Sheldon “If someone comes down, it’s probably going to be Minh” Kyle “Minh is just an agent of chaos.”

12:07am The feeds return to John Luke and Kyle talking in the bedroom. John Luke – I would appreciate these kind of talks even though it wasn’t anything major today but I do want to keep it open ..that’s kind of a building block. I do think we could have a good relationship because no one would expect us to be. Kyle – no absolutely not. John Luke – especially after that ball thing. Kyle – I would say that if I was in your position I would also be gunning for it. If you have a chance to secure your safety when you are still trying to figure out where you fit into this puzzle. I would as well too. And if you did win it is definitely worth sitting down with Shelly and talking because honestly .. he might even want it used. And it sucks right now with the way Jamar is flipping. Its throwing everyone into a tiff because he thinks it should be other people… and I don’t think it has anything to do with that. And that creates paranoia around anything. Madaline joins them. They talk about how just last week they had said to each other if they win they would put each other up on the block. Madaline – that’s love. It’s just like Jams and Minh! Its pure love! John Luke – its like we don’t want to show this animosity each week. Its not a good look. Madaline – who do you want me or Rianne? Kyle – what do you mean? Madaline – if we’re on the block together. You don’t have to decide now. Kyle – its kind of a f**ked up question. What do you mean do I want you or Rianne? I’m married. I feel like I could have both of you. Madaline – but not at the same time! Oh! I hate being on the block beside her. I would rather be beside someone else. I don’t even know how to campaign against her. Kyle – I guess from my perspective..

Madaline – we’re similar. Kyle – you’ve done a lot of good in the last couple days being like not as emotional and stuff. Like I think the narrative around you has changed from being emotional and being a little bit more integrated with the house and stuff. Obviously Rianne has done a very good job of that.. there is no denying that. Madaline – I’m trying. Kyle – on a personal level I love you both like dearly. I’ve shared some great times with the two of you. Madaline – you don’t have to say it now. John Luke – I feel like you have to wait till veto. Madaline – I know if its this airport video thing .. I am not winning. Kyle – neither is she (Rianne). Madaline – I think I am f**ked in it .. I am not the smartest or the most athletic. Kyle – I think what you have going for you right now is that you’re kind of broken and not threatening to people.. socially and physically. In a game perspective that can only help you in this week. Madaline – help me in what sense? Kyle – like people won’t see you as a threat. Compared to Rianne who has made really good social connections after everything that went down.

12:20pm HOH bathroom. Sheldon and Sue. Sheldon – two people winning the next HOH so you just have to prepare for that. Sue – no I.. of course. If Jamar or Hira wins it we’re f**ked. They are putting Kyle and Chris up. Sheldon – yeah and I get that .. and we have Chris as a meat shield that we’ll send home Chris. We have like one freebie because of Chris unfortunately.. And I 100% trust Chris. Sue – I trust Chris. I trust Chris more than Jamar right now. Sheldon – I trust Chris more than Jamar and Hira put together. Sue – I hate this!! Sheldon – its fine .. like imagine being Jamar, Hira, or Maddie?! They’re in the worst predicaments to be in. Sue – you’re very good with your words. Sheldon – lets just try to do this thing. Sue – I just hate that Jamar is so pissed at this noms. Sheldon – yeah I hate it too but after what happened I am kind of like relieved because there is an expectation that I don’t hold him to any more. And now its just an issue that needs to be dealt with. Sue – he is just not playing it smart .. there is not strategy there.

HOH room. Brooke and Sheldon. Sheldon – as far as us two .. I think we’re in the best spot. Brooke – I agree. Sheldon – as long as we don’t f**k anything up and its really delicate. Its the alliance that is more in jeopardy. We need three in a row. We got one.. if we get the second one I will be confident. Brooke – Hira is a concern .. I just had another conversation with him again .. and I swear to god I am losing my sh*t. F**king sh*t show! We just had the same f**king conversation. Every time its like should we meet up and talk tonight.. and I’m like no. Sheldon – its kind of our fault because we decided to make an alliance.. because we believed that he might come after us. But honestly we should have just let him be because at the end of the day he is still going after Kyle.

