Reilly – “He [Hisam] has to go next week and if anyone disagrees with that they are NUTS”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players: Reilly, Cameron, Hisam, America, Matt, Blue
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation – Doesn’t look like veto is going to be used, Doesn’t look like Reilly has the votes to stay.

1:37 am Jag saying the plan is after Veto Ceremony they start talking to people to secure the votes.
Jag – you know you pitch..
Reilly – I’m still trying to figure out my angle
Jag – Ummm.. Yeah… I’m thinking about what Angle it should be. maybe it’s all angles.
Reilly – I feel like I straight up should be Listen.. I know this is a hard spot to be in I can promise you I will literally keep you safe.
Jag – I need to talk to Cerie again and I’ll let you know
Reilly – thanks I appreciate that

1:40 am Matt and Reilly
Reilly – I’m so scared.. Yeah.. I can’t relax I’m going to be sitting on the block on Thursday.
Reilly – I don’t have.. I don’t have.. I have you guys but I don’t officially have anyone else.
Matt – you can work something you can try and Get Felicia and Cerie.
Reilly – I know Felicia is going to be a stretch and if Cerie gets too spooked she won’t do it.
Matt – If she doesn’t? (get spooked) She’s played Survivor she know how to play this f***ing game.
Reilly is planning on using the same pitch on Felicia she used when she asked her to be a pawn. “I promised I would protect them. I made sure nobody flipped last week”
Reilly – I would rather they work with us and not Hisam.
Matt brings up how they have to paint a picture that shows Hisam as winning this game and he has to be stopped.
Reilly – he’s won 3 competitions
Matt – In a row.. In a row. he’s won 3 out of 5? or 3 our of 4? thos numbers are dangerous.

2:34 am Bowie leaves the Diary room and comes to the backyard for a bit. Matt and Reilly hide

2:40 am Matt and Reilly
Reilly asks if he wins HOH next week who does he nominate? “you have to pick right now 3-2-1”
Matt – MEME and Red
Reily – I would choose Bowie.. you want to know why? Bowie has less of a chance to win in a physical comp. Red would have more of a chance.
Matt – that’s fine.
Matt says If Red wins he puts up Hisam.
Reilly – Me, Jag, Blue, America, Corey, Jared
Reilly – Bowie, Izzy, Hisam, Felicia, Cirie, and Cameron
Reilly – Red wins the veto pulls himself off, You nominate Hisam.
Reilly counts the votes.. “We could pull it off with one vote”
Reilly continues to run through scenarios counting votes based on who wins the next Head of Household. ultimately they want to get rid of Hisam and Izzy.
Matt – we have to win next week and the week after that
Reilly – we have to sweep
Matt – back to back
Reilly – he has to go next week and if anyone disagrees with that they are NUTS they are Freaking NUTS.. NUTS.
Matt – He’s won 4 comps
Reilly – unless they wall want second place.
Reilly – I want to get Hisam out before Jury. He’ll be a nuisance in Jury.
Reilly – You know the first week I was saying we should get Hisam and Izzy out and everyone was like no no no. This makes sense now?
Matt – yeah
Reilly cool I needed that validation
Matt – it’s obvious now everyone sees that.
Reilly – Hisam has the be a back door.. He has to be. I don’t care if he doesn’t believe in backdoors. I do!
Reilly – I need Felicia and Cirie and I feel like I can get them both. Cirie is my girl.

Reilly goes over what she will say to Felicia about protecting her and “nobody will know” if she flips the vote to save her.
Reilly – It’s between us it’s a secret.
Matt says he’ll Laugh when Reilly stays on Thursday “he’ll have that big reaction on this face. He’ll be pissed”
Reilly – I want to stay for no reason other than to send him out the door
Reilly – he thinks he’s really strategic. If he really wanted me out he would have backdoored me. He won the veto.
Matt – he didn’t know he would win the veto though.

Reilly goes on about how the numbers are too close. “It’s officially on.. game on Hisam”
Reilly – tomorrow is game day and in this game day we’re actually going to win. I feel like every time we said game day we get super excited and we don’t succeed.
Matt – like when we got super excited we had the perfect lineup in the veto comp.
Reilly – if was any other comp we would have won it. (HUH)
Matt – I Know
Reilly – tomorrow I need to talk to Cirie, Felicia and Jared
Matt – I need to talk to Jared tomorrow.
Reilly – make sure everyone is on the same page.
Matt – I’ll talk to Corey some more and Hisam.
Reilly – I have to talk to Hisam but I don’t want to
Matt – no one does.
Matt says he’ll talk to Cirie tomorrow.
Reilly warns him not to bring up voting for Reilly “I wouldn’t ask specifically like How are you feeling about the vote”
Reilly – be like I’m really worried for about Reilly. She really deserves to be here. She’s not going to tell you she’s voting for me. She said she’s willing to do it as long as NOBODY knows not you, not Blue, not Jared, No body.
Matt – she knows how to make a move

