Sabrina says Adel secretly Loves her, Adel calls her the Old Wicked Witch “Thorn in my a$$”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 17-38-20-815

8:30pm Sabrina, Neda and Heather

Sabrina – “Question.. i’m acting like I’m going home right”
Heather and Neda say yes.
Sabrina says she doesn’t’ understand the “Pit Stains” says she’s not feeling wet. (See image)
Neda points out it’s not like they’ve been doing anything active today.

They start talking about going to the Calgary Stampede. They all plan to go with Rachelle and Andrew.

Neda says she plans to go to Newfoundland in August.

Adel joins them, Heather starts talking about William’s current job where he sells municipal equipment like street cleaners and stuff. Heather adds that William has dual citizenship, Canada and United States.

Heather asks them if she marries William she can get Dual US/Canada citizenship. Neda says she would have to be married for 5 years.
Heather – “Cool”

Talk moves to wealth inequality, Neda and Sabrina both bring up stories how being rich means you have a much easier and happy life. Heather agrees.

Adel says when you are born into a family with money life is so much easier in life. Adel says that was like him, ‘You can tell the people that don;’t.. it’s a real struggle”

Neda – “You need money to make money that is why the rich getting richer and the poor get poorer.. there will be no middle class in the coming years there will be the 5% rich and 95% poor”

Sabrina says she really knows the value of a dollar she started working when she was 14.

Sabrina says her cousin gets a new BMW every year because she smashes them up Sabrina drives a Honda. Sabrain lets them know that she drove a Mercedes when she lived in Mexico.

Talks drifts over to American Health insurance.
Sabrina tells them about how wealthy her grandfather was but got screwed over by the health care system over there. Halfway through the conversation Adel says he’s falling asleep he’s got to take a shower. Sabrina says her grandfather had to pay 700 thousand dollars when he had a heart attack.

Neda says the Americans spend so much money on their military as so little on health care for their people she doesn’t get it.

Heather says her friends got sick and it cost her 40 thousand.

Neda says she had to go into the hospital once in the states she fainted and collapsed. The bill was 10 thousand dollars and she got 1 bag of IV and two tests that gave the inconclusive results. Neda’s mom had to pay for it says they are still paying it off.

Sabrina says she has to wait 11 or 12 hours to see a doctor in Montreal. neda says whenever she goes to a walk in clinic she sees a doctor within a hour.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 18-32-18-014

9:38pm Living Room Everyone

Talking about how everyone had to overcome some obstacles in the Big Brother House.
Adel says the Big Brother House was like rehab for them all. Says people had to get over drinking, Shopping, spending money, Partying, Smoking everyone had some baggage.

Neda says 5 minutes after the show is over most of them will forget what happened inside the game.

Sabrina says to Adel she doesn’t love him but doesn’t hate him either she’s over it.


9:47pm (Everyone joking around right now in the living room)
Adel says Sabrina has a big a$$
Sabrina – “well with my big a$$ i’m going to sh1t on you.. you said I had a big a$$”
Adel – “that could have been a complement, See everyone how sick this girl is”
Neda – “Sabrina you are the one that took it to far”

Adel grabs Sabrina’s plastic cup and stomps on it. Sabrina grabs Adel’s hat and tells the camera don’t buy “Wallah Bro!” (See image)

Adel – “Oh my God it’s only 9 o clock”
Sabrina says Adel secretly loves her.
Adel say he doesn’t.. calls Sabrina the wicked old witch
Sabrina – “stop saying that that is so mean”
Adel – “ok friendly witch”

Neda comes out of the Diary room pissed says Big Brother will not give her her spray tan. She says all her personal things are gone.
Neda – “I’m allowed a brush that’s it”
Heather – “Oh thats good”
Neda – “OHH amazing”
Sabrina – “Are you allowed to blow dry”
Neda – “Can’t do anything I can only use a hair brush”


10:07pm Heather and Neda
Heather “He always takes his sweet a$$ time.. and then he’s rude.. and honestly theses last few days”
Neda – “He’s annoying”
Neda – “He’s gotten on your nerves”
Heather – “Ya”
Neda – “Me to”
Heather – “We’ve just see our families and you are still calling them names”
(Sabrina is listening in on the conversation from the second floor)
“You guys are so funny “
Neda – “We are.. why”
Sabrina – “You get annoyed at the bickering between me and Adel”
Neda and Heather say they are not annoyed they think it’s funny for the most part.

