“Sh1ts going to get bloody. you’re going to have to get rid of Hira.. who would care?”

1:05 pm Cam 1-2 Minh-ly and Angie
(This is a super long circle talk conversation. There’s not enough energy to capture this)
Minh – There’s just certain things that have gone on in this house that I don’t really appreciate from you
A – from me.. OK
Minh – yeah so like you probably know this already since day 4 or whenever I had that argument with Kyle I didn’t appreciate I know you were trying to mediate it Sometimes when people are going at it and there’s a third person involved it makes matters worse
Minh – it exacerbated the issues. That annoyed me at the moment it was turning in something it didn’t need to be
Angie – with the kyle thing I genuinely was trying to look out for you.
Angie says she felt Minh was being disrespectful to her.
Angie – at that moment I was like Damn this girl is being rude to me..
Minh says people are trying to paint her like a b1tch “the thing about me we’ve been together for 14 days some of us are naturally jiving better than others. there’s obviously personality clashes.
Minh – I can understand how I can be misunderstood. I speak my mind and I let it all hang out. I don’t hold grudges I say it and t’s done.
Angie says Minh’s angry is all directed towards Angie, “for some reason”

Angie – why are you coming for me on anything when I never said a thing
Minh – I’m not coming after you but I notice a pattern. I’m talking to somebody then you’re there and getting involved. We’re all there but some people choose to say nothing
Angie – I legitimately didn’t say anything

Angie – I don’t care how you play the game you do whatever you want to do. You’re not in my thoughts you’re not in my mouth. I’m not trying to play my game to instigate you and to wreck your game that’s not how I play. That might be how you play your game.
Angie goes saying she doesn’t try to say things to hurt people.
they go back and forth for awhile..

Angie – I feel like a conversation like this is a waste of time. You already have your mind made up about me
Minh – I don’t like when you are telling me I am committed seeing you in a certain light
Angie – It feels like I can’t go a day without .. not just from someone not even seeing you directly something coming up from you about me.

Angie asks her if she’s going to stop having her name in her mouth.
Minh – I came here to have a conversation with you to clear the air and help you understand what it is you are confused about. I hope .. I’m not saying we are going to be best friend
Angie says she doesn’t care to be best friends with Minh, “Just so we’re clear”

Minh says she made a comment and Angie tried to group that comment with another one she made that he (Jamar) was offended by
Angie denies, “If I was trying to instigate something why would I do that in front of you I’m not dumb”
Minh – I don’t know maybe you were trying to piss me off
Minh – I’m close to Carol she is my friend so I am looking out for her.
They go back and forth about things they’ve said yadda yadda yadda

Angie calls her out for saying things to Carol that are a complete fabrication. (about what Angie told Jamar)
Minh – really you never said those things
Angie – I said the exact same thing you are saying right now that I care about Carol.
Angie – you have a problem with me and you are taking it to a place I don’t want to go
Minh says she doesn’t have a problem with Angie.
Angie says her action says otherwise. Minh doesn’t know if Angie is the type of person to let things go.
Minh – the way you think are very naive
Angie – you’re calling me naive you can’t put out these things
Minh – Swear to god you’re not my target.
Angie – I Don’t care
Minh – wait can I finish my sentence. if I put you up you’re not my target.

they keep talking over each other
Minh – Let me finish my sentence.
Angie calls her out for being condescending.
Minh – I don’t need anybody putting words in my mouth.. yadda yadda yadda
Minh – I’m an honest straight shooter person
They start arguing if Minh had a break in the sentence or not.
Minh – it was a pause
Angie – you had a break
Minh – don’t interrupt me
Minh – you’re not my target and if you don’t understand that’s on you. I’m not lying to you. I just didn’t want you to be HOH (the conversation has moved onto the OH last night)
Minh – I have WAY bigger fish to fry than you Angie. You do not intimidate me on a game level
Angie – calls her out for insulting her
Minh – I’m not
Angie – C’mon GIRL

After another 20 minutes of this, They pray and say their sorrys

Angie and Minh hug it out..

