Spoilage – Morning Wakeup Housguests – Brigade has a plan “Lets Drop Kick Brendon During the HOH”

9:00am Backyard Lane workign out, Kathy smoking on the couch, Matt doing laundry on the pool table and I think I see Brendon sleeping in the Hammock.

Matt is talking to Lane and Kathy wondering if some of the sounds they are hearing coming from outside the BB lot are for other shows that are being filmed. Kathy mentions that the police sirens could of come from law and order.. Matt sits next to kathy on the couh and they start to chat about shit. They discus cop shows and Kathy says she likes Steven Seagal.. Hayden joins them and they talk about computer stuff, Lane and Matt joke about how dumb twitter is (Hey twitter is cool yo) Matt talks a little about his job outside the house and hoe he works with programming languages all day long, he’s worreid that after the 3 month stay in the BB house he’ll forget everything (Dont’ worry matt you won’t i never do). Kathy chimes in taht she’s worried that it’ll be tough going back to work to, there so many things that are automatic for her that she’ll forget. Hayden mentions seeing production behind the scenes after the show is over. Matt can’t wait to have a tour and see how they make this entire show work. Kathy wants to see it to she wishes they would of given her a tour before the show started. Lane joins them.. not much talking going on.. Kathy heads inside where Kristen and enzo..yo are getting food for breakfast.

I’m going to pimp my animated gif of enzo for a bit.. hope you guys like these there will be many more to come.

9:30am Hayden, Meow Meow and Kristen (Lane joins 1/2 way through) lounging around, Kristen eating cerel. Enzo brings up this weeks vote and how hard it is for him to decide who to vote for. He thinks that kathy is nice and doesn’t deserve to leave yet but on the flip side Andrew is a lot of fun to have in the house and he to should stay. Kristen tells him she feels the same way but they need to think about it strategically, she’s voteing to keep the person in the house that will benefit her more in the long run. Hayden thinks keeping Brendon is good if they had a guarantee that he isn’t with B/R.. Enzo agrees but thinks it’s too risky to find out what’s going on between andrew and b/r. Lane thinks they should just try and avoid Andrew for the rest of the week, he tells them to stick around groups of people and Andrew won’t bother you. They start talking how they don’t like Brendon staying in the house. Enzo jokes that if Brendon leaves next week Brendon and Rachel could be apart for over a month. They think she will go crazy in the house without him. Enzo brings up that Brit has a bit chest for such a small girl, she doesn’t need any implants, Lane changes the topic comments on how bored he is “they need to freak out and murder people” Enzo laughs “We need columbo up in here yo” They agree that andrew is gone this week and next will be Brendon, enzo and Lane joke that they should be allowed to drop kick people during the HOH, “now thats good TV”

9:40am Bathroom Brit and Kathy primping. Brit telling her she thinks she has Rachel’s vote for kahty to stay now but she’s sure that Brendon will vote to keep Andrew. She can’t understand why he would do that.. Kahty brings up that maybe b/r are trying to make it look like they are playing different games.


9:50pm Bathroom Kristen and Adnrew. He confronts her and says she’s been playing him this hold time.. he won’t stand for it she must stop now.. Kristen is shocked says she hasn’t been she’s really torn over this weeks vote (maybe now Andrew is making it easier on her) She tries to explain saying she’s been defending him all along. He starts to understand says he doesn’t like being played like a fiddle.. He leaves, tells her that he’s ok with him (wierd)


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BAB - formally BB

Andrew must like digging his own grave! After he leaves, he should consider some sort of classes on socializing with others. I was starting to really like this guy and BAM … he starts weirding out on others again.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

im not gonna lie i have trouble socialization to but then again im not on a game where the winner gets half a million i would’ve learned “on-sight” how to socialize…. he didn’t think of that his “awkwardness” and stupidity for allining himself with FAKE brachel sealed his fate


How does a person learn “on-site” to socialize? What, do topless cartwheels around the backyard? Jump the first available guy/gal and within a week be planning a wedding? That’s not being social it’s more like being desparate for attention.

bb fan

Maybe Andrew should tell them that hes a foot doctor and then proceed to rub their feet. I think that would help make the show more entertaining.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

LOL that would be funny to see, but he wouldn’t embarrass himself like that “yeah im gone ru your feet, but you have to vote to keep me” the women might fall for that but the men will knock him out..

Mr. Pickles

Actually I could see Brenden, Matt, and Regan all taking him up on that offer!!


I dont find him weird at all, I think he is just straight forward and calls people out if he feels betrayed…I like him alot…His extreme relgious routine alienated him from the rest of the group and because of that he is an outsider.. I feel like he got stuck in an alliance with B/R because he had no where else to go. I like his directness but that doesn’t bode well in BB.


Yeah, I like him too. He is weird and goofy, but I like him. He is a lot more mature than the others, Kathy included, even if he plays the doofus. Maybe he is trying to send the message that he is a good target to keep around – it keeps the target off of them, and he would be a good one to take to the final 2. Almost anyone would win against him. I wish he could stay longer. I would like to see a season where the early evicts from past seasons get a second chance. They could have people like Laura, Casey, Ronnie from BB11, that dude that was first out in season 10 (why can’t I remember his name?), the guy with the big hair from season 9, Annie and Andrew from season 12, etc. All people that might have had game in them but got evicted before they had a chance to show their stuff.