Sabrina says the only way for her to deal with Adel is to laugh about it and joke. Otherwise she would be angry, “I don’t want to live in an angry situation.. it’s better to laugh about it than cry” .

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 19-27-29-363

10:28pm Bedroom Heather and Neda

They are agreeing to keep Sabrina and evict Adel this week. Heather says they all know Sabrina talks.

Heather – “How cool would it be if team heads and Neds makes it to final 2”

NEda says Jon or Sabrina are going to win if you take them

Neda – “She was literally on the block 5 times in a f** row”

HEather – “6.. she’s a pawn star”

Heather thinks Canada likes Sabrina more than Adel, “Adel has gotten too c*cky and too mean”

Heather – “I cannot stand him talking about making paper when he leaves.. can’t he once enjoy the moment”
Neda says it’s gotten really repetitive with Adel he keep repeating it over and over

They agree Adel isn’t very humble about his Big Brother fame.

Heather – “This house is a lot more quiet without Jon”
Neda – “He is dying in there”
Sabrina joins them..

(Video coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 20-13-11-766

11:15pm A quick flash to see what Jon is up to

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 20-31-10-062

11:44pm Heather and Neda bedroom

Neda and Heather both would rather the other one win the 100K over Sabrain. Neda doesn’t respect Sabrina’s game. Neda says she’s pissed off that Sabrain keeps talking about final 2, they are only keeping her this week because it’s good for their game.

They compare notes and realize the story Sabrain is telling them is the same. Neda warns her if Adel gets a whiff he’s in danger he’ll blow up.
Neda says it boils her blood Sabrina is still in the game.

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 20-56-01-632

12:00AM Adel finding things to do

12:45AM BAckyard Adel starts talking to the memory wall pictures..
Adel says he does believe Neda and Jon are lying to him he wishes they were going to keep him but doesn’t think it’s going to happen.
Adel says Heather is acting different that means she’s up to something. Adel says Neda told him he’s safe and she’s the mastermind, if he goes home this week he’s going to be a bitter jury member.

Adel – “after rehearsal for live eviction hashtag that.. mission for after live eviction”

Adel – “I have to campaign to save my self not today not tomorrow but thursday.. after the rehearsal.. that means I say to Neda I’m going to be the most bitter jury member on the face of earth.. I know you didn’t come here to come in second place.. if you vote me out today I swear to god I will hold my grudge against you”

Adel plans to point out that Arlie and Allison will never vote for Neda if she loses Adel’s vote that’s three people. Adel is going to tell her if they make it to final 3 with Jon.. Jon will take her to final 2 and Neda will take JOn, Adel is cool with that but if he goes before Sabrina he’ll be pissed.

Adel looks at Neda’s memory wall picture “Neda You deserve to win this game Neda but if I leave before Sabrina you will not win this game”

Adel says JOn, Sabrina and his family are all well off Neda’s family isn’t.

Adel starts saying the fans of Big Brother need to rally and shake the house up, “Hashtag.. Wake up America.. Wake up Canada”, he says if he goes home it will be boring if he stays he’ll shake it up (Adel farts) “Ohh what was that .. is the chair creaking.. f***ing chair”

Adel – “Good Job Neda.. you are going to vote me out the cameras don’t lie”

Adel – “In seven hours everyone is going to be awake.. f** this is going to be a long night”

(Video coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 22-27-15-205

1:30AM Adel starting to lose it.

Adel’s synchronized swimming with doll heads

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-28 23-28-27-437

2:30AM Adel eating…

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 04-45-14-321
2:30am – 8am Adel spent the night trying to keep himself awake by cleaning, cooking, kicking a baby doll head around the backyard, plucking his nose hairs, trying to get into the diary room, trying to hide from the cameras and icing his eye. Big Brother turned on the alarm when he was icing his eye and Adel said are you kidding me?!

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Happy 4 Heather

I hope Heather makes it to the final 2 but I think it might not happen.


