Celebrity Big Brother HOH Results! “I put her (Omarosa) in the hospital.”

Eviction Results: Chuck was evicted 7-1

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9:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH competition.

3:04am The live feeds return to some of the house guests already sleeping. Metta goes out into the backyard to check his laundry. Metta – What is going on with these people?! Its only a game… f**k! He then heads back inside to the bar room. He

HOH Winner: Ross

HOH room – Marissa and Ross. Marissa – If anyone is going to splinter, its going to be her. Talk to her. I already had James in that sense. I already knew, if anyone out of the group was going to go it was going to be Shannon. And I didn’t mind giving him that information because if that happened .. then he knew that I was already .. like dude she is the one. So I was able to say I was the one who told you about that. And he was like no, no. So like out there when I said to you I trust you. It was because he was looking right at me and I knew he saw me saying it. That’s why he really trusted us. Ross – we need a word that we put in front of a sentence that means clarify with me later.. like “undoubtedly”. Marissa – that’s a very smart idea. Ross – so then right after that conversation, I will know to come to you and say what do you think? Marissa – that sounds great.

Marissa – her birthday basket is still on her bed. Ross – is she coming back? Marissa -I don’t know. Ross – is she sitting there over night somewhere? How is that possible? Marissa tells Ross about how Christmas left to go to the hospital and she had knee surgery last season! (It sounds like Omarosa went to the hospital.) Ross – and they let her back in? Marissa – it doesn’t seem fair?! Ross – at the end of the day if Metta won we could be like no he escaped. Like that’s the rules, you can’t walk out the exit door and then win $250,000.. twice! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

3:20am When the feeds return – Ross is practicing his nomination speech. Ross – If anyone from our alliance was in this position it would be the same call. The lines have been drawn. Good luck to both of you. Marissa – and I would like to say I am not backdooring you. I am giving you the opportunity to fight. Ross – I want to give you the same opportunity I want which is not to be backdoored. And I’ll put it on the whole house. Marissa – yeah! Ross – and if any other person had gotten HOH this is the nominations they would have done. Good luck to both of you. And when this is all over I hope we can hug it out and mean it. Something like that. Marissa – we will work on the ending. It’s undoubtedly okay. Ross – I will have to check with you on that later. Marissa laughs. Marissa – I am proud of you. We f**King killed it! We were the heros tonight together. I spun around in a circle and then bowled her a$$ off. (Sounds like the HOH competition was the spin yourself dizzy bowling competition.) Marissa – this is hilarious that WE knocked out those people. I mean I put her (Omarosa) in the hospital. I mean she’s going to be okay. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return – Ross and Marissa are going to sleep.

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Double D

My new favorite is Ross. He is hilarious. And he got Shannon to flip the house.


Giving Ross credit for flipping the house is reaching. Shannon did all the work and Ross wasn’t even positive he wanted to do it until everyone was on board.

Ross thinks he has this game won. He also doesn’t know Shannon and Rissa were tight comng into the house. That whole Ross Rissa love fest may indeed now be a friendship but Rissa will side with Shannon when the time comes soon.

Keep in mind this game is over on the 25th. This isn’t a kick back and wait season. For those saying Shannon is playing too hard, no she only has like 15 days left to win this thing.


Will Omarosa even lift a finger in anything besides running her mouth? Seems to be set up that she does not have to participate in the challenges and dirty a nail. No way was it not a set up that she not have to cling onto one of the statues in the first challenge. Can’t have a photo of her wrapped around that thing for national exposure, so bb had to give an immediate immunity to ‘her prearranged’ star to allow her to sit out. Then next challenge only has to be a host? GIVE US MORE CREDIT THAN THAT BB


Totally agree that was a setup! She was probably a last minute addition to the cast, AND she probably only agreed to be on if she wasn’t eliminated first.

The Foosa

Ombrosa is one vile human being.. Always has been since day one of her career being a “tv personality”.


Ross said he was a huge BB fan. He didn’t even know that ho Christmas had surgery and was let back into the house. They had to let that two time loser Paula back to sing like an idiot on the first episode. No talent a$$! Any way Rosa for the win!!!


