*Updated* Rachel: “I think being emotional and Bitchy just means I’m feisty and I don’t think they can handle being intimidated by a strong women who has everything going for her “

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm Backyard Rachel and BRendon They’re bashing MAtt, Ragan, and Brit. They wonder why anyone would marry matt he’s so lazy and gross, Rachel points out that Matt doesn’t even have a job he works from home. Rachel says that Ragan is just a pathetic person living in a one room apartment, “what a sad life he lives”. rachel says she doesn’t care about all these stupid BLANK people she’ll be laughing her ass off in the jury house knowing that she’s going back to VEgas to a great life and great opportunities. Rachel says she can’t win every competition, she’s exhausted all she can do it’s not their fault the stupid people in the house don’t see the benefits of keeping her another week. Rachel says that they (the other houseguests) are scared to death about Brendon. She says that Brit, Ragan and MAtt are like little roaches they are trying to get Hayden on their side and they’ll do the same thing to Hayden that they are doing to her and brendon. She blames the house for making her act the way she’s been, her back was against the wall of course she was going to be over dramatic and more crazy. Rachel: “I have overcome so much adversity and hardship in my life I moved to Las Vegas when I was 22 (to be a hooker?) with no friends or no family”.. “I have a family in Las Vegas now.. I’ve played a great Big BRother game and have had a great big brother experience” Brendon: “I know baby I’m proud of you”. They agree they played the game competitively and never made it personal (man these to are BLANK they played the most personal game) Rachel: “I think being emotional and BLANK just means i’m feisty and I don’t think they can handle being intimidated by a strong women who has everything going for her “(delusions at it’s best) . She calls MAtt a scumbag says he’ll never get their vote, Brendon won’t give him his vote either. Brendon says she done with being nice to brit, matt and ragan he thinks their small pathetic people. Kathy walks out ans they do the whole song and dance with her


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:50pm HOH Lane and Enzo Enzo filling Lane in on Brendon telling him he wants to quit. Brendon’s plan is to act up and get voted out. Enzo also knows that Brendon and Rachel think Lane’s the sab and there going to call him out on it soon. Lane looks forward to it, he’s not the sab and whatever Brendon says will make him look even more like a idiot. Enzo is really getting into the Brendon alliance he thinks he’ll get some good stories for them all tonight. They are shocked at how Brendon is acting towards BRit, trying to push her around. Enzo is pissed about it calls Brendon a little pussy. Lane wonders if maybe Brendon telling Hayden and enzo that lanes the sab is a way to test them to see if it gets back to him. Enzo agree’s but says Brendon’s been talking mad BLANK all day to them he thinks he’s starting to lose it because Rachel is going home and he’s getting scared. Hayden joins them comments on how Brendon is going overboard with his little tricks, pushing Brit and screwing around with ragan. they agree that BRendon is only targeting those 2 because they are so small. Hayden is worried that Brendon’s actions will put a target on hayden and Enzo because they talk to him. Enzo suggests they cut Brendon lose tell him it over get lost. Enzo has it figured out about what Brendon should do since he’s so gung ho to save his hoe. Brendon should start BLANK around late at night pretending he the sab so that someone will catch him then wham he’ll get voted out because we all think its him. Lane thinks that a wicked idea. Enzo is fighting a bit to keep Rachel says that Rachel is with them. Lane and HAyden think Rachel can win HOH and is dangerous. Lane points out if they get rid of Rachel then Brendon is done he’ll be a stupid mess. Enzo getting rid of Rachel might be a waste right now because she can do all our dirty work, she won’t put us up she’ll go after Ragan and Brit and they will go after her. Enzo says that he’s really close to rachel and she’s easy to manipulate. HAyden disagrees says Brendon is very easy to fool he’s just awkward about everything. Matt jons them and they ask him who they should get rid of, Matt thinks RACHEL. He explains that they have a chance to get a strong player out they should take it. Enzo thinks they can get her to do the dirty work, Matt disagrees says they don’t need her to do any work they are set in stone. Matt:”no no no no no we need to get out RACHEL” Lane: “See we needed to bounce that idea off the brains he calculates it all in his head and gives us a simple answer”. Ragan joins them say that BRit got called into the DR. They wonder how they can deal with Brendon for the rest of the week.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:50pm Britgade playing dodge ball while B/R cook their dinner

