Spencer- “Eye socket jobs are fantastic but they are hard to come by”


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?

12:00AM The exterminators

Talking about the best dress house guest award going to ELissa. Spencer says the pajamas she wears made her look like a genie, “You know those where expensive as f*****.

Best smile goes to.. Spence r- “Aaryn and a nice smile.. Jessie had a cute smile.. Aaryn had nice teeth” GM – “Aaryn had a weird mouth.. I don’t like her bottom mouth” Andy – “Aaryn”. GM – “OK Aatyn had the best smile”

Best facial Hair award goes to Spencer. GM – “McCrae looked liked a dirty prostitute.. salesman p$dophile”

Best accent award goes to JUDD, Andy – “JUDD was a mumbler” Spencer- “A bad mumbler”

Best dressed boy. GM – “Goes to Andy because of his shirts.. JUDD had a fancy style” Spencer – “He did have a fancy smile”

Weirdest person. Andy and GM agree Kaitlin was weird as hell. GM – “Just about her food.. the forks” Andy – “everything.. ” GM – She picked out her hair on her stomach.. everything was weird”

Best laugh. Spencer – “Helen had a funny laugh” Andy – “Helen did have a funny laugh”

Biggest mouth. Andy – “Candice or Amanda” Spencer – “You talking anatomically or wouldn’t shut the f** up” GM – “Loud” Andy – “I say Amanda” Spencer – “Amanda only because she was here to open her mouth more”

Cleanest. Andy – “Me” GM – “I say Andy’

Laziest. GM – “Jessie” Spencer and Andy – “McCrae”

Most energetic. GM, Andy and Spencer agree Helen.

Worst competitor. Spencer – “JUDD” GM – “Candice” Andy – “Candice or JUDD”

Best competitor. GM – “Jeremy” Andy – Aaryn or Jeremy”

worst sportsmanship. GM – “Amanda” Andy – “ya” Spencer – “She was the worst sport by far”

Most complaints. Spencer- “JUDD”

GM mentions how JUDD got called into the diary room every f*** hour to get medication.

Sloppiest vag!na. Award goes to Amanda

Most likely to queef in public. Spencer- “Elissa” Andy – “Ya for sure”

Most likely to use a dental dam. Andy – “Elissa” Spencer- For sure she used like 5 of them” Andy jokes that ELissa could use the dental dams on herself when she did yoga. Andy – “Elissa would go down on herself.. dental dam herself I caught her a couple times” Spencer- “She knew she needed to because she has a nasty cooch”

Most likely to have a glass eye and give a guy a eye socket job. Andy – “I say Helen” Spencer- “Eye socket jobs are fantastic bu they are hard to come by” GM – “I say Jessie.. she likes in every hole in her body”

Most likely to get caught m@sturbating at a pet store. Andy – “Elissa” Spencer – “you Andy”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


1:10AM GM and Andy
GM – “Monday then Tuesday buddy”
They mention how Spencer is telling them both the same story. GM – “He telling you the same thing about the 500 thousand dollar mistake”
Andy – “Ya.. he said anyone against you would lose”
GM – “Go against me.. he said the same thing about you”
Andy – “so.. ”
GM – “Oh my god he’s using the same tactic so we will take him”
GM – “Good night Andy.. drink a bit of soda… (BURP).. music tomorrow dance party”
Andy and GM tell each other nothing has changed they want to take each other to the end.

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5:20AM Sleeping yo

9:30pm Sleeping


11:00pm Houseguests get woken up to music.. music over they go back to bed

12:45pm All three house guests are sleeping..

2:40pm The Final 3 are sleeping their way to half a million..

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340 thoughts on “Spencer- “Eye socket jobs are fantastic but they are hard to come by”

        1. I want to hear more Asian jokes. There are about 2.5 billion Asians. Gina needs to go up to Julie and ask her did she know Bruce Lee? Ask Julie did she come over here by boat? Gina why give the Asians a pass on the joke telling. Lets talk about flat Asian butts and how they are so horney. This is what CBS wants to hear. It will drive ratings through the roof. Think about it, 1 billion Chinese will to tuned to their TV during the finale, if Gina starts in on them.

            1. Wait one minute. Its all good. Helen said these comments in the house were all jokes and certain people were being overly sensitive. I think you are in the overly sensitive category. I support Helen, people should be able to make jokes about Blacks, Jews, and Asians. These are some great jokes that Gina is making. CBS also has put a disclaimer out saying all jokes have been cleared by the NAACP, and the Hispanic Caucus. Wait I am now being told these jokes were not cleared by the NAACP or the Hispanic Caucus and CBS has denied ever making that statement. I’ll get back to you regarding my official position of these jokes after Fox tells me what my position should be. What time does Bill O’Reilly comes on.

          1. You forgot about Asian women having a sideways (I guess that’s the best to call it) vagina inside. I’ve heard men talk wonders about this. Say sex with them is better than any race of women.

        2. Obama won’t even say the word terrorist. Ft. Hood ring a bell libby? I never said there was a red line and if I did it was someone elses fault. whine and cry just like your idol Andy.

          1. That was a good one, just what we need, more right humor. So who were you imitating? Was it Arnold Schwarzenegger? Don’t tell me, let me guess. Was it that Virginia Governor under indictment? No? Come on man I know I was close. You sound homophobic, maybe its someone you admire with homophobic tendencies? Shucks that’s a tough one, 95% of the right suffer from homophobia.

            Ok I give up that impersonation was to tough. Set me up with another impersonation. How about something easy like “Mission Accomplished” or “We fought them over there so we won’t fight them over here”.

              1. LOL! That was a good one. Exactly what we need more Wiener jokes. However, at least he doesn’t have to pay for it. Lets review the right leaning comedy. Thou shall honor your wife and sleep with no other and any man that sleeps outside of marriage is no man at all. I think that’s in the right platform or maybe they just make this BS as they go.

                However then we find out that well Senator Vitter had an alleged association with …for lack of a better word, ladies of the evening. There was also Rep Livingston that resigned because of his alleged affair with a woman of the evening. Just to show how the right don’t discriminate, Senator Ensign thought it was a good idea to allegedly have an affair with his staffer’s wife. Talking about keeping it in the family, I don’t think that staffer intended to be working long nights while the Senator may have been giving it to his wife.

                Its just amazes me, that the right is so busy helping the economy by contributing to the business of hard working women, how do they ever find the time to get any legislation done. Opps! They don’t…that’s the punch line and the country has been laughing ever since.

                1. Welcome to unemployment Andy. Don’t blame the debt on me because I’m a Democrat and we spend others people money. In fact you all need to quit reading this and go to work and support my free food stamps and Obamaphone.

        3. I think CBS screwed the pooch on choosing these houseguests. My dog BO would have been a better houseguest. I would send him there but he is off jet setting to Paris this evening on AirForce Poo.

      1. They need to talk about Candice more. That never gets old. Spencer tell me again about the hat again and how you outsmarted a racist Aaryn, who instead of asking Candice what happened automatically jumped down Candice’s throat. I thought that was so funny. Tell me again about ugly Candice is and only pretty in Africa. That just broke me up. I just hope BB can somehow get a cast this funny next year. Maybe they can find more Texans that share Aaryn’s views. That shouldn’t be to hard, according to Aaryn, all Texans think like that. I am glad Aaryn keeps it real.

        1. Instead of blaming Aaryn why not blame the liar that started the entire mess and that was SPENCER!!! Aaryn and Candice were both the victim of Spencer’s lying? I mean what a prize that he lied and caused the problem and thinks it is funny. A man would admit to the lying and clear it up for both Candice and Aaryn, but then again Spencer is nothing more than a coward and perhaps a pedophile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. It didn’t matter whether Spencer did anything or not, Aaryn clearly didn’t like Candice from the word go. Which is fine. Everybody doesn’t have to be BFFs in the BB House. What’s not fine is how Aaryn chose to express her dislike by injecting race/racial stereotypes into her conflict with Candice. I suspect Aaryn doesn’t like anybody who doesn’t belong to her own ethnic group,regardless of whatever bs her mother says to the contrary.

            1. Wrong, Aaryn and Candice totally got along at the beginning because they were both talking about pageant and Candice helping Aaryn, but then Spencer started the lie and that caused all the problems. Aaryn yes said mean things but wow they all have, but put the blame where it belongs for setting things in motion and sorry like it or not that falls right at LIAR SPENCER’S FEET!!!!

              1. Aaryn took it to a greater level. Her first instincts were to attack someone’s race. If being racist is not already in you, then she would have never went that route. And you say that Candice and Aaryn got along to begin with because they bonded over pageant stuff. Well, why did she jump to such a negative conclusion over someone she had a common bond with…someone that wanted to help her with her pageant career. Why didn’t she think to herself what a nice person Candice was to her, and perhaps the situation was a misunderstanding. The fact that she did not even think twice about attacking Candice, even though they got off to a good start,, tells me there was some obvious deep seeded dislike.

                1. Simply put it was because she was a stupid 22 year old college student who wanted to fit in what she considered at the time the cool kids, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM, Nick and David who started the entire mean girl club. Seriously, and no you do not have to be racist or have racism ingrained in you to say stupid and hateful stuff sometimes it comes straight from ignorance and not understanding that words do hurt. Go to any college campus and listen and what you hear will shock you. It is called a pack mentality and very influential on young stupid kids!

                2. Well if Andy is an example of what college professors are spewing out to their students today, no wonder Aaryn said the things she said. I mean if this is what professors are telling their students in this day and time, no wonder Aaryn said the things she did and does not get why they were wrong when she said them. Their professors are the adults and hey if they spew this type of garbage out of their mouths why would the students think it was wrong. Perhaps, the blame should go to professors like Andy who spew hate and not the ignorant ill informed students who learn the crap from their professors. I think being in the jury house will greatly benefit Aaryn but lord help this country with crap like racist bigot Andy teaching them.

          2. Spencer cleared it up with Aaryn after Candice was evicted. His making Aaryn and Candice fight actually worked for him. Spencer was still with the Moving Company at the time of the fight and it prevented Aaryn and Candice from ever working together. I think although Aaryn might of had some issues with Candice before the hat thing, she wasn’t a dummy. Aaryn would of worked with Candice if it meant staying in the house. However, that hat argument was so ugly, that both Candice and Aaryn never forgot about it and the issue festered.

