**Updated** Big Brother 12 Updates – Brendon doesn’t think a “Midget” or “Gay Guy” will win BB


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2:20pm Backyard Enzo, Matt, Brit, Hayden and Lane on the couch. They’re talking about who the sab is and teasing brit that Kahty is her mom. Brit: “I do need to win HOH not only for personael reason but for redemption I need to prove to you guys that Kathy isn’t my mom”. Brit brings up thinking Hayden’s sister is Kristen and BRendon and Andrew were friends. Everyone else agrees that if there was a couple it would of been BRendon and Andrew. Matt wants to see enzo win hoh because he want’s to see what his wife looks like. They Joke around that she must be a strong women to put up with enzo’s joking. Brit brings up that Kahty’s roots are showing and she wants to redo her hair colouring but she wants to wait until Rachel leaves because she’s scared to have Rachel touch her hair. Brit starts talking about her mom and how wonderful she is, brit tells them she can’t wait for them all to meet her because she’ll be pissed that they all think Kahty is her mom. Brit tells them that her mom is meaner than her so watch out. Ragan: “my mom is wonderful she looks like you brit”. Brit says that her mom was a semi finalized for playing in the the first season of survivor but she didn’t make it the executives in cbs are full of hooey.. Feeds cut.. They didn’t cast her because she wasn’t rugged enough nor could she swim, which Brit thinks is bullshit because the second season they had a player that couldn’t swim. Hayden, LAne and Brit head to the pool to play around, Lane tries to get some pushups in between dunking Brit under the water.


2:50pm Rachel, BRendon and Enzo Rachel isn’t sure if America likes her or not but she thinks that she’s not boring, Rachel: “I’m pretty sure America likes me” Enzo: “Maybe they love to hate you” Rachel laughs. Brendon: “You’ll get all the support from the guys and you’ll get support from the girls”. Rachel is certain that she’ll have plenty of fans after the show because she’s so much fun. Rachel calls the other people in the house boring and says that they talk about the same shit over and over again. Brendon agrees says that talking to the other players makes him feel stupid. Rachel starts talking about how Cocky Matt is and how shady he’s been acting. Brendon :”as soon as they let us play an endurance competition thats not designed for midgets i’ll win” Enzo tells them that after this week the house is going to undergo a flip in power, “it has to to make it exciting”. Rachel goes on to say that Matt thinks he’s going to win, Brendon scoffs says that the midget and the gay guy won’t win. They talk about how close Ragan and Matt are and how rachel can’t call them an alliance becuase the people it the house will get mad. Enzo tells her that Matt and Ragan kiss each others asses thats the game there playing. Brendon says why dont we have a midget throwing competition i’ll do well at that. Enzo saw that once in a club in Jersey.. Matt joins them talk moves to useless chit chat..


3:14pm Hammock Brit and HAyden talking about who the sab is, they generally agree it has to be someone whose back is against the wall and the person has nothing to lose. Brit is sure that it’s America’s vote because if it’s based on a vote then you get to choose to do it or not. They are both thinking that it’ll either be B/R or enzo. They laugh at it being Kahty because she’s a sheriff and nobody would expect it. BRit comments on how feisty Kahty is getting, Hayden agrees he’s heard her say things he never thought she would say. Both agree it’s because she’s on the slop. They can over hear Rachel talking on the background about “alcohol, partying, designer clothes, how good her life is”. Hayden: “just imagine if some day Rachel has kids and they google her name and see all the things shes done”. Hayden: “She so starved for attention” Brit: “She craves male sexual attention”. (you can vaguely overhear Rachel talking about these 2 girls kissing) Brit: “why does she tell that same story every day”.



3:27pm Lockdown is called everyone starts heading inside
Talkigna bout nicknames and how stupid meow meow sounds but it works for enzo, Rachel wants to be called GINGER.