6:10pm Rachel telling Brendon she is good friends with the prince of Saudi Arabia and he always lets her stay in his house in Bell Air (HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHA sure and your real name isn’t Boy George) . Other houseguests playing pool or laying on the couch trying to keep their distance. (I pray for a blowup tonight.. all the ingredients are there we just need a spark)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:10pm Backyard Couch Kathy. HAyden, Enzo and Ragan Ragan is getting ready for a big blow out with rachel he wants to be able to fully defend himself but he’s worried it’ll wreck his game. He remembers back to when he was younger and everyone would tease him because he was different and had to hold in all back then and now he’s feeling like he has to again. Ragan doesn’t like how catty he has become, always talking BLANK about Rachel, thats not the type of person he is. What is causing him to be like this is the way they have played the game. They have taken it to such a personal level and there sportsmanship is appalling. He brings up all the name calling during the Comp and how they get so mad and make excuses when they lose then celebrating and rubbing it in everyone face when they win. kathy agrees,
She pleading with the test of the people outside to not give Rachel any alcohol tonight because something is not right. She explains that they are so noisy at night when their drunk. Kathy doesn’t appreciate what they have said or done to her and they are not getting her vote regardless if their nice to her or not.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:33pm Pool time

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:14pm B/r Taj laying in bed being sad, trying to figure out what went wrong. They don’t think they fit in. Rachel: “I was born to stand out” They are thinking about working out, Rachel is worried she is gaining weight. (I actually feel sorry for them everyone in the house hates there guts .. oh oh i added a comment to the end of my post..opps DRINK! )

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190 thoughts on “*Updated* Rachel: “I think being emotional and Bitchy just means I’m feisty and I don’t think they can handle being intimidated by a strong women who has everything going for her “

  1. The headline title sounds like something Allison Grodner would say, in between muffled heaving sounds of her stomach expanding out her mouth. She must have powerful molar muscles.

  2. prob a prince from the area…you look pretty naive thinking thats not possible….TON of money over there and a TON of prince’s and princess’ that are here from the middle east with a looooooot of cash…wouldnt shock me if hes hired her…for the night….

        1. moaner sounds like a little jealousy there, don’t worry i won’t let him eat it all, i will tell him you want mm’s sloppy seconds. and when brendover gets through with you he will hate he left mm, because you taste like you look. DISGUSTING.

          1. Is this REALLY the same person that just tried to be smart about the poopy face post being immature and telling me I had to grow up??? This is absolutely priceless. It has to be a joke. Someone PLEASE tell me signed in with this douche’s name and posted this. Please.

                1. Gotta love this place!! What would us idiots do without brainiacs like you! LUV YOU!! HUgs and Kisses!!
                  Go Grammar police!!

            1. no it was me, and you do need to grow up and moaner needs to get a life what was the reason behind that comment? idiot, again grow up and get a life, you and moaner seem to make comments but take offense when someone comments back. YES i said it preschool shit.

  3. these are the dumbest set of brigade members. They should listen to enzo. rachel will win for them and get brit and ragan out which means they won’t have to worry about betraying brit or ragan and loosing their vote in the jury house. brit and ragan will never know that they were being used. they are so stupid. they are not thinking about kathy. they should listen to enzo. but then enzo is so stupid because he is getting played by both lane and matt. they want to keep ragan and brit for a while longer. why else would matt and lane say no to keeping rachel to getting those two out? a dumb group of people. the only smart thing they did was remain a secret, but for what. they are their own worst enemy.

  4. they may not be intimidated, but they are difinitely threatened by her, and Matt and lane just proved that in their conversation.

  5. Brendon really hates short people. He must have been busted up by someone 5’6″ and is holding a grudge.

    I wonder how his ‘swimming students’ will like him and his discriminatory comments when/if he goes back.

    Rachel points out that Matt doesn’t have a job – he just works from home. Intelligence thy name is Rachel? Not in any way.

    1. the stupid part about the people in the house is that they know brenden is trying to get kicked out that is why hes picking on Britt and Ragan. So give me a break on here people. you should also have figured that out .


    1. Eeeeeeeasy there guy. If you don’t like his interpretation of what he’s seeing, the go the fck somewhere else and keep up with what’s going on in the house on whatever weak ass site out there you can find.

      1. Here is my interpretation of you, you are pathetic loser, stop sitting in your mom’s basmet in your underwear and get a life!!

