Sabrina about Sarah “Shes’ the wicked witch of Big Brother” Neda – “We are all wicked witches”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

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6:13pm Everyone but Jon in the Kitchen
Adel laughs at Jon in the HOH room, “Big Jon must be losing his mind up in there”

Neda says she never really talked game to Kenny.

Heather mentions hearing the boys talking in the storage room about how they were going to string the girls along to use them for their votes then start taking them out. Heather adds that right after she heard them saying that Kenny came up to her and told her they should start working together.

Heather – “Ya OK Kenny.. I haven’t talked to you and it’s been 5 f****g weeks.. OK Kenny”
Adel says Kenny and Andrew never talked Game to him.

6:23pm Sabrina and Neda talking about Kim and Khloe Kardashian.
Heather joins them, Adel asks if she “watches that Sh1t”
Heather says “You mean follow it.. sometimes”

Neda points out how wealthy people in the public eye don’t do much. They have the healthiest foods made for them and they work out all day. neda adds they all have plastic surgery like liposuction, implants and lifts.

6:39pm Adel goes up to the HOH room door bangs on it yells “If anyone is wondering in the house it’s 6:45 right now”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 15-44-15-204

6:45pm Jon still in the HOH dressed as a baby

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 15-53-00-723

6:55pm Neda, Heather and Sabrina

chatting about seeing their family.

Sabrina says the more she thinks about it the more she understands why she got nominated by Canada. Sabrina says Canada didn’t like the 1st5 alliance, they put the only two loyal people of the 1st5 up. She adds that Andrew was a big personality and since she was the closest to him they put them both up to damage the 1st5 alliance, “I was the pawn he was the target”

Sabrina says she’s not mean in the Diary room.
Neda says Sabrina was put up because of her association with Andrew.
Sabrina mentions that Allison was really close to Andrew to.
Neda and Heather say that Allison got cheers when she didn’t win a competition.

Neda thinks it’s because ALlison was associated to Andrew.

Adel joins them and they continue to go over what their family told them. They comment about how similar it was for each person, Sounds like the family told them all more or less the same thing.

Stuff like; Keep up what you are doing, Hold your head up high, Everyone back home is cheering for you , you have no idea how busy you will be when you get home, Aunt Judy has the Gout.

Sabrina jokes about the shirts her sister made up for her says she’s going to send Adel one in the mail. Adel says no thanks. Sabrina tells him they have a picture of her on them.

7:22pm Heather says she didn’t like how Arlie treated Women he wasn’t very polite. Mentions when he would burp right beside them, ‘He didn’t care what he did”

Neda says Sarah hated Andrew but wanted to keep him around because she needed him for her game.
Adel – “Andrew talked the worse way to women I have every heard”
Neda – “I Agree 100%” She brings up when Andrew would say horrible things about women then say “I love women look I cook for them”

7:30pm Neda and Heather Bedroom Lockdown

Neda – “Has she been campaigning to you”
Heather – “Yup”
Neda = “I’m so glad we tell each other everything”
Neda goes on and on about all the votes Sabrina has in Jury.

7:35pm Bedroom lockdown
Talk about watching the past episodes when they get home.
Sabrina about the parts containing Sarah, “I don’t even want to”
Sabrina- “Shes’ the wicked witch of Big Brother”
Neda – “I agree with that Statement, We are all wicked witches”
Sabrina agrees says they are all just wicked inside the house.

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sabrinas rolls

i am really hoping that adel goes home this week!!!!!!!!!


If Neda, Heather, and Sabrina all somehow made final 3, I think it’s a huge toss-up on who the winner will be.

meseyz (imoho!)

Agreed, Neda’s cold exterior & Sabrina’s hyperbole are obstacles that need to be overcome for many of the jury members. I really think that
Neda has Jon where she wants him & Sabrina now has Adel where she wants him, if Adel goes to the jury, he’s be less furious at Heather.

Dirty Harry Reid

I agree Katriona. It would be a toss up.


I’m no Neda fan!!! 😛 What would be a toss up Neda owns those 2.

versus Heather….

