Reilly “I can really see us sitting there in the end together. You and I, 1000%! Ride or die!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:36pm Bedroom – Hisam and Cirie
Cirie – I think they’re trying to get Cory. But if they do that the ones that are on the fringe will make the difference. It will be Blue and America. And I think America is with them already. Hisam – I don’t think so yet. Cirie – I hope they’re smart enough to know that this game is long and you don’t jump on .. I mean you know everyone has to play their game but I am not sure where they stand. I haven’t talk to any of them. Hisam – right. So you think that what we need to do is .. I will talk to Blue. And then MeMe is going to talk to America and we will see if we can consolidate a group. Cirie – we need to. We need to! I really, really trust Izzy. Hisam – me too. Cirie – and Izzy told me that she really really trusts you and I told her that I really really trust you. Bowie is liking us. I like Bowie. Bowie is a stand up person. I think she has integrity. I heard some more stuff about him (Red). Hisam – we have to consolidate our group much faster. Cirie – quickly or they’re going to get it.

9:40pm Havenot room – Reilly and Jag.
They head into the havenot room to check it out and Reilly – I kind of want to kick my butt! Jag – we definitely need to talk. Because I feel like we should have an idea of what we want before we start getting everyone’s input. Reilly – you understand that you’re my number one person right?! Jag – you’re mine. Reilly – ok! They shake hands. Jag – We’re good. We’re good. Reilly – ok, good! Cool. Like if we are talking about people .. like I can really see us sitting there in the end together. Like you and I .. 1000%! Jag – I got you! Reilly – ride or die! Jag – that’s easy. Reilly – ride or die! Easy money! Jag – I don’t know if other people are clicking like that but our group is like .. like everyone can tell. Reilly – once we solidify our team we won’t have to chat as much.

Comic bedroom – Felicia, Cirie and Mecole
Felicia – there are 9 females in the house and 8 guys. Cirie – that’s what Bowie was saying. Felicia – I have watched this sh*t for 23 years and females have never been smart enough to take control of the house. Cirie – you need Reilly, Blue and America for that. Felicia – we need all of them.

10pm – 10:20pm HOH room – Reilly and Izzy.
Izzy – congratulations and like this is huge for a strong bada$$ chick to win first HOH. Reilly – thank you! Izzy – its inspiring to see you really commit. I think you’re awesome. Reilly – thank you, I think you’re awesome. I wish we talked more. Izzy – I think Matt is dope and I wish we had more chances for one on ones. And I love Jag and I feel close with Jared. Reilly – this is the first season where 4 noms go up before there is an HOH. In a dream world do you want to know what I want to happen this week.. and this stays here. They pinky swear. Reilly – the name starts with a K (Kristen). Izzy – yeah, yeah. Reilly – there is some stuff that is being spread around and eavesdropping and stuff. We were in the house for .2 seconds and there was already like hey we need to have a conversation. And I was like hey listen I just made it 20 seconds a go there is no reason to do this right now.. cool your jets. You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Relax! And maybe your intentions are good but I look at that round one.. down the road if I were to ever be in an alliance with you and sh*t hits the fan and things flip flop she is going to go to the next room and tell someone about it. I just don’t trust her to shut up. And I say that with the most respect.. and again she is wonderful but right now between you and I .. that is the person that I am gravitating towards getting. She is not stupid. I am sure she is starting to catch on and things are coming full circle. I not only want trustworthy people .. I want good, loyal people who respect me.. who respect everyone else. Who will not fib. I know its a game. Izzy – there is a difference between lying and playing the game. We don’t need liars. Reilly – you do what you need to when it is absolutely necessary. I want to play honestly. I want to play with integrity. I want to align with people who have my best interests and their best interests. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. When I look at Cirie and Felicia those people .. if you show them loyalty, they will show it right back. They will fight for you and they will fight for me. Izzy – I really feel like Cirie is the real one. Reilly – me too.. She and Felicia are like a little pair and I like that. Izzy – Cirie from Survivor I think the comps in here .. is is going to succeed. Reilly – game wise, I don’t feel really close to Cory right now. Izzy – honestly I feel so weird with Cory. I think he is nice but he is kind of a smarta$$. I don’t think he is genuine. Reilly – Matt, Luke and Jared are a little trio.. they’re the bros. If I pull Jared down, those two will follow suit.

10:30pm – 11pm Living room – The house guests are playing charades..