Don’t Ean to be a dick, but at 72 years I’m not the best computer dude. Everything seems different with the site but my old standard list of spoilers page doesn’t give the complete lineup as before. Who was booted? I’m not sure why the spoiler page only lists the latest spoiler.


Shannon has been too nice/ eager to please her “alliance.” She won the HOH, fair and square AND the POV. And then she is supposed to take her marching orders from Keisha, who merely struck it lucky with the swag bag, and Omarosa, who hasn’t so much as even participated in a competition???

Of course, she (Shannon) was referencing what would be good for HER game. That’s the whole point!! I wish she had just said so, the minute Omarosa challenged her “loyalty.” Shannon earned the right to make her own decision(s). I wish she had reminded them all why they came to the house; and it wasn’t to lose the game. Shannon became an instant target on Day One. She has nothing to lose by playing hard and doing whatever she needs to do to save herself. That hen party DOES NOT have her back.

“Shock and Awe?” Easy for Omarosa to say. She is safely hiding behind the front lines. She is playing fast and loose with somebody else’s life in the house. She is “Pauling” her way through, so far.

I don’t care if Shannon cries her way through, as long as she continues to play to win and doesn’t let anybody convince her to play THEIR game.

Leave your baggage at home

How would Omar and Keish like it if there was a “white girl” alliance….Why make it always about race…..Wanted to watch BB to get away from the daily BS, but they bring it in the house….


I didn’t think Ross would win HOH….. And Omarosa in the hospital????? This week is getting off to a great start I have a feeling she’ll come back but It’ll probably depend on how severe it is but I think for game purposes it won’t matter because she or Keisha is probably going home this week anyways I will be shocked if she manages to find a way to stay in the house while also being injured because unlike Cuntmas she doesn’t have a gnome protecting her like she did ,and I’m pretty Sure if production didn’t give her safety she would’ve been out the door first instead of Chuck being gone first .


Happy that Ross won! He seems to know the game and is level headed. I am enjoying the older cast.


Note to Chuck: Your eviction had nothing to do with you or anything you did. It was all about knocking Omarosa and Keisha off their high horses.


Chuck for Amazing Race!!!


Game on!! Omarosa and Keisha will have to re-group. What a breath of fresh air to have so many free-thinkers in the house.
Word to the wise: Brandi seems to have been able to hold a sober thought and follow the logic behind keeping James, despite her personal hostilities toward him. But ATTENTION ALL HOUSEGUESTS: Do not divulge too much info in the presence of drunk Brandi. She WILL put you on blast, especially if she has one of her tantrums. So far, so good, but put that nugget on archive somewhere for quick retrieval, when needed.

Double D

Maybe she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. And can she please remove that yellow junk off her face when they are doing HOH, POV drawings etc


What is that yellow/gold junk anyway? One of the guys had it on too.


It’s for bags and/ or dark circles under the eyes.


I know nothing about the challenge or how Omarosa got hurt, but I can’t help thinking there is a corner of her soul (and yes, people, she does have one) in which she needed a break in the action after that oh-so-humbling eviction fail. It was demoralizing for her to learn that her rhetoric had fallen on deaf ears and that Shannon was not as maleable as she had hoped. It remains to be seen whether Keisha has profited from this lesson. She is strong-minded in her own right, but got caught up in the Omarosa mist. Speaking of which, how come nobody challenged HER “loyalty” when she went off-script and nominated James in the first place?? The “plan” had been to backdoor James. But, as was her right as “BBtwist HOH,” she did what she thought was best for HER game. Her mistake was in thinking she and Omarosa had the votes on lock. James may now be looking long and hard at Keisha.
Note to all houseguests: It is a short season, with no time for the usual shenanigans. In the time that you have, rely more on your own skills. The Shannons and the Ross’s cannot win on your behalf. You will all have to just DO YOU.


I, too, am enjoying the older cast. No one sucking on anyone’s face endlessly. No “under the covers Olympics”.
Everyone is really trying to win the competitions & not throwing them “to go along with the house”. This may be due to a shortened season. If so, then continue it!
Attention Big Brother: Younger players = season mess. Older players = good show.

