Shelli – “you guys are taking little tiny things you hear and blowing them up”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 21-15-00-342

9:08pm Austin and Liz
Liz – we’re going to have to vote with the house
Austin – Ya
Austin says that when he gets power he’ll do something about Audrey. He had to leave the conversation in the backyard because he was going to lose it on her. Jace was begginer her to leave him alone.
Austin – I think she’s a serial killer.. Psychotic

They head into the Cabana

Austin says Audrey’s advice to him was to CAlm JAce down so he didn’t throw her name under the bus and to only talk game to her and nobody else.
Austin – She knows she’s f***d she’s playing way too much right now she’s going to burn if she doesn’t win HOH.. if she wins HOH we’re F*****D
Austin says all this has allowed him to make some new friends, says Vanessa, Steve and JohnnyMAC (LOL the dream team)
Austin highly doubts JohnnyMAc and Steve will spread what he tells them “They are good people the rest of them are terrible thought”
Liz – JohnnyMAC is awesome

Austin – Leave me alone Audrey Stop playing the game stop it
Liz brings up that Audrey told her to stay away from Jace this week.
Austin says everytime he mentions Audrey 10 minutes later she’s asking him about it
Austin – Does she have a microphone on me.. do they tell her what I’m saying
If Austin wins the HOH he’s going rogue
Austin – if she comes up to me one more time I’m done

Austin says he legitimately liked Audrey and really wanted to work with her.
Liz – She’s running the house
Austin – It’s becoming apparent
Liz – People are going to be so afraid to go against her
Austin questions why her and Clay are always coming to him saying he’s coming after them then why are they always pushing this alliance with them.

Liz – you think Jace has any chance to stay
Austin – No everybody is too scared
Liz – Jackie isn’t talking
Austin – she doesn’t need to

Liz thinks Jason is more in with Audrey than he thinks “He knows this game”
Liz – If Audrey wins or DA we’re done
Austin – If a lot of people win we’re done but there’s a lot of wild cards.. but for now the best thing JAce can do is expose alliances on both sides of the house.. cause confusion

Austin wonders if Audrey really wants to win HOH because she’s working with 20 people she’ll 2
Austin says Jeff is a frat boy and James is boring
They agree James says Derogatory comments to women.
liz – He has Napoleon syndrome
Austn – maybe, or he just doesn’t know how to be funny
Jace joins them.. Austin says what Audrey and Clay are doing are making alliances of 5 people on both sides. he leaves.. JAce give Liz the debrief of his conversation with Audrey.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 21-44-36-357

9:47pm Hot Tub Jason, JOHNNYMAC, James, Jackie and Meg

Talking about Jace complaining about being the first one evicted.
(JOHNNYMAC and Jackie are mostly quiet)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 22-04-28-613

9:52pm Jace and Liz Cabana
JAce says Jackie went outside in the sluttiest bathingsuit to get votes.
Liz – Campaigning let me show you my t1ts
jace – Her t1ts aren’t even nice
Liz – I don’t want you to go
Jace – I’m f****D everyone is like I’m voting with the house
liz – it’s so boring

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 22-01-38-638

9:58pm Clay and Vanessa Bathroom
Vanessa says she’s afraid to talk to anybody. She wants to solidify something so she has people she can trust.
Vanessa thinks Shelli is a really sweet person.
Clay – you’re not with anybody else
Vanessa – I’m not
Clay says they need to meet up later.
Audrey joins them.
Vanessa says Jace is coming to her and she wants to know what to say to him.
Clay – I want to go with the house
Audrey asks her what they do if Austin exploits their alliance.
Vanessa feels like he’s smarter than that “we would have to be retarded”
Vanessa tells Audrey she needs to know there’s people that have her back.
Vanessa thinks they might want to tell JAce they have the votes jsut to keep him from blowing the house up. “It would make thins so much less awkward”
Audrey agrees.
Vanessa – you gotta pick side very soon and I want to be on the side yo pick
Austin comes by they agree to head to the HOH to form their Alliance (Fake alliance)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 22-19-48-074

10:15pm HOH Clay, Austin, Vanessa (Keep in mind that Austin knows Clay/Audrey are playing him)
Their story is they are talking about containing JAce in case he explodes. Clay tells them that JAce was throwing Austin under the bus.
Shelli and Audrey join them.