            Hence, the digs Aaryn kept taking at Candice which only isolated her more from the Super Friends. As bad as Gina’s comments might be in the house, the person I hate the most is Helen. Its one thing to be subjected to this racial hate by Gina, its another for someone like Helen to put their head in the sand and say no racism here. I guess that’s one way to look at it, just pretend it doesn’t exist as long as it didn’t affect you. Helen telling Judd, Candice overreacted, there is no racism in this house. While at the same time Aaryn and Gina were just as contemptuous of Helen as Candice.

            Helen if you want to ignore racism, that’s fine, stand on the sidelines. However, don’t make a person whose being subjected to all this hate be further penalized by telling her friends that Candice is just overreacting. I thought that was cowardly….if don’t want to get involved then stay out of it…but don’t pretend that it didn’t happened and tell the person they are just being overly sensitive.

        2. Hey………………….. just cause AARYN said it “don’t make it so”…………. I would not speak for all of Texas as we have some pretty scummy people here, just like other places in this country. However, the folks I associate with don’t talk trash about people because of their race, religion, etc.

          This has been a very disgusting group of people and after this season ends, …………. I promise on a stack of dirty laundry that I will NEVER watch BB AGAIN. Unfortunately, I have to see how this sad situation turns out and I hope there will be some coverage on what happens to these jerks when they get back out in the real world. I am SUPER anxious to see them get their just due. Not a single one of the 3 left deserve this money, but one of them will get it.

          Not that they care because there will be plenty to take my place, but BB just lost a loyal fan. Unless there are major changes to BB, I won’t watch again. If this is the kind of trash they want to bring on board and if this is the action they condone, I can find much better ways to spend my time.

          I don’t want my children or my nieces and nephews to watch this and think it is ok to talk this way, whether it is about others or the absolutely filthy things that come out of these HG mouths. I have used it before but if we had a dollar for every F word said in this house this season, we would all be wealthy. Disgusting……..

      2. I just can’t wait for next season. I hope they have some right leaning personality on like Bristol Plain next year. Bristol can explain to us how her mom is a real hunter. Like her support for just getting in a helicopter and just mowing down a wolf. Now that’s what I call hunting. People don’t have all day tracking and waiting in the cold for game. Just fly over with a M16 and let it rip, but do it in a humane way. She can tell us how her mom saved Alaska by resigning. Also if the houseguests try to evict Bristol, it could be like Jason in Friday the 13th. Production could rig the game as usual and keep sending Bristol back into the house. Just make up some new power or twist after every eviction. Production just keeps sending her back. The left will hate it but the right will love it.

        To make it even better, fill the house with left leaning contestants that have a college education and they look down at Bristol because she only has a GED, but Bristol has like appeared on Fox ten times already. Those left leaning haters.

        Oh yes, Bristol can start crying about how she had cosmetic surgery just like Julie; however, the house hates her because she beautiful. Where will the crazy ever end with the left.

      3. I resent that statement that you said these guys are not thinking straight. You are soundly like an elitist. Next you be opposing great ideas of the right, and asking silly questions like if we default on our debt, wouldn’t that make the dollar worthless, make millions unemployed, drastically affect our cost of living, and actually increase our debt. You gutless left, don’t you realize that we need to destroy the country in order to save the country. The country might never recover, but the right is willing to take that risk.

    1. I’m surprised they’re talking about others this way. I can understand a fight where you get pissed at someone or maybe another contestant is standing in the way of you getting ahead so you smear him/her a bit, but the game is won already… the three of them are standing at the finish line, yet they have actually increased the ridiculously offensive comments by tenfold, not just toward other contestants but also the host. I’m just totally blown away by these three. This is the point where their true personalities come out.

      1. Loving this season. Gina is such a comedian. She should also get America’s Favorite Player, she is hilarious. I hope BB Canada brings her on the season opener to say high to all the Canadian viewers, they would love her.

          1. Canadians are so nice I would like to see GM in your BB house, I would buy the feeds for sure.
            I think it would be a good experience for GM, it may help her out.

        1. No one ‘deserves’ to be exposed to any of these three in any public context ever again. Wed. finale should be the last of them…ever.

      2. That is so true…they are bashing these people on national television. It is pathetic. GM and Andy are notorious for for slamming people. However Andy takes it to another level. He has such a childish attitude and shows himself as a coward. What got me recently was when GM was baking cookies for the crew. She asked if they could wait a minute while she checks the cookies and he had the nerve to be rolling his eyes and saying something to Spencer (that was inaudible to us) but the look on his face said it all. He has no problem diving into those cookies, but shows little respect towards anyone. I get that the game is about scheming but this behavior of his would leave me questioning his actions outside of the house. I would not want to associate with him at work and if I was a friend of his, then I would really question it.

        The show is about what lengths you would go to in order to win the $500000, but it also shows what you are capable of. It is like a double edge sword as some will go so far as to hurt the people on the show but then it can also leave you with a tarnished reputation outside of the house. (Karma)

        GM will confront you and say it to your face, but Andy has to hide behind walls or people to slam you.

          1. The difference is that Gina will do it and has done it whereas Andy never will b/c he is a coward. GM hasn’t done it every single time, but she has no qualms confronting people. That is the difference.

    2. Their not thinking! They do not know how. Critical thinking is outlawed in schools now. This is the results of 50 years of being under chemical and bio attack.
      The food that most ppl eat is not food but chemicals to lobotomize everyone. Notice GM lives off of “Diet C@ke” It is filled with Aspartame a nerotoxin. It mimics MS. The water is filed with floride which is industrial waste. It calms ppl down plus other massive physical damage. So ya vote to put that in your water dumbasses.Then the air we breath is filled with Aluminium which acumilates in the brain and many other toxins from the chem trails they are spraying on us daily. Just look up at the sky once in awhile. Just look at the ph levels of the soil and how it is being changed. Arsenic is added to chicken feed and many other things we eat. Female hormones are coating nearly everything now days…..thats why our country is filled with ? how did Schwarzenegger put it? wussy boys.
      Should I mention the pharmaceuticals.. everyone saw first hand how these ppl act on them. Imunizations are also brain and reproductition killers.
      And on and on. Wake People. The same corporation that make the poisons in the so called food you eat are the same corporations who sell you the pharmacuticles you need when your body has had to many toxins or the GMO make you sick enough. FYI never never never get vacines…they are pure poison. end of story. It is called soft kill. That is why you are seeing people around you dropping dead at 50 instead of 70 or 80.
      Then there is social engineering…..Pole dancing 8 year olds are acceptable in europe now. US next.
      The youth are more concerned with the latest slut maker ..Viley Virus than the fact is our country is ran into the ground by a phony fraud who is using a dead guys ss number.
      Social engineers are good at what they do. Keeping the masses dumb down and distracted. Before you give me a thumbs down…go ahead and do a little research if you even know how or care enough and you will find everything I wrote is true. By the way I look at the house guest as victims as most ppl are since they are misinformed disinformed and underinformed. Oh and do you really think it is a coenceidence that that the racist on the show has the same last name as the guy on trial in florida at the same time? really now. She never even watched the show before. gee …Such a common name? Divide And Conquer
      It is what it is. Wake up world ….theres only a few thousand phycopaths ruining the world for all of us.So that being said….GM for the Win!

      1. Results: Sigh Oh dear me…. Hummmmm
        This not a site to rant about your delusions of what environmental terrorism may be..In fact nothing you said made any sense at all. I sincerely doubt there’s some sort of government type secret plan to polute / poison Americans via their air, water, food so they’d end up behaving like a rude ignorant dildo on BB…
        The topic is the CBS show called Big Brother… OKay.

        And FYI “Let Me Guess Workplace (something) Violence Says”
        Obama is not a BB Houseguest. Making snide remarks about him today, here, especially after such tragic events today, shows a complete lack of respect for him and the office of the president compassion for the victims and their families.

        1. Should read … Lack of compassion for the victims and their families…
          Also keep in mind people from all over the world visit here. Not everyone is intereested in American politics.. So better to stay on the topic of BB so as to blend into the ongoing conversation.

        2. Mooning…Why don’t you simply do your research! Instead of making an uninformed statment.
          As far as why I wrote it here is because some seem to be baffled by the HG behavior.
          I was just trying to get people to be better informed as to the reality of the situation.
          Just like poor Britneys Baby has cancer at 2 months old? really? Why? See my above post! …solution Hemp Oil therapy will cure her baby safely!
          phoenixtears dot ca
          A simple example of the problem, which you yourself witnessed, is the behavior you saw with the HG on pharmacuticles…need I say more.
          Ya those helped them think clearly….um hum
          And yes I normaly do keep my opinions limited to BB on this site. Like I said educate yourself! You will find that most of what you think to be true is not.
          The illution of knowledge is the key to tyranny

          1. My dear Results…
            Just because I may not agree with you does not follow that I am not well educated and informed.. Sounds to me like you discovered your degree on the subjects of physics, science and medicine through Google …
            Reality in any environment is perception.of same. Your world seems a sad place. I live in a kinder place.. All behavior is learned, therefore can be changed….Remember we are all made from stardust…

    3. OMG, where in the world does Julie Chen get off calling anyone a racist after talking today on that show of hers about Jew noses and how unattractive they are. She is as big a racist as anyone and trying to explain away why she got her asian eyes taken care of. Her derogatory comments are to be PC incorrect but anyone that makes a comment besides her is racist. Julie Chen is such a BIGOT!!!

      1. A minority can’t be a racist, its in the Equal Rights Amendment. So Julie talking a Jew’s nose, and they do have a big nose, was all out of love. Also Jew’s are all rich, just ask Gina and Judd. Also the holocaust is just one big joke, just ask Amanda.

      2. It wasn’t Julie who said “Jew bump” on the talk it was Sharon Osborne-also saying she is 1/2 Jewish but did not want a nose like that

    4. Barack Obama was on the news complaining that there aren’t enough black people on network programming.

      So FOX decided they are now going to air ‘Cops’ four times a day.

    1. At 12:28 am, GM is once again making fun of Helen’s eyes. I didn’t think Helen’s eyes were humorous. I don’t think I ever read anything negative Helen said about GM; I only heard over-the-top praises about GM. I think GM has something against Asians. She’s say way too many slurs regarding them. The reason you’re still taling about Candice is because she told the truth: you’re a 33-y/o woman that doesn’t like herself so she wears blue contact lens and blonde extensions. Maybe you need to work on your insides.

      GM, work on yourself, but then again I guess you did, physically at least. You got a nose job, you dyed your hair blonde and added extensions to make it fuller, longer. You wear blue contact lenses. You scarf and barf to keep you childbearing figure.

