**updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells America if he intends to throw the HOH competition on Thursday, he will wear a long-sleeved navy shirt…


11:50pm Up in the HOH room, Britney, Brendon, and Rachel are talking about Kristen. They all talk about how they want her out, and think that she will use the guys to float to the end. Rachel says that Kristen controls Hayden and says Kristen will go after the girls. Matt joins them and they immediately stop talking. Rachel and Brendon leave the HOH room. Britney tells Matt that Kristen is Rachel’s target. Britney says that she still thinks Rachel and Brendon have a deal with Andrew. Britney tells Matt all the things that Rachel told her. Britney says that Rachel wants to keep Andrew because Kathy is a vote for Kristen. Matt says so after you told her that, will you still put those two up? Britney says yup, they aren’t coming after her so it would be her doing it for the house and not herself, so she doesn’t know. Matt tells Britney his plan to mess with Rachel’s head so that she will want to quit if Brendon is evicted. Matt says that if Brendon gets evicted he will have conversations around Rachel where they talk about how Brendon is out and he gets to meet people and that hes a really good looking guy. Matt want to insinuate that girls will be all over Brendon when he leaves the house.  Matt thinks Rachel will quit and leave and that it will make really good tv to see someone leave because they love someone.  Britney says that she is glad that she and Matt are safe if Rachel and Brendon win HOH. Britney says that if she won HOH it would suck, she worries that if she put up Rachel and Brendon, Kristen would still be going after her. Matt and Britney talk about what the HOH competition might be. Britney says that it will be a pick two, and Rachel and Brendon will have no chance. Matt says that he thinks that Big Brother might not make it a pick two because of that. Matt says that he hopes it’s a co-ordination game. Matt says that the complacency of the house might win Brendon and Rachel the HOH this week. Matt says that he thinks only Kristen and Hayden will fight to win because everyone else thinks someone else will do it. Britney says that them winning would be too dangerous for her.

Ragan joins Matt and Britney up in the HOH room. Britney asks Ragan what he would do if he won HOH. Ragan says that he doesn’t know, it’s hard to say. Ragan says that both of them would be fine. Britney tells him he will be safe too. Ragan says that he worries that Brendon and Rachel on the block together would be hard-core theatrics. Matt says Brendon going would be best because he’s bringing Rachel’s game play down and they really like her. They talk about how Brendon is a monster at competitions and is ruthless. Ragan says that he thinks the next HOH is huge and he thinks fate will step in. Ragan says he wonders if the viewers understand how important it is. Britney says that she thinks that the whole house is geared towards getting Brendon and Rachel out. They talk about Andrew and his speech at the POV and how that was the nail in the coffin, and he did it to himself. They all agree that next week the house is going to be crazy. Ragan says that this is the first week Big Brother is going to do the shorts on the nominee’s families during the live show.

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Ragan says that they will probably do pieces on Kathy and Andrew’s families. Ragan says that he thinks there is going to be a double eviction soon. Ragan says that he thinks they will lose three people in the next two weeks. They talk about what the next HOH competition will be. Britney says that she thinks it will be a true or false and says that, that one is a real crap shoot. Matt asks Ragan if he would put up Brendon and Rachel. Ragan says that he doesn’t like to vocalize who he would put up until he is actually in the position. Britney says that she agrees, she says her and Ragan would both be in a difficult position as HOH. Britney says that she doesn’t think this week is going to be a unanimous vote, she says that Brendon is voting for Andrew to stay. Ragan and Matt think that Brendon is a pussy and will vote with the house, and says that he would be stupid to go against the rest of the house.
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12:40pm Up in the HOH room, Britney tells Matt and Ragan the fight that Rachel and Brendon had about couples getting a prenuptial agreement. Britney says that things got heated between Rachel and Brendon. Britney says that Kristen was egging Brendon on, agreeing with him that couples should get a pre-nup, which just upset Rachel more. Britney says that Rachel just stormed off. Britney sees the good in pre-nups but says she doesn’t plan on having one. Ragan and Britney leave the HOH room.