Heather and Sabs serve the same purpose at F2, second. And Sabs has played more game.


Finally Adel is getting on the right track!


So happy everybody is catching up on Adel gross attitude!

A Name

What gross attitude?? He literally does nothing wrong but you guys are all obsessed with him. Stay pressed


I really don’t want to be mean in saying any of the following — but if any of neda’s family are reading this, I think she may have an eating disorder in that she doesn’t eat at all. I have been observing her (like everyone else, of course) and noticed some troublesome behaviour. She’s so skinny that her spine is showing and it almost seems as if she enjoys being on slop so she doesn’t have to eat. She eats a lot of pickles (low calories) and does not eat much else. Sounds like the collapse in the US may be due to dehydration and exhaustion from not getting enough minerals and vitamins from food. Even last night she said she wasn’t hungry anymore and just wanted to go to bed. Worried about her…..


im thinking the same… she hardly eats anything at all… even when they have all those parties u could see she barely touched any food….


come on adel tell sabrina u love her already…. we all know you have feelings for her ……


I noticed that too…it makes total sense….

The White Kanye West.

To the comment regarding Neda’s so called “eating disorder”, I have to ask why in God’s name you would say that, to her family, to anyone. If you have been watching the game, Neda constantly has an upbeat personality and is always involved no matter what she’s doing. There is no lack of nutrition, or anything evident, and the simple fact that she has a low Body Mass Index means absolutely nothing! Ned’s is an absolute gem in so many ways, I would hate to see a comment like yours influence her in any way.


THANK YOU! Skinny shaming is just as wrong as fat shaming. It’s not appropriate to say someone needs to exercise more, nor is it fair to say that someone’s spine is sticking out so she has an eating disorder.


Why so many thumbs down?? Shame on you Neda haters


# TeamAdel


Funny how whenever somebody is on the block and is the target for the week, people bash them. Like, the person is leaving, so leave them alone.

Neda will win unless something big happens. I actually want Sabrina to win an HOH and hope she makes a big move. How cool would that be? At this point, if Sabrina is in final 2, she will be getting my vote. She has been on the block 5 times and she has managed to stay. Plus I’m pissed with Neda, Jon and Heather for keeping her.


Adel is more annoying than sabrina OMG he never shuts up he acts like a lil bitchhh im sooo glad he’s gone he’s insecure he’s a realll looser & pusssy idc Sorry to his fans but he reallly suckkkkks


I cannot stand his ignorance at this point, he demands respect for his religious beliefs and gets pissed off at Big Brother for playing the haunted house video while he was praying, but fails to show others the same respect. Just look at when they were explaining to him how some people might find it offensive how he just throws around the phrase “bless you” , he did not care to listen and when Sabrina and Heather talked about why people say “bless you” when someone sneezes, he just dismissed them and says he doesn’t believe that stuff as if other religions are irrelevant to him and not worth his time. I absolutely respect all different religions and feel people should have the right to practice their own religion but that doesn’t mean their religion is held at higher regard than others. For the most part, people have shown him lots of respect towards him and his religion, but the same has not been demonstrated by Canada’s boy, Adel. He has shown that he is not accepting of gays and undermines women, and I suspect there’s more we haven’t seen due to production giving him a good edit.

A Name

Umm shut up. The way Sabrina was explaining her whole issue with the bless you thing was so ridiculous. She never told Jon (who says it all the time) but decided to tell Adel he’s wrong for saying bless you. Are you kidding me? First of all “bless you” is NOT exclusive to her religion. Muslims say it all the time for anything. In the Islamic way, blessing someone means you want them to have good health and good fortune. In Sabrina’s religion it means something else which is okay BUT she can’t tell him to stop saying it. Who does she think she is?
Besides, if he wasn’t so understanding then why did he ask her what she means by it?? He respected her answer by not rejecting it and listened to what she had to say so SHUT UP


I don’t think Sabrina was even telling him to stop, she was just informing him that he should be careful throwing the phrase around (maybe for the outside world) because it might offend some people, she even said that she understands his intent and isn’t offended but some people can misconstrue it and be offended. And I wouldn’t say 100% that he was respectful to Sabrina’s explanation, yeah he didn’t shut her down, but you can tell he didn’t not want to listen to her talk about her religion which although I’m not a fan of Sabrina and agree she’s annoying, was kind of unfair if he expects people to listen to him talk about his religion, he should show the same respect when someone other than him talks about their religion. You’re not the only person who can talk about religion in the house, bud. Like I understand, he might be uncomfortable with people talking about religious beliefs that contradict his, which is fair, but it doesn’t seem that he is able to take other people’s perspective, like maybe sometimes other people are uncomfortable with him talking about his beliefs too because they have different views.


