Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Kristen goes OFF on Andrew!! She tells him he is digging his own grave. Andrew goes and cries…

10:04am Ragan and Matt are talking in the hammock. Matt is telling him that Andrew is acting like a bully he recounts something that happens 20 minutes ago when Matt was preparing some slop and saw Andrew stormed into the bathroom and told Kristen she needs to stop playing him. Matt says Andrew is really acting weird he’s going up to everyone and saying these looney toon things. Ragan mentions that Andrew approached him already and asked to talk “Strategy” Ragan doesn’t want to. Ragan doesn’t think Matt is playing a very clean game, he feels like the comments being made by Andrew is bullying the other house-guests especially Rachel. Matt agrees Andrew has started playing a dirty game.. he’s making the Thursday decision easy on everyone. Ragan thinks he’s at a point where he knows which group to follow, “its been many sleepless nights”


Andrew and Kristen going off on each other in the bedroom because of what Andrew said to Kristen in the bathroom.  Kristen is yelling and screaming. Andrew blames Kristen for not talking to him. Kristen says he should have talked to her because he is the on the block.  Andrew is accusing Kristen of having Kathy’s back. Kristen says she has been there for her friend because she has been upset and actually came to her. Kristen says that if he was a calm normal adult she would talk to him.  Kristen says that she told them both that she is there for both of them.  Kristen says that she isn’t picking sides, and that she would be there for both of them but Andrew never came to her. Kristen says that Andrew is digging his own grave. Andrew says no he isn’t, she is!!  Then Andrew says that she had better be careful.  Andrew says no one in the house talks to him, he knows he is leaving and she never came to him and that according to her.  Kristen says that he should have been talking to people and not wait for people come to him.

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1010am Rachel comes into the bedroom and breaks up the fight between Andrew and Kristen.  Kristen says that he is pissed!!!  Rachel asks what happened.  Kristen says that Andrew came into the bathroom earlier and said that he knows they are playing him like a fiddle.  Kristen says that she is pissed that he says she is playing him like a fiddle because she is the only person that is pulling strong for both Kathy and Andrew.  Kristen says that the only reason she was talking to Kathy is because she came to talk to her and Andrew didn’t.  Kristen says if Andrew came to talk to her then she would have been there for him too.  Kristen says that Andrew is digging his own grave.  Rachel says that he is probably stressed being on the block. Rachel says that Andrew cant attack her like that. Rachel says that everyone could hear what they were talking about and she didn’t think it was appropriate that is why she walked in.

10:15am Andrew goes to the have not room and sits down on the cot and stares at the floor.  Andrew starts crying.  He picks up his Jewish religious book and flips through it.


10:20am Brendon and Rachel are in the bedroom talking about the Kristen and Andrew fight. Rachel tells Brendon about her conversation with Kristen and says that she is saying Kristen is a fucking bitch for telling Andrew that he is digging his own grave.  Rachel says that Kristen is playing him like a fiddle.  Rachel is piss that Brendon trusts Andrew so much and Andrew is going off making enemies when he was staying.  Brendon says that he has no idea what Andrew is doing.   Brendon and Rachel go over different scenarios now that Andrew is getting into arguments.  Ragan comes into the room.  Ragan says he was on team Andrew up until recently.  Ragan says that the speech for one…and he tells them that he has told the whole house that he will not put Rachel and Brendon because they are his friends and he feels that Andrew’s speech was bullying.   Ragan says that he will not keep him in the house and he will tell Andrew this today. Ragan says that a few days ago they were by the pool with Andrew and someone else and they were talking about the have not situation.  Ragan says that anyone who was a have not twice should not be a have not again.  Ragan says that Andrew said that if it is his choice Brendon will be a have not again.  Ragan says that he did not like that. Ragan says that he has talked to Kristen twice and she has not thrown anyone under the bus.  Ragan tells Brendon and Rachel that he does not want them to leave for personal reasons and game play.  Ragan says that he does not like Andrew’s game play, and that he does not know of anyone who is voting for Andrew to stay.

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10:50am Andrew is talking to Kathy.  Kathy tells him that Kristen didn’t do anything to him.   Andrew says that he felt Kristen should have come to him because he is alone in the house.  Andrew tells Kathy that this is her week.  Kathy says you don’t know that.  Andrew says that Kristen controls the house.  Kathy says Kristen does not.  Kathy says that Brendon told her he was voting to keep Andrew so he does have a friend.  Andrew is crying saying he can’t talk to Brendon because of the POV speech he gave.

