“She’s not even going to get me to use the veto, that’s how much it changed the game. A little bit of wine goes a long way!”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony
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3:15pm Kitchen. Enzo, Nicole and Cody.
Nicole tells Enzo and Cody about how Christmas was pissed that she didn’t share any of her HOH alcohol with her. Nicole – so the wine store… I could just tell that she was real mad .. she left. She’s like I’m on the block and I didn’t get any extra win. So the story is .. did you already talk about it with them? Because they’re going to ask. I had a glass of win Thursday night and Friday night.. and there was only a little bit left. I poured a little bit into my glass and both of you guys were there.. and I shared the rest with you guys. Because Memphis was already testing us out there saying that it was weird that Enzo got so tipsy off such little alcohol. Cody – oh I heard him say that. Nicole – because Christmas was really mad that I shared it with you guys. So she knows I shared my wine with you guys .. she doesn’t know how much. I made a stupid cover up… but she never shared her wine with me. You guys are my friends so I don’t care. That’s the store so stick to it. And I only ran because I was trying to be goofy. If you share your alcohol with somebody ..that is very intimate in this house. Cody – its intimate? Nicole – I shared my wine with you so if I need you to stick to this wine story ..then stick to it! Because she is pissed about it. She thinks that I am closer to you guys and this just confirmed it. She is not even going to get me to use the veto at this point and that is how much it changed the game. A little bit of wine goes a long way! You can look how you want to look and make your ugly faces Cody. Enzo – I am sticking with the story. Cody – I am sticking to it. What options do I have? Nicole – you don’t have options. If you guys don’t vote Memphis out, I will be pissed but there isn’t much I can do about it. So don’t you even think about switching. The only way I could fix it is if I did take her down and put one of you butt heads up. Cody – BUTT heads!? That’s too far! Nicole – I could fix it is if I did take her down and put one of you guys up so you guys couldn’t switch the vote. If you guys are joking?! You will not change your mind after the veto? Enzo – you better not change your mind after the veto.

Memphis and Christmas chatting about random things.

4:20pm Kitchen. Enzo and Memphis.
Memphis – I talked to Nicole this morning because I just wanted to know ..I was like look, I get it .. I can’t imagine you using the veto because you f**king did the noms. And she was like I am not completely against it but its got to make sense. I was like okay, you let me know. But if you plan not to use it then let me know so I can at least campaign. Obviously she cannot use it because that is going to f**k everything up. Enzo – its going to f**k everything up .. that’s it! Memphis – But what is good is I don’t know if her and f**king Cody have anything because he seems to think he is going to get backdoored. Enzo – I don’t know .. I thought that if anyone came down it was going to be me. Memphis – the thing is we can’t have her use it… we just have to get Christmas out .. that’s it! Enzo – but when she locks it .. we have the f**king votes. That’s it!

4:51pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
4:58pm The feeds return to Christmas with her feet in the hot tub.

5:30pm Memphis and Cody are working out in the backyard. Enzo’s sleeping on the backyard couch. Christmas is sleeping on the backyard love seat.

6:30pm The feeds are blocked.

7:03pm Still blocked.

7:11pm The feeds return. Enzo is rooting around in the bedroom looking for his clothes. He then tells the Cow he needs to win the HOH.. do you understand!?

7:15pm The feeds are blocked again..