3:32pm Storage Room Hayden and Brendon Brendon wants to know where the votes are in the house. hayden says brit and ragan will vote you out, matt wants rachel out and Hayden is unsure where lane will vote. hayden says him and enzo like brendon but they need to vote with the house. Brendon says he wants to get himself voted out he wants Rachel to stay instead of him. Hayden tells him to watched what he does because the other players are smart and they will catch onto his plan. Brendon says he’ll call a house meeting tonight and call Matt out for all the Pandora’s box shit. Brendon says that Lane is the saboteur and he’s going to call Lane out during the meeting. Hayden tells him to just watch what he does because him and enzo have to be neutral. Enzo comes in for 30 seconds and they give him a quick rundown about Brendon quiting, Enzo thinks its a move Brendon should sleep on and leaves. Hayden doesn’t know what kind of game Lane is playing but he they never talk about anything more then sports. BRendon says he has caught LAne telling lies to Brit and he’ll call him out on it. Brendon wants to go home but he needs to make things solid for Rachel when he leaves. Hayden again warns him that if he starts causing shit people might catch on and they will keep him. Brendon tells hayden that he thinks enzo is starting to understand that he needs friends in this house and he thinks Enzo will be on their side. Brendon tells Hayden he trust him and he wants him to trust Rachel. Brendon says Ragan Brit and Lane will keep having control of the house and will tell Hayden things are good for the house he warns Hayden that he is gong to be manipulated by them. (BRI——GADE)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:18pm Cabana room Enzo, Hayden, Brit, MAtt, Ragan and LAne They are talking about Brendon shoulder checking Brit today. Ragan bring sup a story about how Brendon was in from of him a bit ago and Brendon was walking slow so Ragan would either have to stop or ask Brendon to let him pass. Ragan asked Brendon to move faster and Brendon got pissed off by it. Ragan’s toe touches the back of Brendon’s flip flop and Brendon turns back at him and says Excuse you in a snarky tone. Ragan says that Brendon has been doing these planned confrontations when no one is around and he’ just targeting BRit and ragan. Brit says that Brendon won’t go after Lane or Enzo only people that are smaller then him. Enzo says that he would lose 500k if he did that to him. They start talking about rachel running around saying she’s a chemist when she really serves drinks and is probably a stripper. Ragan says that Rachel is mostly naked so what is she going to strip off her skin? Kathy walks in tells them that Brendon is outside telling her that Brit is a spoiled brat and Ragan ticked his flip flop. Kathy also adds that BRit’s and Lanes side comments are starting to get to Brendon.

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Need Britney nude pics now. kthxbye.


Who would you guys rather have sex with? Britney or Jessica from BB8? I’d probably go with Jessica by a small margin on looks, but by a far margin on personality. Britney would be fun to hang out with, but she’s bitchy at heart, so it would get old fast. Jessica could definitely be relationship material. They’re the 2 hottest US BB contestants I can think of off the top of my head. Am I missing anyone else?


haha i was a huge jessica fan and i agree brit looks fun for a one night thing but jessica seems more like a stable relationship girl


Rennie! Mos Def!


Hmm, I don’t remember Rennie.


Lori- BB5
Diane- BB5-AS
Sarah- BB6
Jen- BB8
Jen- BB9
Angie- BB10


Yeah, I thought Diane was cute too. Keesha was a lot of fun, she would have been great to be stuck in the BB house with. As for the Jens, yes to blond Jen, no to black hair Jen.

Other K

I loved Jess but Britney is about 100 times prettier.


is this a trick question? jess from BB8? what an insult to Britney!!! jess is the most ordinary girl in the world and kinda fat. Jen from BB8 was much better looking. And Janelle (BB6) is much prettier than all of them.


I love how well the Brigade is playing the house right now. It will be so sweet if they are final four, and then to see the other HG’s reactions to the Brigade being together from the start.


they have a chance of making it since matt has the diamond power of veto. but if matt uses it who will he vote out? I think he will vote out brittany and not brendan. i can’t wait to see how this house meeting goes tonight?


I really appreciate the hard work you do. Watching the feeds, reporting them, and editing the website. I feel sorry for you to be watching all those feeds that must be boring.

But a big THANK YOU! It is greatly apprecitated.