Vanessa saying she wants to form an alliance with them they have a good chance to win competition and get votes.
Clay – this is this right here there’s no talking to people on the other side
Audrey – Subtlety campaign for each other
Vanessa mentions that JAce is wanting to blow things up she wants to know what to say to JAce.
Audrey – Lie
Vanessa wants to call the alliance “Sleeper Cell”
Audre – I think it sounds cool
Shelli – you want to call it SleeperShell
they laugh..
Audrey – why don’t we call it Shelli and the gang
Clay – Shelli and the jets
Vanessa saying she’s super loyal. “Two months of pure loyalty”
Shelli is super happy to be coming into this but she wants a debrief about the conversations that happen today.
(They all agree with this alliance and I’m pretty sure they all think it’s fake)
Everyone leaves Clay and Shelli. Clay tells her that Vanessa sounds sincere but she’s playing them.
Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 22-23-35-085

10:35pm showing off their dance moves
“Shopping cart”

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 22-40-59-582

10:39pm HOH Audrey, Clay and Shelli
Audrey – I’m just backing off this week
Clay – every talk I’ve had with Vanessa is like that.. I think she’s sincere
Shelli talking about some of the stories Asudrey told her about not trusting Vanessa. Audrey keeps interrupting her. Shelli asks her to stop says in all the conversations they’ve had she’s only talked for 5 minutes.
Audrey says she tells them both everything.
Shelli – you guys are taking little tiny things you hear and blowing them up

Audrey says the only person she’s a bit worried about is Austin.
Shelli asks her who she will put up. Audrey says Steve and Liz (Liz would be the target)
James comes in, Audrey says their alliance of 8 needs to have regular check ins “We are going to be the late night crew”
Clay thinks that will be obvious with 8 people up in the HOH .

James tells them he was never close to changing his mind on the Nominations it was JAce all along. He asks them what the plan tomorrow is. They say it depends on the HOH and the twist.

(This 8 person alliance they are talking about is, Shelli, Clay, Audrey, James, DA, Meg, Jason, Jeff)

Jackie sighing

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 23-11-10-934

11:05pm Audrey, Jackie and Becky HAmmock
Audrey says she’s sick of Jace saying she was the mastermind of getting him out. She thinks it would be easier if everyone told him they are voting to keep him so he will leave them alone.

Audrey calls the stuff coming out of jace’s mouth is “Fart noises” and “Bullsh1t”
Becky leaves, Jackie and Audrey start talking about JAce saying that he lost everything to be on this show.
Jackie says they are all here for the money they all quit their jobs.
Audrey – He’s just trying to be extremely emotionally manipulative .. he’s very immature.. very

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 23-07-42-548

11:07pm Vanessa and JAce
He tells him it’s too early right now to do anything. If he can change people’s minds they will change it back before Thursday.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 23-33-01-539

11:31pm Storage room Liz and Jeff
She’s telling him she wants to work with him, Says she’s kinda jumping ship. Says she likes Austin and JAce but she knows they are a sinking ship.
Jeff says he really likes Austin.
Jeff thinks Audrey is with Liz and Austin and she doesn’t trust them.
Liz – really you think Audrey is with us
Jeff – she’s always talking to you guys
Jeff – I need Austin around to get rid of somebody
Jeff – I’m not going to lie you and Austin are probably targets.. i can’t get caught talking to you or I’m f****D

Jeff wonders why she was getting so flirty with Jace especially when she doesn’t like him.
Liz “He’s cool we were just chilling”
Liz asks if him and clay are working together
Jeff – it’s bigger than that
Jeff recommends she stop talking to Austin and Lay low. “There is someone in this house that is starting rumours and they’re going to try to get people to blow up”

Jeff thinks Jace house meeting should happen he should start blowing up peoples game.
Jeff – “Someone is doing disaster control with Jace because She (err) or He doesn’t want to get exposed”
Liz asks him what she should do.
Jeff – I’m going to plant seeds.. keep yourself low key and i’m talking about Audrey STAY WAY from her

Liz tells him about the alliances Audrey is forming brings up Sleeper cell (Not by name and leaves out Vanessa), “I don;t get good vibes from her.. She’s talking to everyone.. I hope this doesn’t go back to her”
Jeff says he won’t say anything, he thinks it was Audrey who started the beef between him and Austin.
Jeff is going to slowly start introducing people into their conversation.
Jeff – here’s some more advice stay away from Vanessa just stay away, don’t ask why (Jeff thinks Vanessa use to be a poker player)
Jeff says it sucks her can’t talk to clay very much but he’s really close to Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 23-55-12-601

11:52pm HOH Audrey, JAmes, Meg
James wants to know who the rat in their alliance is. James says the only people that knew about the eviction song was their 5 core alliance and Jackie. (I believe it was Audrey that told Vanessa)
James is going to find out who the rat is from Jace.
Meg warns them that Austin and Steve are talking a lot today.
James knows it wasn’t Steve is certain it was someone in their group
James wonders if it was Clay because he’s not really catching any flak like the rest of them.
James is going to go out there and ask members of their alliance what they should do.
Audrey tells him if he confronts Clay right now he’s got too many people on his side. Audrey talks him into not going.

