Spoilage – Hayden on Rachel “She’s the type of Girl you see at a bar and Stay away from because you don’t know what she has”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40 hammock Kristen and Ragan She’s telling him that She couldn’t sleep last night becuase she likes both andrew and Kahty and she doesn’t feel like neither one of them deserves to go. Kristen thinks that most the house will not know where they are voting until the day of. Either way though Kristen is OK whith whatever dession will be made she just doesn’t think they should be the 2 that are up. Kristen thinks that people will say to Kathy and Andrew “what will you do for me if you stay” i don’t think thats right at this point in the game. Ragan agrees with her he’s very torn this week. However when he looks at kathy it looks like she’s given up and he thinks if she starts fighting now she has a good chance. He point out that Kathy has a reputation for not being a fighter in this game so if she can reverse that trend she’s got a good chance. He says that logically Andrew should go but he also respects the that that he’s such a strong fighter and might deserve it more than kathy.
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:52pm backyard couch Hayden, Lane and Enzo Enzo: “I tell you man I say we get rif of Andrew yo” lane points out that Kathy will be winning shit all nothing but she’s harmless. He’s worried that Andrew has a secret deal with B/R something is fishy between those to. Enzo agrees he’s having trouble figuring Andrew out. Lane “If Andrew has a deal with b/r we’re fucked because he could very well win HOH” Enzo says that it’s bullshit that brendon has his panties up in a bind becuase there was people that dropped early in the comp, “Who the Fuck cares yo we’re playing a game to win Big Brother not just playing to win COmpetitions” . Lane explains somethign he thins they should consider, it will require the help of Brit though. They need to get Brendon to think that if POV is used then Matt will Backdoor either Enzo, lane or Hayden. Instead though Matt will backdoor Rachel, Enzo: “OHHH that would be perfect..” Lane smiles that would be excellent TV (YES YES YES DO IT boys make a move) Brendon walks out and asks Enzo to play pool.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:13am Couch Ragan, Lane and Hayden talking about the HOH competitions. Ragan seems to think that it’ll be a quiz type test. He jokes that it’ll be a spelling be “Spell CAT”… he leaves Kathy comes in.
She tellls them she needs to stay and she needs to win she needs to do it for Shawn and she needs to do it for medical reasons. Kathy says that Rachel is voting to keep Andrew even though she saying otherwise. Lane asks if Brendon and Andrew has an alliance?, kathy says Yes in a way, Brendon would turn on Andrew but for now they are together. Kathy tells them Andrew will not go for Brendon regardless of what people are saying. Kahty adds that R/B don’t want her here becuase she votes her own way “Look at last week I went against the

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

house” (And now the you knows start up you know you know you know) She confirms that she will put B/R up if she wins HOH and she will not go after Lane and Hayden. Hayden “Things are going to get intense in this house”. Kathy explains why she acted like she did last week, mainly she was trying to get information from R/B and just trying to stay off the radar and not be a target. She pissed that MAtt put 2 players up that didn’t deserve to be put up. If we don’t stand up against B/R they will win the entire thing. Lane tells her its not over she needs to go get those vote.

kahty leaves..
Lane “what the fuck is up with this Brendon guys, i wish i’ll see him at the bar so I can beat him down”
lane “the more I hang with him and her (b/r) the more I hate them”
Hayden: There relationship is just disgusting to me
Lane in no way cute or sexy
Lane: Theres no way America likes them there gross
lane she’s not one bit attractive
hayden if i was hammered out of my mind I wouldn’t even go near her. thats the type of girl you see at the bar and you stay away from becuase you don’t know what she has.

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Kathy needs to stay for medical reasons???…Is that a cigarette in her mouth???. Did she not have cancer??? OMG!!!!


I am pissed off right now

kathy is being kept because hayden is kristen’s toy


they will boot andrew and I am PISSED…such a stupid waste of a season.

now if B or R dont win HOH, its over……and the rest of the season will be LAME, Enzo, Hayden, and the brigade….




I completley agree with you. But for some strange reason a lot of “america” doesn’t like them either. I think they’re strong competetors and make for good t.v.


I agree. without Braden and Rachel it would be so lame and boring. GO BRADEN AND RACHEL!


I cant believe the brigade just said they have a great “name”….my goodness…at least b and r know they are hated by most watching….WOW

Kathy is a TERRIBLE game player, I am just so frustrated with this season’s group


i think the rest of the house r hating on B and R b/c they know majority of america likes them and they bring ratings up. if B or R leaves, it will be the obvious bb yet. also, people who dont like them is b/c they want another jeff/ jordan to cling to. if B/R came before jeff/jordan, people will be annoyed and wonder why they havent kissed already. hayden is jealous and probably wanted to hook up with rachel first. Kathy needs to stop with the cancer b/c it doesnt help while she has a cig in her mouth


i agreee.
Braden and Rachel are actually the one winning that why everyone hate them in the house.
They are an awsome strong competiors


this is a hard group to like. to me, Andrew is the nicest, the most reasonable, and the most sensible. i don’t give a flip about any of the others.


