Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen: “If I leave the Strong guys will join up” Brigade…


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2:26pm HOH Brendon and Kristen Brendon asks her how she’s doing, She says it rough right now. Brendon understands she’s in a tough spot and he appreciates her fighting. She tells him she just wanted to be able to talk to him alone. She re-explains all her reason to Brendon tells him that she is a better person to have areound for following week then Hayden. She tells him that the vote is going to be close and his vote may be the deciding one. He tells her she’s doing a great job and to keep it up. She adds that if Hayden stays he is going to ally with Enzo and Lane, If you keep her then she will ally with Kathy and Ragan. She asks him who he would rather be fighting against. She tells him that sooner or later Brendon and Rachel will be split up too much of the house will be coming for them. She is offering him protection from her so when he’s flying solo he has help. Brendon tells her he understands her offer and he thinks it makes sense and is well thought out. He’ll tell her his vote closer to eviction.


2:40pm Cabana Room Room Kristen and Kathy YOU KNOW Kristen reporting everything back to Kathy. Kristen thinks Hayden has Enzo, Matt and Lanes vote where she has Kathy and a good chance at Brit and ragan. She thinks she’s put a convincing argument forward to Brendon but she’s not sure how much he’s able to think and play for himself. Kathy starts talking about her family….3:00pm Ragan joins them Kristen says she’s talked to Brendon again by herself. Ragan asks if Kathy could leave and she does. With Kathy gone Kristen says she thinks Brendon is more scared about having 3 guys after him then me. Kristen thinks she’ll still work for Enzo’s and Lanes vote because she thinks she can convince them that it’s more beneficial for her to stay then Hayden. Ragan doesn’t understand the confidence she has with Lane he doubts she can get his vote.

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Kristen says that lane understands the pros for keeping her here. She doesn’t know if he plans to get the strong guys together or if he’s jsut looking to keep floating. If he decides to keep me around then he’ll be looking for something from me down the road. If Lane is keeping Hayden it’s a automatic alliance between those two. Kristen thinks Brit is going to vote for her, Ragan isn’t sure he thinks she has his and kathy’s vote. Kristen explains reason why brit would vote for her, she scared to be left in the house with a group of alpha males. Ragan thinks the oppostie is true that Brit wants to be the only girl left she wants to be perceived as a weak player when in reality she’s on of the strongest. Ragan instructs her to look at Lane and Enzo as 2 separate people because he believes they will vote differently. He tells her she needs to get a confirmed yes from one of her maybe votes and she needs to get it by Wednesday Night. Ragan is really suspicious of Lane, Kristen agrees she doesn’t know if there a chance with Lane she thinks she has a chance with Brendon. Ragan tells her not to think that there will be any type of disagreement between B/R regarding Brendon’s vote. They will vote as one he guarantees it. Kristen asks about Matt, Ragan hasn’t really talked to him yet. She doesn’t think she has a chance to get Matt’s vote. Ragan stays silent.


3:20 Cabana Room Conversation Continues Ragan wants her to elaborate on her conversations with Lane. He wants to know when he’s planning on telling her his vote. Kristen he’ll tell me closer to the date. Kristen thinks the vote is going to be close she really believes it. He starts to go over his explanation which he covered in the HOH conversation a couple hours ago. Kristen agrees with Ragan she’s sticking with the same story with everyone because it’s a solid argument. Ragan asks if shes talked to Brit yet. Kristen plans on talking to her tonight. Kristen see the house splitting after she leaves she’s sure the guys will join up. If she stays there will be one less guy in their group .. Ragan doesn’t think Rachel gets it. Kristen thinks she does it’s just really hard for her to swallow because she’s playing on a personal level and she can’t fathom the idea of keeping Kristen after all the shit she’s said about her.Ragan reminds her that a 4-3 vote when your on the losing end might as well be a 6-1 vote because people don’t want to be associated with the losing side because it effects them later int he game… He tells her he will continue to help her and for her to not give up 3:44pm Ragan leaves Kristen alone int he cabana.

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I love how Kristen thinks that Britney will vote for her, when Britney hates her.


Right! And how Boy George thinks Matt will vote for Krusty too. Only Kathy will vote for her. I think Ragan will vote for Shaggy when he sees the rest of the house going that way, so as not to make himself a target. Vote will be 6-1. Buh-bye Krusty.