I cannot stand how he fakes talking down about himself, I am so tired of this shit. You can tell he’s got a huge as ego and they try to paint him as this humble guy. Just listening to him talk about his invention you can feel his ego bursting at the seams, he’s telling people how he went viral and his product is so successful. Yo reality check dude, if you’re invention was so amazing why do you have to go one big brother to win $100k and I’m sure he’s on the show just for the money because he’s not a superfan like Arlie or Neda and he’s constantly talking about being famous and making money from the show even if he doesn’t win because people will be all over him paying big bucks for him to go to events. He’s so full of himself


adel is a fucktard


Adel is more annoying than sabrina OMG he never shuts up & he really has this thing with sabrina & she has patience for him i would looose it if someone was harassing me every minute like that i swear he must be secretly in love w her or something cuz he pays her wayyy too much attention & he acts like a little bitchhh im sooo glad he’s gone he’s insecure he’s a realll looser & pusssy idc Sorry to his fans but he reallly suckkkkks HUNDO!!!


neda is sooo uptight she’s always pissed off…She goes hard on game i’ll gove her that…if she wins she should go buy a heart & maybe a personality!


i’ve been bashing adel since day 1 cant stand hom & he can’t pray his way out of this…he has no respect for women! I cried wen ro ro left & the only ppl i bash was neda & adel & sarah!!! i loveeee sabrina & wen i say that i get frowned upon like i’m not allowed to like her…i love her spirit she has a good heart & her laugh is infectious #TeamGremlins All Day!!


neda eats wierd jon makes fun of her…she eats just not an emotional or big eater…not everyone is addicted to food


neda even said so herself she doesnt eat alot. but her arms are literally skin and bones. maybe shes just small boned but GIRL needs to eat. especially for energy in competitions.


heather hAs game!!!!


Miss Manners has some game. There are others in the house with more, much more.


Yes, Heather would win hands down if this was a contest for Miss Congeniality …. But it’s not! She can ACT so sweet because she’s had Neda coat tails to ride on throughout most of the game. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not a Heather hater, but it is frustrating to see that so many people want her to win when she’s never taken any initiative to play the game.


“Name” you give me crap About insulting the
Players and here you are going nutz on them lol…however,
I agree with what you say 100%

another name

it’s Monday night / Tuesday morning. the fact that neda and heather are saying evict adel right now doesn’t mean much to me. if the past is any example (in the cases of ika, Andrew, sarah, and rachelle) Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, adel will be called into the diary room for a prolonged period of time. after that, there will be an extreme dose of lobbying. I won’t be sold that adel is leaving until Wednesday night.
the strangest twist I could see happening if Sabrina were to stay is being nominated in the final four for the 6th/7th time and winning the pov. huge longshot given challenge history this season.
the strangest twist I could see happening if adel were to stay is pretty much the same given pov history this season.
in either case, adel or Sabrina would possibly be responsible for breaking up the power couple.
this would go very much against the way the season has been going thus far, in the way production has been editing the joneda pair, but in either case would make for very dramatic tv.
i’m not willing to predict which one stays between Sabrina and adel at this point. both have at times been so infuriatingly juvenile that each has at some point been the person I’d most like to see with a muted microphone and a post production black bar/ blurred head. i’m sure both are normal everyday people, neither pure good nor pure evil in their normal lives, but at times each has made me roll my eyes and think ‘smarten up.’


