“one of them is going home.. James or Shannon the first chance the house gets.”

Keshia and omarossa are nominated.

11:05am Ross and James in the HOH
James – we need to figure out a name and get that hashtag going
Ross – lets do that.. yeah..
Ross – next time them come up lets throw some out..
James- perfect..
They talk about how funny Meta is.

James mentions how there will be people salty near the end.
James says as long as people are friends in the end “the networking option alone is pretty awesome” (LOL it’s a business trip)
Ross – I AGREE
Ross says he has 2 houses one in Palm springs and one not far from the Big Brother house.
They begin a conversation about real estate.
James says “No millennial is being groomed to buy and no one can afford it.. given how inflated everything is”
Jame s- so i’ts good to own
Ross – if you’re lucky.. it’s almost impossible in big cities.. it’s so expensive.

11:30am Ross, Brandi, Marissa and Ari
Brandi and ROss high five. Brandi wants to make sure they are still good.
Ross – James and Shannon think that I’m with them
Brandi – I think so too
Ross – The truth is I would rather go to the 4 with you guys
Ross – the truth is I’m letting them think I have a thing with them
Ross says he’ll choose Brandi, Marissa and Ari over “Them”

They HUG…
Ross – I’ve never lied to you once..
Ross – this game is tough and we might look at each other and realize someone has to go..
Ross – I’m with you..

Brandi – we’re more likable
Ross – one of them is going home.. James or Shannon the first chance the house gets..
Ross – After Metta it’ll be one of us.

12:13pm HOH Brandi and Ari
Brandi and Ari talking about how they should have their own show..
Brandi – go around giving everyone make overs
Ari – can you imagine us making a show running around making silly faces..

Mark comes in Looking for the blow dryer.
Mark leaves..

Metta and Marissa come in
Marissa – I told Metta we all feel the same we all miss our families.

Chit chat..

Metta rocks out..

Marissa to Brandi – your t1ts look really good..

Ari’s mask…

12:49pm HOH Metta, Ari, Mark, Marissa, Brandi, Ross in the shower
Metta is still applying the makeup.. THey mention putting more makeup on the T zone.

Mark tries to fit in..

2:12pm Ross and Marissa Storage room
Ross – the point is to break them up Omarosa and Keshia because they are a powerful duo.
Ross – if Omarossa doesn’t come back you no longer have to break them up..
Ross – if you were to break up anybody in this house who would that be?
Marissa laughs like a fool
Ross – listen to this… I put up Keshia and Metta and one of them wins and takes themselves off…
Ross Shannon
marissa laughs like a fool

Ross – listen.. Shannon lied to us about the Omarosa thing.. and she’s playing harder than James.
Ross – if Keshia or Metta takes themselves off if one of us wins the veto…
Marissa – sure..
Ross – i can still nominate Kehsia and Metta and we can still decide down the road.
Ross says Ari and Brandi brought this Idea to him
Ross – I’m probably not going to do it but if Omarosa doesn’t come back.. it’s just a teeny tiny nugget of an idea.
Marissa laughs “James threw the competition to you because Shannon told him to

Marissa – the concern would be you put up Shannon James flips on us

4:30pm Omarosa back in the house (apparently it’s cold)

5:00pm Feeds are blocked (noms pov I dunno)

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Why is Ross no longer in the alliance with Shannon?
I liked the alliance Ross/Shannon/Marissa/James.
Need to get rid of Omar


He can’t beat her for the win. He can easily beat Brandi. He’s going for the gold.


I love Ross


Apparently it’s cold lol?


I love Ross he’s the one I’m rooting for , but he’s become cocky as hell lately I don’t know if it’s just him being HOH or something ,but I don’t like it one bit … I don’t think he understands how loyal Marissa is to Shannon and that’ll be his downfall . If Marissa had to choose between Ross or Shannon she’ll chose Shannon in a heartbeat ,Ari doesn’t know what she’s doing she’s basically a floater , and Brandi is just Brandi . I think Ross will be gone before Shannon or James will in my opinion he has no sway in the house unlike someone like Shannon or Sadly to Say Omarosa.


so why are you rooting for him then?


Hilarious when Rissa laughed in Ross’s face when he threw out the idea of backdooring Shannon. Good luck with that lumpy man. And Shannon already is on to you and when Rissa tells her this little idea you threw out…you just keep digging your own grave.

