**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Production Hinted to Ragan about the Brigade

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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6:05pm Hammock Rachel and Brendon Rachel says she’s found out from Brit that Matt will not be voting out HAyden. rachel is now second guessing her whole Matt/Kristen/Ragan alliance theory. She asks Brendon if he thinks that maybe it’s only Ragan that is fighting for Kristen. She thinks it’s odd because Ragan and Matt are so close you would think they had a similar strategy in the house. Brendon thinks they’re going to vote the same way. Rachel now thinks that Brit has been given false information from Matt. She believes that MAtt was talking to brit the other day and was trying to get a feel for her place in the game when he caught on that she was going to vote out kristen he said the same thing back to her.

Rachel asks why would anyone in this entire world want Kristen to be here? Brendon tells her it adds drama to the show. Rachel wonders that maybe there is another reason why production wants her to stay.. maybe theres another twist surrounding Kristen. Brendon says they probably want her around because she’s part of the second showmance. Rachel tells him that doesn’t make sense because one of the 2 will be going home so “they” (cbs) is losing their showmance regardless. Brendon says that you and Kristen don’t get along that creates drama and that is what people want to watch. Rachel said she didn’t like the BB seasons with a lot of drama, she uses BB10 as an example, saying there was too much yelling it bored her. Brendon tells her they need to go with their guts in this game when he first met Kristen he knew not to trust her. He tells her that they are the underdogs and America see them like that, even though Rachel gets “a little much” he still thinks they are seen as the fighters. Rachel says that it’s sad if America doesn’t see her for who she is she doesn’t think the people watching the show think less of her or think that the “Power” has gone to her head (fuck she’s on crazy juice i swear).. Brendon leaves and ragan comes to talk (Whispering). Ragan thinks that Production is planting seeds to get things going. Rachel tells him that production is always playing devils advocate during the DR sessions.. *production tells them to stop talkign about their DR sessions* She tells Ragan there is no way Kristen has the votes to stay she’s just wasting her time now campaigning. ragan says production was hinting that there was a missing alliance in the house and that what got him thinking about it. After thinking about it all day he doesn’t believe it. Ragan says he’ll tell Kristen she doesn’t have his vote tomorrow.. he’s not looking forward to it but figures the truth is best and knows Kristen will appreciates it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:50pm backyard matt, ragan and rachel working out. Kathy and kristen on the couch talking


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:50pm Backyard Working out ragan is telling Matt that after he quit smoking he gained 25lb of muscle. Matt is amazed that he only weighed 115lbs. ragan says he has always been very slim. Matt asks about protein shakes. Ragan use to drink them but they got “Just too tiring to drink” Matt wonders what he means by tiring, Ragan explains that he hates being a slave to diet just likes eating whatever whenever.

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Brigade Joe

Throws gernade at CBS


i always knew that CBS ends up altering the votes and situations and this just seals it. Poo on you CBS and julie chen. Let the HG play their own game. stop manipulating it.


But with production manipulating, that is the unexpected in the game right now. They have always done it and always will.


That confirms to me what I’ve always suspected… the HG’s play against themselves, but more importantly, they play against BIG BROTHER!!!


Give the eviction vote back to the viewers, the games would be soooo much better!

Karen S

I agree.. we should get a vote every season. After all, it “us” watching it.


The problem with that is most of the votes would come from people only watching CBS and not the live feed or BBAD. Those people would vote the way CBS wanted them too.


A vote would not be so bad, however THE vote isn’t as good in my opinion. Part of these peoples game play is the lies and the secrets which we are privileged to know. It obviously alters how we would vote in certain situations. For instance, I like Hayden better than Kristen, however I can’t stand Matt, so to hurt him and his alliance I would probably vote to evict Hayden. I’m probably backwards in my thinking, but Matt really gets under my skin.


I was right! Production IS pulling strings. No wonder why Brachell are always on top in HOH. It’s not because they’re smart, it’s because production is pulling strings!