I guess Brenda does not have much faith in his inner person (Midget) and his closet fellings (Gay Guy)!!




Nothing can stop us now. 4 Deep yo!!


Yeah man the Brigade are 4 Deep Yo!

Super Grenade Yo!

Brigades got this in the bag yo. I think matt should get himself on the block if brendon gets hoh and throw the veto and at the eviction BOOM grenade it yo with the diamond veto or hell just get himself on the block by getting kathy or brit to put him up. 4 deep yo


look how retarde brehchel looks while enzo continues to gass them up, HAHAHAHAHAHA thursday is going to be hilarious, and production better let the brigade do their goodbye message together


I think it would be hilarious if the entire house went to the DR and made a goodbye message! Did you hear Regan’s cotton ball idea? Priceless! I so hope they do it!


i can’t wait for ragan to learn he’s being played by matt. that will be better than any speech ragan gives.


“Rachel starts talking about how Cocky Matt is and how shady he’s been acting. ”

Déjà vu??? rachel did the same thing both her HOHs, which is why she’s getting evicted ….


she’s getting evicted because she’s a competitor and they know it. they are afraid of her winning another hoh


Matt told Rachel that to her face and she still was confused of why she was on the block


that’s because he lied to her. he had a two week deal with her and B/R and he didn’t keep it. it is a game, but she thought she could trust him, because she really thought the target was kathy.


They had a one week deal only! Rachel has played very personal – bullying people and acting like a brat.

Kathie from Canada

Simon, has there ever been a season similar to this one? Four guys formed an alliance the first night. Then there is the sickening romance which I don’t really categorize as an alliance. The remainder if the house has drifted around completely oblivious to anything meaningful going on around them. Usually the house seems clearly divided even though the numbers flip at times. I’m just not getting this group. They make it so easy for the Brigade to be in charge – they don’t get challenged.


I believe yes they have done this, but the rest of the house knew, not like these clueless house guests. I can’t rememeber but I believe the one with Mike Boogie, when he didn’t win. That was a strong Alliance.

There was also showmances as well, but for some reason the fans are not into this one for some reason. Maybe because it was instantaneous, and people didn’t grow into it. Usually no one is agaisnt a showmance when it happens slowly like if WAS to happen with Lane and Brittney. It took a long time to happen. If it’s slow people like it, if it’s short, people hate it.
Look what happened to that girl who slept with the guy on the first or 2nd day. She got booted.


that was season 5 with the “4 horsemen.” but they were dumb and everyone knew they were together


they all seem very concerned about their game, that no one is willing to step out of the box – maybe they are trying to copy jordan. there still is a large group of people with out alliances. instead of going for the strong early on they went for the weak ones.

Kathie from Canada

Thanx for your thoughts guys. I’ve only watched the last three seasons. But this year, it feels like I am watching a bunch of dorm buddies.


Well said Kathie from Canada…I couldn’t agree more. This has to be one of the worst cast ever. They over analyse everything to no end and although everyone went into the house as individuals it’s like most of them can’t think one simple thought for themselves. It just boggles my mind!!!!


Brendon is SO DUMB. They don’t like you! Rachel is even stupider. BR are in their own little world and think they know everything about the housee. Gosh my life will be so much better when their GONE


i cant wait to see bren face when julie says its a 6-0 vote to evict rach hahaha that moment will be awesome ……brigade final 4 …the brigade might not win comps except matt but they are playing an awesome game….3 of the biggest guys in the house are not even seen as threats…..good game brigade




It is awesome. I really hope if Matt makes it to the final 2 he will get his props for what he has done for the brigade so far.