John is on Neda’s leash. She deserves to win now, she has gotten out a lot of the strong players and now has the houseguests in the palm of her hand.
Unfortunately , the reality is Adel is gone this week. That is going to be another bitter jury member for John.
Next week, John himself will be gone if Heather or Sabrina wins HOH.
Heather will win the week after that, leading to Heather vs Neda in F2.
The following would happen in my opinion:
Arlie: Will vote for Neda, since he’s a diehard BB fan, he’s going to vote on how well the final 2 played, even though Neda manipulated John.
Allison: Heather has her vote. Allison is another BB fan, but it seems like her emotions will get the best of her resulting in Heather winning the vote.
Rachelle: Neda. She hates Heather.
Adel: Heather. Edmonton pride right there, and he wanted to team with her but was afraid of Jon & Neda.
Jon: Neda. He’s so in love with her, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone that’s on a bigger leash than Jon is in BB history.
Sabrina: Neda. They still get together, regardless of alliance splits and what not.
Canada: Now Canada is a tough say, hands down Neda has my vote because of how well she’s playing, but Heather did go for big moves too.
Winner of BB 2: Neda


If only all the fans were as rational and logical as you are 🙂

Mr. Bill

Sabrina…”Gamer…Lier…Player…Social…None-floater…On the block multiple times.” Goes to final two without winning any comps. If this happens she should be consider’d one of the slickest players of all time. Even tho’ I dislike her, she gets my vote for a job well done.This has never happened before in Big-Brother. Now it is within reach of a contestant.

No Name

Sabrina is also the founder of the 1st.5 alliance, the Gremlin alliance, which she did not even try to conceal it’s existence. She was also was one of the most hated person in the house, as well as Canada. She also messed up on keeping Arlie in the game. And yet she is still in the house and has a chance of winning the game! As a player; I also give my vote. GO! Sabrina.!!!


Neda vs Heather final 2

Jon: Neda – Doesn’t like Heather
Sabrina: Neda – Doesn’t like Heather
Arlie: Heather
Adel: Heather
Rachelle: Neda – Doesn’t like Heather
Alison: Heather
Canada: Heather

The trouble is all of Neda’s votes are incredibly solid, All of the Heather votes are pretty weak and could go the other way. But if Heather does a Rachel Reilly and wins lots of comp towards the end – hopefully the POV was the first of many – she will almost certainly secure those four votes indicated above.

another name

i agree jon will vote neda in your scenario. the only monkey wrench is if she votes him out or takes heather over him.
Sabrina is an emotional player. if neda votes her out, she will lose Sabrina’s vote, all of her talk of loyalty and breaking words has assured that.
arlie will vote neda if he thinks strategy, heather if he thinks bitterly.
rachelle if she listens to arlie and Allison talk about neda being the evil dragon lady they were talking about in jury house will be convinced to vote for heather. her eye roll to neda’s goodbye message shouldn’t be dismissed.
Canada’s vote isn’t cut and dried yet.
between the two, I think the vote would come down to Canada’s vote, but I don’t feel any of the votes are 100% solid yet.


I agree. If Heather can pull off a few more wins, I think she’ll for sure get Arlie’s and Canada’s vote.


Simon, do you have video of Adel in the pool? Synchronized swimming doll heads is to funny.


Thanks Dawg.


Don’t you think it’s weird that Neda &Jon get to do the worst punishment? In my opinion productions it’s pushing them to get mentally drained and overwhelmed so they can not concentrate on their gameplay and at the end just mess up their game.


I would think being forced to stay up for 36 hours (Adel), and being on slop (sabrina) would be pretty physically draining.


I think the punishments were catered to each person, like for Jon who loves being around people, they gave him solitary confinement where as someone else, like Neda might have dealt better with that punishment. And of all the houseguests, Sabrina definitely struggles the most with slop, anyone remember the time, I think Heather was HOH (not sure) and was picking have nots, how scared she looked. And of course being a fashionista, it’s a struggle for Neda to lose all her clothes, cosmetics, beauty supplies, etc. and only wear the onsie, while one of the boys would have no problem with the punishment. With Adel, I think it’s just that he’d be the most funny to watch being kept up for 36 hours versus most of the others that would’ve just sat there all night. And with Heather, I have no clue what they were thinking, I’d say she should’ve been confined like Jon, but that might make her cry. Maybe they went easy on her to avoid making her cry?