Votes lost: Allison

Votes for: Jon, Arlie, Sabby, Roro………….. I could go on if you like? 4 is enough and Adel is a lose cannon. My theory is simple Heather has not done nearly enough in the game. Let Heather in her best baby voice try selling she out played Neda. The stench would be so toxic. Heather needs bitter jury as does Sabs. After she messed up Arlie with that good bye drivel maybe she loses him but on a game level Arlie voting Sabby more likely than Heather versus Neda. And Sabby cannot beat Neda which is sad IMO.

Sabby gets Allison, RoRo and perhaps Arlie. Canada decides it and there is no way Sabby gets Canada’s vote. Even Heather has a hard time because of the edit Neda has been given on slice. Both Heather and Neda have good edits so game play favours Neda by a large margin.


Stan, do you not think that in a Neda/Heather F2 that Allison would acknowledge gameplay? It Allison was to throw Heather a vote, I think she would only do it if Allison was sure Neda had a majority of the jury’s votes.


If Allison was a “super fan” there would be a chance. But I definitely don’t think she’s a super fan. I think the whole way Allison was evicted on Neda’s HOH leaves it highly unlikely Allison would give her a vote. And versus Heather remember Allison and Heather actually talked some as well. Neda deserves the win against any of them IMO but I think Allison is her toughest vote to get.


secretly, adel loves sabrina


Heather is being incredibly contrary today.


I’m not sure how the votes would fall if any combination of the girls is final 2. Heather vs Sabrina, I think Arlie, Allison and Roro vote Sabrina, and Adel, Neda, Jon and Canada vote Heather. Neda vs Sabrina, Sabrina only gets Roro and maybe Allison. Heather vs Neda is too close to call. I think Jon, Sabrina and Rachelle would vote Neda, but Heather probably gets Adel, Allison and Canada. It depends on who Arlie thinks played the better game.


Why is Adel public enemy number one now?? I’m honestly curious as to why people suddenly are bashing and hating on him so much?


To be honest, I was never a fan of him and lately his been getting on my last nerve just ’cause he seems to have no regard for others and is so ignorant. Last week when he went out of his way to ruin a good moment b/w HGs by bringing up how Sabs was mean to Heather and attacking Sabs, he had no regard for Heather who was clearly uncomfortable with the topic. And he talks so much about his religion, but acts ignorant to others’ religions, like when Sabrina (and Heather) tried to explain to him how always saying bless you for no reason can come off as offensive and told him why people actually say bless you when someone sneezes, he did not care to listen and dismissed it as he does not believe it as if he doesn’t need to respect or acknowledge other people’s religion. But on the other hand he made a big fuss about big brother playing the stupid video for the haunted house thing while he was praying which was disrespectful.

A Name

Are you kidding me? Sabrina has been nasty, rude, and would make the most hateful comments about everyone. She doesn’t have her little pet to bash people with so that’s why we don’t see her bashing people as much. Adel is the ONLY one to tell her how it is and doesn’t sugarcoat it either. How come he doesn’t have problems with ANYONE ELSE? It’s cuz Sabrina is the common denominator of every negative situation.
He handles it way better than I would, cuz I would’ve went off on her a long time ago!


come on jon keeping adel is better for your game… adel will take you to f3 and his your true f2 not neda….

team adel

Sabrina will win in votes she has alli, she also has roro. If they kick out adel he will vote for sabrina, Arlie will vote against Jon and Neda. Best possible move is to take adel final 2. Because he won’t win.


Just my opinion…

I honestly believe Alison and Arlie being true Big Brother fans will respect how Neda has played the game EVEN IF she sits beside Jon b/c their question would be did Neda conceive of getting Arlie out or did you? He’ll have to say Neda did which sways those 2 votes in her favor so against Jon here’s how the votes play out:

Neda: Arlie, Alison, Heather
Jon: RoRo, Adel, Canada

The question becomes will Sabrina actually reward Neda for playing the better game either way this to me is the biggest question mark on who wins and could quite easily become a 5-2 vote if Sabs gets Ro to also vote for Neda.

Against Heather:

Neda: Jon, Arlie, Alison, Ro, Sabs
Heather: Canada, Adel

Against Sabs:

Neda: Jon, Adel, Arlie, Canada, Heather
Sabs: Ro and MAYBE Alison

As for the others if Neda is available Heather or Jon will take her as their F2 and the only other option I see is if Sabs somehow miraculously won the F3 HOH she would take Heather who would beat her.

So, in my mind the only toss up is Jon vs. Neda & I still feel Neda played the better game.