Reilly – she does she’s very smart and that is why I aligned with her from the beginning. She’s really smarts and she’s a really caring person and she likes me.
Matt thinks Cerie likes him to
Reilly – she does, they all love you. You’re playing a good game because they all love you
Reilly says she’s playing a bad game. “he’s only targeting me because I said his name and he takes everything so personally he’s an emotional roller coaster”
Reilly – he’s never not going to come for me. As long as I am in this game I am his target. I never thought I would have a enemy after 12 days.
Reilly – he’s a cool dude but he’s also trying to get me out of the game.
Matt – He’s taking out someone I want in here. That is my excuse to go after him. You are going after one of my favorite people in this house so. It is personal.
Reilly – ohh it’s personal for sure. If he wanted to work with me in the game. I know its personal because if he wanted to work with me he would not be targeting me. (HUH) He told America I was his target. I feel like I am being hunted. It’s such a weird feeling.
Matt – by one person
Reilly – person with friends.
Reilly – Cirie is the heart of this operation. The most important part of this operation is Cirie. If I didn’t have Cerie? I don’t know what I would do.
Reilly – this is why I didn’t want to get rid of Felicia because now I would be F***ed.. Now I need them and they MIGHT actually help me.
Reilly makes sure he understands tomorrow when he does his rounds to not mention Cerie. She stresses to make it sounds like they don’t have Cerie’s vote.
Reilly – why would Jared flip? What does Hisam have to offer him to make him flip on us.
Matt – America has taken over Cameron’s spot (in their alliance)
Reilly – America had been Loyal.

Reilly – I begged Jared to pull me into the neather region.. I BEGGED him.. I was like DUDE.. I grabbed him and was shaking him ‘I’m going on the block’
Reilly – he (jared) was so convinced I wasn’t going up. is said BRO I’m going up. He was like no you’re not.. So I have no f***ing clue. That rubbed me the wrong way with Jared. I pulled him off the block. Why wouldn’t he return it.
Matt – I need to see where his head is at, Don’t lie to be Bro you’re voting to save Reilly right?
Reilly – don’t go in it like that. Just be like “everything still good right? we’re just solidifying”

Matt tells her she’s not playing a bad game.
Reilly – I just wish I could keep my emotions under control. I’ve been a baby about things I shouldn’t be a baby about. Every time I cry people look at me like… It’s so embarrassing.
Matt – you had to make a move the first week that is why you cried

3:25 am They head to bed.

4:15 am House is sleeping. Matt is sleeping in the havenots.
8:34 am Felicia is up everyone else appears to be sleeping.

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Bye Reilly. I’m so sick of her.


SICK N TIRED of her here

Matthew schneider

Reiily is trying to get the votes where cameron is doing nothing it could be a easy blindside on cameron but they wont do it


Reilly should still be going but at this point Hisam should just use the Veto on Cameron and replace him with Matt.

It takes a vote away from her and should ensure she goes home.

un autre nom

Thus far, Hisam seems to hold the opinion he has spoken, so that’s that.
With that ego in mind, why would he make a change?


Reilly was going to “back door” Hisam last week, merely because he’s physically fit and would win comps for the other side. Jared told Hisam and Izzy, Reilly wanted them gone. Hisam had to win the video or he would have been back doored. She drew first blood and now she’s playing victim. Matt is such a wussy and will agree with anything Reilly say to get a showmance started. I hope Hisam takes Cameron down and puts up Matt. Have people forgotten that Reilly, Matt, Jag, Blu, Cameron, Cory and Jared divided the house and made it young against older. Had that pissy younger generation attitude but now they want the older side to save their a@#! Now they’re acting like entitled little whiney babies.


REILLY has been a spoiled BRAT since day one of her birth, and being a bartender I’m sure she’s learned how to work the guys in the bar for tips, and the guys for boyfriends gifts, free food, free trips, free this and free that,to get her way every time as she plays Barbie.
Matt is an idiotic fool for his willingness to be her puppy in this “game” with $$$$$$ at stake. What REILLY didn’t anticipate is a possible gay boy in the game that won’t fall for her trappings.


Really. Big stretch from the less than 2 weeks BB has been on. It’s ok to not be a fan but the personal vitriol needs to be dialed way back. “Since birth” smh. You must be a relative of Hisam.

Carlito's Way

Jared is messing everything up. Unbelievably unfair advantage – snaking to his mommy and getting coached by her. Ratted out Reilly and the other side. I want Reilly to stay.


I love how hisam always says Reilly is the only one that named anyone. Last time I checked she was the only hoh this far. Of course she is the only to name him. I am pulling for Reilly. I want cirie and her minion gone asap!!!!!!!!