And to think this is my first time actively following Big Brother, ever. Wow. CBS, if a newbie at Big Brother can figure out that you’re influencing the vote and the game, you must not know how to hide your game very well.


Maybe Ragan is planting a lie that he thinks is a lie so Kristen will stay. Maybe it s his game or maybe cbs dropped a grenade who knows.

Karen S

That’s what I was wondering BBfan. Maybe Ragan is the saboteur? If so, he tells Ratchel there is an all guy alliance, maybe that Brendan has been a part of it all along and that she’s been kept in the dark. Hmmmmmmm ? What a break up that would be if the brigade was in on it. ha ha


Naw, I think that Ragan is just smart and is looking and observing everyone and everything.
If they (production) hinted at something, he would be smart enough to pick up on it and then figure it out himself.
Remember, he told Rachael to look around and be outside. Watch who is hanging with whom, is what he said.

Brigade Chris

Gives CBS “The Face”. That’s balls what production did…


I wonder if Ragan is just trying to give more credibility to his earlier ‘observation’ about a 2-3 guy alliance. This is when he was talking to Kristen giving her ideas to use on why she should stay over Hayden.


How great is the Brigade? Production practically outs them and no one believes it. I love it!


The Brigade sucks. I think the alliance between Jesse,Nat,Russell, and Chima was stronger. They had all the power last year and CBS took it away from them(THANK GOD!)


You have absolutely lost your mind. That crew might have had AS strong of a physical threat, even THOUGH there were TWO girls (which matt is comparable, but not so much Enzo), but there is NO way you can compare the gameplay strength. The 4some YOU mentioned, (which didn’t even HAVE a name) POLARIZED themselves way too early, where as The Brigade has 4 individuals ALL playing side alliances and NOBODY KNOWS!!!! Sorry man, but The Brigade is the strongest alliance in the history of BB, so far, and minus the gremlin (I don’t like the whole WIFE story, at all). The should dump Matt, pickup Brit and morph into the Britgade.


Britgade, yo!

sweet power

3 or the 4 suck enzo will stab all those kats under the bus. they still got to beat b/r and that hard to do yo?

p.s. brigade sucks


Great idea! Team Britgade! Matt is THE reason I don’t like the Brigade, I don’t want him to win or even be in the top 4. I like Lane, Enzo and Brit!


I agree JJ!

The only way they were going to lose, was for production to give special powers. Without the powers, there was no stopping that team with Chima, Nat, Jessie and Russell. Compared to them, the brigade is nothing. Actually, quite boring if you ask me.


I don’t think Ragan could or would plant a lie. It just isn’t in him.


What’s hilarious is that he doesn’t even believe it. There have been so many conversations about a supposed alliance, and every time no one believes it. Now CBS flat out tells Ragan and he still doesn’t buy it! I love the Brigade yo!




To clarify, Ragan told Boy George that production told him he’s “missing an alliance” but didn’t specifically say who was in it or their gender, etc. Also Ragan told her that he was going to offer Krusty his home in LA since she wants to hang around LA for a while. He will tell her Wed night. So he’s voting for Shaggy to stay.


Oh, I wouldn’t be to sure that Ragan doesn’t believe it. Remember who he was talking to at the time. Four guys would mean that his buddy Matt would be part of it. He may have been throwing Rachel off of the scent in case she had caught on to what he had said earlier. I think Ragan is the smartest bird in the coop. Production may have just confirmed it.


Dude this is bullshit yo. Stop jerkin with the game and duke it out like men. This sucks balls.
CBS is gonna bet mad grenades on this one yo….BOOM….BOOM….BOOM YO….BOOM.

The Excitement

CBS is kaka yo!
Ragan’s gonna get kicked out if he doesn’t stop talking about production.


I hope the Brigade doesnt run the house the rest of the game. I hate it when its one sided. But Rachel is making poor decisions and brendon is too. If they make it to the end I will be shocked.

sweet power

they dont its all R/B running this house


Team Brigade YO!