In the backyard Enzo, Brendon and Hayden are talking. Matt comes down from the HOH and joins them. Enzo talks about the jury house. Brendon says he would be okay with being in the jury house as long as Rachel is there. Enzo says that they can make it happen. Brendon laughs. Enzo asks Brendon if he thinks they will have a relationship out of the house. Brendon says that he is going to try, and that he really likes her. Brendon talks about his schooling that he has to start right way this fall and how Rachel would have to come to him in order to see him. Brendon says that he is trying to convince her to come to California. Brendon says that Rachel is a handful, but that he doesn’t think he would have to worry about her cheating. Enzo says that Rachel is a genuine girl. Matt and Enzo say that all girls are a handful. Enzo says that his wife is a still a handful and he has been married to her for seven years. Britney joins them in the backyard. Britney talks about her bubble bath that she took earlier and how nice it was. Enzo says that he wants some champagne and shades, and wants to shut the door and sit them all down to talk. Enzo saying that he will says what are you going to do for me? They all laugh. Enzo says he will wear his HOH robe while in the bath. Hayden says that he wants to see him read his letter. Enzo says he can’t. Hayden and Matt say you have to read the letter out loud if they get one and that Big Brother told them to do so. Matt jokes and says if he cries he will get a penalty nomination. Hayden laughs and says that he wants to see Enzo cry. They ask him who his wife most sounds like out of the girls in the house. Britney asks is it like Kathy and then makes fun of Kathy’s accent. They all laugh. Enzo says that his wife probably sounds most like Kristen. Enzo says that if he gets pictures of his kid and wife then reads a letter he’ll be a mess. Britney then asks who farted…because it’s bad!!! Brendon says it was him and that he’s sorry. The guys all laugh. Enzo says that Brendon tried to sneak one during the conversation.
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1:15am Britney asks Enzo how much he cheated by sneaking food when he was a have-not. Enzo tells Britney …lets just put it this way, I wasn’t a have-not. Britney wonders how Enzo pulled off eating. Enzo says that you do what you got to do, he says I can’t give away my secrets. Enzo says that if he messes up again with food restrictions he will get some sort of penalty vote/nomination. Enzo says that he ate a slice of pizza in front of Britney. Enzo says that he thought everyone was going to get the pizza. Matt says yeah even though Rachel explicitly said they were a have not after the competition. The conversation changes to tv shows and prank phone calls….

2am All the houseguest head to bed.

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3:30am Ragan can’t sleep and is now lying in the hammock in the backyard. Ragan says that his mantra is to playing to win, and not to go to the jury house. Ragan says to himself …to America and says okay, last thing and I’ll go to bed, my live feeders, if any of you are watching… Ragan then says that if he intends to just outright throw the competition on Thursday, which he says that thinks he is going to, he will wear a long-sleeved navy shirt. Ragan then gets up and heads to bed….
4am All the houseguests are now asleep…

8:27am Backyard/bedrooms

Matts the only one I see up on the feeds… he’s working out like a mad man knowing that he’s in good bb shape next week regardless of who wins HOH.

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Thanks for the update Dawg.. Tomorrow is going to be HUGE


Why? Andrew’s fate is sealed. Tomorrow seems like a very boring day.


Yeah Andrew going home is a given.. i’m talking about HOH and what happens after that comp


Dude you coulnd’t be more wrong Tomorrow is going to be EXPLOSIVE!! are we watching the same show?


Hey everyone i’m finally back.. Just trying to catch up on everything spent the last 3 days reading up on the site and flashing back the juicey parts. S/D you guys have been busy great work!! If you need help again this year I’m here, jurst give me some more time so I can figure the house out better.

I agree with you Simon tomorrow is going to be MASSIVE. I think we’ll have a much clearer image of where the alliances are. Right now my favs are


My least favs are
Rachel (duh)

my pick to win is MATT.

Nice to see everyone back in the comments, bbgrandma/rockstar whats up?


Disagree. They all fake expect rachel and brendon <3

bb fan

Why does Matt think Rachel will give up if Brendan leaves. That dude is overconfident. Whatever plan he makes will backfire he thinks hes some evil genius. yeah your plan went great to backdoor Brendan and now that it didnt work your going make Rachel upset when Brendan leaves so she’ll quit. Matt isnt going to do any of that he is no Puppet Master.


Rachel is not going to give up after Brendon is voted out. Brendon likes Rachel WAY more than Rachel likes Brendon. You can see it in their arguments/interactions.


yeah, I actually think she did like him as much….but over time its sort of worn off…and now shes just so dumb that she can be talked out of liking him as much over something STUPID with brit, who talks more smack about rachel than anyone….oh rachel…when rachel tells brenden SHE knows how to play the game, and that HE is messing it up….I just want to yell at her and say “WHAT ABOUT THE ANDREW SPEECH! YOU OVER PLAYED IT!!!! THATS THE GAME!!!”

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

i doubt that form the way she talks about him, but yea that was a joke when i said she would quit, but then again she will be gone the following week so they will be together in jury, next week Jury starts right???




Lot’s of big racks this year, but are the fake or real?

Kathy….probably real
Brittany….thinking fake
Annie..not sure


lol @ kristen’s breasts being real…i do wonder about brit’s though…they are big for her size, but they look good.


Not sure what you think on Kristen’s rack by your answer. Nonetheless, I think they are real since they pancake when she is flat on her back. I know that the size says fake, but I change my opionion once I saw her lie flat.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

yea she said their fake and all the females said their fake i think they would know??


Kristins are definately fake….Britneys look real, but its hard to tell.


kristens are fake brits are real..


because of her lieing flat “profile” , i am sticking to my guns about Kristen’s bazookas


Um, ok but Kristen herself has already said her’s are fake.


Nope Brit’s are real I have asked that question already.

BRanchel Hitler

Matt is a complete moron. The guy is no genius by any means. If he wanted to split up Brendon and rachel then the OBVIOUS would have been to put them both up as only one could have been removed from the block.


i totally agree. i can’t STAND matt! he thinks so highly of himself…it’s going to be hilarious when he gets evicted. it’ll blow his little mind.


