Minh “I would want to f*** [Jamar]” Vanessa “And then send him out the door.” Minh – “yeah, like that turns me on!”

11:55pm Hot Tub – Minh-ly, Vanessa and Chris. Minh – that competition exposed peoples alliances. Chris – well we already knew right? Vanessa – and lack of though. Chris – it showed the floaters though. Like who they were putting it in. Like who was Hira putting his in? Minh – he put two in mine. Vanessa – he put one in mine. Chris – he put some in Susanne. Vanessa – he was actually balancing them out. People that I was actually surprised by he put one in Susanne and Carols.. like I was like ok!? It really showed. Chris – do you think she knew that or? Vanessa – oh yeah. Minh – but honestly if you look at in the reverse you see who was good with the whole house. Like Susanne, Jamar, Me .. but its understandable because everyone thought that I was a scapegoat. Chris – well we took the target off your back. There was no winning that comp so I was glad that I was not in it… the only fun thing was to do what she did and take someone out. Minh – but I did the strategic thing for my game as well. Vanessa – I would have done what you did. Minh – everyone expects the beef with Angie.. so its perfect.

Chris – I was surprised that someone like Carol didn’t win. Vanessa – I can’t believe Shel only had 3 balls. Chris – well he’s been cruisin’. Minh – I’m happy that he’s HOH. Knock on wood it doesn’t go f**kin.. Vanessa – go sideways. Chris – I don’t think he is going to get cute. Minh – me and Sheldon had a talk last week and he said if he won he wouldn’t put me up. I can’t believe Brooke put some in mine. Her and Sheldon are kind of together and they’re floaters. I can totally understand why people hate floaters. They don’t work for anything and then they find themselves in a nice position where they can start playing and they’ve already got 10 people knocked out of the game. Chris – while other people do the dirty work right!? Minh and Vanessa – exactly! Minh – I want people to play with. I came here to compete.

Minh – I know that Jamar would take out big guys like you and Kyle! 100%! 1000%! And he is savage in his game .. he doesn’t care if he upsets the whole house. He doesn’t care. He is a dangerous player. It would be hard to manipulate him. I think Jamar is dangerous to your game and Kyle’s game. Chris – so you wouldn’t be sad to see Jamar go? Minh – me … no! Chris – its ok, he is going to re-watch this. Minh – no I wouldn’t be. Chris – ohhhh.. your tough! Yo! She’s not attached guys! She can detach from her emotions! Are you just putting on a play for Jamar then? Minh – no, I would want to f**k him.. Vanessa – and then send him out the door. Minh – yeah. Like that turns me on. Like that is a bada## bit*h move! You know!? Heartless! Black widow! You know?! Jamar is a savage! He is a rogue player. Vanessa – he is for sure! Minh – you’re (Chris) my knight in shinning armor. Chris – k! I’ve shown myself to be such. Minh – respect to Chris. He’s got the look to him and then the player moves. Respect!

1:55am HOH room. Sheldon, Brooke, Kyle and Vanessa.
Sheldon – I think we’re in a good place and happy we can all feel f**king comfortable. I am happy I am guaranteed to be safe for another 14 days. Kyle – 14 more days to control and now we can write a narrative. Sheldon – We should work socially all of us. I am going to handle the girls. I am going to talk to the bull. Kyle – I don’t have to lie to these people straight to their faces.. I can just get my social game back. Sheldon – and then we will just trade back information. I think we’re in a good place. Kyle – thankfully they gifted us with people that can’t think in this game. Sheldon – we’re decent but they’re terrible. Kyle – I told JL (John Luke) you guys sewered the whole house to each other. That means going into next week no one trusts you. No one wants to work with you. That’s why you feel so alone right now.

3:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:50am Airplane waiting room. The house guests are waking up. Madaline – oh my god I can’t believe I made out with him in front of everyone. I did not want to do that. John Luke – you didn’t want to do that… Maddy – not in front of you guys.. in front of Canada. Kyle – Why is it bad? Maddy – I don’t know .. I have students and sh*t. Kyle – Your t!ts are falling all over the place this season. Maddy – but they’re not going to show that .. just on the live feeds I guess. John Luke – what won’t they show? Maddy – my b**bs .. I just sometimes walk around by accident. t!tties poppin’! John Luke – Ohhhh.. t!tties poppin’ .. yup I miss me some t!tties! John Luke leaves. Kyle – yeah I’m jerking off today for sure. Maddy – do you want me to leave you alone in this room. Kyle – there are camera’s everywhere, I can’t do it with cameras on me. Maddy – yeah I guess the bathroom is the best way.