7:57pm The live feeds return. Bedroom. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – I feel like he (Memphis) will cut Nicole over you. And then we will go to the final 3 and see what happens .. but again Yo I am with whatever the f**k. I just don’t trust Christmas YO! And I just don’t want them sneaking one of us and then we’re in the final 3 with Nicole and Christmas or you’re in the final 3 with Christmas. Cody – I know. Enzo – I don’t know if Nicole is going to take you to the final 2. She keeps talking about your comps wins and this and that. Cody – oh yeah she isn’t going to take me. Enzo – and you cut her in your season didn’t you? Cody – yeah. Enzo – so she probably has that in her head. Cody – possible but that’s part of the gamble. I know for a fact .. I just don’t think.. I don’t trust anyone. Enzo – I don’t either. I just want to get to a point were if we don’t win that POV … that we’re still going to go to the final 3. Cody – I think if we burn Nicole. Enzo – I don’t want to burn Nicole. But even if we do this to Nicole she will be upset but what is she going to do .. she is going to get rid of Memphis. If I am sitting next to her .. she will. Cody – not if she gets burned. Enzo – Na, she doesn’t want to take Memphis to the final 3. We don’t have to burn her we can just tell her on Thursday .. Yo look we decided to do this .. I think its better.. da da da. And then she can’t do nothing! But we can talk about it all week. If you want to go with Memphis or Christmas we can decide that. Cody – its better to play against Christmas than against Memphis. It all comes down to the comps now. Enzo – the odds are in our favor. Cody – have you been studying? Enzo – yeah I’ve been studying.

8:11pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
8:46pm Still blocked.

9:51pm Still nothing..

11:26pm No feeds for you..

12:06am The feeds return. The house guests are in the kitchen chatting about random things Enzo wanting to going on survivor.

12:30am HOH room. Nicole and Christmas.
Christmas – Enzo has been protected for the entire freaking time. Has Memphis even had a conversation with you? Nicole – yeah, he’s been talking to me and having conversations. He said that he doesn’t expect me to use the veto because I made the nominations. But if I am willing to talk to him but he thinks there is no way since I made the nominations. To me Cody is the best player in this house and Memphis is a close second. Cody could cut me if he had the chance but for me feeling wise, Memphis already took a shot at me so I want to take a shot back. Me and you repaired things and he never did. I know he has other deals in this house and that makes me want to get him out. Moving forward I want to sit next to you in the final two. Christmas – me too. Nicole – if I took you down and put up Cody .. then Cody would obviously have to go because I am backdooring him but I think if I left them the same you would stay because they would want to take out a bigger target. But if they (Enzo, Cody, Memphis) have a final three that is not going to happen. Christmas – yeah. That is my concern is that they do have something. And going into next week Cody is going to cut me over Enzo and you and we’re still not going to sit together. Nicole – you think he would cut you? Christmas – Yes, I think that he wouldn’t cut Enzo. Nicole – I know he wouldn’t cut Enzo. Christmas – I don’t care I will leverage my relationship. If Memphis hasn’t promised a deal with you, then demand something. Cody and Enzo together .. they’re locked in. Because if I am on the block and they have something ..they’re going to honor that. Nicole – yeah I know. Christmas – go to Enzo and Cody and say like look I don’t want to blackmail you but I need a promise. I need a deal. So then next week you have a deal with all three of us. Promising which ever one wins the veto .. we use it on you. Stack the odds in your favor. Nicole – Cody is the better player in terms of comps but Memphis scares the crap out of me! Like game wise he is a monster! He did not get the edit he deserved on his season. I would have to get a really really good deal with Memphis.. and I would have really believe it because we don’t talk game. I just really need to talk to Enzo. You leaving would be really bad for my game. Do you think I should talk to Enzo tonight? Christmas – I think you should have as many conversations as you can tonight! PUT YOU BOSS PANTS ON! Just talk to Enzo and see who he is voting for. Nicole – I’ll be able to look in his eyes and tell if he is lying.