      Stop adding qualifiers: I know I’m not that smart but I keep it real and I don’t notice any difference in people.

      Before wanting to work with kids, do some soul searching and dig real deep because you should not be around any kids to influence them. What would they learn from you?

      1. GinaMarie hates all successful educated beautiful people of other races. She’s jealous of them and wants to be them. She knows she low class gutter rat trash

      2. Helen eyes is funny. I wonder if she can get that Asian surgery that Julie Chen got. Gina is a riot. Hope BB gives Gina a job dealing with BB, the viewers just love her.

        1. gm says things you guys wish you had the balls to say in public you just do it in private way I see it she can say what she wants if you don’t like it go fck yourself

          1. GM makes ALL women from NYC look bad. I have never been inclined to say any of the trash that comes out of her mouth and wish that they would put a muzzle on her to shut her up. She is the stereotypical low class loud mouth envious slacker wanna be famous trash talking loser from the NY area that reality TV is in love with. Most of the woman I know cringe when she opens her mouth and we wonder how someone with such a limited vocabulary and crass mannerism could end up on Network TV. Especially a show that has 24/7 live feeds. It’s one thing to see a low life like her on the Real Housewives or Bad Girls Club where she would be edited down to 15 minutes a week but to have her sounding like a psycho for 3 months is almost more than I can handle. She obviously has some mental issues as is evident by the way that she is still talking about Nick as if he were her husband. I bet Nick moves back to Ohio (I think that’s where he is really from) just to avoid running into her or should I say to avoid her stalking him. She says things like “this is for you Nick” and we all know that Nick had no interest in her during his limited time in the house. They spent something like 20 days together on a reality TV show where he slept with a pillow between them and she thinks he is out there somewhere pining away for her and rooting her on. Does that ring of “normal” to you? It sure doesn’t to me. The other 2 are awful as well. I wouldn’t mind Andy’s constant bull if he didn’t go around crying all the time and looking so neurotic. His over the top emotions and paranoid demeanor are nauseating to me. I get that this is a game but I assure you that there is NO WAY that I could sit there and listen to the crap that came out of the mouths of some of these contestants. The racist comments are more than I would be able to tolerate. At this point I guess I really don’t care who wins because in my opinion none of them deserve it. What is Spencer’s big claim to fame? I was on the block a ton of times but no one viewed me as a threat to the 500K so I never got voted out?

            1. Very well said! I agree with everything you said except the part about Gina making NYC girls look bad. Gina might be talented but even her antics can’t even make NYC girls look bad. NYC is the home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. The women are always very stylish and have a lot of inner strength and determination.

              I am not sure what to make of Gina. There is street smarts and book smarts. All those in the house that laughed at Gina because she didn’t have the book smarts are out of the house, and in many instances at the hands of Gina. Gina is a survivor and has street smarts. Its obvious her outlook and perspective has also been shaped by the streets as well. If you have been in the streets for any period of time you come to realize its harsh, mean and neglect abounds. Gina exhibits signs of neglect in her education, and emotional health. I am not trying to excuse anything she has said, she is 33 years old. I am just saying her outlook on life seems to have been developed on the streets and sometimes you have to go along in order to get along and its obvious the crowd she hangs with have a very low opinion of minorities and low self-esteem.

        2. No Name, are you related to GM, Spencer, Andy? ‘cos you sure sound like a total ass***e. Just like the three of them. You are a blithering idiot!!!!

    2. Actually it’s the death of ” American ” society; other societies are holding their own.

      To think that from the tens of millions of potential HG’s, CBS somehow managed to select these degenerates.

      It’s almost as thought this was a planned attempt at of showing to what depths of depravity, perversion, debauchery America has sunk to OR, and it just may be, that the majority of Americans are exactly as portrayed by this bunch of vile and disgusting individuals.

      To sum up this season “un-fucking-believable”; and that would be a huge understatement.

        1. Julie must go.

          If BB was not hosted by an Asian host then probably the season would of been better. Its probably a culture thing, because Julie didn’t get some of the race jokes that Aaryn, Gina, and Amanda were telling. They were just jokes and they were pretty funny. That go make rice comment was the best. I think that’s why they just put Aaryn’s comment out there. Julie took it personal and made the whole season look like it was all about hating minorities. I hope they get a white male host next year that has a sense of humor instead of Julie.

          1. “Name” is a classic blog troll…he/she sits at a computer in their underwear trolling blogs to provoke- an agitator who never identifies him/herself but gets off on others’ reactions. Ignore the troll BB bloggers!

      1. CBS decided to prove something to all of us who held the belief that Rachel Reilly is as skanky as one could get. Concept for BB15: Put in Rachel Reilly’s beloved younger sister and a cast that would make her sister look classy. It took 40,000 applicants, but they did it! In the process, Elissa really did seem to be a cut above, classier and an honorable woman. Overall, a successful season for CBS! Next year’s cast will be comprised entirely of direct family members of the Reilly clan.

        1. I am confused, granted I am confused by a lot of these posts. However, how was Rachel a skank again and how come a guy is never described as a skank.? Unless you are Spencer and asexual, it normally takes 2 people. I think Rachel was attractive, she might of not been what appeals to you, but I think most people agree that she’s attractive. She is a young woman that’s proud of her body and developed an attraction to a guy on a reality show. Where is the problem again with that?

          If you want to hate on her, at least be original and come with some new material. As far as Elissa, I thought there were good and bad situations. It was obvious that Production helped or influenced her in different parts of the game…..the bad. However, Elissa was the only one that consistently had a good read of people and acted on the threat that was Amanda/ McCrae. It could be said that although neither Amanda or McCrae were evicted on her HOH, that she exposed how weak they were and allowed or influenced Gina to put up Amanda/McCrae the following week…….the good.

          1. If Helen was still in the house, she would of been telling Elissa during her HOH that it’s not time to put up Amanda/McCrae. Elissa would of eventually been evicted and on her way out and Helen would of given her a hug while telling her, its still not time yet. Wait next season!

        1. Gina is the best player in BB history. Its been a long time since a babe won, and a hot babe at that. She will inspire young girls to desire to be on BB. She will show beauty queens that you don’t need an education to be successful.

      1. BB is so educational and doing public service advertisements. When Spencer asked Andy how do homosexuals decide who does what? I was saying wow, I wonder how. Because I am still figuring out how hetrosexuals figure it out? Maybe homosexuals have a better way of doing it. Because I know when I tell my girlfriend, I want to give her some rear door action, she always replies go f&&k yourself.

  1. Never was really an Elissa fan but I am dedicating my 20 votes {a la twitter and cbs accounts} to her just to piss these nasty morons off.

        1. I doubt it after the way Chen made Aaryn the scapegoat while there are many more vile people on BB this season, and at least she did end up saying she was sorry when she got to the Jury maybe she actually deserves it. She definitely deserves it more than the vile three left in the house because they will never learn!!!

  2. Cannot wait to get this season over. I wasted 42 minutes of my life last night out of sheer frustration. How the hell did these three fools get to F3?

      1. Yes disgusting, but the show last night was entertaining. Mine got cut off though–can’t figure out why I guess a football game or something cut into my PVR taping time.

  3. I have a suggestion for production for next season: bring back the first or second person from each season to be evicted. We didn’t get much of a chance to get to know them and some could have gone far if given the opportunity.

    1. Also let the evictions be open for all to know how you vote. Take out POV. Let the ones nominated go head to head with the winner coming off the block. I bet these changes would stir the pot up.

    2. Yes bring back the first or second person but they can skip David LOL
      We knew him enough to know he would not bring much to the table

    1. Agreed because if Helen didn’t trust Andy so much they probably could’ve got Amanda out early on and had an alliance of Howard, Candice, Jessie, Judd, Elissa, and Helen. They would’ve been a far better final 6 than what we had.

          1. Superfriends 2.0 destroyed what should have been an amazing season.

            Anyone else wish we had a Nick, Jessie, Howard final 3 right now? I sure do.

            Two survivors of what should have been the dominant alliance, and one of the best under the radar players in the game this season. All pretty nice, respectable people, who likely would have put the money to far better use than these three likely will.

  4. I would think that after Andy and Spenser talked so horribly about Julie Chen the other night that they would have been removed from the house.
    CBS could have then brought the last two evicted houseguest back into the house, McCrea and Judd. Why would a network want to give Ratboy $500,000
    when he was saying such horrible things about Ms. Chen. CBS sure did miss the boat on having houseguest with a moral compass. I know the game is about lying, but it is not about making up horrible stuff about the host or other houseguest.
    Please Gina Marie, you cannot let Ratboy win!!!

    1. Why should they be removed from the house for making horrible remarks about Julie? Should Julie be awarded special status? They have made vile, filthy remarks about other people and CBS did nothing. Removing them because of remarks about Julie would show bias and favouritism. I do hope however that at the start of Wed show, Julie will look at Spencer and ask if she appears drunk. He would poop his pants ( save him the trouble when Elissa wins AFP) and look for the closest hole to crawl in.
      I know it will never happen but I wish CBS and BB production would grow a set and admit what a casting mistake they made this year. They should also point out that none of the F3 deserved to win but unfortunately they had to honour a contract.

      1. I just loved when yesterday the HGs were talking about how they wish they had a movie to watch or someone would come and talk with them and BB production says You’re the reason we can’t have nice things…

        Thought I’d pee my pants laughing. I think they’ve had enough of these vile people as well. And frankly, I’m glad Julie and her husband got a taste of what others have had to endure this season.

        1. No celebrity guests, very few prizes, no movie preview, no out of the house trip, no Pandoras Box, no Las Vegas reunion. Do you think any of that has crossed their pea brains? Of course not. They have themselves convinced that they are the greatest final 3 in BB history. Jackie, did that conversation with production really happen. ? Hopefully the wrap party will be a bucket of KFC and a couple of 2 liter bottles of diet sodas.

      2. talk about casting now take a minute and think how would they know how someone acts in private you don’t even know how your co workers act in private and you see them everyday so you don’t use your brain anymore than they do

        1. Don’t be so naïve and delusional. They are given a battery of tests and it includes personality and psychological tests. You are asked your thoughts about a whole range of topics and situations. You might think you can beat these tests, and you would be wrong. They track for tendencies and consistency and it would of identified the degree of probability you had difficulty relating to various social groups. So BB may not have known 100% what they were getting, but they had a big clue.