It’s already happened Kristen…..also I just want to genuinely thank the creators of this site and especially simon. It always seems like I am reading your updates. You have made a pretty bad season into an interesting one with your funny comments. Thanks again my friend!


I hope Brit wins HOH on Thursday


The outcome of the entire season hinges on this upcoming HOH. If Brendon somehow pulls off a win then chances are one Brigade member (unknowingly to Brendon) will go home next week and the house will start to balance out. If anyone else wins then Brendon will most likely go home (making the only other true competitor–Rachel–totally lost) and The Brigade will bullrush their way to the Final Four.


not nessicary true. If brendumb doesn’t win HOH and one of the brogade does he’ll go up (unless they try a back door again) but if gayan, bratney, or schathy wins then who knows who they will pick.

cali girl

Love all your nicknames!!! LOL


I think your assesment is dead on. Most important HOH yet. Hopefully will lead to some drama too.


Assuming that Brendon doesn’t win HOH and that is the end to them isn’t a done deal.
Don’t forget the POV!


I thought about the POV. If both Brendon and Rachel are on the block and Brendon wins POV then Rachel will try to guilt him into not using it because she’d go to sequester house if he saves himself. We would see how much power she has over him won’t we? He’d be a fool to not use it. As usual it would be 4 vs 2 in the POV competition so odds are in the favor of nominations staying the same, but we’ve seen that before haven’t we? LOL.


well now that he’s become addicted to her orifices….if he won POV and they were both on the block….wait for it…………………he would take Rachel off the block….hee hee hee


You’re right, but I think unless Brendon wins POV, Rachel is more likely to be the next eviction. I say this because Brendon has won two POVs and could likely win another if he’s up on the block, whereas Rachel is more skilled at HOH comps.

cali girl

I hope Enzo wins. Let’s see if he comes through with all of his big talk.


Probably not……I would be shocked if he did!!!


Once again the weewee gremlin is in a perfect position. The only ones after him next week are B/R. At this point Ragan thinks Lane, Hayden and Enzo are the 3-man alliance and has put that thought into B/R’s head. Even if Brendover wins HOH and puts up the gremlin, the Brigade will save him. Go Brigade and Weewee FTW!!!


I cant decide if Ragan thinks it’s Hayden-Lane-Enzo or Hayden-Lane-Britney but i havnt been watchin the feeds today just going off of this recap and Ragan saying Enzo and Lane are separate people and will vote as such. Plus Brit and Lane are always hanging out and Ragan might think Hayden will just join up with them. I dont know just a theory


It isn’t clear in this post but when Ragan left and it was Krusty and B/R they named the three strongest men – Enzo, Lane and Hayden.


OK. Thanks for clearing that up. I kinda figured that, since Ragan is closer with Brit than Enzo and probably isnt as worried about her.


I’m a Brigade fan as well by the way. I thought Ragan’s mid-day convo in HOH with Rachel and Kristen was the beginning of the end for the guys but then I forgot that Rachel is so worried about everyone coming after her that she cant even tell when some is telling her the truth. Instead of listening to Ragan and watching Hayden hang out with the other guys she thinks Ragan is turning on her. Living in that house must really mess with your mind. But in the end whatever is good for the Brigade is cool with me. They just really need to start winning comps or the vacation will be over.


As JP Brigade says, 4 deep yo! I picked Weewee Gremlin in week 1, so I’m Brigade all the way. Lane will unleash his power soon. He is totally playing with us the viewers and the unsuspecting HGs. He is wicked smart. He’s my #2 pick if weewee doesn’t make it.


Keep in mind the brigade is truly only 3 man strong — with judas matt — whatever way the wind is blowing in order to keep the waist of his pants open so he can slip his hand inside…..oops…got sidetracked there! I can’t believe how much is being told to matt and raygay…..EVERYONE is telling them everything WTF? ……there is no big mystery here….but I have a strong suspicion its going to be a split house with the votes and everyone will finger point the other guy as to who voted against the HOH’s wishes……could someone please clue me in….obviously i missed something regarding kristen wearing that ridiculous wig……PLEASE FILL ME IN!


they played a comp for pov and she picked a booby prize which is a hippie unitard and hippie wig to wear for a week. it should air tomorrow or thurs.


oh that sucks for her…..remember the banana guy….was that last season….nothing like looking like a complete DORK the last few days you are on national tV….especially her….she seemed so vain

just a thought

She won it in the luxury competition.

jenni on the block

She won (or lost is how I see it) in the POV comp not the luxury comp.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

I hope Brendon wins HOH on Thursday!!

just a thought

I have no idea who I want to win HOH this week. It’s such a weird cast of characters.


