doesn’t know what will happen. He asks them who they are going to put up. Matt says the truth is if kristen leaves this week I’m going to rank you and Hayden as the top competitors in this house you guys are fucking beasts you’re winning most of the competitions. Matt says he’s not making any deals this weak but he’s thinking logically whereas everyone else is working emotionally. Brendon says the only reason why they are wining everything is becuase they have to there backs are against the wall. Matt tells them he thinks Andrew really screwed them because once he started running around going loony toons . Matt tells them if they want to go after the floater they should go after someone else.. He won’t tell them her name.. Brendon and rachel guess it’s kathy. Matt says if you guys are going after the biggest floater then it’s kathy if you want to go after a player with floater like properties then go after Kristen. If you want to go after Kristen then put her up against hayden tell him he’s a pawn. Rachel starts hinting that she’s worried about Brit but she really like her and wants to keep her around. They are telling him they want to take him as far as they can (OMFG they just told him that)… Matt gets called into the DR. Brendon asks her whose going up She says Kristen and Hayden.. Rachel is worried that both hayden and Kristen have a good chance of winning POV… she leaves to go to DR.

5:40pm Trivia

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72 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade getting worried Enzo: “If they don’t put Kristen up I’m out for Blood”

  1. I hope Brit can see the writing on the wall sitting there with those guys. Andrew went last week because he lost his cool but they were originally going after Kathy. Girls! Wake up! Afraid the gals are on snooze.

  2. If rachel doesn’t put up kristen and hayden she is an idiot. If kristen wins pov, put matt up with hayden. That’s the best move. She has to be a fool to believe anything kristen say. Kathy is not harmful to any1. She might not every win a competition. putting kathy up is very stupid.

    1. Rachel is an idiot when it comes to “decision making” did you not see what happened her 1st HOH?? Hayden’s HOH was the only one utilized the best(getting out the saboteur) Rachel’s HOH was wasted and so was Matt’s

      1. That’s crazy. Haydon put Annie up because she was driving everyone nuts talking all the time. He had no idea she was the saboteur. Rachel’s strategy is kick off the girls who come between me and the camera. And Matt’s strategy is the best because he has no enemies in the house, which will only help him in future weeks.

    2. anybody in the house who make their decisions “emotionally” is a idiot…. the entire game noe 1 “strategic” decision came out of her mouth…. she should let brendon make her decisions he’s the only one THINKING with his BRAIN but she refuses to listen, ill bet money their luck will soon change if they keep making dumb decisions, get the STRONG PLAYERS out now and dominate the floaters, if they don;t do that then they won’t win

      1. I dont think she should believe anyone but brendon. There both nuts! As long as she don’t put up enzo, britt, or ragan. I like when hayden is nervous.He play both sides. Very dumb of those two to be chatting away in front of andrew. They didn’t think he was going to tell? #fail.But putting up kathy at all is dumb. The girl is no threat!

      2. Brendover was hardly thinking with his brain when he campaigned so hard for Andrew that Ragan had to tell him to stop. The guy is an idiot. Rachel is far smarter than he is when it comes to strategy, and that ain’t saying much.

  3. If Rachel doesn’t put up Kristen, then she deserves what she gets in this game, which is to go home next week. I know it’s hard bc they don’t see all we see and don’t know all the alliances and who isbeing honest when BUT these girls were all out fighting less than 24 hours ago. Rachel has good instincts in this game, but this first misstep will get her evicted. I also hope that she and Brendon dont really believe that just because people say they wont put them up means that it wont happen. Again, if they do, they deserve to go. To me it seems obvious that Rachel should put up Hayden and Kristen to ensure getting one of them out. Forget backdooring, it would be safest for her to get one out. Just curious about what people think Rachel will do…..and what she should do….