          Then in the case of Kaitlin, you just green light her on the show and forget about any precautions or tryouts. Kait said they discovered her in a bar and they said they wanted her on BB. Next thing you know, she’s on BB. So BB looked for certain personalities and looks. They went out their way to get hot looking girls. They also needed girls that were willing to spice things up very quickly. That must of been an interview question: are you willing to sleep with a guy at the drop of a hat? Because within the 1st hour in the house they were dividing up the guys and by the next day we had action.

          So don’t tell me CBS had no idea that this house was filled with racists, bigots and sexists. CBS took a gamble that this would spice things up and generate huge ratings and you know what? It did exactly that!

      3. Taylor …why should Big Brother honor their contracts when most of the house guests broke every rule in their contract. They cheated in competitions, they talked to the cameras and also made the finger and other gestures to the camera. They threatened houseguests and their families. They made horrible racist remarks..I don’t know what CBS reasoning is to let them do that and no one ever got a warning or jury vote penalties.

        1. Still Crazy — I completely agree with you. CBS should not have to honour the contract but as they did not put a stop to all the remarks at the beginning, they would find themselves in a legal entanglement if they withdrew the prize money now. The hgs should have been warned immediately and then fined for each rule that they broke or removed from the house for threatening remarks. I hope the contract for BB 16 is re-written to include serious penalties for infractions of rules. Was watching BB OZ on youtube yesterday and a housemate entered a part of the house which she knew to be off limits. She had all of her clothes taken away for 2 days.
          On a more serious note, while watching the tragic events unfold in Washington a psychiatrist was saying that if you hear co-workers, etc, making threats to kill or injure, you should report it immediately so the person can be evaluated. My mind went to some of the threats made by the hgs and I think some of them should be evaluated before returning to society.

      4. Julie won’t out any of them for saying / doing / whatever. If she did it would cause millions to come to spoiler sites to see what was said and that would be bad for CBS.

        So you can expect Julie to be her joyful self, talking to those disgusting people like they’re friends of hers.

    2. I have never ever heard any HG say anything negative about Julie Chen until this season. These idiots should know you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Most HG’S suck up to her

    1. It’s funny how Andy didn’t want to admit to anything the first half of the game – now he wants to take credit for EVERYTHING!! Unfortunately, if he makes it to final 2, the jury will probably be suckered in by him again and give him the win. Andy will say he played the best game by fooling everyone. But really, how hard was it to fool these people? Helen will say it’s too soon to get rid of Andy – the rest will agree – Andy will win.

      1. for the most part in the finals its who you hate the least did ian play a better game than dan last year not even close but he pissed less people off

      1. Did you notice how Andy got away with saying he didn’t like the way Amanda “protected” him by torturing Elissa??!! Really Andy and CBS??? It wouldn’t have worked the same way without the PLAN of Andy then repeatedly going to “console” Elissa about Amanda’s bullying!!! Liar, liar pants on fire!!! What a crock and obvious cover-up for Andy! So now CBS wants a winner who becomes BFF with players, gains intimate information, then disparages their character in every way shape and form to get ahead? The mighty dollar rules their roost. They’ve destroyed the BB game.

  5. Holy disgust, are these people human trash!! And the way GM talks about other women and their anatomy is disgraceful..ma must be beaming w pride, job well done lady! This season is shameful. I can’t imagine those involved w compiling this group of vile people want to take much ownership. Something tells me there has been a lot of finger pointing down at CBS this season. If Julie fails to call this group out in there behavior Wed night viewers will be only robbed some more. We are owed the pleasure of bearing witness to a little “coming to Jesus” with this repulsive group!!!!!

  6. lol so GM and the red rat bastard are on to the red wooly pervert’s scheme to take him to the F2. Hope GM wins the 3rd HoH comp and dumps the fat red wooly pervert like Rachel did to Adam! AND I hope Elissa’s husband and Brendan show up on Finale night to confront that fat pervert and the red rat bastard about all the nasty things they said about Elissa! Preferably with an attorney to sue their ugly asses for defamation! ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!

  7. Why I don’t want GM to win. She talks about Welfare ( I resfuse to even write how she called it). It is ignorant people like her that talk about welfare that people collect, not knowing about the welfare taxpayers give to corporations and the wealthy. Try this out GM. The Top 1% incomes grew by 34.4% while the bottom 99% incomes grew only by 0.4% from 2009 to 2012. Hence, the top 1% captured 95% of the income gains in the first three years of the recovery. In sum, top 1% incomes are close to full recovery while bottom 99% incomes have hardly started to recover. This is due to a Congress doing nothing except giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Won’t hear this on Fox News with a Billionnaire CEO Bobbt Murdoch.

    So GM = ignorant American.

      1. I try my best to keep the comments in the realm that everyone is happy but sometimes things slip through. Micromanaging the comment thread is a full time job to begin with.

          1. Not sure what you mean by being kicked out with the city. It could be your internet browser that isn’t supported by the paypal website and so I would suggest trying a different internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

            If that doesn’t work and as the issue appears to be with Paypal’s website I would suggest contacting them if its not to much trouble. Paypal # 1-888-221-1161

            You can use your paypal account if you have one or if you don’t have a PayPal account you can use your credit card or bank account (where available).

            Click the following link, then click on “donate” which redirect you to paypal where you can sign into your paypal or on the left side there’s the option to pay with a credit card.


            1. I tried it using my card while on Chrome and it kept saying I needed to put in a Province. I’m in the US so it wouldn’t take my donation. I’ve had trouble with PayPal and won’t use them again. So what’s a fan to do?

              1. Sorry its causing you issues, I am not sure why. I had similar trouble with a website from the US where it wouldn’t let me put in my province. I had to try a couple different browsers before it would let me enter my address. The only other suggestion I have is contacting paypal directly through their toll free number 1-888-221-1161. I understand how that’s probably more trouble than its worth though but we appreciate the attempt.

    1. you got so many thumbs down because you are too intellectual,you stated facts not opinions and you challenged readers to question their beliefs by crictical thinking.but i get you.

    2. If you want to come on here to be Occupy your Mama’s Basement, the wealth disparity is actually growing under this president OhShama. You are less educated than any house guest it appears.

  8. Seriously — do these people not realize they are being filmed 24/7? Who talks like that ALL THE TIME? They all (including GM) act like 2-year-olds — whatever they think comes spewing out of their mouths. The difference is that I can forgive a 2-year-old because children haven’t learned about “social graces” yet. But these 3 — they are an embarrassment to the human race. I stopped watching BBAD because they are so disgusting. I barely watch the show now because I can’t even stand to look at them! Here’s a question for the three of them — “Most ignorant houseguest who loses/should lose his/her job, family and friends and who owes the public an apology for his/her behavior” — it’s a 3-way tie! Do they have no self-respect?? How can they even look at themselves in the mirror? I have never heard so much women bashing in my entire life, from such an “assortment” of individuals — a “whack job,” a “perv,” and a “sodomite.” (Yeah, I said it – sorry) I don’t buy into any of the talk that these people are only like this in the house; that they are different outside the house. That’s BS. If walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a friggin’ duck! I hope SOMEBODY puts their a$$es through the wringer on finale night — accountability is a BIT@H! If they are going to talk trash, then they need to “own it” and not try to downplay their in-house actions by saying it’s “so stressful,” “it’s just ‘game’,” etc. They’re nothing but a bunch of LOSERS (IMHO).

    1. Maybe for a second or two, but he won’t be surprised…he’ll turn it around and say, well it’s the Brenchel army what do you expect, and be all ugly and self righteous about it. One time when he should be crying.

      1. Spencer said that he was going to poop(he actually said sh**) on the floor if Elissa won. Let’s get the pooper scooper ready

          1. Simon you have to watch. After being our eyes and hears this whole disgusting season how can you not watch these people get called out? You and Dawg earned that.

      2. I can’t wait to see their faces when Elissa wins the 25k! And she can thank THEM for all the votes…poor girl will believe its from the “Brenchalarmy” which is a joke in itself – the vile disgusting housemates she was forced to love w are absolutely insuring she gets America’sPlayer just to smack them across their faces!!!

      1. YES…YES…YES….a thank you to Simon and Dawg! Without you guys we would be full of pent up emotion about this very bad season, however everyone got to have their say and we all feel better! Whew…..

        1. ii actually read Spencer’s blog on CBS.com and it was actually tame by comparison to 90% of what he said
          this season. he does not have many fans defending him on it and the comments are shorter versions of the
          better complaints and rants here at OBB. the amount of rage is universal, the wave of internet backlash tidal
          and epic. the anger is not latent and is seeking any outlet that gives CBS a feedback. we are trufans in shock.

  9. How about “Biggest sleazeball, cum sucking, bigot, hateful, thinks so highly of oneself, bully, bitchy, smelly, yeasty, and butt ugly”?

    GM and Spencer both say Amanda.

    Andy says “Me?”

    I wish we could see the Jury House to see who the bully is picking on…

    1. want gm to win last stage but im telling you ive got the worst feeling andy will probably win I would like to see gm get a least 50k

    1. Currently you have 13 thumbs up (mine included) and one down. Makes you wonder what kind of a degenerate finds your comment offensive while finding the comments of the Spencer, GM and Andy uplifting, amusing, insightful, etc.

      Obviously a disgusting and vile person.

  10. Whenever you think you found a glimmer of a redeemable quality in any of those three characters, they manage to blow it up. Every single time. What a bunch of losers!

  11. I can’t stand that little gay rat Andy. His sick and creepy obsession with Elissa is disgusting. I hope someone from Elissa’s family confronts that piece of white trash. I want to see that little rat shit and piss his pants when he is called out for all the vile things he has said about Elissa and her family….he of all people should have tolerance of others since that is what gays expect of non-gays…..what an embarassment he is to the gay community.

    1. Sorry, production won’t call him out, they couldn’t have Amanda so now they are settling for their first gay win on BB. So goes trying to cut away and clean up his act, which I is not easy because of his foul nature and tiny repetitive mind that can not get away from his unnatural attraction to Elissa even if he won’t admit it.

    2. Remaining HG needs to see the wizard, GM needs a brain and her colored glasses removed, Andy needs a heart, humility, and knowing what true friendship is. Spencer needs courage, and the realization of him trying so hard to be funny is not working. Of course the wizard would just say go to the wicked witch at jury and bring me her broom first!

    3. The only suitable way to deal with these three are if the BBFamily does not show up to the wrap party. If they do attend, they do not give these ingrates any attention. Acknowledging any of their behaviours in any manner will be construed (by the remaining ‘exterminators’) into an endorsement of how these three are so ‘bad ass’.

