public service announcement – Too Much VEGAS F*cks your Thinking, Rachel: “Kristen causes all the drama in this house she’s a psycho B!tch”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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4:10pm Backyard Brendon is telling him that Kristen has some kind of three way alliance in the works because she says she has 3 votes to stay. He doesn’t know who the third or fourth person is thinks it might be Ragan and Lane, he knows one of them is Kathy. Enzo tells him it could be Ragan but she told him if the house shifts to saving Hayden she knows she’ll lose ragan’s vote. Brendon asks about it being BRit. Enzo doesn’t think it’s brit because she would of used the POV when she had the chance. Brendon asks him who lane is going after.. Enzo “I dunno he’s mentionned Kathy and he’s been mentioning people that fell off the surf board early” Enzo goes on about how he thinks lane is down with B/R’s plan to get out the floaters and really get competing. Brendon asks Enzo if Lane’s been talking game to him.. Enzo says no he talks small shit and thats about it. Enzo asks him if Matt has anything with him, Brendon says no it’s just him and Rachel in the game. Enzo:”well yeah you guys are unstopable” Brendon “yeah we have to be”. Brendon asks who Enzo would put up he says Kathy and maybe Lane because Lane fell off in the HOH comp. Brendon would be upset if he goes home next week and Khty stays Enzo:”oh yeah thats Dirty yo”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:25pm HOH Brendon and Rachel Brendon starts going over the conversation with Kristen.. Brendon covers the entire conversation. He says he wasn’t listening to half the shit she was saying. Rachel says that Kristen brings all the drama in the house because she’s a psycho Bitch. Brendon now goes over his Enzo conversation. Rachel is pissed because she’s been trying to talk to Brit but every time she does Ragan and Matt come up and interrupt. Brendon says those two are working against us. Brendon offers to talk to brit and arrange a private meeting between them. Rachel says no she doesn’t want other people to know they are talking. Brendon says he’s not worried about Brit because if she had something with Kristen she would of used the POV. Rachel says she threaten brit thats why she didn’t use the POV. They agree to go to hayden say they will vote to keep him if he promises to keep them save for one week. Brendon tells her that Enzo really likes them “He’s legit..he’a not going to vote for Kristen and neither is Lane we can trust ENZO”. Brendon tells Rachel that if the competition were strictly mental or physical him and her would win back to back ever competition (these 2 have lost it). Brendon thinks her that they need to secure a spot with Lane, Enzo and HAyden and not Matt/Ragan, “Matts out of shape and Ragan has 15 years of smoking under his belt”. Out of the blue Rachel starts getting mad that Brendon was talking to Kristen without her around, “Does she even think that she has a chance at getting you to go against MEEEE.. who does she think she is?” Brendon stumbling with his words trying to go over the entire conversation again. Rachel: “GAWD i can’t stand that girl!” Brendon pleads with her not to start any drama they don’t need it right now.. He says he regrets saying anything to her. They have another little “fight” and start to kiss.. 5:08pm Rachel starts rubbing his feet.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:16pm Backyard BRIGADE minus the beast yo Enzo’s telling them all about the BS he told Brendon a hour ago. Says Brendon is terrified, Enzo was trying to get him to put Kathy up if he wins HOH.. lane and MAtt agree Enzo needs to keep working that angle. Enzo:”I was building it up that everyone wants Kathy out because she does nothing, I told him everyone in the house wants to take out the big floater” Lane can’t believe that Brendon is still bringing up taking out the people that dropped during the endurance HOH. Enzo:”Sure he is, it’s a cope out” Matt says the final 6 needs to be the brigade + brit + Ragan. Enzo says Brendon is suspicious of Ragan and Matt he could out them up. Matt’s not worried, Enzo isn’t worried they have the votes. Matt thinks Brit will vote to keep ragan. Lane assures him he can talk to Brit, Enzo: “We got brit in our back pocket YO”. Lane can’t wait to win HOH to tell Brendon and Rachel “your up on the block because you didn’t compete”


5:25pm dinner time

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Haven’t these people learned from previous seasons stop running your damn mouth (BRENDAN) if you know the whole house is gunning for you why are you talking game to them, If he really thinks Enzo or any of them is on team B/R he’s in for a rude awakenin, trust no one you dumb ass!!!


Boy George told him to go outside and sniff out the 3-man alliance. He was only doing his master’s bidding.


I can’t believe the Brigade is so confident after only winning 1 comp that had no skill,it was basically who ever wanted to be HOH won it.

I hate how the house guest are saying Rachel’s was a fluke when she got picked 5 times!!! If Lane had won it,it would have been a fluke because he only had to win 2 times.


My thoughts exactly! Matt could’ve made the power move but he screwed that up, I can’t remember if it was Annie or Monet that told their dumb asses they’ll regret not getting rid of B/R….well i hope Brendan wins HOH to watch th Bitchgade squirm. lol


The individual brigade memebers are nothing special on their own…..However, they have done phenomenal job, of “playing dumb”.


haha completely agree its hilarious to watch them act like they have no idea what’s going on


Rachel is such an insecure, self centered, crybaby bitch. I want her out before Brendan. Just because.


Get her the hell out of there! She is beyond insecure and terribly annoying because of it. How many people has she thought were “trying to come between me and my man”? She’s a 2… eh… 1.5, Brendon is a 6, there is no way they would’ve paired up outside the house. Jealous, insecure, and annoying… how attractive!

Uncle Cool

I would get rid of Brendon first. That way, we can watch Rachel suffer and bawl and get drunk.

