“I am a loyal motherf**ker to the f**king salt! I PROMISE you I will keep you safe.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Havenot room – Hisam and Jared.
Jered – how do you feel about Felicia. Hisam – I like Felicia. Jared – Ok good. Hisam – yeah, I like Felicia. I think Felicia is really sweet. I also have a soft spot for older adults. Jared – same, same. Hisam – I think she is so lovely and so kind. She is out there looking out for things we need. I love her. Jared – how do you feel about Cory? Hisam – I don’t know Cory. I don’t know him. I don’t know.

Bedroom – Bowie and Izzy.
Izzy – Red came and I was talking to Hisam and Meme ..just talking about the house and things that they’ve heard and you know like I was listening to them. I just think things are happening with the boys. I think they think I am a part of it. I think people are aligning around Matt. I think Matt and Luke are having a thing. I heard from someone that they were up until like 4am last night… together .. you know like kind of thing. Bowie – so we will be careful. Izzy – I think we need to be careful around Red. Izzy – I think he is way more .. like clearly he is very smart and a really genuine guy. Bowie – I think we keep running with this Oh my god we’re still not in an alliance. Izzy – he is pushing so much that no one is talking. He is really thinking. I want to say I would really like to work with you. Bowie – yeah I am done. And Cirie. Yup I am down.

Havenot room – Jared, Cory and Hisam.
Jared – right now just keep observing. We got a chance to pull ourselves down. Cory – Of course. Jared – that’s what I really feel.. we still have a fighting chance. Tomorrow we get after it. The type of person I am back home .. when I can’t control something .. it just is what it is.. I can’t dwell on it. What is so crazy about this is.. this is a game. I have never played this game. Its weird to think .. dude am I going to go home due to someone else? You know what I mean?! That is also the gist of the game .. someone has to go home. Hisam – how do you feel about Reilly? Cory – of all the people that could have won it .. Reilly is one of the better people that could have won it. I wish I could say I feel great but I could feel worse. I guess. Have you been about to have any good conversations? Hisam – Umm.. no.. I mean no. They laugh. Hisam – this has been a little surprising I think.

Pool table – Cameron and Red.
Cameron – Here is the thing I am not into making deals and alliances you know what I mean? Its too early for that sh*t. Red – for sure. Cameron – But she ain’t talked to Reilly. I ain’t see her talk to her one time. But she ain’t left her.. I was the last one out of there. I like Cory. I think he is cool. I like Jared. I think he is laying low right now to not piss anyone off and just hang out. Felicia is just awesome.. I mean come on dude. She isn’t causing any problems with anybody. She is going to keep this motherf**king house clean. She is going to cook. Red – Felicia? Cameron – yeah, I ain’t getting rid of that sh*t right now dude. Between her and Cirie.. Red – that’s the mom vibe right there the both of them. And I vibe with Cirie so much. Cameron – both of them. Red – she (Cirie) just has an amazing energy.