      1. I heard not all HGs will be invited to the finale party co-hosted by Rachel. And Brendon has stated that any HG that trash talked his nephews will have to deal with him. He invited everyone to film and post the convo. So that would be Demanda, GutterRat GM, Rat Dog. At this point I can’t remember if the Perv said anything and isn’t that sad. So much vile has been spewed by so many that its hard to keep it all straight. But I think Brendon will remember and of course those silly 24/7 feeds never forget. Good luck at the party guys–that is if you get an invite.

          1. Omg seriously? Thats devastating! Someone needs to tell Rachel immediately, and try to soften the blow…that some anonymous douche from a message board would decline an invite, IF he/she/it was big brother houseguest, and IF he/she/it was extended such an offer.

  12. I guess I know what 90% of the comments are gonna be. Folks on here are so perfect. Almost over. First time I disliked commentors more than HGs.

  13. The rat best dressed male, if Andy considers being best dressed by wearing little boys clothes. His clothes look like a clothesline called Garanimals I dressed my kids in when they were between the ages of 3 to 5. Each piece of clothing had a tag in it that co-ordinated them with other pieces of clothing…….grow up Andy and start dressing age appropriate….

    1. Andy is A Rat
      I wondered if Andys ugly mis-matched childish looking attire was a part of his strategy. The image he presented at first was of boyish mischievous red head that one could trust. Game -wise, a teacher who dresses and acts like a child would have been a huge red flag to me.. But seems many HG just figured his choice of clothes were part of him being gay…

  14. I didn’t even watch the show last night and Big Brother resorted to past clips of when other house guests were in the house, that is how boring and vile these people left in the house are.

  15. It’s pretty pathetic when I don’t even care what the rat turd, perv, and stupid racist are thinking or saying. Wish the season would be over already. The three assholes are so lame.

  16. The good, the bad and the obvious.

    The good was that last nights show let us remember just how bad Jeremy, Aaryn and Amanda were this season.

    The bad was that they totally sanitized the actions of GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer. I mean the show was so disgusting this season that that had to run a disclaimer before airing each episode. if Julie does not address the actions of the house guests on the night of the final shame on her and CBS.

    The obvious is that Elissa will get my ten votes for America’s Favorite House Guest.

    1. You are right about Jeremy. I had forgotten how awful he was and how full of himself he was. He was the first bully and I had hope for the season when they got him out early but it just got worse and worse. So much so that I forgot what a terrible person he was.

        1. I don’t know. During the bed flipping incident he just put his head down and let it happen. He was a bully and I’m afraid to even think about how bad he would have become if he would have stayed in the house.

        2. The one part I liked about the show on Sunday was seeing Jeremy standing up to Amanda about the wine. Even though it was totally ignorant of him to drink that wine with Aaryn and whoever, he just got right back in her face. Those other spineless ninnies could have dished it back at Amanda once in awhile and I think we would have heard less from her. I hope I never see her face on TV again, what a tramp!

  17. Andy – “ELISSA WOULD GO DOWN ON HERSELF.. dental dam herself I caught her a couple times” Spencer- “She knew she needed to because SHE HAS A NASTY COOCH”

    Most likely to have a glass eye and give a guy a eye socket job. Andy – “I say Helen” Spencer- “EYE SOCKET JOBS ARE FANTASTIC bu they are hard to come by” GM – “I say Jessie.. SHE LIKES IN EVERY HOLE in her body”


    The remaining HG’s (as well as others that have left) are seriously in need of help spiritually, morally and ethically, besides a whole host of other things. To speak of such things on national TV, which things will be out there forever, shows a definite lack of character / intellect.

  18. If GM won and took Spencer to the final two, it would certainly be the best part of the entire season; seeing Andy cry like a baby while throwing a tantrum on national TV.

    He’s so vile and delusional he’d probably pull out the ‘ you hate gays ‘ card and have to be manhandled by the tag team of Howard and Spencer and dragged off the stage. Andy would thoroughly love the manhandling though.

  19. Recent News: Andy has also been terminated by his employer. Some small college in IL for his behaviour in the game. Will be interesting when all these house guests learn about the fall out from their actions in the house.

    1. Last night he said he’s thinks he might have lost his job over some of the things he’s said. Of course the others don’t believe such a thing could happen. So want Julie to read all the statements by employers and just let Demanda know that her license was placed on inactive after she went into the house. We deserve to see that much.

      1. That comment by Andy was a solid indication of his confidence in the win. GM should take heed of what it is, and, not read it as an expression of anything different.

      2. http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1638862

        Not sure if I’m allowed to post this link here. If not, Simon and Dawg I apologize, just found this interesting.

        When I looked up that Andy “lost his job,” this was the top result. It’s unfortunate if that is the case, as it is a lose-lose for everyone. Andy lost his job, and the college/students lost a very well liked instructor.

        Of course, the official notice from the college is very ambiguous…it simply states that he, “does not currently work for the college.”

        Well, duh. It’s been summer session, with fall session just now beginning. Andy, for all we know, agreed to teach a 9 weeks course in the second half of the fall, following his appearance on Big Brother. I have a friend that’s a part-time instructor, and he usually works summer and fall, but not spring semesters. Andy may have a similar arrangement. The college covered themselves in a manner in which that if they want to hire Andy in future semesters, they can and will once the attention is off of him. Given that most Big Brother fans latch on to Survivor or some other show following the finale…I say give it until Spring and he’ll likely be teaching again.

        The guy got a 4.9/5.0 on ratemyprofessors, out of 27 reviews. How many speech instructors can you honestly say you remember that fondly? He’ll find work.

        1. And the college put that on its FB page because dolts in BB land contacted the college to complain about him. It’s a tv show folks – and while I think Andy is a jerk – calling the college to complain is crossing the line.

  20. Recent News: Andy has also been terminated by his employer. Some small college in IL for his behaviour in the game. Will be interesting when all these house guests learn about the fall out from their actions in the house.

  21. Who was the most disgusting? Spencer picking his nose and flicking or wiping it then “sure pass me those skittles, i”ll have a few”, scratching at his balls all the time while talking and hgs act like they don’t see. Andy picking and wiping at his nose and whining all the time and thinking he is really “cute” He opens the pnut butter and double dips as with the ice cream too. He instigated so many cruel words said. GM ignorant and racist remarks thinking she is so badass. I would like to see her insult someone in LA neighborhood. She farts and has to “take a shit” . Uncouth. Loud mouth.

  22. I just watched BBAD on Showtime so nothing was censored (I wish it was ! ) They are SO Disgusting !!!!!!!!! Talking about Elissa Drinking every drop of a 55 gallon drum full of cum to get a world record , Giving blow jobs to the principal of the school while in grade 5 then all of the school board members male and female ! Bashing her business website , just to name a few of the beyond GROSS things that were said about her EVEN though she is gone and has been for awhile now !!! What the heck is wrong with these people ?????? YES we know NONE of it is TRUE ! But this is not entertainment in any way shape or form . NO call out from BB what is Wrong with production We get Fish for Just talking about a BB ? I would have welcomed fish for this I did not need to hear this trash ! Andy wondering IF he could lose his job for the way he is talking BUT he keeps on talking this way ??????? IF he does not care if he loses his job WHY should I ? This is DISGUSTING and for this Behavior they are to be REWARDED ????? I Really Hope that CBS CARES and hold them to their CONTRACT and give them not a cent , They DO NOT deserve it !!!! I am Sorry but I am SO Angry with them ! This is NOT game play this is just vile (yeah I said it ) and disgusting display of poor sportsmanship .They do not respect themselves , the other HG’s or BB and have proved that over and over !!!! I will watch on Wednesday But only to see if they get what is Really due to them . I used to Love BB and have watched since season 1 and have not always loved everything or everyone one but still enjoyed it NOT this year ! I have such a feeling of rage and disgust for this group it is almost scary to me . ……..

      1. Andy Andy Andy… there is also guilt by association.
        Slander and Libel can get one sued. CBS has hid by
        the disclaimer, and Elissa has a full legal tort on the
        three of them that all juries in the land would respect.
        She if legal minded could end up with the prize money
        at this rate, whether we are talking first, second or third.

        1. Completely untrue. elissa has no chance of any of that happening.
          But I know it makes all of you haters all warm inside- dreaming of all the horrible things YOU would like to do to these hgs. But youre all good people, right?

          1. Right. Because hoping for a lawsuit is exactly the same as hoping for an eye socket job. Sure, that makes sense. Not.

      2. Actually am beginning to think that Jeremy, Amanda and Aaryn were the least offensive in the house when compared to these three. GM, Spencer and Andy are the most disgusting people to ever be on BB, and let us not forget that a lot of the comments that Julie berated Aaryn about were first said by GIna Marie. The remaining three are so vile it is sickening!

        1. Before we start putting putting Jeremy up for sainthood remember how he stuck Elissa’s hat between his buttcheeks and wiped his ass with it? Dont forgeg winegate, not one man stood up to him, Im sorry, he would not have got away with it if I was there. I would have humiliated him physically in front of the whole house and made him apologize. He was an asshole, plain and simple, I hate that type.

      1. this filth has gone past ascii punctuation marks being swapped with vowels
        and consonants. this has reached the full British definition of something being
        unspeakable and unconscionable. Simon + Dawg now have a thankless task
        with nothing fun or exciting to look forward to save for BB Canada playing out.

      1. Some actually commented that they had never seen the word “vile” used so much. Another BB blog had quite a sentence on everyone using the word. I think it is a fitting word. If someone can come up with a word stronger than vile, I would use that to describe these 3 people left in the house. I simply cannot believe I see and hear what I am hearing from the 3. I know they see and hear those cameras rolling. Can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would act the way they are, and say the things they are saying. GM is foul mouthed guttergirl, Andy …well, he’s an ultimate rat jerk who shows his dislike for women with his nasty comments, but Spencer takes it all with his nose-picking, ball grabbing and nasty comments that insult and degrade. They all will have a rude awakening, hopefully, when they exit that house and enter the real world. Same with Amanda and Aaryn.

    1. I too am very disgusted with this group of sub humans. I hope the police department in Spencer’s town is looking into past sexual complaints from women living here or passing through. If they were to add Spencers face to a photo line up….I fear they may have their “Sexual predator or deviant unknown”….this is truly a sick, sick man and I would keep my young girls, children and animals away from him.

      Andy needs to teach a class on how ..not to ….”communicate” when in a very public forum. He should be soooooo ashamed of himself, for he will never, ever be taken seriously as an instructor/ professor or whatever he professes to be, ever again.

