Ross “I think we should just play hard. Marissa “Its so short. Its a f**king game”

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5:18pm HOH room – Metta and Ross. Metta – obviously everyone knows I want to go home. I’m not involved with the alliance deal, I am only involved with you. So our deal still stands if you need me to stay, I’ll stay. Ross – I will always keep my word with you. If I have to… I can’t win HOH again but I will push, push. Metta – if you need me here I will stay and try and clear a path. Do what you’ve got to do. Ross – who do you think I should send home? Metta – honestly, I want to go home. It would be in my best interest if you put me up… but for you .. you’ve got to get rid of Shannon and James. I am sorry, if you want to try and win this sh*t. If you send me home now, then you still have them. Keshia and Omarosa aren’t threats to you right now. Those two are the threats .. but if you do that you’re shaking things up and things are going to get a little tasty. But it would be great tv for you… who gives a f**k. Ross – they’re going to come after me hard core! Metta – they’re not going to go after you. They’re going to go after Omerosa or Shannon. You’ve got more allies here than anyone. Ross – but its revenge. Metta – either they use you and you do what they say or.. you get right to work. You need to send one of the power players home. And that’s me keeping it real with you .. if you want to win! Metta – I would love for you to send me home.. but that’s not going to help you. Ross – if I get out someone who is strong and who is after me like Keshia or Omarosa .. everyone is going to be after them anyway. Metta – If they don’t get rid of me .. I don’t trust them too much .. so I am going for them the next HOH. And then I am going to try and put up those two (Shannon and James) because I can get rid of one of them. Then I can have a meeting with everyone and say hey listen fair game .. I am out.

Ross – I think what I might do.. I am playing a specific way and me putting those two up (Shannon and James) would be me playing a completely different way. I think I am going to have to play my way. Metta – Yeah, you should but it would be a hell of a statement. Ross – I met with the whole alliance and asked them who they wanted and it was unanimous. Metta – them two? (Keeshia and Omerosa) Ross nods yes. So I can say that at the meeting and not get all the blood on my hands. Metta – yeah, if that’s whats best for you. Ross – but you know.. Omarosa is never winning this game. Metta – if I stay, I am going for the HOH and putting up two people who are in my way.

6:25pm – 8:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:45pm In the bedroom. Marissa, Shannon and Ross. Marrisa comments on how if she didn’t take any of her meds she would get to go to the hospital. Just for one night! Ross – give me all your medication, I’ll take it. Then we would all get to go to the hospital. Shannon – what if we put everyone’s meds in a pile and then just pick one? Ross – we don’t joke about that. No joking, no joking.

8:55pm Ross and Brandi. Brandi – We’re in a position where we have a solid alliance. Just like Metta called it out what is happening. Ross – what did he say. Brandi – he was you’re going to put Keeshia and Omarosa up. Then we vote Omarosa out. Then they’re going to get Keshi out. Looking at Omarosa and when you were talking. She looked so nervous. I think she might need some meds. Ross – don’t say that. You have to be careful. Brandi – no a xanex. Nothing crazy.

11:45pm HOH room – Ari and Ross. The feeds switched mid conversation. Ross – Omarosa. Ari – so now you feel guilty? Ross – no, I feel confused. Ari – don’t be confused. She knows what she is doing. Ross – it was just so sad today. It came to fight when she came and poked me. I was really proud about that. She can get you off your game and poke you. Ari – she was working in the white house.

12:24pm HOH room – Ross and Marissa. Ross – I think we should just play hard. This is so fun! Marissa – Its so short. Its a f**king game.

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Metta wants to go home but he is throwing up some good scenarios to Ross and it’s funny when he keeps saying to him if you need me to stay I will stay if it’s best for your game! He really acts clueless but for him to keep saying he wants to go home and if he stays he may be on to something because no one is thinking of him as a threat…


It was stunning how figured out he has the game, it’s sort of a shame Ross can’t see it and morph it a little to suit him. If I’m him, I keep Metta close, tell him he’s going up as a pawn but to keep working to go home because it’s what he wants and it’s also fantastic strategy to stay. Then you put up Keisha, telling Shannon and James it’s either Keisha or Ponderosa backdoor…but don’t commit no matter how hard they press, just say let’s see how veto goes because the game is unpredictable.

Then you tell Ponderosa that the whole house is against her, but him and Marissa are not joining in. He does want Keisha to go because Chuck/Mark made him not trust her, but if the house gives Metta what he wants, he can live with that. Ross should want to look malleable…not weak, not wishy washy, but open to do business

Ross should want Keisha to go, so Ponderosa is still there to mess with Shannon/James and they’re still focused on her…basically play the floater game, but as puppetmaster. Now if Shannon/James/Keisha win veto, maybe you accept Ponderosa goes…not worth upsetting the apple cart if that happens…but anybody else and you try to finesse that Keisha is the bigger social threat, then make Shannon/James play too hard lobbying for Ponderosa and you keep those three focused on each other.


Ross can’t get through a convo without saying Shannon’s name. She owns his head space. She never mentions him. Haha.

Keisha goes this week. Shannon needs to start having someone do her dirty work more. A big player needs to get knocked out after the Keisha eviction. Oma isn’t a big player.