James – My gut is it’s either Jackie, Clay or Jeff
Meg doesn’t think it would be Jeff. They remember that Jeff made up the first bit.
James – OK Jeff’s out it’s Clay or Jacky

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 00-16-10-130
12:15am James, Jeff, DA, Clay, and Audrey

James is saying they have a snitch in their group. Says Jace knew about the song and the only people that knew about the song were their group.
James – You can’t blame, Vanessa, you can’t blame Steve you can’t blame John

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I think Jason is in that 8 person alliance not Jackie? I really don’t like this big alliance anyways. Hoping for Austin and Day as HoHs next week to shake up the house. Steve would be interesting also. I’m rooting for Day, Jason, Steve, and JohnnyMac!

Audrey's inverted penis

It’s still early in the game, alliances are going to shift and friends turn into enemies. The only true alliances are Jason & Audrey, Jeff & Jackie, Clay & Shelli. Those will endure throughout the game.

Eric CA

Jason and Audrey are Not in a true Alliance. Jason has kicked Audrey under the us multiple times… he is more aligned with Da’Vonne and Jeff (I do not think those are set intone either.) Audrey is not loyal to anyone.
I am not 100% sure that Jeff and Jackie are loyal to each other. I think if there was ay question if Jackie and Jeff would have been working together a different person than Steve or Jace should have been chosen as the replacement. Somebody that would have made Jeff campaign to save Jackie.
Clay and Shelli are sort of a real alliance but that is more on the Shelli end.

There are no REAL Alliances in the house. James is clueless and needs to step out of that HoH more or he got played by everybody in that Alliance because you would have to be Helen Keller to not notice it was Audrey that told the song to someone. It was really obvious when Audrey managed to talk James out of confronting Clay about it. Audrey is your rat and dumb James is telling her where the rat poison is…. hysterical.


I think the 8 includes Jason, not Jackie. Jackie is like their +1


Me when Clay and Audrey are already talking about the finale night. LOL


I think I got what Audrey’s game is. She throws everyone and make them into a target when that person does not follow her wishes. Davonne was painted to be the target because she opted to fast forward Liz and not her and used what Day told her about Shelli and Clay. This is probably why Clay is obsessed with getting rid of Day. Then she heard that Jace and Austin is doubting her loyalty which is why the high rollers are now targeting Austin and Liz. Earlier we got a complete glimpse of Audrey in action when she heard that Vanessa doesn’t trust her. I’ll bet that James will be in hot waters next because he seems to really want to investigate on who is the rat in the group which will definitely blow her cover. :))))


anyone else think james is totally screwed after this week? i feel like all the alliances he’s made were just because he’s hoh and everyone who’s teamed with him intends to drop him once he doesn’t have power.

Eric CA

Strangely enough James had one real alliance in the house… one actual real alliance that was not based on him wining HoH and that was Austin and Jace… I think those were his ride or die boys but he let people get in his ear and that screwed all hope of James having real alliance. I do not think he will ever realize how hard he screwed himself over. I also think he feel real isolated when his power is officially over, the only thing he cancer now is the most private space to talk in the house.


BOTB brings out the worst for a season. Here we have whose your pawn. Well 2 possible noms are Steve and Johnnie. Both interesting and guys I’d like to see stay around. Becky and Jackie were the other 1/2 of week 1. Those 2 are positioned better week 2 with high Rollers. gut says Vanessa for 3 and 2 of these 3 become team U gotta throw the BOTB. I really hate this as it seems they’re going to play the BOTB the same as last season.
Funny how last season the monster alliance kept scaring power if it wasn’t them. Hopeful not this year but its Monday AM and I’m wishing for Friday and new HOH’s that’s bad.
Just to bring up nasty…. who you think AG brought this year instead of Amanda? I’m starting to figure out 😛 I’d be looking to Florida as a little hint oh and it’s not the surfer dude.. Way to early to make that call but BOTB effectively allows production a lot of control.
PS I spotted the twins have you? J/K I don’t get the feeds but we gotta get that soon. Should mention I have no real idea.


Liz is the twin. Her sisters name is Julia.


In the hoh room it should have been obvious that audrey was deflecting since she is the rat


merriam-webster dictionary
noun: Audrey


Do we got solid info on who’s in an alliance with who? I really like James, Meg, and JohnyMAC so far. Hope they make it far.

Biff Tannen

Hopefully there will be a twist which requires at least three of the people whose names start with J to change them. I can’t keep them all straight.


Audrey has pretty much sealed her own fate. She’s going to have to win competitions to keep from leaving very soon. Started too much chaos that’s easily tracked back to her.

The only thing that MIGHT save her is several other players realize it’s good to their game to keep her around as a target week after week.

I must say this season is off to a good start. Multiple people capable of stirring it up. I just hope they steer clear of major,unmovable alliances because that’s where the boredom sets in. People know they are safe because of the giant voting blocks and do nothing all summer long but pick off outsiders in one predictable episode after another.


I really like how everyone on this season are gamers and there really is no duds in the group