So do i! I’m sick of that damn brigade, somebody figure them out already…geeeessshhh!!!


Brigade all the way!! Go Brigade!!!!


simon my man
are you gonna put pictures of the housequests nicknames up instead of their pics? (for instance, Rachael is boy george so boy georges pic in her pics place)? that was so cool last year.



cali girl

LOL Rachael does look like boy george. What do you have in mind of the others?

Uncle Cool

Ragan IS treating all of them like psychiatric patients, analyzing them and using the info to help himself. He is buying himself jury votes.

He is doing very well.

Britney and Ragan for final two with Britney winning because she’s my Princess Buttercup.

As you wish, Britney. As you wish…




Macy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am so tired of the house getting together and voting the same way. Can anyone make a decision for themselves!!!!!!!


I really hope Lane or Enzo win HOH… I mean it would be shocking and unlikely, but great!! They really need to prove themselves worthy.


I just had to weigh in (put this in writing, so when/if it is revealed, I can say “I knew it! Lol”) IF there are two life-long friends in the house, my vote is for Matt and Ragan. Based on watching them interact (they became friends awfully quick), plus things they put in their bio (they are the only two who mentioned ‘pop-culture’), and the fact that Ragan has a web-blog and Matt is a web-designer…well, I have a sneaking suspicion that IF there are two life-long friends in the house, it is those two.

Just saying. 🙂

Otherwise, so darn glad I found your blog again this year, Simon. It is the best, and has made a rather boring season (up until this week) bearable. Thanks again. Keep up the great work! 🙂


THERE ARE NO LIFELONG FRIENDS. that was a lie annie told to shake up the house.


Please fast forward to next season! These are dumbest group of people I’v seen yet! I’m sick of B/R kissing every 2 damn seconds, Who does Ragan think he is Dr.Phil running around counseling the other house guests, Kathy is just a waste of space, Kristen will be gone thursday, Talk about floaters what the hell has the brigade done…..nothing but get other people to do their dirty work by throwing comps(so they say …), who the hell does that…play the game people! If they keep throwing comps I bet any amount of money Ragan or Brit will float their asses all the way to the $500,000/$50,000 just like jordan & natalie did last yr!


Total repeat of last year!!!! Soooo sad!!


Have to give Kristin props for coming up with good arguements to keep her in the house. What a contrast from Kathy who, now that I think about it, may have thought she signed up for Wheel of Fortune. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on BB so laid back.


kathy is scatterbrained thats why i call her schathy. member that first comp? she got stuck in the slime and i thought for sure she was faking it and was the sabetour but no shes just a scatterbrained air head. get an air pump, stick it her head and give her a refill 🙂


…although probably better than her janitorial job with the sheriff’s dept.


One more HOH win, and a POV–maybe 2….and the Brigade is in the driver seat to do what it pleases….The leeches will be picked off soon….Britney has attached herself to Lane/Enzo….She can be disposed of, once the brigade has power…..Kathy is….well Kathy, and not a legit threat unless a miracle happens, and she wins a competition….The biggest threat to the brigade is Brendon/Rachel…..Hayden wins HOH, and Brendon is gone…..


Does any one know if a twist will be coming up soon? I haven’t been keeping up with this season too much.


with all the crazy shit goin on rit now–kristin leavin—brigade planin on sendin b/r home–b/r consumed with rightful paranoia—-i bet kathys laid back ass makes it another 3 wks—lol funny shit—hell if the brigade turns on each other, she mit juz sneak into the final 3—and if regan is tellin the truth that sux that production told him there was another alliance of guys in the house….wtf man—-omg what if hayden and brendon have an alliance—-and after kristen goes rachel will go and then kathy and then ragen and then matt and down to the final 3 is b/h/l–juz sayin…