I disagree. Adel states that he will be a bitter jury member but that is meant to be a reminder of the agreement the sloppy seconds had regarding Sabrina.

In a Neda/Heather F2, Adel will vote in favour of Neda. He sees Heather as a nice girl but having done little within the game relative to the other ss’s. And he often acknowledges Neda’s game play.


i think neda wins with any one in the house…. neda vs jon , allson and arlie believes neda is the one making all the decisions and making the game moves…. rachelle has said if its jon vs neda she thinks neda deserves her vote so thats already 3 and i think canada will vote for neda,,,,, neda vs sabrina, i think sabrina at most will get 2 votes rachelle and allison , maybe adel if adel is a bitter jury? im thinking adel also votes based on gameplay…. neda vs adel , adel only gets arlie? rachelle sabrina jon heather will vote for neda….. neda vs heather, neda will win this one also im not sure who votes for heather on this one? im sure rachelle and jon votes for neda … adel votes for who he thinks betrayed him less? canada votes for neda.. i think neda wins this one also 5-2 or even 6-1… conclusion neda wins the game if she is f2 with anyone…..


lol I didn’t see your comments while I was typing below—-yes agree!——and thanks—-I forgot about canadas ! but ya neda against anyone—Canada has to vote for


the punishment for adel and sabrina should be handcuff them together for 24 hrs , that would have been awesome…. bb canada droped the ball on this punishments…..


for neda neda cant talk for 24 hrs and must do all the c;hores for a week……


for jon u cant grab your junk on your hoh is null and void. lol


or your hoh is null and void cant type to save my life……


Adel has a big mouth and he’s gettin so annoying


ARLIE—is an intelligent superfan—-he would not vote sabs to win over neda—-nor would he vote adel , jon or heather to win over neda!!
he will vote neda to win if she gets there.

then if not—-its a toss up anyway
he would take adel to win if he was up against heather
he would take jon to win if against heather

sabs had her chance to play smart with him(arlie)—she chose “airtime’

sabs thinks she has arlie 1-hundo!
she only has rochelles vote—-that would be it
although if Allison is still “quite dumb” and she may have her vote
(some super strategic fan allison turned out to be)—–so disappointing—as I was a supporter
alcohol was her turning point for multiple “dumb” choices

****** again—-all just my opinion/take on it******* (not meaning to offend or say I am rite!)

team adel

Sabrina has been on the block 7 times and Neda was on it .5 sabrina has managed to talk her way out of getting evicted 7 weeks bud, in my eyes sabrina is a way better player then neda all she does is get lucky she won an Hoh because Arlie through it to her another time she won because she got luck allison didn’t understand the question, she guessed 40 are u kidding me. And then a pov because heather through it to her. Sorry but sabrina sucks at comps but is a good player


Sabrinas punishment had to be no talking till eviction day pluse slop and in have not room 🙂 I feel sorry for Jon he’s like outsider now .

little mouse

neda has the same attitude as emmett that is why she didn’t like flash neda…… emmett didn’t make final two.


At least Neda acknowledged that they’ve all had their mean moments in the house (“We are all wicked witches”). I respect the fact that she at least has some self-awareness and isn’t pretending to be an angel.

jon's girlfriend

I’m really confused as to why Sabrina has such a hate on for Sarah. Someone enlighten me or is this just all a part of Sabrina’s delusional mind

another name

sarah and Sabrina were never really close. they were in the same alliance due to being brought into the house at the same time.
Sabrina didn’t like sarah having conversations with Kenny that Sabrina wasn’t a part of. her insecurities about needing to know what everyone was doing at every moment played into it. she felt the same about sarah having any conversations with arlie. sarah didn’t trust Sabrina and resented that she got to remain undercover in the informant role with the girls, while sarah was outed as a traitor.
on the night before sarah was evicted she yelled at Sabrina for trying to get sympathy, sarah resented being asked to sympathize with someone staying in the game when she was on her way out the door.
after sarah left, the others in the house informed Sabrina what sarah would say about her. I don’t know if they were lying or telling the truth, because I missed the feeds for the first few weeks. probably a little bit of truth and a little bit of lie, since I haven’t heard anyone tell 100% of the truth without twisting the perspective to suit their needs.


Luke Wilson FFS!!!!!!