      Gina Marie doesn’t have a single ounce of class in her entire being. She could never be a Role model for women anywhere. My only hope is she will watch herself and shutter.
      I am at a loss for words, except to say that Amanda and Gina should bury the hatchet and open a good old brothel in the skids somewhere.
      Amanda can walk around in her black one piece bathing suit with a cigarette hanging off her lip, checking out the clients, while GM says “now pay the f… up you motherf……g douche , or get to steppin……..all the while, burping and farting.

      1. The Perv’s Daddy is a judge and his brother a cop so almost no chance anything will happen because the Good O’l Boy network will close ranks around him.

      2. Spencer admitted that he grew the beard just for the show, he probably grew it so all his “ROOFIE” victims could’nt recognize him. ” OMG! Thats him ! Thats the guy that bought me a drink, thats the last thing I rember until I woke up in the No Tell Motel with my pantys off and my dress pulled up to my waist!”

  23. Who are these people? Who raised these people and taught them this behavior is acceptable? Is Marilyn brain dead? Is CBS pushing the liberal
    Agenda that racism is alive and well in america? CBS should allow the jurors to hear every single vile word from these scum and each juror could then stand up and refuse to vote and tell us why. I hope CBS does the right thing and sends a message that this behavior will not be tolerated. Holding my breath!

    1. If you’re lucky enough to hangout with these super stars – please send Simon updates – we’d all like to know how many breakdowns they’ve suffered.

  24. i keep on saying SEASON 16 has to be better than BB15 as about 20 to 30 people here keep on giving me a “thumbs down” but

    i think i have a point because each time i think a new low is reached and it can’t tank any worse, i am proven wrong about them.

    a totally new group statistically has to be an improvement on this one. CBS renewed BIG*BRO and yes, i am pleasantly in shock.

    i am praying fervently almost to the point of total message from God piety that the next group of 16 hopefuls is way more sane!!!

  25. I have a feeling ‘Marilyn’ is going to develop sudden memory loss and say :”Spencer?, I have no idea who you’re talking about” if she’s questioned about her boyfriend. Just a wild guess. Anyone who had any redeeming qualities going in to that house, seems to have come out, or is coming out so much less attractive to anyone who’s watched them (if there’s any hope in people’s standards).

    1. For what I can gather Marilyn has one glass eye that Spencer removes before hitting the sack with her.

      Yes, now that you’ve read it, the mental image will never, ever leave.

  26. I was sick to my stomach last night hearing Spencer and Andy talk about Elyssa. I hope Elyssa and her husband sue them both for slander. To think for one moment that Elyssa would want to sleep with Spencer makes me throw up in my mouth. She could not stand to talk to him let alone sleep with him. It seems as if the three most stupid, ignorant, vile, disgusting individuals made it to the final three. This says a lot about the selection process of this show. I think this one did it for me. I know there is nothing to watch on tv over the summer, but I would rather read a book than watch this trash. I really don’t care who wins. I hope that they all pay the price for the disgraceful behavior they showed on this show.

  27. why didnt they have a diamond power of veto and bring back 3 players that were worth while watching????? that would have been a great ending of big brother, mc, amanda, and a 3rd that would have rocked this house into something interesting. i truly wanted mc to win, he did play a great game, too bad he just let amanda do all the talking, so sad, would have been more interesting for an ending

    1. you must be completely ignorant because McCrae’s game was whack from week two until Amanda left. You can not game from the cigarette couch or laying on your dead ass in bed. He hid behind Amanda for weeks and did not have a good grasp on the game when she left. He should have been evicted much sooner than he was. This guy was so overrated it is pathetic.

  28. I may be in the minority, but here’s my opinion on what went wrong with this season……the bed flipping incident and productions lack of putting a halt to it in any way.
    Bad behavior in a small closed off group promotes bad behavior to spread amongst everyone else. Had Aaryn and GM been called out on this incident with at minimum a verbal warning (penalty nom would have been better), the other HG’s would have been put on notice that this behavior was unacceptable. If anything was said to Aaryn and GM in the DR, no one else was made aware of it. Therefore, they got away with what they did, so it left others to get away with what they have said verbally since. Yes, it is disgusting and vile, and each of us has our pick of who has been the worst violator, but the simple truth is the entire event got away from production and they had no clue on how to reel it back in. If they called out anyone after this for words or actions it would all come back to why Aaryn and GM got away with what they did.
    Believe me, I’m not suggesting that any of these people get a free pass based on this assumption, and most haven’t. They have lost at minimum their reputations, some have lost their jobs, and many will forever be only known for being part of the most vile cast in BB history. For how ever many seasons of BB remain, some of these people’s names will continually be mentioned in a negative way. While some took a more moral high ground, it is a shame that this behavior was fed into by most of the remaining HG’s. Production must have thought the other HG’s would squash this behavior (Amanda’s initial attempt to clue Aaryn in. I personally cheered when this happened, but with Aaryn’s dismissal of “I should care more about this but I don’t”, Amanda also ended up letting her vile side come out.)
    So we are left with these three people who in reality will all likely wish they had never participated in this show to begin with. One will win, but I don’t think any of us will be happy with the outcome. Don’t count on the finale giving us any satisfaction. I don’t believe these people will be called out on much of what was said on BBAD. I do expect most of these people to give various interviews where they back peddle and apologize for their behavior. They will say it was “just part of the game”, “I didn’t really mean it”, “it was just a joke”, etc. It will be too little too late, and posters will continue to bash them. Their best bet is to exit as quietly as possible and never be heard from publicly again.

    1. The best we can hope for is the president or CEO or whomever runs CBS to come on at the start of the finale, call out the deviants, perverts, racists, bullies, homophobes, etc. by name and then announce that this was the last season of BB.

      This by far has to be the most degrading spectacle of trash TV ever foisted upon a unsuspecting audience. Yes I watched and will the final show, and probably shouldn’t have but it’s like a natural disaster, you watch hoping for the best, that things turn out, etc. Sadly CBS chose to continue on with the sad debacle called BB15.

      Like they say ” garbage in, garbage out “.

    2. I may be in the minority but the bed flipping incident was minor because it was like a 5 year old having a tantrum that does not get their way and they throw something out of frustration while compared to some of the things that have been said on this years BB. I think it has been way over played and was just not as bad as it was made to appear. The comments these three make in regard to others and the racist things they have said is what bothers me the most. One of the worst in my opinion is what Gina Marie said to Candice about her mother not wanting her, or GM using the N word, or what GM said about Howard. Spencer praising Hitler’s treatment of the Jews or his comments about women in general or taking drugs and being a conductor on a train while he was high or giving women the date rape drug in their drinks or his pedophile comments. Andy talking about Elissa’s kid and Elissa is disgusting and all the other vile comments he has made about mentally challenged people or cheating. Amanda talking about killing Candice or gang raping Jessie. These are the comments that were really vile and disturbing to me. I mean the asian eye comment or the rice comment or even the not being able to see an african american person in the dark yes were mean and hurtful, but when comparing them to these others they really are not anywhere near as evil, but nonetheless they are wrong. I truly think that Spencer is probably the one that should be investigated and lose his job because some of the comments he has made are vile crimes, and he is the one that should lose his job but probably will not because his job is unionized which in this case is a scarey thought that he may still be able to drive a train while high and risk killing hundreds if not thousands of people. Just my thoughts!

      1. I agree the bed incident in relation to what came later seems small. But this is where it got out of hand. This let all the HGs know that they could say and do anything (except physically harm) the other HGs. BB should have stepped in right there and taken control. They seemed to forget Big Brother didn’t just watch but also made the rules. They are the reason we have vile people spewing hate and disgusting comments with no thought about anything except their own egos.

        Don’t let it happen again BB and for goodness sake make HGs get out of bed and clean!!! Why would people pay you for live feeds of disgusting people sleeping?

        1. Jackie, here’s my take. Aaryn and GM (an others) said awful things – and believe me, they were nasty. N,,..g..r Insurance… be careful what you say around Candice in the dark, you might not know she’s there, the white fish are on the top the black ones on the bottom, sort of like being on the back of the bus…. Of course that list could go on and on.

          My issue is that these comments, as awful as they were, were not impacting the game. However, the blogs blew up over them and CBS had to react. So what did Mr. Moonves do? He allowed his wife to discuss ‘the racial issues’ on her daytime show The Talk. CBS made racism the issue. If CBS or Julie or Mr. Moonves really cared about the ‘feelings’ of certain houseguests – then CBS should have insisted that Big Brother production talk to the houseguests. But as we all know, that never happened.

          Aaryn has become BB 15’s poster child for all the racist comments in the house. GM will not be called on the carpet, and neither will anyone else. Dr. Will coming into the house or jury or wherever is just a ratings ploy – and in my opinion – a total sham by CBS if his discussion occurs prior to the jury casting their votes. Andy’s going to win – Elissa will win AFP – the confetti will fall and that will be it. But I say shame on CBS for what we watched this year and shame on us if we don’t let them know how disgusted we are.

          1. Those comments impacted Candice and Howard. Go back and watch Howard’s face after the bed flip when he’s holding a crying Candice. The emotions you see crossing his face are hard to watch because they are so raw. And they had no where to go to get away from the hate. Did they have any good game play? Maybe not but we’ll never know because they were never allowed to play the game. Remember from day 1 David called her “Black Candice” and of course Aaryn thought that was so cute.

            1. Jackie, I did go back – I could be way off, but I think Julie took her show on the road before those incidents. I totally agree with you – comments and actions did impact the game – but not until The Talk discussion. I’m suggesting that CBS could have, and should have, stepped in early on – but opted not to. The blogosphere went nuts (and rightfully so) but I think the national racial card was played by CBS and played hard. By the way, I enjoy reading your comments. I guess on this one, we just see things in a different light.

  29. Julie Chen had the audacity to call out Aaryn for her racist remarks. But then her and CBS continue to let the vile, disgusting behavior by this white trash to continue. Julie Chen is nothing but a phony whose only interest is to get high ratings with the filth being spewed by this trash……the higher the ragings the more money CBS make…….shame on you Julie and CBS…….

    1. So vote for Aaryn for AFP… and show cbs that showing racial slurs for profit is wrong… they used her as a scape goat and continued to show it

  30. So there is one saving grace to this entire season and that is; having been almost convinced that Amanda was the pre-determined winner of BB15, it ended being just a rumour and for that I can say the integrity of the game is withheld. Not much, but hey it’s something right?