Lol i agree. He so stupid. UGh someone evict him pleaseeeeee


No, he didn’t want that. He doesn’t want to get blood on his hands. He never intended to backdoor anyone unless he had to. That’s why he put up Andrew, who really has nobody and Kathy, who changes alliances depending on who is HOH and who is not a serious contender. He only would have used the back door if needed. He knows that sooner or later the brigade will be put in a position where they have to turn on each other, or that two of them are put up together. He would like it if some other brigade member got that blood on his hands. He would prefer it if Brit or Ragan took out Rachel or Brendan. He doesn’t care if Rachel or Brendan take out Kristen, or even Hayden. It keeps the target off his back and the blood on everybody else’s hands but his. It was a smart play, but I think it was too early in the game to play like this. I am disliking Matt because of his arrogance, but I concede that it has been the only play so far that is remotely worthy of Big Brother game play.


I go back and forth on Matt’s nominations. Part of me says stupid for not putting B/R up if getting them out was his goal, but I think he knew what he was doing when he did not put them up..trying to get in their good graces for later play and potential jury votes. I think that was in his mind, subtly or not when he did not nominate them.

On the other hand, I do not think the jury will being voting for him as I think he is overplaying. I do agree, he is annoying weisel with the second worst laff in the house. He loves playing with his nuts and is doing it a lot, even front of the girls in the house. And what is up with that all in one bed outfit? How f-ed/u is that? and what about the stupid crap he puts on his head?? He is such an uncool person trying to be cool.


You’d be pretty bad at this game if you can’t understand what Matt is doing.


I dont get it…they call brenden a ##### if he votes to keep andrew….then if he votes with the house to keep kathy, he ALSO called him a $$$$$….so….either way, they hate and diss brenden…its just RUDE…hes a nice guy! EVERYONE knows he is on andrew’s side…wouldnt the HONEST thing to do be to vote for andrew to stay?

Kris from FL

He is NOT a nice guy! He is mean, and when someone (Rachal) calls him out on being mean, he whines then manipulates her into a guilt trip by convincing her SHE”S mean for calling him out for being mean! He’s a controlling, manipulative, whiny jackass.


you are right
something about him(not right)
also he pouts like a 3 year old


matt has crossed a line twice

first the disease with his wife…those of us who struggle every day, and are handicapped with a neuro condition, at home, before 25, with no hope of a job…its OFFENSIVE, for matt to do that….and to research a REAL disease…is messed up.

second, he wants rachel to walk out the door….its just CRUEL! I think rachel is not the good person brenden or andrew are, but still….how would matt like it if people talked of leaving the house, and playing his wife into going crazy….is that right?

why the HECK are matt and co so focused on R and B…when Hayden Kristen and Kathy have more votes!


in fact…just kathy and kristin are JUST as dangerous vote wise as R and B…and if you put R and B on your team you get a guareteed HOH big effort.

Kris from FL

Agreed, I have MS and when he did that it pissed me off,,, however,,, neither Brendon nor Andrew are better or more tender hearted than Rachel,, the girl is a mush. She works my last nerve and I don’t like her,,,, but she has a good heart and is a total mush. I see her getting a little weirded out by how suffocating Brendon has gotten, I don’t think that when she asked for “a little space” that it was a staged fight at all,,, I think she is pulling back from him,,, and I don’t think she’ll go crazy if Brendon leaves,, I think she’ll start playing the game her way and will start kicking butt!


A enjoyable post to read.. “Brendon- If you took Jeff from last season, then removed his testes” hahahahaha


I couldnt have said it better!


Great post. I also think Matt and Ronnie are the same person. I think they might know each other in real life. Ronnie did tweet that he knows one of the HG but wouldn’t say which one because he didn’t want that person to get hated on.


I think you summed the characters this season extremely well. Just to add to it:

Brendon: seems like a cool guy, so how could he have any interest in such a phony “chemist”. I wish I knew what the hell this guy is thinking. I guess Rachel and Brendon have “chemistry”.

Hayden: Bingo

Britney: Bingo; she is very smart, but unfortunately applies all her intelligence at talking nasty behind each girl’s back. The most dangerous of the female specious.

Enzo: Agree, but he has not worn out his welcome with me just yet; I find him very amusing still…not that he tries to be. Badda-boom…badda-bing.

Kristen: Bingo; boring and cold

Ragan: Bingo; nice, smooth gay guy that gets along well with people.

Matt: Bingo; looks like a dweeb, thinks like a dweeb, talks like he’s cool….but just a dweeb

Kathy: Bingo; yes boring buy there is some serious pain in her soul so I sympathize with here…..some

Lane: Not a fan of a person who continues to state how stupid he is since I do not like to deal witth stupid people, although I give him props for knowing himself

Andrew: Bingo; Lonely guy that is socially awkward and perhaps the worst BB player of whom I can think.

Rachel: Bingo: very, very, very, very, very low self esteem; seeking validation all the time; sad story….please add three more verys. Who figured it out first that her calling life is to be a “party girl”? Chevron or her?

I am so glad you are feeling better now..LOL


I agree


Love it- most entertaining post to date!