      1. yeah, i just read the last post where she tells Matt she is putting up Hayden and Kristen and didn’t buy what Kristen was saying. That sounds like what I would expect from Rachel, bc like her or not, she makes good choices strategywise. Even though Hayden is the pawn, if things get messed up and he winds up going home (which would not surprise me with the way this season is going) then that helps Rachel too. It’s a win win.

        1. You are so right! Rachael (and I don’t like her) knows exactly what she is doing at all times. She is a master at manipulation. She mastered manipulating men long ago would be my guess. Now us (the audience). She plays to the camera like a Pro. In fact, this really is “The Rachael Show”. It would not surprise me at all if Rachael got coaching in the DR to prepare her for the HoH competition last night. They probabley told her if she did happen to make it to the final two the last answer would be HOH. She almost pushed that button before the question was out. BB must get ratings or they are no longer in business. (and I can understand that) Having said all that I would like to see Kristen go this week. I don’t like the way Kristen is playing the game. Go Enzo and Brittany…..or somebody!!! What a roller coaster.

    1. Rachel has to nominate Kristin and Hayden. And if one of them wins POV she needs to put Matt up. Done deal. Anything else would be a waste.

          1. I don’t think it would be Matt unless he offered again which I don’t think he would. Matt had got Rachel snowed that he is with her and she said today she was going to keep him with her and Brendon.

    2. Putting up Hayden and Kristen seems to be the logical choice. She is gunning for Kristen this week and Hayden would be a vote for her to stay. Plus in case Hayden wins POV, he’ll have to use it to pull himself off and can’t save her. I doubt anyone else would use POV to save Kristen. Maybe Kathy, but that’s a longshot. If POV is used, I think the replacement nominee is someone weak like Kathy. You don’t want to have another strong player gunning for you next week if they survive the block.

  4. And there you have .. Kristen and Hayden. So if one of them wins and gets the POV and can only assume that Kathy is the replacement?

    1. It should be Brit shes a slacker and a major back stabber She talks bad about everyone to everyone so they should all figure out by now that shes a super major slacker

  5. Rachel should put up Hayden and Matt. Though she doesn’t know it, they’re in the Brigade together. However, she still has reason to put them up because she herself cited them as the 2 strongest players. Get out the strong players, not the players you have catty problems with. Sure, Kristen isn’t her friend, but she can get Kristen out later. If she’s smart, 1 of the 2 Brigade members will go home, and the Brigade will be torn over who to keep. Then everyone will be out for themselves and play their own game.

    1. Rachel DOES NOT want Kristen in the jury house. And if for some reason Kristen wins HOH next week, there is no saving her. I really think everyone else in the houseuld rather see Brendon go before Rachel EXCEPT Kristen. And you can’t be sure about getting people out later-not at this point in the game. Every move is crucial and you dont want to make obvious mistakes.

  6. Thats right Enzo take a stand, YO! He is secretly still pissed about them calling him stupid! I got a feeling he doesn’t like kristen………

  7. Are they kidding me?

    This was what they said:

    They start talking about the coup de’tet Hayden had asked the DR for it. Enzo and lane don’t think they will get that this year, “This year is too exciting as it is”.

    LMAO, exciting enough, OMG all they do is lay on the couch, the bed, the hammock, anywhere they can be horizontal. This group is defintely the most boring houseguests ever.

    Last year , on the verge of canceling Big Brother, CBS pulled off a ratings coop with all the action in the house.

    They actually are comparing them selves to that?

    If this keeps up, Big Brother will certainly get canceled, there will be no BB 13.

    The picture on this page is typical, all laying down again. You think this is bad, you should watch 3 hours live feed on BBAD and watch them lay down, lots of fun , NOT !!!