1:58 pm Kyle and Sheldon
Sheldon says from what he’s heard people think Chris and Kyle are close and Sheldon is a distant second to Kyle.
S – as far as the dudes..
Sheldon goes on about how he’s playing up they aren’t talking game.
They both bring up their conversations with JL. Sheldon says JL is good with Kyle now.
S – I think we’re good with him. keep working on it
Kyle says he had a great game chat with Hira and some Maintainance chats with Carol, “the only person I haven’t talked to is Jams”
S – Priority wise JL is the bottom.
Sheldon says he needs to keep working on Jams and Hira.
Sheldon says JL is wanting to distance himself from Maddy and Ria, “I’m also testing JL”
Sheldon explains he told JL he’s not going up if he ends up hearing that JL went with this and told the girls he’ll lose that trust and be a renom.
S – but I think we got him
Kyle – Next week if me or nesse wins it’s gotta be Hira
Sheldon – exactly it’s gotta be he’s already pulled himself down
S – if you put up Minh she will come after you the entire time she is breathing. you put up Carol she will lose her mind. We could put up Angie.
Sheldon says they would need a volunteer to put up next to Hira.
Sheldon says he’ll pick Jams for Veto if he gets Houseguest choice.
Kyle – what if Ria wins
S – that’s the one thing I need your guys help with. Sh1t going to get bloody.
Kyle – you’re going to have to get rid of Hira
S – that is ugly
Sheldon wonders who will care, Sue and Brooke already know they are in a fake alliance with Hira.
S – within the KVBS that is one of our goals (to get rid of Hira)
S – Jams would be onboard he trusts me. If he asks me why I don’t know what I will tell him.
Sheldon is worried that Jams would know Kyle and Sheldon are in an alliance if Hira is the backdoor.
S – he would blow up the alliance of the fake 5
Sheldon says he doesn’t want to waste a move. “what about minh”
Kyle – that’s a good out that would make the house happy you come out as the hero
Sheldon says Minh isn’t coming after him.
Kyle – she wants you, Me and Chris BAD and don’t think she doesn’t in a second. just like Jams will in a heartbeat they are wildcards playing for themselves.
Kyle says backdooring Minh doesn’t put any blood on his hands and it makes the house happy.
Sheldon – just means Maddy, JL and Ria are still in the f*ing game
Kyle – gives them more time to work their magic get with Hira get with Jams..
Kyle says he’s with him on the JL thing “Let’s bring him in on a certain capacity”
They talk about creating a fake four with JL, Brooke, Kyle and Sheldon.
S – pray to f**Ing god Ria and Maddy stay on the block. If they don’t I’m thinking the smartest thing would be Minh.
S – at least with Minh we know she’s individually just a psychopath she’s just a psychopath. If she wins she’ll want to put up the strongest players because it’ll make her look cool.
Kyle – I think Hira would be the move. I mean it’s savage. You have time to think of Jam’s damage control before you do it.
S – it’s him blowing up the five-person alliance. at the end of the day, I can manage Jams.
Sheldon’s fake 5 person alliance with Sue, Hira, Brooke, Jams. Doesn’t want it exposed.
Kyle – yeah but it’s all bullshit.

2:37 pm Chris and Kyle
They are talking about the nominations being Maddy and Rianne. Kyle says he assumes if the veto is okayed JL would go up as the replacement.
Chris warns him even though they are playing the social game people in the house see them both as the biggest targets.
Kyle – everything I am doing is designed to get us further in this game. It’s the two Chris it’s you and me.
Kyle – I have ears everywhere in this house and that is all by design. So like with you also being strong social and physically there’s thing that gets said in this house that you don’t hear that I hear.
Kyle says nobody in this house other than Chris knows that Kyle and Sheldon are working together
Kyle says Sheldon needs them in this game because he knows once they are gone he’s next, “He really wants to get rid of Ria right now if there’s a backdoor to be play I’m not sure”

2:51 pm Sheldon and Minh
Sheldon says she’s “so easy for everybody to suggest to put up because they don’t think anybody would be like.. for example if Maddy goes up Ria will be sad JL will be sad Ig I go up Jams is going to be sad Brooke will be sad. Nobody is going to care that you go up
Minh – people would care you just don’t know who
Sheldon – I’m not saying nobody likes you I mean game wise I don’t think the people you are close to will attempt to keep you safe with someone else.
Sheldon says if Vanessa has to choose between Minh or Kyle she would choose Kyle
Sheldon says everyone believes this based on what he is hearing from people.
Sheldon says last week the entire house wanted Minh backdoored.
Sheldon says if the veto gets played he’s certain people are going to want her to go up. Adds that the house thinks its’ a safe move so everyone will suggest it.
Sheldon – I like you but that is something you should think about when talking to people.
Minh – I’m I safe this week with you as HOH
Sheldon – I”m about to get there. I’m not putting you up
Minh – and you’re not backdooring me
Sheldon – when I say I’m not putting you up I’m not putting you up
Minh – can I tell you what I think is going on there’s a division. Kyle’s name is going around people saying He’s a threat he’s great at mitigating damage and people are scared of him on the other side there’s the four now a three we might as well knock them all out that’s the safe route.