Judith Pritchard

Brendan the Idiot Boy and Rachel the Skank are so vile, they are the trashiest two people ever in BB. His family must be so ashamed of their son, and her family is either as trashy as she is, or brain dead to send her corny letters acting like she is so special. What about going to Las Vegas and being a bar maid, is so special??? I bet if the truth were known, she is a lot more than a bar maid, more like a Call Girl or Escort. After all, SHE IS VEGAS!!! I think down deep Brendon the Idiot Boy, knows that she has a serious drinking problem, like ALCHOLIC!!, and that they will never have a meaningful relationship, he is only fooling a fool, himself!!


The whole vegas talk by Rachel is boring and pathetic–Last night on BBAD, “Brendon, I am Vegas”…ROFL!!!


Last night’s fight between B and R was a comedy to watch. Between the two of them, they repeated the same sentences over and over and over and…. well, you know what I mean? Brendon clearly has his head up his arse if he continues to pursue this relationship with TVB (The Vegas Broad). She’s a mess, years of bar maid training and drinking excessively, he’s delusional if he thinks the two of them will work. R will bring Vegas antics to his CA surroundings and how long will it take for him to get embarrassed (again)…. He’s tried to tell her to not drink, he tried to tell her to stop putting on so much make up, it all falls on deaf Rachel ears because she is what she is. He’s a good looking man, or was until we see him cowering with apologies to the Big Red. Brit is one funny gal…. I’d watch my back around her because she is really a backstabber but oh my what a funny one she is. Obviously though she was kidding about Rachel’s STD going airborne ..otherwise Brig wouldn’t be hanging out in the bubble bath with Rachel.


They got Brit up their sleeve like an extra ace yo.


LOL..she’ll be the next to go after..B/R & Kathy!


Brendan know’s he’s a good competitor as does rachel. He win’s hoh this week him and rachel got the game in the bag. I just wish that they wern’t so naive and realize what regan and kristen are telling them. By the rate the game is going I can see Regan making it particularily far in this game.


Brendan is so mesmerized by Rachel that he’s going to lose this game — he’s completely run by her and not using his head. He has intelligence but no common sense. Rachel is manipulative and whiny and annoying as all hell. It and everything is all about HER. Brendon goes along with her. She is going to be his downfall They should be split up. Send Rachel home first and let Brendan play his own game by himself.


Oh no she didn’t – did she? Did Rachel just rip a hang nail out of Brendon’s toe! Double Skank Ho!!!


Haha – what’s worse? Weewee hands or Brendover toe jam?

Dixie Doll

If they’re smart, which I doubt, they WILL get Rachel out first. Her instincts are better than piss boys by a mile. I’d sacrifice my elderly neighbor to see rachel get the boot next week!


to all the rachael haters just member if she were not on this show there would be nothing to talk about. just like the good girl goes for the bad boy, the more drama a person stirs in the BB house the more air time and talked !!!.


Exactly. Good girl Brendover goes for Bad Boy George.


why is he called brendover?


two faced guido enzo talking all that shit to brendon knowing full well he wants him out badly. and gullable brendon is swallowing every word like a simpleton 🙂


interrachael i hate to break this to you but enzo and the brigade rule rachel and brendon are a joke


k so lets break it down the brogade consists of lane (basically hasnt done a thing yet) matt (a back stabbing wanna be) hayden ( a pussy whipped puppy who’d pick the hoe before the bro) and lastly enzo (who is counting on the other 3 to carry him through the game) so okay they rock. the dream team !!!

BigBrothers Big Brother

hahaha. That pretty much sums it up! I wanna see the brigade do SOMETHING other than chit chat and play defense. How about OFFENSE??


I think Rachel wants Kristen out before Kristen can make the jury house because she’s afraid Kristen might spend time with Brendan if he’s voted out too. She’s a very JEALOUS woman.


Now that is something I hadn’t thought of but makes sense.

The Excitement

see, i’m not a big Lane fan. I love Britney to death. That girl is something special. But Lane is just a big dumb hick.


Is it possible for Brendon and Rachel to be anymore oblivious and stupid to what is going on. I admit BB will be really boring when they are gone to watch, but Ragan basically laid out the whole scenario at their feet and they are both so ignorant they do not even know the truth when it is shoved down their own throats.


all that two faced playing both sides shit that gayan is doing is going to come back to bite him in the ass.(opps he’d probably like that) member the theme this season is whenever a BBHG is voted out they “out” the secrets. ( andrew telling bout the kris-hay shomance, annie saying that smack bout rach n bren, and if i am correct monet was the only one who did not do that though 🙂


When you are drunk 1/3 of the time, staring in the mirror 1/3 of the time and canoodling with Brendon 1/3 of the time – you pretty much will miss everything. They keep saying they need to spend more time out of the HOH but they don’t do it. Stupid.


I don’t agree with most of the Rachel trashing opinions. I think she is a typical girl nerd. probably grew up emotionally damaged and socially awkward. has obviously had a lot of pain in her life. probably raised by mean people with problems of their own.
i am sorry, but the harder you study, the less developed your social skills are. especially when you’ve never been in a “grownup” environment like an office. she’s provoking us on purpose when she’s being unlikable. it takes a strong person to take on something like that. it’s somebody who’s used to being attacked and hated on. being unlikable and annoying is nothing but a defense mechanism. it’s just a mind game for her to fool us.
it’s just my perception.. i guess.


brendon has the desease to please and is as insecure as her.


@ Dixie Doll,,,,,Sure hope I,m not that elderly neighbor !!!! Boo-Who, . LOL.


I wouldn’t mind watching Rachael and Brendan so much if they weren’t in bed most of the time ..I’m sooooo sick of seeing this ..there are more people in the house than those 2 ..this is not what it’s all about but BB is making it so it is..Rachael is the most annoying girl I’ve seen in a long time ..between her annoying voice and her crying ..geesh!!! jmo