Sabrina is annoying, but she has played a tough game. She aimed to make final 5 from the moment she entered the house and she accomplished just that….. even though it was with out her alliance (first 5). Then she was able to make a new alliance (the gremlins) after the first 5 failed, she also ran the house for a couple of weeks and can be persuasive when she needs to weather she was targeting someone or making herself less of a target. Her game went literally like a roller coaster (many ups and downs) which may explain why shes an emotional mess half the times. If I was a jury member, I’m pretty sure I would hate Sabrina or find her painfully annoying but I would still vote for her to win because she has played the BEST game so far and I would not allow my personal feelings to hinder the way I vote!!!


Adel said he has 2.2 million and he went to school in Dubai. He doesn’t give a shit, but loves BB. Then he has the audacity to say, the others have petty first world problems, and what do they know about the real world. (circa 6:15-6:30am et)

Actually, he’s a worthless POS, his arrogance can power a major city, and he can go.

A Name

Wow you are such a liar! How are you gonna just make things up? I remember Adel telling Paul he’s worth 2.2 million dollars and then 2 seconds later he said he just said that to see Paul’s reaction. He wasn’t serious so get over yourself. And even if he had the money, last I checked Big Brother isn’t a charity so anyone can play.


It is 100% fact. That is exactly what he said, Don’t call people liars, when you obviously don’t have the facts. I gave the time stamp, Go look for yourself. Your precious Adel is a POS.


Maybe that was a lie, but even if Adel is a fan, from the sounds of it, he seems to be more in it for the fame and money. He’s always talking about how famous you get after being on the show (not really true) and how much people will pay to party with you and that’s why he’s ok with not winning the whole thing because he’s already “won”. I guess this might also be part of his game, making the other HGs look like they are in it for the money by talking up the fame and money, so he looks better to the public. But for me it’s not working.

A Name

Heather and Neda are getting on my nerves. They complain all the time and have the NERVE to say Adel complains?? Notice how they are suddenly annoyed with Adel ONLY after Jon snitched that he wanted Neda out. Heather…you literally haven’t done anything in this game, she’s Neda’s other pet. People act like putting up Kenny was some huge master move. She had half the house ready to vote him out so please.

A Name

Adel’s synchronized swimming with doll heads LOL


Yes shocking! So why the hack he cares about 20 G /second place? Or maybe he’s just bluffing to make himself something he is not!
All hamsters are confusing I thought ihad them all figured lol but you can’t judge book by their cover.


If Heather goes to f2 she will get Canada’s vote. But I don’t think Heather will win the whole game unless she is sitting next to Sabrina. Needs will beat everyone except maybe Jon. I think it would be a close vote if it was Jon vs Neda and canada would possibly be the tiebreaker. I’m personally rooting for Neda or Heather to win. I want Adel gone this week, then Sabrina. Then I want heather to win final Hoh and take Neda. That way Jon will vote for Neda because I think he might be bitter if Neda takes him out.


Heather is a joke, she complains that Sabrina has made it so far, yet every week she has allowed sabrina to get farther by not voting her. Now she will vote out adel over her (dumb dumb move) to bring abrin to final 4, and Sabrina might actually win hoh if it is a memory based competition as I suspecct she has been holding back. To bring Neda to final 3 would be very stupid on her behalf given Neda’s obvious good memory (recall she tied with allison) and the last stage of hoh is always a quiz game.

Neda isn’t that bright either. Taking heather will guarantee her a loss because Neda has hardly won anything except the hoh arlie gave her. Her biggest moves include doing what people were going to do anyways like putting up arlie and heather. Adel was the only one she could beat and now she has guaranteed herself a last place spot.

Rest assured if Neda is as smart as she says she will bring sabrina or jon over heather. Heather has every conceiveable advantage over her in the game. She won more stuff and none of it was given to her, she was targetted seriously targetted twice in the game on the block for eviction and saved her own ass twice. Neda was never targetted and made jon do all the hard work. Neda has done nothing really, Paul was right, she was and still is a floater. O wait, she put up Allison, perhaps the worst BB player in BB can history. Who despite coming in 2 weeks late with an extra week of immunity, being given a veto by kenny and mumsie and being given a veto from Canada (she basicall got 5 weeks exempted from being put out) still managed to get kicked out the house the first week she was eligible due to her horrible game moves.