Pressure Cooker Late Night **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  ?
Nominees: ?
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation It’s a battle.

2:17 am Everyone beside Cirie, Jared and Izzy still in the competition. Every Time someone has to go pee they cut the feeds.

strong>2:35 am The three in the house are going on about how amazing it is that the other houseguests are still fighting in the competition. “They must not trust each other”

3:20 am Cirie, Jared and Izzy have dropped everyone else still in it.

3:35 am Bowie is out

4:10 am Still battling nobody new has left the cooker.

4:41 am Matt is out



4:46 am Matt and Bowie are waiting for one more person to drop out so they can go inside the house. Death Metal Starts

5:08 am RED is out.

5:21 am Back in the house Red, Bowie and Matt are shocked they made it this long.
The cards were.
Bowie got a pressure cooker, Matt released flies, Red got a home theatre.
They complain how cold it was. From the sounds of it the cold is a major factor.

5:26 am Cam, Corey, Jag, America, MEMEME, Blue still in it.


5:33 am Blue passes the time dancing.

5:55 am Cam, Corey, Jag, America, MEMEME, Blue still in it.

6:13 am Izzy, Matt and Jared.
They’re talking about how Cam has “Military training” which makes him use of “All nighters” and “Staying in Guard”
Izzy – It’s the bullshit mind tricks.
Jared says the buttons are really sensitive.
Izzy – how dare him say well I’m going to be here for days. I said no one else is even trying or has the will. That guy sucks.
Jared – Cameron said we would be in there for days.
Izzy – after we left he was like.. Bowie said he said well I’ll be here for days. F***ING little weasel

6:24 am Izzy, Jared and Cerie
Hmm getting paranoid..
Cerie “Cam’s my only hope.. I don’t know why.. except maybe MEME”
Izzy – something feel off.. RIGHT.. Something

6:35 pm Cirie and Izzy are laughing at the Bowie and America’s Face.. They laugh hysterically.
Izzy – we’re going to protect jared and we’re going to protect ourselves.
The paranoia grows. Izzy – if there wasn’t something brewing do you think they would be up there this long?
Cirie thinks it’s because they don’t trust each other.
Izzy – I wonder if cam drops the other will drop of quickly
Jared – Jag won’t drop he wants to win it.

Izzy about Cam “I hate his hair”
Cirie – I do to
The spiral around thinking Corey and Blue are with Cam. Izzy points out that Corey always talks down their plans to take out Cam.
Izzy – I want Cameron to pee himself and lift up his f***ing hand
Cirie – MMMMMMMMhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm

7:00 pm The cold is really getting to them. Anyone not with a jacket is truly a beast.

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un autre nom

izzy: cory said i was abrasive, do you think i am?

me at screen. HUMAN. SOS. PAD.


Un, why would you insult an SOS pad like that lol, I am thinking more of nails on a chalkboard lol.

Queen B

Hahaha!! SOS PAD, that’s hilarious!

Not Jason’s Holly

That’s hilarious that she’s that clueless.

un autre nom

Too tired for time conversion… you mean 5 more hours?
a few have looked like they’ve almost nodded off in the last 45 minutes.


yeah, cirie will be the top vote getter easily. thankfully it’s top 4. i would think cirie, matt, jag, and america would be most likely but cirie fans may vote jared in as a spoiler.


I think it’ll be Corey. Really hoping at least. Cirie wouldn’t be very fun pick for me.


We know the vote will be rigged so cirie will get the top spot, jarat the second then to placate the viewers jag and America will get the last two spots.

if we are talking pacific time I give it till 10am


Who got it?


Well wonder how they will rig that comp so Cirie or Jarat can win it.


the comp will likely be something along the lines of “is your last name fields?”


I am guessing they will pass the 10 am EST mark. If they follow the exact wording, Cirie. If they vote based on who needs it more, it won’t be Cirie

Not Jason’s Holly

There are 4 spots for a competition for a SECRET superpower.


I split my votes between Matt and jag (not that they would use it wisely).


This might be boring as hell but I’ll give this 9 props. I nodded off at the 5 hour mark and 3 hours later these 9 are still fighting. When did the loser 3 exit? All by hour 2 and 3?


America looks gorgeous night vision or otherwise


I wish it were just these 9 houseguests and the other 4 in the house would go to some netherverse never to be seen again.


Unfortunately they are the pre-picked final 4.


What was the reasoning for Cam’s story? Did he ever get to finish his tale? Did anyone really care? Is it against the rules to talk about Niagara Falls? Or the ocean splashing down? Any trickling water like in The Goonies when Mouth kept pouring rusty water from one cup to the other asking if Mikey had to go to the bathroom. Or talking about how fast bunnies poop? Going into excruciating detail of the last cheese burger with fries they had? Reminding people of bodily functions when you can’t go makes people want to go. I wonder if these are against the rules. The Game would end faster.

Paul Sucks

Go figure- Cirie, Jared, Izzy and Ba ba bowie are all out. What a power alliance.


I’m hoping for an interesting week. Hopefully Cirie and Jared won’t get the special power, my wish is for chaos with both of them ending up on the block, and I would like Jared to go home first. I think Cirie would be savage enough to rally to get him out over her. My top three so far are Cory, Mecole, and America. I like Matt too. My ultimate wish is for a divided house, no more of the house voting as a whole BS, give me a Season 6 type of divide!


Matt just dropped out:(


I hope they have some heat on those snakes.


Reds out they get to leave

Felicias Bald Eyebrows

Blue looks better in the dark

Joe's Sticky Fingers



I’m so glad they are talking again. Having that silence was awkward


Who’s next???


Izzy says I hate his hair? LOL how many in America would like to whack off that fake bun on top of Cirie’s head? Plus yours isn’t much better.


Izzy have a hard- on for Cameron. It amazes me that the three blobs (Izzy, Felicia and Ciri) keep criticizing other people looks.


Cory is done now needs two more to get out