Why can’t Brit have a conversation without talking about B/R it’s getting old now, R will be gone this week & B maybe next week, I can’t wait til the Brigade kicks her ass to the jury house she’d becoming really annoying i think she’s irritating Matt bcuz he said she hangs in the HOH too much her ass will be stuck in the jury house with B&R,…& I can’t wait!!


same here. every conversation is about B/R i don’t understand what her problem is. She needs to get a life. i have never seen anyone that talks about the same people everyday. for a brief second i was happy to hear her say something else when she was talking about her mom, but that didn’t last. i mean what does she hope to accomplish. At least Rachel knows they want her out, they want brit out and she doesn’t even know it.


now that would be good for ratings. i wish she would leave. the shock on her face, would be hilarious.

sickoftheir shit

The Roach wants to be called Ginger like on Gilligan’s Island. O-M-F-G!


Ginger would be her porn alias


Some of these people are really hateful people, some of them are dumber than a box of rocks, and some are like bumps on a log


This Group acts like a bunch of high school kids I wish they would stop talking crap behind people’s backs BRIT! granted they all talk crap but brit takes it too far she can’t have a conversation without talking about B/R she sounds a little obsessed with them, she really thinks she’s in good with the Brigade but lil does she know her ass will be gone in the next few weeks & she will be stuck in the jury house with B/R, Brendon’s Big foot ass is getting on my last damn nerve he’s always Whining & Complaining STFU & play the game…the other house guests are just a lost cause!!! LOL


How big can that foot be? He has no trouble putting it in his mouth.


So Brendan is outside talking to Kathy after the “excuse you” incident with Ragan, and now Brit tells the story of allegedly him body checking her earlier. At this point, there would be confrontation. Brit and Ragan should take Lane and whoever else wants to go outside sit beside him, flanking him at the hot tub and openly have words and stay really really calm. Then let Lane tower over him. Ideally him or the tranny will punch one of them and get ejected.


that would be so perfect !!!!!


it woul be if lane really cared. she says this stuff and nobody does anything. that should tell her something. at least Brendan will stand up for rachel, but no one comes to brits defense. all they do is listen to her.


Well the producers should say something to Brendon about how he is acting. Rachel and Brendon are so incredibly childish and annoying. I will be so glad when they leave the house, they are disgusting, vile, immature people.


It’s going to be so sweet when Rachel stand up and say “Guys I have the ultimate veto, and I’m taking myself and Brandon off the block. Your move Matt put two others back on the block”.


In Make-believe Big Brother???


it would have been nice if matt could have given it to her to see the looks on everyone else’s face. but that’s not going to happen.


Pretty sure Rachel just asked Brendon on the live feeds..” Why did they put me and You up together..What did I do?”…..Heh?..are u F’n serious?..lol..Why did you put Hayden and Kristen up together you MORON..lol.


I agree. I don’t know why Rachel has such a one sided perception of herself. She doesn’t at all see why people are actually disliking her. She doesn’t have any insight into how she treats others.
I’m not sure who I want to win. Reagan would be cool. The Brigade are playing it safe and that kind of bores me. But at least Matt has gone for it but I don’t like his lie about his wife. I’d like to see Kathy come out of her cave.


i don;t blame her. why don’t everyone in the house like her. she put kristen up, and everyone wanted kristen out even the brigade members so why are they mad at her? no one said anything when she was hoh about her actions except ragan, everyone else was egging her on when she spoke.


Seems like Hayden is trying to win comps, but Lane and Enzo are phoning it in. They need to step up for the brigade or they don’t deserve to win.


If Rachel is voted out, Brendon will lose it and get himself kicked out. If Brendon got voted out, Rachel would not do anything, she would stay and whine and continue to play.

Uncle Cool



i wish they would have a double eviction this week, but i think it will be next week, and i hope matt uses the d veto because he only has two weeks to use it. It will be exciting to see a double eviction and d veto used on the same night.


Cool idea but how would that work bc the DPOV is only good for this week and next right? so he would have to use it at the next veto ceremony (bc this weeks has already past)which would be Wed(in tv land) and double eviction POV wouldnt be until Thurs (if they had the double eviction like a fast forward in previous seasons). Still that would be really good TV if it could work out.


if it’s like last season with the coup de tat then when they have live evictions julie will ask if him if he wants to use it, and matt will be the only vote that night that counts, he also has the power to change nominations and put two new people on the block which means whoever is hoh that week will be pointless because they will have no power.


