Power of Veto Players Selected “He’s played in every challenge.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:00 am Jared, Matt, Blue, Jag, Cirie, Felicia
THey reform the 7 deadly sins less Izzy.
Felicia – let’s get up and do this
JAred – now that we’re locked in we have to tell everybody this isn’t a thing
Felicia – this thing isn’t a thing
Jared- it is a thing but outside it’s not a thing

8:40 am Feeds go to pound for Veto picks
9:14 am Feeds Return.

9:13 am Bowie, Cirie, Felicia
Felicia – if he wins and pulls himself down next week it’ll be a firestorm up in here
Cirie – I don’t care.. I care for poor Jared but I don’t care
Cirie – I’ve never played..
Felicia – you’ve never played Veto
Bowie – I’m glad Matt gets to host

9:14 am Corey and Cameron are Chit chatting about TV shows.

9:16 am Jag and Matt
Matt – if he would have picked me then you would have been pulled it would have been perfect. F***
Matt – I was pissed I was like I want to play I want to play
MAtt – that extra pulle f*** it
Jag – that extra pull f** *it
Feeds flip.. When we’re back
Matt about Cameron – He’s played in every challenge.

9:26 am America and Jag
Jag – your mentality has to be that you have to win it.. no one else is going to do that for you
America – you got this.. you got this.. I’m going to win this.. first win
Jag – we gotta just win that (Veto)
America is trying to get pumped up.. “Stupid Stupid stupid.. that’s ok.. thats ok I got this, you got this.. First veto lets go..”
Matt joins them. They start talking about past Veto Competitions.
They talk about some of the challenges in the dark.
Matt – We haven’t done a blacked out one lights out. I’m good at those things cause I rely on surroundings case I can’t hear..

9:44 am Waiting

9:45 am Corey and America
Corey is going over his talk with Cameron this morning.
Corey – I told him neither of us would survive a vote against Jag.. He said he knows that
Corey – After he potentially wins the veto we have to tell him there’s a path We don’t say that now. Because then why didn’t we pick him for houseguest choice.
Corey – once he wins veto we got to him and start brainstorming
America – IF HE WINS
Corey – ok sure sure.. we’re going to do our best but I’m telling you IF he takes one of us off we have his vote. he said taht
America – I know
Corey – Here’s what I’m thinking.. I would rather Cam win than Jared.
America – I do to. yeah

9:59 am America and Cameron
Cam – I did not say your name and I did not implicate Corey but I’m going to give you some trust and say I did tell Jared that I knew that you guys were told not to pick me.
America – Ok what he say?
Cam – he denied telling you .. which I expected. In fact I said it was not you..
Cam – I’ll let him draw his own conclusions and spiral
America – we’re the only two that are close to you
Cam – I know that. My aim in this was to put it on Jag.. I didn’t directly say it.
America – I told you yesterday I hope you get picked.
Cam – I don’t have much of a path forward, even the people I am close with can’t work with me. I get that.. It’s part of the gig. I gotta pull some moves but I wouldn’t do any danger to you.
Cam – I know you will never turn on him..
Cam says Corey leaving benefits both of them.
America – You wouldn’t use it?
Cam – If I did it would be the best shot for the three of us
Cam – If I pulled you down we have the potential the three of us staying and Jag going home which benefits everyone.
Cam says Corey has a shot against Jag America doesn’t

America – I’m glad you’re playing.. we got this you got this.. WE got this
They hug it out. America leaves.
Cam – Everybody shit their pants

10:15 am Cirie and Jared
Cirie – Here me out I don’t think it will be a bad idea.. lets just say Cameron wins and takes America off.
Jared – Put Jag up?
Cirie – no I was going to say put me up (LOL)
Cirie – put me out let me go. Everyone is associating you with me it would be the best thing for your game it would repair you and Cameron it would shut Corey and them up it would put you in a great better spot. I’m okay with it I promise you I will be okay about it. The only thing I fear is you have nobody here You just have Blue you don’t have me anymore.. It will clear you of all the drama.
Cirie – it’s only game. I won’t have a problem with it I promise
Cirie goes on about how this is the best play for Jared.
Cirie – this is in the case Cameron wins and pulls America down
Cirie – you’ll gain a lot of favour in this house. It will help you if that were to happen. I will be okay with it. Don’t make an enemy out of Bowie Jane.. or Jag again unless he volunteers.
Jared – where are the votes
Cirie – I will definitely go home
JAred – I can’t do that..
Cirie – WHY
Cirie – the likelihood of me staying.. I would rather you have a better chance.
Jared – I can’t do it. I would rather just go home
Cirie – we’re playing a game right.. This is for one of us to go further
Cirie – think about it.. I love you

10:41 am America and Blue
America – I’m like scared.. Cam’s trying to get into my head..
America – I just got to do this for myself and I’m super anxious
America – do you think Jared would use it though?
Blue – yeah I’m not even lying to you Jared WOULD use it. Even IF him and Corey had that whatever.. He HATES Cameron Dude.. Like the goal is to get Cameron out for sure. For sure.
Blue – you got this.. you got this..
America – my stomach is going crazy.
Blue – worst case scenario if noms stay the same you have my vote
America – thank you
They agree Cameron can be convinced to use the veto.
Blue says she thinks the renom would be Bowie Jane.