BigBrothers Big Brother

C’mon Nobody really believes this is enitrely free will here? It may not be entirely scripted but you can believe CBS has a script for the person they plan on winning this. I’m sure they plant all types of seeds in the contestants heads (real and fake) as well as play devil’s advocate and even encourage outrageous/outlandish behavior. No surprise that Ragan was given hints.


that isnt even fair. let the house guests play their game and stop tryin to out the brigade! Go Brigade yo!


You meant the Brigade plus Britney right? = The Britgade


“Rachel says it is sad if America doesn’t see her for who she is” I believe America is seeing her for EXACTLY who she is.


Production confirms what Ragan was thinking and he dismissed it… I had Ragan at the top of my power rankings because he’s thinking. Ignoring that little tidbit will cost him and the house dearly.


CBS production giving hints to Ragan is bullshit. I think this Season Series IS boring so far; however I totally disagree and lose respect for the producers and show if they can’t let the player’s play withount unfair manipulation. I”ll call this Bachelor Big Brother if it’s going to be this “Cheesy”.


Ragan. I thought you came up with this on your own… I so wanted it to be all your thinking.. I want Hayden gone so I can watch the Brigade fight…Major Disappointment


CBS Productions should call the host of Bachelor and Bachelorette…………so he can inform the guests of each other’s divert plans…..that’s pathetic.


So….since production is working against the brigade that means Brendon will win HOH this Thursday. They won’t lose their money couple (Brendon & Rachel)

sweet power

no he will win cause kisten will win and he will win cause the brigade will be suck off each other


id sue the shit out of production if they even hinted about my game play (brigade) it could possibly cost of them the game


is there really a double eviction this week ?


Has Pandora’s box been opened yet? They can’t approach a saboteur until that happens, right?


And, I think it is a pretty good thought you have there. Production has interferred every year. I am surprised that so many haven’t saw that. It is their show, their money, their ratings. They watch blogs, others and their own. They move things to keep people watching. Now Ragan as the saboteur makes sense. I would like to know that if he makes it pass the second week, does he get to keep going for the $500,000 or do they disclose to everyone he was a saboteur?


Yes he does! CBS had to change what they were originally offering (10k per week for 2 weeks) because none of the HGs, they surveyed during their DR sessions, would take it unless they could also finish the game.


So they changed it from $20,000 to $10,000? Annie was playing for $50,000 but she didn’t make it. They said this was for $20,000. Are you saying now it is only for $10,000 and they can still play?


Sorry about that BBGrandma – if a HG agrees to be the saboteur for the next two weeks, s/he will get 10,000 for each week that they go without being detected and/or voted out. If they last the 2 weeks they get a total of $20,000 ($10,000 per week), plus get to continue on in the game for a shot at the $500/$50k. Their identity will not be revealed until finale night. PS – How you doin?


Thank you for clearing that up, jimik60. I found out today that no cancer! Hopefully the problems I have now can be handled with meds. You know me, I love my drugs! More the better. Uppers and downers and all those inbetween. Thank you so much for asking about me. That meant a lot. Love you for that and everything else you do. XXOO


Finally, some good news!!!! I am so happy for you and your family. I could never tell, from your posts, that you had this tremendous weight on your shoulders. I admire your strength, and ability to continue doing those things you enjoy, in spite of it all. Thank you so much BBGrandma – you are a force to be reckoned with!!!

Evel Jim

It’s nothing new. They do it every year. They drop hints to try to move the story along in a way that they think will make the best tv. Sometimes the HGs catch on, sometimes they don’t. I remember last year when Nat and Kevin were manipulating Jeff and Jordan into backdooring Russell and Jeff said that production was hinting that he should keep him. In that case it made Jeff more paranoid and actually convinced him something was up and he backdoored Russell.