        1. Nice try bro, it’s mine and my wife’s basement that I sit in at night when I get bored of making shitloads of money and make fun of douches like you who come on here and get all emotional over stupid shit and talk smack to the people that put the time and money in to run this site we all thoroughly enjoy. I’m very happy with my life, how about you? I don’t think you’ll be honest anyway so I close with this……you’re a dick. Goodnight…..dick.

          1. Dont you wonder why all these people who hate it here so much stay here……oh yeah…because it is free and their cheap asses dont have to pay for the feeds themselves…..I say make a donation or get the flock out! PS To the grammar police, I spelled it “Flock” intentionally!

          2. why would someone that makes shitloads of money like you, be on this web site instead of paying and watch everything by yourself?!?!? and I think that you just got VERY emotional on a comment, and you say that he has no life cauz he’s getting emotional for the same reason hahaha!!
            you make me laugh seriously!! and calling someone a dick, real mature!!!



      1. Hey Gavvey Boy, arent you attacking a bunch of people you’ve never seen over the internet you osund like a 12 yr old douche, oh yeah thats right you probably just hit puberty and dont want the free porn to leave the house, im sorry Gavriella please resuming wacking it to old posts of rachel nude =]

  7. “And I think being skanky just means I’m generous, and I think being wasted on wine and tequila just means I like fruits and vegetables and I’m more fun than you, and I think that having my beautiful big boobs just means all the girls are jealous of me and that all men desire me …”

  8. We really don’t need extra opinion from the guy writing these. What is with people and calling Rachel names? Everyone in the house is whiny and takes everything personal not just her. Get over it.

          1. Yup. It’s the only way I can get through it, too. Now, how about those lifelong friends or DPOV conspiracy theories? Trolls, do your thing. We want to keep this party going!

          2. I saw it when you posted it earlier and liked you immediately. It proved my theory that BG was only acting drunk when she popped out her boob after 2 glasses of wine.

          3. Thanks for posting. Rachel sucks at posing and modeling too. Looks more like an ad for “Hookers R Us”, I laughed so hard about someones remark on there how she always sounds like an announcement over the loud speaker for Walmart.

    1. Unless you’re donating a decent amount of money to running this site, I don’t think your opinion about how it is written really means sh!t.

      1. I like the extra comments. I think Simon and dawg are funny, but I do feel bad for Rachel when she reads this later. She is acting pretty silly, but some of the names and comments are a bit harsh. I would be embarrassed later if I were her but she doesn’t deserve some of the comments. I would love to have a friend of hers comment about the “real” Rachel.

    2. Aaron… why are all the rest of us allowed to voice our opinions but the people who own this site & work hard to update it several times a day are not allowed to express their opinions? Don’t be a doucher. Now go drink.

    3. Damn, is that sh!t in iambic pentameter? I garauntee that Rachel’s eviction speech isn’t half as eloquent.

        1. Lovin’ all the back and forth on the blogs tonight. So totally sick and tired of the gazillion comments about various houseguests. I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a favourite and could care less who wins. It is hysterical reading the many oneliners being fired. Haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Keep it going!
          PS – Love Simon’s responses.

        1. WOW, you completely missed the irony of the fact he said name calling was immature and that he needed to grow up. You are a complete douchebag pal. You need to grow down. Smile.

  9. it’s pathetic the the delusional couple STILL think they have not play a personal game…. since week 1 they have played a personal game and nobody else is to blame