America – there is a way for me and Corey to stay this week even if Cameron wins the veto. If Jag goes up there and says I don’t feel comfortably being nominated.
Blue – Please don’t tell Jared anything because that will f** me up

10:58 am Jag and Blue
They are talking about the scenario where it’s Corey and Bowie on the block.
Jag – then corey expects us to vote for him
Blue – there’s a easy narrative to be had there they need 5 votes..
Jag – yeah Jared is the tiebreaker
Blue – you, MAtt can be like listen Corey is a threat to you but for my own personal game like I need him here over Bowie.. he’s going to help me.
Jag – The last thing I want to do is for us to try and pull some sort of heist this week like if COrey is up and Bowie is up the last thing I want to do is we end up voting against them and it completely reveals our cards without us being in a position of power. Right after that if Cirie wins or Felicia wins we’re going to be like opps sorry.. I want to cover that. The way this season is going it’s worst case to worst case to worst case.
Jag says if they were going to blindside Cirie’s side this would be the week because next HOH jared can’t play and Cirie/Felicia’s track record in competitions has been poor.
Jag goes on about how they need to keep playing the middle.
Blue thinks Cameron will vote Corey out.
Jag doesn’t think so. “From what Corey is saying Cam is gunning for Jared”
Jag says if Cameron doesn’t win HOH next week he’ll still be a target.
Jag – if he pulls off a veto win today to save his a$$ this would have been three weeks in a row we’ve been trying to get him out that he’s successfully saved himself. Every week it’s getting easier and easier for him to stay.

11:20 am Jared and Blue
Jared – F*****
Jared – In the event that it’s America and Corey .. I am considering putting Cirie up, in the event that it’s not unanimous I’m not entertaining the 6 Bullshit what’s the point.
Blue – I feel good with us
Jared – with who>?
Blue – the 6, Matt, Cirie, you, Jag
jared – not if I am having feeling if it’s Cirie vs America people will be voting other ways. I don’t feel good about us (the six) I would love to be proven wrong.. just in the back of my head.. people do all this shit..
Blue says putting Cirie up is risky.
Jag enters. They talk about Veto game strategies.

Jared asks Jag if Cam would use the veto.
Jag thinks Cameron will use to gain trust.
Jag leaves..
Jared says if Cameroni saves America he’s fine with that “Send Corey’s a$$ out of here”
Jared – I may ask Matt to go up.. Somebody I know people don’t want to vote out
Blue – That’s smart that’s really smart..

11:34 am Feeds cut to the pound Veto time

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Are Matt Jag and Blue really back in an alliance with Cirie Felicia and Jared or just pretending they are? If they are what a disappointment.

Matthew schneider

Terry if they are with them its just to help cirie and her idiot son get to the end

Not Jasons Holly

They are not with Cirie’s side. They are playing them.

The Beef

Matt and Jag aren’t playing anybody. They haven’t got the intelligence to play anybody. Both of them are absolutely playing SCARED, which is why they keep talking about “the middle”, which they think is safe. The only so called “move” either of them have made was when Matt was handed that BS power of invincibility by production, which he used to save Jag, but only after he checked with Cirie first to see if it was okay to do so. Other than that, neither one of them has done anything in the game, other than try to reach back and dig the knives out of their backs left there by their so-called alliance members, which they just re-upped with (fake or otherwise) this morning. They don’t know who to trust or who not to trust, even as their own blood pools around their ankles from all the stab wounds left by the people who’ve betrayed them in the game, yet they’re still trying to work with those folks.

I’ve never seen a bigger group of chickenshitdeluxe players in the history of this game.


Yup. 100%

I was thinking even with Cirie (whether this is real or plot) suggesting Jared use her as the re-nom I don’t trust she would be evicted.

This would only happen in the event Cam wins & despite Cory’s thoughts that he could shift him to use the veto on him, we know he’s saving America.