11am Up in the HOH Kristen and Matt are talking.  Kristen recaps the entire fight that she just had with Andrew.  Kristen says that she just doesn’t know what he is thinking, because she wasn’t choosing sides and there was no reason for him to assume she was.  Kristen says that she told him and Kathy that she would be there for the both of them.  Ragan comes up and gives his insight into Andrews actions and says that he cant condone his action. Brendon then comes up to the HOH.   Brendon asks Kristen what happened and she recounts the fight again.  Matt asks Brendon if he will still be supporting Andrew to stay.  Brendon says that no he doesn’t think he can after the speech and now this. Brendon says there is no point, there is no way Andrew can be saved.

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11:15am – 11:25am Ragan is talking to Andrew in the have not room. Andrew says that he has nothing against Kristen, but that she spend her whole time with Kathy. Andrew says that he has nobody. Andrew then asks if Ragan will hold off making his final decision. Ragan tells Andrew that Kristen is no bad mouthing Andrew at all, even after their fight. Ragan says that he knows it is bad for Andrew. Ragan says that Andrew has had it really tough in this game. Ragan says that Andrew should never have attacked Brendon. Ragan tells Andrew that his POV speech is considered to be bullying in his mind and doesnt think it was right. Andrew says that he would never bully anyone, he is not that way. Andrew says that there is more to this than you know, I am just asking you to keep an open mind until the meeting. Ragan says from his perspective, I don’t know what is going on. Ragan tell Andrew that Kristen likes him very much and that they are probably both hurting right now but that he should really consider talking to her. Ragan says that life is much bigger than whatever is going on in this house. Ragan tells Andrew that honest will get you farther in this game. Ragan and Andrew leave the have not room and Andrew opens the door to the bedroom where Kristen is and tells her that he would like to talk to her later if she wants to..

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Kathy then says “hes just doing it for TV. I would never do that.”

no shit Kathy youre the most worthless player in big brother history.


I could not agree with you more Bob! Kathy should go because she is a yawn fest… BB can’t even try to build a story around her because she is either smoking or sleeping. And I found it gross that she said in her Bio that she likes to hot rod her patrol car… every year people are killed by speeding patrol cars. Not funny!


Looks like bye-bye Andrew at this point. His desperate actions today are probably going to make things worse. I think for his own good and mental health, the HGs would be doing him a favor by voting him out tomorrow.

Nothing personal against the guy, he’s probably real nice, but he’s not really cut out for this game. It’s a social game. He isolates himself too often because he doesn’t really fit in, and when he tries to fit in, he just tends to make people uncomfortable.

Plus he’s not a great actor. That ridiculous POV speech cemented the fact that he’s with B/R. The Brigade would be stupid to keep a 3 person alliance together.

geaux BRachel

yea andrew is not made for this game at all…poor thing have no social skills..i was wishing in week 2 that B/R made a SOLID alliance with Ragan/kathy/andrew…but kathy/andrew is not stable..and poor ragan is bestie with the enemy Matt.

The Excitement

This is getting exciting yo!


Lets blow this shit up YO!!!


Really Kristen? There was NO reason for Andrew to assume you were voting for Kathy to stay? Really?! How about the fact that in the past three BBADs that I’ve watched you were hugging Kathy and hanging out with her the whole freakin time. I’m all for getting Andrew out, but don’t pretend you’re miss innocent.


Agreed, but that’s where Kathy and Andrew differ. Andrew tends to run and hide when he’s in trouble. Kathy may suck at comps, but she is at least somewhat playing socially. She’s on the block, but still finds a way to park herself wherever people are going to be talking and stays in the mix.


I disagree with you..Kristen is not playing innocent..Andrew could have come to her as Kathy did..I agree with Henry..Kathy sucks at challenges but she is playing a social game and there are all kinds of way to play BB.


I love how Rachel told Kristen that she didn’t want everyone to hear what was going on so she came into the room, she was freaking standing at the door first listening and when everyone walked up was when she went in. Rachel would’ve stood there listening as long as she could have I’m sure. I hate her…


No surprise the “I don’t call women bitches (to their face apparently)” statement turned out to be disingenuous–Rachel is a foul, stench producing phony and is as authentic as the two midget heads welded to her chest.