  10. Ragan says that he is walking to the sliding glass door, ahead of him is Brendon and he walks more and more slowly, stops at the sliding glass door and Ragan’s foot got the back of the flipflop and Brendon says Excuse You! Ragan tells him that he was going 2 miles an hour and he was not trying to be rude to him. He told him he got his flip flop. He adds that Rachel was out on the elipitcal and she was smiling.
    They talk about which of their trashing of Brenchel will make it on air. Lane is disappointed that his won’ t make it. Ragan says that it is all starting. He says that it will be fun to keep him and vote out Rachel. Britney comes in and says that Brendon says that Ragan is being over dramatic. He tells the story again and Brit tells a story of him walking into her during coffee this morning. Ragan says that everything he said this morning is off. He wants to trash them again. Ragan says that he knew who the targets would be. Matt comes in and the tale is retold and Enzo comes in and the tale is retold with Britney’s added in. In her third retelling it goes from a bump to a slam, and she didn’t tell anybody because she didn’t want to start anything. She doesn’t want him to say she is being dramatic. Ragan tells his story again to Enzo. Enzo says it is like that…… oh sh*. Britney asks if he would ever body check Lane? Enzo says that that…. you are a little girl too. Ragan tells his story again. The he adds in the part of the story that he wasn’t even there for, the dramatic part. Britney says that they were alone each time and it would not have happened if they were together. Matt says that they should travel in pairs for the next couple of days. Britney says that it had already happened when we were having the talk this morning, so she was like.. Ragan adds again that it is over. If he wants us to be mean girls, we can be mean girls. They talk that they have their “How it really  happened” segment tonight.
    Britney says that as she came in Rachel asked if she wanted to do masks and a bath tonight. She tells about the bath and how Brendon gave her all the gossip, They decide that he is being a d* because he wants her to stay. Enzo says that it is all plotted. That is all it is. Britney makes fun of Rachel and her degree and Ragan says that getting a chemistry degree does not a chemist make. She is a stripper. Enzo says you can’t be both. Hayden says she might be a stripper. Lane says you have to take clothes off to strip.

  11. Simon! I LOVE “Britgade!” So smart…although temporary…but SMART! Some days I think the Brigade will fall ass-backward into the prize.

  12. BTW u guys simon misunderstood what rachel was saying i have found it on other sites she never said that she was friend the prince of bel air she said she knows this girl,this girl family is close i think with the prince maybe there are family so she went to this girl house once and had fun………………….. i like this site 2 but i don’t where simon got this information he just put about r beeing friend with the prince,u see what im trying to say is that simon just attack rachel and the error comes from him she never said that at all she said the girl she’s friend with has some kind of relation with this prince thank you

    1. I don’t make shit up to make Rachel look bad she does a good job of that herself. However i’m not always 100% correct with everything the only way to get the entire conversation exactly how it was said is to buy the feeds and listen to it.

  13. “Rachel telling Brendon she is good friends with the prince of Saudi Arabia and he always lets her stay in his house in Bell Air ” ~ Translation: Rachel met some guy at a club in Vegas who said he was the prince of Saudi Arabia, she believed him, so she went home and slept with him.

  14. I guess you would know what a prostitute looks like. With that picture you posted look like you could be rachels sidekick on the streets. OH rachel gets paid for hers you couldn’t give yours away.

  15. No problem Simon
    I didn’t at first
    I didn’t want u to think I was stepping on u an Dawgs toes.
    glad ya appreciate it. Lovin’ this site!
    As they say ‘teamwork makes the dream work’
    peace&love S & D

  16. Is there another site where i can read what going on the house without the
    writer picking sides of who he likes. For example someone that just write what going
    on instead of writing his opinion for example. ” (HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHA sure and your real name isn’t Boy George)” Im not a fan of anyone in the house but i would like to read something where the writer won’t post his opinion because no one really cares…..just saying

      1. LMAO! I’m just now reading all the comments from last night, you all are so funny! I love it!!!!! Thanks so much for this!

        Your comments to the Brenchel lovers out there are excellent. I know that everyone wants drama and everyone wants a “villian”, but when you listen to Brenchel try to explain themselves and leave feeling like, WTF just happened????? I’m not sure that the Brenchel lovers warrant anything but to be made fun of.

    1. Hey Lori. Go to the BLANK Big Brother Blog. She doesn’t make side comments about anyone. Just the facts, yo.

      Hah. ;-)

  17. please please someone tell me that Enzo isnt seriously thinking about keeping Rachel….i love that they are going to make Brendon think that he is being evicted, and that Rachel is thinking she she is going to stay and then….kerplunck….i want to see their faces fall when Rachel is picked to go…please please no no no…send Enzo vibes , brainwaves, whatever, sent Rachel home…..

  18. I wish Rachel would shut the hell up and she has no right to say anything about someone who works from home, it is a real job and you have to be very disciplined which is something she is not. She talks so much BS, can’t wait until she is gone which better be Thursday!!!!!!

  19. Next thing ya know….that ugly ole’ wench…….wretchel…..will be Queen of the Nile ! LOL
    Totally …………..Delusions of Granduer ! ! ! Classis psychology case !

  20. you shouldn’t put your business out there like that, but thanks for the warning. Now everyone know’s to stay away from you.