Keep those pictures of Britney in a bikini coming. Brendon says “Talking to the other players makes him feel stupid.” I couldn’t have said it better.


They have nothing better to do than talking about Brendon or Rachel because they are the besttt and they are jealous of them and scared of them





and what would his reasoon be? because he is bothering brit? Enzo said it best brit is not even married yet and already she is divorced because she is all over lane, but you don’t see lane all over her, he is just using her, so why get mad because brendan is bothering brit. Lane don’t even comment when she tells him what brendan is doing. That should tell her something. A light bulb should go off in her head, but it doesn’t. she is going to wish she had sided with B/R when lane gets through with her. she’s is so focused on B/R she don’t even see that she is being played.


agree. they have nothing better to do, but talk about them. Who sits around and talk about people you don’t like all day everyday. every waking minute she is talking about Brendan and what he said to her. I mean get over it already. That is spoiled behavior if you cant take something someone says about you. I would hate for her to get called something worse than spoiled they would probably have to muzzle her. No one in the house can give you a ligitmate reason as to why they hate B/R so much. Just because they are playing the game their way. That’s rediculous, they are not even playing the game. They are all sitting around using each other and none of them have figured that out.


I couldn’ve said it better this is the dumbest group of people I’ve seen in all may days! LOL


I agree. Britt cannot stop bashing Bren and Rach. It is sad. No I am not a friend of either one of them I live in Florida….Never even heard of them till the show started. They are the best players in the house. Rachel is annoying, could use a makeover, but she is one really good player. Faults and all.


I can tell that you must be a friend of Rachel since you do not know how to spell or write a sentence correctly. I feel sorry for you that you are just as delusional as Rachel and Brendon.


Thank you for your application for the position of Blog Troll. While your qualifications are impressive, we do not believe there is a suitable match at this time. We will keep your application on file.
Thank you
BB Blog HR Department




Really funny!!!!


get a life. if someone doesn’t agree with you all you get pissed. he’s just voicing his opinion isn’t that what this site is for to look at everyone’s perspective? Nice to know you get paid for your response. how much did you make for that wack comment? OOOOOHHHHHHH the same thing Gaven made zip nada nothing 0.


You seem pretty emotional yourself there. Why do you care so much? Either you ARE Gaven, or you must really like him if you were willing to take time out of your day to type a post and stand up for him. As for me, these boards are the truest form of freedom of speech and you should only come here if you can give as good as you can get. I may not care for Gaven’s logic or ideas in general, but I’ve seen enough of his comments to know he can stand up for himself and doesn’t need an ‘Anonymous’ hero to come to his aid with incoherent babble.

Kathie from Canada

Hands down the best blog of the day!


If they vote Rachel out there will be noone interesting left on the show. The rest are just brain dead “me too’s”. Not a good season if Rachel is the most interesting character.



Caps Lock Patrol

Dear Carol,
There is a nifty little button above your shift key, it is called the “Caps Lock” button. Please make sure to press that button so your future posts DONT LOOK LIKE THIS. WHEN YOU MAKE POSTS THAT ARE LIKE THIS you are just as annoying as Rachel.
Thank you.


WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING? Can you wake your computer up and tell it that it’s 2010 and even the computer illiterate know how to turn off the all caps?




She stirs things up, she isn’t afraid to act. Most everyone else is trying to play the game that Enzo is best at. You only want 1 or 2 players like that,. when it’s the whole house it makes for a boring game. Who will make it interesting after she is gone? It is boring if you like everyone.


The other night the houseguest were talking about what they hope to get out of BB. Matt wants to be on Talk Soup, Enzo hopes to get a movie of the week, etc. They hope to get into show business.


I think the show will actually be more interesting once Brenchel is gone. With nobody else to focus on, all the other players will finally have to start looking at each other and they’ll become frenemies. I’m looking forward to watching them all start to turn on each other after being on the same side for so long.


watching live feed and I am actually feeling sorry for Rachel. Not so much for Brendon because he is just such a jackass, OMG. But the whole house is hanging out and she has been by herself or with Jackass the whole time, just watching them all have fun from a distance. Kinda sad but then again, look at last week….she was a bitch from hell that mad a very non-power move.