Sheldon asks her who she’s closest to.
Minh – who do you think
Sheldon – I don’t know
Sheldon says the house thinks she’s the wildcard.
Minh – are you going to make a big move like WOW a shocker
Sheldon again says she is not going to be nominated today and he does not want to backdoor her.

4:42 pm feeds were down for over an hour while the HOH and MAddy get wendy’s. Nominations haven’t happened yet. Maddy and Ria are going up. If veto is played things will get very interesting.

6:08 pm Maddy and Carol
Maddy crying “I’m not the smartest person here I’m not the most physical I’m not the best at anything here I don’t think I’m a threat to anyone I played the most honest game”
M – I stand up for the people I do believe in I just feel like.. Being an honest person and a loyal person in this game. All the HOH’s are going to be showing that anything. Even to the rest of Canada, it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t like that

Maddy – I didn’t do anything I don’t know what I did. I’m the easy way out
Carol – you probably are the easy way out.
Carol – if you were to go up I don’t think you will be the target I think it would be easy to put you next to whoever they want out
Maddy – he’s putting me up next Rianne. We’re not the best, we’re not the smartest

Carol – I don’t think you are the target

6:43 pm Rianne and Maddy
Rianne says putting the two of them up is a safe move. “It’s like playing scared with the big boys”

Ria- I hate to say it I wouldn’t say it to anybody but you. Brooke is loving Shelly and JL like
Maddy – I figured, She likes them both?
Ria – she knows how to flirt. She’s very flirty with both of them
Ria – Brooke is Sheldon’s right-hand person not JAmars and Brooke likes JL
Ria – She’s flirty with all of them, Sheldon, Kyle and JL (HAHAHA Kyle)
Maddy – I see it. Why is she flirting with Kyle.. BLERGH (hahahah)
Ria – she was like do you want a massage .. he was like do you want to sit on my lower back and braid my hair. She was like I love to braid your hair
Ria – can you put pressure on my lower back
Maddy – with your vagina bones
Ria – Brooke is Sheldon’s right hand and Brooke likes JL (that is why they are on the block)
Maddy – I feel like everyone is against us it makes me sad
Ria – I know but we have to continue integrating with everyone
Ria – the better we do tonight and tomorrow before the comp.. Let’s say we both get nominated. The better we do tonight and tomorrow the more opportunity of a possible backdoor of someone we don’t like.
Ria says they have to go kiss Sheldon’s a$$ and get him to backdoor Chris “He’s too scared of Kyle”

8:20 pm Madeline and Brooke
Maddy thanks her for telling the truth that she knew about the backdoor plan. She was one of the few people to tell the truth to her. Adds that she feels like a lone wolf now in the game.
Maddy – But I’m not a floater
Maddy explains how the four formed and after MIke left it all kinda fell apart. They were all connected through MIke.
Maddy brings up talking to JL where they decided to go their own ways in the game.
She goes on about “not being the brightest crayon in the crayon box” ( Sigh )
Maddy – what I can provide is my loyalty and trust

8:30 pm Jamar and Sheldon
Jamar saying that JL is pushing a final 3 with him and Sheldon
They laugh
They talk about how desperate JL is. Sheldon says his talk with JL went well Sheldon thinks it was Mike’s shiftiness that had him and JL be distant.
Jamar – Kyle is acting really weird now.. We’re just not the same anymore
Jamar says they don’t “goof around” anymore
Jamar says that Kyle said the same thing to him than he said to mike. JAmar thinks Kyle will backdoor him if he has the chance.
They agree the slop is getting to Kyle “He looks skinny”

Sheldon goes over his talk with Kyle says that Kyle asked him if he would be interested in working together.
SHeldon – I was like bro I’m just going to talk to everyone see what they’re thinking
Sheldon makes it sounds like he told Kyle he was “Known liar in the house”
Sheldon – if you are going to say the lie you have to keep the lie. I would have never told the truth
Jamar – it’s a game you’re supposed to lie
Jamar says first chance he gets he’s “dealing” with Kyle
Sheldon – I just know he’s not coming after me or you but if you feel uncomfortable with him “
Jamar – He might come after Hira too.
Jamar says Hira is targeting Chris.