    1. Man, bro, you absolutely need to take a class on comedy and humor. Satire and irony are lost on you bro. Get help. Soon.

      1. can’t be too lost you seem to comment on everything I post so what does that say about you? Misery loves company? Grow up man and stop worrying about what I post.

  21. Omg Simon! You must be doing something right!
    I love you and appreciate all your efforts! Love your spin on things..
    and when I watch it at night, I see exactly what you do.

    B/R hater….. me.. uh huh! lol

  22. K, it all makes sense now, I just checked my watch and it’s time for all the Vegas strip girls to get up and get ready for work…they are just checking in on Rachel for the night before they tromp off to work.

  23. Lol, holy crazy rachel groupies. I think we can all agree on one thing. If you chose to put yourself out in the media on TV for millions of poeple to watch, expect to be judged, expect to be picked apart and called names (good and bad). Its the media that’s what happens. Everyones entitled to your business when you put it on natial television and that’s how it is. If you don’t like the comments made about the house guests then please stfu and stop complaing and don’t even come back. Simonand dawg have been doing really well this season updating us on everything inside the house. Its their site to do what they wish and they have many more lovers than haters, if you can’t handle a few name calling jokes then maybe you shouldn’t wven be on the internet. Also, if you can’t type and put together a proper english sentence while trying to get your stupid “more holy than thou” point across don’t even bother. GRENADES YO

  24. It is funny that Roachel is calling eveyone Roaches…….ironic!
    PS. Sorry if someone already said this….didn’t read the comments yet.

    1. Well the drinking game rules are whenever anyone
      1) complains about Simon & Dawg’s bias or spelling errors
      2) posts a theory about who are lifelong friends
      3) says the DPOV was found by Boy George and will save her this week

      but in your honor, we can add another rule, which would be basically whenever we need one to get us through the clearly serious deficient public education system in this country.

          1. 2 beers and a bottle of rum here. Nothing but gatorade to mix it with, so I guess I’ll stick to shots. Gonna take those 3 shots as soon as the BBAD show starts

              1. What cracks me up is that #2 is still more than valid and that rumor has been shot down more times than i care to count.

  25. LMFAO!!!! The other day someone said I wish they’d play something else other than pool and I said Dodgeball. LOL! I feel like need a prize

  26. I almost just fell of my couch…….”Rachel tells Brendon she is friends with the prince of Saudi Arabia”
    OMG!! hahahaha…make it stop! hahhaahahhahhhahahaa

      1. Yes, someone did, but that’s fine, because only someone that wants to hide behind someone instead of being themself and posting their own feelings and thoughts would do that. Let them keep hiding, but i will call them out everytime they do it. I appreciate your site though. Have been enjoying it now since last season. Keep up the good work it’s greatly appreiciated.

  27. Some of you need to cool. Its a gam why bash someone you dont know who has a well paying job making a great life and your here hating on them on your screen. You may think you have the last laugh but you dont because they are on with their lifes while you watch. Get of the feeds and make your own life a 24/7 feed.

    peace out

    I lovee BB

    I hope ragan, lane bren or rachel wins!

  28. Geez guys, maybe if you throw a stick, these bitchbabies will leave! I know my dog loves to play fetch!

  29. Did Rachel get half her eyebrow shaved off whilst in a drunken fit? It sure looks like it in that photo above. Hmm… maybe the saboteur at work???

  30. I think the posters that are saying defending Roach are one poster changing his name. Simon are you checking their IP address?

    1. there is about 4 people who bombard this site with trollish comments, One of them is pretty crafty they change there IP. I HATE blocking people from commenting regardless of their point of view but these folks are attacking me and the site so i’m forced to. Looks like all the drama is on this blog and not on the show.

      1. Don’t let it get to you. Just go to Alexa dot com and look at the boner in your traffic graph. You guys spike high every year for a reason — keep up the good work!

      2. thanks, but i hope you didn’t think i was attacking you? someone was posting things under the name i use to make it seem like me, and it’s not. i was just saying if i have something to post i wouldn’t use someone’s name to hide behind.

  31. I read today that Brit had a bath with Roach today. The Roach is having her period isn’t she? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gawddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! STD gooo running out.

  32. Hey…did anyone else notice that in the photos about Lane’s tattoo is on his right arm, but in the close up of him it is on his left….WTF?????