I am surprised at how much I’m enjoying CBB!


Agreed. It is much more enjoyable for fans when people are not being led around by the nose. Some of it may have more to do with their being in show business. It takes a lot of ego strength to survive that kind of non-stop scrutiny and criticism 24/7 and remain emotionally intact. The usual BB houseguests are not accustomed to being so harshly judged, and from multiple sources, so they tend to look for shelter.

Double D

It’s more to do with the fact that most of them are married.


I agree. I was doubtful I’d like the celebrities much but they are so much more fun to watch. I love the maturity they have especially in their speech. Last season no one seemed to be able to speak a sentence without using the F word multiple times. It got annoying.


And I am NOT missing the “f” word in every sentence. Very refreshing.


The live feeds are in “We will be right back” mode constantly. I paid for these feeds – stop turning them off.


Why do celebrities have to ruin everything fun? I’d rather see real people who actually deserve and need the money. I can’t watch anymore. I tried.


unfortunately, the majority of the “real people” are not people who actually need or deserve the money


And Metta is begging to get evicted. He tried to leave and production somehow talked him into staying. Why did he sign up if he’s not up for it?!? So many people would have appreciated that spot. So disappointed.
And I really like Metta – seems like a super nice family guy with great personality.
Guess when you don’t need the money, therein lacks the motivation to be there.

Yoko Ono

He’s a quitter is why….What a moron, like he didn’t know what this was all about. Although, he aint the sharpest pencil in the box, is he?


Celebrities in small doses= fun. Irrespective of marital status, you know they aren’t going to be bed-hopping and they’re all watching what they eat. Sooo, the only thing left for them to do is to play the game. None of them would be willing to sign on for much longer than the three weeks b/c it really is a royal pain for people who are trying to make some real money and who have VERY PUBLIC images to protect.
RE: Metta and Ari- I’m not sure they have a clue about what is going on. In fact, Metta already said, “I don’t know anything about Big Brother,” on Day One. And there is insufficient time for a tutorial. If either of those two get some power in the house, someone will have to shepherd him/her through the process. You can count on there being multiple applicants for the job. : – )
In short, a limited run on Big Brother may actually jumpstart a career, rehabilitate a reputation, or simply keep one’s face and name in memory. Publicity is publicity…


Priceless!! Watching Omarosa click in – “hmmm…I’m not in charge”! So how does Omarosa deal with everyone flipping on her?…suddenly …she is “sick”!

I like the input of previous BB winners – the pointed out things I never clicked into..like Metta “pretending” to want to go home – and they left him there!

Congratulations Ross HOH..what the hell…how come that is not on camera!

come on!

Freezing in PA

Omarosa will probably deal with it the same way she had to deal with it in the White House… by being escorted out by Security LOL


Ari has a 50 year old millionaire bf. Lucky bastard.

No wonder she didn’t know you have to take the cardboard off a frozen pizza. Had never made one before. Shocking. Ha.

Ross fans vs. Shannon fans heating up in here. Ross is ok he just does the token turn up the fake over the top gay voice when saying hi to Julie. So desperate and annoying. I have zero issue with someones sexuality nor care what it is but why be fake at any point? He also needs new hair stylist. That fade is one of the worst I ever have seen. He dyes the top and let’s the sides grow in grey. Everytime I look at him I want to get a clipper and buzz his sides bald.

I have not 100% decided who Shannon has pegged as who she wants to get to F2 with. I think Metta is one option. Brandi another. Both of those could never beat her in votes. James couldn’t either.

Ari could beat her in votes and possibly Rissa or Ross could. I know she has zero plans to take Ross to F2. Rissa she is tight with so she may risk it with her.


I like Ross. That being said, he’s getting on my last nerve.
Going after Shannon is a stupid idea on his part.
If he goes through with targeting her I hope it backfires on his ass.
Shannon for the win!
She’s been working her butt off, and others are taking the credit.

Min O'Pause

Is is true Omarosa is jammed her nutsack up her ass and is in the hospital?