I don’t know if it’s the camera angle of the pic or the mic in her waistband but Kristen has a man ass in that pic of her.


They are yoga pants, not all are flattering. You can hardly say she has a big anything, well except boobs.


Opps, read big ass, not man ass. It’s probably the pants and how she is standing or maybe she has a flat butt?


I think its RUDE how kathy is being to andrew in that bathroom…its like he has no one to talk to because he made a plan with B and R? WTF!????????????? so they are the bad terrible people who are just VILE, while kathy and co NEVER talks smack? sigh…its just so high school, and these other contestants make me sick

I am really close to writing to BB to BEG them to bring in HG’s that either play the game, or at least aren’t malicious. Kathy just showed her true colors…SO mean


andrew MUST blow up and talk of the alliance…if he doesnt, its a waste of a season! TALK ABOUT KRISTEN AND CO!!! cmon!


andrew is now in his room crying because no one will talk to him, if they do they blow him off like kathy did in the most rude display ive seen out of her….just disgusting…its SO freaking wrong…I dont get why they feel its ok to treat him this way?

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

“Hayden mentions seeing production behind the scenes after the show is over. Matt can’t wait to have a tour and see how they make this entire show work.”
they really do that for them? thats cool


Too bad the players aren’t more interested in making the show more interesting for us, LOL! They all seem to be half in/half out of the house.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

yea it’s starting to seem more and more that the HGs are playing an “emotional game” instead of a “strategic game” … it makes it hella boring, and add the showmance crap and it’s almost unbearable


andrew needs to tell people about the trio….because this is lame…I am SICK of kristen dissing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING they do…then SUPPORTING KATHY!!! ekghrjsjnrskh I cant stand kristen…I know in real life I would hate her, she is NOT a good person…I hate how she acts better than others…

I am sick of the put downs…play the game already.

BAB - formally BB

Who has Kristen put down? She is the most quite of the girls. Are you referring to another chick in the house?


now matt calls brenden a ^^^^^ for not voting for andrew…before he was a $$$$$ for voting to keep andrew.

is it possible to write to BB and tell them to put people in the house who want to gameplay and not trash talk?


You should definitely write lots of letters to CBS immediately. Anything to keep you from posting the same thing over and over on this site. Trash talk is game play. Brendover is a douchebag and Captain Kosher is a pervert. Or maybe you would like it if he stuck his head in your crotch like he did to Annie??

BAB - formally BB

@ Moaner: I agree! Love the name for Brendon .. “Brendovwer” – CLASSIC!! 🙂


not a worry, can take traffic elsewhere, usually good for websites


andrew was about to tell people about kristen and company….then regan just told andrew to step out of the game etc and talk as a person….

my goodness…does anyone want to play the game already?

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

andrew already dug his grave” with his being awkward & nonsocial and that speech everyone saw through”, nobody would listen to what he has to say… if there was no speech he might have had a chance, but that speech sealed his fate, aligning with brachal was his downfall


andrew is going to tell someone tonight….its about to go down


It’s easy for Ragan to step out of the game and be a person. He’s not on the block with no votes. I am liking Ragan less and less. He was my early pick for who to hate, then I warmed up to him. Now he is getting on my nerves because he gets in the way of good game moves. This isn’t summer camp. The whole problem with this season is that most of them aren’t even playing the game. They all feel secure in their alliances and are picking off the people that didn’t hook up first week. The floaters should see that they are all bottom of the food chain. If Ragan, Kathy, Andrew, Annie, Kristen, Brit and Monet had stuck together instead of attaching themselves as satellites to individual members of the two alliances, they could take them all out. They had the numbers. Instead, Ragan is Matt’s bitch and snitch, Andrew is perceived to be in a secret alliance with BR, Kristen is Haydens back up plan, Brit is Lane’s eyes, ears and brain, Annie got booted for being with Brendon, Monet didn’t have anyone but Brit and Kathy is just useless. None of them realize they are sitting ducks. Their “alliances” are illusions, they aren’t safe at all. The brigade is pretty obvious, but they aren’t thinking or watching what’s going on. they will all go down and we will be stuck with BR and Brigade in the final 6. What a waste!


That may be the most cogent, astute, sensible, well thought and reasoned argument posted on this site. Could not agree more.


Well said! But probably easier said than done when you are actually in the house and get caught up in feeling etc.


I realy think people are watching a different show than I am Kristen has put more people down than alot of others and she has not played the game at all. If Brendon and Rachel go people on here will have nobody to talk about considering you guys like people who put everyone down and have no respect for the others. I think all the other guys in this house is jealous over Brendon that is why they gunned for him right from the start. Hayden and Kristen realy need to go….


By talking down, talking up, talking about, lying to or backstabbing the other houseguestes with each other, one is basically playing this game to further themselves along. Kudos to Brit, Kristen, Kathy, Ragen and yes even Rachel(even though she says she doesn’t talk bad about others). I like Hayden and Kristen and the way they are not shoving their relationship down our faces. Oh and guys don’t get jealous over shit like that – get real.


loved the meow meow video. and the pic of Brendon entitled “for the 3 Brendon fans out there”….

The Excitement

Meow Meow gif is legit yo!