So against Cory, the votes to evict (IMHO) would be:

Cory: Felicia, Meme, Bowie [Blue/Matt]
Cirie: Cam, America, Jag

Matt and Blue are question marks but I doubt they both vote out Cirie and even if only one of them votes it would lead to a tie vote & then Jared would save Cirie.

Spot ON

Such graphic narrative…lol

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really do not know what to think about Matt or Jag, both are floaters, it’s very hard to know what they will do. They say they going to target Cirie’s side of the house, they say they don’t trust Jared. Matt seems stuck on Cirie, Jag will flip in a heartbeat, he has no backbone.

Also, I cannot believe Matt, Jag, Corey and America think they can trust Blue. Do they really think Blue will not run back and tell Jared what they are saying? Blue is not going to turn on Jared, I don’t trust Blue at all.

Please let Cam win the Veto, I just want Jared to blow a fuse.


they’re floaters. they’re in an alliance with whoever’s hoh and have no intention to ever win hoh until maybe final 4.


I feel Jag and Blue are more playing the Cirie alliance, but Matt is so wishy washy.


Woohoo Cam got picked..yes!!


I agree. Matt is so wishy washy; he’s the kind of player that needs a leader to tell them what to do and how to vote. Jag I really supported until this; he wants everyone to be faithful to him then he goes and joins a team with Cirie and Felicia/Jared. They’ve saved him several weeks in a row before they turned their hate on Cam. I’m praying those conversations with America/Cory and Blue were real because Those are my favorites.


Praying to the “old” BBGods that Cam wins this! So happy he got picked to play. He has to know he is a back door plan.


Please win the veto, Cameron!!


What is that all about? Im wondering if she is tired of playing this game and wants to bail before jury.

Nether Region Euphemism

Feeders have been saying lately that she’s tired of being there, not used to such a long game.

As well, she’s doing the self-sacrificing mom role. You see how dysfunctional their relationship is where she can’t ever acknowledge how out of line he is towards others. Just the ableist comment on its own towards Matt is something she should have scolding him on in private.

She obviously is used to excusing his ways, as she believes that his connection to her is the main barrier to his progress. Whereas it should be so obvious how much he’s rubbed people the wrong way, he is going to continue being a big target even if he puts Cerie up.


It would be beyond hilarious if he did put Mom up and she goes, then he got his marching orders handed to him next week.


That’s on my bingo card! Too much to hope for though!


My hope is her and Jared are up together in the double eviction she volunteers to be evicted and they evict Jared anyway lol

Carlito's Way

She hates this game and now that Izzy is gone and their game has blown up, she is done.


If she thinks SHE’S tired of being there, now she knows how the hell WE feel ! !

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, Felicia wants to go home and watch from her house.

Cirie does not want to be stuck in the Jury House with Felicia.

Besides, somewhat on this site said that Cirie already won $500,000.00 on Traitors.

Spot ON

I think price was 200k

Not Jasons Holly

She lost her bestie and doesn’t want to end up in Jury.
She’s not thinking she could be a vote for Jared if he’s in the F2.

Winner only needs 4 votes, Cirie, Felicia, Meme, and either Bowie or Matt (or both) would vote Jared.


I don’t think Matt or Bowie would vote for him.


Matt, Bowie and Jag are useless! Oh and Blu! They are all floaters. None of them can think for themselves. It’s embarrassing to watch!

The Beef

Not if she goes out now. She’s got to make it until Thursday 9/28/23 in order to make jury. That’s 12 days from today.

Paul Sucks

If Cirie really wants out, she could set it up as if her son is doing the “ultimate” back door. Of course it would all BS.


Me thinks Izzy done turned her out & she wants to go so they can live happily ever after…..oh & Paige can come too.


Okay “Izzys Backfat”. You got me! I realize me saying you are insecure and have a shrine because of your childish comments 2 days ago isn’t really me rising above, you know? I look just as pathetic. Who gives a crap about Izzy? You’re a rude messy bully just like she is. The irony that half the comments on here are just as crude as we think the houseguests are. Make that make sense.


& you are just as messy, rude & bullyish if not more.


You -calling izzy a ‘he’, talking about mudbaths and cirie being turnt out (intentional)

Me – you’re childish and sick. (Intentional, bullying choice of words. Doesnt make me any better)

Yes sure. A truce. We are the same person after all! Have a nice weekend.


Thanks you too…..I love you ering.


I hope he does. I’ve been waiting to hear her say it. She hates the game and said she’d never do it again. Don’t worry, Cirie. I don’t think you’ll be asked. You know, she really isn’t so smart. Just her or just Jared coming on alone may not have been bad. She had to know that both of them coming in would be suicide. This show brings out the worst in everyone… I love it !!!
(She ain’t going anywhere…)

Su B

I think Cirie knows that if she was on the block with Cody, she would have the votes to stay and IF it was a tie Jared would break it in her favor. She will probably have to explain it all to Jared because he’s not smart enough to figure that out on his own.

