Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel thinks Britney is on their side, and that she’s forgotten about Monet…

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8am Brendon and Rachel are the only houseguests awake. They are out on the backyard couch talking about the game and their strategy. Rachel says its that its so important they win HOH this week. Brendon says I Know. Brendon asks if Rachel thinks he should talk to Ragan. Rachel says yes. Brendon says he doesn’t think Ragan or Hayden will go back on their word but that Kristen is hard to read. Brendon says that Kristen has been acting very weird with Rachel lately. Last week Kristen told Rachel that they have to get out Britney and Kathy, but now she’s being really friendly with Kathy. Brendon says that Enzo is a lot stronger than he’s makes himself out to be. Brendon says that they need to be careful with him. Rachel says everyone is capable of back stabbing them. Brendon says he doesn’t get a good feeling from Britney. Rachel says she never trusted her. Rachel says she’s shocked by what Matt did. Rachel says that she thinks after week 5 everyone will turn on each other and that hopefully the target will be off their backs. Brendon tell Rachel that he is going to continue hanging out with Enzo and he is going to keep reinforcing to Enzo how shity it is to be a have not two weeks in row and that they should be getting angry at them for dropping early. Brendon says that it’s not manipulating them but it is reinforcing how Enzo should be feeling anyways. Rachel says that they should keep asking Lane and Hayden to cook for them and talk about food a lot to keep getting Enzo mad. Rachel says that she will keep asking them to make taco’s and stuff for her and then not even eat it. Rachel tells Brendon that they have to focus on the HOH competitions more. She says that if Andrew stays, then her, Brendon, Andrew, and Ragan will be playing in the HOH so they should have a good chance of winning.

8:35am Brendon tells Rachel that they definitely need to split up more. He says that he loves spending time with her, but we need to be on opposite ends of the house more so that people need to try and go really out of their way to talk game. Brendon says that she needs to talk to Britney more and see where she stands. Rachel says that she did, and that she is with us. Brendon asks was she serious?! Rachel says yeah, I believed her and she was serious, plus she was tipsy. Brendon says that he thinks she needs to talk to her one more time to see where she stands. Rachel says that she can ask her a million times. Brendon says no don’t do that, but I don’t trust her. You need to ask her again and watch her body language, see were she is looking with her eyes, see how she reacts. Brendon says you that she needs to seriously ask her again are you putting me and Brendon up on the block? Rachel says that she really doesn’t think she is coming after us. Brendon says you don’t think that she is still pissed for sending her best friend home? Rachel says no, I think she understands why I did it and I fully explained it to her. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Britney and he still thinks she would put them up. Brendon says that his plan for Enzo is to tell him that people that he trusts are telling (him) Brendon that they would put Enzo up on the block if they win HOH. Brendon says he wants build Enzo’s paranoia.

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9:15am Brendon says that he is going to make sure that Andrew knows what Kristen is doing. Brendon says that he is not worried about Andrew turning on us. Brendon says that he is going to get Enzo riled up this week. Brendon says that he will try to talk to Enzo about making sure that he won’t put Brendon and Rachel up next week and say that we won’t put him up next week. Brendon also says that he is going to ask Hayden and Kristen where they are standing. Rachel says that she thinks he should ask Hayden but not Kristen. Brendon says he is only going to ask Hayden. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Kristen would tell us the truth. Rachel says Kirsten will say oh no, you guys should know you are good with me. Brendon says that he wants to know where everyone stands so that if someone goes back on their word in this game, we’re going to fucking call them out. Brendon tells Rachel to stop thinking negatively, that they need to think positive right now. If they keep thinking that someone who is not on our side is going to put us up on the block, we will drive ourselves crazy. Brendon says that we need to think positively, if we think negatively all the time then it will come true. is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!


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