    1. That would be poetic justice – the winner (whoever that is) gets sued for defamation and or slander by someone else and loses every cent. That would make this season worth all the outpouring of frustration that it received from angry and disgusted viewers. I discontinued my live feeds very early on because of that very reason so they did not get my personal dollars and support. I don’t want to see any one of these houseguests ever again on television (even if it is to apologize) because that would just be more bullsh** in my eyes. Peace.

  31. we all know that bullying and hazing happening in our schools.
    CBS clearly took a coward’s way out that let things badly fester.
    the institution in the past had a high standard that sadly slipped.

  32. Anyone who gives the 25K to Elissa, Queen of the Floaters mustn’t have actually watched the show. Granted this was a miserable year for casting, most of the pretty people were either unrepentant racists or dumber than a box of rocks, and the quirky people just weren’t very likable for the most part, but still Elissa did nothing to deserve the money besides being related to Rachel. Please before it’s too late vote for someone who actually PLAYED the game, whether you liked them or not. The big moves this season were made mostly by Helen and Andy in getting power players out the door. Helen was the Queen before jury and everyone evicted since has been pretty much by Andy’s hands. Like it or not McRanda would still be schtupping all around that house and on the way to the final 2 without Andy taking her out.

    1. Yes, Elissa is America’s favorite houseguest. The one and only Elissa, who was saved by the awful MVP twist not once, but twice. The one and only Elissa who stood up to the power in the house by doing exactly what the power in the house wanted — voting her friends out one by one until she no longer had allies. The one and only Elissa who never did anything wrong or talked smack about other HGs, well, except when she denigrated them by calling them “disgusting” and “trash” and judged people for their appearance and beliefs. Wasn’t this the same Elissa who questioned Howard’s religiousness? She truly is the champion of BB fans everywhere. Such a strategic thinker. Such a genius. Best player ever.

      America’s favorite!

      1. By Elissa simply calling some of her houseguest ” trash” and ” disgusting”, she was understating the truth, as anyone with ears and eyes has witnessed. She really over-estimated their worth as human beings. When Elissa and ALL the houseguests, watch the replays, everyone will know these remaining three are vile, repulsive, repugnant, sub humans., with no words demeaning enough to describe them.

        1. Typical Elissa fan. After all, the most judgmental HG deserves the most judgmental fans.

          In my opinion, questioning someone else’s beliefs is the worst thing someone can do. And that’s exactly what Elissa did to Howard.

    2. Here’s the deal…the game play by everyone in the house was so weak that MFP would be a joke to try to award it to any of them. I mean, look at who is left in the Final 3. Elissa should be MFP based solely on vocalizing disgust with the horrible comments made by others and by her refusal to be baited into a huge confrontation with Amanda. MFP this year has to go to the person who was least willing to overlook the behavior of masses. That would be Elissa.

      1. @ CHECKTHISOUT You could not be more wrong!!!!! Elissa herself was as vile and disgusting as the rest of the house guest just in her snooty, self-important way she seemed sophisticated and regal. It was Elissa who was evil to an about Aaryn, it was she who tried to instigate turmoil between other house guests. She is no saint. She did not refuse to be baited by Amanda she hid in the HOH room with the door locked because she was terrified. As for her standing against the bad behavior when and where? You would have to show me proof of that. Perhaps she said it to Helen in private but she never tried to put a stop to it while it was happening. No, I believe she just walked away and that my friend makes her an accomplice.

        1. The idea of her “standing up to bullying” or whatever might be the biggest joke of the season. She was a bully herself, constantly instigating drama and talking shit about people behind their backs (especially Aaryn). She would call the rest of the house “disgustinggg” for their racist jokes when talking to Candice but then laugh at racist jokes when Candice wasn’t around. She then ALIGNED and voted with the racists she pretended to despise! Ultimately, Elissa (and her fans) never really cared about racism or bullying, except when it was convenient to make her look good and her enemies in the house look bad.

          1. You’re absolutely correct…the nerve of Elissa to exercise such horrific verbal aggression and use words like “disgusting” and “gross” in describing the endless parade of hate fueled back talking, profanity, vulgarity, overt bigotry, misogyny and all round prejudicial exchanges that have spewed from the mouths of the other housgeuests…and then to try and continue playing the game by associating w them via game talk, alliances and voting strategies…even sharing living space and common elements like the bathroom and kitchen…where does she think she is, on Some reality t.v. Show, and not in her regular life where she could just negate their collective existences and walk away?

            1. Typical Elissa fan, always seeing her through rose-colored glasses. Your argument isn’t even formulated. Elissa did not ever try to stop anyone from spewing verbal garbage, but she did try to instigate discontent among the house guests especially Aaryn. Continue to play the game? Really, you said that? Elissa play the game, seriously, you really said that? If by continue to play the game you mean go hide behind Helen, yah she did that. But independent game play or thought no, none. She did not formulate a strategy that was not suggested to her by either Helen or obviously Production. You people who are supporting Elissa do not take count of her shortfalls and there are many.

              1. Stimulating discontent is part of the game. I am not an elissa fan either. However, I still have the right to stand up for what is moral and decent. Something that is apparently lacking in the people who feel there is nothing wrong with Andy,Gina Marie, or Spencers horrific behaviour., To minimilize it ….. and dare….to compare it to anything elissa has said or done is absolutely ridiculous, and you should be as ashamed as most of America ,watching this season, is.

              2. Oh poor Judd…your “wisdom” onscreen presents no better then your muffled ramblings on tv…all anyone read was mmggyutvdtugsutsyegtdbdffghhs.

    3. Could not agree more. Anyone other than Elissa deserves that $25,000.00. Like you said TR she is the Queen of the Floaters she demonstrated little game play and she has no ability to work with others. That is a floater not a drifter from power player to power player rather one that just hangs around doing nothing.

  33. Did anyone else think we were in the Twilight Zone watching last night’s show. Were those robots instead of the vile 3, they were too civilized and polite to be our 3 dispicable houseguests. What a spin job for the finale, cleaning them up and trying to make them likable for the multi million viewing audience who do not get feeds or a great site like this or even cleaned up BBAD. Someone with influence has to get the truth out, these people can’t get away with such atrocious words and behavior.

    1. Last night’s show was the most boring show of the year. It was the longest 5 hours of my life. What, it was only 1 hour long? No way.

      Maybe PBS could have a special on paint drying on Wednesday from 9:30 – 11:00 PM EDT so we can stay awake.

  34. GM is just a victim of the ignorance around her nonstop for months now! She doesn’t have a mean bone n her body- omg! I REALLY hope she gets the 500k! The PERV or the Rat getting a cent is so disturbing!

  35. Whenever Andy, Spencer or GM make derogatory comment’s about other HG’s all you have to do is look at these 3 and know why they do it , all three are totally insecure, either about their look’s, intelligence, and low income. They have no other conversation so they pick apart the other HG’s trying to make themselves feel better by laughing at one another’s joke’s but their seething jealousy is so transparent.

  36. Has it been reported here yet that Andy got fired from his college instructor job? College of Dupage posted on Facebook that he no longer works there, and that BB contestant views are not representative of their values. Even if he wins BB, he will be so chagrined because he does take his educational training very seriously and apparently, he thought his behaviour on the show was so much more acceptable than other players like Amanda and Elissa.

    1. Yes, we’ve heard it a million times. The cat ladies won, you all got another HG fired from their job. Happy now? People need to grow up and remember it’s just a TV show.

      1. They got themselves fired, you dumbass. Their employers didn’t need viewer intervention to disseminate their repugnant behaviour and determine that they didnt want any association with it.

  37. Lolol did anyone see the My Wedding with David Tutera with Rachel and Brenden her mom and sister Elissa were there. Elissa looked decent before surgery…and it seems the whole family is completely nuts…..

    1. I only could watch a small portion of that program, had to turn it off because Rachel is so disgusting I couldn’t take it. Brendon will have a different kind of hell with that fruit loop for a wife. But I did see Elissa on Anderson Cooper before her wedding and before that botched up facial she got from some butcher. I do not know why she had work done on her face because she was hot. I mean gorgeous. Now…..not so much. She may even had had a personality on that show. Do not know what happen to her between then and now but she is a bag of shit now.

  38. Next year will only be a repeat of this year but with a more disgusting troupe of losers. CBS and the producers are probably already interviewing a whole new bunch sociopaths, suspected child molesters, racists, drug users, deviants in addition to a new twist, convicted felons on the run from third world countries.

    The setting will be in Alcatraz with daily tour boats full of people screaming out passages from the bible. Yes the HG’s will be encouraged by production to throw their own faeces at the boats as they cruise by.

    In the beginning CBS created the heathens and the BB house.
    Now the BB house was empty and dark, and the Spirit of CBS was hovering over the roof,
    Then CBS said, “Let us create the house guests in our image, in our likeness,
    And CBS said, “Let us look for deviants, and other vile types” and then there was almost a house full.
    CBS saw that the deviant was good, and took the deviant over the good.

    CBS saw all that it had made, and it was very good and announced that BB would be extended for another year.

      1. You mean the SF that has the largest income inequality in the country where average people can’t live there? How ’bout the SF where if you have a Romney sticker on your bumper your car has been keyed multiple times? How ’bout the SF where if you do not support gay marriage, of which marriage is a religious institution and not a governmental one, you get punched in the face or have a finger bitten off because you held a sign silently in protest. These things have happened in the land of hate, otherwise known as San Francisco.

  39. I see that many BB fans think its time for an AllStars II but I’ve noticed that several times lately during or right before the ending of each telecast, the announcer says that BB is looking for contestants for next season…so, I assume, no All stars in the plans…? On the CBS initial application to apply the final question should say….”Should your behavior and character be on the same level as BB15 contestants, please do not apply”!!!

    1. They run those ads no matter what. If they choose to do All-Stars, they’ll just store the applicants’ tapes away for consideration in future years. IIRC, Dan Gheesling applied for season 7 before they decided to make it an All-Stars season, and he eventually got on a few years later.

  40. On finale night I would love to see the SPERVERT walk out and an audience member jump up and ask if he will return to his hobby of beating off to child p**n and tell him that he has been investigated by police. The same to be repeated for Ratboy and his sick obsession with Elissa and also to be repeated when
    GinoMario walks out. She should be informed that she is unemployed and questioned about her desire to hurt people. It won’t happen of course and CBS does not have the bollocks to do it but one can hope. I truly hope for the loudest chorus of booing that the audience can produce.

    1. In my fantasy, Elissa’s husband is able to show his company lost revenue because of Spencer, Gina and Andy’s slanderous statements about his wife. That would fulfill the requirements needed to successfully sue for what the trio wins on BB. Then, because the Slaters don’t really need the money, they donate it to charity.