BB Karma

Yes she’s being a good mom and looking out for her son, what’s surprising about that?


Maybe she wants control over her exit? Itd be less humiliating.

Cam is now my favorite

Spot on!

BB Karma

Maybe this is just a game and these are real people smh

Cirie’s edges

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. She’s a coward.

The Beef

“Maybe she wants control over her exit? Itd be less humiliating.”

You may be onto something with this Jen! Maybe she sees the handwriting on the wall, knows she’s not long for this game now that almost everyone in the house seems to finally have a grasp of the dynamics, and knows that with only 1 person with a real chance to win comps on her side, she’ll soon be OTB, out the door and in the jury house, which she’s stated she doesn’t really want to do.

This way she looks like a hero, who is willing to lay down her BB life for her progeny and walk out with her head held high. I think it’s BS and she’s just quitting, but I can guarantee you her stans won’t see it that way.

I also think there’s little to no chance things will go down that way, but we’ll see.

Backseat Driver

Spot on Jen…

Nether Region Euphemism

It’s a problem bc she enables his bad behavior. This goes beyond just being a good mom.

She needs to sit him down and tell him that his behavior is problematic, and if nothing else it’s destroying his social game.

Idk how she could sit and listen to him during the Cory argument, and not feel disappointed, at the least. More like ashamed.


She’s not doing Jared any favors which is probably why he’s so immature. I knew from here that Jared “won” the last veto but when I watched the show, he went out 3rd or 4th & it’s just that no one took the veto from him. And he bragged about winning the veto comp. Also said something referring to his Mama, “Who’s the legend now????” SMH.


He’s actually not really won any comp. He won by default and Bowie said she threw the wall to him after Blue dropped.

Carlito's Way

If only Bowie had the cajones to have won the wall. She would have finally gained respect and she would have had Cameron as her plus one. The floatees would have paddled over to them and they could have been a been a force. But she is playing so scared. Why bother! She seems like a nice person but her game play is no fun.


This won’t save Jared. The damage has already been done and no one would blame Cirie for Jared’s actions


Simon, I am wondering if Cirie has been told how she is being presented in all the social feeds like this one. As she already said she does not like the game and wouldn’t do it again, this is her way out to start addressing the bad press.
so she can get asked back on some other shorter reality show.


I kinda want Cameron or Bowie to win so the veto doesn’t get used to nominate Cameron. It will be sad to lose Cory or America though.

Spot ON



What were Matt and Jag talking about, the extra pull???


I took that conversation as Corey pulled houseguest choice & picked Jag. The next chip pulled was Jag so they had to pull another chip which was Cameron. Matt said if he would of picked him as houseguest choice instead of Jag that Cameron’s chip wouldn’t have been pulled. I’m thinking that’s why they are calling it the extra pull.


I believe you are correct


Ahh, noble Cirie. Willing to die on her sword. “Put me up. I’d rather just go home.” she tells Jared. Okay, yeah, put her up Jared. This week’s a double eviction. They can all vote you out right behind yo mama. You guys can ride out together. Love it !!!

Everyone is assuming that Cam will win Veto. Are they all going to throw it to him? No, bloody unlikely. Remember, Jared is playing also. If it is Otev, anyone can win that. A little strategy and a bit of persistent speed and it’s yours. It would be neat if the did the similar game where you had to dig for letters to spell the longest word. We all know Jared can’t spell !!


Jared’s word: C-A-T


KITTY KITTY PUR in honor of Blue! ?


More likely K-A-T


More like B-R-O


if it’s otev, it’s highly likely jared brings back a wrong answer. the “bro” doesn’t study.

Queen B

Hahaha 😀 Y’all are cracking me up!


Jag and Blue on the live feeds are talking about all the veto players teaming up against Cam. So sad

Nether Region Euphemism

Of course he’s saying that. He doesn’t want to go up as replacement.