12:50am HOH room. Enzo and Nicole.
Nicole – she wants me to talk to you .. so I just had to call you in here to make it look like I talked to you. She is trying to get Cody backdoored. Enzo – she really is?! Nicole – oh 1 million percent! Nicole – she is like call Enzo in here and make a deal with him to backdoor Cody. Enzo – what the f**k! Nicole – I told her over and over again look I want Memphis to go. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Nicole – so tell her that I tried to make a deal with you because I am thinking about backdooring Cody. Enzo – I tell her that she is thinking about backdooring the person that you said. Nicole – and say to her I had to lie to her and say that I would take her to final 3. You have to say that about me. But you’re not going to hold true to that. Enzo – yeah I’m not going to honor that I’m taking you to final 3 Christmas. Nicole – yeah say that. That is perfect. She is going to keep talking to me and I don’t want to because I am not doing it. how do I get out of this? I looked her in the eyes and I said I don’t trust Memphis. Enzo – I want to vote out Memphis. I am with you 100% on this. Nicole – what we will have to tell Christmas .. because I am not using the veto.. Enzo – we tell her that we are voting to keep her. And on Thursday she will see that we vote to keep her. Nicole – I don’t want Cody to vote her out though. Enzo – no, I talked to him. He wants Memphis out. She has to go next week. Nicole – she was sitting here telling me how to play my game. She thinks I have nobody. Does she think I am that bad at this game?!

HOH room. Cody, Nicole, Enzo.
Cody joins them. Enzo – so here is the deal she is going to use the veto and then we’re going to vote to keep you. Cody – yeah, yeah .. good try. Nicole – that was a really serious face .. I was convinced. So she is trying to backdoor you. Cody – yeah? Nicole – she is stuck on you. She said that you’re going to win this game if you stay here. Its the stupidest thing if I leave you in this house. Are you okay? Enzo – he’s like I want to win the HOH right now! Nicole – I am exhausted ..she is going to come back up and hound me. I said I know how you feel about Cody .. that is how I feel about Memphis. I told her I want Memphis out. She thinks you guys have a deal. She said basically if I keep her up there, I am dead to her. Enzo – she is gone next week. That’s it! Big Brother blocks the feeds. Nicole – are you okay .. you’re not speaking. Enzo – I am excited to play in these comps next week Yo! I am just going to put her up on the block by herself.. that’s it. Just one person is going up on the block. Cody – if I win next week I am going to put both of you up. Nicole – don’t you dare do that! Cody – why what do the nominations mean next week?! I think it would be hilarious. Nicole – keep one of us off .. you can keep Enzo off. Cody – okay so what is the point of keeping someone off the block. Nicole – it makes them feel a certain way. Enzo – if I win your streak is getting f**ked up. Nicole – put Christmas up so that she gets frazzled. Cody – I will tell her if I win the veto I will tell her I will take her and put her up.. I will frazzle her. Nicole – why would you not just put her up!? Cody – okay I will put her up. The veto has to be won either way. I agree with you, I see what you’re saying. I will put her on the block.

1:40am – 2am HOH room. Memphis and Nicole.
Nicole – I talked to Christmas about a backdoor plan and then I talk to Enzo.. Memphis – yeah, what do you want to do? Do you want to do it? Nicole – I don’t know, I know that he is the best player in my opinion. Memphis – I agree with that. I am worried about him in general. I don’t like the Enzo and him thing. Talking about taking someone that you can beat in the final.. if he (Cody) wins that final HOH .. he is going to take him (Enzo) ..no question. You’re sitting in a position that you could do that. (Backdooring Cody) If you did that we could make a deal like we did earlier in the week .. where if I win the veto next week.. you are coming to final 3. I don’t know if you want to go as far as a final two or not. I think the smartest play is you taking someone that you think you can beat. We’re all smart .. we’re all allstars.. I think we would all take someone we could beat. If its me you and Christmas .. I would take you because you already have won the game. That’s just me being honest. And that’s not me blowing smoke up your a$$! I am very truthful. Nicole – no you are truthful. Memphis – for the final 3, I have no other deal so if we do this .. I don’t have to go back on anything else. Some times I think we think about it too much. Grab me if you want to talk about it tomorrow. Nicole – yeah either way I will touch base with you tomorrow. Memphis leaves. Nicole – I don’t like leading people on. I want to talk to Cody so bad Memphis wants him backdoored big time. Cody is playing such a good game. I am playing a good game but its a secret. Memphis is lying to me. I am so glad that Cody told me about the two wise guys alliances.