  33. who you think ur calling trolls ??? let me tell u guys something when i need to say something i will no one cant judge for that because it’s my opinion,simon says that the drama is on this blog not on the show but he forgot to say that he’s the one with he’s flopgades followers that r creating these drama’s,their the one calling people names,the rachel followers, like me, im and not afraid to say it, are just saying that do not call people names because you guys don’t know them,but i guess u guys are to f up to understand that….

  34. Ok Ok it’s a reality show people. we are not apart of their real life once this is over. Why are we getting hostile with each other. Yes we can have non disturbing conversations like adults. We have many ages visiting this site and this is not what one should be seeing upon reading comments. It’s again a reality show. We know nothing of these people. Yes we can assume, yes their characters are getting outrageously hideous but we should not be bickering amongst each other.Freedom of speech yes but let’s not insult each other here.Let’s show we’re better than that..Have a nice evening everyone(11:43pm here in dc)

  35. One of the other update sites had Hay & Matt walking into Taj room (to ask them if they wanted to play pool) while Brendon was “on top” of Rach & the lights were out. This was a little after 8PM BBT. Any confirmation on this?

  36. I actually like B/R, they are the ones that makes BB enjoyable. the last few days were BORING!! WHY?? simply cauz B/R are doing their things and thats good for them… CAUZ all the others are the bithches talking in their back and making fun of them..none of them deserve to win BB, they all say that B/R played a personal game, SO ARE THEY!!! since week 1, they targeted B/R for no good reasons…and since then, they wanted to get rid of them, becauze they love each other.

    1. as a brenchel fan, you m ake no sense….. they target brenchel because they were an obvious “alliance” it was never personal until they started noticing annoying things about them and they talked shit about them…

      1. well its hard to not be in an alliance with the one that you love and go out with.
        thats my opinion and you have yours, and I respect that.
        thats why we’re here, to know whats going on in the house and share our opinions ;)

        who do you want to win? Id like to know your opinions :)

  37. (I actually feel sorry for them everyone in the house hates there guts .. oh oh i added a comment to the end of my post..opps DRINK! )
    cheers YO!

  38. Rachel, I feel sorry for you because living the life that you live is very sad…..I cannot imagine not having a family and having to expose my body to make people look and talk to me…then when you show them all you show at once it is really sick….Money won’t buy you happiness…May God Bless you and change you!

  39. BBGramdma just radioed me from Alison’s CB. She’s been kidnapped bt AG and is pretty traumatized after witnessing AG “go all Gozilla” on that Mickey D’s drive-thru window in Oregon!
    Seriuosly – I hope she’s okay, not like her to go 2 days without saying hi?!!!! Been popping in and out to see if she shows. (This is one mean addiction to kick)!!

    1. Thank you for looking for me. I was tied up in the back seat of AG’s car. She wanted those Chicken Nuggets really bad! After she broke the window, they asked her if she wanted fries with that. She said she wanted the four whole chickens made into nuggets and a bushel of potatoes cut up and fried. When she got out to break the window, I slipped out the passanger door and ran to Burger King and warned them she was coming there next. She wanted my drugs and my liquor. I told her no way because I need to drink with Simon tonight and my drugs will help me catch up with him real fast.

      1. I don’t know why that came up Anonymous but it was my comment. My computer is really messed up. It won’t refresh the site. I have to back clear out and come back in to see new comments. I don’t know why this has happened.

        1. What an ordeal that must have been for you grandma! Maybe you should consider being on Survivor? That woman is a menace when she’s hungry – imagine what kind of damage she might have caused if she wanted a Happy Meal? Glad you’re okay!
          Simon started a new drinking game last night, so you better stock up for the next 2 nights! Have fun!

  40. The only thing worth watching on bbad are the fish! If the lame brigade is really final four, It will be like watching paint dry . Its funny how they think there season is so crazy. Yeah, crazy boring!

  41. Some of these comments are way out there and a little scary. Instead of hating brenchel so much, maybe you can seek anger management. Wow, Lets all agree to disagree. We can all have a grown up healthy debate. Sheeshhhhh! Hostile over 1 showmance. I dont like them either but damn

  42. Wow ragan is cussin rachel out saying she’s always arguing with the house. Yes , I love entertaintment ragan. I like to see drama on bb, if he dont like it maybe he should be home watching like me,lol

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