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

Cameron has this! Based on history of these players and these types of challenges, Cameron should win pretty easily! Jared, who some how has managed to win a few, doesn’t do well in these types of challenges and jag has an outside chance. The other ones have shown that they can’t win a thing! Cory will go down as the neediest big brother player to have an attractive woman throw themselves at him! I hope that he has acted on it! Eh, it will happen to him daily once he’s off the show so all is well but still…

un autre nom

Me being me:
Nope2 has won by default mostly.
Nope1? his first HOH was a deal, the da’vonne veto, visual tf.
The house comp beasting the 2 is paranoia.

un autre nom

Unforced Errors

  1. Even on the block Cory is defeatist before veto. Telling Jag that Cam winning veto might be good, with Jag thinking he might be renom? Not smart.
  2. Jared made a 4. Blue thinks it’s THE 4. Who does Jared mention as renom? The other 2 in the 4. That should red flag to Blue.
  3. Matt is still in his Reilly stupidity leeching his entire game theory off 5 week old delusions of a moron. Of course he prefers America leave. Of course he’s still team Cirie.
  4. Cirie. She’s fulfilled her contract. Wants out. Red herring? Maybe.
  5. Izzy should never have pissed off Josh DuHamel, that’s why D/R didn’t do call ins to stop the Izzyviction. Not the first time she’s disrupted production during feedblocks.

I wish they would have showed what Izzy said to Josh that kissed him off.

un autre nom

it wasn’t one thing. she was clapping back and not paying attention and trying to banter.
He wasn’t there to make friends. he was there for self promotion.
She was being her usual ‘how can i make this a me moment’ sellf.


How did Izzy piss off Josh Duhamel?


What did Izzy do to piss off Josh? I missed that.


yeah, kinda seems cirie wanted to set up jared for a game he’d be in a really good position to win and leave pre-jury. she almost managed it too, but her son’s pretty intent on blowing it.

un autre nom

Does Cirie realize Jared’s bad gaming is why Izzy went home?
Does Cirie believe Jared that Izzy’s bad gaming is the reason?
From all that we’ve seen/heard she’s used to cleaning his messes, while making excuses for him.
I STILL believe she signed the contract to join in order to get her son on cast and has only been there to help him, because we’ve all watched him game. Without mommy pulling strings he’d have no game. I wonder if her stuntcast signing bonus was extended to him as well. Before anyone asks how we know stuntcasts are paid more: bb22 discussions of pay and tim / niki bbcan4 discussing their paytoplay being more than grand prize.


From the meeting that happened on eviction day I do believe Cirie has an inkling that Jared is the reason Izzy went home


Cam doesn’t care who leaves as long as it’s not him… period

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

Where can I find them? My buddy wants to know…


& Hisam feet pics

Ghost of Jared’s IQ


Ghost of Jared’s IQ

I tried using the laughing emojis. Ignore the ??? That showed up. Funny stuff!

Felicia's eyebrows

Jared is no Nina Twine.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I am pulling for Cam and America, I don’t like the other houseguests this season.

Being fair, even though I’m pulling for Cam, I have to admit, when Cam & Jared are HOH. Both of them have this almighty attitude, and they feel they know everything, and have a tendency to take credit for everything.

Cam’s eyes were opened last week due to America making him understand the has been the Target for the past month. Cam thought Jared was his pal, Cam thinks he knows so much, but he is not really god at reading the room, when he has power, he talks way too much, gives up too much information to the wrong people regarding his plans.

Jared is just straight up annoying as hell, Bro, Brah, F#@K this, F#@k them etc… He rides my last nerve, it’s really hard to listen to him talk/speak, he is nobody in this game without the leadership of his mother. Jared has no game, Jared is being led by Cirie.

With all of this said, I still want Cam & America to remain in the house, Corey can go if need be, I still don’t know why Corey thought it was such a big Secret about his brother being on Survivor ? Who Cares ??

I also did not like how Corey was running back and sharing information with Izzy & Jared about what America was saying. It kind of reminded me of last season when Kyle was having sex with Alyssa, and then stabbing her in the back and telling everyone inside about what Alyssa told him about the other side of the house.

Come on Cam and America, win BB25.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really think it’s messed up how Bowie threw the Wall Comp to Jared, Bowie knows Jared wants Cameron out, that was very selfish of Bowie.

I hope Cam wins the Veto, Jared then puts Bowie up, she is evicted, goes home before Jury, Bowie has made it well known, she just wants to make it to Jury.

So it looks like Bowie came into the house not really caring about actually winning BB25, her goal was to make it to Jury, she would have a vacation for the next 5 – 6 weeks, this cast sucks.

If Jared does decide to follow instructions given by his mom, if Cam wins Veto, Jared puts up Cirie, she is voted out, then hopefully in the Double Eviction, Jared follows right behind his mother, due to America won HOH during the Double Eviction, and Cam played again in the Veto comp, Cam wins Veto again, everyone votes Jared out.

I know, I’m really asking for too much, but one can dream. Something needs to happen so this house can be flipped upside down, right now BB25’s Cast of followers & Floaters has been very boring !!