  41. first season where I stopped watching before the final 5. sad to me, because I still sit through awful seasons of survivor, so this must be really really bad

  42. Please no All Stars for Big Brother it already sucks but take the first houseguest evicted from all of the bb shows and let them go at it

    1. Very sad. All the things you imagine that can go wrong when you have a baby, cancer is not one of them. I hope she goes into remission and lives a normal, happy, healthy life.

    2. That is sad about Brittany. Thats what we can do… instead of rewarding these losers the money… give it to Brittany and her family to help pay for medical bills.

  43. I see Elissa’s fans are STILL crying weeks later…. she came in 6th place, she lost, deal with it…. the Brenchel fans have ruined the site this year because the comments on every thread are repetitive and boring.

    1. Ok genius…go ahead. We await your fresh outlook on the game – your never before heard or read insight into this most “brilliant” and “enigmatic” season of big brother yet.

      You’ve been nothing but a semi literate hemorrhoid on this message board all season…and it’s my goal to remove you.

  44. I was just at Dick’s Last Resort in Chicago last night for dinner and the manager said they’d LOVE to have Andy back as a server, but with his new found fame and possibly his upcoming windfall, they weren’t sure he’d want to come back. It’s a wild and crazy place and I could see where Andy would be their main attraction.

  45. Spencer is by far the most useless player in the history of the game. The man is a coward and a yes man. He basically agreed with everything anybody ever said to him. No backbone at all. And even now, when they are down to the final 3, he still seems content on basically being a bridge for Andy to the finals. This dude has sacrificed his entire game for other people, and when he finally had an opportunity to make a big game winning caliber move, he passed and once again left himself no argument to win the 500k. He has been playing for the 50k all game, and is one of the most pathetic contestants of all time.

    Still love this show, but for the sake of it’s credibility, they really need to make sure next season is filled with competitors – physically, socially, and mentally. This season has no all stars, and was filled by self-entitled lemmings. I think there was ONE move this entire season, where a contestant went against the grain and that was Elissa nominating McCrae and Aaryn. GM nominating Mcranda doesn’t count because at that point, that was what “the house wanted”

    Terrible season.

    1. Adam Pooch BB13(guy that loves bacon) was just as useless as Spencer. In fact, they remind me of each other;F3, sorry in comps, hoping somebody would take him to F2
      Of course that didn’t happen

  46. Would love if CBS showed footage of the final 3 a$$holes talking smack about the other hgs in front of them: GM:” Jessie has midget features and a potbelly” ” Elissa’s kid looks like a fu*king Puerto Rican” ” No one will remember Helen cuz all Chinese look alike”

  47. And please stop casting superfans! I’m sick and tired of these characters. Every superfan is always a snake, a weasel, or a rat type of player. Ian Terry, Ronnie, McCrae, Andy etc… the list goes on. I’m tired of the Nerd movement. It’s old. Let’s get some regular people in there.

  48. Every time a racist comment is made in the house, Big Brother should say over the intercom:

    “Aaryn, please stop being racist”

    Put them on blast in front of the entire house. They can’t talk about production or diary sessions, they should also not be allowed to be racist. Once they started getting put on blast like that, you know they would shut the fuck up.

    Shame on Big Brother, for not already doing this.

    1. Well after reading the description and foundation for the concept of Big Brother – George Orwell’s ‘1984’, it would defeat the purpose entirely to edit the houseguests true personalities. If production didn’t ‘allow’ their racist remarks, it would not indeed be Big Brother in its truest form. Being a hate filled human being and lashing out at someone else’s appearance, be it race, weight, gender, sexual orientation (all isms) is not against the law (unless used at a workplace obviously).
      There are no laws against being an a$$hole. I wish. Peace.

  49. Thanks Simon and Dawg for getting BB fans through this horrific season and sparing us from having to watch it ourselves. Don’t know how you do it but appreciate it very much. Just made a donation. Those of you posting problems donating, I suggest you use PayPal. It takes about 2 seconds. Thanks again, guys!

  50. To Simon and Dawg: my thanks for all your hard work this season. It must have been so revolting at times to put the houseguests’ words to “paper”. I have never seen a more disgusting bunch of people. I started out the season thinking that I could not find one houseguest to like, and I’m afraid I have finished the season feeling exactly the same way. I would really like to see either Dr. Will or Julie confront ALL these people about their behaviour. More than anything, I would like to see Zingbot wash their mouths out with soap.

    I have been repelled and intrigued at the same time by what these people have said and done (sort of like watching a train wreck). Initially, I thought I would just quit and hope next year was better, but before I did that I did send a donation. You really need hazard pay after this season. Thank you for a job well done.

    1. LOL yes you’re right we should be getting hazard pay for what we had to put up with this season. It’s definitely been a shocking season in more ways than one. We’re glad you love the site and thank you for the donation. With this season almost wrapped up, Simon and I are definitely due for some time off. After this seasons events I am even more excited for Big Brother Canada to start in Feb.

  51. Spencer wins will be more prostitutes, child p–n, kkk outfits, and crack

    Andy crack, butt plugs, kkk outfits

    GM fix her mom house, more diet coke

  52. GinaMarie please do us all a favor and when you send Andy out of the house Wednesday do your extinguisher routine on him.

    1. So you believe this group of illiterates, deviants, racists, homophobes, degenerates does not represent American society. Yes they do represent a good majority as witnessed by any citizen of numerous countries in which Americans visit.

      A huge (pun intended) percentage of Americans are loud, rude, brainwashed and obese. If you want your civilized fellow citizens to move because they too feel that these degenerates actually represent American society it shows that you’re in that group of loud, rude, brainwashed and obese patriots.


  53. elissa had an unfair advantage coming into the house. The house guest already think she will win america’s favorite, so surprise them and
    give your votes to Jessie or whoever, rather then to just piss them off by giving it to Elissa.

  54. Yo GinaMarie, Spencer,& Andy …….Award for the biggest jerk in the house: Congrats Yo, it’s a 3 way tie…you all win ! Fu*kin’ losers !

      1. You can Google Andy Herren or Andy Herren Big Brother and several articles will come up. The best written one is from The Inquisitr with the headline ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Andy Herren Fired From College Job’.

        1. The statement made from The College of DuPage says : ” He has formerly worked there as a part time instructor. He does not currently work for the college”.
          They do go on about his language and behavior not representing their values or opinions.
          There is nothing on their web page to state he has been fired.
          They may choose not to renew his contract once he’s done with BB but he is not fired.
          Some gossip papers have Spencer fired too. He is not.
          So no, none of it is official.

  55. Hey Dawg,

    Since things are slow in the BB house, how about re-posting some of those “hot” screen shots you captured previously? But please spare us the ones of Amanda’s fat rear.

      1. Nice try Dawg. We all know you have an entire collection of Elissa pooper shots for your personal spank bank.

        J/K please don’t ban me.

          1. And please, no more “hot” shots of Spencer in the shower. I love you guys but making us see those pictures the other day was just mean.

  56. Dawg or Simon,

    Do you know if the houseguest know they are being filmed 24/7 for live feeds? I just wondered bc some of them acted like they didn’t know.

    1. Most know they are but there are some that definitely don’t understand they’re watched 24/7. Usually the actor/actress wanna be’s are the ones that are clueless.

  57. CBS/PRODUCTION and BIG BROTHER Don’t CARE what WE/General PUBLIC think!!! It’s ALL about the RATINGS and the bottom dollar!! To prove that it was just announced YESTERDAY: That BIG BROTHER was picked up for a 16th SEASON!!! THEY tried to let the public pick the WINNER (Season 1) and it didn’t work because NOBODY!! knows if they REALLY count the VOTES or NOT!! By showing the LIVE vote! they have no choice but hand over the $500,000.00 to WHOM the HG’s choose!

    DRAMA and SEX SELLS which causes HIGH RATINGS! and makes MONEY for CBS and JULIE and her husband! HOPEFULLY next year they will have BOUNDARIES!! which the HG’s can’t CROSS! But I DOUBT IT!!!

  58. At the end of Survivor the 3 finalists set fire to their living accommodations. In the case of the BB house, the production and camera crews should have that privilege as they had to listen and watch the filth for 3 months. I am sure the Dept of Health would be well pleased.

  59. I have a feeling that GM will be clueless as to why America loathes them…..GM: ” Go F*ck Yourselves, America…I’m the one with all the money, Yo and that Nick kid, yo…..I’m the one he wants to bang…..not that midget Jessie with the potbelly…..you’re jealous yo….I’m one of the pretty people.”

  60. To all of the people that are eagerly awaiting watching all of these pigs have their asses handed to them for their disgusting behavior, I’m afraid that you may be waiting for quite a while.- last nights episode was edited to make the final three apear as anything other than the kind of pigs they really are. An example: they tried to portay McCranda as a cute couple; no mention of the bloody bj or any of their other disgusting behavior. (idk if i’ve ever used the word ‘disgusting’ as frequently as I do when discussing these pigs). If you only watch the show, no feeds or bbad then you wouldn’t have any idea as to how this years hgs actually behave. So I think that there will be a lot of us that are very disapointed wed nt.

  61. The last one standing who choose who will stand with them better take Andy/GinaMarie as the Jury House would give the money to Spencer if either of them chose him to stand as the last two………….the Jury Hate Andy/GinaMarie and would back lash either of them and give it to Spencer


    I hope by next season they select people with some social class and grace. What we have had to listen to is most likely nothing we would be hearing from our circle of friends…if it is normal…glad I am not…

  62. For the few people who see nothing wrong with the behaviour of Last three houseguests….picture this…..it’s Christmas…..the table is set beautifully. The home is filled with the smells of traditional turkey and stuffing. Seasonal music playing softly in the background. Candles are lit everywhere and the sweet sounds of innocent children playing Beneath the christmas tree. The doorbell rings. OMG…..someone forgot to tell YOU that spencer, Gina Marie, Amanda, an Andy were invited.
    Quick, hide the children from the perv. Remove the alcohol from the table within Amanda’s reach, cover your eyes so you don’t have to watch Gina Marie eat. And wear nose plugs so you can’t smell Gina’s farts ……..and ear plugs so you dont have to listen to any of their foul mouths spouting off anything disgusting that pop into their heads. Oh, we’ll, there’s always next Christmas.

  63. aww i was like they finally said something nice about elissa…..and then they move on and start talking about her vagina. im just like damn

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