1:50am – 2am HOH room. Sheldon, Brooke and Kyle. Kyle tells them about how upset Jamar is with the nominations. He just feels like he is on the outside of the house and that the one person that he thought he could trust doesn’t have faith in him. Sheldon – yeah. Just please win next week. Kyle – why? You want me to do that? Sheldon – yeah. Kyle – just a liability but so is Minh. Sheldon – if someone comes down, it is probably going to be Minh (replacement nomination). Kyle – Minh is just an agent of chaos. Sheldon – I honestly think if he (Jamar) got put up he would self-evict. Kyle – You think so? Sheldon – I think I am the only person that understands the magnitude of what he is upset about today. Kyle – I am telling you this right now if I get to the point where I get to pick who is on slop .. I am picking him. And he is going to go bananas and I don’t give a sh*t. Sheldon – I feel zero ways about it. You have to do what you have to do. Sheldon – he is a dead horse .. and its unfortunate but he just has to kick it. Kyle – later in the week we can reassess. But right now I think the JL thing is going to work. Sheldon – the bull (Chris) is our most reliable ally right now. To be completely honest. He is the most level headed person outside of this group. Kyle – its hilarious but its true.

Saturday 9:39 am Jamar and Sheldon
Talking about the replacement nomination. Sheldon doesn’t have any idea yet they’ll have to talk about it.
Jamar – Chris and Minh keep asking me like they’re worried
Jamar – you prefer it to stay the same
Sheldon – Maybe a bit more now last night I was thinking more I wanted it to change.
Sheldon explains it’s about the vibe in the house after the POV is played, “I’m okay with all three options I’m going with Minh going home I’m going with Chris and Ok with Rainne going”
Jamar – Chris is kinda scared.
They think the Veto Competition will be the Expedia wall. (lotsa studying this morning)

Feeds are down at Noon When they came back around 1:10 pm we find out there was an altercation between Kyle and Jamar. Kyle told Jamar that he makes everyone in the house feel uncomfortable. This is why the feeds were down.

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another name

I think it would be funny if the expedia wall had nothing to do with any comp this week, and was instead part of a twist in say… week 5 or 7.
An entire 2 rooms. for a week three veto. wow, that’s a bit of a let down from previous seasons.
So who are we guessing will be playing veto?
for the purpose of storyline, my guess: Maddie, Rianne, Hira, Kyle and one of either Jamar or JohnLuke. one of the picks will be a houseguest choice if i read the edit that’s coming correctly. I sometimes check what the bbcan global staff writer puts into the post event encapsulation to get a read on how storyline will unfold. The current vibe is Sheldon niceguy and even the noms love him.

another name

Jamar and Kyle argued. Sheldon defended Kyle. Brooke tried to play referee again. Hira took Jamar’s side. Minh and Carol told Brooke nobody needs the ref calls. oh. and Vanessa revealed the Five out alliance. Chris confronted Sue about her get around game. Sue’s first words: Minh did this. Same as when Brooke said I guarantee you that Minh told the noms Sheldon didn’t want the veto used yesterday. Nope. That was Jamar. See what I mean about causing chaos shortening life expectancy? Now when something happens it’s always Minh that did it. Minh asks Sheldon if she’s the renom. He says he doesn’t WANT to nom her but a lot of people are coming to him with stuff Minh says.
It sounded like there were veto picks.
it sounded like it was to be done in pairs. Hellifiknow.
people that say they are playing in veto so far: Chris, Kyle, John Luke and Hira, but Brooke has also mentioned. so with Maddie and Rianne that makes too many in a five person veto. I looked on twitter to get some clarity and found none. closest i can figure each person picked for veto chose a second person to play along with them.
Madeline-John Luke

another name

when will they ever learn. Hira is having a renom conversation with Sheldon in the HOH. Just after Sheldon says he has heard that Minh might go after Brooke…. Maddie comes out of the HOH bathroom and leaves the room.

another name

veto comp set up leak. the veto involves a disco ball. white blue and purple balloons on the ground and five podiums on one side. a bunch of chairs on the other side.