– The Doctor is in
– Flaming hot Cheetos
– Worldwide Web
– Statue of Liberty
– Charlie Browns Christmas

11:15pm Comic Bedroom – Red and Cirie.
Cirie – 100 days .. oh god and this is only the second day. Red – I can’t wait for them to open up the backyard. It will really spread out the gameboard. Cirie – you try to get to know people and not rush into you got to play the game.. its a 100 days.. but you can hear the chatter. Red – there in my mind there are already 4 people playing pretty hard! Cirie – hard, hard! But that makes you feel like am I behind the eight ball? Should I be doing something? And if people ain’t talking to you and people are talking… it makes you like real sketchy! Red – well the thing is I think the people that are talking at this point will self destruct. Cirie – that is true. You’re right they will because its a long game. 100 days is a long time. It is going to implode but they don’t know that. Red – the good thing is this is not on us right now. Red – you just have to establish your threat level and see where you are right now. I am not an advocate of the floater.

11:25pm – 12am The house guests are playing “Sardines”
One person hides and everyone else looks for that person. When you find that person you hide with them until one person is left still looking. The bathroom stall was the first hiding place. The next hiding spot was in the Comic bedroom behind the chair Red was sitting in. The house guest then play Simon Says.

12:07am – 1am HOH room – Cory and Reilly
Cory – So I am going to be super transparent first of all. On a profoundly human level, congratulations. Reilly – thank you. Cory – this is f**king awesome. I am so happy when you won, and not because you owe me .. nothing like that. I was just like I feel so comfortable having this conversation. Whereas like ..I am not going to say a name but like its intimidating sh*t. Reilly – yes, this season .. like this cast, there are a lot of wildcards. I am struggling because this has all going logistically backwards. Noms were named before the HOH was named. No game talk has happened as far as I am concerned.. or as far as I’ve observed. Or like anything solidified or anything. Now the HOH has happened and everyone is like wow.. here comes the game. I am just trying to have conversations with everyone. I am a very intuitive girl. I know when people are messing with me and when people are being honest. And you are a very genuine person. Cory – I appreciate that. Reilly – and I want to move forward with people that have my back and I have theirs. I want a solid relationship with the right people. Cory – I feel great about you. Blue, Jag, Cameron. Reilly – Dude, I love Jag. I want to work with him real bad. Cory – he is just the nicest guy. I just want to be around people I feel comfortable with. Reilly – me too. Cory – I feel like so far you are my person. Reilly – awe! Cory – and like I really do feel that way. I can’t promise you enough .. I am not saying that to .. like I have to imagine alliances are being made. I know the show. Reilly – people are talking.. especially today. Cory – I do feel like I owe you… like what can I do for you.. because what is good for you is good for me. The last thing I want to do is sh*t talk Cirie. I have literally idolized Cirie for 20 f**king years and I am 21. Reilly – Cirie is awesome. Cory – but she has told me that she has never watched big brother … bull f**king sh*t .. you’re telling me you’ve gone on survivor 4 f**king times. You’re like so into this universe and then you get asked to do this show and you don’t do your f**king homework? I have so much faith in her that she is so much smarter than that. Reilly – I have been observing and I am sure you have to. And there is only one person that hasn’t been doing a lot of observing, and been doing more talking. I think you know who I am talking about. Someone that has been too paranoid and skeptical and like kind of stirring the pot a little bit. Cory – you don’t understand, no one has been talking to me and telling me sh*t. Is it Kirsten? Reilly – yes. I am not about to have someone in this house that spews these random news stories.. I will cut that off immediately. That is why when I look at you and say .. you are not my target. I mean it. I want a certain person out this week. And I want to make it happen .. but you’re not it. Cory – I trust you and I trust your judgement. I trust you, you trust me. If we want to do this I would just feel really weird about going up. Reilly – agrees.

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“Simon Says”

Biff Tannen

Is Izzy promoting some sort of hair gel brand called Chaos Agent?


I might eat my words later but this is the most likable cast to me in a long time from what I’ve seen so far. All playing the game to some extent and all care about it, even the recruits. And aside from the occasional ‘integrity’ or ‘chaos agent’ talk nothing nauseating or problematic is said or anyone ostrisized which is a welcomed change.


I will say this til I’m blue in the face, I do not trust Izzy.
She is telling everyone to pay attention to this person, or that person, for whatever reason, Cameron, Cory, Kristen, Red, Etc. just so people don’t look at her, so no attention is going towards her. She’s a snake , I’m telling ya, she will end up being the one everyone trusts the least!!!


She’s Britany 2.0 from BB24 all over again. A rat.


And she told Jared what a big secret it is that she’s the only one that knows Cirie is his Mom. When she gets voted out (if not before) she will definitely let that “cat” out of the bag.