Big Players: Shannon, Ross, Rissa, James. Well she not taking out herself. And she isn’t taking out Rissa until F3. That leaves Ross and James. James is assest for now so no. There is no way Shannon doesn’t win the game if she takes Ross out of that house. I know she is good enough at this game to know that. Winter game is diff game. Take him out ASAP Shannon. Have it look like Jame’s play. Let’s go. Keisha then Ross. And we home free!


Min O'Pause

Omarosa was actually swhisked away to LAX. She is sitting on the tarmac chatting with Bill Clinton on what her next game moves should be.

sdrawkcab ssa

What the heck is with people needing their “meds” these days? Crikey in the olden days you only took medication to cure an acute health issue or to assuage pain. In no way do I mean to disparage people who truly need drugs for an ongoing therapy regimen for a physical or mental problem. But more and more I hear read and watch people “needing” their meds to cope with life’s daily struggles. Life ain’t easy people. It takes effort and work from each one of us to overcome our deficiencies. It seems to me (and I may well be wrong) that too many people are taking the easy way out by being high all the time. I smoke a doob every now and then for fun but to rely on drugs to get me through the day would be a major problem.

Anyway, enough blathering

Surprisingly Omarosa was good to watch. She grew on me. Ross needs to shut up for a while and I think he’ll win


There are legitimate needs for psych meds but unfortunately people get Xanax to escape a temporary mood, etc.
I was in a hospital bed crying intensely because a car accident had just killed my husband in front of me and all they wanted to do was knock me out…I resisted all efforts to sedate me and pretended to swallow their medications but then spit them out. Yes, I was uncontrollably devastated, but I did not need to be knocked out. I needed to speak to my daughter, friends, Mom. That experience opened my eyes to how easily meds get tossed around. Also, when I was released to go home I was given more drugs to take as needed…well, they were never used.


The thing I would hate to see happen is having Brandi and Miss Columbia at the end after the real players take each other out…the target is going to change every 3 days so this is a crapshoot, but hopefully this will be worth watching. Rooting for Ross to get through, and Shannon Elizabeth who both know the game and came to really play.


Omarosa calling people out as racist is like a Jewish person working as a guard at a nazi concentration camp calling people out for being antisemitic.


Why does Omarosa keep using the race card when everyone that’s ever listened to her knows that the only black life that matters to her is her own? Eyeroll moment.
I don’t think Mwp actually wants to leave. he’s left twice, they say, already. I’m thinking it’s just a ‘don’t mind me, you know i don’t want to win…’ act.
Okay, let’s just get it over with… someone give Brandi an iv bag of champagne and aim her at Omarosa, so we can get the argument the production team is hoping for.
Everyone is being a little too nice (well, at least to each others’ faces). Yeah, I know they’re courting jury votes, but still. It’s not like any of them are going to magically be transported off the d-list if they win, anyway.


Ok…you win the internet today!

“give Brandi an IV bag of champagne & aim her at Omarosa”

LOL…I had tears in my eyes……!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is BGM “black girl magic” not considered racism? Why is that ok? If the white women or white men got together and said white for the win, people would be seriously losing their minds. I don’t understand why it’s ok either way.


I completely agree with you!!!


Omarosca always plays the same cards.
What’s new.


Brandi looks like a wax museum dummy.
She also looks like she’s wearing her liver for lips.
She should quit drinking. It’s drying her out.

Min O'Pause

Brandi looks like she got her makeup tips from the Acme School of Mortuary Science.


Does Marissa’s ever shut up?
She just drones on and on.
People can’t get a word in edgewise. Geez.


Dawg, sooo few updates on CBB……

Agreed, not the same as the real BB…but hope you’d keep us non US folks up to date.


Sorry Folks. We don’t have the resources to blog a lot of CBB. We’re just picking segments each per day.

WE’ll be back to our normal schedule for BBUS.


Just a quick note, Simon and Dawg have actual jobs, lives, and families they spend time with on a somewhat regular basis. Right now, OBB is a time-consuming hobby that generates a small pile of Canadian pennies (are those even real anymore?) So until this site starts creating a more steady and significant cash flow, we’re stuck with Simon and Dawg on a part-time basis. Thanks for all you guys do because I know there are seasons I would have given myself a lobotomy with a crowbar if I was forced to watch the whole thing.


Cool. As long as you are back for the big show in June! Love your site and commentary for a few years?. Support you guys thru Amazon. Outside the US so can’t buy feeds (VPN doesn’t work).

Anyway, long time supporter, Simon and Dawg funny as ……


don’t even try apologizing! dude, because of you – we have the 411! without you I would have zero clue what happens (which is alot) between shows!
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Lady Bug

Ditto that Samael.

Big thanks to Simon and Dawg.


Hope you’ll be doing BB Canada starting in March


Ahem… Point of order: Nothing against Ross, but does he actually believe he beat James in the HOH competition? Shannon orchestrated Ross’s “victory” by convincing James to “show good faith” and throw the comp to Ross. Ross is a formidable BB houseguest, but mainly b/c of his social skills.
Metta has moments of clarity that make me suspicious of his supposed ignorance of the game and insistence that he wants to go home. It’s not that I think he’s some secret genius, but simply not quite as clueless as he seems.