Pretty picture you’ve just painted there… not! Maybe the midget heads can explain why she is always grabbing them and twisting them to check out her own nipple… or I mean the midgets mouth. Disgusting!


No surprise the “I don’t call women bitches (to their face apparently)” statement turned out to be disingenuous–Rachel is a foul, stench producing phony and is as authentic as the two midget heads welded to her chest.


I just love someone who would call themselves “Enzo’sshineydome”! thanks for the laugh.


Sounds like Andrew is gone and I do feel bad for him because Matt screwed him this week. I know Matts plan was to backdoor Brendon, but that did not happen. Andrew does not fit in the crowd either. I agree with you ashley about Rachel, they could not get rid of her quick enough for me. I truly think it is just a battle of the nerds this year in the BB house other than Lane and Hayden.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

andrew is a very nice guy but this game is not for people like him, especially him being too religious they have a tendency of trusting the wrong people


Yeah no kidding! I can’t wait to see her walk out that door. I really hope she is next that way she is forced to watch the show at home separated far away from her precious brendon. Oh what a treat! 🙂


Yeah!!!…All she says: “me and my man”…She needs to go!!

geaux BRachel

ahhh a lil lie every now and then is nothing on matts health lie..anyways i wld rather see Kristen(nvr win anything butt) leave then Rachel who have won and can compete leave…wat happen to sending out the floater and let the players play??????

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

rachel won a “guessing game” that isn’t much anybody can win a guessing game, now when she wins something like brendon won, THEN we can say she’s a good competitor and yea kristen is a floater, but brachel is not much better than that they’re LUCKY thats why there still in the house nothing more


i love this show! just when you think nothing is going to happen… blowout! i was in mexico, and im not sure if it was bb, but they had something similar only you could watch them 24/7 on tv for free. my spanish isnt that great (only the bad words ;)) yet when i was in the room, i couldnt turn it off. as much as we complain about the cast, we still watch for those moments. btw, great updates simon/dawg!

Other K

She just doesn’t call women bitches when they call her out on it. Rachel has been caught in so many lies it’s ridiculous. That girl never speaks the truth she just says things that make her look good in the moment.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

yep, thats why most of america hates brendon and rachel


Good catch on that one. Just another reason to hate her. And what about her thinking it is her place to walk in a interrupt the argument.

bb fan

Andrew is digging a grave for himself anytime your on the block you have to remain calm and not freak out. If I were Andrew i would of talked to Kathy more until she slipped up and said something that was damning and If he knew about H and K he should of told Matt or someone who can’t keep their mouth shut to the head of household before the power of veto competition. Bad gameplay andrew. I just hope his eviction is Kosher.


I think Andrew and Brendon are brothers or cousins in real life. It’s strange how they seem to work together without talking about it. I’m remembering how Andrew celebrated when Rachel won HOH. The POV speech was obviously phony and Brendon supported Andrew after it. I also recall how Andrew kissed Rachel while Brendon was lying on top of her – – there’s no way Andrew would do that or Brendon would let that happen unless they were related somehow.


This is a fight between Andy and Kris and u guys still find some way
Tell’em Kris is cheating on her man. Her and the dude with the Kanye West mouth
is gettin their freak on.


LoL@ the fact that all the comments are about Rachel. So, you guys don’t like her? 0_0
Andrew needs to go home & be with his friends & family before he snaps. This game is for liars & schemers. You’re either a flirt, in a shomance, funny/witty, or a liar that no1 can tell is lying. He is none.

geaux BRachel

thanks blah/simplyri…all this rachel hate is pointless…she have flaws so can we get pass right now in the house Andrew/brendon are crying..bec anderw wants a stupid house seal he will go home..poor thang


Finally, a show that makes “Jersey Shore” look like “60 Minutes”.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k


The Excitement

Is he gonna yell mozal tov when he “leaves” the house, this time?

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

you ain’t heard? Rachel is the true FAKE bitch in the house. she does it in a nice way

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

there is no one else to blame for andrew leaving but brendon and rachel him aligning with them spelled his downfall especially since everybody else in the house is against them, DUMB move



Mr. Don't Give a F**k

right and this wans’t about nthe showmance shit they became targets soon as brachel won HOH and they started on this “powertrip” shit bullying people to vote their way or else


Did Andrew have a Mel-moment?