9:07am – 9:15am Havenot room. Minh and Carol. Minh – That Angie is a little tw@t! Carol – what did she do. Minh – Before I used to be very naive. If I don’t have beef with you then you don’t have beef with me. If I don’t have beef with you .. therefore you’re not an issue. There reason why I have to control that in this game is because I know if she had the opportunity to knock me out she would. Carol – of course. Minh – she is just seething with hate. We were sitting around talking about how many countries we’ve been too. Then Jamar comes. And then Ang is like who is the least traveled? She said, I think its Jamar. I asked if he was allowed in the US. Then she said remember Jamar when we were talking about the ignorant comments .. don’t you think its along the same lines. And he was like what do you mean. And she was like remember when the PEI Carol said the police would be looking for you? And she was like what is the difference between the comment that was just made? I didn’t even understand what she was talking about and he kind of defended me .. like she asked a question. She asked me if I even confronted you about that. She strikes me as someone who is a social justice warrior. I was like you wouldn’t have made that comment if it was Sheldon .. because its not Sheldon’s character. Carol – and Jamar says all day that he is ghetto and street and .. he’s a “carpenter” but not really. Minh – “I don’t do construction” .. “I do construction.. you feel me!?”. Carol – that’s the only reason why I said that. Minh – like just trying to make it about black. Carol – my best friend is black ..and I know that sound stupid to say but.. my best friend is black. Minh – I hate when people do that and I feel like she does that. Carol – I’m a visible minority too .. maybe not in the exact same way but.. Minh – I just sat there and then I got up and left. Carol – Yeah I didn’t mean because he’s black. Minh – and then she kept talking about it for like 15 minutes with Jamar .. like you should really address Carol about that ignorant comment. You see how much an instigator she is. She was pouring salt on the wound. That is why she is not good in this house. If I get HOH, I am getting her out! I know it is an easy ..kind of a wasted HOH because she is a non-threat because that creates damage. Carol – she is stirring the pot. Well that sucks because that is not how I meant it. Minh – just have a talk with Jamar. And for her to say that she was insinuating that about me .. pisses me the f**k off. Carol – he can make a gay joke and I won’t get pissed about it. Ok, I will talk to him because that is the last thing that I wanted. I am a right fighter. I would never put someone down.

9:42 am Hira, Jamar and Sheldon
Jamar – she just said she thought we were comfortable to joke around like that
Sheldon – yeah yeah
Jamar – We can joke around but I don’t find that joke funny I didn’t laugh
Sheldon – I was shocked she said it
Jamar – she’s making herself look bad I know a lot of people will be offended.
Sheldon tells him he doesn’t care when he jokes around saying the N-word but when he does it makes everyone else feel like they have a green light to talk about being black and joke about that sh1t.
Sheldon – I know for a fact she told me that’s why she felt comfortable saying to you she didn’t say it to me
Sheldon – she said I just know that Jamar is always joking about being black. I’m like true but it’s still risking doing a joke like that.
Jamar – I never portray myself like a thug.
Sheldon – it’s not an excuse but that is why she said jit
Jamar realizes he has a “HOOD slang”
Jamar – I grew up in doesn’t mean that’s me. I talk like the hood
Jamar says he drives a BMW and everyone thinks he sells drugs.
They bring up that Carol being gay thinks her struggles are the same
hira – she didn’t grow up where we did
Jamar – she’s still white. White people have the most privileges no matter how many piercings and tattoos they get.
Jamar – more privileges than a black man .. you hear me
Sheldon – we’re not the same
Jamar – I think Angie took it harder than me she’s going to take a joke harder.
Jamar retells the joke “If I go to PEI the cops will be looking for me”
Sheldon – they would have called the cops

THey laugh
Jamar – they probably would depending on what I was doing don’t point out the obvious goddam
Jamar – just because it’s true doesn’t mean she can say it
Hira says he wasn’t to Halifax and got a lot of looks

10:28 am Angie and Carol
Going over Carol saying if Jamar went into certain neighborhoods the cops would be called.

Carol – I believe I was a black woman in a previous life. Spiritually, Singing, Lifestyle.
Angie says everyone in the house recognizes that Carol decent person and that is why Minh went after her “That’s your strength”
Angie says Minh is blowing things up.
Angie – this is what I was saying before when there was a chance to be done with all this (evict Minh) she might not be hurting your game because she’s not coming after you
Carol – but she’s clearly hurting my game right now
Angie – Exactly that’s what I mean. if you leave her in this game, First of all, hurt people actual feelings which is not why you play this game. Second of all when she focuses on you for the day, for the week for whatever it either makes you feel in some sorta light makes you paranoid draws attention. All these things every single person doesn’t need to feel

Carol – to come after me with something like racism… ohh man.
Angie – it’s trash it’s exactly it. You can tell how she was trying to get sympathy that’s always the goal
Carol – I know you’re right. Don’t think for a minute I don’t see who she is.
Carol asks if she’s OK with Jamar.
Angie – you’re okay with Jamar and even if you weren’t it wouldn’t have been because of this
Carol – fair
Angie says if what carol said was an actual thing someone would have come to her to talk to her.
Carol points out if it was an actual thing why would she have said it in front of the three black people in the house.
Carol says she’s p[utting Minh on the block.
Angie – to make up a full out lie that makes Jamar look bad that’s your friend. (?)
Carol says because she had one moment of weakness there are people in the house that are trying to push her over to see if she can have two or three.
Carol says she’s said jokes before that should have not been said they don’t come from a hateful place.
Angie – Everyone has those jokes in them. I do to
Carol says she’s her daughter is Philipino she just as passionate about human rights than she is Gay rights.
Angie – don’t let it get to you