    1. I agree 100%…everyone talks hate about Rachel and Brendan and they are the only two playing the game…You are right about them laying around all day plotting how to get Rachel HOH and Brendan POV

    2. If I had everyone gunning for me since the minute I walked in…You bet your fat ass…I’d be a bully when I won HOH…the other eight players are candy ass chickens…all too scared to win any competitions except for luxury item and talk shit…it’s called get off the pot and do something…

      1. Brenchel Drone they weren’t being gunned for since the minute they walked in, it was after they got together and made it obvious that they were an alliance…. they have no reason to be bullies , their just evil people period

        1. Hayden was bullied by the Brigade to put Rachel and Brendan on the block…Matt…he is the most dumb genius I every saw…You don’t know how the other players would be because they don’t want to have a target on their backs, so I will throw the competition…Their all pansies except Rachel…I’ll just lay around and watch Rachel and Branden win everything…

  8. Expect the Unexpected…haha. Has Rachel said that lately? As I said I don’t watch BBAD any more because I’m tired of The Brendon and Rachel Show. I think Big Red should put up Kristen and Matt and feed him (Matt) that same BS you aren’t the target line. I wanna see the house shaken up some. Unhinge that Ragan who’s walking around counseling everybody.

  9. rachel is dumb and will put up hayden or kristen with kathy for sure….SO STUPID…at this point let kathy float along…meh….

    good HOH week rachel, take out kathy, who will NEVER be able to come after you…BOOOO

    1. Rachel is not dumb…it’s called playing the game…it’s what the Brigade is not playing…FYI…Rachel nominated Hayden and Kristin…

  10. On his live chat session Andrew tells what he handed to Boy George as he was going out the door.

    “I gave Rachel a yamulka that has my bar-mitzvah date on it showing that I’m 39 years old – if they can figure out math.”

    What a jerk. How are non-Jewish people supposed to know how old you are when you have your bar-mitzvah? Who cares how old he is? He also said he hated Boy George’s laugh and had no idea about the Brigade.

  11. i don’t understand the brigade for the life of me. why in the hell are they not mad at matt for not putting up b/r?

  12. I know y’all hate Rachel and Brendon but you got to respect they won more times then anybody in the house. For me I don’t like them nor hate them is that I just don’t care about them.
    Rachel 2 HOH
    Brendon 2 POV
    Matt 1 HOH
    Britney 1 POV
    Hayden 1 HOH

    and is everybody vs them

    1. Exactly! If these other guys who sit around saying such mean things about Brendon and Rachel would compete at B/R level, they could get rid of the “power couple”. Even Matt played it safe because he was afraid of Brendon if Brendon stayed and Rachel went home. I’m not a big fan of B/R necessarily because I can’t get to a point where I like any of these guys, but let’s at least be honest and say they own this game so far in terms of competitions.

  13. WHO WON POV?

  14. hayden and kristen are on the block.. as expected… -.-
    i hope kristen gets pov.. then they put up kathy .
    then the house can vote kathy out.

  15. Thought you might like to this – but is has become more than just a rumor, but this will probably be AG’s last year as producer of BB. CBS knows that this show just needs “some new blood”. Mooves (Alison uncle – shit you not) realizes that though AG was able to avoid a potential train wreck last year (Jeff/Jordan), he’s not so sure this season. Last night’s show spend 1/2 the time slot doing “spin” because of this year’s cast. So, in essence, the show is not going anywhere, just AG. Finally, we’ve been heard. P.S. – Simon, have to develop some type of code. To much good information, ideas, borrowed from this site.

  16. rachel is so retarded!! if she puts up kristen with matt then you know that if kathy, hayden, or kristen get POV they will take off kristen bc we all kno hayden would choose kristen bc he cant make out with matt.

  17. I think nbig brother should put a twist in this week. Have the pov meeting on the live show. The pov winner will say that big brother has gave me the power to remove one or both from the block. And then i can give one or both the power to put who they want on or i can pick one or two To go on the block this means i can pick the hoh if i want to. Then when whoever is on the block after that have big brother come in and say the one on the block have a coulpe of seconds to say their goodbyes and leave the house. Two people gone wish it was b/r they make me sick . Talk about fake Rach is fake fake fake.

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