Ross thinks he runs the house. SO FUNNY! I don’t hate Ross but it will be a joy when Shannon sends him packing. You are decent at the game Ross. Shannon is elite. You can’t beat her. You might as well beg her to get you to F3 and pray for the best after that.

Getting ready to chill with some wine and fruit and watch AD. I have a feeling tonight should be some good game talk.



Omarosa’s back….YUK!

I like both Ross & Shannon (my #1 fav), but I think Ross is moving on Shannon way too early. Brandi & Ari are clay figures that can be manipulated by anyone. So, if I were Ross, I wouldn’t hope that they stay loyal to this latest group. Hope Marisa stays loyal to Shannon. Ross could easily get Keisha & Oma to vote out Shannon. We’ll see…..

Shannon FTW!


This has been way better than I expected, but it still suffers from the same superfan dynamic that so paint-by-numbers with regards to strategy and gameplay.

I’d give anything if there were a few simple casting guidelines for next season to refresh the show:

1) If you’re a fan, you’re out
2) If you want to be famous, you’re out
3) If you don’t need the money, you’re out
4) If you’re desperate to be married, you’re out
5) If you don’t drink, you’re out…because we’re going back to unlimited booze


“1) If you’re a fan, you’re out”

You want a house full of Mettas?


Metta doesnt know how to vote in the DR,
doesnt know what a back door is,
doesnt know HoH comes with immunity.
etc, etc…


6.) If you’re black and have flaws, you’re out.


I enjoy the rapid pace of this game…I only wish BB could be played like this all the time. Two people gone a week, keeps everybody on their toes. No 3-4 days of everybody knowing the evictee and nobody switching things up…anyhow, fun break to see the game mid-winter! Thanks to Simon and Dawg for giving us a little something here too!


“I enjoy the rapid pace of this game…I only wish BB could be played like this all the time. Two people gone a week, keeps everybody on their toes. No 3-4 days of everybody knowing the evictee and nobody switching things up”

The house isn’t big enough for 30+ players, sorry!


Right, but CBS has a pretty big slice of property where they film this…I know there are some great architects in L.A who could do some work to accomodate a few more bedrooms and washrooms. Plus, how about an outdoor shower??? Anyhow, yes, hadn’t thought about how quickly the show would be over, so, skip that!


This BD plan may blow up in Ross’ face….. hard to tell if the Hairball with the cat ears will stay loyal to Shannon….Oma’s keeping a low profile but I expect her fangs to reappear tomorrow. I like Ross but he’s on a power trip right now…. he needs to get train wreck Brandi off his balls . Anyhoo, enjoying the speedball version of B.B….refreshing not to see ppl humping under the covers for a change


It’s that time of the show when the house teams up against the black women. Typical. Ross cries like a baby over his own paranoia and insecurities about being gay but has no tolerance or patience for people who look different from him. smh


It has absolutely nothing to do with black or woman. They both get arrogant and power drunk. Not everything is about that. And I even think the racist one are the people that named their alliance black girl magic. I don’t think it’s correct as much as white girl magic would be. Also, the all women thing is sexist

Black people can be racist. Woman can be sexist.

I hate that because a black person is targeted it’s becoming racist. In this case it has nothing to do. Just that they are becoming arrogant and others turn on them. Nothing to do with skin color.


Omarrosa and Keisha brought this on themselves by teaming up and trying to tell others what to do. Also, Keisha was making deals behind the alliance’s back. It has nothing to do with being black.


Sometimes it’s not about race, duh. O is just a bully and a b*tch. K was on a power trip being HOH she didn’t even earn. O is more dangerous. Vote her out.


Ok. AD is annoying. Everytime someone starts talking game tonight they cut to commercial. Grrrrr. I dnt get the feeds for once and now this. No. Not getting ’em. I have no time. Ha.

Keisha is salty as fk about being nominated. Haha. Like what? It’s a game. I do not like her. I like Oma more and that is saying something. Keisha for sure needs to go next.


I wonder if Omarossa still gets paid the $1.2 million if she goes home Monday night? I wonder why CBS decided she was worth that kind of $$$? Anyhow, it seems like Kesia might be the one leaving…?