2:20am HOH room. Enzo joins Nicole again.
They continue to chat about past events of the season with the lights off..

2:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Miss Impression

Has anyone ever seen a rabid chipmunk on steroids searching for alcohol?

Davonne Rogers For AFP

Yeah Christmas

Pajama Boy

Da’Vonne for least favorite player.

The Beefcurtains

I wonder if her parents named her Christmas because she looks like The Grinch.


Another wall yeller perhaps?

Tw** Cream

I bet Christmas is a freak in the sack.


Maybe, but her huge swinging scrotum would keep getting in the way…


comment image


I wonder who is having sex in the jury house. Maybe DaVonne and Dani


Ian and Anita Veto?

Softer = Better

DaVonne, Kevin, and Ian be smooshing their privates to the sweet sweet sounds of
Depeche Mode.

All puff and no stuff

Nichole and the wine. Was it high school? Yes. But there can only be one queen damnit and she has appointed herself. Hope someone boots her before the end. It would save this crap for me. “I want more free stuff”. Xactly what the world needs now is def free stuff for Nichole. That would solve all our problems. That part of her fame life is in the toilet . Is my joy over that high school? Probably — this show is making me senile with all this drivel. Somebody do something big—for me me me me


What Nicole did was not cool…..I would feel hurt too, especially because Xmas is the only other girl in the house. Nicole should have shared the wine with Xmas only actually. Girls Nightout


Coins showing her true colours/


I feel like actual coins are thicker than her nose slots.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Nose slots? Boy,did I get the interpretation of “slots” wrong!


Chrisdemeanor is going to lose her shit and spiral way out of control as the week goes on.


Christmas would be the perfect stiff/patsy to drag to the Final Two. She is universally despised and it would be a guaranteed win.

Pajama Boy

Guaranteed like Paul was guaranteed?

Wesley Sims

Hey Simon or Dawg , when is Canada version of BB suppose to start any idea


Probably April. Haven’t heard about the start date but I know kasssting has started


Maybe you’ll get an “all-star” season too…My BB world view is very negative at this point.


A little wine or a little whine?
The irony in the statement from Nicole alone kills me.

Sam X

Nicole is on a serious power trip the last few days! She is getting a kick out of toying with Christmas n Memphis! Having them come up for fake talks just to hear them beg her for deals! We All know it’s no big back door move coming! Then she tells Cody n Enzo like she it’s too secret info she revealing


This is worth repeating … Love or hate her, there’s no denying, Christmas’ body is near perfection. I do believe I have a girl crush on her abs. I say this while laying in the sofa, eating cheese dip and chips, along with a lap full of dachshunds and kitty cats.

Big Dog Dangle

I hate Nicole !!! Carry on


Just my opinion …….. This is the LAST chance to keep Cody from winning the $500,000. No one can beat him if he makes it to the end. Many comp wins and a very respectable social game. Enzo played the best social game, but was horrible at comps. Memphis had a so-so social game and a decent comp game. Christmas had a decent comp game but a poor social game. Nicole just sucked all the way around.


Enzo has been helping Cody win. This week Nicole is helping Cody get 1st place. Thanks to Derrick’s pre gaming. Oh well, All Stars sucked…should have been called “Some All Stars and the rest second chances”.


The saddest part. Is I truly think Nicole thinks she is a good player.


The saddest part is that Enzo doesn’t think he’s bald.


She thinks she is a master mind. Nope, that would be Cody/Derrick whoever you want to give credit to.


Do you guys agree that cody beats them all? If Nicole in an alternate universe back doors cody, how would your opinion of Nicole’s game play change? Does enzo really think he can beat cody in finals or would he pick who ever the third person is?

Willys Wonka

Codys game play consists of bulljive & tickleteasing — Enzo will win if they are the final two, YO!

Cuz his game is the evangelical used car guy who sells you a piece of poops but you really love that car and talk about it as the greatest car you’ve ever had til croaking day. EnzYO!