Please get one of the members of the brigade out! now. they’re so cocky n they havent really won any competitions.

sweet power

we will this week. im going to win hoh this week


I don’t think Ragan is the saboteur. You can still vote on it at cbs.com. So there is no saboteur just yet. I think he will get it though because he could pull it off and I dont think anyone else could.


The “Grenadiacs” need to “tighten up the wagon train.” I like Lane & Enzo because they are “real guys” they remind me of the characters Ralph & Norton from the old, old tv series “The Honeymooners.” Jackie Gleason was Ralph Kramden (a bus driver) & Art Carney was his best friend “Norton” (he was sewer worker). They need to re-evaluate Matt & Hayden’s allegiance, and get rid of them. Especially Matt. I can see them in the final 4 with Britney and Ragan. I love when these two guys (E & L) get going. They play well off of each others sense of humor.


This would suck.. I thought the voting wasn’t over until tomorrow night. They have to post it is they close it early. Production sucks if they are doing this. You seem to always have the inside scoop – call your buddy.. Come’on….


Come on! Do you seriously think they care about America’s vote. It may be part of the equation, but it all comes down to the HG that gets them the best ratings. For example, nobody really knew who Jeff was until he was handed that “coupe de ville” power, by AG. Within a week, J/J were now front and center, and in came the ratings. However, to be fair, I think the player that is voted “America’s Favorite” at the finale is fair game.


And so went the romance into history.


No he got Jordon.


I believe production is involved. They need to make sure the brigade doesn’t have an easy waltz to the end. If they get things switched up and send Hayden home, there will be all the drama between R & K, which will increase ratings. BUT, they need to also make sure that B/R stay as long as possible, because those two get such huge emotional reactions from people. Its usually love or hate, and either one equals ratings.


Lots of people didn’t like JR but he kept Dallas on for many years. Everybody likes a bad guy.


He did get shot once, tho.


Once Brendon is out of the house Rachel is a good one to keep around. Nobody will vote her for $500K no matter how much she might win quizes.


I bet Regan is the sabatour.


i guess we will see. if brennon wins hoh, then it is definitely rigged and played totally by CBS and the producers. sad sad sad sad

sweet power

im going to win cause in one in the house is going to beat me


hmm no surprise there i always thought the game was rigged for favorites , same as survivor, thats why i could care less whos winning i want drama thats my entertainment


I vaguely remember production doing something like this last year. I think they told Jeff that Natalie was lying to him about everything and that Michelle wasn’t and he totally didn’t believe them either.


Who really cares to be honest everyone in the house is in the brigade other than Brendon and Rachel… though I must say Regan is pretty stupid to not at least start to question it more… still the brigade has done NOTHING so their alliance so far has been useless.. everyone else outside of the brigade agrees with what they do. There has been no strategy or anything on their part.


I hope someone in that house has the balls to get rid of them.
I find this season very boring….can they please stop showing R/B swapping spit all the time?!?! It is getting very old already! Not to mention very nauseating! Rachels voice, and stupid annoying laugh cuts right threw me. I put the tv on mute when she is on. Not to mention she isn’t even pretty….She should have stayed blonde….stupid fake red hair!
I certainly hope when the new HH gets the room that they get a new mattress….just thinking about B/R doing it in that bed grosses me out…YUCK!
Come on CBS, find someone els to focus on…ENOUGH ALREADY WITH B/R….SICKENING.
Very disapointed in this season….Have watched every season, and this one is the worst one ever!


Perhaps Regan was selected as the new saboteur…. which means CBS is meant to give him information to stir up the houseguests. After all, the first saboteur was a complete and total flop. Boooo Annie. I didn’t like her anyway, so I don’t really care that she is gone.

Go Regan, Lane, and Brit! (The few worth watching in this house)


Add Enzo to that list!


If it wasn’t for the fact that we at home all know Matt pulled a d**k move he would be alright in my book. But you don’t lie about disease.
I’m pulling for the Lane all the way. Us Texas boys gotta stick together. I say Lane Regan and Enzo in the final 3.