10:54 am Jamar and Angie
Jamar – that’s why Carol apologized because Minh went to Carol because Minh never knew the comment that Carol said originally. Minh was like what did you say.. Minh told her you were trying to paint an image on her
Jamar – nobody thought she 9Carol) was racist
Angie agrees “that’s not what Minh went and told Carol that was the issue”
Jamar – what did Minh tell Carol
Angie – Minh was like I was trying to rile you up and trying to get you made saying aren’t you mad about this aren’t you mad
Jamar – get me mad
Angi e- yeah I was trying to get you mad about the whole situation. Me and you were there so we know apparently she went and told carol
Angie – she told Carol that you said you would put her on the block and when she’s on the block tell her that she’s a racist. Ming said those words to Carol. I was like that’s a bald-faced lie
Jamar – I never said that
Angie says that’s not fair to Carol she never did anything like that “Carol’s upset”
Angie says Carol is upset because she feels she’s being painted as a racist. Adds that everyone didn’t think the comment was anything but that is not how it was relayed to Carol from Minh it was framed ina way to make Carol thinks we all thought she was a racist.
Jamar – no one said she was a racist. Minh is stupid for saying that

11:15 am
Carol crying “I got mad love for all humans unless they do me and my family wrong’

11:40 am Sheldon and Jamar
Sheldon saying he knows for a fact Kyle is not coming after them.
Jamar says the same thing they hear Kyle saying to them he said the same thing to JL and Mikey.
Sheldon – everyone has heard everything about Kyle I haven’t heard one thing about us two.
Sheldon adds that Kyle doesn’t have the house behind him like the 3 think they do.
Sheldon says he’s never one time talked game to Maddy and Ria.
Sheldon – they haven’t spoken good about me once.
Sheldon says he’s cool with JL because JL is chill, “If I put them up no one is going to get mad at me. If I go after Kyle he does have a Vanessa nad a carol.
Jamar – Chris
Sheldon – and Chris.. and he’s not coming after me.
Jamar wants Kyle gone before jury. Sheldon says early jurry
Sheldon – I most likely will put up the two girls
adds that he needs to talk to everyone first.
Jamar – If I win veto should I keep noms the same
Sheldon – right now yes but things can change.
Sheldon says putting up the girls is an easy decision but he’s not “married” to it if one of the boys act up he’ll change his plans.

Noon Sheldon and CHris
Sheldon says most people will want him to go after CHris Kyle or the remaining three.
Sheldon asks between Maddy and Ria who is he close to?
Sheldon says he’s probably putting up the two girls.
Sheldon – Rianne sketches me out bro

Sheldon – my plan is to make them look like their not the targets. I’m aware there’s bigger targes in the house. I won’t say names. I’ll say if you guys win the veto I will consider … whatever..

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another name

I feel like this week the energy level is going to be different. Not sure if it’s because So many will be trying to push reset buttons, or if it’s the energy (or lack thereof) of the HOH. The devil in me says hey everyone, give Angie the slop pass. Just to watch Kyle lose his mind COMPLETELY. THAT would push his buttons so MUCH. lol. ALL THE POPCORN. Like we don’t know already Maddie will get it. I’m just saying.
My major premonition: all the men are 100% safe this week.
Sheldon, who has alliances with 90% of the house is sort of limited on who he can nominate without game exposure.
Sheldon’s Alliance chart:
KVBS: Kyle Vanessa Brooke Sheldon (I’d say 75 % real)
Six Feet Under: Carol and Susanne added to KVBS (mostly fake)
The other 4/5: with Susanne Jamar and Hira added to Brooke and Sheldon. To be honestl: This is a backup or control alliance. They exist so that Sheldon can monitor their movements.
The three: Kyle Sheldon Chris (at some point Kyle will fire the first bullet). fake.
secret duo’s: fake one supposedly with Minh week one *but he’d nom her if he could put up with her bs on the block and keep Jamar calm and deal with the chaos (Sheldon does not like chaos). side one with Jamar. Actually, Sheldon has a side final 2 with each of the members of both of his 4somes. Coming this week: a side alliance with Hira Jamar and John Luke (wait for it) along with fake final 2’s with both Hira and John Luke. It’s what Sheldon does. This should come back to bite him. Probably won’t. SHOULD.

So, if Sheldon is unwilling to nom a guy (give it up ain’t no guy touching the block on Sheldon’s hoh without something earth shattering happening), and Sheldon has active real and fake alliances with everyone else, his only viable targets are:
Maddie, Rianne, Angie or the already mentioned Minh ( i don’t think Sheldon remembers the you won’t touch the block conversation). If he wants to go bloodless it’s Angie as renom (she’s only attached to Chris or Carol to any satisfactory degree). If he wants to deal with hellfire and d-minhing: Minh. Historical references in bbcan: if he aims at minh he must evict her (ika season2 style) or deal with season long histrionics ala Cassandra (season4). Maddie on slop for the second week makes her pitiful or pitiable. Angie on slop ain’t nobody caring. Therefore: if Rianne wins veto Minh is in play and target. If Maddie wins veto Angie is in play with Rianne as target.
At least this is how I view the options and Sheldon’s style of play.