Uncle Cool

She chooses to avoid them. That’s her problem.

She deserves no sympathy.

Neither does her toe boy.


You’re right; thanks for bringing me down to earth. OMG Bren is such a fn idiot…he said they are all jealous of real love bc R/B have real love and Matt is married to a groupie, Brit is in a bad relationship bc she bosses her bf around, and he made fun of the single guys. I cannot believe I just heard him say that. Someone should tell him he sounds like a jackass moron. “Real love” found on Big Brother, which resulted in a sexual relationship within days of meeting each other – that is real love???? Then I don’t want any part of it!


Have you seen Brendon’s toe? Remember Britt is a mean girl and probably made it up.


size doesn’t make a person. brit should take all that mouth she has behind his back and confront him. i think she is waiting for lane to come to her defense. Brendan has no reason to confront anyone else because no one else is saying anything to him or about him that he is getting back. Hayden, and Enzo talk nice to him, and lane just seems to avoid him all together, so why would he say something to them. Serves brit just right. she’s two faced, she spends her entire day talking about B/R what a waste of conversation on two people you claim to not like at all. she needs to grow up that’s so childish.


Please God let him call the house meeting during BBAD! That would just make my night!!!! Oh and another episode of their talk show tonight!!!!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Anybody else get the feeling Production is stirring up this shit storm? I’m definitely feeling that when each player goes in to the DR they poke and prod and plant scenarios. Not sure what the hell is going on with Matt’s suitcase and the DPOV+ B/R implying Matt has more than the recycled $1 bill. Suddenly they are insightful about Matt’s story and his planted $1 Bill? Sounds fishy! I spell a big throwdown all caused by the Wizard of Oz (AG).


Of course! AG is pulling the strings every year.


AG is just pulling the wrong strings this year.


i just read an article and saw this quote and it;s oh so true about brenchel “They twosome kept wining and whining, alienating potential allies while further annoying their enemies. “


“wining and whining, alienating potential allies” = Brenchel’s Ultimate FALURE


I’m watching the live feeds and I just heard B tell R that Brit is probably jealous of their relationship……LMAO, I almost fell out of my chair….the poor guy is now delusional!




bblllllling bbblllllliiiing bliiiiing, caller id mike boogie whats up, hey will rember how we are the only reason people still watch this show, ya and how this season is so much fun with all these stupid players………. blahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaaha – ya chilltown babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


has a pic ever been posted of this infamous “toe?”


I think it might be better left unseen. :p

Early Doucet

Need Brit feet pics.


Wow! That is some really tough talk for someone hiding behind an anonymous moniker like Gaygan. I would venture to guess that if you ever saw Lane or Enzo face to face, you wouldn’t even consider trying to find out just how tough they are. That’s a guess, but the more of your posts I read, the more it feels like an educated guess.


Did I miss a post about the appealing pics of Brit being removed? I mean the ones of the slouch on a couch and the camel toe!!!! I miss looking at them!! 😉


I KNOW, I asked Simon if the site was getting sued or something because I miss her.


dude im pretty sure ur the only one that likes Brenden and racheal ho ho…I mean seriously…are u stupid….


seems to me he’s trying to get votes to be kicked out. he feels like he can trust hayden and enzo and actually believes they are his friends. he’s already told them his plan so there is no need for him to do mean things to them


The only game these people are playing is…..who can bad mouth the most, they don’t think a head, they are only thinking on their mature level……..first grade
Brenden and Rachel may be flakes but , at least they are playing the game


Don’t have live feeds. Sounds like the house is more wound up than usual tonight? Should we expect another small fight to go down tonight?


Well to be fair….with Ragan winning America’s Choice, to be the new sab…It shows the BB audience is liberal lol…Which i think is good thing.


I can’t wait until Thursday!! I think once Rachel is voted out Brendon is going to lose it big time. He is beyond dumb!!