9:10 pm Ri and Sheldon
Sheldon – I’m going to put up you and Maddy. I’m so so sorry it breaks my heart it’s not personal by any means. Game-wise we haven’t connected yet I know it’s still early in the game and I really believe everything you guys are saying to me but I just connected with a lot of other people
Sheldon says they have a chance to play in the veto and his mind isn’t set on who goes home, “I’m doing nominations because I have to”

Ri – ok
Sheldon – I have to put people up but right now this is the best of a bad situation. I don’t want anyone to go.

Feeds come back around 11:40 pm Sheldon nominated Ri and MAddy ..

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i want kyle to go home soooooo bad


His kids must be super proud of him (NOT)


Jamar is missing a few screws – in more ways than one…

Fruit Loop Dingus

Pease, backdoor Minh. Pretty please?

another name

Odd that Sheldon is telling both Minh and Angie that he is not going to put them up this week.
From a deflective standpoint, okay, so he’s trying to keep them reined in?
I still say Sheldon’s biggest game characteristic is Sheldon doesn’t like chaos. Chaos is literally a lack of control. Look at his game. He requires control.

My issue with the Evicters: What did they think was going to happen? Make it incredibly obvious week one (prefeeds) that you have formed a group. I mean, when Carol and Angie acknowledge you as the four when feeds come up… you’re obvious. The reaction to the blindside backdoor nomination: they were fine that Chris was going to do that to someone else, they were mad it happened to them. There goes that moral highground they screamed from the hilltops. When campaigning they say they are not an alliance (therefore won’t have the power to provide security to anyone that sticks their necks out) but at the same time say they will have the numbers. Both can’t be true. My main issue is they strategized without intelligence (information not brains), isolated while being obvious, and didn’t form enough individual relationships. How many conversations did Michael have with anyone in the house without the presence of Maddie or JL? Same can be said for each of them. They didn’t play well. The Evicters alliance played as if they watched a season of edited episodes and thought gee this will be easy. For that reason, I have an issue with them. Yeah, I’d have an issue with JL anyway. He’s my no reason just gut feeling don’t like.

My issue with Minh ly. Oh, she can be popcorn feeds a lot, but chaos costs shelf-life in the game. If you don’t like her as a person, it’s valid / if you do like her don’t get used to her. Surprised if she makes jury (even though for popcorn factor i’d like her to make week 6 ish). Anyone with a strong sense of getting the easy win should be weighing whether or not they can handle her chaos factor enough to drag her to the finals and get ALL the votes (nobody is voting Minh to win). That isn’t a thought in anyone’s head because of the chaos factor.

My issue with Angie: for a superfan her view of the game is incredibly myopic. Today she entered into an alliance with Carol, Vanessa and Chris. Even typing that you can’t help but see it’s fake. To date that fake alliance is her actual biggest game move.

My big question: what happened after feeds went down yesterday that has Hira running around throwing Angie and Carol out as wildcards and outing his only final 2 in the game? Guess that middle alliance isn’t going so well. Angie and Carol are off joining other alliances. Hira is thinking he can push Sheldon to make his big move for him (Chris or Kyle). Okay, add Hira to my list of bad social readers. What in Sheldon’s activities or conversations has led Hira to believe that He would want to make a big move when he doesn’t have to?


I’m concerned that is shaping up to be quite a boring season.
The bros will run things and the minions will all follow. Just like last season.
Although Minh Ly is entertaining, she will never win the game as people will not vote for her.


how can you say that after the week we just had?


Easy it was do predictable that Michael was going and no one was going against Chris and Meathead Kyle


literally! min is the only one whos keeping me watching. the bros are boring.

another name

Wow. This seasons cast, apparently, really really really suck at reading the provided script with ‘insert nom name and reason’.
Let’s be crucial. It takes about 10 minutes to film the disembodied head room portion. that’s with adjustment to cam.
It then takes about 20 minutes to do the ceremony portion, twenty more if they have to do a refilm from any fixed point for reactions or better sound or the dreaded complete reshoot because of wooden performance. if feeds are down for more than one hour… we’re dealing with idiots.

another name

“Sheldon, this is Pam in the control room, would you mind reading that last bit again, only this time like you have a pulse?”