I agree with you totally. I think that Andrew is the best player of them all and has the best personality.


Okay – Brendon reminds me of Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s Flipping Out……..anyone else?


I didn’t think about that until I read your post, but now that I have, I really can kinda see that, Laura!


I’m confused… hasn’t the POV meeting already happened?
If it hasn’t then why haven’t people been talking about B using it?


Ahhh I wish this whole time someone had been trying to convince him to use it on Andrew. I think Brendan needs to leave Rachel and align himself with someone else if he wants a chance.





That is the truest and funniest thing I’ve heard about her so far Lmaoooooo!!!!!


i am one thing wrong on that check list …. she isn’t dumb as a box of rocks b/c if she was she wond’t have been the 2nd hoh and she wouldn’t be a chemist


Really? You believe she’s a chemist? Wow, what is Santa going to bring you this year? The only chemistry going on with her is that pungent odorous yeast she’s fermenting “down under” on a hot, humid L.A. summer day.


your clearly have not been paying attention to rachel she has proved many times especially her HOH and this week and her admitting nither her or brendon are in BB for the MONEY, that she is not intelligent enough to be a chemist… her HOH win was a GUESSING GAME not an intelligence game she got lucky as everyone does in BBs Guessing Games


on top of that look at the way she dresses around a house of mostly MEN…. would a chemist or any respectable women do that? NO


LOVE the list!!! :) Don’t forget to add “sloppy kisser” – hearing them kiss into the mic is like nails on a chalkboard…


lmao! What about missing panties and irritating laugh?


I’m Retarded: Check.
Rachel Still a Skank? Check.


It’s pretty clear that America really likes Brendon, but not so much Rachel – she’s tough to like. And the sad douche brigade is not going to be a hit either, especially Enzo yo, he’s just the chief ridiculous douche yo. Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo. Sheesh, shut the hell up already Enzo!

Imagine how improved the dynamic would be without loud, annoying Rachel and douche-oozing Enzo yo.


hahaha love it.


I have been watching BB since season 5. I have to say this one is the worst seen yet…B/R are annoying as hell, I fast forward them. I like Kristen and Andrew’s ok, a little creepy. But all in all I don’t like this show and could care less who wins. BB lost me when they got rid of the Sabuteor, I really don’t watch the show anymore unless there’s nothing else to do or watch.

Great going with this group CBS, and B/R ARE NO!!!!! JEFF/JORDAN. Jordan maybe have been dumber than a box of rocks, but they weren’t as annoying as B/R!!!! I mute it when they are on. or change the channel…Even After Dark is boring!!! Stopped taping.

Disappointed BB Fan


This is the first season I stopped tapping Afterdark too! I used to live for that! Especially being a night owl myself……now I usually turn to it about 1/2 before it ends just to see how much B and R can gross me out before they go to bed! My hubby says he can smell the skank coming off her cause she always looks dirty!


I paid for Showtime just to watch BBAD, I am calling tomorrow and lowing my monthly bill


I only dislike Brendan because of his hookup with Rachel (skank). I honestly like the Brigade’s Idea of getting Brendan to use the POV on Andrew and then boom – surprise – Matt puts Rachel up. Get rid of her. If he doesn’t use it, get Kathy out now.


lane is right. She the girl that stands under the bug zapper because of it’s flattering lighting, or everytime she is near on of these devices, it like someone set of a case of fire crackers in the joint.


This is the worst big brother ever. I am getting more bored as the days go.


I don’t even have the energy anymore to complain about this season and how cliche each houseguest is. There has GOT to be some kind of intervention here held by production. There really has to be, and soon. The overwhelming opinions I’ve been reading everywhere, and ratings, demand it, I’d think. Hell, throw Russell from Survivor in the house all of a sudden, bring Evel Dick back, make the houseguests think that some sort of horrible virus has been released into the house, have a week where five people get evicted and replaced by five former players America’s Vote elects…

There are a million and one ways to change this game up and give us, the loyal viewers, what we deserve… why hasn’t anything like that happened yet? The Saboteur thing was beyond lame. I just refuse to believe that things aren’t going to change soon, you know?


They should do like a survivor all stars big brother, where it’s all survivor people & vice versa on survivor. that’d be watchable.


I agree. I wrote a couple of ideas on here yesterday (read lazy afternoon comments) I heard people from CBS read this blog… ANYTHING would be an improvement from what it is now. Btw: I wrote about BB13 ideas, and who they should bring in for this season ( at the time I didn’t know Janelle was married) but letting Jeff from BB11 walk in with the coup de tat (like he still owned it) and overthrowing Matt’s noms and putting up B/R on a live show…and one is out like Jesse!