7:27pm – 8pm HOH – Reilly and Jared.
Reilly – Normally there is an HOH after everyone enters the house and then they put up two random people and then blood is drawn. And then there is the red hot target on their back, right?! Jared – yeah. Reilly – this season is different. There were already people put on the block. and now I just have to relieve two people of that and that will work out in my favour because whoever I pull is .. Jared – loyal. Reilly – you’re a team now. If I pull you off the block you are my buddy. We are working together. Jared – before we even get into that .. who do you feel comfortable with? Reilly – right now.. Jared – I think we are thinking one of the same people. Reilly – its so hard to like.. Jared – I know.. its day two bro! Reilly – I haven’t really talked game but buddies … I like Jag. Jared – he is amazing. Him and Matt. Reilly – I want to play a game where I have FULL trust in my people. And I don’t want to have to worry about if I can’t play HOH next week.. I don’t want to worry. I want to have numbers this week and I want to solidify something. Like this has never happened in BB history.. like the type of HOH that is happening right now. Jared – I am a genuine person. Don’t get me wrong obviously we all signed up to play the game. Like I am a loyal motherf**ker to the f**king salt! Reilly – me too. Jared – Like I am super loyal. I get along really will with Cirie and Felicia. Reilly – I love them. Love them! Jared – eventually I will get a comp and I PROMISE you I will keep you safe. If you bless me ..like you got me in your corner.. and if you got me I guarantee you’ve got Felicia and Cirie in your corner. Reilly – who do you feel comfortable other than those two? Jared – to be honest .. do you want me to be straight forward? Reilly – before coming in here I said I wanted to solidify numbers immediately. With good people. Jared – I got to tell you something .. day 1 Kirsten tried to start a five with me, Luke, and.. Reilly – I was in the room with you. Jared – yes, yes, right!! She went back and told Felicia we weren’t doing that! Reilly – I really like Luke but I don’t know what he thinks about me. Jared – listen to me .. I promise you we can get Luke on board. I am going to be completely transparent with you.. I hate that I am even this vulnerable .. they talk about Jag. Jared – Jag is a no brainer. Reilly – he is good at comps. He is good and he is very smart. Jared – and I feel like I can trust him. I really like Jag, I really like you, I really like Matt, I like Luke.. that is five. Me and the four of you .. but that’s all men. I need some girls. Jared – Felicia, Izzy and Cirie. Reilly – I haven’t talked with Izzy at all. Jared – trust me .. if you get Cirie.. I can get Cirie and Felicia. Like trust me .. trust me .. we have the numbers. I am telling you Reilly I am loyal as f**k!

8:12pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Izzy
Izzy – Kirsten is like chaos agent. Like she has been in these conversations where basically Jag, Matt, Luke, Cory, Reilly, … Kirsten maybe .. are like forming a thing and like RED .. RED is the one that brought it up. I think Red is not to be trusted. Cirie – oh they said that last night though. Izzy – yeah and I think the fact that Red has been like no one is talking.. no one is talking. I think be careful with Red. Cirie – I don’t do anything with Red. Izzy – no I know but I think he is trying to be like everyone is my friend.

HOH room – Blue and Reilly.
Reilly – I think at this point I now like for me like I love everyone. I feel like we were blessed with the best cast. Like I love everyone to death. But for me right now everyone is a contender, everyone in here is an athlete, everyone in here has something special but its not humanly possible or a reality to have everyone all be in this house. Blue – we’re not here to make friends. Reilly – moving forward now is the time where things get serious and I need to start collaborating with a group of people. Like ideally .. I have done the math in my head like a million bigillion times we need a solid 8. I want to find a group of people that are strategic, who are my friends and who like each other want the best for each other. Social people. I am like a nut job right now. Blue – you’re the first HOH and you’re really setting the tone for not only how the game is going to be moving forward but also how your game is going to look like and that is big. Jag joins them. Reilly gives him and Blue the same speech about what she is looking for. Jared joins them. And then Izzy joins them. The conversation turns to talking about what the worst parts of being a havenot is.

8:55pm – 9:15pm The house guests all come to the kitchen to eat dinner.

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un autre nom

Overall impressions:

  1. At this point Izzy is just making shit up. And nobody fact checks as of yet.
  2. Cirie’s boy-clone has told practically everyone to work with Jared, Cirie and Felicia. and still word of Grod and editing will have everyone oblivious to the doppleganger family resemblance.
  3. America is invisible in the game.
  4. Everyone wants a brigade style bombsquad on day 2.

The problem with young v. older that we should be expecting to transpire?
The older group doesn’t seem to want Red or Cameron (Izzy’s latest fictiondump seems to cement this). Is she intentionally bullshitting, or is her exaggerated delivery making every dust mote into kilimanjaro the problem? unknown. Nobody has noticed she’s overscheming…. obviously.

house targets at moment still appear to be Cory and Kirsten.

Jared has onioned himself and his mother into working with almost every houseguest in the span of 2 hours… and then told mommy he isn’t dropping her name. d’oh. Nobody has noticed he’s overplaying… obviously. I still get the feeling he’s a blindspot for his mother in the sense that she’ll buy it when he says “I didn’t do it.” Note: he most assuredly did.

Going to be gone for a bit. Thunderstorms, hail, downed trees and flooding…apparently mother nature enjoys meth.


Good to see you back! Have always enjoyed your comments.