I like all the ideas the two of you replied with! We should start a petition!:) You guys are far more original than it appears this season’s developers and producers are!


I like what they were saying about getting Brendon to use the POV on Andrew and making him think that they will backdoor someone else but then really backdooring Rachel! But Rachel would freak out if she thought Brendon would do that because she knows better! Even being a dumb skank, she would be smart enough to figure that one out! PS, not really diggin’ this season either! What happened to diversity and our countries melting pot! You would think this season would be the one season where they did make sure they mixed it up in the house! Im just sayin’!


Yeah, that would make for great viewing! But I really don’t see Brendon doing that.


And totally agree with you re: the diversity part.


Everyone who’s hating on Brendan and Rachel need to seriously calm down. Neither of them are idiots–and just because they have a slightly irritating relationship to watch on camera (note: you don’t have to pay to watch it..you can choose at any time not to) is no reason to go off on insult rants. It’s kind of pathetic. Secondly, neither of them have been as stupid or irritating game-wise as some others in the house. So there’s two of them that are close. Um, there are a lot more than that…Hayden and Kristin, Britney and Lane, Brit and Monet (were). Matt is so full of himself it makes me want to change the channel when he’s speaking. And the “brigade” is so much more frustrating to watch, thinking they’re so hot and strategic, than R and B have ever been.


agree, everyone is hating b/c they beat the odds every week and will continnue to do so till the end


Settle down Rachel’s mom; she’ll be home to serve drinks, er, do chemistry soon enough. BTW, it’s there are, not there’s i.e., “there is” two of them…”


ohh no, u just pointed out a grammer mistake, ur so big and bad.. stfu and stop hating


ME to…
like seriously everyone is tripping about rachel and brendon showing off kissing…
Those 2 lamos at it almost every nigth and no one bashed them out!
and yes its a showmance!
for eevryone watching! – hayden and kristen


I like Andrew better than Kathy… but for the houseguests, taking out Andrew would definitely be the smarter move. I really have no interest in watching Kathy anymore though :S

& even though she hasnt done much yet, Im still giving Kristen the benefit of the doubt… I dont mind that she is more quiet, and respect her for trying to downplay her showmance w/ Hayden. I think if B/R were a BIT more subtle about theirs, maybe they wouldnt be as hated as they are.


and kathy seriously needs to stop pulling out those cigarretes.. always yapping about cancer and still smokes her butt away!

no sympathetic card for her thats for sure!

Some Desert Island

Yes Mia, I hear you. No one who smokes cigarettes deserves any sympathy. Ever! Right? How did she ever get on this show…. smokin’ and all? Piece o’ s—.


Agreed; that is quite perplexing.


I’m pretty sure that was Monet who couldn’t multiply…


I read Roachel’s HOH blog; if she had a brain, wouldn’t she have spelled her “HOH rain” correctly? REIGN!!! HOH REIGN!!!


Rachel and her hot red hair is smart, beautiful and I would love to go on a date with her. She is a total sweetheart playing a game. Britney is probably the stripper in real life and is one jealous insecure “person”


Thats the problem, its the way she talks and carries herself that make her come across as a very dumb, superficial person, even though she maybe isn’t. Also, she has been way too trusting and naive in this game… like when she cried and was surprised after she found out that most of what people were telling her in the HOH room while she was HOH was BS…. I mean….seriously? Have you even watched this show before?!


agree. they r hating b/c majority of america ;likes brendon and rachel is attached to him.
ps ,monet said the 1200 not brit


the majority of america hates rachel and brendon get it right

Deborah Phelps Merriman

Please viewers. Its only been 3 weeks. Give em a break. All h__ could break loose anytime. They have all kinds in there right now. Chill for now on how boring it is


Would you let her do your taxes?


Oops ma bad! Monet
But britney is as equally dumb!

I know a lot of naïve people who are really smart!
I’m sorry but I just don’t get the dumb skank calling!
What makes her a skank?

Just think its a bunch of hating!

And I’m pretty sure if it boiled down to rachel kathy brittany or kristen

I’d let the over giggly chemist do my tax than the boutique manager!

Takes a lot to get through chem


**Education does NOT make someone intelligent**


Simon, you said that last week. lol


Break up the brigade !! Go Rachel (everybody else is boring). Matt is Ragan’s gay bitch !


the bri gayed these 4 are such f’n tools. I bet there families are proud of these f%$# ups

Uncle Cool

Education does not make someone intelligent.


“She’s the type of Girl you see at a bar and Stay away from because you don’t know what she has”

yea she could be a “transsexual”: no wonder gay bredon loves her


another brachel lover who can’t see the obvious??? i think so


what respective women walks around a house with mostly men wearing close to nothing and no panties??? USE you BRAIN


how many people commenting are jealous of these people so try to beat them down. As far as I am concerned i am just watching the tits and ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I think alot of people bashing rachel given the chance would be all over her. I mean look at the tits and ass.